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Eastham Historical Society 
Attn: Archive 
P.O. Box 8 

Eastham MA 02642 // 

-n T^ne- 1 as^^iatin^TScground^o^o^ The complete book includes 

the earlier researching by the eminent genealogist and historian, CHARLES 
THORNTON LIBBY, of the first- five genera-bions (see New ■Exie^.aii^ Historic and 
Genealogical Register,- 1925 & 1926, Vols. 79 & 8o) and the later findings on the 
first of five as well as the next eight, through thirteen generations, of 
Virginia Knowles Hufbauer who has traced down through these generations to locate 
living descendants who have made many contributions relative to their own lines, 
including old family photographs, reminiscences and true adventure tales. 

LIBRARIANS AND RESEARCHERS: This book of approximately 1,000 pages, 50 halftones, 
trimmed to Qh x 11, will be hard bound in blue linen, gold stamped on cover and 
spine. LC 73 - 82900. The COMPREHENSIVE INDEX will be of invaluable aid to 
genealogists, historians and individuals desirous of tracing ancestors of other 
surnames. This genealogy is more than a typical recording of statistics in the 
usual genealogical form of succession as it pertains to the descendants in one 
family. It contains many individual stories of the pioneering of early settlers 
in many localities, war records, true tales of seafaring adventures of those men 
who sailed their ships out of Massachusetts and other documented historical facts 
of interest in the growth of our country. Considerable mention is made of other 
Colonial families whose paths crossed those of Richard Knowles' descendants. 
Beginning as early as pre-Revolutionary days, various branches began their migra- 
tions and throughout the years have contributed to the settling and histoiy of 
such states as Conn., Maine, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, 
Iowa, Kansas, Washington, California, etc., as well as Nova Scotia. Items of 
Cape Cod history, information and statistics on its families has been obtained 
through cooperation of Alice Lowe, Historian of the Eastham Historical Society. 
The Knowles families now are scattered all over the United States, Canada and 
Europe . 

DESCENDANTS: Of particular interest to those of you who are not necessarily 
familiar with the process of tracing your ancestral lines within the customary 
form of a genealogy, a new and simplified method has been devised whereby any 
individual, can readily identify his own trail back to our progenitor. 

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this forthcoming book, kindly so 
indicate in space provided on enclosed card and return immediately. There will 
be no further notice to those who have not retiirned this card as expense of 
continued notices is prohibitive. Those whose names appear on cards received 


dd. 3e i)u«c/i"e;' 

^. 57 

• 1 3' 

,1X1 rfi-r 

Knowles Family 


Between these covers are assembled the parts of the genealogy of the 
early generations of the Knowles Family of Eastham, Massachusetts which 
appeajred in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register from 
July 1925 to July 1926 (Vols. 79 & 80). 

Appreciation is extended to the NEHGR for their permission to reprint 
this work of the eminent genealogist, Charles Thornton Libby, with minor 
changes and additions , as the foundation and beginning of the later re- 
search. The trails have been picked up where Mr. Libby left off and have 
been followed to varying extents with many branches brought up to date. 

Through courtesy of the Maine Historical Society in Portland, Me., the 
compiler had access to original back-up papers as well as material ac- 
cumulated by Mr. Libby in connection with later generations not included 
in his published work. 

Tlriis genealogy could not have been possible without the additional kind 
assistance of many others too numerous to list here. Credits have been 
given throughout the book within the lines to which they apply. However, 
special mention is made here of certain individuals who in particular 
have made exceptionally valuable contributions in time, effort, and 
supplying information: 

Alice A. Lowe, descendant. Historian of the Eastham Historical 
Society, for her continual guidance emd for 
furnishing statistics and items of Cape Cod 

Arthur T. Knowles, descendant, of Brooklyn, N.Y., for furnishing 

records of Rev. Wm. Clark Knowles on the Conn, 
branch; as well as for his generosity and 
tedious work in the State House records, Boston; 
Marie A. Knowles, descendant of Hyde Park, Mass., for her careful 

copying of information from the Boston State 
House records; for cemetery visitation and 

Jesse O'Hara, descendant of Clarissa Knowles and Elias Selden, 
through whose dedication to genealogy and history 
much data was supplied on the Conn, and other 
branches ; 

Grace Miller, descendant, of Plainview, Minn., for her invaluable 
old family records and photographs of the Minnesota 
branches ; 

Pajnelia Olson, descendant, for her work in connection with the 
Conn, lines; 

Ruth C. Knowles, wife of Charles R. Knowles, for her fine coopera- 
tion on the Ohio lines; 
Elwin D. Farwell, descendant. Pres. of Luther College, Decor ah, 

Iowa, for his records of Seth Knowles family; 
Vera Gregory Teare, descendant, for records of Dr. Myron S. Gregory; 
Lt. Col. Robert F. Kirkpatrick, USAF (Ret'd), Historian, Queens Co., 

Nova Scotia, for many hours and painstaking re- 
search on the Nova Scotia lines; 


r. Luin Knowles Thacher, descendant, for his contributions and help with 

the Topeka, Kansas line as veil as for his great 
interest and encouragement; 
Mrs. CD. Logsui, descendant, for help with the Harrington, N.S. 

branch and for her cemetery visitation; 
Clara M. Houck, Historian, Town of Sullivan, for information on 
the early Madison County, N.Y. people; 
Shirley Cox Husted, Historian County of Monroe, N.Y. for searching 

records in those files as well as for her 
cemetery visitations and photographs; 
Gary H. Lattin, Historian, County of OrlesJis , N.Y. ; 
J. R. Robinson, Historian, Town of Springwater, N.Y,; 
James B. Vickery, Historian, Brewer, Me., for assistance with Maine 

families ; 

Mrs. Lester A. Hall, Historiaji General, General Society of Mayflower 

Descendants, Plymouth, Mass. 
Kaye Wright, for her many months of untiring work in the 
production of this project and checking for 
accuracy . 

Nicky Kronick, of Ventures International, for her fine 

contribution in the preparation, reproduction and 
arrangement of illustrations. 

Virginia Knowles Hufbauer 



People, Items of Special Interest; Geographical Areas. 


Endorsement Frontis 

The Grandpa Trail i 

Acknowledgements iii 

Table of Contents , v 

Some Living Descendants of Importance ix 

Abbreviations x 

List of Illiistrations xi 

Mayflower Ancestry of the Knowles Families xiv 

Coat-of-Arms Explanation xv 

Eastham Homesteads xvl 

How to Trace your Knowles Ancestral Line and Sample Chart xviii 

INDEX - Knowles Names 759 

INDEX - Other Svirnames 783 


INDEX - Addendum 85O 

The Knowles Family of Eastham, Mass., by Charles Thornton 

Libby, Esq 1 

Marriage and Location Index for Each Generation : 

1st Generation, Richard Knowles, Progenitor 3 

2nd Generation 11a 

3rd Generation 17a 

Uth Generation 39a 

3th Generation 75a 

6th Generation 111a 

7th Generation l83a 

8th Generation , r 319a 

9th Generation 500a 

10th Generation 620a 

11th Generation 711a 

12th Generation 7^7a 

Bower Family 9 

COL. JOHN KNOWLES; Will, 1757 21 

Those Who Migrated to NOVA SCOTIA bef . American Revolution hO 


LT. JOHN KNOWLES of HADDAM, CONN.; Will, 1752 50 




LT. JAMES KNOWLES of WETHERSFIELD.CONN. ; died a prisoner of 

war, HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA; Revolutionary soldier's letters 

to his wife 73 


ME 76 

Harding Family 8I 




(continued) Page 

CHATHAM, CONN., Branch: 






Mass., in a whaleboat; burned at the stake by Indians .... 95 
HAMPDEN, MAINE Branch; three brothers from Eastham, Mass.: 

FREEMAN KNOWLES in Penobscot Expedition during Revolution.. 99 

DR. ABIATHER KNOWLES settled in Hampden 1795 101 

ABNER KNOWLES, Town Clerk, Unity, Me 102 

Godfrey , Doane and Eldridge Families 103 

Cobb ajad Hopkins Families lOh 


Revolution, settled ADDISON lOk 

SAMUEL KNOWLES, brother, served in Revolution, settled in 





JAMES KNOWLES, Revolutionary Pensioner; ATHENS CO., OHIO Branch.. 119 


Several Seths (from whom largest number of living descendants): 

SETH KNOWLES, SR. and JR., early settlers, CLARENDON, N.Y.. 128 

SETH KNOWLES, SR. and JR.; the former a Revolutionary War 

Pensioner and founder of SPRINGWATER, N.Y 130 

CAPT. PAUL KNOWLES of TRURO, MASS.; he, his three brothers and 

four mariner sons died at sea 136 

PAUL KNOWLES of SANDISFIELD, MASS.; Revolutionary Soldier; Will.. IU5 


NEW BEDFORD, MASS., Branch, prominent in whaling and manufacturing 

ind\istries 150 

SETH KNOWLES, wealthy merchant of CHARLESTOWN, MASS.; l830 Will.. 151 




MILTON, QUEENS CO., N.S. Branch I69 

Stannard Family , 175 


statement concerning his family and the Duygert Family; 

story of the little girl cousin scalped by Indians 177 










JONATHAN G, KNOWLES, pioneer, whose wife was first white woman 

to die in Baraboo Valley, SAUK COUNTY, WISC 225 




( continued) Page 
WILLARD KNOWLES, first white baby born SPRINGWATER, N.Y.; 

pioneer JACKSON CO. , MICH 228 

The Six Brothers from oAiroiSFIELD, MASS., who became pioneers of 


JAMES KNOWLES to RIGA, N.Y. l80T; his WILL 2k0 

PAUL KNOWLES to AVON, N.Y. l8l5 2U2 

FREEMAN KNOWLES to Riga l8lO ; took up Bounty Land OAKLAND 

CO., MICH. 1855 2hh 


N.Y 2U5 



RUSSELL KNEELAND KNOWLES, born Sandisfield, Mass.; early resident 



religious "conmune" 251 

JOSHUA KNOWLES, financier of TOPEKA, KANSAS, I86O 255 


CAPT. JOSIAH NICKERSON KNOWLES ; famous sea captain shipwrecked on 

atoll of Oeno; prosperous shipping merchant SAN FRANCISCO, 

CA. ; letter and Will 272 

REV. CHARLES KNOWLES, Free-Will Baptist Minister,- NEW BRUNSWICK, 


CAPT. FREEMAN KNOWLES becomes prominent physician, Keokuk, 

Iowa; Will 295 


NATHANIEL KNOWLES, wealthy clothier of BOSTON 301 



pioneer; the Bartholf Family 312 


CAPT. HEfJRY KNOWLES, sea captain; Rockford, 111., Branch; letter 

from his wife after birth of their first son 327 


Ghen Family 33U 

Gross Family 335 

Account of CAPT. JOSHUA KNOWLES; shipwreck during gale of I8UI ... 336 

JET^EMIAH A. KNOWLES & SONS, Boston Fishmarket 339 

HARDWICK- WORCESTER , MASS., Branch of inventors and manufacturers: 






COUNTIES; his Will 355 



of Civil War escapade 361+ 

REV. WILLIAM CLARK KNOWLES, beloved country preacher, MIDDLESEX 





( continued) Psige 
STEPHEN KNOWLES, pioneer BUCHANM CO., IOWA, and his Civil War 

experiences 383 

PHILIP F. KNOWLES, Civil War Pensioner, early settler COLDWATER , 

MICH 388 

REMICK 0. KNOWLES, Civil War Pensioner; homesteader MATTOON, WISC. 391 

REUEL KNOWLES, successful early farmer, PARMA, N.Y 395 


JOSEPH C. KNOWLES, Colorado pioneer and fruit grower U03 



AMOS KNOWLES, one of several brothers; homesteaders CHELAI^ CO., 

WASHINGTON; Civil War Veteran UO? 


Fate of the CARRIE D. KNOWI.ES ; mystery of the whaling ship that 

disappeared U37 

Sullings and Dot en Families U^T 

Civil War punishment of BENJAMIN P. KNOWLES of BANGOR, MAINE k69 


CAPT. SAMUEL P^RANCIS KNOWLES; sea story and hard times h-fb 

EDWARD S. KNOWLES murders a cousin hgh 

DMIEL KNOWLES MacFAYL^EN, big league baseball player 510 


childhood 522 

DR. FRANK WESLEY pa^OWLES ,pioneer doctor of SANTA CLARA CO., CAL. .. 52-8 



DR. RICHARD FO^OWLES , educator 588 

JEROME HENRY KNOWLES, JR., real estate authority of NORTHEAST 


DR. ASA SMALLIDGE KNOWLES, President of Northeastern University, 


CHARLES LEVERETT KNOWLES at age 95 drives orange sports car 

through hurricane on the way to California from Iowa via 

Texas 63^ 

HARRY HOLMES KNOWLES' experiences during Mexican Revolution 639 

DR. FRED LESLIE KNOWLES, famed orthopaedic surgeon of FORT DODGE, 



DR. JOHN HILTON KNOWLES, General Director of Massachusetts 

General Hospital; President, The Rockefeller Foundation, 



JAMES WILLIAM KNOWLES amputates pal's leg under fire T06 

HUGH SHALER KNOWLES, electronic-acoustical design engineer 719 

RALPH HOLMES KNOWLES, talented musician 722 

Youngest Knowles child recorded this genealogy: 

JOHN PEPPER KNOWLES, born 26 Oct. 1973 to Lawrence Grinnell 
Knowles, Jr. 




Oldest known living Knowles : 

CHARLES LEVERETT KNOWLES, born 7 Feb. 18t6, son of lanthus Shaler 
Knowles, will be age 98, 7 Feb. 197^. 

Largest known Knowles family of living children recorded this geneeilogy: 

Fifteen children of EI^ERTT AMES KNOWLES of Menahga, Minn. 

Younf-est female descendant recorded this genealogy: 

CATHERINE KNOWLES CAPEN , born 28 Aug. 1973, to Richard Goodwin 
'apen of La Jolla, Calif., son of Virginia (Knowles) Hufbauer. 

Younf.Te-.t rriale descendant recorded this genealogy: 

.:JHN ELIOT VAN BUSKIRK, born ih November 1973, to Faith (Knowles) 
Van Buskirk, daughter of Joseph Frank. Knowles of New Bedford, Mass. 

my .J^th generation children recorded this genealogy, born to anyone born 
a Knowles: 

and 6 April 197? respectively; children of Rhonda Kim (Knowles) 
Calabrese, dau. cf Richard Floyd Knowles of Canoga Park, Calif. 


Some i.rominent living Knowleses: 

Stanley Howard Knowles, M.P. (897.) 

Jerome Henry Knowles, Jr. (7^3.) Author, Lecturer, Real Estate 


Dr. Asa Smallidge Knowles, Pres., Northeastern Univ. (7^^.) 

John Hilton Knowles, M.D., Pres., The Rockefeller Foundation (881+.) 

Hugh Shaler Knowles, Electronic Engineer (951.) 






(continued ) 


abt. or c about 

ATK ArthiiT T. Knowles 

b, born 

bapt., bpt. baptized 

b. cert. birth certificate 

bu, buried 

cem, cemetery 

ch. children or church 

Co. County 

C. W. Civil War 
d. died 

d or das. days - in connection with tombstone inscriptions and 

church records 

D. A.R. Daughters of the American Revolution 
dau. daughter 

d. cert, death certificate 

d.y. died young 

J. P. Justice of Peace 

m. married 

m or mos . months - in connection with tombstone inscriptions 

and church records 

Min. Minister 

NEHGR New England Historical etnd Genealogical Register 

P'town Provincetown (Mass.) 

REV. Revolution or Reverend 

S.A.R. Sons of the American Revolution 

SLC Salt Lake City (Genealogical Library- Church of Latter 

Day Saints ) 

T.C. Town Clerk 

V.A. Veterans Administration 

VP's Vital Records 

y. yrs. years - in connection with tombstone inscriptions 

and church records 






1st Generation 

RICHARD KNOWLES born in England about I615 - l620 

Married RUTH BOWER 15 August 1639 
Plymouth, MsLssachusetts 

Died between I6TO - 16T5 
Eastham, Massachusetts 




1st Generation 


RICHARD KNOWLES of Plymouth and later of Eastham, in the Plymouth Colony, 
shipmaster, the progenitor of the family which forms the subject of this 
genealogy, first appears in New England records at Plymouth, 2 Jan. 
1637/8, and died probably between 16T0 and l675, for he was one of the 
s\arveyors of highways at Eastham in 16T0 but probably did not outlive 
either his son John, who was slain by Indians near Taunton 3 June 16T5 , 
or his son James , the inventory of whose estate was dated 10 Oct . 1678 
father's name not appearing in connection with their estates. He mar- 
ried 15 Aug. 1639, RUTH BOWER, daughter of George and Barbara Bower of 
Plymouth and sister of Rev. John Bower ("Bowers" in the Harvard Quin- 
quennial Catalogue), A.B. (Harvard, 1CU9) ^ who died in I68T. 

(See Bower background after listing of Richard's children.) 

The first appearance of Richard Knowles in the Plymouth records, in Jan. 
1637/8, was when he was haled into court at Plymouth "for bringing a 
barke from Greenes Harbor (as the Winslow settlement in Marshfield was 
then called) on the Lords day." The record of the Judgment, 2 Jan. 
1637/8, is brief: "Discharged." There is nothing to prove that he con- 
sidered Plymouth his home at that time. As a single man it is not un- 
likely that he considered his home to be under his hat, aboard his ship. 
But nineteen months later he married a Plymouth girl, recently come 
thither from Scituate; and before his marriage he had been granted, 7 
Jan. 1638/9, "a garden place next to John Barnes." This was on the "Eele 
River side" of Plymouth, next to Diixbury. Whether George Bower or 
Richard Knowles came there first may be doubtful. The next spring he was 
granted a parcel of meadow ground at the head of George Bower's meadow: 
by the "Eele river head." He must have planted crops on his own sjid the 
adjoining land, for in I6U2 John Groome received a grant of a garden 
place next to his, on condition that he should build on it, but with the 
stipulation: "for the present cropp Richard Knowles to have it except 
John Groome compound with him for it." In I6U1 he was improved as a 
Juryman. In l6k3 his allowance from the "keep of the towns cows" was one 
pottle, which represented a two-quart measure. The same year his name 
was listed among Plymouth men able to bear arms. 

On the removal of the Bower family to Cambridge, about 16U3, the Knowleses 
apparently vent there also. In the- Ceimb ridge records, under date of h 
Nov. 16U6, is the entry: "Goodman Knowles for his swine divers times 
going without keeper is fined ls.6d." His son James was born 17 Nov. 
I6I+8 at Cambridge, while the father was living in Cambridge. The birth 
was entered in the Suffolk County records but was not printed as a Boston 
birth by the Boston record commissioners because it weis sent in from 
Cambridge. In the Cambridge records the birth is entered as occurring 
"in Boston". But in Dec. I6U9 Richard Knowles was back at Plymouth for, 
according to the Plymouth records of 1 Dec. I6U9 he was prosecuted "for 
denying passage of cattell in the hiehway." 

While a navigator by occupation, Richard, evidently carried on business 
on land also. His wife was prosecuted 7 Oct. 16U1 "for retailing of 
strong waters contrary to order" and "for selling strong waters for five 
or six shillings a bottle that cost but 35s. the case", and she was fined 

1st Generation 

10s., to be bestowed on the town's poor. 

At the meeting of the Council of War at Plymouth, 12 May l653, when public 
apprehension was aroused of etrmed conflict with the Dutch of New Amster- 
dam, two barques were pressed for the service, one the vessel in which 
George Watson sailed, and himself to go as master, and also "the Barkqe 
in which Richard Knowles sayleth, with him the master thereof, was pressed 
for the same purpose, with John Younge and William WalXer, and all things 
nessearie for theire use belonging to the said barkqe." 

There is nothing in this record suggestive of residence in Eastham. It 
was the same month in which his daughter Mehitable was bom whose birth 
was twice recorded at Plymouth, once with an error of a year (Plymouth 
Colony Records, vol. 8, p,15) and once correctly, 20 May l653 (vol. 8, 
p.30). Her birth was also entered in the Eastham records, at the same 
time with that of her sister Barbara, who was born 28 Sept. I656. Richard 
Knowles was not one of the first company to go out to the settlement which 
was to be the future home of his family. On 1 Oct. I65I he was expli- 
citly "of the town of Plymouth". His name first appears at Eastham on 13 
May 165^ in a record of a town grant of two acres of meadow at the head of 
Little Namskaket; and a year later, in a town meeting, 22 May l655, all 
the settlers were by vote divided into groups of five, and every group of 
five men amongst them was to keep a bull. Richard Knowles headed one 
group, which included, besides himself, Joseph Rogers, George Crisp, 
Thomas Roberts, and Richard Booshop. These must have been his nearer 
neighbors at that time. The first town book has an undated "List of the 
men's names of the Towne", revised by crossing off and adding names during 
a period of years. Although Knowles was a shipmaster, only three men in 
that list were dignified by the title of "Mr.", namely. Freeman, Crosby, 
and Doane . "Ensigne Merricke" appears there, and about half way down this 
list are the names of John Bangs, Steaven Atwood, Richard Knowles, John 
Doane, and Thomas Williams . 

Whether Richard Knowles made trans-Atlantic voyages or traded with the 
West Indies is not known, but it is more likely that his occupation was 
that of so many others , and that he went on trading voyages up and down 
the coast. The probate papers of a Boston merchant -Joshua Foote , in 
1655, show Richard Knowles as one of his customers for goods. His elec- 
tions to minor town offices at Eastham prove his retirement from the sea 
in later life. In 1667 he twice served on coroner's Juries. In I669 
Richard Knowles and William Walker were elected surveyors of highways , and 
in the next year Richard Knowles and Samuel Freeman were elected to the 
same office. 

The records of the Eastham town meetings contain several references to 
the land of Richard Knowles and his sons John and Samuel. In I65T is the 
entry : 

"Granted to Richard Knowles the small poynts of land at the 
fartherside of the head of the Cove soe far thereby the 
hyway be not prijedised." 

1st Generation 


The expression "farther side" or further side" seems to in- 
dicate that in 165T and 168I the town affairs of Eastham 
were carried on in the part of Eastham now called East 
Orleans. "Town Cove" extends from the ocean in a south- 
westerly direction, and now for the most part forms the 
boundary between Eastham and Orleans . The "points of 
upland" in the Knowles grant axe at what may be called the 
westerly corner of the head of Town Cove , and a little down 
on the northwest side. The whole district southeast of 
Town Cove was anciently called Pochet , and the meeting house 
is what is now the town of Orleans was sometimes called 
"Pochy Meetinghouse." 

(An Eastham deed recently (1926) added to the collection of Mr. Stanley 
Webster Smith gives a tempting clue to the location of the civic centre 
of Eastham in year 1678. It is a division deed, signed by three sons of 
Nathaniel Mayo, and contains a provision that his son Nathaniel "is to 
have the house lott att the towne that was his fathers.") 

The above grant was the beginning of a series of town meeting actions 
lasting as late as 1725. On 13 Feb. l68l/2, when the corner bounds had 
been marked with the initials of his son Samuel, occiirs the entry: 

"Granted to Richard Knowles the small points of upland on the fur- 
ther side of the head of the town cove viz at the western end a tree 
marked below the highway near the mouck of medow and from thence run- 
ning easterly upon a straight line up to a stone marked S.K. and from 
thence bearing to the southward to another stone at the foot of the hill 
marked S.K. and from thence ranging northerly bearing to the East to a 
tree marked and from thence to a stone set in the ground at the foot of 
the hill by the highway that goes over the head of the Cove near the 
corner of the meadow fence as it now stands." 

This grant adjoined five acres of a ten-acre grant, described as follows: 

"A p6u:cel of land granted to Richard Knowles lying on the northerne 
side of Ppche neare the head of the Cove, containing 10 acres, more or 
less, five acres lying on the eastern side of William Mereck & five acres 
lying on the western side and bounded both parcels by marked trees." 

■ o 

William Merrick's land was later Joshua Hopkins's, whose homested was 
identified by the late Mr. Josiah Paine as the Isaac Seabury place, on 
the high land near the mouth of the Tonsett road. 

In the records of the town meeting in IJOk is the entry: 

"Voted that Samuel Knowles may shut up his fence on the outside of 
his land where he now lives in the place where his outside fence now 
stands, i.e., he may fence into the water at the northeast end of that 
lot of land next toward Jeremiah Smith (Jeremiah Smith lived near 
"Jeremiah's Gutter", now forming in part the dividing line between Orleans 
and Eastham) and so also at that part of his land next toward Joshua 

1st Generation 


Hopkins, for 10 years , provided he allow a footpath and maintain stiles, 
also provided that he keep in repair the common way around his said land 
from the northern corner next to Samuel Hodges to the southern comer 
where his fence Joins to Joshua Hopkinses , so that it may be convenient 
for carting, also that he allow to lie common that part of his land next 
toward Jeremy Smith." 

This provision, sixteen years before the present Orleans cemetery was 
laid out, may accoxint for the bxirying ground formerly located in the rear 
of the present residence of Nathaniel Taylor, on the northern division of 
what Amos Khowles called "the old house field." When "Ironhead" Josiah 
Snow, back from California with money, in I852, bought this lot for a 
building site, he stipulated that "the fence around the burying place" 
should be removed by 1 May following (Barnstable Deeds, vol. , fo. 
129). Capt. and Mrs. Nehemiah Harding of Orleans remember this burying 
ground as containing as good stones a^ the burying ground by the church, 
one of them marked "Betsy's Grave." This stone and doubtless the others 
were removed to the present cemetery. (Barnstable Deeds, vol. 5^, p. 129, 
deed dated 27 Dec. l852; Re-recorded Deeds, Orleans, vol. 1, p. 268.) 

The clearest evidence of where Richard Knowles lived is found in the de- 
limitation of the footpath around the head of Town Cove voted in 171^, as 
follows : 

"Beginning at the foot of the hill below Joshua Hopkins dwelling 
house thence westerly to two stones on each side of the creek that runs 
out of the salt pond in the marsh thence westerly to the foot of the hill 
neer said Knowles dwellinghouse thence running up the hill with the old 
cartway to the top of the hill thence running northerly as the old cart- 
way rvms to the common road between the original land of said Samuel 
Knowles and the land that was formerly the land of John Knowles deceased-' 

We may assume that Samuel Knowles had his father's house, although he 
also had his brother John's land. Two town records inferentially dis- 
tinguish between the land that had been John Knowles 's on the west side 
of the road and Samuel Knowles 's "original land" or "ancient lot" next to 
Town Cove. In 171^ the house must have stood somewhere between the 
present town landing and the slope of the hill on which the house of Mr. 
Nathaniel Taylor now stands . 

As late as 1703 the town granted land "to the name or heirs of Robert 
Wixam, Richard Knowles and William Twining", namely a meadow on Pochy 
Flats . 

Children: (Correct order not known.) 

2 . i . John ,^ b . at Plymouth . 

ii. Mary (Mercye in town records), b. at Plymouth; d. at Eastham; 

m. at Eastham, 5 Feb. I667/8 Ephraim Doane. He m. (2nd) after 
1692 Mary (Smalley) Snow, b. at Barnstable 11 Dec. 16U7, d. at 
Eastham in 1703, daxighter of John and Ann (Walden) Smalley and 
widow of John Snow. By the Eastham practice each resident 
having occasion for it was assigned a page, headed with his name 

1st Generation 


in the town book, on which a schedule of his horses and cattle 
r\inning at large was entered. Page 12 is headed: "Mary Knowles 
one reddish mare of a year and vantage 22 Jan. 1666-T;" and this 
is followed by the entry: ''Hary Knowles otherwise now called 
Ephraim Doane". (Governor Prence performed the same kindness 
for his daughter, "Jane Prince 9 Feb. l659," and the name of 
Meirk Snow presently appeared on her page . ) 

Doane children; b. at Eastham: 

a. Patience , b. 28 Jan. 1668; d. in 1675- 

b. Apphia , b. I8 July I6TO. 

c. Hezekiah , b. in the last week in Aug. l672; m. (l) Hannah 

; m. (2) about 1717 Mary (Smith) Freeman, widow of 

Thomas Freeman of Harwich; m. (3) in 17^^ Sareih (Elkins) 
Knowles , widow of Deac . Edward Knowles . 

d. Thomas , b. h Sept . l67**; Chatham 8 May 1756; m. at Eastham 

28 Feb. 1701, Patience Mulford, b. 17 Aug. I67U, d. 8 Feb. 
17^+^+, daughter of Thomas Mulford of Eastham. 

e. Ebenezer , b. in Apr. 16t6; m. Lydia . He was select- 

man in Tr\iro in 1711. 

f. Nehemiah , b. in Aug. I68O; d. in Feb. I68U. 

g. Patience , b. in the last week in Apr. l682; m. at Eastham 

7 Feb. 1705/6, Joshua Cook. Nine children recorded at Eeist- 

h. Ruhama , b. 30 Apr. I685 ; m. at Eastham 22 Sept. 1726, Richard 

Stephens. About I70U she was living in the family of David 
Melville of Eastham, eind 1707-08 she was employed at Samuel 
Cox's "Sun" in Boston. 

iii. James , b. in Cambridge 17 Nov. 16I48; d. before 10 Oct. I678, when 

the inventory of his estate was dated. The Eastham records con- 
tain his name under date of 20 Oct. l67i'; "Blackish mare with 
star in the forehead taken up by John Younge and James Knowles . " 
His brother Samuel administered on his estate which consisted of 
personal property only. 

Under Barnstable County Coiirt Actions, l683, James Knowles de- 
ceased was Defendemt and Thomas Clark, Plaintiff, in a claim 
naming Samuel Knowles^* brother. Administrator. 

iv. Ruth, b. probably at Plymouth; d. at Eastham 28 Aug. 171^; m. at 

Eastham 20 Mar. I67I/2, Joseph Collins, who died in 1723 A. He 
m. (2) Sarah (Pike) Strout , who d. at Cape Elizabeth, Me., widow 
of Christopher Strout of Provincetown . Beside the gravestone of 
her son, Christopher Strout, Esq., in the burying ground on 
Meetinghouse Hill, in what is now South Portland, Me., stands a 
small stone, not much larger than many footstones , evidently 
home-made, with the inscription: "Mrs. Sarah Collins." 

Collins children; b. at Eastham: 

a. Sarah , b. 2 Jan. I672/3. 

b. John, b. 18 Dec. iGlk; d. at Chatham 2h May 1765; m. at 

1st Generation 


Orleans 12 Feb. 1701/2, Hannah Doane , who d. at Chatham 6 
June 1765 . 

c. Lydia , b. in July 1676; m. Isaac Higgins of Eastham. 

d. Joseph , b. in June 1678; m. 25 Mar. 1703 Rebecca Sparrow. 

e. Hannah , b. toward the end of Feb. 168O; m. 20 Mar. 1700/1 

Nathaniel Harding. 

f . Jonathan, b. 20 Aug. l682; m. in I70U Elizabeth Vickery. 

g. Jane , b. 3 Mar. I683/U; m. 30 Sept. 1701 Elisha Higgins. 

h. Benjamin , b. 6 Feb. 1687 ; d. at Truro 23 Dec. 1756; m. Sarah 

Bangs, who d. 2 Apr. 1759, in her 73rd year, daughter of 
Jonathan Bangs . 

i. James , b. 10 Mar. 1689 ; d. at Eastham 31 Mar. 1689 . 

3. V. Samuel , b. at Plymouth 17 Sept. 165I. M. Mercy Freemsin. He at- 
tained prominency. 

vi . Mehi table , b. probably at Eastham 20 May l653; d. at Eastham after 

1721 ; m. George Brown of Eastham, who in his will, dated 29 June 
1721 ajid proved 3 Aug. 1721, left his property to be divided 
"among all my children," without naming them, although inciden- 
tally he mentioned four of them. Almost two-thirds of the inven- 
tory of his estate consisted of a debt due from Joshua Brown. 
Three town grants, one to George Brown and two to Joshua Brown, 
were laid out adjacent to each other. Joshua Brown had a son 
Knowles Brown. These are the reasons for identifying Mehitable 
Knowles with the wife of George Brown, who was named in his will. 

(Besides the five children named below, three other Eastham 
Browns can hardly be accounted for except as children of George 
and Mehitable (Knowles) Brown, viz., Mary, who m. at Eastham, 28 
Oct. 1703, Nathaniel Mayo; Samuel who m. at Eastham 21 Oct. 1708$. 
Ruth Young and Mehitable who m. at Eastham lU Mar. 1715 John 
Hallett . ) 

Brown children; b. at Eastham: 

a. William , m. at Eastham, 27 Oct. 1699 , Susanna ( ) 

Harding . 

b. James , m. at Eastham 13 Apr. 170U, Ruth Snow. 
. . c. George , m. Elizabeth Mulford. 

d. Joshua , m. 18 Apr. 1723 Rebecca Rich. 

e. Mercy , m. at Eastham I8 Oct. 1711 John Walker. 

vii. Barbara , b. at Eastham 28 Sept. I656 ; d. there 23 Feb. 171*^/15; 

m. at Eastham 13 June l677, Thomas Mayo, b. I6 Nov. 1652, d. at 
A Eastham 22 Apr. 1729, son of Nathaniel and Hajinah (Prence) Mayo. 

) ■ He was grandson of Rev. John Mayo. Thomas was prominent citizen 

of Eastham and wa^ twelve years Selectmaxi. 

Mayo children; b. at Eastham: 

a. Thomas , b. 3 Apr. 1678; d. about 1773; m. (l) 3 Apr. 1701 

Elizabeth Higgins; m. (2) 6 Oct. 1722 Elizabeth Rogers. 

b. Theophilus , b. 31 Oct. I68O; d. 6 Oct. 1763; m. (l) I6 Aug. 

1705 Rebecca Smith; m. (2) in 1751 Rachel ( ) 

1st Generation 


Higgins . 

c. Mary , b. 6 Aug. l683; d. in 17TT, aged 9^; m. 10 Mar. 171^/15 

Ssunuel Arey of Eastham, who d. at Ea^tham in 1773 , aged 85. 

d. Mercy , b. 19 Jaxi. 1685 ; m. 30 Oct. 1707 Jonathan Godfrey. 

e. Ruth , b. 20 Jan. 1688; d. II+ Jan. 1720; m. 5 Mar. ITI8/I9 

William Norcot, who m. (2) Patience Paine and removed to 
Chatham, Conn. 

f. Judah . b. 25 Sept. I69I; d. in I76I; m. in 1722 Mary Hamilton. 

g. I^ydia , b. 12 June 169U; m. ih J\ine 171^ Joshua Myrick. 

h. Richard, b. 13 Jan. I696/7; d. in I7UU; m. 26 Dec. 1728 

Rebecca Sparrow. He removed to Connecticut. 

i. A son , b. 1 Aug. l699; d. I8 Aug. I699. 

J. Israel , b. 12 Aug. 1700; d. in I76O; m. 2 Apr. 172U Mercy 

RUTH BOWER , wife of Richard Knowles , was born about I62O, in England, 
daughter of George Bower of Plymouth who rem. to Cambridge l639 and 
Barbara (Smyth) who were married 9 Feb. I61U at Braithwell, York, England. 

Plymouth Colony records of land grants and court orders state that : 

"Richard Knowles is graunted a parcell of meddow ground at the head of 
George Bowers meddow, by the Eele River head." 

Charles Libby in N.E. Hist. Reg. says of the Bower family: 

"Mr. George^Bower (or Bowers), planter, was early at Scituate in the 
Plymouth Colony, where he was freeman 7 Mar.l636/7 and a town officer. 
By the spring of l639 he had removed to Plymouth and on 5 Mar. 1638/9 was 
elected constable for the whole of that town, although he did not sell 
his lemds at Scituate or b\iy at Plymouth until 16U0. He purchased lands 
at Eele River of Governor Winslow, who reserved the right of repurchase 
in part in case he should himself decide to settle there. He was soon 
complained of for not allowing the passage of cattle and a committee was 
appointed to lay out ways through his land where they would be least 
prejudicial to him. In I6U0 "John Barnes and George Bower", Richard 
Knowles 's nearest neighbor and his father-in-law were given charge of 
prociiring timber for the new Colony Jail. In Jaji. I6U1/2 a dozen or more 
Plymouth men contracted for building a barque on shares, a sixteenth part 
each to Mr. William Bradford, John Atwood, George Bower, Edward Bangs, 
and others. But George Bower soon removed to Cambridge, apparently for 
the education of his sons. His wife Barbarie died at Cambridge 25 Mar. 
l6kh y his son Matthew died there 30 Jaji. l6kk/3 and his son John was 
graduated at the college in I6U9. On 15 Apr. 16U9 George Bower married 
at Cambridge Elizabeth Worthington who after his death married again at 
Cambridge 25 June l657, Henry Bowtell. On 31 May 1652 he was called 
before the Court for voting when not a freeman of this ( the Massachusetts 
Bay) Colony. In his will, dated 8 Nov. and proved 30 Dec. I656, he did 
not mention his daughter Ruth Knowles, but bequeathed to his wife, his 
sons Benanuel, John, and Jerathmeel, and his young daughters. Patience 

1st Generation 


and Silence. His son Behanuel married at Cambridge 9 Dec. l653, Elizabeth 
Dunster. His son Jerathmeel, a child by his second wife, was born at 
Cambridge 2 May I65O. 

Rev. John' Bowers (son of George and brother of Ruth) was schoolmaster at 
Plymouth and later (l653-l660) at New Haven, whither he went on the invi- 
tation of Governor Eaton. 

He afterwards taught in other towns in Connecticut and preached at 
Branford, 166T-1672/3, where one of his daughters married and remained and 
where Nathaniel' Knowles settled, the first of the Knowles family of Cape 
Cod to remove to Connecticut. From Branford Mr. Bowers remioved to Derby, 
Conn., where he was the first settled minister, and where he died ik June 
1687. His family continued in Derby. He married Bridget Thompson who 
survived him, daughter of Anthony Thompson of New Haven. His children 
were: 1. Ruth, bapt. at New Haven 20 Dec. l657; m. (l) John Frisbie; m. 
(2) William Hoadley of Branford. 2. Nathaniel. 3. Mary, m. in 1682 
Samuel Nichols, h. Samuel, bapt. at New Haven 5 Nov. 1665. 5. John, b. 
at Guilford 3 Dec. 1667. 6. Ann, m. in 1703 Francis French. 7. James." 

(From the N.E.H.G. Reg. ) 

The brief treatment of the Bower or Bowers family has attracted additions, 
partly in the natiire of corrections, frcan several contributors. The 
parish registers of Braithwell, co. York, ^^ng., contain the record of the 
marriage , 9 Feb. l6li+/15, of George Bower and Barbara Smyth; and the mar- 
riage license, as given in "Paver's Marriage Licenses," under the year 
I61U (Yorkshire Archaeological Joiirnal, vol. 13, p. 379) reads: "George 
Bower, of Memby, (dioc. Lincoln), and Barbara Smith, of Braythwell - at 
Braythwell." This couple were undoubtedly identical with the George and 
Barbara Bower who were later of the Plymouth Colony in New England. There 
would be great satisfaction in finding the baptismal records of the Bower 
children in England, but a search for them in the Braithwell registers and 
also in the diocesan transcripts of the registers of Manby has been fruit- 
less. Mr. Donald Lines Jacobus of New Haven, Conn., a descendant of Ruth* 
Bowers (Rev. John,' George^), has found proof that this Ruth was a 
daughter of Rev. John Bowers by a first wife, Rebecca Gregson, daughter of 
Mr. Thomas and Jane Gregson, and that the children of Rev. John and 
Bridget (Thompson) Bowers were: Mary, Samuel, John, Nathaniel, Anna, and 
Barbara - no James. Benanuel Bowers, persecuted as a Quaker, according 
to interesting letters written by his granddaughter, sent his fovir eldest 
daughters to Philadelphia for their education, and one of them became the 
authoress, Bathsheba Bowers. Patience Bower married Humphrey Bradshaw of 
Cambridge and. had children, Sarah, b. 3 May l653, John, b. 2k Jxxne l655, 
and Ruth, b. 3 Nov. l657. Silence Bower married (l) ik Dec. I656 Elnathan 
Dunckly or Dvintlin of Dedham and had children, Ruth, b. 11 Mar. I661/2, 
David, b. 2 Apr. 1666, and Hannah. Silence apparently married (2) at 
Medfield, 25 May l675, as his third wife, Nicholas Rockett or Rockwood and 

1st Generation 


had a child, Isaac, b.22 July l677 , d. 11 Oct. 16TT. The mother died 9 
Nov. 1677. Capt . Jerathmeel Bower, according to his gravestone at Groton, 
as printed, died 23 April 172U, in his 78th year; and his wife, Elizabeth 
(Worthington ) , according to her gravestone at Chelmsford, died h Mar. 
1721, in her 76th year. 

2nd Generation 12 

JOHU^ KNOVLES (Richard*), of Eastham, born at Plymouth, was slain by- 
Indians near Taunton 3 June 16T5. He married at Eastham, 28 Dec. 167O 
APPHIA BANGS, b. 15 Oct. 165I, dau. of Edward Bangs of Eastham and his 
first wife, Rebekeih. Edward Bangs married second Lydia Hicks. He had 
come from Chichester, England in l623 in the ship "Anne" which landed at 
Plymouth the last of July that year. He resided in Plymouth for a few 
years, was made a Freeman in l633 and in l6Ui^ settled at Eastham. Other 
Bangs children were Mercy, twin sister of Apphia, "Mr." John who pro- 
bably married Hannah Snalley 23 Jan. 1660 , "Lieut." Joshua, Bethia b. 
1650, Lydia, Hannah who married John Doane , Rebekah who married Jonathan 
Sparrow and Capt. Jonathan Bangs who attained prominency in court offices. 
The latter married Mary Mayo, dau. of Samuel Mayo (son of Rev. John Mayo) 
and Thomasine. Edward Bangs, according to tradition, superintended 
building of the first vessel built at Plymouth which was a barque of hO 
or 50 tons. He held many public offices, was a Deputy to the Colony 
Court four or five years and at different times was Greind Juryman, Over- 
seer of the Guard against the Indians. He died at Eastham I678, age 86. 

Apphia Bangs Knowles married secondly 16t6/T Stephen Atwood, Jr. , of 
Eastham and was living when his will was proved 12 July 1722. 

The earliest appearance of the name of this John Knowles may have been 
while he was still a minor. In the court held 3 Mar. 1662/3 Ephraim 
Doane, Thomas Ridman, John Knowles and John Wilson were tried and were 
fined 25s. each for trading of liquors with the Indians at Cape Cod. In 
the same co\irt Ephraim Doane and John Knowles were bound over under heavy 
bonds pending investigations into the circumstances of the death of 
Josiah, the Indian sachem at Eastham. This matter was dropped. Soon 
after his marriage his name appears at the head of a cattle page, the 
entry reading: "John Knowles 1 mare colt U Aug. I67I." His earmark was 
transferred to his grandson, Willard Knowles 28 June 1737. 

In June l675 Taunton suffered an attack by Indians in which the houses of 
James Walker and John Tisdell were burned and the latter was killed. At 
the same time two soldiers from Eastham who were on duty there were 
killed. Capt. John Freeman, whose daughter Samuel^Knowles afterwards 
married, was in cozmnand of the Barnstable County company, and in his 
report to Governor Winslow, under date of Taunton 3 June l675 said: 

"This morning three of our men are sleiin close by one of ovir 
courts of guard, (two of them, Samuel Atkins and John Knowles, 
of Eastham); houses are burned in our sight; our men are picked 
off at every bush . " 

Three Indians were tried 6 Mar. I676/7, for the murder of John Knowles, 
John Tisdell, Sr., and Samuel Atkins. The Jury found groiinds of sus- 
picion against two and acquitted one but all three were sold into slavery 
a£ "prisoners of war." The sum of LIO was presented by the Colony to 
"Apthya widow of John Knowles lately slain in the service." In 1676 
Lieut. Jonathan Sparrow and Jonathan Bangs were delegated by the Co\irt to 
assist the yovuig widow in settling her husband's affairs. 

2nd Generation 


The inventoiy of his estate, taken 8 Mar. I676, included "one dwelling- 
house and three or four acres of land, and a small parcel of broked sedge 
and meadov." His house must have stood on the southern slope of the high 
land north of the road recently (1926) built from the State Road to the 
Town Landing. At a town meeting held 15 Mar. 1T2U/5 it was 

"Voted to allow Samuel Knowles to fence in the land on the north- 
west side of his field or land which was formerly his brother 
John Knowles so far as the fence & ditch which did formerly en- 
close the said land Did formerly stand and no further." 

John Knowles' brother afterwards had his land, and two town records refer 
to the road dividing Samuel Knowles' "original land", on the east of the 
road, from the land that was of John Knowles, deceased, on the west of 
the road. 

Children; b. at Eastham: 

k. i. Edward ,^ b . 7 Nov. 16TI. 
5. ii. John , b. 10 July l673. 

iii. Rebecca , b. 2 Mar. 16T^/5; d. at Yarmouth h Mar. 1758, "in her 
year" (gravestone at West Yarmouth); probably married 
Thomas Tobey , b. at Yarmouth 2 Feb. I676 , whose will, in which 
he names his wife, Rebecca, was proved 15 Mar. 1757. (See note 
below. ) 

Tobey children; b. at Yarmouth: 

a. Mehi table , b. about 1701; d. at Yarmouth 29 July 1769 , aged 

68; m. at Yarmouth, 11 Jan. 1721/2, Hezekiah Taylor who d. at 
Yarmouth 21 Feb. 1776 in his 77th year. Ten children, the 
oldest of whom was named Rebecca. 

b. Thomas , b. about I70U. In his will, proved 9 Aug. 1791, he 

left estate to his three sons, Stephen, Knowles and Samuel. 

c. Rebecca , b. about 1707; d. at Yarmouth 7 Mar. 1786 in her 80th 

year; m. Jacob Parker, who d. 26 Jione 1776, in his 7^th year. 
(Gravestones at West Yarmouth.) 

d. Desire , b. about 1707; d. 28 July I78I, "ae about 7^;"m. at 

Yarmouth 28 May 1730, James Sears, b. at Yarmouth 30 Mar. 
I70U, d. at Ridgefield, Conn. 17 Mar. 1791. Ten children 
including Seth, Knowles, and Rebecca. (Sears Gen. 1890) 

e. Lieut. Seth, b. about I716; d. at Yarmouth 31 Aug. I8OI, aged 

85; m. ( 1st) Zipporah ; m. (2nd) Betsey Sears. One 

child, Seth Tobey. 

NOTE: The identification of Rebecca Knowles, b. 2 Mar. 167^+75 , with Rebecca 
Tobey, wife of Thomas is based solely on the fact that two of Rebecca Tobey 's 
children had sons named Knowles. Moreover, it disregatrds (l) the discrepancy 
in her age , as stated on her gravestone, (2) the statement that this Thomas 
Tobey had for his first wife a daughter of George Crowe 11; and (3) a state- 
ment by "W.O.L." in the Boston Evening Transcript of 5 Feb. 1912, that 
Rebecca Knowles, b. at Eastham in Mar. 169O , m. at Yarmouth, I8 Nov. 1709 
Thomas Tobey, both of these statements being unsupported. 

2nd Generation lU 

>AMUEL^ KNOWLES (Richard^), of Eastham, Esq., son of Richard (l.) and Ruth 
(Bower) , horn at Plymouth IT Sept. 165I, died at Eastham 19 June 1737, 
age 86, gravestone Old Cemetery at Orleans, Mass.; married at Eastham in 
Dec. 1679 MERCY FREEMM, born at Eastham July l659. (According to Mr. 
Libby, she died^here 19 June 1737 and gravestones of both Samuel Knowles 
and his wife axe in the Orleans cemetery but that her headstone des- 
troyed. However, in the Charles R. Hale vital records of newspaper 
notices and headstones in Conn. , Mercy Freemem Knowles is listed as 
follows: July l659-17^^ , Barkhamsted, Conn. 6OI, CI, P20 which seems to 
indicate she died in 17^^ and was buried Barkhamsted. Additionally, the 
Freeman Genealogy gives her date of death as 17^^ but not the location of 
her death.) Mercy was dau. of Major John Freeman and Mercy (Prence). See 
NOTE after listing of Samuel's children for her background. 

Benaiah D\inham's earmark for cattle, granted to him in I665 , was in l679 
transferred to Samuel Knowles. During a long period of years Mr. Knowles 
seems to have been perhaps the most trusted by his fellow townsmen of all 
his contemporaries. In every matter coming up for town action that 
called for the qualities of discretion, impartiality, tact, and effi- 
ciency, his name is likely to be found. His advance in public affairs 
was gradual — in I681 he was fence viewer, in 1687 constable, in I69I 
petty Jiaryman. From I692 on he was often selectman. His earliest term 
as representative was in I697. The local histories say that he served 
as representative twenty-three years but these years include both his 
own and his son Samuel's terms of office. 

In 1703 he was chosen a commissioner to try small causes, that is a judge 
of the police coxirt . 

He lived on his father's homestead, and when Richard Knowles' original 
grant was rebounded, 13 Feb. 168I/2, the bound-stones were lettered 
"S.K." Apparently he had also his brother John's land, as entries in the 
town records discriminate between his "ancient lot" and the land formerly 
of John Knowles , deceased. Also there was granted to him by the town part 
or all of Rev. Mr. Treat's "plains lot", otherwise called "Mr. Treat's 
old field," and still later he was granted by the town all the letnd be- 
tween his land sind the Treat land. Apparently Mr. Treat must once have 
lived there, and later, after having reduced the land to cultivation, 
surrendered it to the town sind removed to the location afterwards pur- 
chased by Col. John Knowles on the other side of Town Cove. The burning 
of the records of deeds and the court records makes research difficult, 
and it cannot safely be said that the original Knowles lands , with what 
was added to them by Mr. Samuel Knowles and his sons Col. Samuel and 
Amos, included all the land immediately south, southwest, and west of the 
upper end of Town Cove covering almost the whole of the present Orleans 
Village (1926) from some distajice south of the road next south of Main 
Street as far northwest as the land crossed by the railroad north of the 
station; but it may be said that considerable sections of land at the 
different extents of this tract trace back to the Knowleses without other 
ancient ownership appearing. The late Mr. Josiah Paine, in marking the 
ancient homesteads on a United States topographical sheet which has been 
presented by Mr. Stanley Webster Smith to the Massachusetts Society of 

2nd Generation 


Mayflower Descendants, marked Samuel Knowles ' farm as the estate of the 
late John Doajie , Esq. All the land between the Doane estate axid Town 
Cove and many lots southeast, west, and north of it were certainly 
Knowles lands. Samuel Knowles willed his homestead to his son Amos. 

The immediate cause for the making of his will which was dated 1 June 
1732 was evidently his desire to provide for the children of his son 
Nathaniel who was at the point of death. For his unmarried daughter 
Ruth and his daughter-in-law Elizabeth he provided "one fire room" 
between them, with firewood privileges and a cow for Elizabeth. By a 
codicil added after her remarriage he annulled the legacy of a cow, and 
gave the price of a good cow to be divided among his son Nathaniel's 

Children; b. at Eastham: 

i. James ^ b . 13 Aug. l680 at Eastham; picked up drowned at 

Billingsgate 23 Nov. 170^+. His town grant bore the date of 
2k July 1703. 

ii. Mercy , b. 13 Sept. l68l at Eastham; m. at Eastham 23 July 1702, 

Thanas Rich. 

Rich children; b. at Eastham: 

a. Thomas , b. 22 Dec. 1702; m. at Eastham 7 Oct. 1725, Thankful 


b. Mercy , b. 8 Aug. 170U; m. (int. rec'd Eastham 22 Aug. 172^1 ) 

George Shaw of Eastham. Four children recorded. 

c. James , b. 10 Jan. 1705/6. 

d. Joseph , b. 1 Jan. 1707/8. 

e. Davi d , b. 17 Maj-. 1710; m. at Eastham 6 Dec. 17 3^, Hannah 

Brown. One daughter recorded. 

f. Sarah, b. 1 Sept. 1712; m. at Eastham 5 Oct. 1731, Jonathan 


g. John , b. lU Sept. lllh; m. at Eastham 13 Oct. 1737, Lydia 

Young. They removed from Provincetown to Middle Haddam,Conn. 

h. Thankful , b. 13 Oct. 17l6; m. 26 June 1765 John Harding, Jr. 

i. Samuel , b. ll+ May 171_; probably the "Lamuel" who m. ih Mar. 

173U Elizabeth Harding, 
j. Ruth, b. about 1722; d. at Barkhamstead, Conn, in l8l3; m. 
(1) 27 Oct. 17*^3 Daniel Higgins , who d. at East Hampton, 
Conn., 8 Oct. 17^9; m. (2) l6 Nov. 1750 William Taylor of 
East Hampton and Canton, Conn. She had children by both 
husbands . 

(For the descendants of Thomas and Mercy (Knowles ) Rich , many of 
whom lived at Chatham, Conn., see an article by Edwin A. Hill, 
entitled "The Rich Family of Eastern Connecticut," in The New 
York Genealogical and Biographical Record, vol. 51, pp. 222-232. 
In the will of Thomas Rich, dated 23 Sept. 17^3 and proved in 
Barnstable Co., Mass., 6 Nov. 1753, three children are named 
whose births are not recorded at Eastham, viz., Cornelius, 
Rebecca, and Ruth.) 

2nd Generation 


6. iii. Samuel, b. 15 Jan. l682 at Eastham. 
T. iv. Nathajiiel , b. 15 May l686 at Eastham. 

8. V. Eichard , b. towards the end of July l688 at Eastham. 

vi . Rebecca , b. about the middle of Mar. I69O at Eastham; d. at 
Plymouth, administration on her estate being granted 8 Dec. 
1755; m. Thomas Wetherell, the Plymouth innholder. The inven- 
tories of both the husband and the wife showed large estates, 
including funds loaned to Mrs. Wetherell' s brothers, Richard 
and Amos Knowles . 

Wetherell children; b. at Plymouth: 

a. Rebecca , b. 1 Dec. 1713; d. at Plymouth in 1761, adminis- 

tration on her estate being granted 1 June 1762 to her 

brother-in-law; m. (l) James Easdell; m. (2) Davis. 

The int. of marriage of Mr. Wm. Davis and Mrs. Rebecca 
Easdell was recorded at Plymouth 19 May 1750 and that of 
William Davis and Sarah Doggett was recorded at Plymouth 
20 Feb. 1750/1. In probate papers she was Rebecca Davis 
in 1756 and Rebecca Easdell, widow, in I762. She had 
children . 

b. Thomas , b. 31 July 1715; d. in Jamaica, B.W.I. , 9 May 17^+*+; 

m. (Tnt. recorded at Barnstable 13 May 1738) Elizabeth 
Lothrop. One surviving child, named Thomas. 

c. William , b. 6 Mar. 17l8; d. in London, Eng. of smallpox, in 

m. Rebecca . One surviving child named Hannah. 

d. James , b. 31 Aug. 1720; d. at Cape Breton in 17^5. 

e. Mary , b. 5 June 1722; d. at Plymouth 3 Sept. 1776; m. 8 July 

I74O Thomas Mayhew of Plymouth. Nine children. 

f. John , b. 13 May 1725; d. at Surinam, Dutch Guiana, in 1763; 

m. at Plymouth 11 Nov. 1756 Sarah Crandon. 

g. Mercy , b . lU June 1727; m. (int. recorded at Plymouth, 26 

Sept. I7U7) Thomas Foster, Jr., of Plymouth. Administration 
on his estate was granted to her 17 July 1778. She had 

h. Lemuel , b. 2 Sept. 1729; d. in Oct. 1738. 

i. Hannah , b. 5 Aug. 1732; d. 10 June 1736. 

9. vii. John, b. about the middle of April 1692 at Eastham. 

viii. Ruth , b. in Nov. 169^ at Eastham; d. at Truro 1 Nov. 17^5; m. at 
Eastham 26 June 1733 or 173^ as his second wife Rev. John Avery 
of Truro, who had a large family by his former wife. 

10. ix. Cornelius , b. in Oct. l695 at Eastham. 

11. X. Amos , b. in 1702 at Eastham. 

12. xi . James , b. about 1705 at Eastham. 

NOTE: Major John Freeman was born in England 1627 and died 28 Oct. 1719, son 
of Edmund Freeman (bapt. 25 July 1596) and Bennett Hodsoll (b. 1597, d. 12 
April 1630) who were married 16 June l6l7. Bennett Hodsoll Freeman buried in 
Sussex, England. 

Major John Freeman married 13/1^ Feb. 16U9 Mercy Prence (b. I63I, d. 28 April 
1711) in Sandwich, Mass. Mercy was dau. of Thomas Prence (b. 16OO , d. 9 Mar. 

2nd Generation 


1673) who married 5 Aug, l62h Patience Brewster (b. I60O , d. l63^), dau. of 
Elder William Brewster of the Mayflower and Mary, his wife. Therefore, all 
descendants of Samuel Knowles and Mercy Freeman are Mayflower Descendajits . 

Thomas Prence, hth Governor of Plymouth Colony, came to America in I621 on 
the "Fort\ine" soon after reaching his majority. He was the son of Thomas 
Prince of All Hallows, Barking, London, carriage maker. The proper spelling 
of the sxirname was Prince but the younger Thomas chose to call it Prence. 
The family was apparently armigerous as Thomas Prince Senior, in his will of 
1630, bequeathed a "seale Ringe of Gold" to his son "Thomas Prence now re- 
mayninge in New England in parts beyond seas." 

3rd Generation l8 

k) DEAC . EDWARD ^ KNOWLES (John,^ Richard*), son of John (2.) and Apphia 

(Beuigs ) , b . at Eastham 7 Nov, 16T1; died there l6 Nov. 17^0. He married 
(1st), at Eastham, 27 Feb. 1699/1700, ANN RIDLEY; and (2nd) 27 Feb. 
1711/12, SARAH (ELKINS) MAYO, born at Salem, died at Eastham the last of 
Feb. 1753, daughter of Thomas Elkins of Salem and vidow of James Mayo. 
She married thirdly (int. recorded at Eastham, 2k Mar. 17^3/U), as his 
third wife, Deac . Edward^ Knowles ' s first cousin, Hezekiah Doeuae , whom 
she outlived,* son of Ephraim and Mary (Knowles) Doane. 

After his birth record the name of Edward ^ Knowles first appears as a 
witness to a Smith family settlement, with William Walker and Josiah 
Cooke, 5 July l697. He was a tanner and doubtless also a navigator. The 
church records are lost, but in the town and probate records he is given 
the title of "Deacon" as early as 1728. He was selectman for ten years 
and town treasurer for ten yeare . He was probably the first of the 
Knowles family to move down to what is now Eastham. Assuming that his 
hoixse, which in his will he left to his son Edward, whose mother was to 
have the use of the east end of it, stood on the same site, if it was 
not the same house, as the hovise in which the second Deacon Edward (lU) 
grew to old eige , it stood at Eastham Centre, south of the swamp which 
lies east of Long Pond (or "Fresh Water Pond"), considerably nearer to 
the present town hall than to the railroad station. It was on the north- 
western side of a road which formerly swung around it, starting from the 
corner near the town pound at the former post road and leading easterly 
and northerly down the Cape. 

In his will Deacon JCnowles remembered John Mayo and Sarah Higgins , who 
were two of the children of his second wife by her first husband. 

Children by 1st wife; b. at Eastham: 

i. Elizabeth,* b. 6 Oct. 1700; d. at Eastham 6 Mar. I76l; m. at 

Eastham, l8 Oct. 1722, Joseph Smith, -Jr., of Eastham, b. 2 Dec. 
1697, d. at Eastham 9 Mar. 1763, son of John and Sarah Smith. 

Smith children; b. at Eastham: 

a. Moses , b. 15 Dec. 1723. 

b. Sarah , b. 25 Aug. 1725. 

c. Elisha , b. 10 Dec. 1727; m. in 1755 Jennett Higgins; d. at 

Eastham h May 1795. Six children. 

d. Lydia , b. 29 Apr. 1729- 

e. Joseph , b. 23 Mar. 1731/2; living 29 Oct. 1785; m. at East- 

ham, 10 Feb. 1758, his second cousin once removed, Ruth* 
Knowles, dau. of Amos and Rebecca. 

^Administration on the estate of Hezekiah Doane was granted 23 June 1752 to 
his widow Sarah, and upon her death to Benjamin Higgins, the husband of her 
daughter, Sarah (Mayo) Higgins, who wsis a beneficiary in the will of Deac. 
Edward Knowles. 

3rd Generation 


f. Nathan, b. 25 Dec. 1732; m. in 1755 Mary Freeman. 

g. Eunice , b. 23 Dec. 1738; m. in 1759 Solomon Yoiing. 

h. Isaac , b. 10 Jan. 17^0/1. 

i. Joshua , b. l6 Sept. 17^3; m. 29 Oct. 1765 Phebe Doane. 
13. ii. Thomas , b. 1 Apr. 1702. 

iii. Mercy , b. l6 Nov. 170U; m. at Eastham 23 Sept. 1725, Joseph Snow. 

Snow children; b. at Eastham: 

a. Nathaniel , b. 27 Apr. 172- ; m. 25 Apr. 17^5 Mary Harding of 


b. Edward , b. 23 Dec. 1729; m. at Eastham 23 Jan. 1755, Martha 

Brown . 

c. Joseph , b. 1 Apr. 1735; probably d. young. 

d. Mercy , b. 11 Nov. 1737. 

e. Joseph , b. 9 May 17^2. 

f. Thankful , b. 17 Feb. Ilk3/h. 

iv. Ann, b. 19 Apr. 1707; m. at Eastham 3 Oct. 1728, Seth Smith. 

Smith children; b. at Eastham: 

a. Barnabas , b. 31 May 1731. 

b. Rebecca , b. 22 Mar. 173^/5. 

c. Seth , b. 19 Mar. 1737- 

d. Edward, b. 2 Aug. 1739- 

e. Ann , b. 1 Mar. 17^2/3. 

f. Elizabeth , b. 10 Oct. 17^5. 

Children by 2nd wife; b. at Eastham: 

lU. V. Edward , b. 3 Feb. 171 j/l^ . 

vi . Hannah , b. 23 June 1717; not mentioned in tier father's will. 


3rd Generation 20 

( 3 . ) cOL. JOHN ^ KNOWLES (John ^, Richard^), son of John (2.) and Apphia (Bangs), 
* — was born at Eastham 10 July l673 and died at Eastham 3 Nov. 1757, age 8U. 
(His will on file Barnstable Probate, typed copy of which follows accoimt 
of Sears family.) He married (1st) 28 Dec. l693 MARY SEARS, dau. of 
Capt. Paul and Deborah (Willard) Sears, b. 2h Oct. l672 at Yarmouth, d. 
7 Nov. I7U5, age 73. (See NOTE following John's will, for her back- 
ground.); he m. (2nd) 6 May 17^6 MRS. REBECCA CHANLE who died before 12 
Oct. 1773 when Enoch Higgins was appointed administrator of her estate. 
His wife, Sarah Higgins, was apparently an heir. 

Besides being a farmer and planter, he served as a Colonel in the 

John was left an orphan before his recollection and apparently was 
brought up by his Uncle Joshua Bangs, for whom his first son, Joshua, 
seems to have been named. He must have been given a good schooling and 
evidently from youth up was exceptionally efficient and well regarded. 
The earliest occurrence of his name after he grew up is in the registra- 
tion of an earmark for his cattle, 2h Apr. 1695- The records of the 
county not destroyed in l827 contain frequent references to him in 
trusted capacities. A Juryman in 1701, he was chosen as early as 1706 
a member of a board of arbitration. In 1715, as Lieut. John Knowles , he 
was elected one of five townsmen to apportion the remaining common lands. 
He was for many years coroner and was commander of the Second Barnstable 
Regiment . 

Joshua Sparrow in his will gave to John Knowles the house and land where 
he was living. The Knowleses were a Head-of-Town-Cove family, that is to 
say, an Orleans rather than an Eastham family, none of them moving down 
to the north side of Town Cove until the third generation. Probably 
Deacon Edward Knowles may have been the first to do this and some of the 
sons of Col. John may have thus removed before their father. Col. 
Willard^Knowles devised to his son Joseph "the land where the old house 
stood which he improved", and Joseph very soon sold to Timothy Doeuie 16 
acres located at Stage Lajid, formerly belonging to Col. John Knowles. This 
was the name for the point south of Nauset Harbor. It has not been 
learned whether this was the first location given by the will of Joshua 
Sparrow. Late in life Colonel Knowles purchased from the Treat heirs the 
farm of Rev. Samuel Treat and from that time on the senior branch of the 
Knowles family belonged in what is still the town of Eastham. The junior 
branch, descendants of the younger son of the first Richard, remained in 
what is now Orleans. 

Children by 1st wife; b. at Eastham: 
15. i. Joshua, ♦b. 6 July I696, 


ii . 

John , 


28 June 1698. 


iii . 



7 Aug. 1700. 





8 Aug. 1702. 




, b 

. h Nov. 170U. 



. 1 Apr. 1707; 

not mentioned in his father's 


vii . 

Mary , 


Oct. 1709; m. 

(int. recorded at Eastham) 10 


3rd Generation 


John Wing, b. 3 April 1702, d. 1773 vhen his will was proved. 
John Wing, son of Ananias (d. 17l8) and Hannah, gr. son of John 
(161I-I699) and gr. grandson of Mrs. Deborah Wing (widow of Rev. 
John Wing) who came to America in the "William and Francis" with 
her four sons in June l632. She lived in Saugus , later moving 
to Sandwich. (See Wing Genealogy.) 

Wing children: 

a. John , b. 8 May 1732. 

b. James , b. 18 Nov. 173^+. 

c. Thomas , b. h May 1735- 

d. Sarah , b. 13 July 1736. 

e. Abigail , b. 8 May 1737. 

f. Hezekiah, b. 17 June 1739. 

g. Joshua, b. 5 April 17^1. 

h . Barnabus . 

i. Enoch , b. 25 Nov. 17U6. 
J. Anna , b. 29 March I7U8. 

k. Temperance , b. U Aug. 175^. 
1. Phebe , b. 1 April, 1756. 
20.viii. Willard , b. 6 Nov. 1711. 

Transcribed copy of original handwritten will on file Barnstable Co. 
Probate Records : 

In the name of God Amen the thirteenth day of August A.D. One Thousand 
Seven Hundred and Fifty Seven, I JOHN KNOWLS of Eastham in the County of 
Barnstable in the province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, being 
under infirmity of body and far advanced in years but of sound disposing 
mind and memory. Thanks be given to God, Knowing that it is appointed unto 
all men once to dye Do hereby make and ordain this my last will and testa- 
ment. That is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend 
my Soul into the hands of God that gave it through my redeemer and my body 
I recommend to the earth to Be buried in a Christianlike decent manner at 
the discretion of my executors hereafter named; and as touching my worldly 
estate wherewith God hath blessed me in this life I give devise and dispose 
of the same in the following manner: 

Imprimis: It is my will and I do order that in the first place all my just 
debts and fianeral charges be satisfied and paid by my Executor out of what 
I give to him. ITEM. I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife REBECCAH 
her heirs and assigns forever my best led and the furnitvire thereof. My 
silver two handle scallop cup bason or bowl, two silver spoons, three 
silver tea spoons and all the things belonging to the tea, my best cow, one 
half of my mare the Paiuiier and one-third of the sheep and lambs ; and be- 
sides these which I give right out I also give her one third of my dwell- 
ing house during her natural life; I also give to her heirs and assigns 
forever one part of my remaining removable estate that is not otherwise 
particularly disposed of by this will, ITEM. I give and bequeath to my 
well beloved son JOSHUA (whom I also appoint the sole executor of this my 

3rd Generation 


last will and testament) I give to him his heirs and assigns forever one- 
half of a piece of land containing about six acres described as more or 
less lying on the southerly side of the Long Swamp and between my son 
WILLARD's land and my grandson JAMES KNOWLS' land; also I give imto my son 
JOSHUA his heirs and assigns forever two lots of meadows on the foreside 
of the flatts and one lot on the back side, also one of my back wood lots, 
namely, that on the northward also one half of my cedar swamp near the head 
of Blackfish Creek, my silver headed cane and all my wearing apparel. 

ITIM. I give to the heirs of my well beloved son JOHN , dec'd their heirs 
and assigns forever all my land at the stage. 

ITEM. I give to the heirs of my well beloved son SETH , dec'd their heirs and 

and assigns forever two lots of woodland lying near Mr. Solomon Doane's. 

ITEM. I give to my well beloved son PAUL , his heirs and assigns forever, 
thirteen pounds six shillings and eight pence lawful money to be paid by my 
son WILLARD KNOWLS one half at my decease and the other half at the decease 
of my wife . 

I give and bequeath to my well beloved daughter MAEY WING her heirs 
and assigns forever my silver tankard and one-half of my whole moveable 
estate within my dwelling house not otherwise particularly disposed of in 
this my last will. 

ITEM. I give and bequeath to my well beloved son WILLARD his heirs and 
assigns forever, he paying to my son PAUL the legacy of thirteen pounds six 
shillings and eight pence lawful money as given him, to my son WILLARD, I 
give one half of a piece of land being about six acres, be there more or I 
less, lying on the southerly side of the Long Swamp between my said son ' 
WILLARD's land and my grandson JAMES KNOWLS' land also one half my Cedar 
Swamp, my house after my wife's decease and my silver handled sword and 
also a lot of woodland between Smalley's Way and Stephen Snow's axid like- 
wise my PEW entire. 

ITEM. I give to my well beloved grandson JAMES KNOWLS his heirs and 
assigns forever one half of my back side wood lot on the south side of a 
wood lot given to my son JOSHUA KNOWLS, also a small piece of land near 
Silvanus Snow's. ITEM. I give to my granddaughter MARY KNOWLS, the wife 
of HENRY KNOWLS, his heirs and assigns forever the one-half of a wood lot 
lying on the southerly side of the lot given my son JOSHUA as also the one 
sixth part of my household goods. ITEM. I give to my grandson JOSEPH | 
KNOWLS the one-half of my mare and I do hereby utterly disallow and dis- 
annul all other wills, testaments ajid legacie and executors by me in any 
wise before named, willed or bequeathed, ratifying and confirming this and 
no others to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have 
hereunto set my hand, and seal the day and year above written. 

Signed, sealed and published and declared by the said JOHN KNOWLS as his 
last will and testament in presence of: ' 

JOHN KNOWLS ( L . S . ) 

3rd Generation 


Samuel Snow 3rd 
Isaac Paine 
Thomas Paine 

To all people to whom these presents shall come, Silvanus Brown, Esq., 
Judge of the Probate of Wills in the County of Barnstable within the 
Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England sendeth greeting. 

LS: Know ye that on the sixth day of November Anno Domini 1757 the instru- 
ment hereunto annexed purporting the last will and testament of JOHN ICNOWLS 
late of Eastham in said county. Esquire, Dec'd was presented for probate by 
JOSHUA KNOWLS the Executor therein named then present Samuel Snow 3rd, 
Isaac Paine & Thomas Paine witnesseth thereto subscribed who made oath that 
they saw the said testator sign seal and heard him declare the said jus- 
ticement to be the last will and testament and that they signed their names 
together as witnesses to the executions of things in the said dec'd pre- 
sence and that he was to the best of their Judgment of sound and disposing 

I do approve and allow of the said instrument as the last will and testa- 
ment of the beforenamed deceased and do limit the administration there of 

in all matters the same concerning his estate whereof he died ( ) 

and property in said County unto Joshua Knowls the beforenamed executor, 
well emd faithfully to execute the said will and to administer the estate 
of the said deceased according thereto who accepted of his said trusts to 
exhibit an inventory according to law and he shall render an account upon 
oath of his proceeding when thereunto lawfully required. In testimony 
whereof I have hereiinto set my hand and seal of office the day and year 
above written. 

Ephraim Re 

We the Subscribers being appointed by the Honorable Silvanus Brown Esq. , 
Judge of the Probate for the County of Barnstable to make an apprisement 
of all the Estate of COL. JOHN KNOWLS late of Eastham, Deceased, and being 
sworn as the Law directs and have accordingly prised said Estate as 
f olloweth . 

To the hoaeshed and on Lott eastward from house 

& lot at Stage 





two back side Lotts & Cedar Swamp 





three parcells of Land 





three Lotts of meadow att the f latts 





Personal Estate to Wearing Apparell 





8 beds and bedding 





Cash and plate 




Notes of Land 





One Cow one horse and 15 sheep 




3rd Generation 


To Pewter Iron Earthen Craf s , wooden & other goods 1+52. 0. 9 
Dated Eastham, December l6 , 1T5T 

Nathaniel Freeman, Jr. 
Joseph Smith, Jr. 


By the Hon. Silvanus Brown, Esq. Judge of Probate Ye JOSHUA KNOWLS Executor 
presents the foregoing and made oath that it contains a true and perfect 
inventory of the Estate of John Knowls Late of Eastham Deceased so far as 
hath come to his hands and knowledge and if more hereafter appears , he will 
cause it to be added the subsrri ting appraisers have sworn as the law 
directs . 

' December l6, 1757 


Silvanus Brown 

NOTE: MARY SEARS, dau. of Capt. Paul and Deborah (Willard) Sears, was 
granddaiaghter of Richard Sears, born in England 1590, d. Yarmouth, Mass., 
age 86, buried 26 Aug. 1676. Richard Sears was son of Bourchier Sears and 
Marie L. Van Egmont . He landed in America 8 May I63O with the last of the 
Congregation of Leyden. In l632 he married Dorothy Thacher who was buried 
19 Mar. 1678/9 at Yarmouth. In l633 Richard was at Plymouth, later re- 
moving to Marblehead where he was taxed in l637 and granted four acres of 
land in 1638. He was a farmer, serving on the Grand Jury and as Constable 
in Yarmouth in l6k3, was a deputy to the General Court at Plymouth in I662. 
Richard and Dorothy had four children, one of whom was Paul (b. 1637/8 at 
Marblehead, d. 20 Feb. 1707/8, age 70, at Yarmouth.) Paul was Capt. of 
Militia and highly respected in his community. He married at Yarmouth in 
1658 Deborah Willard (bapt. at Scituate ih Sept. 16I+5, d. 13 May 1721 at 
Yarmouth), dau. of George Willard (b. k Dec. 161U at Kent, England, d. at 
Scituaite , Mass.) and Dorothy (?) Dunster. Paul and Deborah had ten chil- 
dren, the sixth of whom was Mary who married Col. John Knowles . (REF:Hills: 
Cape Cod Series Mayflower Planters, Vol. 2). 

Information from Mrs. Warren H. Morse (Vivian Higgins Morse): "On p. 2831 
of V. VIII of MAGNA CARTA by John S. Wurts , is an account of Mary Sears 
that taJtes her line back through her immigrant Richard to four barons of 
the Magna Carta and to Knights of the Garter." 

3rd Generation 25 

@ COL . SAMUEL ^ KNOWLES (Samuel,^ Richard*), son of Samuel (3.) and Mercy 
(Freeman) was born at Eastham 15 Jan. l682, died in Boston 30 Jan. 
1750/1. He married at Eastham, T Nov. 1709, BETHIA BROWN, born 9 Sept. 
1685, who siirvived her husband, daughter of Samuel and Martha (Harding) 
Brown of Eastham. 

He was able to follow in his father's footsteps, and from 1722 was a 
selectmein for six years and then moderator of the town meeting. He be- 
came one of the leading citizens of Barnstable County, and was colonel 
of the Second Barnstable Regiment and a justice of the Sessions Court. 
He was also guardian of the Indians in the lower part of Barnstable 
County. After his father's retirement he was often representative in 
the General Coxirt , and died d\iring a session of the Court in Boston. His 
gravestone stands now beside that of Gov. John Hancock in the Old 
Granary Burial Gound on Tremont Street, Boston. His death was generally 
noticed in the Boston newspapers, and the Weekly News-Letter, in its 
issue for 7 Feb. 1750/1, published the following: 

"On Wednesday the 30th of Januaj:y died at his Lodgings in this Town, 
Samuel Knowles , Esq; One of the Members of the Honourable House of 
Representatives, from the Town of Eastham; in the County of Barn- 
stable; and on Friday was decently interr'd, attended by the Hon- 
otirable House of Representatives , and others . A Gentleman who was 
greatly belov'd and respected, and wixi be much lamented: As one 
of His Majesty's Justices, Col. Knowles was strictly Impartial in 
the Administration of Justice; was always for making up of Differ- 
ences between Man and Man as soon as possible, and with as little 
Charge as might be ; and was remarkable both for preventing axid 
healing of any long and uncomfortable Debates among his Neighbours 
and others; and his Judgment greatly sett by; and that which crown'd 
all, A Man of strict Piety and Integrity." 

His house judging by its reputation for age, was standing within memory, 
on the northwesterly side of what was once the post road and is now the 
byroad from the Brewster road to the house of the late John Doane, Esq. 
The site is marked "R. Kendrick" in the Barnstable County Map of 1858. 
In his will he gave to his wife the west end of his dwelling house, with 
storehouse adjacent. His farm, which included lands on the southerly 
side of the road, extended northwesterly beyond the railway station; but 
how much farther it extended in the different directions is not easily 
told, by reason of the burning of the Registry of Deeds. 

Children; b. at Eastham: 

21. i. Enos_,*b. 30 Apr. 1712. 

ii. Azubah, b. 6 Feb. 1713/lU; d. at Eastham in Mar. 1762; m. at 
Eastham, 30 Sept. 1736; Josiah Sears of Chathajn, cordwainer, 
b. at Yarmouth 25 Aug. 1708, d. at Eastham in Jaxi. 1772, son 
of Josiah and Mary (Howes) Sears. He m. (2) 26 May 1763 Mercy 
Hopkins, perhaps the mother of his youngest son, Josiah. 

Sears children; b. at Eastham: 

a. Mercy , b. 23 Aug. 1737; m. at Eastham 23 Nov. 1769 Archelaus 


3rd Generation 26 

Harding of Eastham. Four children. 

b. Martha , m. at Eastham 13 May 1756, Theodore Harding of East- 

ham, later of Barrington, N.S. 

c. Jerusha , b. 25 Feb. 17^+2/3; d. before 1772. 

d. Josiah , b. 1 Feb. 17l+i+/5. 

e. Azubah_, b. 5 Nov. 17^7; m. in 1765 Warren Anson Kendrick of 

Baj'rington, N.S. Eleven children. 

f. Bethia, b. 15 July 1750; m. 26 Dec. 1776 Theophilus Baker of 

Yarmouth. Three children. 

g. David , b. U Apr. 1753; m. (int. recorded at Eastham, lU Dec. 

1776) Martha Cole of Eastham. 

h. Samuel , b. I8 Apr. 1755; d, at South East, N.Y. in 1778. He 

was in Capt . Solomon Higgins' Company in the Revolutionary 
War . 

22. iii. Samuel , b. 6 Oct. 1715- 

23. iv. Nathaniel , b. 6 Oct. 1717. 

V. Jerusha , b. 9 Mar. 1719/20; d. prior to 13 Jan. 1750/1; m. at 

Eastham 20 Sept. 1739, Dr. John Whitney of Harwich, afterwards 
of Eastham. 

Whitney children; b. at Eastham: 

a. John, b. 2 Sept. 17^+0. 

b. Josiah , b. 7 Nov. 17U1. 

c. Seth, b. 5 Feb. 17^2/3. 

d. Natheiniel , apparently the youngest child. On 9 May 1751 

Josiaii Sears was appointed guardian of John and Nathaniel, 
minor sons of John Whitney of Eastham, physician. On I6 Apr. 
1759 a wood lot in Harwich, south of Cleft Pond, was divided, 
a half being assigned to Nathaniel Bacon, a third to Enos 
Knowles , and a sixth to the Whitney a , grandchildren of Samuel 
Knowles , Esq. 

2\. vi. Seth , b. 20 Jan. 1721/2. 

Two Eastham deeds added to the collection of Mr. Stanley Webster Smith, dated 
3 June 1712, and 19 June 171^, respectively, and running to Samuel Knowles, 
call him a "blacksmith". 

3rd Generation , 27 

7. \aTHANIEL^ KNOWLES (Samuel,^ Richard*) son of Samuel(3.) and Mercy 
— (Freeman), vas born at Eastham 15 May 1686, died, probably at Province- 
town, in 1732. He married first MARY HUNT, who died at Windham, Conn., 
10 June 1716, daughter of William Hunt of Chi 1 mark, Martha's Vineyard; 
and secondly, at Windham, 25 Apr. 1717, ELIZABETH BACON, who survived 
him and married secondly (intention recorded at Eastham, 10 July 173^), 
as his third wife, Beriah Smith of Provincetown . (See NOTE after listing 
of children . ) 

As a boy Nathaniel Knowles evidently would rather go to sea than to 
school; for, although he belonged to an educated family, he did not learn 
to write. After his marriage his father attempted to establish him by 
giving him a large quantity of land in the new settlement at Windham, 
Conn., in that part of the town which is now the town of Scotland; but 
in a few years he had evidently run through with this, and in a Windham 
deed he is called "of Branford, Conn.," 27 Mar. 172U , when he sold the 
last of his land at Windham. At Breinford he bargained for a house, a 
shop, and two acres of land, in an instrioment dated 8 Aug. 1722, but he 
did not get his deed until 21 Axig. 172^+. Two years from that time he 
quitclaimed his, equity in the house and a half acre of the land, an acre 
and a half having been already levied on by a creditor, I8 Mar. I72U/5. 
At Branford he attempted to keep a store, and also weis licensed as an 
innkeeper, enterprises which only a keen man could carry on successfully 
without an elementary education. After his house was gone he continued 
to live at Branford, doubtless going back to his early choice as sailor. 
Suits for debts appeair in the court, and he was also arrested for having 
in his possession a man's purse containing a large sum, but on surrender- 
ing this and showing penitence he was discharged with a small fine. A 
lawsuit in Apr. 1730 gives us his last appearance at Branford, except 
what we may infer from the marriage of his daughter a few months later; 
and the only evidence that he removed to Provincetown is found in a 
military roll in which his youngest son gave his birthplace as "Cape 
Cod," axi expression which at that time meant Provincetown, where all the 
inhabitants were squatters, a law of the Province prohibiting the pvir- 
chase of lands from the Indians. Whether he died at Provincetown or in 
his father's house we can only doubtfully infer from his father's will, 
which was evidently prompted by his prodigal but beloved son's lying at 
death's door. In one part of the will the father speaks of his son 
Nathaniel as alive, and in another part he calls Elizabeth a widow. 

Children by first wife; b. at Windham, Conn.: 

i. Rebecca,* b. 30 Jan. 1710/11; m. at Branford, Conn., 10 Jan. 1753, 
George Hubbard , b . at Guilford , Conn . , 30 May 1717 , d . at Bran- 
ford 2 Nov. 1762, son of Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Lord) Hubbard. 
The marriage record describes Rebecca and her husband as "both 
of said Branford". She is named in the wills of her Grandfather 
and Grandmother Knowles. Evidently she went back to Branford, 
where her sister of the whole blood lived, euid there contracted 
an elderly maxriage. Deeds appear of this George Hubbard of 
Branford from Guilford, 1737-1750; but no records of probate or 
heirship deeds of the estate have been foiind. 

3rd Generation 


ii. Mary , b. in Sept. 1713; d. l6 April 1759; m. at Branford, Conn., 

5 Nov. 1730, William Luddington of Branford, b. 6 Sept. 1702, 
son of Henry and Sarah (Collins) Luddington of East Haven, Conn. 
He m. (2) 17 Apr. 1760 Mary Wilkinson of Branford. 

Luddington children; b. at Branford: 

a. Submit , b. 10 Feb. 1732/3; m. 28 June 175^ Stephen Johnson 

of Branford. 

b. Mary , b. 20 May 1736. 

c. Henry , b. 25 May 1739; d. at Patterson, N.Y., 2k Jan., l8l7; 

m. 12 May 1760 Abigail , who d. 3 Aug. l825 , ae. 80 

years, 3 months. Twelve children. 

d. Lydia , b. 25 July 17^+1; m. at East Haven, 20 Oct. I76I; Aaron | 

(not Willi am) Buckley of Branford. 

e. Samuel , b. 30 Apr. 17^^; m. at Woodbury, Conn., 5 Mar. 1766, 

Ruth Galpin. 

f . Rebecca , b. 10 May 17^7; d. 20 May 175^.* 

g. Anne , b. 20 June 1750; d. 20 May 175*+.* 

h. Stephen , b. I8 Oct. 1753. 

* Rebecca and Anne were burned to death "On Monday night after 
ye. 20th of May" 175^, when part of their father's house at 
Branford was burned. 

iii. Malatiah , b. k Jan. 1715/16. The will of William Hvint of Chilmark 

dated 13 Mar. 1722, left a legacy "to my three grandchildren, 
Mary Knowles , Rebecca Knowles , Malatiah Knowles." 

Children by second wife: 

iv. Ruth , b. at Windham, Conn., 5 Apr. 17l8. 

25. v. Nathaniel , b. at Windham, Conn. , about 1720. 

vi. Mercy , b. at Windham or Branford, Conn., in 1722; d. at Cape 

Elizabeth (now South Portland), Me., 20 Aug. 1816, (Aged 9^); 
m. (int. calling the parties "both of Falmouth", recorded at 
Falmouth, Me., which then included Cape Elizabeth, 19 Feb. Ilk3/h) 
Archibald Douglas, b. in Ulster, d. at Cape Elizabeth after 1790 
and before I8OO, son of the Widow Martha Douglas of Boston, 
Mass., and Pelham, N.H. In 1739 Archibald Douglas and Joseph 
Cobb witnessed the will of Josiah Cobb, son of Jonathan Cobb, 
at Cape Elizabeth. Apparently Douglas was an apprentice in the 
glazier's trade with Joseph Cobb. In 1739 Joseph Cobb, glazier, 
made a deed of gift to his son-in-law Joseph Strout and wife of 
the westerly half of a sixty-acre lot on Barren Hill, "the which 
easterly half of said lot I formerly gave unto Archibald Douglas , 
glazier" (York Deeds, vol. 23, p. 81). This land became the 
Do\igl8is homestead, south of the present villeige of Pleasantdale . 
Douglas was elected to minor town offices, both before and sifter 
Cape Elizabeth was set off from Falmouth, from 17^+8 down to 177^. 
By the United States Census of 1790 (Cape Eliz.) his family con- 
sisted of his wife and one daughter. By the United States Censvis • 
of 1810 the Widow Mercy Douglas was living at North Yarmouth, 
Me., the next door neighbor to William Gooding (her grandson). 

3rd Generation 


the household consisting of two women over years of age. By 
the previous census at North Yarmouth they were apparently living 
in the family of her son-in-law, Samuel Gooding, whose household 
contained three women over . 

Douglas children; b. at Cape Elizabeth: 

a. Mary , b. 2 Jan. 17^5; d. unm. She and her youngest sister are 

said to have been school teachers in Portland, Mb., \intil 
late in life, when their brother-in-law furnished them a 
house for their occupancy, which is still (1926) standing on 
the corner of Pleasant and Smith Streets in Yarmouth, Me. 

b. Martha , m. (l) at Cape Elizabeth 28 Aug. ITTO, John Jones; m. 

(2) 26 July 177^ Samuel Gooding of Falmouth Neck (now 
Portland), Me., b. at Falmouth 2 Mar. 1751, d. at North 
Yarmouth (now Yarmouth), Me., I8 Feb. I809. Eight children. 

c. Elizabeth , b. 19 Mar. I76O ; d. unm. at an advaxiced a^e. 
vii. Freeman , bapt. at Branford, Conn., 19 Jan. 1723/U. (No further 

record. ) 

viii. Elizabeth , bapt. at Branford, Conn., 12 Nov. 1727. Her int. of 
marriage was twice recorded at Falmouth (later Cape Elizabeth) 
Me., first to Thomas Stevens 27 Dec. 175^, and secondly to 
Elijah Smith 15 Feb. 175^/5. Thomas Stevens, then of Pearsontown 
probably married (int. recorded at Falmouth 20 Apr. 1757) Anna 
Bryant of Falmouth. Possibly this Elizabeth was the Elizabeth, 
wife of Elijah Smith, who died at Chatham, Mass., 15 Jan. 1766. 
26. ix. Samuel , (posthumous) b. at Provincetown , Mass. in 1733. 

NOTE: Beriah Smith, carpenter, of Provincetown, called "of Cape Cod" in sev- 
eral appealed lawsuits in the archives of the Supreme Judicial Court of Mass. 
m. (1) Susannah Savage, by whom he had, I70U-I712, children Mary, Susannah, 

Samuel and Beriah; m. (2) Alice , by whom he had children Simeon, 

Enoch, Alice, William, and John, bapt. at Provincetown 1713-1721; m. (3) 
Elizabeth (Bacon) Knowles , by whom he had Ebenezer, b. at Provincetown 11 
Aug. 1735, and Beriah, b. at "Cape Cod" about 1738, according to a Maine mil- 
itary roster. A tajc list of Cape Elizabeth for 17^43, preserved by the Maine 
Historical Society, contains the following Provincetown group: "Christopher 
Strout, Esqr. Christopher Strout, Junr., Brier Smith, John Smith, William 
Smith, Simen Smith, Edward Smalley." The Cumberland County (Me.), probate 
records, unfortunately, have been destroyed. 

Beriah Smith and Elizabeth (Bacon) Knowles Smith took part in the migration 
from Provincetown to Cape Elizabeth, Me., taking with them his children by 
a former wife, her children by her former husband, and their children by this 
latest marriage. Beriah Smith and his sons appear together in a Cape Eliz. 
tax list for 17^3. (See above.) 

Mr. Edward Leodore Smith contributed additional information about Beriah 
Smith, namely, that he was bom 2 Mar. 1679/8O, son of John Smith, carpenter, 
and that his second wife, whom he married 19 Apr. 1711, was Alice Wormwood.' 

3rd Generation 


f LIEUT. RICHARD-^ KNOWLES (Samuel,^ Richard*), son of Samuel (3.) and Mercy 
(Freeman), was born at Eastham towards the end of July 1688, died about 
1769, He married MARTHA COBB, born 6 Feb. I682, died 31 Oct. 1763, 
davighter of James and Sarah (Lewis) Cobb. 

After receiving a greint of land from the town, between his father's house 
and the Cedar Pond, he removed about 1719 to Chatham, where he bought 
the tavern of Ebenezer Hawes , and he, his son James, and the latter 'a 
widow continued as the tavern keepers of that town for almost a cent\iry. 
He quickly became a recognized citizen of his adopted town, and served 
as town treasurer and as lieutenant of the locsLL militia. He was one of 
the original grantees of the township of Liverpool, N.S., and perhaps 
made a trip thither about 1760. 

Children; born at Eastham. and Chatham: 

i. Martha, ib. 28 Jan. 1713/lU; m. in 1729 John Shaw of Eastham. 

Martha married 2nd Samuel Wright. They lived in Hartford, Conn. 
Both died East Haddam, Conn., buried common grave. She died 
1 Jan. 1755; he died 28 Dec. 175^. They had a son, Jonathan 
Wright, b. 13 Mar. 17^6 Hartford. 

Shaw children: 

a. George , b. 15 Sept. 173_. 

b. Martha , b. 1 Apr. 1733. 

c. John , b. 18 June 1735- 
Perhaps others . 

ii. Richard, b. 26 Mar. 1715; d. Aug. 1736. 

iii. Mercy , b. 9 Aug. 1717; d. lU May 1758; m. 1 Nov. 1733 George 

Godfrey of Chatham, b. in 1707, d. U Dec . 1768. His will dis- 
closes ten children. 

Godfrey children: 

a. Richard , m. 23 Dec. 1756, Lydia Doane. 

b . Ben J ami n 

c. Georg e , d, in 1769, aged 'dk years, leaving four children. 

d. James 

e . Jonathan 

f . Knovles , d. 19 Jan. 1766; m. Jerusha Rider, dau. of Stephen 

Rider of Chatham. Two children. 

g. Mercy , m. in I762 George Bears e. 

h. Martha 

i . Sarah 
J. MolOy 

27. iv. James , b. 11 Nov. 1719- 

28. V. Cornelius, b. at Chatham 10 Apr. 1722. 

vi. Rebecca, b. 2 Mar. 1723/U; d. unm. about I78I+. 

3rd Generation 


CAFT. JOHN^ KUOWLES (Samuel,^ Richard*), son of Samuel (3.) and Mercy 
(Freeman) of Eastheun and later of Hartford, Conn., mariner, born at East- 
ham about the middle of Apr. I692, died at Hartford 12 Dec. 1753. He 
married first, at Hartford, RACHEL OLCUTT, born at Hartford 28 Oct. 1701, 
died there 30 Dec. 1739, daughter of John and Mary (Blackleach) Olcutt of 
Hartford; and secondly, prior to 1 Sept. 1752, HANNAH (WELLS ) CALDER , 
widow of John Calder of WetherBfleld,Conn. , who svirvived her second hus- 
band, married thirdly, 12 May 1757, Dr. Niel McLean of Hartford, and was 
buried in the Gold Street Burial Ground 2 Feb.1766. 

His name occurs at Eastham in 1720, when the earmark for his cattle was 
entered; and he was described as "of Eastham" in a deed dated 17 July 
1725, by which Peter Pratt conveyed to him a house and two acres of land 
in Hartford. In his new home he continued in his calling as mariner, 
owning vessels and making voyages as far as Barbados . Later he was des- 
cribed in a deed as "Trader," and he had made extensive piirchases of 
lands about Hartford, including a proprietor's right. His first purchase 
of land continued to be his homestead and that of his descendants . It is 
opposite the little park now called the South Green, about three-fourths 
of a mile south from the business centre of Hartford. His farming lands, 
still farther out, axe now mostly covered by apartment houses. At his 
death his inventory included eleven yoke of fat or working oxen and 
steers, and his will disposed of negro slaves, with the provision that 
one of them, named Sampson, should not be sold but should be comfortably 
supported dviring his natiiral life. 

Children by first wife; b. at Hartford: 

i. Rachel , •^bapt . I6 July 1727; d. 15 Feb. l803; m. John Haynes Lord 

of Hartford, b. 13 Jan. 1725, d. in Mar. 1796. She was handsome- 
ly remembered in her father's will. 

Lord children; b. at Hartford (all living 25 April 1797 

except Richard and James): 

a. Elisha , bapt. 25 Dec. 17^8; m. Elizabeth , who d. in 

1786, aged 32. 

b. Mary, bapt. 15 Apr. 1750. 

c. Richard , bapt. ih June 1752; "blown up in the schoolhouse" 23 

May 1766 and buried the next day. 

d. John Haynes , bapt. 7 July 175^; d. in 183U. 

e. James , bapt. 16 Jan. 1757. 

f. Frederick , bapt. 15 Apr. 1759- 

g. William , bapt. 2 Aug. 1761. 

h. Helena , bapt. 20 Nov. 1763; m. Asa Allen who d. 13 June 181U, 

aged U7. Several children. 

i. Eli zabeth , b. 23 Jan. 1766; m. .19 Feb. 1791 Joshua Hathaway 

of Rome, N.Y. , b. at Suffield, Conn. 13 Aug. 176I, d. at 
Rome 8 Dec. I836. 
j. Abigail , bapt. 15 May 1768; m. David Porter. 

ii. John , bapt. 11 May 1729; d. young. 

iii. John, bapt. 2 Aug. 1730; d. young. 

3rd Generation 


Samuel , bapt. 1 Oct. 1732. 

Rebecca , birr, at Hartford ik Nov. 1786, aged 51; m. 12 May 1758 
Capt. Benjamin Payne, Esq., b. in 1728, bur. 25 Jan. 1782. 
Capt. Payne's estate was ordered distributed 26 July 1790, when 
his surviving children were William, Mary Ann, Rebecca, 
Elizabeth, Sarah and Benjamin. 

Payne children; baptized in the First Church, Hartford: 

a. Catherine , bapt. 8 July 1759; d. of smallpox; bur. 22 June 

b. Mariana, bapt. 5 Jan. 176l; d. unm.; bur. 5 Jan. 1797. Her 
estate was distributed 22 Oct. 1798 to William and Benjamin 
Payne, Elizabeth Edmunds, and the children of Rebecca 
Hopkins and SaraJ-i Hopkins. 

c. Rebecca , bapt. 28 Mar. 17t)2; bur. 19 Sept. 1791; m. Dr. Asa 

d. Eli zabeth , bapt. 17 Mar. 176 5; m. William Edmunds, Esq. 

e. Sarah , bapt. 1 Feb. 1767; bur. 25 Dec. 1796; m. Dr. Daniel 
Hopkins, b. 8 Apr. 1762, brother of Asa Hopkins, the husband 
of her sister Rebecca. 

f. William , bapt. 5 Mar. 1769- 

g. Benjamin, bapt. 3 Feb. 1771- 

vi . Mary , bapt. 1 Apr. 1739; 3 Oct. 176l Alexander Chalker of 
Eastbury (Glastonbury), Conn. 

Children by second wife, Hannah: 

29. iv. 


vii. A Daughter, b. 28 Mar. 1751, "stillborn", 
viii. John, bapt. 12 Apr. 1752; d. 26 Nov. 1752. 

3rd Generation 


CAPT. CORNELIUS^ KNOWLES (Samuel,* Richard^) , son of Samuel (3.) and 
Mercy (Freeman), born at Eastham in Oct. l695, died at Chatham (now 
East Hampton), Conn., 28 Dec. IjGh. He married at Eeistheuii, 23 Sept. 
1723, ELIZABETH REMICK, born there 12 Sept. 1700, died at Chatham, 
Conn., in 1789, daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth (Freeman) Remick of 

About 1736 he removed to Connecticut, his wife tsiking out letters of 
dismissal from the Eastheon church in that year. He vas called " of 
Hartford" 9 Apr. 1739, when he bought leind at Middle Haddam Lajiding, 
afterwards Knowles's Landing, and was living there the same year. 
"About 1710 a family by the name of Goffe settled south of Middle 
Haddam Landing, who were the first English inhabitants in Middle 
Haddam. Capt. Cornelius Knowles , an early and respectable settler , built 
a house afterwards at the Landing directly upon the bank of the river, 
from whom that place and the surrounding neighborhood was long called 
Knowles's Landing." (History of Middletown, Conn., by Rev. David 
Dudley Field, D.D. ) 

On 21 Feb. 17^7, he purchased from Samuel Pelton of Hsirtford a dwell- 
ing house and warehouse on the east side of the Connecticut River. 

He attended the General Court several times as agent for the inhabi- 
tants of Middle Haddam, dizring the movement which resulted in setting 
off that part of Middletown and Haddam as a parish by itself and later 
in chartering Chatham as a town. In 17^^ he was commissioned as cap- 
tain of the trainband. In 17^7 the General Court grajited to him and 
his heirs forever the Middle Haddam ferry privilege, but in May 1757, 
after the death of James Knowles, this privilege was given to Benjamin 
Harris of Middletown. 

After Captain Knowles's death his widow and some of his daughters con- 
tinued to occupy his house until the widow's death, and the final di- 
vision of his estate was not reached until 2 Oct. 1790, when his heirs 
were two living daughters and the children of three deceased daughters. 


i. Eli_zabeth_,*d. 1 Nov. l823, "aged 98 yrs." (church records of 
Portland, Conn.); m. (l) at Chatham, Conn., 2 Feb. 17^+8/9, 
Samuel Freeman, b. at Eastham 22 Nov. 17l6, d. at Chatham, Conn., 
in 17^9, son of Deac . Samuel and Mary (Paine) Freeman; m. (2) 
5 Apr. 1753 John Sears; m. (3) in 1762 Cornet Isaac Colton, who 
had children by two earlier wives. 

Colton children: 

a. Elizabeth , b. 2 Apr. 1763. 

b. James , b. 25 Jan. I765. 

c. Elijah , b. in 1767; living in Chatham in l833. He was a 

soldier in the War of l8l2. 

3rd Generation 


ii . Mercy , d. at Chatham, Conn., 29 June 1768, aged 38; m. at Chatham 

28 Dec. 17^9, William Green, b. at Barnstahle, Mass., in July 
1721, d. at Chatham, Conn., 15 Aug. 1775- He had two more chil- 
dren by a second wife. 

Green children; born at Chatham: 

a. Mercy , b. 12 July 1751; d. 12 Aug. 1752. 

b. Eunice , b. 7 Jan. 1753; m. before 1772 Abijah Hall. Appar- 

ently Ruth Hall of Waterford, Saratoga Co., N.Y., and John 
Hall ( who had a wife Sarah) of the same place were heirs 
in 1833 (East Hampton, Conn., Deeds, vol. 21, p. ik) 

iii. James , d. before I766; m. at Chatham, Conn., 23 Mar. 1758, Lydia 

Higgins, b. 9 Oct. 1737, d. at Haddam, Conn., 20 Nov. l825 , 
"eiged 88", daughter of Israel and Ruth (Brown) Higgins. She m. 
(2) at Chatham, 1 Oct. 1766, David Smith, administration on 
whose estate was granted to his widow, Lydia, ^4 Jan. 1773; she 
m. (3) before 6 Nov. 1775 William Brainard of Haddam; she m. 
(U) William Bradford. The name of James Knowles is listed in 
the Chatham militia in 1757- (There is only propinquity to show 
this yo\mg man's parentage. He could not have been a son of any 
other of the Cape Cod Knowleses in Connecticut, and he died 
before Capt. Cornelius' estate was distributed.) 

iv. Ruth , bapt . at Hartford, Conn., 11 Sept. 1737; d. at Chatham, 

Conn., k Mar. 1786; m. at Chatham, 16 Jan. 1777, Ben J ami n Hunt 
of Long Island who d. before his wife. Just before her marriage 
she bought out some of the other heirs to her father's house and 
doubtless continued to live in it. 

E\xnt child: 

a. Rebecca , of age and unm. in 1799- 
V. John , bapt. at Hartford, Conn, h Mar. 1738/9; d. young. 

vi. John , bapt. at Chatham, Conn. 28 Dec. 17^0; d. there before his 


vii. Rebecca , bapt. at Chatham, Conn., 19 Dec. 17^2; d. there 2h Jan. 

1768; m. at Chatham, 13 Feb. I766, Walley Adams from Falmouth, 
Mass. who removed to New Bedford, Mass. Heirship deeds disclose 
at least two children. 

Adams children: 

a. Knowles , of New Bedford, Mass. in 1799. 

b. Sarah , d. k Mar. l853; m. before 1787 Nathaniel Doane who 

became a prominent pioneer of Cleveland, Ohio. For children 
see the "Doane Book", pp. I87-I88. 
viii. Thankful , bapt. at Chatham, C onn. , 12 Oct. 17^5; m. at Chatham, 
15 May I76U, Elisha Shepard of Chatham; both lived to an old 

Shepard children; b. at Chatham: 
a. James , b. 5 Apr. 1765 • 

3rd Generation 


b. Elisha, b. 19 May 1767- 

c. Corneliiis , b. 2 Apr. I769. 

d. Joel , b. 31 July 1771; d. 5 Nov. 1771. 

e. Seth, b. 12 Nov. 1772; d. 11 Dec. 1772. 

f. Joel , b. 19 July 177^+. 

g. Seth , b. 28 Oct. 1776. 

h. Eli , b. Ik Jan. 1779. 

i. Chauncey , b. U Oct. I78I. 
J. Sally , b. 24 May I785. 

/S^ 3rd Generation 36 

) AMOS ^ KNOVLES (Samuel* , Richard^), son of Samuel (3.) and Mercy 
(Freeman) , b. 1702 Eastham; d. 9 Dec. 1786, age 8U, at Eastham; m. 25 
Jan. 1729/30 (History of Harwich by Paine states he married 25 Jaji. 
£uid gave birth date and name of mother of Rebecca Dillingham) at Har- 
wich REBECCA DILLINGHAM, dau, of Lydia and John Dillingham of Harvlch, 
b. 2k J\me 1709, d. 3 Nov. 1772 at Eastham. 

His gravestone in the Orleans cemetery, which calls him "that benevo- 
lent man", states that he died 9 Dec. 1788, aged 87 years; but "1788" 
is an error as the minister's record places his death in 1786 and his 
will was offered for probate 5 Jan. 1787. 

While evidently a man highly regarded, he was little in public office, 
except for a brief period as selectman. In his father's will he was 
given the homestead, and lived there all his life. His hovise, perhaps 
built by himself, is that now (1926) owned and occupied by Henry Knowles 
C\jmmings and stands on the northeast side of the Town Cove road, nearly 
opposite the library. In his will he left this house to his daughter 
Rebecca Knowles , on condition that she should put in no bill eigainst 
the estate for her services. To each of his sons, Amos and John, he 
left the land on which their houses stood. To Amos he left also "the 
old house field", described as northerly of the barn and adjoining 
Town Cove. 

Children; born at Eastham: 

30. i. Amos,*b. I8 Dec. 1730. 

ii. I^dia , b. 1 Aug. 1733; d. at Barnstable 16 Apr. I76I4; m. at 

Eastham 23 Dec. 1752 William Crocker, b. at Barnstable 8 Dec. 
1730, d. there 3 May I819, son of David and Abigail (Loring) 
Crocker of Barnstable. He married again after Lydia' s death, and 
had six children by his second wife. 

Crocker children; b. at Barnstable: 

a. Abigail , b. 15 Mar. 175^. 

b. David, b. 23 Aug. 1755. 

c. Temperance , b. 2 Jan. 1763. 

iii. Rebecca , b. 20 Apr. 1736; d. at Truro; m. (int. recorded 15 Nov. 
1783) Deac. Joshua Freeman, b.U July 1717, d. at Tr\iro 22 Sept. 
1795. Deac. Freeman had a family by a former wife but he out- 
lived all his children. By his will he left his estate in 
fourths , one share to each of his three daughters ' heirs and one 
share to his wife's nephew, Richard Knowles (son of Capt. Amos 
I73O-I796). The widow died intestate and one-half of the person-, 
al estate of herself and husband was delivered to her brother, 
John Knowles, in behalf of all her heirs-at-law. Part of the 
real estate left to her by her father was inventoried as Deac. 
Freeman's property; but her father's house and "Rebecca Knowles' 
orchard", in which a few apple and pear trees are still (1926) 
standing on the opposite side of the road from the house, had 
become the property of her brother John some years previously. 

3rd Generation 


iv. Ruth , b. 10 Dec. 1738; m. at Eastham, 10 Feb. 1758, Joseph Smith, 
3rd of Eastham. By deed dated 29 Oct. 1785, her father conveyed 
to them a five-acre lot of land on vhich their house already 
stood. This land had been granted to Jeremiah Smith in 1712 
and, as granted, it occupied nearly one-third of a mile on the 
west or northwest shore of Town Cove, covering the distance be- 
tween Jeremiah Smith's other land and the origineuL Knowles land, 
"Jeremiah's gutter", the present (1926) town bound between 
Orleans and Eastham, ran through Jeremiah Smith's other land. 
The homestead of Joseph and Ruth Smith was conveyed to their 
son-in-law, Nathaniel Nickerson, in whose family it continued. 

Smith children; b. at Eastham: 

a. Mercy , b. 17 May 1759. 

b. Temperance , b. 1 June 1762. 

c. Ruth, b. 1 Sept. 176U. 

d. Knowles , b. 11 Apr. 1767; d. at Eastham 25 July, 1769 . 

e. Dean , b. 20 Jan. I769. 

f. Lydia , b. 3 Apr. 1771. 

g. Rebecca , bapt . 19 Sept. 1773; d. at Orleans 28 Feb. I85O, 

aged 77; m. (l) (int. recorded at Orleans 25 Feb. 1795) 
William Knowles (son of David 1739-l807) b. at Eastham 23 
Jan. 1770, d. in I808 (son of David and Elizabeth Homer 
Knowles); m. (2) int. recorded at Yarmouth, 15 Apr. I810) 
Benjamin Homer, 2d, of Yarmouth who d. at Yarmouth h Mar. 
183^+, in his 55th year, administration on his estate being 
granted in l83^ to his stepson, William Knowles; m. (3) at 
Yarmouth, 13 Jan. I8U0, Nathaniel Nickerson of Orlesins , son 
of Nathaniel and Hannah (Burgess) Nickerson and widower of 
her sister Azubah. One son, William, by her first husband. 

h. Sarah , bapt. 19 Nov. 1775- 

i. Azubah , bapt. 5 Apr. 1779; d. at Orleans 16 July l829; m. at 

Orleans 23 Sept. 1798, Nathaniel Nickerson of Orleans, son of 
Nathaniel and Hannah (Burgess) Nickerson, who surviv her 
and m. at Yarmouth 13 Jan. I8U0 her sister, Rebecca (Smith) 
(Knowles) Homer. They had children. 

31. V. Isaac , b. in that part of Eastham which is now the town of Orleans, 

3 June I7U1. 

vi. Rachel, b. 15 Jan. 17^+2/3; d. 21 May 1777; m. at Eastham, I8 Sept. 
1766, Gideon Baty, son of Samuel and Mary Baty of Eastham. After 
Rachel's death he married again. 

Baty children; beneficiaries in their grandfather Knowles' will: 

a. Sally , b. 29 Aug. 1768; d. 26 July 1769. 

b. Gideon , b. k Dec. 1770. 

c. Rachel , b. 21 Sept. 1773. 

32. vii. Richard , b. 22 Sept. 17U6. 

33. viii. John , b. 1 June I7U9 in that part of Eastham which is now the town 

of Orleans . 

3rd Generation 38 

JAMES ^ OOWLES (Samuel,* Richard*), master mariner, son of Samuel (3.) 
and Mercy (Freeman), b. about IT05 Eastham; d. 10 Oct. IT65 in his 60th 
year at Wethersf ield. Conn., m. MARTHA ALLYN, b. 22 Oct. 1710, d. at 
Pittsfield, Mass., 19 June 1786, "ae. nearly 76," daughter of Joseph 
Allyn of Wethersf ield. 

The earliest record of him is his autograph as a witness to a deed dated 
29 Mar, 1727. Like his brothers, he settled first in Hartford, Conn., 
vhere in 1735 he bought land next adjoining his brather John's land; 
but within two years he removed to Wethersf ield , where he acquired con- 
siderable real estate and incidentally was a slaveholder. He left no 
will, but by a court order his property was distributed among his widow 
and sxirviving children. Martha Knowles and James Knowles appear in the 
list of Wethersfield contributors for the add of the Boston sufferers at 
the beginning of the Revolution. 

Children; b. at Wethersfield, Conn.: 

•. i. James ,^ "eldest son." (B. 6 Aug. 17^5 according to Rev. War 
records . ) 

. ii. Capt . Charles , d. unm. at Marietta, Ohio, in 1796. He was an 

officer in the Revolution and an original member of the Massa- 
chusetts Society of the Cincinnati, organized 9 June 1783. Drake^ 
"Biographical Notices" (l873) says of him: "Charles Knowles, 
James, an officer in the Revolutionary navy, and Martha, who m. 
John Strong, were children of Capt. James and Martha (Stillman) 
Knowles of Wethersfield, Conn. Soon after the battle of Lexing- 
ton, Charles Joined Capt. Meigs's Co. in Middletown, Conn., and 
marched to Cambridge; was com. lieut, in Knox's artillery regi- 
ment in 1776; lieut. and paymaster in Crane's artillery regiment 
1 Jan. 1777; 1st lieut. 1 Aug. 1778; capt-lieut. 13 Sept. 178O ; 
and finally, closing his paymaster's accounts in 1785, went to 
Ohio, where he was on the first Jury at Marietta in I788 , and 
d. unm. in 1796" He was one of the signers of the original 
petition of officers in the Continental Line of the Army, dated 
16 Jime 1783, for starting an English settlement in the terri- 
tory west of Pennsylvania, signing himself "Charles Knowles, 
Capt. Artillery, Mass." 

iii. Samuel , d. unm. in 1789 . His administration bond, dated 7 Apr. 

1789 , vas signed by Joseph Flower and John Francis. 

iv. John, b. about 17^7; d. 2U May 1766, age 19, according to his 

gravestone at Wethersfield. He lost his life because of the 
blowing up of the schoolhouse at Hartford, 23 May 1766. 
V. Martha , m. (int. recorded at Pittsfield, Mass., 2 Mar. 1776) 

Capt. John Strong, B.A. (Yale, 1766), b. at Westfield, Mass., 
13 Oct. 17^2, d. at Albany, N.Y. in July 1826. He was a lawyer 
at Pittsfield, Msiss., when the Revolution came on and distin- 
guished himself as a patriot. (Cf. Yale Biographies, vol. 3, 
p. 202.) 

Strong children; b. at Pittsfield, Mass.: 

a. Charles Knowles , m. at Nassau, N.Y. , about I805 , Abigail 

3rd Generation 


Adams. Five children^ 

b. Martha , d. l6 Sept. 1TT9 , ae. ih mos . 

c. Joseph , m. in I8IT Elizabeth Cole of Albany, N.Y. Nine chil- 


d. John , d, unm. 

e. Hannah , m. at Kinderhook, N.Y., about I80U, Darius Phillips. 

They had children. 

f. Otis 

g. A Child , d. in 1T8T. 

h. Martha , bapt., with all her older brothers and sisters, 1? Aug, 

1789; m. at Kinderhook, N.Y., about I805 , James Vanderburgh 
of Troy, N.Y. Seven children. 

i. Mary , bapt. IT Apr. 1791. 

J. James , bapt. in 179^; m. at Tiffin, Ohio, Sally Strong. 


CORNELIUS ^( Richard,^ Samuel,* Richard*) 1722-179^ 
Went to Liverpool about 176O . 

NATHANIEL ^ (Enos,* Samuel,^ Samuel,* Richard*) I7U1/U-I821/U 
Went to Liverpool about 176O. 

About 1770-72 removed to Barrington, Nova Scotia. 

SAMUEL ^ (Samuel,^ Samuel,* Richard^) 1715-1769 

Went to Liverpool about I762 or before, rem. to Barrington 1763. 

SETH ^ (Samuel,-* Samuel,* Richard^) 1721/2-1787. Did not remain. 

AMOS* (Amos,^ Samuel,* Richard^) 1730-1796. Did not remain. 

Census of 1762 mentions the names of Amos and Seth but they evidently were 
not settlers. The efforts of the former in obtaining the grant eind locating 
grantees were of great value to the comm\inity. He was one of the committee 
neimed by the government for assisting and locating proprietors. Seth made a 
trip to Barrington in 1762 and was on committee to secure grant. 

Simeon Perkins mentions a John Knowles as entering the service of the sloop 
LIBERTY, as his employee as apprentice on March 31, 1767; again in 177^ for 
hauling logs and in 1776. Cannot identify him. Possibly he belongs to the 
Knowles family, descendants of Henry, who settled in Hants Co., N.S. 

This branch has been very difficult to trace because of lack of records in 
Nova Scotia. Information has been obtained from following material: 


Plus the invaluable assistance of such people as: 

Lt. Col. Robert J. Kirkpatrick, Port Medway , Queens Co., Nova Scotia 
Robert B. Blauveldt, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia 
Mrs. C. D. Logan, Barrington, Nova Scotia 

C. Bruce Fergusson, Provincial Archivist, Halifax, Nova Scotia 
Thomas H. Raddall, Liverpool, Nova Scotia 
Rev. D. E. Ferguson, Shelburne, N.S. 

J. K. Zeman, Acadia Divinity College, Wolfville, N.S. 

Mrs. E. M. Findlay, Archivist, Vaughan Memorial Library of Acadia Univ. 

Lt. Col. Kirkpatrick wrote: "Be advised that there was one grand amount of 
friction between the Chatham settlers and those from other Cape and Plymouth 
eureeis in the early days of Liveirpool. The former were of the Fish Lots and 
the latter of the Town Lots. Epithets hurled at one another were^'Kyack" 
(alewife) and "Dogfish". I suspect that is why Nathaniel and other Chatham- 
ites like Nickerson, Crowell, Doane, etc. took off from here for Barrington. 
Cornelius may have been thicker-skinned or less troubled since he had favor- 
able connections by the marriage of his children to Freeman, Burbank and 
Parker lines. I played Bridge the other night at Snow Parker's former home - 


a privateer Captain who hauled in a few doubloons in his day... spent yester- 
day trying to clear a title on a lot where a friend from Colorado Springs is 
building his retirement home and found it as being Prince Knowles'." 

Much appreciation is also extended to Stanley Knowles, M.P. , a descendant of 
Nathaniel, living in Ottawa, Canada 1971 who has sent considerable material 
emd shown much interest. 

hth Generation k2 

DEAC . THOMAS ^ OOWLES (Deac. Edvard,'' John , ^ Richard^ ) , son of Deac. 
Edward and Ann (Ridley) Knowles , b. 1 April 1702 at Eastham, Majss.; 

d. 2 March 1759 at Esistham, age 57 "of meacles and fever." Married at 
Eastham 6 Aug. 172U ELIZABETH SNOW*, dau. of Jabez and Elizabeth (Treat) 
Snow of Eastham; b. l8 OcT." 1703 at Eastham, d. 2 Sept. I769 at East- 
ham , age 66 . 

Thomas Knowles succeeded his father as deacon of the Eastham church and 
preceded his brother Edward as Town Clerk. In 17^1 Thomas Knowles of 
Eastham, coaster, sold a one hundred and twentieth part of Nsir r agans ett 
Township No. 7 (now Gorham, Me.), granted to the soldiers in the Narra- 
gansett War, "which said lot or share I derived from my Honored Father, 
Edward Knowles, who was the eldest son of my honored grandfather, John 
Knowles, who was one of said soldiers." (York Deeds, vol. 27, p. 68.) 
He received by will from his father "all the land I bought of the heirs 
of James Mayo fiind all the land thereunto adjoining, and half of all my 
meadow and two-thirds of all my woodland, with the privilege to maice hay 
on the lower end of my land bordering on the creek on which Mr. Samuel 
Doane's mill stands." His real estate, including his "shop", went to 
his only son Henry, by an agreement among the children; and, on Henry's 
removal, twenty years later, to Maine, it is conjectured that he sold 
it to his cousin, Benjamin-^ loiowles (lU,ii) (son of Deac. Edward and 
Ann (Doane ), whose house at Long Pond was very old. 

Children; b. at Eastham: 

i. Abigail ,^ b. 21 Sept. 1727; d. at Eastham 26 Sept. 1727. 
36. ii. Henry, b. 30 Aug. 1729. 

iii. Anne , b. 25 Aug. 1731; m. at Eastham 10 Jan. 1750/1, Dr. Nathaniel 
Breed, born at Lynn 22 July 1728. From Eastham they removed to 
Sudbury and in 1768 were pioneers in what became the town of 
Nelson, New Hampshire. 

Breed children; the first five b. at Eastham: 

a. Nathaniel , b. U June 1753. 

b. Deliverance , b. 6 May 1755; m. at Nelson, N.Y., 28 Oct. 1772, 

Abijah Brown. 

c. Abigail , b. 30 May 1756; d. at Eastham, Mar. 1759. 

d. John, b. Ik Oct. 1757. 

e. Thomas Knowles , b. 10 Apr. 176I; m. 15 Dec. 1791 Polly Keys 

of Nelson, N.H. 

f. Abigail , b . at Nelson, N.H.. 16 June I769 . 

g. Anne, b. at Nelson, N.H. 30 Jan. 1773. 

*The progenitor of the Snow family was Nicholas Snow who came to America on 
the "Anne" in l623. According to BANKS' ENGLISH ANCESTRY, he was probably 
the Nicholas Snow who was baptized 25 Jan. 1599 at St. Leonard's Shoreditch, 
London, son of Nicholas Snow of Hoxton, Middlesex. St. Leonard's Parish ad- 
Joined St. Mary's Whitechapel, where Stephen Hopkins (Mayflower Pilgrim) 
was married in I618. It appears that the younger Nicholas Snow followed the 
Hopkins family to Plymouth. He married Constance Hopkins 22 May l627 , dau. 
of Stephen. Constance b . 1605 , d. 25. Nov. l677. Nicholas Snow d. 1676. 

hth Generation 


iv. Thomas , b. 10 May 1733; d. at Eastham 13 June 173^. 

V. Abigail , b. 8 Mar. 1735. 

vi. Thomas (twin), b. 13 Sept. 1738; d. ik Nov. 1739. 

vii. Betty (twin), b. 13 Sept. 1738. 


ik .) DEAC . EDWAED ^ KNOWLES (Deac. Edward,^ John,^ Richard^), son of Deac . 
Edward {k.) and 2nd wife Sarah (Elkins) (Mayo). He was born 3 Feb. 
1713/li* at Eastham, Mass.; d. 5 Dec. 1799, age 86/7, at Eastham. 
Married (1st) at Eastham, 29 May 17 3U, ANN (DOANE) KNOVTLES, dau. of 
Nathaniel and Mary (Doane) and widow of Deac. Edward's first cousin, 
James^Knowles who died in 1732. Ann was born 1706 and died 1 Aug. 

1777, age 71, at Eastham; he married (2nd) at Wellfleet, Mass., 7 May 

1778, EUNICE ( ) HARDING who died at Eastham 27 Sept. 1780 ; married 
(3rd) 27 June 178l (int. recorded at Eastham), LYDIA ( ) BERRY of 
Harwich, who is mentioned in his will. 

Deac. Edward Knowles was asi outstanding citizen of Eastham and was ac- 
corded high respect during an abnormally long life. He was the first 
to introduce into Eastham the manufacture of salt by solar evaporation. 
Following in his father's footsteps, he was deacon of the Eastham 
church and Town Clerk and Treasurer for many years . 

The situation of his house lot is beyond question and his house was in 
all likelihood the one that his father left to him especially as it was 
doubtless very old. It disappeared before living memory. But there 
should be borne in mind two other ancient houses in the same neighbor- 
hood, that of his son Benjamin and an old house associated with the 
family which stood on "the island" between Long and Great Ponds, west 
of the railway. 

Children by first wife; b. at Eastham: 

i. Sarah ,^b. 7 Mar.. 173U/5; d. at Falmouth in Dec. 1775; m. (int. 
recorded at Eastham 28 Sept. 175U) Solomon. Hatch of Falmouth. 
37. ii. Ben.lamin , b. 19 Feb. 1736/7. 

iii. Hannah , b. l6 Apr. 1739; d. at Brookfield, Mass. 26 June l829; 

m. at Eastham 31 Aug. 176^^, David Doane, b. at Eastham 11 Dec. ' 
17^0, d. at Brookfield 19 May l8l2, son of John and Mary (Brown) 
Doeme . 

Doane children: 

a. Nathaniel , b. 20 June 1765; lost at sea; m. 12 Feb. 1785 
Phebe Wiley of Eastham. 

b. Edward, d. 16 Feb. I767. 

c. Anne , b. 22 Mar. 176_; d. at North Brookfield, Mass. 8 Sept.' 
1859 ; m. (1st) 3 Jan. I788 Josiah Mayo of Eastham; m. (2nd) 
17 Feb. 181U Ezra Batcheller of North Brookfield. 

Uth Generation 

d. Mercy , b. 3 July 1770; m. William Smith. 

e. Mary , b. 19 Jan. 1773; d. unm. at Brookfield 7 Oct. i860. 

f. Pris cilia , b. 25 June 1755; d. at Rockalnd, Me., 23 Aug. I858; 
m. John Barnaj~d. j 

g. Hannah , b. 27 May I78O; d. at North Brookfield 2k Mar. l8l2; 
m. 1 Nov. 1811 Philemon Ross. 

h. Sarah , m. Ma j . John Matthews. 

38. iv. Edvard , b. 22 Aug. llhl. 

39. V. Thomas , b. 30 Jan. I7U3/U. 
kO. vi. Elijah , b. 6 Feb. 17^+7/8. 

JOSHUA ^ KNOWLES (Col. John*, John*, P,ichard*)son of Col. John (5.) and 
Mary (Sears) Knowles ; b. 6 July 1696 at Eastham; d. there 27 May 1786, 
age 89. He was married (1st) 13 Mar. 1717/18 by Nathajiiel Freeman , Esq . 
at Eastham, S ARAH PAIN E, dau. of Deac. John Paine ajid his first wife, 
^\ Bennett (Freeman ) . (See NOTE following Joshua's will for her back- 
ground.) Sarah Paine was born lU April l699; d. at Eastham 12 July 
1772, age 73. Joshua Knowles married (2nd) 27 Dec. 177^+ PHEBE (YOUNG) 
(dyer) ATWOOD of Truro who survived him and was mentioned in his will. 

An earmark for his cattle, 26 Oct. 1719, first brings him to light. He 
was a typical Cape Codder, active both by land and sea, in farming and 
in fishing, and especially successful in taking dogfish and other fish 
on which there was a bounty. He was selectman several terms. It is 
not improbable that he established his homestead on the north side of 
Town Cove, the next of the Knowleses to settle there after his Uncle 
Edward. His lands adjoined the north side of his brother Willard's 
land, and his house may have stood as far north as that afterwards oc- 
cupied by Rev. Philander Shaw. His four sons all died early, three of 
them prior to his own death, and left families. His house was occupied 
^ for many years by three widows, his own and those of his sons Jesse and 

Children by 1st wife; b. at Eastham: 

Ul. i. Jesse ,"*'b, 13 April 1723. 

ii. Rebecca , b. 23 May 1726; d. at Orleans 23 Nov. 1809. She was pub- 
lished at the age of fifteen to Thomas Holker , Jr(Note below type- 
script from Town Records.) but the bans were forbidden by her 
father, and she m. at Eastham 15 Jan. 17^6/7 Isaac Spajrrow, b. at 
Eastheim h April' 1725, d. there 19 June I808, son of Richard and 
Hajinah (Shaw) Sparrow. 

Sparrow children; b. at Eastham: 

a. Richard , b. 5 Dec. 17^7. 

b. Sarah , b. 13 Sept. 17^9; m. (int. recorded at Eastham, 17 Dec. 

1773) Heman Llnnell of Eastham. 

c. Isaac , b. 7 June 1752; lost at sea in 1775. 

d. Mercy , b. 25 Apr. 175^+. 

e. Rebecca, b. 2 Oct. 1756; .d. at Orleans 5 Apr. 18I+8, (aged 

92 years, k mos . ) ; m. at Eastham h Nov. 1773, Thomas Arey, 
who d. at Orleans I8 Feb. I816, aged 65. 

f. Josiah, b. 10 Feb. 1759; d. at Orleans Ik July I8U9; m. (int. 

recorded at Eastham, 17 Nov. I781) Mercy Smith of Chatham, 
who d. at Orleans I8 July I8U5 . 

hth Generation 

g. Hannah , b. 8 Dec. 1T61; d. in I828; m. (int. recorded at East- 

ham, 1 Nov. 1783) her third cousin once removed. Dr. Abiather* 
Knowles , b. at Eastham 5 Feb. 1T60 , d. at Hampden, Me., after 
1795, son of Seth and Ruth (Freeman) Knowles. (For their 
children see Dr. Abiather.) 

h. Elizabeth , b. 12 Aug. I76U; d. 25 Apr. I8UU; m. at Eastham, 

5 Jan. 1789, William Freeman of Harwich, who d. at Sandis- 
field 30 May 18^7. 
iii. Sarah , b. 10 Mar. 1727/8; d. young. 
U2. iv. Joshua , b. 27 Apr. 1730. 

V. Sarah , b. 3 June 1732; d. I6 May I816; m. (int. recorded at 

Eastham, 17 Sept. 1757) Elkanah Higgins, b. 12 Nov. 1729, d. at 
Eastham k Nov. I815, son of Ebenezer and Abigail (Cole) Higgins 
of Eastham, (For children, see Higgins Genealogy, p. I60). 
1+3. vi. Josiah , b. 2h May 1735. 
hh. vii. Simeon , b. 11 Aug. 1737. 

viii. Susanna, b. 21 Mar. 17^*0; m. (int. recorded at Eastham 11 Apr. 
1760) Zoheth Smith, 
ix. Mary Atwood , b. 13 Feb. 171+5. (This last child not on Libby's 
list but was found recorded Truro records.) 
The following from Eastham Vital Records (Mayflower Descendant Mag.): 
"(p. 229) June the 25th llhl then entred the Intentions of Thomas Holker 
Junr & Rebecka Knowls Daughter of Joshua Knowls both of Eastham 
to proseed in marriage & he the sd Thomas Holker then desired 
sd Intentions might be published as the Law directs entred by me 
Joseph Doane Town clerk and accordingly on the 25th day of June 
(July was crossed out and "June" interlined in the same hand and 
ink) I7I+I the Banns of Matrimony to bublish the Intentions of the 
above Named Thomas Holker junr & Rebecka Knowls was Setup to Pub- 
lish their sd intentions to Proseed in marryage by me Joseph 
Doane Town clerk. 
June the 29th day of 17^+1 then Mr. Joshua Knowls the Father of the 
above named Rebecka Knowls personally came 8e declered to me 
the Subscriber that he forbid the Banns of Matrimony betwixt 
his Daughter Rebecka Knowls & Thomas Holker Junr & thereupon 
I took down the Banns of Matrimony that I had Set up to publish 
the Intentions of Marriage betwixt the above too persons 
Joseph Doane Town clerk. 
July the third then Joshua Knowls sent a writing under his hand 

desiring me again to publish Thomas Holker junr 8e his Daughter 
Rebecka & there upon I again Setup their publishment in order 
for meirriage. Joseph Doane Town clerk." 
Joshua Knowles' will, made 2 November 1778, was probated 26 June 1786, a 
month after his death. (copy of will obtained Barnstable Co., Prob . 26:221). 
He mentions his wife, Phebe , the heirs of his two deceased sons, Jesse and 
Josiah; his two living sons, Joshua and Simeon; his three daughters, Rebecca 
wife of Isaac Sparrow, Sarah wife of Elkannah Higgins and Susanna widow of 
Zoeth Smith. When the real estate was divided in 1786, the son Joshua had. 
predeceased him, having died 7 May 1779. Funeral expenses axid debts were 
to be paid, one half out of the personal and one half out of the real estate. 

hth Generation 


Following exhaustive abstracts of the will and other records of Joshua 
Knowles from Mayflower Descendant Magazine , contributed at expense of Mr. 
Percival Hall Lombard of Brookline , Ma^s., descendant of their second son, 
Joshua Knowles, who married Mary Harding. 

Bequests were as follows : 

To "Phebe my well beloved wife the one third part of all my real and per- 
sonal Estate to her improvement so long as she remains my widow." 

To "the Heirs of my son Jesse and to my son Joshua and to the Heirs of my 
son Josiah and to my son Simeon the whole of my real Estate to be equally di- 
vided between them allowing their mother the improvement as above." 

To "my sons Joshua and Simeon my wearing apparel equally between them." 

To "my three daughters namely Rebecca the wife of Isaac Sparrow and Sarah 
the Wife of Elkaxiah Higgins and Susannah the widow of Zoheth Smith all my per- 
sonal Estate allowing the improvement as above." 

"my son Simeon Knowles to be my executor." 

The witnesses were Barnabas Freeman, Isaac Paine and John Smith. 

The will was probated 26 June 1786, on the testimony of Isaac Paine and 
John Smith, and administration granted to Simeon Knowles, the executor. 

(26:200) On 26 June 1T86, Elijah Knowles, Esq., with John Smith and Isaac 
Paine, yeoman, all three of Eastham, were appointed appraisers. The inven- 
tory was signed by Elijah Knowles and Isaac Paine on 30 June I786, and sworn 
to, on 27 September, I786, by Simeon Knowles, the executor. 

The real estate was: "Tiit- lield wher the Barn now Stands planted with corn 
as the fence Stood this Spring" L23; "middle field enclosed as the fence now 
Stands" L30 ; "Meadow pasture field so called" L22, iOs . "Hay field at the 
Shore" L12; "the field between the Swamps and all the Swamps north side and 
half the Swamp on the South Side" L30i "Southwest corner field & half the 
Swamp on the north Side" L8; "The Betrn" L3,i2s; "The meadow inclosed with the 
homested" L12; "The woodland that lies between the ways near the widow Lydia 
Doanes Dwelling House" LIO, 10s; "Lot of meadow near Stony Island" L3; "Two 
lots of meadow lying on the foreside of the great plat (evidently an error 
in recording, "great flat" was intended)So called "LIO, 10s; "One lot & half 
adjoining great Creek on said Great flat" LU,10s; "One lot at Edmunds Creek" 
Li+,10s.; "One lot called Walkers Lot on Said Great Flat" LI, Us; "One pro- 
prietors right" 12s. 

"Wearing apparel one Silver head Cane" were valued at L^; ,l4s ; "Silver Plate" 
Lk,lks. "k tenths of a Pew in the North Meeting house" L3; "Great Bible and 
Some Small Books" 9s. 

(26:313) An account, dated "Sandwich September lUth, I786", by Samuel 
Knowles, executor, was approved on 1^+ October 1786. In it an "Inventory 
exhibited the 9th Day of October AD I787 (so recorded) was referred to. Real 
estate to the amount of L17,9s had been sold. Payments had been made to: 
Joseph Snow, John Atwood, Nathan Doane, "Dr. Seabury", John Mayo, "Deacon 
Knowles", Winslow Lewis, Thomas Paine, Sarah Knowles, Seth Knowles, "Doctr 
Fessenden". The "funeral Charge" was 9s, 8d. 

(26:192) On 30 November 1786, Elijah Knowles, Nathan Doane and Seth Knowles 
2d, by order of the probate court, divided the real estate ajid set off "to 
Phebe Knowles relict widow.... one third part .. agreeable to the last will.... 

kth Generation 


of the Said deceased. . .viz : A peice of Land where the barn now Stands begin- 
ning at Simeon Knowles his northwest corner bound by the way thence westerly 
by Said Simeon Knowles his range to a Stone in the ground in the bridge 
feild So called thence northerly cross the Said feild to a Stone in the 
Ground where the fence now Stands adjoining the meadow thence westerly as 
the fence now Stands to a partition fence that incloses the Said meadow 
thence as Said fence now Stands to Joseph Snows range thence easterly by a 
creek in the Snows range lintill it comes to the meadow now owned by the 
Heirs of Josiah Knowles thence South in the range of the Said heirs of 
Josiaii Knowles to a Stone in the Ground thenc(e) East eight rods and half 
to a Stone in the Ground Thence Southerly in the range of the Heirs of 
Jesse Knowles to the aforesaid way and Southerly by Said way to the first 
bound, 8Lnd one measured Acre of Swamp on the Northwest part of the Swamp 
adjoining to David Knowles and one third part of the aforesaid Barn allow- 
ing to the heirs of Said Estate liberty to come to Said Barn as they Shall 
have occasion and to lay their manure about said barn and to carry their 
manure away and liberty to pass and repass for sedd Heirs over Said land as 
they may have occasion, and a piece of woodland adjoining to Daniel Cole 
beginning at Said Coles Northeast corner bound by the way that leads from 
James Atwoods towards Wellfleet thence in Said Coles range to the main road 
thence by the Said Main Road five rods to a tree marked thence easterly to a 
tree marked by the first mentioned road thence Southerly by Said road thir- 
teen rods to the first bound mentioned and one tenth of a Pew in the North 
meeting house . " 

The division was approved by the probate court, on 13 Febr^lary 178?. 

(26:207) On 2k February 1787, "John Doane Jr., Isaac Paine & Joseph Snow 
all of Eastham" were appointed "to meike division & partition of all the 

real Estate excepting that part of Said estate that is sett off to 

Phebe Knowles relict widow of said deceased for her dower by sitting off 
to Simeon Knowles eldest S\irviving Son of Said deceased one quarter part 
thereof by meets & bounds & to the heirs of Joshua Knowles one other son 
of said deceased one quarter part thereof by meets & bounds & to the heirs 
of Jesse Knowles one other son of said deceased one quarter part thereof 
by meets & bounds and to the heirs of Josieih Knowles one other son of said 
deceased the other quarter part thereof by meets and bounds agreeable to 
the direction of Said deceaseds last will". 

The division was made on 2h March 1787 eind approved by the court on 10 
April 1787. 

They "Sett of to Simeon Knowles only Surviving Son of said deceased one 
quarter part thereof bounded as followeth beginning at the Southwest corner 
bound of the aforesaid widows thirds in the homestead at a Stone in the 
ground in the range of Simeon Knowles aforesaid his other Land thence 
westerly in the Said Simeon Knowles his range to a Stone in the ditch being 
the Said Simeon Knowles 's northwest corner bound of his other Land thence 
northerly as the fence now Stands untill it comes to the Southwest corner 
of the Meadow pasture field thence easterly as the fence now Stands untill 
it comes to the westerly bo\ind of Said widows thirds from thence Southerly 
to the first bound and one quarter of an acre of the westerly end of the 

hth Generation 


Hay feild at the Shore and one peice of woodland lying near Widow Lydia 
Doanes begining at a Stone in the ground at a point of land between the ways 
near the Said Widow Lydia Doanes dwelling House thence Southerly by the main 
country road to a black oak tree marked by Said way thence easterly on a 
Strait line to a Pine tree marked by the Norset road thence northwesterly 
the Said road to the first bound and a lot of meadow lying on the great flat 
So called adjoining Edmunds Creek So called referring to the book of records 
for the bounds & limits thereof." 

"to the Heirs of Joshua Knowles another son of said deceasd one quarter 
part of said Estate being the meadow Pasture feild enclosed as the fence 
now Stands and two thirds of the BsLrn." 

"to the Heirs of Jesse Knowles one other Son of Said deceased one quarter 
part of Said Estate bounded begining at a stone in the Ground in a Canal at 
the westerly end of the land now owned by the said Simeon Knowles near two 
pair trees thence westerly by the ridge the northerly side of the Swamp 
tintill it comes to a branch of the Swamp that extends northerly at a Stone 
in the ground from thence on a Strait line iintill it Comes to a Stone in the 
Ground in the fence where the Said fence is also marked being the most 
westerly part of Said Land thence Southeasterly as the fence now Stands un- 
till it comes to the land now owned by Joseph Knowles thence northerly in 
the Said Joseph Knowles his range untill it comes to Simeon Knowles his Land 
then in the said Simeon Knowles his range to the first bound and one acre 
and half an acre of the hay feild at the Shore boiinded begining at Simeon 
Knowles his bound on each side of Said feild thence easterly to a Stone in 
the Ground on each side taking in three quarters of Said feild and three 
quarters of the fence belonging to the same and a peice of woodland lying 
near the said Widow Lydia Doanes bounded begining at a black oak tree marked 
being the Southwest bound of the land set to Simeon Knowles by the way 
thence Southerly by said way to a pine tree marked being the northwest bound 
of the land sett to the Widow Phebe Knowles thence easterly on a Strait line 
to another pine tree marked by said Norset road being the northeast bound of 
the said Widows Land thence Northerly by said Norset road to another pine 
tree marked being the Southeasterly bound of the land Sett to Simeon Knowles 
thence westerly on a Strait line to a black oak tree marked which is the 
first bound." 

"to the Heirs of Josiah Knowles one other son of said deceased one other 
quarter bounded beginning at the southeast corner bound of the Land now 
owned by David Knowles thence westerly in the said David Knowles his range 
through the Swamp to the southwest corner of the said David Knowles his 
land thence Southeasterly as the fence now stands untill it comes to a 
Stone in the Ground where the fence is marked being the northwesterly boiind 
of the land sett to the Heirs of Jesse Knowles thence easterly in the range 
of the land and Swamp set to the heirs of the said Jesse Knowles untill it 
comes to the land now owned by the said Simeon Knowles to a stone in a Canal 
thence northerly as the fence now stands to the first bound taking in all 
the land & Swamp within Said boundaries except on acre of Swamp on the North- 
westerly part set to the said Widow Phebe Knowles and one quarter of an acre 
on the easterly End of the Hay feild at the Shore and liberty is allowed 
by each one of Said Heirs unto each other to pass & repass over each others ■ 

^th Generation 1»9 

lamd as there may be occasion. 


NOTE: Sarah Paine 's father, Deacon John Paine (l660-173l) m. I689 Bennet 
Freeman (16TO-I716) who was dau. of Major John Freeman and Mercy (Prence). 
See this line to Mayflower; shown this genealogy, under note about Mercy 
Freeman who married Samuel* Knowles . All descendants of Joshua and Sarah 
Paine Knowles are also Mayflower descendants from Elder William Brewster. 

Deacon John Paine was son of Thomas Paine (d. IT06) who m. 165O Mary Snow 
(1630-170^+), dau. of Nicholas Snow (d. 1676) who m. 22 May 1627 Constance 
Hopkins (l605-l677) who came on the Mayflower with her father Stephen 
Hopkins. Therefore all descendants of Joshua* and Sarah Paine Knowles trace 
back to Mayflower Pilgrim Stephen Hopkins as well as Elder Vftn. Brewster. 

LT . JOHN * KNOWLES (Col. John^, John*, Richard*), son of Col. John(5.)and 
Mary ( Sears) Knowles, born at Eastham 28 June I698, d. at Haddara, Conn. 
22 Sept. 1752, age 5^; bur. cemetery near Old Courthouse, Haddam. He 
married at Eastham in 1721, MEHITABLE WALKER of Eastham, dau. of 
William Walker. She was born 1700, Eastham, died at Haddam, 11 Oct. 
1752. The gravestones of Lt . John Knowles and his wife remain in a 
fine state of preservation in the cemetery near the Old Court House, 
now the Town Hall in Haddam. 

Like Capt . John Knowles of Hartford, he was still "late of Eastham" 
when he made his first purchase of land in Connecticut 1 May 17^1, 
namely 120 acres "on the west side of the Great River in a place 
known by the name of Chestnut Hill." Among the abuttors was Elisha 
Cone. On this land he and his three sons ai*ter him lived out their 
lives, and on it some of his descendants are living at the present 
(1926) time. It is situated in that part of Haddam called Ponsett, 
concerning which Rev. William C. Knowles, a descendant, has written a 
most valuable book entitled, "By-Gone Days in Ponsett-Haddam. " The 
Knowles homestead, at the father's death, was divided by his will 
equally among the three sons, his own house to William, to Elisha the 
house he lived in, and to Richard the house he lived in. 

According to Rev. Win. C. Knowles, in his book abovementioned, Lt . John 
Knowles, settled in Haddam (Ponsett) about 17^2. He had come from 
Eastham, Mass. with Roger Thomas, Cornelius Higgins and others, and 
soon became an extensive land owner. 

Copy of his will, dated 19 Sept. 1752, follows listing of children, 
and was contained in "By-Gone Days in Ponsett-Haddam." 


i. John died young. 

U5. ii. Elisha , b. abt. 1723. 

U6. iii. Richard , b. Mar. 1725. 

iv. Mehitable , m. 26 Aug. 1750 Abner Smith, Jr., b. 28 Dec. 1728, 

Uth Generation 


d. Oct. 1813. 

Smith children: (All except the first two bapt. together 
Nov. 1771.) 

a. Dorothy , b. 9 Feb. 1751; d. 7 June 175_. 

b. Mehitable, b. 6 Feb. 1753; d. 9 June 1757. 

c. Dorothy , b. 7 Feb. 1755; m. Tover. 

d. Mehitable, b. 19 Jan. 1757; d. 1 Sept. 179^; m. 20 Aug. 1778, 

Timothy White, b. 175^, d. 27 Apr. I82U. Eight children. 

e. Sarah , m. _Rowland. 

f. Jerusha, m. Luther Savage. 

g . Elizabeth . 

h. Hephzibah , m. Love. 

i. John , died in prison in New York. 

J . Willard , b. 26 Feb. 1765; d. 31 Jan. l803; m. Naomi Judd. 

k . Benjamin . 

1. Abner , m. Ann Brainerd, 
1+7. V. William , b. 9 June 1732. 


In the Name of God Amen 

The nineteenth day of September in the year of our Lord 1752, 

I, John Knowles , of Haddam in the County of Hartford and Colony of Connecti- 
cut, in New England, being very sick and weak in body but of sound and per- 
fect mind and memory, thanks be to God, considering the present weak and in- 
firm state of body not knowing how soon it may please the Sovereign Lord of 
all creatures to call me hence by death and being willing to set my house in 
order before I die Do make and ordain This my last Will and Testament: That 
is to say, principally and first of all, I give and reconmiend my soul to 
God that gave it and my body I bequeath to the earth, to be decently buried 
at the discretion of my Executors herein after named, and as touching ye 
portion of worldly estate given me I now give and demise and dispose thereof 
in the following form and manner. Viz: 

IMPRIMIS I give to my dear and loving wife, Mehitable, two cows, my brown 
mare, six sheep and one third part of all my personal estate, exclusive of 
my stock, viz. horses , cattle , sheep and swine, to be her own forever and the 
use and improvement of the E«istem half of my dwelling house, half my barn 
and one-third of my land during the time that she shall remain my widow. 

ITSM. I give to my eldest son Elisha Knowles his heirs and assigns forever 
all my interest in the house that said Elisha dwelleth in and one-third part 
of all my real-estate in the buildings and lands, exclusive of such build- 
ings as I have particularly disposed of in this Will. Also I give to said 
Elisha my yovingest yoke of oxen, my heifer which I bought of Lemuel Pratt and 
one fourth part of my sheep, after my said wife shall have had six of them, 
one third part of my cart and irons and my smallest chain. 

kth Generation 


ITEM. I give to my second son Richard Knowles , his heirs and assigns forever, 
the house that he now dwelleth in, euid one third part of all my real estate 
in buildings and Isinds except my dwelling house and my barn standing near to 
it and my interest in the house that my son Elisha dwelleth in. Also I give 
to said Richard my Bull, two steers one year old past, one foiirth part of my 
sheep, after my wife shall have had six of them eind one third part of my cart 
and irons and one feather bed without furniture and my oldest saddle. 

ITEM. I give to my third son William Knowles his heirs and assigns forever, 
my dwelling house and my barn standing near said house and one third peurt of 
all my real estate in buildings and lands, except the houses that my sons 
Elisha and Richard now dwell in. Also I give to said William my oldest yoke 
of oxen, my youngest mare, one heifer two year old past, one black steer one 
year old past, one fourth part of my sheep after my said wife shall have had 
six of them, my oldest cow, one feather bed and furniture, one chain, one 
plovigh with the iron belonging to it , and one third part of my cart with the 
irons belonging to it, and my best saddle and my best bridal. 

ITEM. I give to my only daughter Mehi table Smith one brindle cow, one red 
heifer, one fourth part of my sheep after my said wife shall have had six 
of them 6Lnd all other of my personal estate which I have not otherwise dis- 
posed of in this will. 

And I make and ordain my aforesaid wife Mehitable and my oldest son Elisha, 
Executors of this my last Will and Testament and I do hereby utterly dis- 
allow, revoke, and disanul all and every other former wills, Testaments, 
Legacies and Bequests and Executors heretofore by me in anywise named Willed 
and Bequeathed, ratifying, confirming this and no other to be my last Will 
and Testament. In witness and for full confirmation thereof I have here 
unto set my hand and seal the day and year at first above set down. 

(signed) John Knowles 

Signed, Sealed, Published and Pronounced and Declared by the said John 
Knowles, as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us the subscribers. 

(signed) Willams Smith 

Robert Cogswell 
Hezekiali Brainerd 

(The inventory of the estate of Lt. John Knowles totalled LUT56 ,6s . Od . ) 

l*th Generation 52 

ETH ♦ KNOWLES (Col. John,^ John,* Richard^), son of Col. John (5.) and 
Mary (Sears ) , b. at Eastham 7 Aug. 1700, d. at East Hampton, a parish 
of Chatham, Conn., 23 Aug. 1752. He married at Eastham, 3 Oct. 1723, 
MARTHA RMICK, vho died at East Hampton in 1760, daxighter of Abraham 
and Elizabeth (Freeman) Remick of Eastham. 

It is not known whether, on removing to Connecticut, he at first 
settled near his brother John on the west side of the Connecticut River 
or near his brother-in-law, Capt. Cornelius* Knowles (lO.), on the east 
side; but he took part in the first movement into the interior of the 
country east of the Connecticut River, and in the first valuation of 
the settlement at the mouth of Pocotopogue Lake, presently organized as 
the Parish of East Hampton, he is shown to have been one of the largest 
investors in mak;ing that settlement. His name is on the petition, dated 
29 Apr. 17^3, for establishing a church at that place, as are also the 
names of the Norcotts , who had sold their farm in Eastham to Col. 
Samuel Knowles (6.). His inventory showed a grist mill and a "bolting 
mill, presumably located on Pocotopogue Stream. He left no will, but 
the distribution of his estate ordered by the court discloses his sur- 
viving children. 


U8. i. Seth ? b . in 1728. 
1+9. ii. Daniel . 

iii. Mairy . 

iv. Martha, b. lU Feb. 1738/9; m. Noahdiah Bevin of Chatham, b. lU 
Feb. 1738/9. 

50. V. Abraham . 

vi . Elizabeth , living unm. in I769. One Elizabeth Knowles m. at 
Chatham, 12 Feb. 1789 , Ebenezer Whitmore. 

vii. Rachel , bapt . at Chatham 7 Apr. 17^5; d. at Suffield, Conn. 
10 Sept. 1768; m. at Suffield 2 Sept. 1767 Dr. David Wilcox. 
No children recorded. 

viii . Mercy , bapt. 21 June 17^7; living in I76I+. 

18. "1 PAUL ^ KNOWLES (Col. John ,* John , 'Richard*) , son of Col. John (5.) and 
Mary (Sears); b. 8 Aug. 1702, Eastham; d. before 11 Apr. 1775, when 
admin, on his estate was granted. He m. (1st) 28 Feb. 1722/3 at Truro, 
PHEBE PAINE of Tr\iro, b. 1700, d. 23 June 17^8 "in U9th year", buried 

^ Old North Cemetery, Truro. He m. (2nd) 12 Dec. 1751 MERCY 

HARDING, widow of Nathaniel Harding. She d. 29 Jan. I761 in her 50th 
year. Admin, on her estate granted 17 Mar. 1761 to Ephraim Harding. 

Paul Knowles settled at Truro where he took a position in line with his 
family standing. While evidently avoiding permanent town offices, 
except for serving one year as selectman, he repeatedly headed special 
committees by choice of the parish and the Truro proprietors. On his • 
death, his real estate was settled on his sons, Paul and Silas , who 
were to pay their portions to the other heirs, including four living 
brothers and sisters and the children of three not living. 

Uth Generation 


Knowles children by 1st wife; b. Truro; 

Annf b. 2k Nov. 1723; d. at Triiro, 19 Apr. 1785; m. at Truro, 
Feb. l6, llk3/h to Uriah Rich, b. at Truro 17 June 1723, d. there 
3 Nov. 1802. 

Rich children: 

a. Josiah , b. 13 June 17^5- 

b. Phebe, b. 21 Feb. 17^6/7. 

c. Anne , b. 2 May 17^9- 

d. Hannah , b. 13 June 1751. 

e. Uriah , b. l6 Feb. 1753. 

f. Paul, b. in May 1755; d. about three months later. 

g. Mary , b. 7 Aug. 1756. 

h. John Knovles , b. 22 Dec. 1758. 

i. Huldah , b. 21 Aug. I76I. 
J. Richard , b. 3 May I763. 

k. Thankful, b. 16 Mar. I766. 

Phebe , b. 28 Apr. 1725; m. (l) at Truro, 16 Feb. 17^+3/^, Joseph 
Collins, who d. 27 Oct. 17^8, in his 25th year; m. (2) at Trxiro, 
Ih Feb. 17^9/50, Simon Gross, b. 2 May 1709, son of Micah and 
Mary Gross of Truro. With her second husband she removed to 
Lebanon, Conn. She had children by both husbands. 

Mary , b. 20 Jan. 1726/7; d. before her father; m. at Truro, 27 
Nov. 17^6, Joshua Atwood, b. at Truro 27 Oct. 1722, son of Joseph 
and Bethia (Crowell) Atwood of Eastham. They migrated to Bar- 
rington, N.S. , and the History of Harrington gives an account of 

Atwood children: 

a. Joseph , b. in 17^+9; m. Susanna Smith. Sixteen children he is 

credited with. 

b. Mary , m. Joseph Homer. 

c. Temperance , m. in 1775 John Reynolds. 

d. Knowles , m. in 178U Rhoda Nickerson. Six children. 
Paul , b. 28 Nov. 1728. 

John , b. 31 Oct. 1730; not mentioned among the heirs of his father 

in 1775. 
Thomas , b. 6 Aug. 1732. 

Hannah , b. I8 Sept. 173U; m. (1st) at Tr\iro, 12 Mar. 1752 John 
Warren; m. (2nd) Jonathan Sparrow, Jr., 12 Mar. 1766; m. (3rd) 
Zaccheus Higgins , Jr., 3 Dec. 1772. 
Warren children; b. at Truro: 

a. Lettice . b. 29 May 175^. 

b. Phebe . b. 23 Oct. 1756. 

c. Hannah , bapt. 10 Sept. 1758; d. yo\mg. 

d. Hannah , b. 19 Feb. I76O. 

e. William , b. 8 Apr. 1762. 

Higgins child: 

f. Knowles, b. 25 Sept. 1773. Settled at Standish, Maine. 


Uth Generation 

viii. Ruth , b. 12 Mar. 1T35/6; d. "before her father; m. in 1756 Col. 

Elisha Ticknor of Lebanon, Conn. On 8 Apr. 1777 Paul Khowles 
was appointed guardian of their son Elisha. 
ix. James . b. h June 1737; d. 20 July 1737. 

X. Abigail , b. 30 Nov. 1738; d. in 1799; m. 13 Dec. 176U Sylvanus 
Higgins . 

53. xi. Silas, b. 31 Dec. 17^0. 

xii. James , bapt. 15 Aug. 17^2; not mentioned among the heirs of his 

father in 1775. 

(Descendants of Paul & Phebe Paine can claim Mayflower ancestry thru 
Phebe . ) 

Child by 2nd wife: 

xiii. John, b. l6 May 1753; not mentioned among the heirs of his 

father in 1775. 

19 . JAMES * KNOWLES (Col. John John Richard* ) , son of Col. John (5.) 

SLnd Mary (Sears), b. at Eastham h Nov. 170U, d. about 1732. He married 
at Eastham, 31 Mar. 1726, ANN DOANE, b. in 1706, d. at Eastham 1 Aug. 
1777; dau. of Nathaniel and Mary Doane. She married secondly, at 
Eastham, 29 May 173^, her first husband's first cousin, Edward Knowles 

Children; b. at Eastham: 

5h. i. James f b. 10 Oct. 1727. 

ii. Mary , b. 29 Dec. 1730; d. at Eastham 1 Sept. 1772; m. (int. 

recorded at Eastham, 12 Aug. 17^9) her second cousin, Henry 
Knowles (l3,ii), q.v., b. at Eastham 30 Aug. 1729, d. at what 
is now Bar Harbor, Me., after l8lO, son of Deac. Thomas and 
Elizabeth (Snow) Knowles of Eastham. He m. (2) (int. recorded 
at Eastham, 29 June 1776) Phebe Cook of Eastham. Eleven 
children. For their children see Henry, next generation. 

20. COL. WILLARD * KNOWLES (Col. John John ,* Richard* ) , son of Col. John(5.) 

and Mary (Sears) of Eastham, tanner, born at Eastham 6 Nov. 1711, d. 
there 11 Mar. 1786. He m. at Eastham, 10 May 1733. BETHIA ATWOOD, b. 
at Eastham 26 Mar. 1713, d. there 9 Mar. 1789 i dau. of Joseph and 
Bethia (Crowell) Atwood. 

Like his father he was, through most of his life, a Justice of the 
peace and therefore a member of the Sessions Court. He was also a 
coroner; and, like his father, he commanded the Second Barnstable 
Regiment. He served several years as selectman and two years as 
representative. (Listed DAR Patriots CS PS, Massachusetts.) 

Where Col. Knowles lived before his father purchased the Treat farm is 
not known. He may have removed to the north side of Town Cove before 
his father did. By his father's will he received this new Knowles 
homestead, which has continued in the line of his descendants and family 



kth Generation 


name to the present time. It has been awarded a prize as the best farm 
in Barnstable County. )^ ^ ^ i^.^^,^:^ ^<z-o>c/j^ 'ZuCeJ^u:^^ _ 

Children, b. at Eastham: 

i- Hannah, b. 26 Oct. 1733; d. at Eastham 26 July 1773; m. (int. 

recorded at Eastham, 12 July 1755) Jesse Doane of Eastham. For 
children see the Doane Book, pp. 173-17^. 

55. ii. Joseph , b. 22 Oct. 1735. 

56. iii. Willard , b. 25 Oct. 1737. 

57. iv. David , b. 21 Sept. 1739. 

V. Bethia , b. 13 Jan. 17^^1/2; d. at Eastham 9 May l8l6 ; m. at 

Eastham, 3 Nov. 1763, Barnabas Freeman, b. 23 Feb. 1736/7, d. 17 
Jan. 1781, son of Deac . Samuel and Mary (Paine) Freeman of 

Freeman children; b. at Eastham: 

a. Samuel , b. 11 Aug. 176U; d. at Eastham 26 May 1836; m. (l) 

18 Nov. 1790 Abiel Doane, who d. 25 Feb. I809, in her UOth 
year; m. (2) Elizabeth Cobb, widow of Barnabas Cobb. ' 

b. Mary , b. 3 Mar. 1766; d. at Eastham 25 Feb. I816; m. Joseph 

Myrick, whom she survived. 

c. James , b. 28 Sept. 1768; d. in Boston 29 June I829 ; m. 11 Oct. 

1798 Sally Coleman. 

d. Barnabas , b. in 1769; d. at Fairfield, Conn., in Oct. 185I; 

m. 22 May 1795 Rhoda Atwood of Eastham. 

e. Joshua, b. in 1771; d. 17 Sept. 1791. 

f. Bethia , b. in 1772; d. at Eastham 30 Sept. I85I; m. 31 Aug. 

1797 Capt. Daniel Pepper of Eastham, who d. 9 Feb. I815, in 
his U7th year. 

g. Abigail , d. 16 Feb. I816, "aged U5"; m. 23 Oct. 1796 Thomas 

Cobb . 

h. Alice , b. in 1777; d. 1 Feb . 1779. 

i. Alice , b. in 1779; d. 15 Mar. l803; m. 2h Feb. 1779 Myrick 

Doane . 

58. vi. John, b. 9 June 17^+^. 

vii. Mary , b. 20 06t. 17^6; d. in Boston 31 Jan. l807; m. 12 Sept. 

1765 Wins low Lewis of Eastham and Wellfleet, later of Marlborough, 
sea captain, b. in that part of Eastham which is now Wellfleet, 
3 Jxily 1738, d. in July I80I, aged 63, son of Rev. Isaiah (A.B. , 
Harvard, 1723, A.M., ib., 1726) and Abigail (Winslow) Lewis. 
Capt. Lewis was one of the selectmen of Wellfleet in 1777. 
Eleven children, for whom see N.E. Reg., Vol. 17, p. 16U. 
viii. Temperance , b. U Mar. 17^9; d. in that part of Eastham which is 
now Orleans, 8 Apr. 1782; m. at Eastham, 23 Dec. 1766, Rev. 
Jonathan Bascom of Eastham and Orleans, b. at Lebanon, Conn., 
in I7U0, d. at Orleans 18 Mar. I807. He m. (2) Phebe Taylor, 
by whom he had two children, both of whom d. in infancy, and 
he m. (3) Betty Freeman, by whom he had no children. 

Bascom children; b. at Eastham: 

a. Timothy , b. 2 May 1767; m. (int. recorded at Eastham, 10 Oct. 

Uth Generation 


1795) Rebecca Gould. 

b. Jonathan, b. 19 June 1769; d. 19 Jan. 1775. 

c. Abigail , b, 29 Aug. 1771. 

d . Jonathan , b . l6 May 1776 . 

e. Tempy , b. 17 June 1778. 

f. William , b. 19 May 1780 . 
ix. Rebecca , b. 12 Apr. 1751; d. at Wellfleet 11 Mar. iBll; m. at 

Eastham, 30 Apr. 1772, Moses Lewis of Truro, later of Wellfleet, 
who d. k Nov. l80U, aged 63. 
Seth , b. l6 May 1753. 
William , b. ik May 1755. 

21 .1 ENOS ^ KNOWLES C Col . Samuel,"' Samuel,* Richard*), son of Col. Samuel (6.) 
and Bethia (Brown), b. at Eastham 30 Apr. 1712, d. there in I78U. He 
m. at Eastham, 12 Apr. 1733, SARAH SPARROW, who d. at Eastham in 178U, 
dau. of Jonathan Sparrow of Eastham. 

His father gave him a farm, includin/7 what was afterwards called Enos's 
Point and later Likey's Shore, iii the neighborhood of his wife's people, 
towards South Orleans, somewhat remote from the main settlement. This 
farm was recently known as the James Percival place . The accovint book 
of Samuel Higgins, hatter and tailor, shows that Enos Knowles had at 
least two sons. He settled his accounts with Higgins by codfish and 
bass furnished by fajrm work, and by pasturing a cow. 

Children, so far as known:* 

i. Bethia , ^b. 12 Jan. 173^/5; m. 23 Jan. 1752 Ichabod Higgins of 

Eastham. For children see the "Higgins Genealogy," p. 15*+. 

ii. Jerusha ,** m. (l) Simeon Crowell, who was lost at sea in the 

summer of I768; m. (2) John Nickerson, Jr., a Loyalist, who 
went to Woods Harbor, Barrington, N.S. at the time of the 
Revolution. In the probate files of Queen's County, N.S., there 
is preserved a letter from Archelaus Crowell, stating, under 
date of 8 Aug. 1768, that he had lost two brothers at sea the 
previous summer . Administration on the estate of Simeon Crowell 
called of Yarmouth eind of Barrington, was granted 30 July I783 in 
the Barnstable County Court. 

For her children by both husbands see Crowell 's "History of 
Barrington", pp. ^57-^+58, 530-533, although her children by her 
first husband (two boys, according to the census of 1770) are 
confused with the children of his brother Judah, and her children 
by her second husband are not distinguished from his children by 
a former wife. 

61. iii. Nathaniel , ** b. about 17^1 or llhk. 

iv. Martha ^** m. at Eastham 30 Jan. 1776 Simeon Higgins. For children 
see the "Higgins GEnealogy", p. I85. 

62. V. Seth 

vi . Sarah . About the same time with a Seth Knowles, one Sarah Knowles 
was a town charge. Sarah Knowles gave heirship deeds of 

portions of Enos Knowles 's farm. • 

* The name "Huldah" among the grandchildren suggests the possibility that 
there was a daughter of that name, who may have been taken to Hartford, Conn., 
to live with her great-iincle , Capt . John^Knowles . "Huldah Knowles of 

^th Generation 


Hartford", according to the Middletown (Conn.) records, was married 12 Oct. 
ITU9 to Moses White of Middletown. Late in life they became pioneers of New- 
port, N.H. Otherwise this HuldaJi cannot be connected with the Cape Cod 
family. The name Huldah occurs also in the Woodbury, Conn., Knowles family. 

** The evidences that Jerusha and Nathaniel were brother and siBter are 
family statements of the descendants taken down about the year I88O by the 
late Professor Arnold Doane of Barrington. The chief grounds for making them 
children of Enos Knowles (21.) are that Enos had a son not otherwise accoun- 
ted for, that Jerusha and Nathaniel could not possibly have been children of 
Enos's brother Samuel or cousin Cornelius, that Nathaniel named a son Enos - 
a name almost unused either in Eastham or Barrington, and that the name 
Jerusha prevailed among the proved descendants of Enos. 

*** The authority for giving Martha as a daughter of Enos Knowles is a mem- 
orandum written by the late Josiah Paine, on an original deed from Simeon 
Higgins to Eliakim Higgins , stating that Simeon Higgins was son-in-law of 
Enos Knowles and father-in-law of Eliakim Higgins. 

22 / CAPT . SAMUEL ^ KITOWLES (Col. Samuel Samuel Richard *) , son of Col Samuel 

(6.) and Bethia (Brown), b, 6 Oct. 171^ at Eastheun; d. II69 or Just 
before at Barrington, Nova Scotia, as the census of that year refers to 
heirs of Samuel Knowles. He married (1st), at HaiT/ich, 16 Oct. 1735, 
HANNAH FREEMAN, b. 31 May 1719, d. possibly before her husband migrated 
to Nova Scotia, daughter of Prince and Mary (Doane) Freemaji of Harwich; 

and (2nd) Sarah , who survived him, her name appearing in the 

Barrington census dated 1 Jan. 1770 as the Widow Sarah Knowles, with 
one boy, two girls, three cows, and a sailing vessel. The two girls 
may have been her children by a former husband. 

Capt. Knowles saw extended service as commander of a company in the 
French and Indian War, taking part in the expeditions to Crown Point 
and to other points beyond Albany, 1756-1759- In the colonization of 
Nova Scotia he went first to Liverpool, accompanied by two of his adult 
sons, who remained at Liverpool on the father's removal to Barrington 
about 1763. 

From LONG'S ANNALS, p. 63, date of lU Nov. 1762, Saonuel Knowles sold 
"land at Fishing Cove" to William Eldridge ; same date (pg. I58) he 
sold "land at Fishing Point" to Daniel Eldridge. 

At Barrington he was accorded a leading position, was the only titled 
man in the settlement, and was usually chosen moderator of the meetings 
there and was otherwise honored. Later on he settled at the Haulover 
(Lots Nos. 8 and 85, Sherose Isleind and Cape Negro), about 15 miles 
from the first settlement at Barrington Passage, and while driving 
cattle across the Clyde River at that place, he was drowned. 

Children by 1st wife; b. at Eastham: 

63. i. Prince , b. 30 Oct. 1736. 
6U. ii. Samuel , b. lU Sept. 1738. 
iii. Azubah , b. 11 Nov. 17UO. 

Uth Generation 


65. iv. Hatsel, b. 5 Nov. 17^2. 
Child by 2nd wife; b. at Barrington, N.S.: 

V. Charles , b. T April 1767; died 1778. 

23.) NATHAN I EL ^ KNOWLES (Col. Samuel,^ Samuel,* Richard*), son of Col. Samuel 
and Bethia (Brovn) , b. 6 Oct. 1717 at Eastham; d. before his 
father's will, dated 13 Jan. 1751, was made; m. 10 Jsm. 17^0 at Eastham 
MERCY FREEMAN, dau. of William and Mercy (Pepper) Freeman of Harwich; 
b. 19 Feb. 1719/20, d. 20 Nov. l803. 

The young widow of Nathaniel was living at Han^ich when her intention 
of marriage to Job Crocker of Eastham was published ik Jan. 17^7/8. She 
and her second husband removed to Paxton in 179^ • 

Child; b. at Eastham: 

i. Nathan iel ,^b. 17 Dec. 17^+0; d. at Eastham 2h July 1755 , ae lU 
(gravestone in Orleans cemetery). William Freeman of Harwich 
had been his guardian. 

ETH* KNOWLIS (Col. Samuel , ^ Samuel Richard' ) , son of Col. Samuel (6.) 
and Bethia (Brown) , b. 20 Jan. 1721/2 at Eastham, d. I8 Mar. 1787, age 
66, at Eastham; m. 21 Feb. 17^^/5 RUTH FREMAU, dau. of Nathaniel and 
Hanneih (N^yrick) Freeman of Eastham; b. 13 Sept. 1727, Eastham; d. 12 
May 1812, age 85, at Eastham. 

He probably lived all his life and died in the house in which he was 
born, but in 1762 he made a trip to Barrington, N.S. where he was one 
of the committee to secure the town grant for that township. His wife 
was a member of the Orleans church and, as his widow, occupied for a 
quarter of a century the homestead, with her daughters. 

Correspondence to Mr. Libby from Mrs. Cora Shenberger, descendant of 
this Seth's son. Freeman, was found in the files Maine Historical 
Society, to the effect that according to family tradition, five sons 
of this Seth fought in the Revolution, three of whom died in the war. 
Those who lost their lives were probably Seth, b. 1752; Samuel, b.l756; 
and Amasa, b. 1758. It appears that Samuel, however, married at a 
young age and had a son born in Provincetown before his death. 

Children; b. at Eastham: 

66. i. Freeman, b. 2h Nov. 17^5- 

67. ii. (Capt. ) Nathaniel , b. lU' Mar. 1750. 

iii. Seth , b. 20 Apr. 1752. He was not named in his father's will. 

iv. Ruth , b. 3 Aug. 175^; m. 6 July 1788, as his second wife, Eleazer 

Freeman. An unknown niimber of his children were the first wife's 
or hers . 

68. V. Samuel , b. 6 Nov. 1756. 

vi . Amasa , b. 15 Apr. 1758; d. probably in 1778; was not mentioned in 

hth Generation 


his father's will. 
69. vii. Abiather, b. 5 Feb. I76O . 

viii. Mary , h . ih Dec. 1762; d. before 12 Oct. I816 ; m. (int. recorded 
at Eastham, 8 Sept. 1789) her taird cousin once removed, James 
Knowles , son of James and Abigail (Atwood) Knowles , b. at Eastham 
in Jan. 1756, d. in 179^. In 1798 Molly Knowles was an Orleans 
taxpayer. In a deed dated 12 Oct. I816 reservation was made 
of rights in the pear trees belonging to the heirs of Mary 
Knowles, late of Orleans, deceased. They had children, 
ix. Hannah , b. 1+ Oct . I76U; d. I6 Feb. I816; m. (l) at Eastham, 15 
Nov. 1791, Barnabas Smith of Eastham, b. 27 Feb. 1762, d. at 
Eastham 7 May 179^, son of Seth Smith of Eastham; m. (2) in Jan. 
1806, as his second wife, her third cousin once removed. Ma j . 
Henry* Knowles, b. at Eastham 20 July 1775, d. at Orleans 13 
Apr. 1838 (having m. a third wife who survived him), son of 
Elijah and Rebecca (Harding) Knowles. 
X. Chloe , b. 28 Dec. 1766; d. at Orleans 9 Feb. I816; m. (int. 

recorded at Eastham, 5 June 1795) Gideon Smith Snow, who d. at 
Orleans 3 Feb. 18U6 , a^e.87. They lived in the house of her 
father, which had been probably the house of her grandfather. 
Col. Samuel"* Knowles (6.). After Mr. Snow's death his second 
wife, Lusha (Freeman) Snow, is remembered as keeping a bakeshop 
in this house. 

Snow children: 

a. Harriet , m. Joseph C. Mayo of Orleans. 

b . Barnabas . 

xi. Jerusha , b. 15 Oct. I768; d. unm. at Orleans 30 Sept. I8U7 . She, 
her widowed mother, and her sister, Mrs. Snow, occupied different 
parts of the family mansion. Administration on her estate was 
granted to Joseph C. Mayo, (husband of one of the nieces.) 
70. xii. Abner , b. 1 Feb . 1770. 

xiii . Achsah , b. 2 Nov. 1773; d. in 1783. She was not mentioned in her 
father's will. 

© NATHANIEL ^ KNOWLES (Nathaniel Samuel Richard* ) son of Nathaniel (7.) 
and second wife, Elizabeth (Bacon), Joiner, born at Windham, Conn., 
about 1720, d. at Harrington (now Milbridge), Me., before I8OO. He m. 
at Harwich, 8 May 17^^, the marriage record csdling him "of Eastham," 
MARY MAKER of Harwich. 

He was called "of Falmouth" (Me.), and his trade was given as that of 
joiner, in a deed dated 15 Apr. 17^6, by which he boxight from Joseph 
Parker 15 acres of land in that part of Falmouth, Me., which afterwards 
* became the town of Cape Elizabeth and is now South Portland. According 
to the Falmouth town records he was in 17^7 chosen deer preserver and in 
1758 and 1759 tithingman. In the military census of 1757 Nathaniel 
Knowles and Samuel Knowles appear in the Cape Elizabeth trainband. In 
the grants of new townships east of Union River, in the region now in- 
cluded in Hancock and Washington Counties, Me., many of the Province- 
town people who had moved to Cape Elizabeth are found among the grantees. 

hth Generation 


Nathaniel Knowles was among the grantees of No. 5, including the present 
towns of Harrington and Milbridge. The last trace of him at Cape Eliza- 
beth is in a petition about alewives in 1T6T, signed by Joseph Cobb, 
Ebenezer Cobb, Natha. Knowls , and BenJ . Dyer, Jr. 

A petition to the Massachusetts General Court from this new settlement, 
undated but evidently of the Revolutionary period, bears the autograph 
signatures of Nathaniel Knowls and Thomas Strout (his son-in-law), sign- 
ing together (Massachusetts Archives, Revolution, vol. 5, p. 363). Their 
grants of land were confirmed to them 2 Apr. 179^ » and the plaji of the 
township showing the original lots and grantees gives two adjoining lots 
laid out to these two men and an additional lot, No. 11, farther down 
in the town, to Nathaniel Knowles (Massachusetts Archives, Plan Book 60, 
p. 2). In 1790 Nathaniel Knowles was probably living in the family of 
his pon^in-law, Thomas Strout, but the United States Census of l800 
indibates that he had died. He conveyed no land and left no will; and 
Thomas and Mary Strout lived on that part of his grants which they did 
not sell, as do their descendants to the present day, (1926), 


i. Mary f m . at Cape Elizabeth, 2 Jan. 1766, Thomas Strout, b. about 
IT^U (being aged l6 in 1760). They and her parents moved to 
eastern Maine together. According to the United States Census of 
1790, for what is now Milbridge, Thomeis Strout *s family consisted 
of three males over 16 , with none under that age, and six females 
of all ages. These may have included four generations. Father 
and Mother Knowles and children of a son, Thomas Strout, Jr. By 
the United States Census of I8OO there were two girls under I6 
at home. As late as I809 Thomas and Mary Strout were giving 
deeds of the upriver lots granted to him and her father. 

Only known Strout child: 

a. Thomas, It seems necessary to assume the existence of this 
intervening Thomas Strout to make the connecting link be- 
tween the Thomas who married in I766 Mary Knowles and the 
Thomas who married about l820 Jane Sawyer (who according to 
the United States Census, was aged U6 in I85O). This latter 
Thomas, born about 1795 (United States Census of I85O), went 
out in the War of l8l2. He lived to old age on the Nathaniel 
Knowles lot fronting Narragaugus Bay; and his grandson, 
Leonard Rowe, (l926)Qiving , states that his grandfather said 
that his father, Thomas Strout, lived "up-river," and that 
a grave pointed out in Ephraim Turner's field (which is said 
to be a part of the Knowles upriver grant. Lot 17) was his 
mother's grave. This actual Thomas Strout, born about 1795, 
is said to have had two sisters, Lucy and Abigail, who 
married, respectively, a Pratt and a Hinkley, and two 
brothers, John and Lewis, who, according to the United States 
Census of 1850 were born, respectively, in 1808 and l8l2. 
All but one of these lived, died, and were buried on the 

hth Generation 


Knowles lot; axid their houses are marked on the map of Wetsh- 
ington County, in 186I, as Mrs. J. Strout, L. Strout , J. 
Rove, T. Strout, and H. Hinkley. By the United States Census 
of 1810 Thomas Strout and his wife were over U5 , with one 
'"'^ girl over 16 in their family. 

26 J SAMUEL ^ KNOWLES (Nathaniel,' Samuel,* Richard*), son of Nathaniel (?.) 

sr-^ and second wife. Elizabeth (Bacon), a posthumous child, b. at Province- 
town in 1733, d. at Pleasant River Plantation (now Addison), Me., prior 
to 17TT. He m. (int. recorded at Falmouth, Me., 27 Dec. 175^+) SARAH 
ELWELL, who was living at Addison in 1778 and probably in 1799. The 
Elwells removed to Falmouth, Me., now Portland from Gloucester, Mass. 

His name first appears in accessible records in 1757. Beginning in 
January of that year and continuing until k Oct. 1762, there are charges 
against him in an account book of Phineas Jones, a merchant in Falmouth. 
In the same year (1757) he and Nathaniel Knowles were listed with the 
Cape Elizabeth trainband. Under date of 20 July 1757 a petition to the 
Massachusetts government from Pearsontown Plantation (now Standish) , 
Me., bears three names, Thomas Stevens, Samuel Knowles, John Walker, 
In 1759 he was listed in Capt . William Gerrish's marching company, for 
the protection of the frontiers. An original roll of Capt. Benjamin 
Waite's company, enlisted for the reduction of Canada (Massachusetts 
Archives, vol. 98, p. 110 ), includes the names of Samuel Knowles, aged 
27, birthplace Cape Cod, residence Pearsontown, Bryer Smith, aged 22, 
birthplace Cape Cod, and Thomas Strout, aged I8, birthplace Falmouth. 

Samuel Knowles first attempted to settle at Standish, in the interior 
of Cumberland Co., Me., and, when the French and Indian War came on, he 
remained there as a frontier soldier as long as the place was held, and 
afterwards served in the marching company, having moved his family back 
to Cape Elizabeth. In the grant of townships in far eastern Maine in 
176ii, his name was included among the grantees of No. 6 now Addison, 
and his signature is attached to an undated petition to Governor 
Hutchinson from the inhabitants of Pleasant River, about 1770. His 
grant was confirmed to Freeman Knowles, as his heir, U June 179^, and 
the plan of the township required by the government in 179^ contains the 
entry on Lot No. 13, "Freeman Knowles dec, assignee & heir to Samuel 

His 200-acre grant now makes several homesteads. That of Mrs. Lawrence 
Goudet includes the southern third of it, which was set off as the dower 
of Freeman Knowles 's widow. The site of the original house is far in- 
land, on a road not now used, on land (a blueberry pasture) now owned 
by E.K. Pl\immber. There are said to be illegible inscriptions there, on 
gravestones hidden in the brxish. Stephen Jones McCausland, related to 
the Knowleses both by blood and by marriage, took down the original 
house and built a house nearer the road, which was afterwards occupied 
by the Hinckleys . Other owners are E. H. Preble, Alfred Norton, and A. 
W. Drisko, aiid a schoolhouse stands on the land next to the river(l926). 

The census of the plantation, 27 Apr. 1778, shows "Widow Knowles," with 
four in her family, and William Ingersoll, with two in his family, 

hth Generation 


living in the same house or next door. These figures agree vith what 
can "be gathered from other sources, viz., that his children vere two 
sons and two daughters. 

Children; b. in Cumberland Co., Me.: (See NOTE) 

i. Eli zabeth f "b . between 1757 and I760 ; m. probably in Pleasant River, 
Me, bef. 17 April 1778 William Ingersoll, Jr., b, abt . 175^ No. 
Yarmouth, Me. and d. bef. I6 July 1807, Columbia, Me. 

Ingersoll children: 

a. William, b. 12 Oct. 1779; d. in Columbia 6 May l858;m. in 

June I80U Susan Wass . Sixteen children. 

b. Nathajriel , b. 9 June 178I; m. (1st) Prudence Steward; m, 

(2nd) Susanna Sawyer. Nine children by first wife. 

c. Sarah, b. abt. 1782; m. Robert Allen. Seven children. 

d. Samuel , b. 17 Jiine I78U; m. Lydia L. Look. Eleven children. 

e. Mary , b. abt. 1785; m. Solomon Root. Lived in Penna. 

f. James , b. 5 July 1786; m. Margaret Wass. Seven children. 

g. Son , b. abt. 1791; prob . died young. 

h. Thomas , b. abt. 1793; went to Michigan when a young man. 

i. Son , b. abt. 1795; probably died young, 
j. Dau . , b. abt. 1796; probably died young. 

k. Eliza , b. abt. 1798; m. Isaac Littlefield. Two children. 
1. Susan, ("Sukey"), b. abt. I8OI; d. after l883; m. William 
Hines of Brewer, Me. One child. 
71.. ii. Freeman , b. in 1755. 
72. iii. Samuel , b. h June 1759- 

iv. Sarah , b. 22 June 1762; m. 17 Nov. 1779 John McCaslin, b. 3 Apr. 

1757. Their family Bible, now in the possession of Mrs. Eva A. I. 
Sawyer (1926) of Milbrldge, Me., contains the record of their 

McCaslin children: 

a. James , b. 29 Mar. I78O ; m. Rebecca Dorr. 

b. John , b. 11 Sept. 1782; m. 26 Oct. I8IO Polly Nash. One or 

more children. 

c. Hannah, b. 3 Mar. 1783; m. ih Apr. l802 Jonathan Cushing. 

d. Alexander , b. 2 Nov. I785; d. 20 May l863; m. (l) 1 Dec. I809 

his first cousin. Thank ful * Know les , b. in I789, d. ik Nov. 
I81U , dau. of Freemaii ajnd Susanna (Nash) Knowles ; m. (2) 
18 Jan. 1816 Abigail* Knowles, b. 31 July 1787 , d. 19 Sept. 
1873, sister of his first wife. One daughter by first wife 
and four children by second wife. Stephen Jones McCaslin, 
a son by the second wife, m. his cousin, Louisa (Knowles) 
Wass, and lived for some years on the Knowles homestead 
before it passed out of the family. 

e. Mary , b. 2 Oct. 1787; m. 28 Nov. l8li+ Edward Tompkins. 

f. Jane, b. 5 Nov. 1789; d. 17 Sept. 1790. 

g. Freeman, b. 1 Dec. 1790;' d. 31 Mar. l8l2. 

hth Generation 


h. David , b. 27 Oct. 1792; d. unm. 11 Dec. l872 . 

i. Shepard , b. 17 Mar. 1795; m. (l) ik May l8l8 Rebecca Wass , 

who d. 13 Jan. l823; m. (2) 8 May l823 Catherine Brown, 
who d. 6 Dec. I82U; m. (3) his first cousin once removed, 
Elvina S. Ingersoll, b. I8 Feb. I809 , dau. of William and 
Svisan (Wass) Ingersoll. No children. 

J. Sally , b. lU Dec. 1797; d. at Charleston, Me., 11 June I86U; 
m. ih Nov, 1822 Ephraim Libby, b. at Harrington, Me., 26 
Jan. 179^, d. 7 Dec. l853. Eight children. 

k. Anna W. , b. 20 Mar. I80U; d. I6 Feb. I8IO. 
V. Amy, b. 176^; d. 31 Oct. l853; m. (1st) Reuben Steele; three 

Steele children; m. (2nd) Thomas Kelley; two Kelley children; 

m. (3rd) John Drisko. 

NOTE: Mr. Libby did not have Amy, the last child of Samuel and Sarah, on his 
list of children. This information was furnished by Mr. Leonard F. Tibbetts 
of Arlington, Mass. (l97l) who collaborated with Clarence Drisko of Columbia 
Falls, Me. on "William ^ Ingersoll and His Son William * Ingersoll of Columbia, 
Maine" which appeared in NEHGR, Oct. 1968. Additional data from this article 
(which mentions The Addison and Harrington Register- 1905 ) also revised mater- 
ial in connection with Elizabeth's marriage and children. 

JAMES * KNOWLES (Richard,^ Samuel Ri chard*) , son of Lt . Richard (8.) 
and Martha (Cobb), innkeeper, blacksmith, b. 11 Nov. 1719; d. in 17&1; 
m. (1) at Eastham, 25 Nov. 17^2, SARAH DOANE, b. in 1720, d. 26 Dec. 
llkQ; m. (2) at Eastham, 20 July 17^9, RUTH MAYO, b. at Eastham 30 July 
1721, d. at Chatham 17 Sept. 1766; m. (3) at Eastham, 19 Nov. 1767, 
SARAH (LINNELL) MAYO, widow of Gideon Mayo; m. (U) at Eastham, 12 Dec. 
1775, ALICE PAINE, who d. I8 Apr. 1777, iau. of John Paine of Eastham; 

m. (5) HANNAH , who survived him. Ke was an active citizen of 

his town, and in addition to his regular occupations, was employed in 
probate court matters. His widow, who was his executrix, carried rn 
the tavern \intil her death, when administration cum testamento ajinexo 
was granted to David Godfrey, 27 Mar. I815 . Although he had five wires, 
his will discloses no children, but Samuel Atkins's logbook, iinder date 
of 9 Dec. 177^, mentions the death of James Knowles's daughter from 
Chatham." This Chatham, however, may have been Chatham, Conn. In his 
will he left his blacksmith shop to his friend Paul Mayo, and made the 
children of his brother and sisters, Cornelius, Martha, and Mercy, his 
residuary legatees. He also provided for his sister, Rebecca Knowles , 
and remembered his daughter-in-law (step daughter) Alice Nickerson, 
who was the wife of Ensign Nickerson and daughter of his third wife by 
her first husband, Gideon Mayo. 

yv\ ^th Generation '^^m^ 

28 CORNELIUS KNOWLES *( Lt . Richard,* Samuel, ^ Richard*) , 8onl|B|. iSt|»«r«l 
(8.) and Martha (Cobb), b. at Chatham 10 Apr. 1722, d. k j3|^79% 'i*. 
72 at Liverpool, N.S., m. at Chatham, Mass., MARY HOPKINS of Gkpthaiil 
dau. of Elisha Hopkins of Chatham, b. 1725, d. 22 Jan. 1788 Lifit^ooli^ 
N.S., ae 62. *(He was great grandson of Governor Prence.) 

Joining the emigration from Cape Cod to Nova Scotia, he weis one of th« 
original grantees of the township of Liverpool and quickly received re- 
cognition among them. At the second meeting of the proprietors he vaa 
elected treasurer. In 176U he was voted liberty to build a sawmill at 
Port Medway River and he secured capital in Boston, by means of which, 
with partners, the mill was built at what is now (1926) Mill Village. 
He was a trader in the town, euid at some periods the innholder. THE 
LIVERPOOL ADVANCE recently (1926) printed a picture of "The Cornelius 
Knowles Homestead", a one-story, double house with lean-to, as it ap- 
peared before it was removed from Fort Point in the town, to Bristol. 
This ho\ise was built around 17^3. 

From Dr. Thomas H. -Radall, Liverpool, 1971: "Eventually this house be- 
came the DEXTER TAVERN. It is still (l97l) standing. Cornelius also 
owned land near the "Wharf Rocks", a short distance down from Fort 
Point. Cornelius operated his sawmill at Port Medway and built the 
first vessel there for Simeon Perkins and others." 

Seven Knowles stones in Congregational (Old Burial Ground) Cemetery - 
of these, six are slate and one is white stone and is practically un- 
readable (1929). They face across the path to the Hopkins group. 
Slate: Cornelius, d. 179^; Cornelius, d. I8UU; Martha, d. 176I; James, 
d. 1809 ; Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of James, l8i+2; Mary, wife of Cornelius, 

Knowles children; all but the youngest b. at Chatham: (SEE NOTE) 

i. Cornelius . * He received a deed from his father 12 June I766. 
Administration on his estate was granted 3 Oct. 1769 to Lothrop 
Freeman, to whom was transferred an intended land grant. 

ii. Martha, b. about 17^8; d. 10 June 1761, ae. lU. At the grave of 
this young girl stands what is regarded as the earliest lettered 
gravestone in southern Nova Scotia. 

iii. Experience , d. ik Aug. 1777; 8 Nov. 1768 Lothrop Freeman, son 
of Elisha Freeman, Esq., and his wife, Lydia. 

Freeman children; b. at Liverpool, N.S.: 

a. Maiy , b. 20 July 1770; m. 6 May 1793 Richard Carder. Five 
children, (surname Ceirder): Richard, Avigustus, Freeman, Mary, 
Mercy & Pene. 

b. Priscilla , b. 31 Aug. 177^; m. 21 Nov. 1797 Ichabod Doggett, 
son of John Doggett, Esq. , and his wife, Abigail. About 
1785 her grandfather was haled into court for laying hands 
on a youth who was abusing his granddaughter. Two children 
(surname Doggett): John, b. at Liverpool 20 Sept. 1799 and. 
Lothrop, b. Liverpool 5 Oct. I8OI. 

73. iv. James , b. about 1756. 

Uth Generation 


V. Martha, b. ih May 1762 at Liverpool; m. there IT June 1T80 Snow 
Parker, son of Benjamin and Mary Peirker m. 7 Sept. 1757 at 
Chatham. Ben j . Parker h . 6 Nov. 1712 at Yarmouth, Mass. 

Parker children: b. Liverpool: 

a. Experience , b. July 1782. 

b. Samuel , b. 29 Oct. 178U. 

c. Mary , b. 25 July 1787 . 

d. Snow, b. 22 Jan. 1790: drowned at Liverpool ih Jmie 179^. 
e Knowles , b. 23 Sept. 1792. 

f. Betsey , b. 1 Jan. 1795. 

g. Patty , b. 26 July 1797; d. at Liverpool ih Mar. l801. 

h. Desire , b. h Sept. 1799- 

i. Patty , b. Friday, 5 Feb. l802. 

j. Rhoda , b. 30 May l805, 6 o'clock a.m. 

NOTE: Besides the children whose names are given in the text there may have 
been a son, John, probably older than James, for Simeon Perkins' diaries of 
Liverpool events contain the item: "March 31, 1767, John Knowles shipped on 
board the sloop LIBERTY " However, Col. Kirkpatrick states there was no 
son, John. Who the John Knowles was, is not known otherwise. 

Long's Annals states that descendants of Cornelius and Mary "settled at 
Milton but one or more went to Provincetown , Mass." 

29 .) SAMUEL KNOWLES (Capt. John,' Samuel Richard *) , son of Capt . John (9.) 

V y and Rachel (Olcutt), b. at Hartford and baptized at the South Church 

/^\ there 1 Oct. 1732, d. at Hartford 20 Aug. 1766. He m. at Wethersf ield. 
Conn., Oct. 1757, MARY McLOUD, b. about 1737, d. at Hartford 1 Oct. 
1769, dau. of Daniel and Elizabeth McLoud of Norwalk, Conn. 

He received a considerable part of his father's real estate by will, 
and appears to have occupied the homestead. According to a distri- 
bution of his estate allowed by the Probate Court 11 Aug. 1776, it was 
divided between his widow, Mary, his only son, John, and his only 
daughter, Elizabeth. 

Knowles children; b. apparently at Hartford: 

i. Elizabeth /b. about 1758; d. 2 Aug. I8IO , aged 52; m. John Allen 
of Hartford. They lived on the Knowles homestead, which they 
had acquired partly by inheritance and partly by purchase from 
Elizabeth's brother John. The records of the South Church show 
the deaths of several children in childhood. 
7U. ii. John, b. about I76O. 

Uth Generation 66 

30 . } CAPT . AMOS * KNOWLES (Amos , ^ Samuel .^Ri chard , son of Amos (ll.) and 
J Rebecca (Dillingham) b. at Eastham l8 Dec. 1730, d. there 30 Nov. 1796, 
age 66. He married first, at Eastham, 31 Oct. 1765, ABIGAIL PEPPER, who 
d. in 1785, dau. of Solomon Pepper of Eastham; and secondly, 15 Mar. 
1787, MARY BROWN of Eastham, who d. on her late husband's homestead ik 
Feb. 1816 

An active and efficient mein, he went down to Nova Scotia in 1762 , with 
a stock of cattle , and represented the new settlers at what became Har- 
rington in securing their grant from the ProvinciaJ. Government at 
Halifax. He evidently did not take his family there. In the Revolution 
he served twice as the representative of Eastham in the Second Provin- 
cial Congress at Cambridge. 

He built his house on land of his father's on the north side of the road 
which passes the railroad station and the Methodist burying ground. After 
the death of his widow his three surviving children sold the house to 
Heman Snow, 3d, and Josiah Higgins Snow, both of whom lived in it until 
Hemaii Snow built farther in and to the west . A lane formerly separated 
Capt. Amos Knowles's land from that of his cousin, Seth * Knowles (2^.), 
on which the railway station now stands. This lane led southeasterly to 
the old county road before either Main Street or the present county road 
was built. When Main Street was laid out, it took the place of the 
lane. (Barnstable Deeds, vol. 8, p. 172; Re-recorded Deeds, Orleans, 
vol. 2, pp. 192-222; Barnstable Probate Files, No. 127^+.) 

In 1808 the children of Capt. Amos Knowles had "the old house field" 
surveyed and divided into three parts, "equal for quantity and quality." 
The northern third part, containing 3 acres and 132 rods, they sold to 
Dr. Benjamin Seabury (Re^recorded Deeds, Orleans, Vol, 1, p. 268). The 
deeds of the other two parts were not re-recorded after the Barnstable 
County court house was burned, but presently the middle section, of 3 
acres, was passing thro\igh several hands, namely, those of Jonathan 
Bascom, Jr., Timothy Doane , Nathaniel sind Mary Crosby, and Dr. Benjamin 
Seabury, until it became the settled homestead of Thomas S. Newcomb . It 
is thought that Dr. Seabury built the present Newcomb house, which, 
within living memory, was the only house standing in the ten-acre "old 
house field." The lower three-acre lot, on which perhaps, until recent 
years, no house ever stood, was acquired by Capt. Seth Smith who also 
held the title to his father-in-law's homestead. In Capt. Smith's 
inventory is an item of 3 acres of land on the northerly side of John 
Knowles's homestead. (Capt. Smith married to Joanna, dau. of John 
Knowles . ) 

Knowles children by first wife; b. at Eastham: 

i. James f b . 17 Nov. 176__; d. before his father, 

ii. Richard , b. 13 Sept. 176_; d. at Eastham 19 Dec. 1771. 

iii. Lydia , b. k Aug. I76 ; d. at Eastham 15 Jan. 1772. 

iv. Amos , b. 19 Sept. 17^_; d. before his father. 

V. Solomon, b. 2k Oct. 1770; d. before his father. 

vi. Lydia b. 22 Aug. 1772; d. at Orleans 31 May l8U3; m. (l) at 

^th Generation 


Eastham (int. recorded at Ea^tham, 30 Aug. 179^) her third 
cousin once removed, Robert* Knowles b. at Eastham 19 May 1770, 
d. there 13 Dec. l800, son of John and Susannah (Walker) Knowles; 
m. (2) at Eastham, in Dec. l8l2, Heman Snow, who d. at Orleans 
23 Oct, 1827, ae. 62. 

Knowles children, by 1st husband; b. at Eastham: 

a. Abigail , b. 9 Apr. 1795; m. Heman Snow, 3d. Six children. 

b. Mehi table , b. 25 July 1798; m. Jonathan Sherman. Seven 


c. Sylvia , b. I8 Apr. I8OO; m. Joshua Higgins . Six children, 
vii. Phebe , b. 2k July 177^+; d. at Orleans 19 Mar. I82U; m. at Orleans, 

29 Nov. 1798, Elisha Smith, b. at Orleans 5 Aug. 1772, d. there 
16 Nov, 1821, son of Elisha emd Jennett (Higgins) Smith. Her 
four children, her son-in-law, Thomas J. Eliott, and her sister, 
Lydia (Knowles) (Knowles) Snow, conveyed land in l833 as the only 
heirs of Capt . Amos Knowles . 

Smith children; order of births not known: 

a. Maury K . , m. Simpson. 

b. Lucinda, m. Thomas J. Eliott. 

c . Elisha . 

d. Phebe K . 

viii. Edward , b. 22 Aug. 1778; d. before his father, 
ix. HJchard, named as nephew of Rebecca (Knowles ) Freeman, in the will 
of her husband, Deac . Joshua Freeman, who d. 22 Sept, 1795; d. 
before his father, unless possibly he was not named in his 
father's will because he had been provided for by his axmt's 
hvusband. His heirs, 23 Oct. I809 , were his three sisters and his 
brother, George Brown Knowles. 
X. Peter, d. in 1799. He outlived his father, but d. before the 
estate was settled. 

Knowles children by 2nd wife: 

xi. George Brown » b. 20 Jan. 1788; d. at sea in I81O. Administration 

on his estate was granted, 20 Oct. I810, to Elisha Snith. The 
father's homestead was inventoried as his, but it fell to his 
three surviving sisters. 

xii. A child , d. in 1790. 

xili . Mary B. . d. in Boston in 1833; m. in Boston, 22 Mar. I82U, John 
Coombs, master mariner, who d. in 1825. As a child she vas 
placed vmder the guardianship of Capt. Nathaniel ' Knowles and vas 
represented by him in the eeurlier sales of her father's estate; 
but in 1817, when her father's house and homestead were sold, 
she was residing in Boston, emd was a tailoress. After her 
husband's death she conducted a boarding house in Boston, at 
6 Sewall Place, off from Milk Street. 

Uth Generation 68 

310 REV. ISAAC ^ KNOWLES (Amos,' Sajmi(tl, * Rtchard*) , A.B. (Harvard, 1768), 
A.M. (ib. , 1771) , son of Amos (ll. ) an4 Rebecca (Dillingham)b . in that 
pairt of Ea^tham vhich is nov the tovn of Orleans, 3 June 17^1, d. at 
Troy, N.Y., 5 Feb. l8l8. He m. (int. recorded at Eastham, l6 Sept. 
1775) DELIVERANCE (BASSETT) HALL, b. Apr. 1751, d. at Troy after 
1820, dau. of Jonathan and Mary (Freemao) BaMWBett of Sajidwlch and vidov 
of Elisha Hall of Sandwich. At the time of hiUf. second meirriage the 
yoiing widow had Just been appointed guardiiip <J^a|Pr tvCL sons , Jonathan 
and Elisha Hall. ^^'^k. ' Iv- 

He was a preacher on the Penobscot River, in Ifclne ore tbere were 
any records kept in that region. Greenleaf, in his '^l^lesilllticaJL 
Sketches," speaking of the region of Bangor, OrringtGil|^^«tc . ; 
"The first minister that ever preached statedly in this »!|gion a 
Mr. Knowles from Cape Cod. How long he tarried among the :i|^ple ^ the 
river is not known." Somewhat later he was preaching at 
the Cape Cod settlement in Nova Scotia, where in 1771 he was Mterryi: 
people. He held services regularly there from Nov. 1771 to Mar.^ 1772 
and again in 1773 (Crowell's History of Harrington, pp. l67-l68/*s,In ^ 
177^ he was still a member of the Orleans Church. After his mcurriilge 
lived at Sandwich, and the following statement in Sabine's "Loyalists" : 
(vol. 1, p. 608) can relate to no one but him: "Israel Knowles, of 
Sandwich, Mass., imprisoned for his offenses, real, or alleged, in 
February 1778." Investigation of this matter is cut off by the burning 
of the Beirnstable County Court records . 

After the Revolution he is described in deeds as a "trader." He removed 
to Troy, N.Y. , in 179^, and made his first investment there h May 1795. 
He did not sell his homestead in Sandwich until August of that year. He 
built his residence in Troy on River Street, where he continued to live 
imtil his death. Other lots were acquired, until he had a large tract 
extending through from River Street to Fourth Street. This land .mostly 
owned by one Vanderheyden , was leased to him for a period of ninety- 
nine years, and years later it was cut up into house lots and disposed 
of by his grandson, Edwaird Knowles. In Troy deeds he is called "yeoman," 
"trader," "gentleman," and "merchant." No reference to his preaching 
has been found after" his settlement at Troy, although the newspapers, 
in his death notice twenty-three years later, gave him the clericfid 

The Troy Post of Tuesday, 10 Feb. I818, briefly annoiinced his death: 
"In this city on Thursday leist Rev. Isaac Knowles, aged 75 years." In 
his will, dated 12 Jan. I818 and entered of record h May I818, he 
mentioned his wife, five children, and one grandson. He and his wife, 
their four sons , and their daughter Deliverance were biiried in the old 
Mount Ida Cemetery, long since in a state of decay. (Troy records do 
not date before I908.) 

Knowles children, all except the last one b. at Sandwich: 

i. Isaac ,^b. 2h Sept. 1776; apparently counted in his father's 

family in the United States Census of 18OO, which eniamerates 
in this family three males between I6 and 26, but not mentioned 

^th Generation 


in his father's will, 
ii. John , b. 20 Feb. 1778; apparently counted in his father's family v 
in the United States Census of l800, but not mentioned in his 
father's will; evidently d. s.p. In l8o6 John Knovles Jr., 
of Troy (presumably this young man), bought from Jacob 
Vanderheyden the lot in the rear of his father's lot, and in l8ll 
conveyed it to Isaac Knowles (his father), with no mention of 
relationship. John Knowles, Sr., also a near neighbor, who was 
a young man over 26, with three young children in l800 , was the 
orphaned son of Rev. Isaac Knowles 's first cousin, Lieut. James ^ 
Knowles. Both John Knowles, Jr., and John Knowles, Sr., were 
apparently living at Sullivan, Madison Co., N.Y. in l8l7, but 
in 1825 John, Sr., with his wife Sally, was back in Troy. 
75. iii. Richard , b. in 178O. 

iv. Mary Bassett , b. 10 Mar. 1782; d. at Half moon, Saratoga Co., N.Y. , 
6 Mar. 18U2; m. at Troy, 19 Jan. I806 , William Augustus Tyler. 

Tyler children: 

a. Mary Bassett ,b. 5 Nov. l807; d. 2k Oct. l863; m. 26 June l837 

John Cassedy. Five children. 

b. Harriet , b. 22 Aug. l809; d. 22 Feb. I886. 

c . William , d . young . 

d. Eli z abeth , d. aged ih . 

e. Caroline , d. young. 

f. Lydia , b. in l8l7; d. 30 Oct. I865 , aged U8. 

g. Rebecca Knowles , b. in I819 ; d. in l852; m. in l8!47 George 

Wilsey. Two children. 
V. Deliverance , outlived her father, but d. before l830. She became 
a member of the Society of Friends. 

vi . Rebecca , b. about 178U-5 ; d. at Lee, Mass., ih Mar. I858, aged 73; 

m. her cousin, Lemuel Bassett, b. at Lee 18 Apr. 1788, d. there 
9 Aug. 1856, son of Cornelius and Abigail Bassett. 

Bassett child: 

a. Harriet R. , "b. at Lee in Jan. I830 ; d. there 15 May l853, 
aged 23; m. there, 6 Dec. I8U9 , William Tully Fish, b. at 
Salisbury, Conn., about l825, d. at Lee 10 Nov. l875, aged 
50, son of Henry and Rebecca Fish. He m. (2) Martha Vance 
Gest, who was known by her stepfather's surname, Cleland, 
Two children. 

vii. Amos , b. at Troy, N.Y., 21 Dec. 1786?, and bapt. (First Presby- 

terian Church records) 31 July 1797; d. after 1855- 

kth Generation 70 

32 . ^RICHARD ^ KNOWLES (Amos,' Samuel, 2 Richard*) son of Amos (11.) and Rebecca 
(Dillinghain) b. at Eastham Sept. 22, 17^6, d. at Eastham 11 Mar. 178l, 
age 35. 

His brother John administered his estate in 1787, while executing his 
father's will, and the amount of the inventory was accounted for to 
the father's estate as sole heir. Richard Knowles was a trader or store 
keeper. He served several years as town treasurer and was also town 
clerk (1779) shortly before his death. 

33./ JOHN '^KNOWLES (Amos,^ Samuel,* Richard*), son of Amos (ll.) and Rebecca 

(Dillingham) , b. in that part of Eastham which is now the town of Orleans, 
1 Jvine 17^9 » d. there, probably in the house in which he was born, in 
1825. He m. at Sandwich, 15 Mar. 177^, THANKFUL HALL of Sandwich, who 
siirvived him and was granted administration on his estate, 29 Mar. I826. 

In 1787 he administered the estate of his brother Richard Knowles and 
was executor of his father's will. After the death of his sister, Mrs. 
Rebecca (Knowles) Freeman, he received from the administrator of her 
estate the amount that was to be distributed among her heirs-at-law. 
He had already acquired his father's house, which by will had been left 
to her, and the orchard on the westerly side of the road, called 
"Rebecca Knowles 's orchard," in which straggling apple and pear trees 
are still standing. He also owned at one time more or less land north 
of that orchard, but the titles of the Widow Keziah Harding's homestead, 
between the orchard and the Orleans Library, and of the Bascom land, 
afterwards Esq. John Doane ' s estate, have not been traced. His inven- 
tory showed no real estate as his homestead of six acres and ten acres in 
the three-cornered piece all surrounded by roads south of his house were 
inventoried in I817 as the estate of his son-in-law, Capt. Seth Smith. 

He evidently became impoverished many years before his death; for in 
179^ the constable was allowed for John Knowles 's taxes, sick and in 
1799 for ten men's taxes, for "death or extreme poverty," among whom 
was John Knowles . Apparently the Smiths took the brtint of this burden , 
and were helped by the brothers-in-law. The probate papers relating 
to. the estate of Peregrine Paddock of Dennis, husband of John Knowles 's 
daughter Temperance, show that a note was due from Seth Smith's estate, 
Orleeuis ; and after the home was sold to pay debts, Capt. Jesse Collins 
bought it in and held the title until the old people had died. 

In the United States Census of 182O John Knowles was set down eis the 
head of the family, which included his widowed daughter, Joanna Smith, 
and grandsons, but in l830 Joanna Smith was set down as the head of 
the family. 

Knowles children, b. at Eastham and Orleans: 

i. Joshua ,* b. 29 Sept. 1775; d. at Orleans in 1797- 

ii. Joanna, b. 3 Nov. 1777; d. at Orleans 20 Nov. l8i+2; m. (int. 
recorded at Orleans, in l802) Capt. Seth Smith, Jr., of Eastham, 
who d. at Orleans in I815, administration on his estate being 

hth Generation 


graxited to his widow in I8IT. The inventory mentioned minor 
children, viz., Sally, Seth, Knowles , and Ebnezer, whose mother 
was appointed their guardian, 19 Mar. I8IT. (Eastham Vital Records 
show Joanna born 3 Nov. 1779.) 
Smith children; b. at Orleans: 

a. Sally B . , b. Apr. 1804; d. after I83O. 

b. Seth , rigger, b. 2h May l807; d. at Somerville ih Feb. l895; 

m. his brother Eben's widow, Olive (Mayo) Smith, who d. 
20 Jan. 1892. 

c. Knowles , mariner, b. 8 Sept. l8l2; d. at Orleans 6 Oct. I8U9 ; 

m. at Orleans, in Dec. I8U0 , Bethia Collins Mayo who d. 31 
May I8U9, ae. 33, dau. of Henry and Dorothy (Collins) Mayo. 
He and his younger brother bought in the title to the original 
Knowles homestead. In his will he left $hOO to School Dis- 
trict No. 10, the income to be expended for winter schools. 

d. Eben , b. 3 Feb. l8l5; d. at Eastham I6 Nov. 181+9; m. Olive 

Mayo, who, after his death, m. (2) his oldest brother, Seth 
Smith. The only child, Eben E. Smith, in applying for ad- 
ministration on his uncle's estate, represented himself as 
the sole heir. This only child of four brothers and sisters 
was drowned in the Chajrles River 26 Aug. I9OO. 

iii. John, b. I8 Jan. 178O; d. at sea in iQOh. 

iv. Rebecca , b. 27 May I782. 

V. Lydia , b. 9 Dec. 1785; d. young. 

vi . Thankful , b. 10 Mar. 1787; d. at the Orleans poorhouse, where she 

had lived since I85O, 9 June I861. 

vii. Temperance , b. 26 Nov. 1789; m. (l) Capt. Peregrine Paddock, b. 28 

Feb. 1783, d. at Havanna, Cuba, 8 May I81U (town records; the 
gravestone at East Dennis gives the year as l8l2), aged 29, son 
of Judah and Bethia Paddock; m. (2) (int. recorded at Brewster 
25 May 1816) James King, presumably the man of this name who d. 
at New Bedford k Jan. l857, aged 77. 

Paddock child; by 1st husband: 

a. Peregrine , b. at Dennis 25 Sept. I8IO ; d. in Boston lU Mar. 

1830 ; bur. in the Paddock lot at East Dennis. 

King children; by 2nd husband: 

b. James , b. at Brewster I8 Mar. I818; resided with his parents 

at New Bedford from l839 to l849 , at least. 

c. Temperance , b. at Brewster I6 June l820 ; m. at New Bedford, 

28 Sept. I8U5, David K. Whelden, son of Gershom Whelden. 

d. David, b. at Brewster 15 Sept. l823; m. at New Bedford, 29 

Mar. 1851, Joanna { __) Sandburg, widow, a native of 


e. Mary Caroline ,> b. at Brewster 15 Oct. 1825. 

viii. Elisha, b. 25 Nov. 1791; living with his parents in I8IO ; nothing 
further known about him except that his sister, Rachel (Knowles) 
Collins named a son for him. Aside from the possibility that 
this Elisha Knowles raised a fajnily in parts unknown to his 

hth Generation 


sisters' living grandchildren, his grandfather, Amos Knowles 
has no descendants of the Knowles name, although he raised four 
sons and had fifteen Knowles grandsons, 
ix. Rachel , b. 30 July 179^; m. Capt. Jesse Collins, who d. at Eastham 
6 Sept. 1869, son of Joseph and Bethia Collins. After her death, 
he m. (2) at Eastham, 2 June 18U8, being then a resident of 
Springfield, Sarah (Knowles) Atwood, b. at Eastham 6 Dec. 1786, 
d. there 13 Oct. I867, dau. of John and Susannah (Walker) Knowles, 
widow of Joshua P. Atwood, and third cousin once removed of 
Rachel (Knowles) Collins. 

Collins children; b. at Eastham: 

a. Laura Ann , b. 26 July l820 ; m. (int. recorded at Springfield, 

12 Mar. iQhk) William J. Johnson. Two children. 

b. Elisha Knowles , merchant, b. 22 May l822; d. at Los Angeles, 

Calif. 22 Sept. I908; m. at Foxborough, k Jan. I8I+8, Abigail 
Cobb Kingman, b. at Pelham 30 July I825, d. at New Bedford 27 
Sept. 1896, dau. of Martin axid Phebe Kingman. Four children. 

c. Julia Maria , b. 13 Feb. I82U; d. in Boston 22 Oct. 1904; m. 

(1) at Springfield, 8 Aug. l8iiU, Eliel Tompson Amadon, b. 
at Wilbraham 13 May I817, d. at Caledonia, 111., 21 Feb. 
1862, son of Eliel and Hannah (Tompson) Amadon; m. (2) 
at Eastham, 23 Apr. 1870, Nicholas Paine Knowles, son of 
Barnabas Freeman and Lovey (Mayo) Knowles. She returned to 
EaLStham and kept house for her father after the death of her 
stepmother, in I867, until her father's death in 1869. Six 
children by her first husband. 

d. Joseph Whitman , trader, b. 25 June 1825; d. at Beaufort, S.C., 

in Oct. 1898; m. (l) at Fairhaven, 5 Dec. I8U8, Sybil W. 
Kennison, who d. at Cambridge 21 Oct. I856, dau. of John L. 
and Maria C. Kennison; m. (2) in Boston, 20 Sept. I865 , 
Gertrude G. Hale, who d. at Beaufort 22 Feb. I878, dau. of 
Manley A. and Eliza (Rowell) Hale. He removed to Beaufort at 
the time of the Civil War. Four children (two by each wife). 

e. Louisa, b. 6 Mar. 1827; d. before her father, as she was not 

mentioned, 26 Oct. I869 , among his heirs, 
■f. Charles , b. I8 Apr. I829 ; went to California when a young 
man and was never directly heard from again. 
X. Lydia , b. 9 Dec. 1797; m. 29 Oct. I818 Knowles Higgins , b. 11 
Nov. 179^, lost at sea in l820 , son of Asa Higgins. 

From Libby's papers: 

"What evidence remains seem to warrant our believing that this last Knowles 
family on the ancient homestead suffered from their father becoming a victim 
of religious monomania. Every child of John Knowles was promptly baptized. 
After Henry Knowles Cummings bought the homestead, his father told him of 
someone who lived in that house before the Azariah Snows, who ran out into 
the road and ordered a paisser-by, "Go tell Mr. Bascom I am John the Baptist, 
and then ran down and ducked himself in Town Cove. It is not known to whom 
else this story can apply. Rev. Jonathan Bascom was the minister at Orleans 
1772-1807. Something happened in the Knowles house between I8OO and I8IO. 

Uth Generation 


By the 18OO census it was 'full of children, in I8IO none but the boy Elisha, 
although several of the daughters were still young." 

,3^JLT. JAMES KNOWLES, (Capt. James,' Samuel,* Richard*), "eldest son" of 

Capt. James (12. ) and Martha (Allyn); b. 6 Aug. ITU5 at Wethersfield, 
Conn., d. 1 June 1777 a prisoner of weur at Halifax, N.S. (Lt. in Rev. 
War Records.) He m. in that part of Wethersfield which is now the town 
of Newington, 3 Apr. I768, PRUDENCE BENTON, who d. at Pittsfield, Mass., 
IT Aug. 1839 in an insane asylum. She m. (2) at Newington, 10 or 11 
Nov. 1779, as his second wife, Daniel Foote of Pittsfield by whom she 
had six children, among them James Foote and John Benton Foote. 

From CHITTENANGO (N.Y.) HERALD, 27 June 1838: "The mother of Judge 
Knowles of this village, now residing in Pittsfield, Ma^s., rising 90 
years of age, lately helped herself into a one-horse carriage and drove 
to church and back, a distance of several miles." 

The following information on this family taken from Charles Thornton 
Libby's article in the New England Hist. & Gen. Register. 

(The name Stillman for Capt. James Knowles' wife many times repeated, 
was in the first instance tremsplanted from the Foote family. Martha 
Stillmaii, born in 1730, married Daniel Foote, and was the mother of 
Prudence (Benton) Knowles' second husband.) 

James Knowles and Martha Knowles (his mother) together made two trans- 
fers of real estate, 2 and 7 April 1767, and there is a deed on record 
from James Knowles to Martha Knowles dated 21 Sept. 1768. This last 
deed shows his brothers, Charles and Samuel Knowles as abutters 
(brothers of James ) . 

Letters written by James * Knowles during the Revolution in which he lost 
his life, disclose the kind of stuff that made this country free. One 
was written in May or J\ine 1775, soon after he had Joined the forces 
that were beseiging Boston, another on 16, 17, I8 and 19 June 1775 - 
before, during and after the Battle of Bunker Hill, two from the 
Kennebec River, in Arnold's expedition against Quebec, and one on a 
privateer about sailing from Nantasket Roads. (These letters were 
loaned for use in this article by Mrs. Mary V. (Peckham) Wise of Perry, 
N.Y., a granddaughter of James * Knowles (grandson of Lieut. Knowles). 
With the letters have come down to Mrs . Wise probate papers relating 
to the estate of Capt. James ^ Knowles (son of Samuel*, Richard* )aiid a 
glass decanter, which is said to have been a gift to one of the. fore- 
fathers by the master of a ship that brought tea to Boston). 

At Blinker Hill the writer of these letters was fifth sergeant in Capt. 
John Chester's Wethersfield Company. He enlisted for six days 10 May 
1775, and was discharged 15 Sept. 1775. He was ensign in Capt. 
Hanchett's compaxiy in Arnold** expedition and was given command of one 
of the minor sorties in the hopeless attack on Quebec. The letters 
follow at the end of this «rticl«. 

hth Generation 

By family tradition the letter of ik May ITTT was the last letter that-the 
young vife received from her hiisband. Wounded in a sea fight, he was Cir-> 
ried prisoner into Halifax where he died. The little orphan, John, ap- 
parently was educated by his father's first cousin. Rev. Isaac^Knowles , A.M. 

Kiiowles children; b. at Wethersfield (Newington): 

i. Mercy* (presumably an infant daughter of Lieut,. James Knowles ) , 
d. at Newington 1 Oct. 1769. 
76. ii. Hon . John , bapt. at Newington 6 April 1777. 

iii. Prudence , bapt. at Newington 6 April 1777; d. at Tremont , 111., 
21 Feb. 185^; m. at Pittsfield, Mass., 23 Jan. 1799 (int. re- 
corded at Dalton, Mass., 5 Jan. 1799), Nathaniel Kellogg, Jr., 
b. at Colchester, Conn., 19 Sept. 177^, d. at Pittsfield, Mass., 
21 Aug. 1822, son of Nathaniel and Hannah Bairnard (Hastings) 

Kellogg children: 

a. James Knowles , b. 17 Jan. I80O; d. at Tremont, 111., 8 June 

1888; m. (1) 9 Oct. l83i+ Mary Potter Fisk of Cheshire, 
Mass., who d. at Pleasant Grove, 111, I6 July l835; m. (2) 
at Schenectady, N.Y., 28 Oct. I836, Achsah Bates Fisk, b. 
13 Jan. 1815, sister of his first wife. Two children by 
first wife. 

b. Rev. Nathaniel , b. 1 July I8OI; d. at Pittsfield, Mass., 26 

July 1885; m. (1) 2h Mar. l831 Jeannette Eliza Thompson, 
b. at Westville, Conn., 6 Aug. l803, d. at Minneapolis, 
Minn., I8 May I865, dau. of Charles and Anna (Gilbert) 
Thompson; m. (2) 28 Dec. l873 Martha A. Foote , b. at Dalton, 
Mass., 25 Sept. I825, dau. of James and Roxanna (Dewey) 
Foote. She m. (2) at Pittsfield, 15 June I896, George Wells, 
son of Ira and Hannah Wells. Four sons by first wife. 

c. John, of McLean, 111., b. 19 Apr. l803; d. 1 June I889; m. 

15 Oct. 1828 Sarah Hubbard, b. in I805, d. 26 Feb. I89I. 
Two sons . 

d. Elizabeth Sackett , b. 17 Oct. I806; d. 9 Aug. I88U; m. 3 Apr. 

1839 Dr. Alanson Stockwell, b. at Rochester, Vt., 23 Dec. 
I80I+, d. "8 Dec. 1879, son of Jeremiah and Chloe (Chandler) 
Stockwell. Residence, El Paso, 111. Four children. 

e. Emily Benton , b. 21 Apr. 1812; d. at Bloomington, 111., 30 

Jan. 189 U; m. at Washington, 111., 8 Aug. l839, David Kern, 
son of Jacob and Christianne (Whitmer) Kern. Successive resi- 
dences, Washington, Pekin, Atlanta, and Bloomington, 111. 
Three daughters . 

f. Francis Asbury , b. 26 June I816; d. unm. at Washington, 111., 

2 June 1838. 

(Also see statement of George Perry Knowles , 7th generation and great 
grandson, about this branch of the femily.) 

kth Generation 75 

3^ACAPT. CHARLES ^KNOWLES (Capt. James,* Samuel ,* Richard* ) , son of Capt. 
y James and Mairtha (Allyn), b. at Wethersfield, Conn., d. at 

Marietta, Ohio in 1796. 

He was an officer in the Revolution and an original member of the 
Massachiisetts Society of the Cincinnati, orgsmized 9 June 1783. 
Drake's "Biographical Notices" (l873) says of him: "Charles Knowles , 
James, an officer in the Revolutionary navy, axid Martha, who m. John 

Strong, were children of Capt. James and Maxtha (Stillman) should 

be "Allyn" — see footnote at his brother James Knowles of Wethersfield, 

Conn. Soon after the battle of Lexington, Charles Joined Capt. Meig's 
Co. in Middletown, Conn, and marched to Cambridge; was com. lieut. in 
Knox's artillery reigment in 1776; lieut. and paymaster in Crane's 
artillery regiment 1 Jan. 1777; 1st lieut. 1 Aug. 1778; capt. -lieut. 
13 Sept. 1780 ; and finally, closing his paymaster's accounts in I785, 
went to Ohio, where he was on the first jury at Marietta in I788, and 
d. unm. in 1796." He was one of the signers of the original petition 
of officers in the Continental Line of the Army, dated 16 June 1783, 
for starting an English settlement in the territory west of Pennsyl- 
vania, signing himself "Charles Knowles, Capt., Artillery, Mass." In 
the final division, Capt. Chajrles Knowles' interests in the Ohio 
Company were represented by E. Downer's Agency (one share) and by 
Sargents Agency (two shares). (History of Washington Co., Ohio, p. 93.) 

^ 5th Generation 76 

HENRY ^KMOWLES (Deac .* Thomas , ^ Deac . Edward,* John ,* Richard ), son of 
Deac. Thomas (l3. ) and Elizabeth (Snow); b. 30 Aug. 1729 at Eastham; 
d. after 18IO Bar Harbor, Maine; m. (1st) at Eastham his 2nd coiisin 
on 30 Aug. 17^+9 MARY KNOWLES, dau. of James and Ann (Doane) Knowles , 
b. 29 Dec. 1730 at Eastham, d. 1 Sept. 1722, Eastham. He m. (2nd), 
(int. recorded at Eastham 29 June 1776) PHEBE COOK of Eastham, who 
probably died before I785. 

About the year 1785 when his youngest son was about five years old, 
Henry Knowles migrated to Mount Desert Island, Maine. Several families 
of Higginses, at least two families of Youngs, and a Mayo family had 
preceded him thither. The Knowles family lived with the family of Levi 
Higgins while their own house was being built — probably a log cabin 
near the foot of Ireson's Hill at Hull's Cove in the town of Bar Harbor 
(formerly the town of Eden) about half a mile north from Levi Higgins' 
dwelling and about four miles from the present village of Bar Harbor. 
It is believed that Azuba accompanied the family but except for her, 
only the younger children in his family left Eastham and went to Maine. 
Apparently his second wife had died before the removaJ.. Henry's grand- 
son, Thomas Knowles, sold the original homestead about I830. 

Knowles children by 1st wife; b. at Eastham: 

i. Frances , ^b. 8 Jan. 17^9/50. 

ii. Phebe , b. 26 Oct. 1751; probably m. (int. recorded at Eastham 
12 April 1777) Heman Atwood of Eastham. 

iii. Henry , b. 26 Feb. 1753; d. at Eastham 7 Mar. 1753. 

iv. Henry , b. 3 Sept. 175^; d. at sea 20 Oct. 177^, ae 20. 
V. Nathaniel , b. 12 Mar. 1757; d. 21 Feb. 1759- 

vi. Sarah , b. 2 Aug. 1759. 

vii. Mary , b. 9 Apr. I76I; d. at Perry, N.Y. 25 Sept. iQkky m. 12 Nov. 
1780 Ebenezer Higgins of Haddam, Conn. Eight children, one of 
whom was Henry Knowles Higgins. 

viii. Thomas , b. 9 Mar. 1763; died young, 
ix. Nathaniel , b. 26 Apr. I765. 

X. Azuba , b. 5 Nov. 1767; d. 16 April i860 prob. at Fairfield, Me.; 
m. 30 Dec. I787 at Eden, Me., Elkanah Higgins, b. I6 Aug. I769. 
She probably went to Maine with her father and the younger 
children. After her marriage she lived at Eden but later moved 
to Fairfield (M^J&i.?). Nine children. 

xi. Thomas , b. Nov. 1771; m. Joanna ( ); he is said to have been 

a sailor and died at Norfolk, Virginia. 

Knowles children by 2nd wife: 

xii. Mercy , b. at Eastham 29 June 1777; d. 30 Mar. l8i+l; m. 17 May 
1810 Simeon Hadley, Jr. of West Eden, Me., b. 7 Nov. 1776. Nine 

xiii. Abigail , b. at Eastham 16 Feb. 1779; m. Ebenezer Salisbury, Jr. 
They lived on the homestead at Hull's Cove, Bar Harbor, Me. 
Nine children. 
77. xiv. Henry , b. at Eastham 5 Sept. I780. 

5th Generation 


XV. Fanny , m. Ephraim Salisbury, son of Benjamin Salisbury. They 

lived at Hull's Cove and had four children, 
xvi. Desire , m. in I806 Capt . Thomas Mayo, b. 8 July 1T8U, son of 

Joseph and Ruth (Snow) Mayo of Eastham. They had ten children 

and lived at West Eden, Bsur Harbor, Me. 

3t\ benjamin ^ KNOWLES (Deac. Edward, * Deac . Edward, John,*Richard , son of 
~~~/ Deac. Edward (iH. ) and Ann (Doane) ICnowles , widow of James (19.); b. 

19 Feb. 1T36/T at Eastham; d. 16 Dec. 1810 ae 73; m. at Eastham IT Feb. 

1763 MARY BROWN, dau. of George and Alice (Freeman) Brown, b. 21 Jul;,- 

1741 at Eastham, d. 1 Aug. lQ2h at Eastham ae 83. 

His name occurs in many real estate transactions, often relating to 
lands held in common between himself and the heirs of his brother, 
Elijah Knowles, Esq., after the latter's death. Postcard pictures of his 
house, which was taken down about 1906, indicate that it was built some 
time earlier than his own period. It was a fine example of the old Cape 
Cod double house, and long before it was taken down, it showed its ex- 
treme age, by its floors being akimbo and in other ways. It stood 
facing the south, near the eastern or northeastern shore of Long Pond, 
otherwise "the freshwater pond", which is crossed by the railroad (1926) 
at Eastham Centre. 

Knowles children; b. at Eastham: 

i. Obed,*b. 28 Aug. 176U; d. at Eastham 7 Apr. I765. 

78. ii. Obed , b. 2k July I766. 

79. iii. George , b. ih May I768. 

iv. Alice , b. 26 June 1770; d. 30 Dec. 1771. 

V. Edward , b. 15 Sept. 1772; died young. 

80. vi. Benjamin , b. 29 Sept. 177^. 

81. vii. Edward , b. 25 Mar. 1776. 

82. viii. Freeman, b. 20 Sept. 1778. 
ix. Mary , b. 25 Nov. I78O; not named in her father's will. 
X. Lydia , b. 1 May 1783; d. at Eastham 11 Sept. 18U8; ae 64; m. at 

Eastham 23 Dec. I80U, her third cousin Joshua Knowles (son of 
John ajid Susannah Walker Knowles. See Joshua and Lydia 6th 
gener. ) Eight children. 

EDWARD ^ KNOWLES (Deac. Edward,* Deac. Edward, ^ John, ^ Richard^) son of 
Deac. Edward {ik.) and Ann (Doane) Knowles, widow of James (19-); b. 
22 Aug. 17UI; d. at sea 21 Feb. 1771, age 39; m. 29 Sept. I767 at 
Eastham PHEBE WALKER dau. of John Walker of Eastham, b. 3 Aug. 17^5. 

Knowles child: 

i. Hajinah ,^b. k Sept. I769. One Hannah Knowles m. at Eastham (int. 
recorded at Eastham, 5 Nov. 1791) Nathaniel Smith. Later there 
lived at Eastham one Edward K. Smith, son of one Nathaniel Smith. 

His father administered his estate. 

^ 5th Generation 78 

39 /) THOMAS * KUOWLES (Deac. Edward ,* Deac . Edward, ^ John Richard* ) , son of 

Deac. Edward (lU.) and Ann (Doane) Knowles ; b. 30 Jan. 17^3/^ at Eastham, 
Mass.; d. 27 Dec. l825 , ae 82 (Leicester VR's he was "Capt." Thomas 
Knowles ) Leicester, Mass.; m. (1st) 26 Jan. 176i+ at Eastham THANKFUL 
CROSBY of Harwich who d, at Harwich 19 Nov. 1770; m. (2nd) AZUBAH CLARK 
of Harwich, who died 11 Jan. I825, ae SU, Leicester. 

In 1779 he was still "of Harwich", and with capital borrowed from his 
father bought lands in Holden, Worcester Co., Mass., where the United 
Census of 1790 showed him with six children in his household. In I817 
he was living in the town of Ward (now Auburn), as were also a Thomas 
Knowles, Jr. and an Elijah Knowles. 

November 9th, I826, his son, Thomas Knowles, was appointed by the Court 
of Probate, Worcester Co., Mass. to administer his estate at which time 
the senior Thomas was stated to be "late of Ward, but last of Leicester 
in said County." 

Knowles children by 1st wife. Thankful: 

i. Hannah,* b. 22 Aug. I76I?. According to Dr. Dwight Smith, she 
m. Nathaniel Smith and d. at Sandisfield in l857, aged 92. 
According to holden records, Hannaii Knowles and Levi Holden 
of Westminster m. 2h Dec. 179U. 

ii. Azubah , b. 9 Apr. 1767; d. 13 June 1767. 

iii. A daughter . 

iv. Edward , bapt. at Harwich in Mar. 1770; d. at Eastham I8 Feb. 1771. 

Perhaps others and perhaps the Elijah abovementioned as being in 
the 1790 census a.\i his brother Elijah appears to have remained 
in Eastham. 

Knowles children by 2nd wife, Azubaii: 

83. V. Thomas , Jr . , bapt. in the First Parish of Harwich (now Brewster) 
July 1775, when their mother was received into the church, 
vi. Thankful , bapt. with Thomas as above. 

viix' Nathan , bapt. in same parish 12 Oct. 1776. (1850 census of 
^ Auburn, Mass.,. a Nathan Knowles, "age 90", was living in household 
of Ezra Rice age 39 and Catherine Rice age ^41.) 
viii. Sally , bapt. same parish 28 Mar. 1779. See NOTE, 

ix. Betsey , b. 20 Aug. 178I (from Holden records). See NOTE. 
X. Desire , b. 15 Feb. I78U. 

xi . William , b. xl Mar. 1788, "in Englajid" according to Holden records . 

NOTE: 1850 census, Auburn, Mass. a Sally Knowles, age 70, was living in 
household with Elijah (age 73) and Elizabeth (age 67) Prentiss. Probably 
these two sisters. 

5th Generation 79 

/ 40^1 ELIJAH^ KNOWLES (Deac. Edward,* Deac. Edward,^ John, 'Richard*), son of 
VZZ Deac. Edward (lU.) and Ann (Doane) (Knowles); b. 6 Feb. ITU7/8; d. at 

Eastham I8 Dec. 1795; m. at Eastham 2 Apr. 177^ REBECCA HARDING who was 

living in I83O. 

His short life was full of honor. At the time of his death he was Town 
Clerk and Treasurer and had been for ten years representative from 
Eastham in the General Court . As Justice of the Peace, he was much em- 
ployed by the people of the town. His father's homestead was given him 
by will and by his own will he left it to his son, Harding. 

Knowles children; b. at Eastham: 

8U. i. ( Ma.j.) Heniyt b. 20 July 1775. 
ii. Anna , b. 26 Aug. 1777. 

85. iii. Harding , b. 25 Oct. 1779. 

86. iv. Elijah, b. 1 Jan. 1782. 

V. Elizabeth , b. 5 Aug. 178I+; m. at Eastham h Dec. l803, her third 
cousin once removed, Jesse N^rick, son of Isaac and Mercy 
(Knowles) Myrick. They had children. 

vi . Lucy , b. 5 Apr. I786. 

vii. Phebe , b. 21 June I788; m. at Eastham in Feb. I808 Scotto Cobb 

of Eastham. They had children. 

/ Ul. , JESSE ^ KUOWLES (Joshua,* Col. John,^ John, ' Richard*), son of Joshua (15.) 
\ ^ and Sarah (Paine ) ; b. 13 Apr. 1723 at Eastham, d. there before 1778; m. 

at Eastham 30 Jan. 1752 SARAH WALKER of Eastham, b. there 25 Jan. 1723/^+. 

She was probably the Widow Sarah Knowles who d. at Orleans in 1816, aged 

96, dau. of John and Mercy (Brown) Walker. 

Knowles children; b. at Eastham: 

i. John,*b. 3 Feb. 1753. 

ii. Mercy , b. 2 Apr. 1755; d. 7 May l837; m. (int. rec. at Eastham 

6 July 1776) Isaac Myrick. Eight children, one of whom was Jesse 
^fy•rick, who m. his third cousin once removed, Elizabeth Knowles, 
dau. of Elijah and Rebecca (Harding) Knowles. 

iii. Hannah, b. 8 Feb. 1757. 

iv. Sarah , b. 25 Nov. 1758; d. at Orleans 1^ Apr. I85I, "age 92 years 

5 months", m. (int. rec. at Eastham 7 Apr. 1792) Deac. Abial Cole 
of Eastham, who d. 19 Aug. 1805. 
V. Joshua , b. 6 Apr. I763. 

vi. Mehitable , b. 6 Jan. I765. It was probably she who m. Caleb 

Thompson in Athol, Mass. 1781+ and d. 11 Oct. I8U0, ae 75, New 
Salem, Mass. (From Mrs. Gerald Doten , 568 Main St., Hampden, 
Mass. 1973.) 

5th Generation 


kO . ) ELIJAH ^ KNOWLES (Deac. Edward,* Deac. Edward,^ John, * Richard*), son of 
Deac. Edward (l4. ) and Ann (Doane) (Knowles); b. 6 Feb. 1747/8; d. at 
Eastham l8 Dec. 1795; m. at Eastham 2^ Apr. 1774 REBECCA HARDING who was 
living in l830 . 

^ \ \ 
His short life was full of honor. At the time of his death he was Town 

Clerk and Treasiirer and had been for ten years representative from 
Eastham in the General Court . As Justice of the Peace, he was much em- 
ployed by the people of the town. His father's homestead was given him 
by will and by his own will he left it to his son, Harding. 

Knowles children; b. at Eastham: 



1 . 

ii . 



VI . 


( Ma.i. ) Henry; b. 20 July 1775. \ 
Anna , b. 26 Aug. 1777. \ 
Harding , b. 25 Oct. 1779. \ 
Elijati, b. 1 Jan. 1782. / 

Elizabeth , b. 5 Aug. 1784; m. at Eastham 4 Dec. l803, her third 
cousin once removed, Jesse I-fyrick, soa of Isaac and Mercy 
(Knowles) Myrick. Tlriey had children. 

Lucy , b. 5 Apr. 1786. 

Phebe , b. 21 June 1788; m. at Eastham in Feb. l808 Scotto Cobb 
of Eastham. They had children. 

^ / hi A JESSE ^ KNOWLES (Joshua,* Col. John,^ John, ^ Richard^), son of Joshua (l5.) 
/^'\VlIy and Sarah (Paine ) ; b. 13 Apr. 1723 at Eastham, d. there before 1778; m. 

at Eastham 30 Jan. 1752 SARAH WALKER of Eastham, b. there 25 Jan. 1723/4. 
She was probably the Widow Sarah Knowles who d. at Orleans in l8l6, aged 
96, dau. of John and Mercy (Brown) Walker. 

Knowles children; b at Eastham: ; 

i. John ,^b. 3 Feb. 1753. | 

ii. Mercy , b. 2 Apr. 1755; d. 7 May 1837; m. (int. rec. at Eastham 

6 July 1776) Isaac Myrick. Eight children, one of whom was Jesse 
Myrick, who m. his third cousin once removed, Elizabeth Knowles, 
dau. of Elijah and Rebecca (Harding) Knowles. >^ 

iii. Hannah, b. 8 Feb. 1757. 

iv. Sarah , b. 25 Nov. 1758; d. at Orleans l4 Apr. I85I, "age 92 years 

5 months", m. (int. rec. at Eastham 7 Apr. 1792) Deac. Abial Cole 
of Eastham, who d. 19 Aug. I805. 
V. Joshua , b. 6 Apr. IY63. ^ 

vi. Mehitable , b. 6 Jan. 1765. \j 

5th Generation 80 

U2. VOSHUA^ OOWLES (Joshua, * Col. John, 3 John,* Richard*), son of Joshua 
(15. ) and Sarah (Paine); b. 2? April 1730 at Eastham, Mass; d. 7 May 
1779 North Truro, Mass.; m. at Truro 23 May 175^ MARY HARDING b. lU Apr. 
1735 at Truro, Mass., d. there 12 June I8OI at age 66. Joshua and Mary 
were buried in Old North Cemetery, Truro. He was a carpenter. (Mary 
Harding, dau. of Nathaniel and Hannah (Young) Harding.) 

Knowles children; b. Truro: 

i. Mehitable ,^b. 28 Feb. 1755; d. at Truro 2k Sept. I785 ; m. at 
Truro 17 Nov. 177^ Ephraim Lombard. 

Lombard children: 

a. Ephraim , b. 8 Sept. 1775. 

b. James , b. 7 April 1777. 

c. Mehitable , b. 7 Oct. 1778. 

d. Hannah , b. 28 April 178I. 

e. Nathaniel , b. 29 Nov. I78U. 
87. ii. Joshua , b. k Nov. 1756. 

iii. Nathaniel , b. 22 Sept. 1758; d. at sea I8 June 1783 in 25th year. 

iv. Martha , b. 2k Dec. 176O ; m. at Truro 21 Apr. I785 David Dyer of 
Truro. Martha d. 12 P^eb . I8U5 (ae Qk) ; David d. I816 age 56. 

Dyer children: 

a. David , b. 16 July I786. 

b. Rebecca ) . . -u -? a ttqq 
77 r— ' twins, b. 7 Aug. 1788. 

c. Hannah ) » • d 

d. Henry , b. ik Nov. 179^. 

e. Elisha , b. 17 June 1792. 

f. Sarah , b.& d. 6 July 1797- 

g. Reuben , b. 5 May I8OO. 

v. Rebecca , b. 13 July 1763; m. at Truro 2 Nov. 1786, Solomon 

Lombard children: 

a. Mehitable , b. 1 Sept. I789. 

b. Susannah , "b. I8 May 1791. 

Truro records state "Rebecca Lombard, widow of Capt. Solomon 
Lombard died in Truro June 2, I836." 

vi. Sarah , b. I8 Nov. I766 ; d. unm. at Truro 2k Apr. I816. 

vii. Hannah , b. 25 Jan. 1769; svirvived her husband; m. at Truro 10 Aug. 

1789, her second cousin, Paul Knowles. (For their children, see 
Paul next generation.) 
88.viii. Jesse , b. 2k Jan. 1771. 
ix. Mary , b. 29 Apr. 1773; 

X. Susanna , bapt- at Truro 28 Apr. 1776; m. there 20 Feb. 1795, 
John Thomas of Truro. 

Thomas children: 

a. John, b. & d. 7 Sept. 1797- 

5th Generation 


. 25 Sept. 1799. 
23 Nov. 1803. 

10 Jan. 1805 ; prob. d. young. 
16 Jan. I8OT. 
, 1809. 

23 June l8l2. 

b . Zephaniah Hatch, b , 

c. Shubael Atkins , b. 

d. Theodore Lyman , b. 

e. Rebecca Atkins , b. 

f. Susaxina , b. 29 Jan, 

g . Theodore Lyman , b . 

h. Sarah , b. 8 Mar. 1815. 
Truro records: John Thomas d. 2 Feb, 
(2nd) Peter Walker 8 May l832. 

This Joshua Knovles and his son, Joshua, served as Privates in Capt. Isaiah 
Higgins Co., Col. Thomas Marshall's Rgt., Rev. War, enlisting 6 June 1776. 
(DAR Patriot Index). Joshua Knowles did not leave a will. His real estate 
holdings were appraised at L2512.10. 2, personal L791. 9- 0. of which the 
widow received her rightful dower of 1/3. 

1816, age kk'y Susanna m. 


First trace of the Harding name in America was Joseph who married Martha 
Doane ajid came to Plymouth in l623. 

Joseph was son of John Harding born I567 who was son of Fritz Harding of 
Lipcott, England. This John died in l637. 

Joseph and Martha Doane Haxding had two sons, John born in I62U who remained 
in Plymouth, and Joseph born 1629 . 

^ ^ Widow Martha Doane Harding was in Plymouth in l632; died in l633, having no 

^ will but left her son Joseph to the care of her brother Deacon John Doane 

(one of the 7 settlers of Nauset ^EasthamJ ). Joseph was early a freeman in 


(1) Fritz Harding of Lipcott, England. 

(2) John, b. 1567; died l637. 

(3) Joseph, m. Martha Doane; cajne to America in l623. (Martha died l633.) 
(U) John, b. 162^-remained in Plymouth. 

(*+) Joseph, b. 1629 m. April U, 1660 Bethia Cook, dau. Josias Cook. They had 

eleven children, one of whom was Nathaniel, and a daughter, Johannah, 

b. 1676 who m. Michael Atwood. 
(5) Nathaniel, b. 167^+, Dec. 25th. He m. (1st) in 1701 HannaJh Collins who 

was born 168O, dau. of Joseph Collins & Ruth Knowles; she died in I72U. 

He m. (2nd) in 1725 Hannah Young, born Sept. 5, l693; dau of David 

Young, b. April 17, l662; died 17^5. 

David Young m. Jan. 20, I687 Anne Doane who was born 1666 and died 1758. 
David Young was son of John Young b. in England, m. 13 Dec. 16U8 Abigail 
^ Howland (l629-April 7, I692) dau. of Henry and Mary Howland. John moved 

to Eastham in 1650 and died Jan. 28, 169O-I. 

Anne Doane was dau. of John Doane and Hannah Bangs. John Doane (l635- 
1708) son of Deac. John Doane. Hannah Bangs b. I6UU, dau. of Edward 
Bangs and Rebecca. Deac. John Doane and Edward Bangs were two of the 
seven founders of Eastham. 

Children of Nathaniel and 1st wife, Hannah (Collins): 
i. Nathaniel , b. . 

5th Generation 


ii. Bethiah , b. 1713, m. John Lombard. 
Children by 2nd wife, Hannah (Young): 

iii. Martha , b. 1726, m. Joshua Atkins 17^2. 

iv. Sarah , b. 1728. 
V. James , b. 1730. 

vi . Anne , b. 1732. 

vii . Mary , b. 1735, who married Joshua Knowles 175^. 

h3'\ JOSIAH ^ KUOVLES (Joshua,* Col. John,^ John,* Richard* ), son of Joshua 

(15. ) and Sarah (Paine); b. 2h May 1735 at Eastham; d. before ik Sept, 
A 1786; m. at Eastham 29 Oct. 176I REBECCA HIGGINS , b. 1 Ma^ 173^+ at 
Eastham, dau. of Benjamin and Sarah (Mayo) Higgins . 

The widow Rebecca Knowles was appointed lU Sept. I786 guardian of 
Josiah and Rebecca, children of Josiah Knowles, deceased. 

Knowles children; b. at Eastham: 

i. Elkanah ,^ b . 8 Dec. I762. 

ii. Josiah , b. 23 July 1766 . 

iii. Alice , b. 13 Sept. I769 . 

iv. Rebecca, b. 2h Sept. 177^. 

hh.) SIMEON Bowles (Joshua,* Col. John, John, 2 Richard*), son of Joshua 
(15 . ) and Sarah (Paine); b. 11 Aug. 1737, Eastham, Mass.; d. between 
31 Dec. 1787 (when his will was datea) and 29 Aug. I788 when it was 
proved at Eastham; m. (int. recorded at Eastham) 12 Aug. 1758 EUNICE 
MAYO, dau. of James and Elizabeth (higgins) Mayo of Eastham. Eunice 
died at Hardwick, Mass. 5 Apr. I819 , age 79. 

Besides farming, he served in the militia and was a private in Capt. 
Isaiah Higgins' Company, Major Zenal Winslow's Regiment. 

Knowles children; b. at Eastham: (order of births uncertain) 

i. Sus anna ,^m. at Eastham in Nov. 1778, Zoheth Higgins. 

89. ii. Theophilus , b. abt. 1^62/U. 

90. iii. Simeon , b. 17 Aug. I766 . 
iv. E\inice 
V. Lavinia 

vi. Dilla 

vii. Sarah 
viii. Elisha 

ix. Elizabeth 

X. Phebe , b. 1783; d. 7 Apr. I82U, age hi years. 

91. xi. Jesse, b. before llQh. 

Last eight children were under age at the date of their father's will, 
31 Dec. 1787. 

5th Generation 83 

. )elISHA^O0WLES (Lt. John,*Col. John , ^ John,' Richard *) son of Lt . John(l6.) 
axid Mehitable (Walker); b. 1723/U Eastham; d. at Haddam, Conn. Feb. 
1801, age 77; m. 17^6 ABIGAIL CONE, dau. of Capt. Caleb Cone who had 
two wives, one of whom was Elizabeth Cunningham, mother of Abigail. 
Abigail Cone was born 2 July 1730. She and her husband buried Old 
Ponsett Yard. 

Additional information this branch furnished by Arthur T. Knowles (1970) 
of Brooklyn, N.Y. from family notes of Rev. Wm. Clark Knowles. 

On stone with Elisha and wife, Abigail: "Abigail, dau. of James and 
Martha Smith Knowles, died 1791 — granddaughter of Elisha." 

In his father's will, Elisha Knowles received the house in which he 
(Elisha) lived, situated on original homestead property in Ponsett 
his father had purchased in 17^1 about the time of removal from Eastham. 
Elisha' s son Joshua became his successor in I8OI when the former died. 
Hazael Smith purchased the property later and built a new house abt. 
1810 which he occupied until his death in 1866 and thereafter by his 
son, Davis Smitn, until I872. Joshua Knowles removed to Easthampton, 
Mass. after the sale of his father's house. 

Knowles children; b. Haddam: Conn: 

92. i. James ,^b. 17^6/7. 

ii. Elisha , b. abt. 17^8. ( An Elisha Knowles enlisted in the Rev. 
with Walker Knowles and there was an Elisha Knowles in Conn. 
Militia I78I, Col. Canfield's Regiment at West Point 15 Sept. 
1781. It is said that this Elisha, his brother James, and 
James' son Jesse, went to "New Connecticut" (Ohio) about I8IO.) 
The Joshua ICnowles born I768 at Haddam, Conn, and referred to 
by Mr. Libby as son of this Elisha, was actually the brother of 
this Elisha, and son of the senior Elisha. 

iii. Mehitable , m. in 177^ Amos Dickinson. 

Dickinson children; 

a. John, b. 1775- 

b . Amos . 

c . Abigail . 

d. Mehitable . 

iv. Abigail , m. in April 177^ Joshua Smith in Haddam. 
V. Sarah , m. in Jan, 1783 Calvin Hubbard who was b. 31 Mar. I765. 

Eight children, 
vi. A child , b. Sept. 1757; died. 

93. vii. Joshua , b. 22 Sept. I768 (Vol. VI, pg. 602, COMPENDIUM OF AMERICAN 
GENEALOGY - Virkus ) 

viii. Anna, m. 19 Dec. l803 Jared Daniels, 
ix. Phebe, b. in 1775; d. inl807, age 32; m. Jan. 1793 Stephen Sears 
who was born 11 Dec. 1768 and d. 16 Nov. I807. 

5th Generation Qk 

Sears children: 

a. Dorothy , b. 1T93/U; m. James Smith. 

b. James . b. 1795- 

c. Clarissa , b. 1799; m. 22 Mar. l8l3 Elias Selden of Middletovra. 

d. Elisha, b. l801. 

e. Stephen , died age 8. 

46.)rICHARP^KNOWLES (Lt. John,* Col. John John Richard* ) , son of Lt . 

John (l6.) and Mehitable (Walker); b. Mar. 1725; d. 9 Apr. l8li+ age 88 
yrs., 8 mo's; m. k Apr. 17^+9 MARY CONE,dau. of Capt. Caleb and Elizabeth 
Cone, sister of his brother Elisha's wife, b. 23 Mar .1732, d. 8 Oct. 
1796, age 65, Haddam, Conn. She and her husband buried Old Ponsett 

Knowles children; b. at Haddam: 

yj_zabeth b . 6 Dec. 17^9; d. 2 
Abner Tibbals. Four children (surname Tibbals) 

Elizabeth b . 6 Dec. 17^9; d. 28 Jan. l827; m. 27 July 1772(4?) 

Tibbals children: 

a. Jesse , b. 12 Oct. 1775- 

b. Abner , b. 2h Aug. 1777. 

c. Clara , b. 26 Feb. I78I. 

d. Nathaniel , b. I6 May 1786; m. Phebe Tibbals. 

ii. Mary , b. 28 Oct. 1751; d. 5 Sept. l835(55?); m. April 177^ Joseph 

Burr who was born 17^9 and died 25 May I829 . Four children 


Burr children: 

a. Mary ) ^ m. Anson Bristre 

b. Martha )^^' '^^^ m. Stephens 

c. Hope , b. Mar. 1778. 

d. Joseph , b. 1779; m. 26 Dec. l803 Huldah Bailey, 11 children. 

iii. Susanna , b. 5 Feb. 1755; d. in I83U; m. 27 Nov. 177^ Obadiah 

Dickinson who was born 7 July 1753 and died I827. He was a 
soldier in the' Revolution. Son of Obadiah Dickinson. 

Dickinson children: 

a. Jonah , b. 12 May 1775; m. 17 Feb. l802 Clarissa Hubbard. 

b. Obadiah , b. 20 Nov. 1776. 

c. Aaron , b. 12 Jan. 1779. 

d. Susanna, b. 5 Feb. I78I; d. July I867. 

e. Sarah , b. 18 Jan. 1783. 

f. Darius , b. 1 Mar. 1785; m. 25 June I806 Anna Hubbard. 

g. Bathsheba , b. 8 May 1787 . . 

h. Esther , b. 26 June I789. 

i. Mary , b.l* July 1791. 

J. Elizabeth , b. 20 Dec. 1783; d. 6 June 179^. 

k. Amanda, b. 9 Nov. 1795- 

5th Generation 


iv. Bethia , "b . 6 Mar. 1757; m. Cone (Rev. W.C. Knowles ' notes, 

via Arthur T. Knowles state that Willard Knowles borrowed money 
from her to pay for his place.) 

v. Esther , b. 7 Mar. 1759; d. 29 Aug. 181+3; m. (1st) 5 Jan. l8l2 

Sylvanus Smith; m. (2nd) 1 Dec. l8l9 Oliver Brainerd who was born 
1758 and d. 17 May I83U. No Brainerd children but WCK thinks she 
had a daughter who married a West. 

vi. Simon , b. I8 Apr. 176I; d. 29 Mar. 1783; buried Old Ponset Yard 

beside his Uncle William Knowles. 
9h. vii. Walker , b. 1 Apr. 1763. 

95. viii. Richard , b. 1765; m. twice, 7 children. 

96. ix. Ruel, b. I768. 

97. X. Daniel , bapt. in 1770 with his brothers and sisters. 

98. xi. Seth, b. 1775 to 178O. 

xii. Lydia , b. abt. 1775. She was called "Lydia Knowles" in the dis- 
tribution of her father's estate in l8l5; m. (1st) Brooks, 

had son, David, b. l803 who d. 1 May I81O ; m. (2nd) Knowles. 

Lydia died about I8U6, probably buried Essex, Conn. 

Knowles child: 

a. David Brainard , b. 5 Oct. I816, at Haddam; bapt. 6 Nov. 183I 
in Haddam Cong. Church; went to Essex as a young man where he 
worked for the Conklin Brothers , ship builders , as a block 
and spar maker for more than 60 yeaxs . He m. 3 Nov. 18^+6 
Susan Parmelia Clanning of Clinton, Conn. They were charter 
members of the First Congregational Church, Essex, founded 
1850-52. In I8I47 he built the house at 6 Bank Lane, Essex, 
Conn, in which four generations of his children and grand- 
children lived, the house passing from the family in I969 • 
Susan Parmelia Clanning was born 7 May l822 and died I8 Nov. 
1905 at Essex. David d. at age 82 years, 6 months and 5 days 
on Apr. 10, 1899- 

Knowles chixdren: 

(1.) George 0. , b. abt. I85I, apparently died unm. in New York 
City where he was a merchant in l899. 

(2.) Joseph Easton , b. 28 Aug. l853; d. 20 Oct. 1921; m. Laura 
M. Hayden, b. 25 Jan. I856, d. 3 Mar. 1922. He became 
a merchant in Essex; had five children who grew to 
adulthood: Susie, Agnes, Lillian, Melvin and George. 
None had children. 

(3.) Lizzie Sarane , b. I8 Dec. I858; m. George Byron Stillman 
of Essex, a factory worker and mechanic. He was a des- 
cendant of Edward Doty, Mayflower passenger. They re- 
sided in the Knowles house, Essex. 

Lizzie Sarane Knowles Stillman had two daughters, one of 
whom was Louise Pratt Stillmaji, b. 19 Apr. l882, m. 
Mathias Fred Friedel of Deep River, Conn. Their daughter, 
Evelyn Elizabeth Friedel, b. 17 Feb. I908, m. 23 Nov. 
1931 Hans Clarence Schwannecke, b. 10 Aug. I89O, d. 

5th Generation 


29 May 1955 who were the parents of Pamelia Louise 
Schwannecke, b. 12 Nov. 1933. Pamelia m. (1st) William 
H. Dallas, Jr., (2nd) Donald Elwood Olson. Mrs. Olson 
resides Tacoma, Washington and has contributed consider- 
able time, interest, research work in the gathering of 
information on the Conn, branch of this genealogy. She 
has been a tireless and exacting assistant to whom much 
gratitude is extended. 

0 WILLIAM KNOWLES (Lt. John,* Col. John, ^ John, ' Richard^) , son of Lt . 
ZIy John (16.) and Mehitable (Walker); b. 9 June 1732, probably at East] 

East ham, 

Mass. before his father removed to Haddam, Conn, in 17^1/2; d. 1 Dec. 
1820 ae 88, at Haddam; m. RUTH (prob.) CONE who d. at Haddam 22 Aug. 
1802 ae 72 years (therefore born 1730). Both William and Ruth buried 
Old Ponsett Yard. 

At his father's death in 1752 he inherited the original Knowles home- 
stead dwelling house and barn. In 1769 he purchased 3 acres of land 
adjoining his own, from his sister and brother-in-law, Mehitable and 
Abner Smith. 

According to BY GONE DAYS IN PONSETT-HADDAM by Rev. William Clark 
Knowles, this William Knowles built the homestead farm that remained in 
possession of the family for over one hundred and sixty four years. A 
typical New England farmhouse, two stories with a lean-to. William left 
his estate to his grandchildren, William, Zeruiah and John H. Knowles 
in his will. 

From Old Ponsett Cem. records: "A memorial to two sons of William & 
Ruth Knowles. William died 8 July I78U age 19 yesirs. Willard supposed 
to be lost on Sept. 10, I8OO , in a gale of wind at sea — age 26 yeaj"s." 

Knowles children; b. at Haddam: 

99. i. John , ^b apt . June 1763. 

ii. William , bapt.Aug. 1765; d. at Haddam 8 July 1784. 

iii. Hannah , bapt. Oct. I768; d. at Haddam 2 Mar. l802. 

iv. Ruth , bapt. June- 1771; d. at Haddam 22 Apr. I807. 

V. Willard , bapt. June 177^; perished with four other young men of ■. 
Haddam in a gale at sea on a voyage to the West Indies, 10 Sept. 

U8?^ SETH ^ KNOWLES ( Seth , * Col . John, * John, * Richard*) , son of Seth (l7.)and 
Martha (Remick) , b. 1728; d. 28 Sept. 1773 at Chatham, Conn, in his U6th 
year; m. 2 Jan. I7U9/5O at East Middletown, Conn, (now Portland), 
CATHERINE HOBBS who d. of smallpox in her 51st year on 8 Dec. 177^; she 
was buried Portland, Conn. Cem. 

He was an agressive man and operated in real estate in what is now 
Portland, especially in that part called Pecowset. The gravestones 
of Seth Knowles etnd his wife formerly stood in what was called the 
Quarry Cemetery but were removed with the other stones there to the 

5th Generation 87 

place where they now (1926) stand, to make room for the operations of 
the quarry . 

Knowles children; b. at Portland, Conn.: 

i. Lucy t ^ ' 13 Feb. 1751/2; m. at Chatham 30 Dec. 1779 Samuel 
Stocking . 

ii. Hannah, b. 30 Mar. 175^; m. l8 Mar. 1779 John Shepard, Jr. 

iii. Christian , b. 19 Apr. 1756; m. 6 Apr. 1775 Samuel Bi dwell. 

iv. Lydia , bapt. "at a private house" at Portland, Conn. 23 Aug. 1773 
( Congregational Church Records); m. 3 Jan. 1783 Stephen Penfield. 
Lydia died 19 Sept. 1791- 

100. V. Seth , b. 25 May 1763; bapt. "at a private house" at Portland, 
Conn. 23 (2U?) Aug. 1773 (Cong. Ch. Records). Seth's birthdate 
furnished by Mrs. Nita Howard from family records. 

vi. Thankful , bapt. same date and place as I^ydia and Seth above; b. 
about 176 i+. 

vii. Me r cy , bapt. same as above. 

NOTE: There was a Nathan Knowles at Portland, Conn, who married 3 May 178O 
Ruhamah Schellinx and had children: Sarah, bapt. 23 Mar. 1783; and Betsey 
and Sophia, bapt. 9 Feb. I787. Also in the same place was a widow Knowles 
who had a son who died 22 Feb. I8OI. Nathan might have been another son of 
this Seth or a son of Seth's brother, Daniel. 

DANIEL^ OIOVLES (Seth,*Col. John,^ John, ^ Richard*) , son of Seth (17.) 
and Martha (Remick); b. 1732, East ham, Mass., or possibly after his 
father removed to East Hampton, Conn.; d. abt. 1770; m. 3 Feb. 1757 
Chatham, Conn., SIBBEL BACON, dau. of Lt . John and Sarah (White )Bacon 
who were m. March 1718-; b. 27 Aug. 1735; d. before 12 Oct. 1796. She 
married (2nd) 28 June I771 Jedediah Norton of Chatham. 

Knowles children; b. at Chatham: 

i. Prudence ,^ bapt. 3 Sept. 1757- 

101. ii. Seth , b. 7 Mar. I760. 

102. iii. Isaac , b. 15 Apr. 1762. 

iv. Sibbel , m. Jonathan Chappel, who was of Maryland, Otsego Co., N.Y. 
in 1818. 

V. Daniel , living 19 May 1772, when Philip Mortimer was appointed his 

r ^O.IaBRAHAM^ KNOWLES ( Seth* Col. John,^ John,* Richard* ) , son of Seth (17.) 

and Martha (Remick); b. abt. 17^0; d. 29 Sept. 1771 at Chatham, Conn. 

M. MOLLY ( ). 

~~~~~~~ > 

His widow was appointed 1 Apr. 1772,- guardian of their three children 
and Ithamar Pelton was joined as an administrator. 

Knowles children; b. at Chatham, Conn: (correct order not certain) 

103. i. Giles , named first in his father's will. 

5th Generation 


lOk. i i . Abraham Remick . 

iii. Maxy , b. abt. 1769/TO; m. 10 Nov. IT85 Wells Diggins. Her name 
appears in the probate court records 6 Mar. 1805 as heir to her 
nephew Remick Knowles , son of Abranam Remick Knowles , who had d. 
at Bethlehem, Mass. 

( 51-\ Paul'' knowles (Paul,* Col. John,^ John, * Richard*) , son of Paul (18.) and 
\^ Phebe ( Paine); b. 28 Nov. 1728 at Truro, Mass.; d. there 12 Sept. l802, 
jK age 7^; m. 11 Nov. I76O at Truro, MARY (ATKINS) DYER; b. I8 June 1738; 
d. 22 Aug. I82H, dau. of Isaiah and Hannah (Cook) Atkins of Truro and 
widow of Caleb Dyer. 

Paul Knowles was a farmer, also referred to as "Capt." Paul Knowles, so 
in all probability followed the sea at some time during his life. Four 
of his sons were shipmasters and lost at sea. The house he built and 
lived in at Truro was later occupied by his daughter, Mrs. Anna Childs. 

Knowles children; b. at Truro: 

105. i. Paul, b. 2U June 1762. 

ii. Ruth , b. 2h Aug. Il6h; m. 25 Nov. I789 Simon Lombard, Jr., b. 2k 
Oct. 1757, son of Simon and Anna Lombard. 

Lombard children; (from Truro records): 

a. John , b. 8 July 1791; prob . died young. 

b. Solomon, b. 23 Sept. 1793. 

c. John, b. 10 Jan. 1796. 

106. iii. Caleb , b. 19 J^ine I766. 

107. iv. Zaccheus , b. ^ Aug. 176b. 

V. Mary , b. 7 Dec. 1770; d. age 1 year. 

vi. Mary , b. 11 Feb. 1773; m. at Truro 27 Oct. 1791 Ephraim Lombard 

Wells of Truro, b. I6 Jan. 1769 (Truro records), son of 
Peter and Hannah Wells . 

vii. Anna , b. ih June 1776; m. at Truro h June 1795, Thomas Childs. 

Childs children ;( from Truro records): 

a. Anna , b. & d. 8 July 1798. 

b. Jonathan Wing , b. Maj". I80U. 

c. Thomas , b. 28 Feb. I805. 

d. Betsey , b. ll Mar. I807. 

e. Rebecca , b. 28 May I809. 

f. Caleb Knowles , b. 21 Jan. l8l2. 

g. Mary Knowles , b. 7 May I815 . 

h. Caroline , b. 7 Nov. I819 . 
108.viii. Isaiah , b. 7 Mar. I78O. 

5th Generation 89 

[52^ THOMAS^ KNOWLES (Paul,* Col. John, ^ John, * Richard*) , son of Paul (I8.) 

and Phebe (Paine); b. 6 Aug. 1732; d. before his father who d. ITTT; m. 
11 Dec. 1760 at Truro, Mass. (1st) LUCY LEWIS; m. (2nd) 30 Oct. 176^ 
ELIZABETH A.WALKER of Dighton at which time he was of Swansey. They 
were married in Church of Christ, Swansey, by Russel Mason, Elder. 

Knowles child, by first wife; b. at Truro: 

i. Thomas ,^b. 23 Feb. 1762; d. there 2h Aug. 1792. On Apr. 8, 1777, 
Eleazer Lewis was appointed his guardian. 


Thomas Knowles was listed in the 1790 census, living in Dighton. 

CAPT . ^ SILAS KMOWLES (Paul,* Col. John, John, ' Richard*), son of 
Paul (18. ) and Phebe ( Paine); b. 31 Dec. I7U0 at Truro; d. 1 Jan. l833 
Corinna, Me.; m. (1st) 6 Apr. I76I, MARY FREEMAW dau. Constant and 
Jane (Freeman), b. 17^0, d. Aug. 1790 age 50 at Truro; m. (2nd) 11 Dec. 
1791 at Truro, SUSAJ^M COBB, dau. Thomas and Ruth (Collins) Cobb, b. 
12 Mar. I76O at Truro, d. 18^7 at Corinna, Me. 

Capt. Silas Knowles and his second wife moved to Corinna, Maine late in 
life. He left many aescendants to represent the name in that area. In 
1930, Samuel Copp Worthen, attorney in New York City, one of an old 
Corinna family and life long friend of the Knowles family , prepared what 
he called "A Short Sketch of the Corinna, Maine, Knowles Family - Cape 
Cod Branch." In 19^6, this early genealogy was revised and updated by 
the family association and published in 1952. The Captain Silas Knowles 
Association Committee updated the genealogy again I967-I969 , the results 
of which were printed and made available to descendants. The Committee 
for this last worx consisted of Allen Mark Knowles, Chairman, Elwood F. 
Ireland, Mrs. Frank B. Knowles and Mrs. Carl Hopkins. The work con- 
sisted only of the descendants of Capt. Silas' second wife, Susanna 
Cobb. Children of first wife, Mary Freeman, taken from Mr. Libby's 

The Capt. Silas Knowles Family Association has been active for many 
years. In August 1971 the 7^th Annual Reunion was held at Lake 
Wossookeag, Dexter, Me. and was attended by 75 members. 

All information in this genealogy pertaining to the descendants of Capt. 
Silas and Susanna (Cobb) Knowles has been obtained from the blue book 
last printed as abovementioned. 

Knowles children by 1st wife, Mary (Freeman); b. at Truro: 

i. John,*b. 31 Aug. I76I; d. young. 
109. ii. Silas, *b. 27 June 1763. 

iii. Mary , b. 8 July 1766; d. at Truro 2h Oct. 179^. 

iv. John, b. 3 Apr. I768; d. young 

V. Phebe , b. 28 Dec. 1769; m. at Truro 12 Apr. 1792 Benjamin 
Harding, 30 Oct.' 1766, son of Ephraim and Sarah. 

5th Generation 

90 ' 

Harding children: 

a. Nehemiah , b . 6 June 179^. 

b. Mary , b. U Jan. 1796. 

c. Eunice , b. & d. 10 July 1797- 

d. Ben jaiain , b. 2U June l803; m. Hannah Dyer l830 . 

e. Sarah Collins , b. 15 Aug. l807. 

f. Almira , b. 12 June iBlO . 

g. John Eli , b. 3 Dec. iBlU; d. 2.\ July l835 , ae 21. 
Benjamin Harding Sr. died 28 Mar. l8l8. 

Phebe died 9 Sept. l8Uo ae 71. 

vi . Nehemiah , b. 15 Nov. 1771; d. in South Cajrolina while serving as 

mariner on sailing vessel in Feb. 179^ > age 22. 

vii. Anna Freeman , b. 25 Oct. 1773; conflict here. Truro records state: 

Judah Dyer and Anna Freeman Knowles pub. 30 July 1799 — footnote 
says this entrj' has been crossed out in the original; also, that 
"Ezekial Dyer, the Reputed son of Judah Dyer and of Anna Freeman 
Knowls was born Oct. 25, 1799." Capt. Silas Knowles Genealogy 
says she m. John Blaisdell of Corinna, Me., had several children 
and died in Corinna. 
viii. Thomas , b. 15 Feb. 1776. 
ix. Eli_,bapt. 2U Jan. 1779. 

X. James Freeman , bapt. 15 April I78I; d. young. 

xi . James Freeman , bapt. 29 J\ine I783. 

Knowles children by 2nd wife, Susanna (Cobb); b. at Truro: 

xii. Ruth , b. 25 July 1792; d. 21 April l839 at Corinna, Me.; m. April 

19, 1825, Lyman Caswell who was b. June 6, I805, Winthrop, Me. 
He married (2nd) Mrs. Jane (Atkins) Seavey, b. 17 Feb. I805 , 
d. h July 1865, no children. He married (3rd) Lovita Dunbar, 
no children. 

Caswell children; (Ruth & Lyman): 

a. Henry , b. Sept. 10, I826, Livermore, Me.; d. 30 Dec. I86U, 

Corinna, Me., m. 2U May l853 Mrs. Hodgkins . 

b. John Addison , b. 1 Nov. I828, Livermore, Me., d. 6 Aug. l85^, 

Boston, Maijs. 

c. Thomas Knowles , b. 10 Dec. l832, Corinna, Me., d. 25 June 

I90U, S. Boston, Mass. 

d. William B. , b. 31 Jan. 183^+, Corinna, Me., d. 12 Nov. I858. 

110. xiii. Nehemiah , b. 179^. 

xiv. Freeman , b. 10 July 1797; d. 20 June I876, not married. Lived at 
Corinna Center; kept a store and was postmaster. 

111. XV. Silas* b. \k April I8OO. 

112. xvi. Thomas , b. I8 Oct. l802. 

113. xvii. John, b. 13 Nov. I807 

*Silas b. 1763 by 1st wife died at sea in 1799 which accoiints for naming 
child by second wife b. I8OO Silas also. 

5th Generation 9I 

@ JAMES ^ KNOWLES ( James Col . John John, ^ Richard' ) , son of James (l9.) 
and Ann (Doane); b. 10 Oct. 1727 Eastham;d.l May I8IO, ae 8i+ ,Sandis field 
Mass.; m. 8 June 17^9 at Eastham, ABIGAIL ATWOOD of Eastham, dau. of 
Joseph and Bethia (Crowell) Atwood, b. 1728, d. 23 Oct. 1797, ae 69, 

In 1762, after an inquisition by the Board of Selectmen, he was adjudged 
"non compos mentis" and Edward Knowles was appointed his guardian. His 
inventory showed a house and farm, with farm stock. 

Knowles children; b. at Eastham: 

i. Thomas ine ,^b . in Mar. 17^9; probably m. (int. recorded at Eastham 

17 Aug. 1773) Jesse Nickerson of Eastham. 

ii. Lucretia , probably m. (int. recorded at Eastham 26 Nov. 177^) 

Sparrow Snow. She removed to Sandisfield. 

iii. Zervia , b. in Oct. 1753; m. (int. rec. at Eastham 20 Nov. 1779) 

Joseph Linnell of Eastham. They removed to Tollsjid, Conn. , and 

in 1805 to Granville, Ohio. 
llh. iv. James , (twin) , D. 27 Jan. 1758. 
115. V. Paul , (twin), b. 27 Jan. 1758. 

55.^ JOSEPH^ KNOWLES (Col. Willard,* Col. John , ^ John , ^ Richard^ ) , son of 
Col. Willard (20.) and Bethiah (Atwood); b. 22 Oct. 1735 at Eastham; 
d. 16 Oct. 1800 at Eastham; m. (int. recorded at Eastham) 3 Jan. 1759 » 
ELIZABETH PEPPER, dau. of Joseph and Rebecca (Higgins) Pepper, b. 22 
Apr. 1736 at Eastham; d. 5 July I806, Eastham. 

He was named in his grandfather's will. Col. John Knowles making his 
grandson Joseph a half owner in h,is stepgrandmother ' s mare. Coming to 
maturity on the Fort Hill homestead, he purchased the farm on the road 
to Orleans now (1926) principally occupied by Francis A. Smith, the 
southern end of which is known as Smith's Heights. He also acquired a 
part of the Remick farm, south from Eastham Centre. On his death his 
daughters divided the property and sold off their portions, the house 
being eventually purchased by Hon. Jonathan Snow, who tore it down 
and built the house now (1926) standing there. 

On 23 April, I783, Joseph Knowles, "of Eastham", for i80 , sold to 
Timothy Doane, of Eastham, yeoman, "a sertain persal of Land situate 
in Eastham att a plase Called Stage Land the land that was formerly 
oned by Col John Knoals deseast of Eastham agoining to thee Land now 
owned By Col willhsurd Knoals and mr amos Knoals on thee northerly Band 
of their Land Bounded as folloeth begining att thee northerly Corner of 
the above S^ willherd and Amos Knoals their Land to a Sone plase on an 
an old dich where a fence former Ly Stood In thee Range of thee Land 
now owned by the heirs of daniel Coal deseast from thence north Easterly 
In the Range of the above S^ Coals heirs Land as the fence now Stands 
down to the Shore thence South Easterly along By the Shore till it Comes 
to bee in the Range of the dich above mentioned from thence westerly as 
that old former dich Runs to the first bound Spessefied Containing about 
sixteen aCors" 

5th Generation 


The witnesses were John Doane, Jr., axid Heman Doane. The deed was not 
acknowledged . 

The following list of his children is thought to be accurate, eilthough 
most of the deeds perished when the Barnstable court house was burned 
and in the remaining deeds the purchasers of some of the daughters' 
shares seem to have joined in deeds with other daughters. 

Knowles children; b. at Eastham: 

i. Bethia,*b. in 1762; d. at Orleans 3 Jan. l809, aged U?; m. (int. 

recorded at Eastham 2k Apr. 1796) as his second wife, Uriah 
Mayo, b. 27 May 17^7, d. at Orleans 12 June I82U, son of Thomas 
and Hannah (Atkins) Mayo. They had children. 

Mayo children: 

a. Elisha . 

b. Bethia . 

c . Mercy ( ? ) 

d. Joseph KjiQwles , who was b. 25 Mar. I8OI. 

ii. Hannah , b. in 1767; d. 3 Apr. l832, in her 66th year; m. (l) 

15 Sept. 1791 Daniel Dyer of Tr\iro; m. (2) Solomon Taylor of 
Yarmouth . 

iii. Ruth , d. 15 Mar. I8U2 ; m. 27 Feb. 1798, as his third wife, Joseph 

Bassett of Yarmouth. 

iv. Elizabeth , d. before 1 Nov. I808; m. at Eastham, 25 Feb. 1799, 

Samuel Mayo, b. at Eastham 31 July 1773, d. there 30 Mar. l853. 
He m. (2) at Eastham 1 Nov. I808 his first wife's first cousin 
Rebecca Knowles, dau. of Wm. eind Rebecca (Freeman) Knowles b. at 
Eastham 22 or 23 Oct. I786. Two children. 

56.) WILLARD^ KNOWLES (Col. Wi Hard Col . John,* John , ^ Richard^ ) son of 

Col. Willard (20. ) and Bethiah (Atwood); b. 25 Oct. 1737 at Eastham; d. 
17 June 1818, age 8I, at Sandisf ield, Berkshire County, Mass. He m. 
n\ (int. recorded at Eastham) Aug. I762 MERCY SNOW , dau. of Samuel and 
Elizabeth (Freeman) Snow, b. 8 May 17iY7~ct:r"l-' J^'eb . I8II. 

Willard Knowles removed to Sandisfield, Mass. sctnetime between the birth 
of his last child in Eastham in 1776 and I6 October I786 when he was a 
resident of Sandisfield and sold his share of his deceased father's 
property to Seth Knowles, 3rd and William Knowles of Eastham. 

The quitclaim deed describes the property as lying at the Stage so 
called and all that piece of land which adjoins Nathaniel Mayo's 
land and Nathaniel Mayo's Cove and all that piece of land called the 
Norset land lying near where Mr. Solomon Doane now dwells .. .Deed was 
acknowledged before Elijah Knowles, Justice of the Peace, on same 
date of 16 Oct. I786. Elijah Knowles and Samuel Freeman were witnesses. 
Property was sold for £hO . 

From the History of Berkshire Co., Mass., Vol. II, J.B. Beers & Co., 

5th Generation 


1885, Tovn of Sandisfield, we learn that Willard Knowles was a black- 
smith and that he lived next to Amos Hall whose home was on the corner 
of a road leading to So. Sandisfield near the New Hartford Road. A 
little farther west lived the Kne e lands , probably the family of his son 
Willard' s wife, Sarah Kneeland. Other neighbors were Joseph French and 
Richard French. 

Knowles children; b. at Eastham: (See Treat Genealogy) 

i. Treat,* b. 25 Oct. 1763; d. 30 May 1765 in his second year 

(gravestone, Eastham). 

ii. Treat, b. Mar. 1765; d. 29 Oct. 1768 (2U?), on gravestone, aged 

3 yrs . , 7 mos . 

iii. Mary , b. 8 July 1767; d. 29 Sept. 1767- 

116. iv. Willard , b. 25 Mar. I769. 

V. Abigail , b. 29 May 1771;) , . - d. 1772, ae 9 mos . 

vi. Mercy , b. 29 May 1771;) "^^^^ - d. 19 Mar. 1791. 

vii. Experience , b. Mar. 7, 177^. 
viii. Nathaniel Atwood , b. 22 June 1776. 

57. jPAVID " Kl^OWLES (Col. Willard,* Col. John,"* John, ^ Richard *) , son of Col. 
Willard (20. ) and Bethiah (Atwood); b. 21 Sept. 1739 at Eastham; d. 
22 Nov. 1807,; m. ELIZABETH HOMER, dau. of Benjajnin and 
Elizabeth (CrowellJ Homer; b. 1739; d. 29 June I815 in her 77th year. 

Knowles childx-en; b. at Eastham: 

117. i. William ,* b. ^3 Jan. 1770. 

118. ii. David , b. 10 Mar. 1771. 

iii. Margery , b. 23 Nov. 1772; d. 2h Nov. 1777. 

iv. Betsey , b. in 1776; d. in the poorhouse at Eastham 29 Apr. l853, 

aged fS; m. at Eastham in Oct. I816 as his second wife, her 
third cousin, Harding Knowles, son of Elijah and Rebecca 
(Harding) and widower of her sister Margery. It is not known 
whether she was then the widow of his brother Elijah. 
V. Margery , d. 21 May I816 , in her 37th year; m. at Eastham 2 Jan. 
1803, her third cousin, Harding Knowles, who married secondly 
her sister Betsey above. 

J OHN ^ KNOWLES (Col. Willard,* Col. John, * John, * Richard^), son of Col. 
Willard (20.) and Bethiah (Atwood); b. 9 June 17^^+ at Eastham; d. 5 Nov. 
1806, Eastham; m. 19 June I769 at Eastham SUSANNAH J^AL^ dau. of 
Samuel and Rebecca (Freeman) Walker, b. h April IT^TT^d. 30 Oct. l837, 
Eastham. (Listed DAR Patriots as Pvt. - Mass.) 

He made his homestead on the Town Cove road in Eastham next northeast 
from the ancient burying ground, and left it to his son Barnabas. The 
cellar hole of his house is now covered by one of Josiah Knowles 's 
outbuildings (1926). 

Knowles children; b. at Eastham: 

119. i. Robert, ^b. 19 May 1770. 

5th Generation 


120. ii. John , b. 29 Dec. ITTl. 

iii. Rebecca , b. in 1TT3; d. unm. at Eastham 30 Oct. l8lU. 

121. iv. Samuel , b. 26 Oct. 1775. 

122. V. Joshua , b. 17 Oct. 1777. 

123. vi. Jonathan , b. 26 Mar. 178O. 

vii. Willard ,b. 28 Mar. 1782; d. 29 Sept. 1806. 
viii. Susanna , b. 23 Apr. 1784; m. in Feb. l809 Richard Sparrow of 
Eastham. Five children, 
ix. Sarah , b. 6 Dec. I786; d. at Eastham 13 Oct. l867; m. (l) in 
Mar. 1815 Joshua P. Atwood who d. 11 Aug. l837; m. (2) at 
Eastham 21 June I8U8, as his second wife, Capt. Jesse Collins 
of Springfield who d. at Eastham 6 Sept. I869, son of Joseph 
and Bethia Collins and widower of Rachel (Knowles) Collins who 
was his second wife's third cousin once removed. 
12k. X. Barnabas Freeman , b. 5 April 1796. 

59jSETH^ KJjOWLES (Col. Willard, * Col. John,^ John Richard^ ) , son of 

Col. Willard (20.) and Bethiah (Atwood); b. 16 May 1753 at Eastham; d. 
6 July 1821 at Eastham; m. U Jan. 1777 (int. recorded at Eastham) 
HANNAH HATCH (CROCKER), dau. of James and Mary (Pemberton) Hatch; 
b.l8 Jan. 1756; d. 6 July l823 at Easth am. She was also step-daughter 
of Rev. Joseph Crocker, thB Eastham minister. 

He had the main portion of his father's homestead where he engaged in 
farming and he was also a trader. He was active in town matters and 
took the lead especially in church affairs, as host of visiting clergy- 
men and otheivise. He left the homestead by his will to his son, James 
Hatch Knowles. It was said that he tried to invent perpetual motion ajid 
machinery was in the house . 

Knowles children; b. at Eastham: 

125. i. Thomas,* b. 9 Aug. 1777- 

ii. Mary , b. 29 Nov. 1779; d. at Eastham 15 Aug. 18I+8; m. at Eastham 

20 Dec. 1801, Capt. Nehemiah Smith, who d. 13 Mar. l820 aged k3. 

iii. Bethiah , b. 9 Aug. I78I; d. at Eastham 12 Sept. 18UO; m. (l) at 

Eastham 19 Feb. 1799, Henry Mayo; m. (2) Lyman Bangs of Eastham; 
m. (3) at Eastham in April I819 as his fourth wife, her third 
cousin, Obed Knowles, b. at Eastham 2h July I766, son of 
Benjamin and Mary (Brown) Knowles of Eastham. Obed died at 
Eastham, 23 Dec. l833. One child. 

126. iv. Seth, of Boston, merchant, b. 3 Jan. 1784. 

V. Hannah , b. 8 Feb. I786; d. at Orleans 8 Mar. l872; m. in Oct. 
1806 Nathaniel Gould. 

127. vi. Winslow Levis , b. June U, 1788. 

128. vii. James Hatch , b. 18 Jan. 1791. 

viii. Alice , b. 11 Mar. 1793; m. Davis Smith of Eeistham, brother of her 
sister Maxy's husband, 
ix. Joseph M . , b. 12 Sept. 1796; d. at Charlestown 5 Oct. I8II; bur. 

in Hon. Matthew Bridge's tomb. 
X. Ruth Freeman, b. 30 Sept. I8OI; m. Timothy Smith. 

5th Generation 


xi. Nancy Bangs , b. h Apr. l803; d. 1 June iBUO ; m. 21 Sept. l821 
Prince Smith Harding, b. 30 Oct. 1798; d. ik Dec. 18T3. 

60 ) WILLIAM ' KNOWLES (Col. Willard, * Col . John, * John, * Richard') , son of 
Col. Willard (20.) and Bethiah (Atwood) ; b. ik May 1755 at Eastham; 
d. 19 Aug. 1830 at Eastham, age 75. Buried in cemetery near Eastham 
A Sta. He was a farmer. He m. REBECCA _( FREEMAN ) , b. 26 Mar. 1757; d. 26 
1^ May 1828, dau. of Jonathan and TEaSk'ful (Linnell). 

He was engaged extensively in the salt business, having a store which 
was kept up after his death by his unmarried daughters. His house stood 
a little to the west from his father's house on part of the homestead, 
much of the land having been devised by will to him and his brother 
Seth in common. There is no house now on that site. (1926) 

Knowles children; b. at Eastham: 


1 . 
ii . 





. ix 

Freeman,* b. 27 Nov. 1779. 

Olive , b. 5 Jan. 1782; d. unm. at Eastham 2 June I861. 
Temperance . b. 23 Apr. 178U; d. at Eastham I8 Feb. I816; m. at 

Eastham in uct. I80U, Myrick Doane . 
Rebecca , b. 23 Oct. 1786; m. at Eastham, 1 Nov. I808, as his 

second wife, Samuel Mayo, b. at Eastham 31 July 1773; d. there 

30 Mar. 1853, widower of her first cousin, Elizabeth (Knowles) 

Mayo (daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth (Pepper) Knowles.) Ten 

children, surname Mayo. 
Nab by , b. 9 Mar. I788; m. in Feb. I816 Isaiah H. Gills . (According 

to Eastham records, "Abigail" was b. 9 Mar. 1789.) 
Thankful , b. 8 Aug. 1790; m. at Eastham Nov. 181U, Barnabas 

Doajie . 

Mercy , b. 15 Mar. 1793; d. unm. at Eastham 25 Apr. I86I. 
Lucia , b. 1^ Oct. 1795; ni. when elderly, Godfrey Sparrow. 
William Freeman. , b. 30 Dec. I8OO. 

Olive ae 68, Mercy ae 55 and Lucia ae 53 respectively, were living 
together in I85O Census - Eastham. 

^1) NATHANIEL ^ KNOWLES (Enos,*Col. Samuel , Samuel , * Richard*), son of 

Enos (21.) and Sarah (Sparrow); b. about I'jkl or 17^^+, Eastham*; d. 
at Barrington, N.S. (according to one statement 31 March 182^^; but 
according to the HISTORY OF BARRINGTON: 31 March I82I, aged 80 years.) 
M. probably at Liverpool, N.S., LOIS HOLMES orphaned daiighter of John 
and Lois (Kempton Holmes, formerly of Plymouth, Mass.** 

* V. 36 of Simeon Perkins' Diary has info, re Nathaniel and his son, Enos, 
which states Nathaniel was Liverpool merchant who came from Chatham, Mass. 
In 1772 he removed from Liverpool to Barrington, Nova Scotia. 

** In 1768 Nathaniel and Lois Knowles of Liverpool, N.S. released her inter- 
est in lands in Plymouth devised by her grandfather, Elisha Holmes of 
Plymouth, to the children of his son John. 

5th Generation 


According to Mr. Libby: 

In Samuel Higgins ' account against Enos Knowles is an entry under date 
of 12 July 1756, "to cutting a jacket for your son." Nothing further 
has been found of this Nathaniel Knowles in Eastham or Barnstable County 
records. He first appeared in Nova Scotia at Liverpool in an after- 
thought addition of several names to a list made up for the renewed 
grants which had been issued in 1764 , unless an imdated list of thirty- 
acre lots was earlier, the name also of Hatsel Knowles, whose birth 
is recorded at Eastham 5 Nov. 17^2, appearing in this last-mentioned 
list. By the recorded provisions, grantees at Liverpool had to be not 
less than twenty-one years old. Many anecdotes, some of them humorous 
or fabulous, have been attached to his name. A highly intelligent 
descendant believes that he made the colonizing voyage from Plymouth 
to Liverpool in a whaleboat. He is said to have taken part in the 
capture of Louisbourg. 

His grandson, Willi ajn Knowles, had deformed feet, and this grandson's 
father, John Knowles, told him that he must have inherited them from 
his grandfather wno was being burned at the stake by the Indians when, 
owing to their drunkenness, he was able to escape, but he suffered 
through life from the injury then received. Several branches of the 
descendants of Nathaniel Knowles preserve the tradition that because 
of this experience he made a practice of killing Indians, even babies, 
at sight — an historic impossibility either in Barnstable County or 
in Nova Scotia after the Barnstable County people went there. Described 
in deeds as a fisherman, it was set down that Nathaniel Knowles said 
that he had sailed in everything from a "7^" to an Indian canoe, and 
was too tough to drown. 

At an early period he was employed by the Nova Scotia government to 
scour the shore and catch Frenchmen to be deported to Boston. In I78O 
he is mentioned as prize-master of a captured vessel. In I785 he bought 
land at Harrington Passage, which ha^ been occupied by his descendstnts 
ever since. He lived at "Knowles Point", the neeurest point to Cape 
Sable Island, about 1*^ miles distant, and was ferryman. His own cellar 
hole is still pointed out, some 300 feet west of north from the Point, 
60 feet west from the shore and 70 feet northwest from a peaked rock 
still nearer the shore. 


NATHANIEL KNOWLES, was a grantee of Liverpool tp. in I766 and sold out 
and came to Barrington where he afterwards owned the lot No. 11 granted 
to Simeon Crowell, his brother-in-law, who died before I769. In 1784 
N. Knowles had occupied this lot 12 years. He had been in the French 
and Indian wars; was once captured by Indians who had tied him to a 
tree and were building a fire around him when they got quarelling and 
he managed to escape. He was crippled by their tortures and became a 
merciless hunter of redskins. To one who begged him to spare an Indian 
prisoner he said, "No nits, no lice," and acted accordingly. He was 
at the capture of Louisburg. Not the least of his exploits was his 

5th Generation 


moving from Cape Cod to Liverpool in a whaJ-eboat. His daughter Mercy 
m. Obed Wilson who took his property for debt so that he was, as he 
said, "shot with a grey goose-quill." He was employed "hunting for 
Frenchmen," who were evading the deportation. His death took place 
March 31, l82l+, aet. 80. It was Phebe, wife of Nathaniel Knowles 2nd, 
who prayed for the Lord to "slue the wind a little" when the forest 
fire was threatening to destroy the house of her son, Leonard. 

Knowles children; b. at Liverpool ajad Barrington, N.S.: 

i. Mercy ,^ b. in 1766; m. in I785 Obediah Wilson, son of Henry 

From Mrs. CD. Logan - Wilson Family Cemetery, Brass Hill, 
Barrington , N . S . : 

Obediah Wilson, i. 21 April lbh9 ^ aged &9 years. Mercy Wilson, 
wife of Obeaiah Wilson, Sen., d. Oct. 12 179_ (stone broken), 
aged 30 years. (1st wife of Obediah, dau. of Nathaniel.) 

131. ii. Nathaniel , b. 29 Oct. 17b8. 

132. iii. Enos . No birth date given but his children's birthdates indi- 

cate he must have been born about in this succession of his 

brothers and sisters, 
iv. Jonathan, b. lb Jan. 1772; lost at sea. 
V. Elizabeth , b. 25 Feb. 177^. 

vi. SaraL, b. 26 May 1776; m. (1st) in 1795 Eldad Crowell; m. (2nd) 
Eleazer Crowell. No children, 
John , b. 2 Mar. 1779; ni. Hannah Hopkins. 
Asa or (Jesse j b. 28 Mar. I783. 

Ruth , b. 5 Lec. 1785; m, Nicholas Goodwin of Argyle, N.S. 
Lois , b. in 1788; m. Heman Kinney. 

62.)SETH^ KNOWLES (Enos,* Col. Samuel, ^ Samuel ,* Richard *) , son of Enos (21.) 
and Sarah (Sparrow). Probably born Eastham. 

In Samuel Higgins ' account book is an entry against Enos Knowles, 
under date of 11 Mar. 1768, "to making Seth's jacket". 

In 1791 Thomas Arey was appointed guardian of one Seth Knowles, 
not described as a minor. From 1793 to 1796 a Seth Knowles was 
a town charge. In I8OI Seth Knowles of Orleans "laboring man" 
had been a private soldier under General Washington, and Thomas 
Arey was trying to obtain a pens ion for him. This former soldier 
died in l802. While the age of this Seth Knowles in the military 
roles 26 in I780, agrees fairly well with that of Seth the son 
of Seth Knowles and Ruth Freeman, the latter was not mentioned in 
his father's will. There is nothing to indicate that Enos Knowles 's 
son Seth married or had children. 

98 5th Generation 

PRINCE^ KNOWLES (Capt. Samuel,* Col. Samuel,^ Samuel, ' Richard*) , son of 
Capt . Samuel (22. ) and his first wife, Hannah (Freeman), b. 30 Oct. 
1736; d. "before 11 Aug. I78I; m. at Liverpool, Nova Scotia, 2 (hi) Feb. 
1762 ZERVIAH (WICKWIRE) HARDING, widow of Joshua Harding. Prince 
Knowles was a mariner. 

When the Revolution came on they apparently returned to New Engleuid, 
although he was selling land and a house in Liverpool in I'jSk and 1766, 
Simeon Perkins' diary records that on 11 Aug. I781 Zerviah Knowles, 
widow, formerly of Liverpool, had returned there to live with a son 
ajid daughter. 

From Long's Annals, Zerviah Knowles, a witness I787 to "Robbing the 
Pound" (hog stealing). 

From Lt. Col. Robert Kirkpatrick of Port Medway, Queens Co., N.S. 

(1971) " Prince Knowles draft of 30 acres lot #6, Letter 'F', 

Liverpool Township (Port Medway ) . . . .He didn't take up. the allotment 
and it has been fouled up ever since." 

Knowles child; b. Liverpool: (perhaps others) 

i. Sophia , *m. at Liverpool h Dec. 1791 Samuel Mack, b. 1768, son 

of Samuel and Desire (Cohoon) Mack. Thirteen children recorded 
at Liverpool (from Long's Annals): .V^HCr-o^*^ . |3 

Mack children: 

a. Stephen , b. 1793--^ '^^^i ^d-u^d ■^v/i>|(^(,^ 

b. Eloisa, b. 1795. CxJi^^ ^^e^ ^'^('^V'^^^ 

c. Samuel, Jr. , b. 1796. 

d. Zerviah , b. 1797. V' 

e. Belinda , b. l800.(^(^H- 

f. Jason , b. l802. xlt-i 

g. Lucinda, b. I80U. 

h. Patrick , b. I808. ^(^^ 

i. Abigail Newton , b. I810. 
j. Paul Collins , b. I8II. v^i^ 

CAPT. SAMUEL* KNOWLES (Capt. Samuel,* Col. Samuel,^ Samuel,* Richard^), 
son of Capt, Samuel (22.) and Hannah (Freeman), his first wife; b. ik 
Sept. 1738 at Eastham; d. 1785; m. 29 Dec. I763 at Eastham, ABIGAIL 
LINNELL of Eastham who survived her husbetnd and by the U.S. Censiis of 
1790 was still his widow, apparently with a son and two daughters. 

In 177^ he made an extensive land purchase, in partnership with two 
Linnells, at Barley Neck, now in Orleans, he served as lieutenant 
in the Revolution, and probably was captain of the Orleans militia, 
although his title of captain may have been acquired as a whale 

Knowles children; recorded at Eastham: 

i. Hannah,* b. h Oct. I76U. 

5th Generation 


ii. Abigail , b. 2 Aug. 176?. 'P. 

iii. Samuel , b. ih Jan. 177^ i d. yoving, probably 1775. 

iv. Samuel , bapt. 9 Mar. 1777; d. at Orleans in l801. 

65 . JHATSEL ^ KNOWLES (Capt. Samuel,* Col. Samuel,' Samuel, • Richard* ) , son of 
V Capt. Samuel (22.) and Hannah (Freeman), his first wife; b. Eastham 5 
Nov. 17^2; d. 1778 Eastham; m. at Eastham 31 Oct. I765 MARY FREEMAN of 
Eastham who survived her hiisband and m. (2) at Orrington, Me., 8 July 
1792, Thomas Dean. 

His name stood with his father's among the first grantees at Liverpool, 
N.S. and he wsis still therein 1766. He evidently took sides with the 
Colonies when the Revolution came on. He was in Boston 3 May 1777 as 
master of the sloop "America", a privateer, when he with others signed 
a petition to the Government. He was returned in the cartel "Silver 
Eel" among those exchanged for British prisoners. His widow Joined 
the colony on the Penobscot River, where in 1790 she had for near 
neighbors Abisha Higgins euid Thomas Snow and in her household, besides 
her daughter, one youth or man over 16 and one boy. 

Knowles child: 

i. Azubah ,^ d. at Hampden, Me., in l833; m. there about 1793, 

Eliashib Delsuio, who never returned from a surveying trip into 
the Maine forests. It was surmised that he was m\irdered. They 
named a son Hatsel Knowles Delano. 

Perhaps other children. 

66 .J FREEMAN ^ KNOWLES (Seth,*Col. Samuel,^ Samuel,* Richard*), son of Seth 

{2k.) and Ruth (Freeman); b. 2U Nov. 17^5 at Eastham, Mass.; living 
in 1817; m. at Eastham 23 Nov. I769 ESTHER MYRICK of Eastham who 
drowned in the Penobscot River while crossing in a boat 2 April 1797. 

On pg. 329 of Hampden VitaJ. Records was a marriage intention of Freeman 
Knowles and Lidia Atwood, both of Hampden, 27 June I8OI. Probably this 
Freeman's second majrriage. 

He removed to the Penobscot (by way of Gorham, Me.) and was living 
there in the lifetime of his father whose will provided that the younger 
brothers should pay him his portion in Indian corn, to be shipped 
periodically from Eastham to the Penobscot River. 

His homestead was near what is now (1926) Neally's Corner in Hampden, 
Me. where he had settled as early as 1777. He was moderator of the 
first town meeting there. Signed petition in 1777 asking that Hanqpden 
be incorporated as a town (to Mass. General Court). Served in legis- 
lature 13 years. 

From DAR records: Was in the Penobscot Expedition. In 1777 was at 
Machias, Maine where the British were repulsed and 178O in Capt. Daniel 
Sullivan's Co., Col. Benjamin Forster's Regiment for the protection of 



5th Generation 

Frenchman's Bay. 

Knowles children: 

i. Betsey /b. at Eastham, Mass., 25 Mar. 1772; m. at Prospect, Me., 
12 Sept. 1793 Aaron Walker, b. at Eastham 12 Oct. 1765; d. 27 
Sept. 1836. Eleven children. (See NOTE about this family.) 

135. ii. Jonathan, b. 1776, probably at Eastham. 

136. iii. Amasa , b. 1 Sept. 1778, Hampden, Me. 

iv. Ruth , b. in I78I; d. 11 June l853; m. 6 Jan. I808 Benjamin 
Walker, b. 2 Nov. 1775, d. 23 April l848 at Hampden. 
Benjamin was a brother of her sister Betsey's husband. They had 
nine children. 
V. Reuben , b. Hampden, Me. 

vi . Abigail , m. Jonathan Simpson at Hampden 2k April l803. 

vii . Esther , m. 6 Jan. I8II, Hampden, Nathan Morse. 

Cora Shenberger, gr. grandaughter of Freeman and Esther mentioned in 
her letter to Chas. Libby that she thou^t "Aunt Pickeird" was the 
sister of her grandfather, Amasa. Not known, if so. Marriages of 
Abigail and Esther from Hampden Town records . Aunt Pickard was the wife 
of Baptist Deacon Pickard. 

NOTE: Dates for Betsey and Aaron Walker do not agree with dates in HISTORY 
OF PENOBSCOT which states that Aaron Walker died 27 Sept. I8U7 and Betsey 
d. 28 Feb. i860. Aaron Walker came to Hampden in I786 and drove the first 
team of oxen from Hampden to the west part of the town in I8OO. He was in 
the War of l8l2 and in the battle of Hampden. He would not accept town 
office. Their son, Amasa Walker was born 12 Dec. l8l7 on the f&rm in West 
Hampden (Neally's Corner). He married Mary Ann Cobb euid they had 6 children. 
El eaEor - Walker, graiidT -ather-j — came- -fr-om -England in the Mayflower, " . .0-. 

67JCAPT. Nathaniel' KNOWLES (Seth,* Col. Samuel,^ Samuel, * Richard*), son of 
Seth (2U.) and Ruth (Freeman); b. ik Mar. 1750 at Eastham; d. 5 Mar. 
1825 at Orleans; m. (l) 21 Sept. 1776 (int. recorded Eastham) JERUSHA 
SMITH, b. 8 July 1755; d. 12 Aug. I8OI, dau. of Nathan and Mary (Freeman) 
Smith; m. (2) REBECCA CROSBY of Harwich who died at Orleans, k Aug. I818, 
aged 66; m. (3) TAMZIN LINNELL who died at Orleans 11 Feb. l837, aged 

He was selectman of Orleeuis for seven years. In his father's will he was 
given the land on which his house already stood. He settled at Namskaket 
in Orleans, where his sons and daughters later on made a Knowles village, 
now (1926) all in the hands of strangers. His children are shown by 
heirship deeds of the lands of their Grandfather Smith. 

Knowles children by 1st wife; b. at Orleans: 

137. i. Sethf,b. 18 Dec. 1779. 

138. ii. Nathaniel , b. 28 June 1782. 

iii. Achsah , b. about I78U; d. unm. at Orleans 11 Nov, I86O, aged 76. 



5th Generation 


She lived away from Orleans for many years but finally returned 
and built a house on the north side of the road opposite her 
birthplace, where she lived out her life. 

iv. Hannah , m. John Brown. 

V. Jerusha , d. at Orleans l8 Feb. I816. 

vi . Mary , b. about 1789; d. unm. in Boston 3 June 18U9 ; eiged 60; 

bur. in the Orleans Cemetery. She was a tai lores s in Boston. 
139. vii. Isaac , b. about 1793. 

/ 68.) SAMUEL ^ KNOWLES (Seth,*Col. Samuel,* Samuel, 'Richard^ ) , son of Seth 
— ^ (2U. ) and Ruth (Freemeui); b. 6 Nov. 1756 at Eastham; d. probably in 
1778; m. BATHSHEBA . 

He was not mentioned in his father's will and apparently was one of 
the three sons of Seth, according to family tradition, who died in the 
Revolution. However, it appears that he married and had a son before 
enlisting inasmuch as a birth record was found in Provincetown of a 
Samuel Atwood b. 1776 to Samuel and Bathsheba Knowles. There was no 
other Samuel to whom this cnild could be attributed. 

Knowles child: 

ihO. i. Samuel Atwood ,^b. 1776. 

69 .J DR. ABIATHER ' KI^OWLES (Seth,*Col. Samuel,^ Samuel Richard^ ) , son of 

Seth {2h.) and Ruth (Freeman); b. 5 Feb. 176O at Eastham, Mass.; d. bet. 
I80i4 and I8I6 (Probate I816); m. (int. recorded at Eastham) 1 Nov. 1783 
HANNAH SPARROW, his third cousin once removed, b. 8 Dec. I76I at Eastham; 
d. 1828 Hampden, Maine; dau. of Isaac and Rebecca (Knowles) Sparrow. 

He removed to Hampden, Maine about 1795 where he settled on Lot 82 and 
practiced medicine there a few years before his death, his surviving 
heirs in I816 were Abiather, James, Barnabas and Rebecca Knowles and 
Timothy Clarry, son of a deceased daughter. 

Knowles children: 

i. A child^ who a. in 178i+. 

ii. Samuel , b. 9 April 17&6; bapt . at Orleans 5 Aug. 1792. Not 
mentioned as a surviving heir in I816 when his father's estate 
was probated. 

iii. Sally , b. 9 Mar; 1788; bapt. at Orleans 5 Aug. 1792; m. Timothy 
Clariy and was deceased in I816 , leaving son, Timothy. 

iv. Isaac , b. 22 May 1790; bapt. at Orleans 5 Aug. 1792. Not mentioned 
as a surviving heir in I816 when his father's estate was probated. 

1^1. V. Abiather , bapt. at Orleans 5 Aug. 1792. 

vi. James , bapt. at Orleans 5 Oct. 119h; believed to have died young 
as a James born in Hampden in 1797. 
IU2. vii. James ,b. 20 Feb. 1797 Hajnpden, Me. (records) 

viii. Barnabas , b. 7 July 1799, Hampden, Me. Said to have "gone west". 

There was a Barnabas Knowles in the U.S. I8U0 Census, Union Twp., 
Miami Co., Ohio, bet. 30-UO, in agriculture with a female bet. 
30-Uo. Not in the I850 census that place. 


5th Generation > 

ix. Rebecca , b. 12 Feb. iQOk; m. (int.) 12 NoV. l825 at Hampden, her 
cousin Reuben Knowles , son of Jonathaja and Mehitable Knowles. 
(See Reuben, 7th gener. for their childre^. ) 

70 . VbNER^ knowles (Seth,*Capt. Samuel,* Samuel Richard* ) , son of Seth 
(2U. ) and Ruth (Freeman); b. 1 Feb. 1770 at Eastham, Mass.,; d. l81+3 
Dexter, Maine; m. 9 July 1795 Orrington, Me. DORCAS GODFREY, b. 31 July 
1777, Chatham, Mass.; d. l8U6, dau. of Richard and Lydia (Doane). (See 
gen. of Dorcas Godfrey after listing of children. ) Abner and Dorcas 
buried Dexter, Maine. 

As early as 1798, he was living at Thirty Mile Pond Plantation which 
became the town of Unity, Maine, where he was the practicing physician 
and for many yeeirs Town Clerk. (From Libby.) 

Credit is given to James B. Vickery (Box 3lU, Brewer, Maine 0UUl2, for 
the following information: 

Abner came to Hampden, Me. in mid 1790 's emd m. Dorcas Godfrey. In 
1798 he moved his family to Unity. In l802 was elected Town Clerk which 
he was until 1828. He aided in forming Congregational Church in I80U 
and was an active supporter. He had eleven children, 9 girls and 2 
males only one of whom grew to manhood. From page 5 of Unity, Me. 
Town records, recorded Vol. "Births". 

Knowles *childr en : 

i. Chloe, b. 30 July 1796 at Hampden, Me.; m. Sept. l820 Eliot A. 

Winslow — he of Fairfeix (Albion, Me.) See Winslow Genealogy. 

ii. Narcissa , b. k April 1799 at Unity, Me.; m. (1st) Levi Yoving of 

Brewer, Me., 29 Jan. I82U; m. (2nd), published 23 Oct. I831, 

Bartholomew Jenkins of Dexter, Me. She died 12 Sept. I88I in 

Dexter, Me. Several children by second marriage, all died 

a few years of age or before marriage. She may have had a child 

by her first marriage. Levi Young died in Ottawa, 


iii. Hannah , b. 17 July 18OO at Unity, Me.; m. 23 Mar. I828 Columbus 

Drake, Old Town, Me. Several children. 

iv. Dorcas , b. 7 Sept. l802. Unity. 

V. Mary , b. 25 Aug. 180U, Unity; never married. 
IU3. vi. Abner, Jr . b. 17 July I806, Unity. 

vii. Ruth, b. 20 Sept. I808, Unity; m. 12 Apr. l835 John Libby of 
Orono, Me. She died April I868 at Orono. Two children, 
viii. Lydia. b. 25 Dec. I8IO, Unity; never married, 
ix. Jerusha, b. 2 May l8l3. Unity; never married. 

X. Eliza Sands , b. 11 Mar. I815, Unity; d. 2 Feb. I898. No children. 
Eliza married a Dr. Phipps late in life. She died in Bradford, 

xi. Hezekial Chase, b. 26 May I817, Unity; d. ik Sept. I817. 

5th Generation 


Genedlogy of Dorcas Godfrey who m. Abner Knowles :( Courtesy Mrs. Alice Lowe) 

D0RCA6 GODFREY, b. 31 July 1777 in Chatham, Mass. 
daughter of 

RICHARD GODFREY, m. 23 Dec. 1756 LYDIA DOANE, b. 25 May 17^1, dau. of Joseph 
Doajie & Dorcas Eldridge who m. 12 April 1739. ( See below 
for "Eldridge "J ( See below for "Doane". ) 

son of 

GEORGE GODFREY, b. 1707; d. 1768; m. Nov. 1733 MERCY KNOWLES, b. 9 May 1717; 

d. Ih May 1758, dau. of Richard Knowles, b. l688 who m. 
Martha Cobb ( 1682-1763). ( See below for "Cobb" .) 

son of 

MOSES GODFREY, b. 27 Jan. l667; d. l6 April 17^3; m. DEBORAH COOK, b. 15 
Feb. 1678; d. 17^3, ae 6U, dau. of Josiah Cook who died 31 
Jan. 1732; m. 27 July 1668 Deborah Hopkins. ( See below 
for "Hopkins". ) Josiah Cook son of Josias Cook (1616-I673) 
who m. 16 Sept. l635 Elizabeth Ring. 

son of 
son of 

FRANCIS GODFREY, in Plymouth in l637; m. Elizabeth. 


son of 

son of 

son of 

b. about 1720 in Eastham; died in Chatham in 1778. 

b. about 1699; d. in Wellfleet 7 Dec. 1759; m. Hannah Cole, 
26 Feb. 1718/19 who was b. 15 Dec. l693, dau. of Wm. Cole, 
b. 15 Sept. 1663 who m. 2 Dec. I686 Hannah Snow, b. 27 Jan. 
1667, d. 23 June 1737; dau. of Stephen Snow, b. I636; d. 17 
Dec. 1705, m. 28 Oct. I663, Susanna Doane, wid. of Joseph 
Rogers. Stephen Snow was son of Nicholas Snow who was b. 
1599; d. 15 Nov. 1676 and m. 27 May 1627 Constance Hopkins, 
b. 1605; d. 25 Nov. 1677, dau. of Stephen Hopkins .Stephen 
Hopkins and dau. Constance came on Mayflower. 

b. Eastham Aug. l672; d. 1752; m. Hannah. 

b. prob. at Plymouth before I6U5; d. Eastham in 1700; m. 
' Mercy Knowles 15 Feb. 1667/8, dau. of Richaird Knowles and 
Ruth Bower. 

son of 

DEACON JOHN DOANE, b. in England 1590; d. 21 Feb. I685. 

DORCAS ELDRIDGE.b. 1720; m. 12 April 1739 COL. JOSEPH DOANE. 
daughter of 

COL. ELISHA ELDRIDGE, b. I69O ; m. 1712 DORCAS MULFORD ; d. 175^. Dorcas M. 

'b. 1693; d. 1755, dau. of Elder Thomas Mulford (l665— 
lU Sept. I7U7), who m. 28 Oct. I696 Mary Bassett. Elder 
Thomas son of Thomas. 

,son of 

ELISHA ELDRIDGE ,b. l653; d. 1739; son of WILLIAM ELDRIDGE who d. I67O and 
m. Anne Lumpkin who d. I676, dau. of William' 

5th Generation 


dau. of 

son of 

b. 1682. 

b. Jan. d. l695; m. I663 SARAH LEWIS, dau. of 

George . 

b. 1596 near London in Kent; d. l679 Barnstable, Mass.; m. 
1631 Patience Hurst, dau. of James & Catherine Thurston. 

DEBORAH HOPKINS,b. June 1648; m. 2? July I668 JOSIAH COOK, 
dau. of 

GILES HOPKINS, b. I6OT ; d. I69O and CATHERINE WHELDON, dau. of Gabriel. 

Catherine died I688. 

son of 

STEPHEN HOPKINS and Constance Dudley; Stephen b. 1583; d. 16UI+; Constance 
died 1613 in Leyden, Holland. 

Stephen Hopkins and son, Giles, came on Mayflower. 

71 . ) FREEMAN ^ KNOVLES , (Samuel, * Nathaniel, 3 Samuel, « Richard*) , son of 
Sair.uel {2b. ) and Sarah (Elwell); b. in 1755, Cumberland Co., Me. 
(According to Rev. War records, he was a Private, b. 17 Dec. 175^+); 
d. 27 Nov. 1797, age i+3, at Addison, Me. He married SUSANNA (or 

ABIGAIL) NASH, b. 1752, dau. of Joseph [John) Nash and Siisanna* 
(Joseph*) Shaw. (Buried in the Addison Hill Cemetery where his grave- 
stone was standing in I926.) 

According to a traditionary Nash family genealogy, her Christian name 
was Abigail but administration on the estate of Freeman Knowles was 
granted to his widow, Susanna, who m. (2nd) 30 Mar. l805 Deacon Moses 
Worster of Worcester, Columbia, Maine and was signing deeds to release 
her dower rights as late as I836. In her account as administratrix, 
filed in 1799, is an item reading: "Paid Arbitrators settling with Sarah 
Knowles $2." This Sarah Knowles was more likely the widow of Samuel 
Knowles than her grajiddaughter . Both Freeman and Samuel Knowles served 
in the Revolution in 17 80, xinder Col. John Allan. 

Knowles children; b. at Addison: 

i. Susanna ,^ m. at Columbia Me., 3 Feb. 1798, John McKenzie. 

ii. Sarah , m. Isaiah Nash, Jr. of Harrington. Both were living in 

1820. By tradition their oldest son. Freeman Knowles Nash, was 
the first white person born in Harrington Village, Me. Six 

ikh. iii. Abraham , under I6 in 1790. 

iv. Mary , b. 3 Sept. 1785; d. 17 Apr. I876; m. 27 Nov. 1806 Aaron Wass 

of Indian River, Addison. 
V. Abigail , b. 31 July 1787i d. 19 Sept. l873; m. 18 Jan. 1816, 

as his second wife, her first cousin, Alexander McCaslin, son of 

John and Sarah (runowles) McCaslin and widower of her sister 

Thankful. Four children, 
vi. Thankful, b. in 1789; d. Ik Nov. 181U; m. 1 Dec. I809 her first 

cousin, Alexander McCaslin, son of John and Sarah (Knowles) 

5th Generation 


McCaslin, who s\irvived her and m. (2) her sister Abigail. One 
daughter . 

vii. Amy , m. after l809 Levi Wass of Columbia, Me., a brother of the 
husband of her sister Mary, 
viii. Freeman Jr. , ( from Tibbetts-Nash Genealogy ) 

NOTE: INFORMATION ON THIS MAINE BRANCH, descendants of Freeman* and Samuel', 
son of Samuel and Sarah (Elwell)from Leonard Tibbetts, historian, of 
Arlington, Mass., who wrote the following: 


Plantation No. 12 emd 13 West of Machieis were incorporated as town of 
Columbia in 1796. In l863, the eastern part of No. 13 was set off eis 
Columbia Falls. Columbia is on the Pleasant River and is next to and above 

Pleasant River became Plajitation No. 6 euid was incorporated as Addison 1^ Feb. 
1797. Some of the early settlers went up the river and settled what is now 
Columbia Falls. 

Jonesborough was originally Plantation No. 22 and incorporated 1 Jan. 1789. 
That peirt of Jonesborough which is now Jonesport was set off 3 Feb. l832. 

Three miles from the village of Addison and three miles from West Jonesport 
is located the village of Indian River. This village is cut in two sections, 
one half in each of the two towns by the Indiaxi River Stream. 

72 .j SAMUEL^ KNOWLES (Samuel,* Nathaniel, ^ Samuel,* Richard*), son of 

IP Samuel (26. ) and Sarah (Elwell) ; b. U June 1759, Cumberland Co., Me.; d. 

7 Oct. 1819 at Sedgwick, Me.; m. k Oct. I783 JANE GRAY, b. 1 Jan. 176^; 

d. 29 Dec. 1836 at Sedgwick. 

He served in the Revolution from Pleasant River, now Addison. A census 
of Sedgwick in I785 contains this entry: "Samuel Knowles, 2 souls, 
3 years settled." He took up Lot No. Ill in that town, adjoining the 
Blue Hill line. A road now abandoned, led to his house which was last 
occupied by a granddaughter, Mary Ann Bridges, about I87O . The site of 
the house and the gravestones eire now covered with woods and underbrush, 
(1926). The land is owned by Will Williams who lives in the house that 
formerly was occupied by Samuel Knowles . 

Candage's account of early Blue Hill (Me.) settlers, states that Samuel 
Knowles was born on Cape Cod. Mrs. Merrill Howard of Blue Hill, a great 
granddaiighter, was told by the elders that "Great-grandfather Samuel" 
came from the eastward, and she is confident that the place was Addison." 
At any rate, it was w^re the Ingersolls lived, for whom her grandfather 
Nathaniel Ingerson Knowles, was named. He was "fond of those people but 
liked Ingerson better than Ingersoll." 


5th Generation 

Knowles children; b. at Sedgwick, Maine: (additional info, to 

Mr. Libby's obtained from Sedgwick, Me. records) 

i. Hannah * b. Z {hi) Mar. I78U; d. k April 1784. 

ii. Sally , b. 23 Mar. 1789; m. 15 Oct. 1807 James Cunningham. Six 


iii. Freeman , b. 23 Nov. 1791; killed in Michigan by a feaiing tree. 
IU5. iv. Nathaniel Ingerson , b. 1 Mar. 179^. 

v. I^dia , b. 2U Mar. 1796; d. 21 Mar. l839; m. I818 Jeremiah Mclntire. 
Nine children. 
1U6. vi. Samuel, Jr. , b. 27 Mar. 1798. 

vii. Phebe , b.T May 18OO, (18 May I8OI, as per Town Clerk, Sedgwick, 
Me . ) ; m. Gideon Cloyes . Two children, 
viii. Amy , b. 28 Jvme l802; d. 20 Apr. I88O; m. 2 Mar. l823 Benjamin 
Clough of Blue Hill, Me., eight or more children. 

73.^CAPT. JAMES ^ KNOWLES (Cornelius,* Lt . Richard, ^ Samuel,* Richard*), son 
of Cornelius (28.) and Mary (Hopkins); b. abt. 1756, Chatham, Mass.; 
d. 1 Jan. 1809, age 53, Liverpool, Nova Scotia; m. 26 Nov. 1779 fit 
Liverpool, N.S. by Rev. Israel Cheever ELIZABETH BURBANK, b. a^^' 1762; 
d. 26 Sept. l8i+2, age 80 Liverpool; dau. of Timothy Burbank, land grantee 
of Liverpool, born Plymouth, and Betty (Crowell). 

He met several adventures on the seeis, being twice taken by privateers 
in the Revolution and in I805 being captured with his schooner, the 
MORNING STAR, near Guadeloupe. In his earlier years he ran a packet 
between Liverpool and Halifax, sailing sometimes to Boston; and later 
on he conducted a cooperage business with a shop, store, and whaxf in 

Little island above the bridge at Liverpool named after him, called 
"Knowles Island." 

In 1827, Liverpool vessels of which he was Captain: NAUTILUS, brig 
POLLY, schooner PANDORA, schooner HARMONY. 

13 May l809 Benjamin Collins and the widow, Elizabeth, were appointed 
to administer the estate, however, Collins died before inventory was 
completed and his son, Lothrop, was appointed in Collins' place. Bond 
dated 28 Sept. l8l3. His real estate consisted of 1 small island sit- 
uated at the head of Liverpool Harbour and 3 Fish Lots in the Town of 
Liverpool in Letter A, No's 1, 2 & 3 above and below the street leading 
from the Point in a southwest direction through the town with the rep- 
resentation of barn, houses, streets, roads, coopers shop, store, wharf 
and water. Map attached to estate papers indicating widow's third and 
remainder distributable equally to 10 children except that Cornelius, 
the eldest, received double share. Under age children had guardians 
appointed: Thomas Knowles for Elkanah, Mercy and Mary; and Samuel 
Parker for Thomas and Parker. 

Knowles children; b. at Liverpool: 
i. Elizabeth,* b. h Sept. I78O; m. 29 June I8OO Benjamin Collins, 

5th Generation 


IU7. ii. 
IU8. iii. 
IU9. iv. 

150. V. 

151. vi. 

152. vii. 
viii . 

153. ix. 
I5U. X. 

xi . 

son of Joseph Collins, Jr., and his wife, Desire, of Liverpool, 
Benjamin died betweenl809 and l8l3. They had five children: 
David, Benjamin, James K. , Rebecca and Frederick. 
Cornelius , b. 13 April 1782. 

9 Dec. 1785. 

James , Jr . , b . 

Richard , b. 
Lothrop , b. 
Elisha, b . 
Elk an ah , b . 
Mercy , b . 9 

3 Feb. 1788. 
15 Nov. 1790. 
28 Dec. 1792. 
3 Oct. 179^+. 
July 1796. See NOTE. 

Thomas , b. 20 May 1798. 
Parker , b. 25 May I8OO. 
Mary , b. 15 Oct. l802. See NOTE. 

NOTE: Conflicting information in Long's Annals about the marriages of Mercy 
and Mary as follows: 

Mary m. Thomas , eldest son of Samuel Freeman and Sxisannah (Jones) on 13 Jan. 
1825. Also stated that Samuel Freeman, after the death of his first wife, 
Sophia, married Mary Knowles in I819 and that he was son of Samuel and 
Rebecca (Harlow) Freeman. 

Mercy m. 27 Feb. l8l3 Harris (son of Ebenezer and Sarah Smith Harrington) 
Harrington and moved to Baxrington in l822. Also stated that Samuel Freeman 
(b. 1795) m. Mercy Knowles 8 Nov. l827 as his second wife and they had Joseph 
H. , Snow Parker, Maria Kesboro, Sophia, Mary. 

JOHN KNOWLES (Samuel,* Capt. John,^ Samuel, * Richard*), son of Samuel 
( 29 . ) and Mary (McCloud); b. about I76O at Hartford; d. 3 Apr. I82O 

at Hartford, aged 60 ; m. HEPZIBAH , b. about 1770, d. 2 May 

I8U5, aged 75, bur. at Hartford. 

Her will (Hartford Probate Records, vol. U7, p.lU8) mentions no children, 
and the beneficiaries "were Polly Crosby, Cynthia Phelps, David S. Dodge, 
Richard Webster, and, chiefly, David Palmer. 

John Knowles enlisted 27 May 1777, at the age of 17, in the Fourth 
Troop of Light Dragoons under Col. Elisha Sheldon. His residence 
was given as Hartford and his occupation as baker. His height was 
5 feet, 8 inches, complexion dark, eyes gray, hair dark. After the war 
he had a hoiise on part of his father's home lot, ajid gradually sold 
off or mortgaged his inherited lands until his property was placed 
under control of a conservator. After l802 nothing is found about 
him xmtil the record of his death and the granting of a pension to his 


5th Generation 

/f?^\ RICHARD ^ KNOWLES (Rev. Isaac ,* Amos ,* Samuel, * Richard* ) , son of Rev. 

\ / Isaac (31.) and Deliverance (Bassett) (Hall); b. in I78O at Sandwich; 

d. in I62O; m. SARAH ROSE, b. on Long Island, N.Y. about 1788; d. at 
Albany, N.Y., 9 June i860, aged 72; dau. of D. and Elizabeth Rose. 

By his father's will, on account of his mentaJ. condition, he was placed 
\inder the guardianship of Andrew Hemphill and Amos Knowles . His widow 
and only son continued to live in Troy for many years-. 

Knowles child: 

i. Edward ,^ b. at Troy 23 Feb. I818; d. at Troy 6 Apr. I885 ,(s .p.) ae 77 
years, 1 month, I6 days. He was a carpenter and a successful 
real estate operator, and lived with his mother on Fourth Street. 
The entire property of his father, which he had bought from the 
other heirs, was burned over in the fire of 10 May I862, which 
destroyed half the city, he built again for business purposes, 
and real-estate transfers by him are numerous. In his will, dated 
15 Sept. 1882 and recorded 1 June I885 , he disposed of much 
property in Troy and in Say vi lie. Long Island, and made provision 
for a monument in Oaicwood Cemetery to cost $3,000. 




Much information on this branch has been obtained through the generous 
efforts of Mrs. Clara Houck of Chittenango, New York (1971 ) whose accumula- 
tion of newspaper clippings, census statistics, correspondence asid tireless 
efforts to locate data on this family have made it possible to follow through 
on these descendants. 

From Richard N. Wright, President, Onondaga Historical Association, Syracuse, 
New York, was received copy of a 13 page statement written in 1917 by George 
Perry Knowles , grandson of Hon. John and son of James and Elizabeth Dygert 
about his family. Same statements also furnished by various descendants. 
(Excerpts appear as they pertain to various descendants.) 

Information of the Stannaxd Family etnd other data received from Mrs. Keiren 
Knowles Whiting of Minneapolis, Minnesota and from Rev. Harold Frank Knowles, 
St. James Church, South Pasadena, Calif. Photographs and considerable 
further info, from Grace Miller, Plainview, Minn. 

From George Perry Knowles' statement the following: 

"When my father, James* Knowles, was born, my grandparents were living in 
Troy, New York, but afterwards, about the year l807, moved to a place neeu: 
Chittenango, in Madison Co., N.Y. where my grandfather became the owner of 
large tracts of lands, in the northern portion of the Town of Sullivan upon 
which there wa^ standing white pine timber which, after being cut and removed, 
was cleared and was known as "The Plains", and converted into some of the 
best farming country in that portion of the State. My grandfather came into 
possession of a tract of Ismd south of the village of Chittenango, about one 
mile, upon which there was a water power on the Chittenango Creek, a small 
stream being the outlet of Cazenovia Lake and a feeder of the Erie Canal. My 
grandfather then improved this water power, and built a dam emd a mill for 
manufacturing wool cloth, etc. 

My grandfather located his house and home on a portion of this land some 
little distance from the mill near a fork of which was known as the "dyke or 
middle road" running from Chittenango to Cazenovia and what was known as the 
'Hill Road' to Cazenovia. His residence w£Ls a large plain house situated 
on the southwest fork of the road, which led two miles up the hill past my 
father's house where I was born. North of my grandfather's home across the 
•Hill Road' he laid out and established what is known as the 'Walnut Grove 
Cemetery' where he, grandmother, and a number of their children are buried. 

Prior to my grandfather moving from Troy, from information I obtained from 
my father, my grandfather's business was in managing or sailing a vessel 
engaged in what was known as a Coast Trader and in which business he was 
successful. One fact which occurs to my recollection as to grandfather 
having had something to do in having an interest in a sailing vessel, is 
this, to-wit: He had in his possession a large silk flag which was said to 
come from his vessel, the use of which he allowed in processions on Indepen- 
dence Day, as it was the only silk flag in the village. And the hay- foot- 
straw- foot patriots deemed it a great honor to follow this. flag. 


Ify grandfather it seems must have been a prominent and influential citizen 
in Madison County in which he resided and was at one time called upon to act 
as one of the associate judges at jury decisions of the District Court and 
thereby was entitled to and was called and addressed as Judge Knowles . From 
what I can learn as to the judicial system in practice at that time, in each 
County there was established a court of general jurisdiction which provided 
for a Presiding Judge of legal ability whose duty it was to administer the 
law and conduct the proceedings in Coxort while the Associated Judges were 
seated inCourt with the Presiding Judge, one on each side. The Associated 
Judges were supposed to be consulted in matters not strictly confined to 
questions of law. From the fact that my grsmdfather occupied this position 
as I have learned for some years, he must have been a man of good chsLracter 
and judgment and of prominence and ability, and worthy of the esteem of the 
citizens of the county in which he resided. 

In 1827, my grandfather was a member of the assembly of the Legislature of 
the State of New York, ana I find among the papers left by my father, a 
letter from Erastus Corning to my grandfather, dated at Albany, N.Y., Dec. 
31st 1827, asking for his favorable action and influence in supporting one 
Phillip Phelps as a Clerk in the Assembly. Mr. Corning weis the first presi- 
dent of the New York Central Railroad Compeuiy, and he held that position for 
a number of years. In the winter of 1862-63 it was my pleasure to be intro- 
duced to Mr. Corning at Albany by Sydney T. Fairchild, the counsel for the 
N.Y. Central RR Co. and, in the conversation with Mr. Corning, he remembered 
the circumstance of my grandfather being a member of the Legislature and, as 
stated, also the fact that the said Mr. Phelps was appointed to an official 
position at the Capitol and was continued in an official position for a 
number of years and that Mr. Phelps became known to officials and b\xsiness 
men as a living encyclopaedia as to all acts and proceedings of the Legis- 
lature and affairs of the State." 

l^t^ of Vemie Bella Knowles Freyberg (dau. of Van Buren Knowles 

Fr^yw.^ngf.) S'^'/'fr °^^-^^-%^ro. her grandson, »^1 

04. i vx-euQjyer; was D. 1(J2. She was dau. of John Penover b 1727 

Stamford. Conn.; m. 17^9 Mercy St. John, b. Sharon. Conn, llfh ^'n.'is jlln 
H^^V" rf""' Regit at n! ^^ 

1^ : Ulr^ ' "^^^ Penoyer. b. Stamford, Conn.. 

1698; d 1775; m. 1725 Abigail Ferris. John Sr.. son of ThomaT Pen^; 

Stamford I658; d. 1724; m. I685 I^dia Knapp who d. 17IO. Father^' 
Thomas Penoyer vas Robert, b. in France 161U. (Refs: Adjutant General's 
Office Hartford Conn.; Gen'l Hist. Towns of Sharon, Litchfield Co.. Conn. 
C. F. Sedgvick; St. John Genealogy.) 

5th Generation 111 

HON . JOHN " KUOWLES (Lt. James* Capt. James, ^ Samuel,* Richard^), son of 
Lt. James (3^.) axid Prudence (Benton) ;bapt . 6 April 1777 Newington, 
Conn.; d. 21 April l8i+7 at Chittenango, Madison Co., New York. Family- 
records state he was killed by a buggy pole. He m. 26 Dec. 1791 SALLY 
PEliOYER of Hudson, N.Y. who died 27 May 1839, age 67, of apoplexy. Both 
buried Walnut Grove Cemetery, Chittenango, N.Y. (There are conflicting 
dates for Hon. John's death. George Perry Knowles stated that his grand- 
father, Hon. John, was born 1767 in Wethers field. Conn.) 

John Knowles was in business at Troy, N.Y. as a coasting trader. About 
l802, according to the HISTORY OF MADISON COUNTY, Judge John Knowles 
settled at Bridgeport in that county where he had bought a tract of pine 
timber. Later he bought a mill privilege at Chittenango where he estab- 
lished a woolen mill. He was associate judge of the County Court and a 
member of the Constitutional Convention that framed the consitution of 
New York. He also filled numerous other offices. An oil portrait of 
Judge John Knowles was in the possession of the late Marcus Peck of 
Fayetteville , New York (grandson). 

Knowles children; (1st 8 probably born at Troy,N.Y.); 

155. i. James ,*b. 5 Oct. 1793. 

156. ii. John, b. 30 Nov. 179^. 

iii. Sally , b. 23 Sept. 1796; d. 2U/26 Dec. 183^+, age 38; m. James 

Peck. Nine children including Marquis (Marcus?) L. Peck of 
Fayetteville, Onondaga Co., N.Y. Her husband, James Peck, d. 2h 
Feb. l8ii2, age ^8. Both buried North Manlius Cem. along with a 
son and daughter and his father: Benjamin Peck (d. 3 April I829, 
age 69 years), James (d. 2k Mar. l822, age 6 years, 11 mos . ) , 
and Sally M. (d. I6 Aug. l832, age 15 years). 

iv. David , b. 17 April 1798; d. 16 Aug. I8OO. 

V. Prudence , b. 19 Nov. 180O; d. 27 May I863 (27 May I858, age 59, 
Walnut Grove Cem. ) 

vi. Martha, b. 3 Feb. l802. 

vii. Julia, b. 7 Mar. l80i+; d. Feb. l8l3. 

157. viii. Charles , b. 9 May I806. 

ix. Nathaniel , b. 28 Aug. l807; d. 6 July I836; shot himself. 

X. Lucy , b. 8 Sept. I809 ; d. at Waterloo, N.Y. 1 July l893; age 83; 
m. 18 Sept. 1839 Joseph Gilbert Schryver who d. 17 Dec. l893, 
age 84. Both buried Walnut Grove Cemetery. Lucy was the last of 
her generation to die. In her will she bequeathed the use of her 
property to her husband during life and then, after other minor 
consideration, the remainder was willed to the Consistory of the 
Reformed Church of Chittenango. This church beceune the 1st 
Presbyterian Church and her husband's heirs claimed that because 
of the change, the Society was not entitled to the legacy. A 
coxirt battle followed but the 1st Presbyterian Ch\irch was granted 
the legacy as it seemed to be Lucy's wish that the church have 
the benefit of what had been her father's money. 

158. xi. Isaac , b. 23 Mar. I8II. 

xii. Porter , b. 22 Nov. l8l2; d. 28 Apr. I836; drowned himself, 
xiii. Mary Ann , b. I5 Jan. l8l5; d. at Towanda, Pa. 27 May I868; m. 
May 1839 Charles Mannville. One child who died in infancy. 

112 ^"^^ Generation 

1 ^77 A HENRY^KNOWLES ( Henry f Deac. Thomas *Deac . Edward,' John, *Ri chard *) , son 
^CI^ of Henry (36.) and Ist wife, Mary (Knowles) (Knowles); b. 5 Sept. 1780, 
Eeistham, Mass.; m. (int.) 2k Jan. l803 at Bar Harbor, Me., married 15 
Feb. 1803 by Rev. James Covel, REBECCA KETTLE "a widow of 'Groaen' in 
the State of Conn, (probably Groton, New London County, Conn.). 

Went to Mount Desert, Me., with his father when about five years old. 
Said to be "of Eden" at time of his marriage. 

He was a fajrmer and lived on the homestead at Hull's Cove, Bar Harbor. 
From Town of Bar Harbor records the following: 

Knowles children; b. Eden (Bar Harbor, Me.): 

159. i. Thomas /b. 20 Oct. l803. 

ii. Frances , ("Danny"), b. 1 June I805 ; m. Martin Berry of Trenton. 

iii. Zacheus, b. 17 Aug. 1808; died 7 June I829. 

iv. Billings , b. 7 Oct. I8IO. 
V, Nancy , b. 7 June l8l3. 

vi. Mary , b. 19 May I816; m. Gilpatrick, Trenton, Maine. She d. 

May 1906. 

^^.^ vii. Charlotte , b. 26 Sept. I819. 

( 78.\)BED^ KNOWLES ( Ben j amin Deac . Edward, *Deac . Edward,' John, *Ri chard* ) , 
son of Benjamin (37.) and Mary (Brown); b. 2^ July I766, Eastham; d. 
23 Dec. 1833; m. (1st) (int. rec'd Eastham 6 April 1793)ABIGAIL DOANE 
b. 21 Mar. 1771; d. 30 Jxine l80i+, age 33; m. (2nd) SARAH HIGGINS, d. 17 

May 1816, age U2, dau. of Elkannah and Sarah Higgins ; m. (3rd) FANNY 

d. 7 May I818, age 2h Eastham; m. (Uth) April I819 at Eastham, BETHIAH 
(KNOWLES) (MAYO) BANGS, his third cousin, dau. of Seth and Hannah (Hatch) 
Knowles, and widow successively of Henry Mayo and Lyman Bangs. 

He removed down the Cape to North Eastham where his house is now (1926) 
owned by Russell Higgins. Two children by first wife, five children by 
2nd wife, and one child by third wife. (Libby) Complete record of child- 
ren from Alice Lowe's Eastham town records. 

Knowles children by 1st wife, Abigail: 

i. Ruth Doane ,^b. 2h Sept. 1798; d. h June I8I+I; m. James Hatch 

Knowles (128.). 

ii. Obed D. . b. I8 June I80U; d. 2 Sept. I8IO, aged 6 years. (From 

cemetery near Eastham Station) "Obed Doane, son of Obed and 
Abigail, died 2 Sept. I8IO, aged 6 years. 

Knowles children by 2nd wife, Saj-ah: 

iii. Abigail D. , b. 19 Sept. l805; m. J^£6 Crowell Doane, 2k Jan. I826. 

iv. Willard , b. 7 Feb. l807; d. 1833 at Eastham. 

v. lydia , b. k Aug. l809; m. 1833 Barnabas K. Mayo, b. l809.- 
r,(,vl'k'^(j^^' Sarah , b. 27 May I8II; m. 28 June I8U2, Nathaniel Stone of Dennis. 

vii. Polly , b. 11 April l8l3. 

Knowles children by 3rd wife, Fannj : 

viil. Fanny , b. 13 Oct. I817. 

6th Generation 

Knovles children by kth wife, Bethiah: /<(, 4<^Cy^ 

ix. Alice P ., b. T Jan. l822. W^(i€,f%'^i 
X. Louisiana S. , b. 2 Jem. I828. ^ s L^/^ . t^tfjfVhJ 

79. 1 GEORGE* KNOWL£S (Benjamin * Deac . Edward, * Deac. Edward, John,* Richard*), 
son of Benjamin (37.) and Mary (Brown); b. lU May I768, Eastham, Mass.; 
d. after I85O; m. (int. rec'd Eastham) 9 Dec. 1790, BETTY SMITH, b. 
1768; d. after I85O. 

He removed to the Penobscot, Maine area where the U.S. Censiis of I8IO 
shows him at Hampden, Maine with eight children in his household. I8U0 
Census same place, he was between 70 and 80 years of age with a female 
same age and one female 30-Uo in his household. 

1850 Census, Hampden, Penobscot Covin ty, next door to or in same house 
with son Obed and family, George was 82 years old and "Betsey" was also 
82; Elsie in their household, age U9 . 

Knowles children; born Eastham: 

i. Mary b . 21 June 1795. 

160. ii. Joshua Smith , b. 19 May 1799. 

Knowles children (b. Hampden, Maine — from Twn. Clk,Vol.l,pg.38l) : 

iii. Ellice (Elsie ) , b. 3 Dec. I8OO; living with parents unm. age U9 
in 1850. 

161. iv. Obed , b. 26 Dec. l802. 

V. Christiania, b. 31 Mar. I80U; m. 8 Dec. I83I in Hampden by Rev. 
Otis Briggs Ebenezer Taylor of Hermon, Me. 

Others imknown except that a Lydia Knowles married 25 Aug. I831 Thomas 
Taylor. She could have been daughter of George. 

© BENJAMIN ^ KNOWLES (Benjamin,* Deac . Edward,* Deac. Edward, ^ John, * 
Richard!), son of Benjamin (37.) and Mary (Brown); b. 29 Sept. 177^, 
Eastham, Mass.; d. before Mar. l8l3; m. 3 Dec. I8OI, Eastham, Mass., 
ALICE DOANE, dau. of Nehemiah and Lydia (Dill Doane . She remarried 
Edward, brother of Benjamin in l8l3. 

Knowles children: 

162. i. Josiah ,yb. 12 Sept. l802. 
ii. Mercy , b. 3 Mar. I80U. 

Ilk 6th Generation 

( ^61 J EDWARD * OOWLES (Benjamin,* Deac. Edward,*Deac . Edward,' John,* Richard ^ , 
son of Benjamin (37.) and Mary (Brown); b. 25 Mar. 1776, Eastham, Mass.; 
d. 9 Nov. 1857, Eastham VR's, was carpenter and widower; m. Mar. l8l3, 
Eastham, ALICE (DOAHE) KNOWLES, widow of his brother Benjamin; b. abt. 
1780 ; d. after I85O. 

Listed in I85O Census, Wellf leet , Mass., as being a carpenter, age 7I+; 
Alice was age 70. 

Knowles children; b. at Eastham: 

i. Mehitable ,^b. I81I+; married Gushing Horton. 
163. ii. Edward , b. I816. 

^82 .j FREEMAN * KNOWLES (Benjamin,* Deac. Edward,*Deac . Edward,* John ,*Ri chard * ), 
^ — ^ son of Benjamin (37.) and Mary (Brown); b. 20 Sept. 1778, Eastham, 
Mass.; d. 21 June l827, age U8 Eastham; m. FANNY SMITH, b. 1775 in 
that part of Eastham which became Orleans; d. 10 June I8U9 in Boston; 
dau. of Nathan and Maxy (Freeman) Smith. 

He received by his father's will the ancient house which was long 
occupied by the widow of his son, Nathan S. Knowles. The homestead 
was allotted by the Judge of Probate to Nathan S. and Franklin Knowles, 
who were to pay to tne other children their shares. 

Knowles children, seven, of whom five survived him: 

I6U. i. Nathan S. ,^b. 5 Sept. iQOk . 

165. ii. Franklin, b. 11 July I806. 

iii. Benjamin, b. 28 Feb. I808; d. 28 Dec. 1826 at City Point, 
Virginia, aged 19 - on his father's headstone. 

166. iv. Freeman , b. 26 May I8IO. 

V. Jerusha, b. b April l8l2; d. l833. 

vi . Lucinda, b . 2 June 1816 . 

vii. Thomas S ., b. 13 Nov. I819. 

THOMAS * KNOWLES , JR • » ( Thomas Deac . Edward De ac . Edward,' John ,*Ri chard), 
son of Thomas (39.) and 2nd wife, Azubah (Cleirk); b. abt. 1771 Holden, 
Mass.; bapt. in the First Parish of Harwich (now Brewster) 16 July 1775, 
when his mother was received into the church; d. 8 Mar. l853, 79 years, 
6 mos.. Auburn, Mass.; m. 2h Nov. 1796, Holden, Mass., ESTHER MIRICK, 
b. 20 Nov. 1775, Holden, Mass.; d. 22 April I8U8, age 72, Auburn, Mass.; 
dau. of Elisha Mirick and Persis (Moore). 

In 1817 they were living in Auburn, Mass. Info, re children from Kay- 
Sheldon (1971) of Auburn, Mass. 

Knowles children: 
i. Polly b . 2h Jan. 1798 in Holden. 

168. ii. Elisha-Mirick , b. 30 Oct. in I8OO in Auburn. 

iii. Elijah , b. 1 Sept. I80I+ in Auburn. 

iv. Ali ce , b. 23 Nov. I8IO , Auburn. 
V. Benjamin Clark, b. 29 Jan. I816, Auburn. 

6th Generation 115 

MAJ , HENRY ^ KNOWLES (Elijah/ Deac. Edward/oeac . Edward,* John * Richard* ) 
son of Elijah (Uo. ) and Rebecca (Harding); b. 20 July 1775, Eastham, 
Mass.; d. 13 April I838 at Orleans, Mass. from blood poisoning caused by 
a rusty nail; m. (1st) 8 May I8OO Eastham, Mass., BETSEY DOANE, b. 28 
Nov. 1773; d. 10 Feb. l805; dau. of Samuel and Molly Doane of Chatham. 
(Records from Gem. near Eastham Sta. ) "Betsey, wife of Henry, dau. of 
Samuel and Molly Dosine of Chatham, died 10 Feb. I805, five days after 
lying in with her third child, in her 32nd year"; m. (2nd) 2 Jan. I806, 
HANNAH (KNOWLES) SMITH, b. h Oct. I76U at Eastham; d. I6 Feb. I816, age 
50 of typhus; his third cousin once removed, dau. of Seth and Ruth 
(Freeman) ICnowles of Eastham, widow of Barnabas Smith; m. (3rd) 30 July 
1816 DIDAMIA (DOANE) ROWE, b. 9 Mar. 1788; d. 15 Nov. I87I, Charlestown, 
Mass.; widow of John Rowe also said to be dau. of Samuel & Molly Doeme.— . 
(John Rowe, b. 16 Mar. 1788; d. at sea in 181U leaving two daughters.) 

He was a house carpenter; was a Major of the 2nd Regiment of Militia of 
Baj-ns table County. After 2nd marriage removed to Orleans on the south 
side of the County Road near where Simon Higgins lived where he traded 
and kept a public Tavern. His house stood on land belonging to the 
father of his second wife without issue. Major Henry bought in this land 
from her heirs in sevenths, in the southern part of Orleans Village on 
the so. side of the byroad (formerly Post Road) leading to the John Doane 
place and was marked "Dr. T. Wilson" on the Barnstable County Map of 

In 1850 censiis: Didamia, ae 63; Betsey D., ae 26, b. Boston, was post- 
mistress; Mary A., (?) ae 8, b. Orleans. 

Some additional information from Herbert Ernest Knowles , descendant, 
(1972) family records; living Deerfield, Illinois state children by 2nd 
wife: Phebe Clark and Mary Eldridge. 

Knowles children by 1st wife, Betsey: 

170. i. Elijah,* 'b. 8 Aug. I8OI. 

ii. Anna , b. 11 Aug. l803; m. (1st) Sears Chase, b. l802; m. (2nd) 
Seth Collins. 

171. iii. Henry Doeine , b. 5 Feb. I805. (also Feb. 17 date given) 

Knowles children by 3rd wife, Didamia: 

172. iv. Joseph Mayo , b. 26 May I817. 
V. Betsey Doane, b. 2h April I82U. 

HARDING * KNOWLES (Eli J ah ,^ Deac . Edward,*Deac . Edward John ,*Ri chard ^) , son 
of Elijah (UO. ) and Rebecca (Harding); b. 25 Oct. 1779, Eastham; d. 11 
July 1826 age k'J , Eastham (on stone with wife Betsey at Eastham Station 
Cemetery: "aged U8"); m. (1st) 2 Jan. l803 Eastham, MARGERY KNOWLES his 
third cousin, b. 1779, Eastham; d. 31 May I816 in her 37th year; dau. of 
David and Elizabeth (Homer) Knowles; m. (2nd) Oct. I816 Eastham, BETSEY 
KNOWLES, b. 1776 at Eastham; d. 29 April l853 in the poorhouse at 
Eastham, aged 78; sister of his first wife and perhaps widow of his 
brother Elijah. 

Il6 6th Generation 

He followed in his father's footsteps as Justice of the Peace and was a 
representative of the General Court four years including the year of his 
death which was caused by a fall from his mill. Although he was given 
his father's and grandfather's house, his name was associated with the 
old house, no longer standing (1926), between Great Pond and the railroad. 

Knowles children; (from Eastham Town records — Alice Lowe) 

by 1st wife, Margery: 

i. Eliza,*' b. 28 July l807; d. k Aug. I8I+8, ae Ul ; m. Barnabas 

Freeman I828, born I80U. 
Freeman children: 

a. Elizabeth , b. 6 Jan. I83U. 

b. James , b. 2 April I836. 

c. Samuel , b. 20 Oct. I838; d. 21 June lQk2 . 

d. Sajnuel , b. 10 Oct. I8U3. 
(From Freeman Genealogy) 

ii. Rebecca , b. 11 April I809 . 
173. iii. Elijah Edward , b. 23 Feb. I8II. 

Knowles children; by 2nd wife, Betsey: 

iv. Margery , b. 20 Sept. I819 ; d. I885. 

ELIJAH ^ KNOWLES ( Eli j ah Deac . Edward,* Deac . Edward,^ John, ^Richard^) , son 
of Elijah {ho.) and Rebecca (Harding); b. 1 Jan. 1782, Eastham; d. 3 
Jan. 1808 at Eastham, age 26; m. (1st) Feb. l805 at Eastham, BETSEY 

ATKINS COLLINS, d. 28 Oct. l805,age 19; m. (2nd) ELIZABETH , 

perhaps the Betsey Knowles who married at Eastham in Oct. 1816 as his 
second wife, Harding Knowles, brother of this Elijah. 

Administration on the estate of Elijah Knowles was granted 15 Oct. I815 
to Harding Knowles, Esq., who, it is thought, married his brother's 
widow, the sister of his first wife. 

No children. 

JOSHUA ^ KNOWLES (Joshua,* Joshua,* Col. John ,^ John ,^Ri chard^ ) , son of 
Joshua (U2. ) and Mary (Harding); b. k Nov. 1756, Truro, Mass.; d. 8 Mar. 
1822 ae 65, Truro; m. 21 Dec. I78O, Truro, HANNAH ATKINS, b. 28 May 
1763, Truro, Mass.; d. 11 Feb. I8U3, age 8U; dau. of Nathaniel and Mary 
(Parker). (See NOTE at end - Truro Records) 

He was a carpenter. 

Kno\^les children; b. Truro: 

17^. i. Josiah,'b. Ik June 1782. 

ii. Majy , b. 11 July I78U; m. D yer, settled Maine. 

iii. Hannah , b. 29 Mar. 1786; m. (^ub.) ih June I806, Lemuel Hopkins, • 

son of Caleb & Thankful Hopkins. Caleb b. 12 July 1783. 

6th Generation 


Hopkins children: 

a. Caleb, b. 26 March l80T; lost at sea with "j" Needham, l837, 

age 30. 

b. Thomas Smith , b. 9 Jan. l809. 

c. Sally , b. 27 Oct. iBll. 

d. Hajinah , b. l6 Jan. l8lU ; m. (1st) Armstrong; (2nd) Asa Sellew. 

e . Mary Dyer, b . l6 June l8l6 . 

f. Rebecca Lombard , b. 5 April l8l8; m. Archelaus Smith 29 Nov. 


g. Jeremiah , died 17 March l823. 

h. Jeremiah , b. l823; m. 2 Dec. iQhf Rebecca Coan. He weis a 

mariner . 

i. Deborah H. , b. l825 ; m. Lewis L. Paine l8 Dec. I8U5 . Lemuel 

Hopkins died 10 Sept. I8U9 in No. Truro of Palsy, age 66. 
Hannah still living at time of his death. 

175. iv. Joshua, b. 9 Jxily 1788. 

176. V. Nathaniel , b. I8 July 1790. 

vi. Daniel Atkins , b. 21 April 1792; died I8II. 

177. vii. John , b. 25 Dec. 179^+. 

viii. Jeremiah , b. 19 May 1799; d. 25 May I816 , ae 17. 

This Joshua Knowles and his father served as Privates in Capt. Isaiah Higgins 
Co., Col. Thomas Marshall's regiment, enlisting 6 Jiine 1776. (DAR Patriot 

NOTE: Truro records state Hannali , widow of Joshua, aged 8U died 11 Feb. 
l8i+3. There was no Hannah Atkins born 1759. Two Hannah Atkins were born to 
two Atkins brothers, Nathaniel and Benjamin. Nathaniel axid Mary (Parker) 
who were married 7 June 1759 had Hannah born 28 May 1763; his brother, 
Benjamin ajid wife Ruth had Hannah born I765. Above Hannah who married Joshua 
would have been only 15 if she had been daughter of Benjamin. Not impossible 
but, in addition, Joshua and Hannah named two of their children Mary and 
Nathaniel, probably after her parents. 

88.7 JESSE KNOWLES (Joshua,* Joshua,* Col . John,* John,* Richard* ) , son of 
— ^ Joshua (U2. ) and Mary (Harding); b. 2k Jan. 1771, Truro, Mass.; d. 21 

Nov. I8U6, age 76, Truro (records); m. (1st), publ. Truro, 15 Sept. 1797 
SARAH CREED, b. 1776; d. 29 March I816 at Truro, age Uo ; dau. of John 
and Sarah (Higgins) Creed; m. (2nd) 30 July I818, Truro, MEHITABLE 

Knowles children; b. Truro (from Truro records )by 1st wife, Sarah: 

i. Mehitable ,'"b. I8 Sept. 1798; m. Richard Snow k Dec. l823; he was 
b. 1799; d. 1838. 


6th Generation 

Snow children from Truro records: 

a. Stephen , b. 25 Sept. l82U. 

b. Sally , b. 12 Nov. 1825. 

c. John, b. 18 Aug. 182? . 

d. Margaret Paine , b. 6 Nov. l821 — probably error, I829. 

e. Mary Wilson , b. 20 Sept. l831. 

f. Mehitable Knovles , b. IT Sept. l833. 

g. Richard Freeman , b. 20 May I836; d. 22 Sept. I838. 

h. Hannah Knowles , b. 30 May I838; d. 26 Sept. I838. 

178. ii. Frederick , b. 6 Oct. 1799. 

iii. Sally , b. 6 July I8OI; m. 25 April I83O Benjamin Paine, b. 1795/6. 

179. iv. John Creed , b. 19 Feb. l803. 

V. Hannah Higgins , b. 10 Nov. I80U; m. James Lincoln, widower age U6, 

23 July 18UI4. 
vi. Mary , b. 7 Sept. I806. 

180. vii. Paul , b. ih Sept. I808. 
iBl.viii. Jesse , b. 1 June 1810. 

182. ix. Daniel Atkins , b. 1 Oct. l8l2; lost 3 Oct. I8UI, age 29. 

X. Rebecca Lombard died 29 Mar. I816, age 1, according to Truro 
records . 

[ 89OTHEOPHILUS ^ KNOWLES (Simeon, ^Joshua,'^Col. John ,^John ,*Richard ^) son of 
Vs__-^ Simeon {hh.) and Eunice (Mayo); b. abt. 1'^62/U, Eastham; d. Eastham, 
Barnstable Prob. lbU5, Will #31, 128; m. I788, JERUSHA DOAHE. 

In his will, he named his wife, Jeriisha, and five children. 

Knowles children; b. Eastham: 

i. Nancy, ^b. 12 June 1788. 

ii. Roxcy , b. 3 Nov. 1789; d. I856; m. l807 Eldad Dill. 

183. iii. Ezekiel . b. ih May 1793. 

iv. Theophilus , b. 17 May 1795. 
V. Jerusha D. , b. 23 Dec. I8OO. 

90 .) SIMEON ^KNOWLES (Simeon,* Joshua, *Col. John,* John,' Richard* ) , son of Simeon 
{hh.) and Eunice (Mayo); b. 17 Aug. I766 at Eastham; d. 22 Aug. l823, 
age 57, at Hardwick, Mass.; m. (int. rec'd) Eastham, 10 Nov. I787; marr. 
recorded 1 Jan. 1788; PRISCILLA DOANE, b. 7 Dec. 1762 at Eastham, d. 5 
Feb. 1839 (?), age 7^ at Hardwick, Mass.; dau. of Noah and Bethiah Doane 
of Eastham. 

He was a carpenter. In 1783 while still "of Eastham" he bought a farm 
in Hardwick. The Knowleses of Worcester were his descendants. 

Knowles children, b. at Eastham: 

i. Ban^s / b . 9 Mar. 1789; d. Hardwick 17 Sept. I806 , age 17 years. 

184. ii. Simeon, Jr. , b. 22 June 1791. 

iii. Leonard, b. 1795; d. 7 Feb. I8II, age 16. 

6th Generation 

185. iv. Edward , b. 3 Sept. 1199 (his death cert: ae TT/l/26, date of 

29 Oct. 18T6). ^ ^r. . -.QOO 

Ho,.r.-!«+ m Calvin A. Burnet of Oxford 29 Jxme 1830. 
wf^'K^;«l^ tgc (int.) 6 April 1823 in H^dvick VB-s. Elijah 
T Mason, possibly another daxighter. 
TFSSE*KHOWLES (Simeon,*Joshua,*Col. John,* John,' Richard ). son of 
) li^on^'tw Eunic; (Mayo); h. bef. 1T8U, Eastham; d. 21 Feb. l8l6, 
^ la^hL m April l8ll, Eastham; POLLY FREEMAN DOANE, b. 6 Mar 1T90, 
IS^h^; d. 2? Aug. 1862, Svazapscott, Mass.; dau. of Prince and 
Thankfxil (Young) Doane of Eastham. 
Knovles children: 

i Thankful Young b . 2h Dec. l8ll. , „ ^ v Tftno 

il. Sarah Jackson T b. 11 Nov. l8l3; m. Myrick Clark Horton. b, l8l2. 
iii. Eunice_, b. 12 March l8l6. 

•AMES*KNOWLES (Elisha,*Lt. John,*Col. John,-* John Richard M , son of 
msha^U^T) a nd Abiglil (Cone), b. 1TU6/T at Haddaon, Conn.; 1^ June 
f83' Atheis CO., OhL, in the 8Uth year of his age; - May 1T69 , 
Haddk, MARTHA SMITH, b. 9 Oct. 17^6 at Hadda^n a^d d. 15 ^ov l838. 
Athens Co Ohio in the 93rd year of age; dau. of Stephen Smith, Jr. and 
Deborah (Spencer) l^ey are buried side by side in the old Newbury 
Ce^?fry T-roiiside 'the town of Little Hocking, Ohio. The grave of 
5a^s Siwies is marked by SAR Artificer (see Conn, men in Rev.). 
They lived first at Haddam, Conn, from where James Knowles enlisted 12 
fu^e 1776 for six months as a private in C apt. Jonathan Johnson' ^/^^ ' 
Col Philip B. Bradley's Conn. Regiment. Discharged in Bristol, Pa. , 
Oct 1777 h; re-enlisted at Fishkill, N.Y. in a company of Artillery 
^Uficlr and served under Capts. Sizer, Wilcox Mills and Thomas 
piSeninCol. Baldwin's Regiment; discharged at West Point, N.Y., June 

1783 "Rev. War Pens. Cert. 3930 (W H,258) issued Oct. 26, 

Martha Knowles applied for pension Nov. 26, I836 -«%90 from^Troy 
Twp., Athens Co.. Ohio, declaring she was the -^^^^^ ^^J^l' ^^'l^^ll. 
Rev Soldier, pensioner who served during "nearly the whole war , etc. 
Shi married kid Knowles in 1766 in Hadda^, Conn f^^^^^^Ta^a^ was 
Qk years declared at the time that she was the sister of Martha and was 
present at their marriage in 1776, which date was in error. 
Additional information this family received from Mrs. ^^^f . ^^^^^f 
(1972) of Dalton, Ohio and from Arthur T. Knowles who states that the 
rZers of Rev. W C. Knowles indicate James, his brother, Elisha and 
?heir nephew ;en; to "New Connecticut" about I8IO. ("New Connecticut is 
N E Ohio) They settled on lands of the Ohio Company Purchase - 
i;00i,000 acres' today comprising Washington, Athens Meigs ^d p-t^ 
Vinton and Gallia counties. Belpre, Ohio, is 10 mi . below Marietta and 
opposite Parkersburg, W, Va. 

Prior to that and before I785, the family moved to Cape ^ay County N J. 
^ the three youngest children were ^^rn there . While one loc^^^^^^ 
states that the Knowles family came to Ohio in 179^, this seems veiy 


6th Generation 

unlikely, eis Martha, the daughter who did not come with the family, was 
not married until l802; nor are there euay Knowles listed in the l803 
census of Washington Co., when Ohio became a state. Nevertheless, we 
find in the allotment of lands in the Newbury settlement below Belpre 
in 1789, that there was a farm in the name of Reuben Knowles though 
it "was not occupied until a few years later." In the I8IO census we 
find the households of both James, with wife and one son between I6 and 
26, and Reuben, with wife and three under 10 years of age. Tliough 
other histories state that the family came about I808, legal records 
show first land pvirchase by Amos in I8II, as well as his marriage re- 
corded the same year. It may be that the sons were working on the river 
as there are several references to this, the sons being noted for their 
earlier "sea-faring life." 

HISTORY OF BELPRE, OHIO by C. E. Dickinson, D.D., 1920, cites an exper- 
ience that James and his brother, Reuben, had, in I8IO, while on a 
produce boat going down the Mississippi. 

They tied up for the night near what is now New Madrid. During the 
night there was an earthquake that caved off the bank where they were 
anchored and 100 acres of land sank, forming a lake, Reelfoot Lake,Tenn., 
that still remains. Tall sycamore trees went down end first. In the 
scramble for life, James caught hold of a tree and climbed as it sank. 
All the crew came out alive but the boat and the contents were lost. 
Reuben and Amos worked on the boats that Aaron Btirr had built at 

In the later yeaxs, a cabin was built for James and Martha near the home 
of their son, Jesse. When they became too old to care for themselves, 
they went to live with their youngest son, William. 

The will of Meurtha Knowles, signed the 13th March l837, gives William 
"in consideration of his good care of me" all her property. 

Knowles children: (Dates and birthplaces from records of Luella 

Knowles Smith, Adaline Lenity Knowles, ajid 
Rev . War Pens . App ' n . ) 

186. i. Reuben ,y b. 19 July 1771, Haddam, Conn. 

187. ii. Jesse , b. 9 June 1773 (ed-so date of 7 Jime given), Haddam, Conn. 

188. iii. James K. , b. 5 June 1776, Haddam, Conn. 

iv. Martha, b. 22 April 1778, Haddam, Conn. Said to have "been Left 
east" in papers of Rev. W.C. Knowles, and to have Joined the 
family later in Ohio, however, she married 3 May l802 in Cape 
May Co., N.Y., John Estell. She died there abt. I806 when her 
dau. Martha was born. 

Estell children: 

a. Daniel 

b. Martha Knowles , b. abt. I806; reared by father's sister in 

Phila.; m. (1st) Benjamin Dilks; m. (2) Daniel Steelman 
Collins . 

6th Generation 


NOTE: The Es tells were from people in S.N.J, around I8OO. 
John and Daniel were large property owners of glass factor- 
ies. Estellville was named for them. 

189. V. Amos , b. Ih April I78I, Haddam, Conn. 

vi. Abigail , d. 1791 (on stone of Elisha, her grsmdf ather , buried Old 

Ponsett Yard, Haddeun. ) 

vii. Esther , b. 9 May IT85, Cape May, New Jersey; m. 2h June l8l2, 

Eleazer Starr Curtis in Belpre, Ohio. He was born 13 Sept. 1783 
in Warren, Conn., son of Capt. Eleazer and Eunice (Starr) Cxirtis. 
He died 3 Aug. I856 and Esther died k Oct. I857. Both buried at 
Hockingport, near their home farm. 

The Curtis family wsis prominent in the settlement at Newbiory 
and later in the development of civic affairs in both Washington 
and Athens Counties . The lands of the Ciirtis and Knowles 
families adjoined each other in the first settlement as well as 
in later times . 

Curtis children: 

a. Eleazer William , b. 29 Aug. l8l3 at Newbury; m. 15 March I8U7 

Hannah Steelman DeRuth who was born 7 Feb. I826, Cape May, 
N.J.; dau. of Thomas and Rebecca (Steelman) DeRuth. Eleazer 
Wm. d. 17 Dec. I886; Hannah d. U Dec. I886. Seven children. 

b. Walter Sidney , b. 2k Aug. I815 at Newbury, Wash. Co., Ohio. 

Unm. Went to San Francisco; d. there 26 Nov. I889. 

c. James Frederick ,b. 28 July 1817, Newbury; d. 13 April I8U5. 


d. Charles Devol (Rev.), b. 25 June l820 near Hockingport; m. 

2k Dec. 1879 Dora Fisher Crossette. 

e. Leander Est^ell , b. 8 June l822 near Hockingport; m. 25 Max. 

1855 Caroline Rebecca Pennybaker who was b. 7 June I836, dau. 
of Hiram and Susanna (Mitchell) Pennybaker. Leander d. 21 
Feb. 1900 at Ravenswood, W. Va. His wife lived to her lOOth 
yeaj: and d. I8 Aug. 1935. Both biiried Hockingport. Seven 

f. Ruhama Juliette, b. 27 July l824; in I867 went to San Francisco 

to keep house for her brother, Walter. In I906, her home 
was destroyed in the earthquake and she spent the rest of her 
life with her cousin, Stephen Knowles, at Cloverdaie, Calif, 
and died there ik Aug. 1907. 

190. vii i. Samuel , b. 23 March I787, Cape May Co., New Jersey. 

191. ix. William , b. 9 May I789, Cape May. (This date from family record 

but tombstone reads d. 21 Jan. I87O , age 80 years, 11 mos . , 12 
ds . which would place his birthday 9 Feb. I789. On the other 
hand, the county recorded death certificate gives his age as 80 
yrs, 9 mos., 18 ds. which would make his birthdate 3 April I789). 

122 6th Generation 

93 J JOSHUA^ KNOWLES ( Elisha f Lt. John*Col. John,' John,*Ri chard* ) , son of 

Elisha (U5 . ) and Abigail (Cone), b. 22 Sept. 1768, Haddam, Conn.; d. 5 
Sept. ISUU at Whately, Mass. (Franklin Co.); m. 1790 CONCURRENCE PORTER, 
dau. of Abner and Abigail Porter. 

He lived in his father's original homestead in Ponsett before selling 
it and removing to Easthampton, Mass. bet. I8OO-I8IO . 

From Easthampton Church records, card collection in NEHG Library, 
Boston, also containing cemetery records of Main Street Cemetery, 
Easthampton: Joshua Knowles was buried Easthampton 7 Sept. l8^U, on his 
gravestone, "To the Memory of Mr. Joshua Knowles who died in peace, 
Sept. 5, l84U, ae 70." "Mrs. Concurrance Knowles, wife of Mr. Joshua 
Knowles, d. 19 May 1815, ae U8." 

1810 census, Hampshire Co., Mass., Easthampton: (Easthampton was in 
Hampshire Co., until abt . I8II when it became part of Franklin Co.) 
Joshua Knowles was a farmer, with one male between l6-26, one male under 
10, female 26-i+5» one female l6-26, one female IO-I6 and three females 
under 10. 

There is no will on file for Joshua in Franklin or Hampshire Counties. 
Knowles children; from above information: 

i. Adison ^ b . 1791; d. I6 Nov. I81U, ae 23, bu. Easthampton Cemetery. 

ii. Female , b. 1790-179^. 

iii. Mary , b. 12 Jan. 1798; d. 20 Aug. l887; m. 1^+ Sept. I825 Isaac 

Frary, Jr., son of Isaac Frary, b. 30 Mar. 1797; d. 7 Mar. I866. 
This info, obtained Mayflower Descendants, she was #20,83^. 

Frary children: 

a. Solomon Munson , b. I8 July I826. 

b. Clarissa , b. 27 Jxme I828, m. Dexter Frary. 

c. Marietta , b. 21 June I830, m. John F. Bannister. 

d. Charles , b. I6 Feb. 183^+. 

They lived on the old Frary homestead. 

iv. Male , b. I8OO-I8IO. 

v. Female , b. I8OO-I8IO. 

vi. Clarissa, b. abt. I806; d. 20 Aug. I826, ae 20 yrs . bu. East- 

hampton, Main Street Cemetery. 
Yii. Concurrence , b. I8OO-I8IO; m. (int.) 28 May l832 Abram W. 
Parkhurst of N.Y. 

192 viii. Joshua , b. Idll, Easthampton (Vol. VI, Virkus ' COMPENDIUM OF 

6th Generation 123 

9 U.\ WALKER^ MOWLES (Richard/ Lt. John,* Col. John,* John, *Ri chard ^) , son of 
Richard (U6. ) and Mary (Cone); b. 1 April 1763, Haddam, Conn.; d. 30 
Aug. 183T; m. (1st) Aug. 1784 ELIZABETH WELLS, b. May 1765; d. 1793 age 
28, dau. of Joseph Wells. She is buried in Old Ponsett Yard. Walker m. 
(2nd) about 179 ^ LYDIA (BRAINERD) PORTER, married first to Abner Porter 
who died at sea ll&h. She was born 23 Mar. 1759 at Haddam and died at 
her daughter, Lydia's house, age 77, 9 Mar, I836; buried New Ponsett 
Yard. She was dau. of Elijah and Lucy (Smith) Brainerd. 

Walker Knowles died away from Haddam, among the children by his first 
wife. He went to Hezekiah and left his wife a cripple. 

Listed as a Revolutionary War Pension in Conn. l832, Middlesex Co. 
Listed in Census 1790 with 2 sons under lb and 2 daiighters . Last pension 
payment made to Jonathan Barnes , Hart ford. Conn., 31 May l837 — a duly 
appointed attorney. His place or positive date of death have not been 

Said to have had a fiery temper as did his son Willard whom Rev. W. C. 
Knowles remembered. Walker was in debt in I826 . 

Knowles children by 1st wife; b. in Haddam, Conn.: 

193. i. Hezekiah^ . 23 June I785. 
19h. ii. Simon, b. 22 April I786. 

iii. Betsy , b. I787 (ATK's records say b. ca. 1790); d. Deposit, N.Y. 

Nov. 11, 1869 at home of son, Alvin Cook Smith; 

married Ralph Smith of Chatham who was b. 2 Mar. I78O and died 

17 Jan. 185c in Deposit, Broome Co., N.Y. 

Smith children: 

a. David Wells , b. 7 Jan. I8II; m. 22 Apr. l837 Sally Sliter and 

died 27 Jan. l895 .Deposit , N.Y. 

b. Eliza Ann , b. 31 Aug. l8l2 ; m. 2h May l839 George Minor. 

c. Isaac Ogden, b. 1 Mar. I816; m. 1 May iQkZ Sarah Wheeler. 

d. John Mark]-iam , b. 26 Jan. I819 ; m. 13 Jan. l8i+7 Betsy Ogden. 

e. Cynthia Thomas , b. 1 Aug. l821; m. (l) 11 July I85O Benjamin 

Healy; m. [2) Daniel Fish. 

f. Alvin Cook , (twin of Cynthia), b. 1 Aug. 182I; m. I8U9 

Amelia A. Cook. 

g. Amelia Ann , b. 6 Sept. l823; m. I85O Philip Pellett. 

h. H. Thomas , b. 7 Jan. I828; m. (1st) I855 Sally Fancher; 
'm'. (2nd) Hattie McHenry. 

195. iv. Lenard , b. 17 July 1793. 

Knowles children by 2nd wife: 

196. V. William , b. 28 May 1796 (Hale Records). 

vi. Mary Lydia , b. 1797; d. 22 Oct. I88I Durham; m. 31 Oct. 1816 

James T. Brainerd who was born 1793/4 and died 2h Mar. I883, ae 
90, in Durham, Conn. He was a ship's chalker by trade; lived 


6th Generation 

in Ponsett district, afterwards in Diirham. (James - son of Asa 

Brainerd children; b. in Haddam: 

a. Davis Wells , b. ll+ Aug. I8IT. 

b . Wealthy Ann 

c. Sally 

d. Florilla Samantha .b. lU Sept. 1822. 

e. Mary E. , b. ca. I825. 

f. Diodate Knovles , b. ca. I827. 

g. James Porter , b. ca. I83O; d. 25 July, ae 2, l832 

h. Jaines Porter , b. ca. l832; d. l8U4, Mar. 2, ae 12. 

i. I^ydia , b. ca. l835 . 

j. William Curtis , b. ca. l83T. 
197. vii. Willard , b. I6 Oct. l802. 

"95 /\RICHAED ^ KNOWLES (Richard,* Lt . John,* Col. John John, *Richard^ ) , son of 

Richard (46. } and Mary (Cone), b. IT65, Haddam; d. 28 July 181+5; m.(lst) 
1786 BATHSHEBA WELLS; d. I787 in childbirth; dau. of Oliver and Ann 
(Brainerd) Wells; m. (2nd) ca. 1793, DEBORAH SCOVIL, b. 1767; d. 25 
April 1819, ae 52. Buried in Old Ponsett Yard; dau. of Josiah Scovil. 

Knowles child by 1st wife: 

198. i. WellsC b. 1787. 

Knowles children by 2nd wife: 

199. ii- Leverett , b. ca. 119k. 

iii. Bathsheba, b. 16 Oct. 1795; d. 15 Aug. 1859, Westfield, Mass.; 

m. 1 Dec. 1822 William Nobel, son of Bartholemew Nobel of West- 
field who was born 18 Oct. 1797 and died 21 May l862 in Westfield, 

Nobel children: 

a. William Harrison , b. 5 Jan. I82U; d. 13 Feb. 1826. 

b. Jane, b. 8 May l825 ; m. iQkk Henry F. Bush. 

c. Laura Elizabeth , b. 1 Sept. I826; d. unm. 11 Sept. l873. 

d. Charlotte , b. 1 June I828; d. 9 Oct. 1828. 

e. William Harrison , b. 15 Feb. 1830; m. 3 Sept. I850, Martha 

E. Eggleston. 

f. Frances Charlotte , b. 21 Nov. 1831; m. k Nov. I85O, OtisR. 

Reeds . 

g. Lucia Smith , b. 12 Jan. 1835- 

h. Emerson, b. 15 Nov. I838; m. 8 Nov. I858 Lucy Allen. (See 

Nobel genealogy.) 
200. iv. Alanson , b. 1796. 

V, Richard, b. ca. 1798; died at sea, age 17. 

vi. Lavinia , ( "Laura" in Scovil Gen.), b. I8OO (March); d. I878, ae 78; 
m. James G. Gladwin, Jr. , who d. I88O ae 82. 

6th Generation 


Gladwin children: 

a. James R . m. cousin Phebe Knowles (dau. of Josiaii Scovil). 

b . Frederick 

c. Louisa , m. Keaney. 

d. Sidney Richard 

201. vii. Josiah Scovil , b. l805. 

RUEL * KNOWLES (Richardf Lt . John,* Col. John John,* Richard* ) , son of 
Richard (U6. ) and Mary (Cone); b. 1768, Haddam, Conn.; d. 5 April l8oU, 
ae 36; m. MIRIAM WELLS, b. 1775; d. 10 Dec. l8o8, ae 33; buried Old 
Ponsett Yard beside Ruel; dau. of Anne (Brainerd) euid Oliver Wells; 
sister of Bathsheba who was Ruel's brother Richard's 1st wife. She m. 
(2nd) her brother-in-law, Daniel, and had 3 more children. 

June l8, 1821, Ruel Knowles, ae I8 and Mehitable Knowles, ae 20, 
children of Ruel Knowles, late of Haddam, had appointed for them, 
Henry Smith, to be their guardian. 

Knowles children of Ruel and Miriam: 

i. Harriett J b . 17 Aug. 1798; m. (1st) li+ Feb. 1818 Emory Bailey; 
m. (2nd) 23 Nov. 1828 David Young. 

ii. Mehitable , b. 27 Jan. I8OI; d. 25 Aug. I86U; m. 2k Dec. l823, 
Romantha Mack of East Haddam who Mas born 1797 and died 10 May 

Mack children: 

a. Oliver Wells , b. 5 Sept. l827; m. 22 Feb. I85O , Lucretia Chapman; 
d. Aug. 185U. 

b. Ursula, b. I83O; m. John Griffin. 

C. Mary Ann , b. 28 Feb. l832; m. Alexander Clark; d. k May I89I. 

d. Frederick Coffin , b. 16 Mar. I83U. 

e. Jane , m. Justin Arnold. 

f . Van Buren , died 22 Jan. 1864. 

g. John Tyler , b.' 25 Aug. l8U2; m. Dora Tray. 

202. iii. Ruel , b. 2U Feb. l803. 

DANIEL * KNOWLES (Richard,* Lt . John,*Col. John,' John,'Richard*) , son of 
Richard (U6. ) and Mary (Cone), baptized in 1770 with his brothers and 
sisters in Haddam; d. Sept. I8UU; m. l804 MIRIAM (WELLS) KNOWLES, b. 
1775; d. 10 Dec. 1808, ae 33; bm-ied Old Ponsett Yard beside Ruel, 1st 
husband, Knowles plot; dau. of Anne (Brainerd) and Oliver Wells; sister 
of Bathsheba who was Daniel's brother Richard's 1st wife. Miriam wsis 
widow of his brother Ruel also. 

Knowles children: 

203. i. Daniel Chapman / b. 10 Mar. l805; d. 27 Dec. l829, ae 25; buried 
Turkey Hill Cemetery (Hale Records). 

ii . 
iii . 

6th Generation 

Ma„ Ann , d. 23 Mar. l807 - ^ ^os . (Hale Cem. Records); bur. Old 

rre^.^tocrrs^rie .e.. .m, ^ ^^^^^ o.. 

Ponsett Yard, Knowles plot. 

^H«K.OWLES (Bichard.' U. ao.n /coX --/--''-^rn^!! 'li^in:' 
Richard ^i+b.) and Mary (Cone); b. abt. iff:?, naaa . 
1826, Sidney, Delaware Co., N.Y. 

stated -e order in^hi.^^^^^ 

but it is not -possible that he was th ^^^^^^ ^^^^.^^ 

wife, appears in the U.S. Census 
N.Y., age between Id and 2b. 

■ + +H«+ the Seth referred to in the I8IO census in 

Later findings indicate that the ^eth reierr ^^^^ 
Sparta, Ontario,would probably have been Seth, Jr.. 
settled Springwater, N.Y. 

Se.. «as in «ar ^ ^2 and a. ti.e 

papers state he was about 5( years oi 

information fro. the National Archives and Record. Was^ 
cate that this Seth was ^ ollows "f^J^l^'^ol being the few 
T:J:Z TrT^rloTZ Li^b^^s^^ippost^ion and age stated in Seth's 
discharge papers. 


IT MAY CONCERN, KNOW YE That Seth Knowles a private of P^^ 

Biddle's company ^^"'^-^f |-r*e°a^sir;e:.^b;h:nourahly discharged 
rdhraL^ ol *the^u!s! ly reLon of the expiration of his enlistment. 

+y,^ rnimtv of Middlesex in the State of 
said seth '^»i-3 n^feef ten and one-half inches high, 
^f-air-^ol^lfxirn.'h/unye:: .to^ hair, and occupation, when en- 
listed a farmer. 

Dated at Inspector's Office, Hdqtrs. 
Third day of June l8lT. 

Registered in Book A, 
No. 169 (8?) 

^ n... state he was in Artillery under Wm. VanDeusen and was 
Other references state ne woa 
made Captain at Black Rock, New York. 

seth applied for bounty --^^ L^rrLr^as^^^lSre-^Ta^r 

No. 13258-dated 22«°^-i^"':i°°^''°it appears that the patent was 
rall^i-ed^- a^E! foLTor-his rerresentative." Description 

6th Generation 


of land obtained from Wash, and inquiry to Recorder in Greenville ,111. 
revealed no recording of that particular parcel — sirea being in Shoal. 
Creek Township, Bond Co., 111. There is a faint notation on the 
warraxit "A.S. Clark-Clarence, Niagara, N.Y.". 

On March 26, l8l8, Seth Knowles of Haddam, sold property for $3^2 to 
Samuel, Roswell and Asabel Kubbard, said property stated to have been 
a "piece of leind given to me by my father, Richard Knowles late", and 
referring to will of his father. 

In 1820, Seth was "of Sidney, N.Y." and purchased land in Haddam from 
the Hubbards for $167. 

1826 Seth Knowles of Sidney deeded land to Richard Flint in Town of 
Sidney. Also in I826, properties were deeded to Seth Knowles in Sidney 
by William B. Gordon and wife, and by Luke Washburn. 

Seth was not foxmd in I8IO or I82O censuses in Delaware Co., indicating 
he must have been residing in someone else's household. There was no 
fvirther record of the Sidney properties being deeded from Seth at a 
later date. 

It appears that Seth did not marry up to that period of I826 , anyway, 
and there has been no evidence of him after that date. Whether he died 
soon after I826 in Sidney or removed elsewhere is not known. He would 
have been about 50 years old at time of last evidence. 

99.) JOHN * KNOWLES (William,* Lt . John,* Col. John,* John,* Richard^ ) , son of 
William (U7. ) and Ruth (Cone); bapt. June 1763 (date of 6 Sept. 1763 
also given) Haddam, Conn.; d. 2h April I836, a^e 73, at Haddam, Conn. 
Buried New Ponsett Cemetery; m. (1st) JUDITH HUBBARD, b. I8 Jan. 1763; 
d. 1 Jan. 180U, age Ul, dau. of Joel and Anna Hubbard. She was buried 
New Ponsett Cemetery also. He m.(2nd) LYDIA BOWE, prob . b. and d. at 
Middletown, Conn.; m. (3rd) 26 March I815 ELIZABETH CORNWALL, b. 2 Mar. 
1789, d. 31 Dec. l8lD, age 30 yrs , 8 mos . at Haddam, in childbed; m. 
(Uth) SARAH (SMITH) LANFIER, b. 11 Oct. I78I (1782?), d. 6 Feb. I86O 
at Madison, Conn. She was the widow of William Lanfier who was killed 
by being run over 31 Aug. 1807. She m. (3rd) in Feb. 18J47 James Field 
of Madison who was b. 10 May 1776 and d. ih Dec. I86I. 

Information from Arthur T. Knowles; Mrs. Earl Jagoe, descendant; and 
Charles R. Hale Conn. Cem. Records. 

Knowles children by 1st wife; b. Haddam, Conn.: 

20k. i. Willi am ,>'b. 6 March 1798. 

ii. Zerviah, b. 25 Mar. I8OO ; d. 7 Dec. l820 , age 20. 
205. iii. John Hubbard , b. 25 Dec. l803. 


6th Generation 


The following two descendants of Richard Knowles have been "by far the most 
difficult to research of all the many of their cousins — closely or distantly 
related. Seth*(lOO.) and Seth*(l01.) were first cousins , sixth generation 
descendants. Their fathers were brothers who were sons of Seth*Knowles and 
Martha Remick, the first in this line to leave the area of their ancestral 
origin in America. 

Seth^dT.) and his wife, Martha, left Eastham, Mass., and removed to East 
Hampton, Conn. , where their children were born, the two eldest of which were 
Seth^and Daniel fathers of the Seths born three yeaxs apart, about whom 
this is particularly written. Seth* married Catherine Hobbs and died in 
his U6th year. Daniel* married Catherine Hobbs and died when his children 
were small. 

It appears that their sons, the two first cousins, Seth Knowles, remained 
close throughout their lives, evidenced by their parallel migrations first 
to Mass., and later to western New York State. Both Seths had Seth, Jr.'s. 
Because of the same names, the later research was greatly complicated. 

To their combined 27 children were born many more Knowles progeny who 
throughout the years followed similar patterns. Unquestionably from these 
two branches of the family have come the most descendants over the years 
and are the largest representation of Richard's "children" to this day. As 
their fathers before them, the descendants of these Seths were of the more 
pioneering, adventiiresome spirit than most, thereby contributing remarkably 
to the history of our country and the winning of our wears . Their wanderings 
have presented seemingly impossible tasks in tracing the various lines, 
albeit the most interesting from a genealogical research standpoint. 

Seth ,^ son of Daniel, ^b. 7 Mar. I760 , fought in the Amer. Revolution, removed 
from Conn, to Loudon (then Otis), Mass., in Berkshire Co., then on to 
Springwater, N.Y., where he was the founder of that place. 

Seth,* son of Seth,*b. 1763, apparently left Conn., about the same time and 
went to Hampshire Co., Mass. He, too, was an early settler in N.Y. , at 
Clarendon in Orleans Co. 

Some of their children remained in N.Y. where they were brought up, and 
where they, in turn, contributed to the growth of the family's adopted new 
locality. Some moved to various other sections of the state while many, 
however, sought newer horizons and better fortimes as the midwest opened up, 
and in turn, suffered the same hardships their forebears underwent in seek- 
ing new lands. To Michigaji, Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota they travelled, 
sometimes on foot and sometimes by ox team. Many of the children and some 
of the wives did not survive through the vicissitudes but the hardier souls 
carried on to overcome the problems of the times. 

It has been obvious that the sons and grandsons of the Seths kept in close 
touch as their proximity was indicated by censuses after I85O in certain 
counties of the abovementioned states. This fact is further illustrated 

6th Generation 


and enlarged upon in the forthcoming pages concerning the individuals them- 
selves . 

Perhaps the greatest number of living descendants today are now in the State 
of Washington with many still residing in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota, 
although there is hardly a single state that does not claim a descendant of 
these two Seth Knowles ' .and their namesakes. These people should be filled 
with patriotism and pride in their heritage for the part their emcestors 
played in the settlement and growth of this land of their birth. 

NOTE: Mention is hereby made of the article contributed by the compiler of 
this genealogy to YESTERYEARS, a quarterly magazine "for the appreciation 
and study of New York regional history", Aurora, N.Y. Vol. l6 , No. 63, 
Spring 1973 contained Part I of the KNOWLES FAMILY IN NEW YORK. Information 
printed on these branches in this overall Knowles genealogy takes precedence 
over certain information in the abovementioned article for the reason that 
more recent data was obtained by the writer since submission to the editor 
of Yesteryears. Some present day descendants of these Seth Knowles' were 
able to furnish more complete and accurate statistics, etc., from their own 
faJnily records. However, most of changes are minor. 

128 6th Generation 

e SETH ^ KNOWLES (Seth * Seth * Col . John ,^ John, ^Richard*) , son of Seth 
(48. ) and Catherine (Hobbs), b. 25 May 1763, bapt. 2k Aug. 1773 with 
several sisters who were younger "at a private house" at Portland, 
Conn. (Congregational Church Records); d. 2 Oct. l832, in his 70th 
year. Clarendon, Orleans Co., N.Y.; m. 22 Jan. 178^, Chatham, Conn., 
LUCY RANNEY, dau. of George and Hannah (Sage) Ranney, b. at Middletown, 
Conn. Conflicting dates for Lucy, said to have been born 6 Sept. 1763 
and d. 23 July l83b ^13 Jan. I836), none of which agree with tombstone 
inscription "age 73 years, 3 mos . " Date of I836 clearly shown in 
photograph but month hidden by weeds. 

Both buried Msmning Cemeteiy, formerly on Pettingill Rd. , now Barre 
Rd. , Clarendon, N.Y. Inscription on Seth's grave: "In memory Seth 
Knowles , who died ^ct. 2, 1^32 in his 70th yeetr. Retire, my friends, 
dry up your tears; I live, 1 must lie till Christ appears." Inscrip- 
tion on Lucy's grave: "Lucy, wife of Seth Knowles, died 13 Jan. (?), 
1836, aged 73 y. 3 mos. Behold a tender mother gone, a much loved 
paxent fled; entered ner long eternal home and numbered with the dead." 

Cemetery records for several Knowleses buried Clarendon, courtesy Gary 
H. Lattin, County Historian, County of Orleans, Albion, N.Y. A 
Sylvester Knowles not identified; b. 1782, d. 5 May l8l3, ae 31 y., 1 
mo., in Knowles plot. Manning Cemetery. 

Family records sent by Mrs. Nita Knowles Howard, Madison, Wisconsin, 
descendant of Seth and Lucy's son, Ansel. 

George Ranney, father of Lucy, bapt. ih April 1723 E. Middletown, m. 
(1st), 23 Jan. I7U5-6 wannah Sage, b. 15 Mar. 1724/5 Upper Houses, dau. 
of John Sage, Jr., and Mary Hall. George Ranney d. 25 Feb. I80U; 
Hannah d. 9 June 1797. George Reinney served in the Rev. War; was a 
Committeeman for East Haddam, Conn.; Appraiser of Blankets and Inspec- 
tor of Salt Peter for the term of the war. 

It appears that Seth and Lucy left Conn, for Mass. in 1793-179^ as 
three of their children were baptized in Portland, Conn. 7 July 1793 
ajid family Bible records indicate their son, Ansel, born in Buckland, 
Mass. June 179^. They were found at latter place I8OO census, Hamp- 
shire Co. but not in 1810. Family records state they migrated up 
the Hudson River to New York State, near Mayfield, then to Clarendon, 
N.Y. According to LANDMARKS OF ORLEANS CO., Clarendon was first 
settled about I8IO, founded by Judge Eldredge Farwell whose daxighter, 
Susannah, later married Remick Knowles, son of Seth and Lucy. 

It is not known just when Seth and family arrived at Clarendon but 
believed to have been early. He was a resident "just north from Far- 
well's Mills in 1821." The HISTORY OF CLARENDON by David Stvirges 
Copeland, tells us much about the Knowles family. In l821 Seth had 
tsLxed against him ten days of highway labor. His home was the large 
frame house North of Copeland Grove. 

From Libby: On June 23, 178U, 'for love and good will', Ezra Bevin 

6th Generation 


of Chatham, Conn., conveyed to Seth Knowles of Chatham land at the 
lower end of Pecowsett Meadow, reserving woodlot privileges to him- 
self for life. 

This Seth and his first cousin, Seth (lOl.) and their families, ob- 
viously remained close throughout the years, as did their children. 
Both had Seth, Jr.'s axid both families removed to western N.Y. State. 
There is considerable later evidence that the children and grandchild- 
ren kept in touch even much later when certain of their descendants 
migrated to Michigan. 

From Mrs. Nita Knowles Howard: "This is a copy of em old Knowles 
Bible hemded down to us. One page records this — 'Uncle George says 
you would like the record of the births of Grandfather Knowles 

Knowles children: (first five prob. b. Conn., others 

prob . b . Mass . ) 

i. Catherine ,^ b . 1 Jan. 1785; bapt. 7 July 1793, Portland, Conn.; 

Trinity Church , Protestant Episcopal. Catherine had a son, 

ii. James , b. 6 Sept. 1786; d. 11 Feb. 1791, age U yrs . , 5 mos. 

iii. Ansell , (1st) b. 22 May, 1788; d. 25 Feb. 1791, age 2 yrs, 9 mos. 

206. iv. Seth , Jr . , b . 10 July 1790; bapt. same as Catherine above. 

V. Hannah , b. 8 Aug. 1792; bapt. same eis Catherine and Seth above. 

207. vi. Ansel, (2nd), b. lU June 179^, Buckland, Hampshire Co., Mass. 

208. vii. Remick, b. 15 March 1796, Buckland. 

209. viii. Samuel , b. 12 March 1798, Buckland, Mass. 

210. ix. William , b. 13 Feb. l800, probably Buckland, Mass. as family was 

living that place l800; although in later censuses William con- 
sistently stated he was born in Conn. 
X. Lucy , b. 19 March l802. 

211. xi. George Ranney , b. 3 Nov. l803. 

xii, Sarah, b. 22 Aug. l806; d. 11 June l86y , age 62 yrs. 9 mos. Letter 
to Nita Howard, 1936, from Hale W. Rice, 137 Lake Shore Ave., 
Toledo, Ohio, states his mother's mother was Sarah Knowles, 
b. 22 Aug. l806 and that she married Leonard Nay 6 Sept. l822; 
another letter from Mrs. Dotia Nay Walter in 1936 from Cisco, 
Texas, states she was dau. of Wallace W. Nay (d. 1918), son of 
Sarah Knowles Nay who d. I869. 

In Bucklemd records: 

Seth Knowles reputed owner 1798 - Franklin Co. deeds. 
Seth, grantor, l802, I80U. 
Seth, grantee, l80i+ . 

6th Generation 

SETH * KNOWLES (Daniel * Seth * Col . John^,John,*Richar(^ , son of Daniel 
(1+9. ) and Sibbel (Bacon); b. T Mar. 1T60 Chatham (Portland), Conn.; 
d. 20 March l829, Springvater, Livingston Co., N.Y.; m. (1st) MERCY 
(or MARY) (possibly she was a Sears.); d. 2 Jxine 1T9U Loudin (now 
Otis) Berkshire Co., Mass.; m. (2nd) banns 7 Dec. IT9I+ at Otis, Mass., 
DORCAS CHAPIN of New Marlboroxigh ; b. 1 May 1766; d. bef. 1 Jan. 180U; 
dau. of Peter and Tamer (Younglove) Chapin; m. (3rd) 3 Oct. I80U 
MEHITABLE BILLS, b. 1778; d. I85O. She remarried 8 Jvine I8U3 ,BenJaiiu.n 
Janes. She wsis dau. of Joel (a Corporal in Amer. Revolution). 

Information obtained from: National Archives & Records Service, Weish., 
D.C.; Vital Records of Otis (formerly Loudon), Berkshire Co., Mass.; 
Elwin D. Farwell, Pres. of Luther College, Decorah, Iowa (1971) and a 
descendajit of Seth through daughter Ruth; Mrs. Mildred Adams of 
Coldwater, Mich, also descended from Ruth; Mrs. Vera Gregory Teare, 
dau. of the late Dr. Myron S. Gregory, a descendant of Seth's daughter, 
Lydia; J.R. Robinson, Historian of Springwater, New York. 

Charles Thornton Libby said of him, "In 1796 heirship deeds describe 
him as "of New Canaan, New York." That area of Mass., close to the 
New York border, w£ls under dispute at that time. 

Seth enlisted at Chatham, Conn, in May 1777 for three years in the 
Revolution; applied for pension 6 May I818 from Springwater , New York. 

"SETH KNOWLES (Sl+2799, Conn, service, N.J. Agcy; Cert. 3103 issued 29 
Sept. 1818, Act 18 Mar. I818, at $8 per mo.) He applied 6 May 1818 
from Springwater, then in Ontario Co. , N.Y. (later in Livingston 
Co.). Seth enlisted in Capt. Henry Champion's Co., Col. Wylly's Conn. 
Reg't; served 3 yesirs as private — 3rd Regiment of the Conn. line. He 
served in this regiment the entire time of his service and was dis- 
charged at West field or Elizabethtown ,New Jersey on May 23, I78O. " 

Lived at Otis, Mass. until about I805 when he went with his third wife, 
Mehitable and two children to Livonia where they remained about a year 
and a half. 

From EARLY HISTORY OF SPRINGWATER, Walbridge, it is learned that Seth, 
with his son, Jared eind his brother-in-law Peter Welch, in the fall of 
1806, followed the old Indian trail over Bald Hill with guns, axes 
and provisions to the town of Middletown (now Springwater). Before he 
returned to Livonia (formerly Pittstown) for the rest of his family, 
they built the body of a log house on the farm later owned by the 
Rev. T.J.O. Woodin. After taking poses si on of the cabin, they cleared 
some eight acres on the flat back of his house, set out some elecaji5)eLne 
and in I821 traded his interest there with David Jolatt for the farm 
(on which the St. James Hotel later stood on the east side of Hemlock 
Lake)where in after years he died. The east side of Hemlock is in 
Ontario County. 

bounded on the north by Conesus and Canadice (Ontario Co.), on the 

6th Generation 


east by Naples (Ontario Co.), south by Wayland and Cohocton (Steuben 
Co.), and west by Sparta. Springwater forms the southeastern corner 
of Livingston County. It was erected on the 17th of April l8l6 and 
was formed from Sparta and Naples, both towns then belonging to 
Ontario County. Although other names were suggested for it, Seth 
, Knowles said that none were so suitable and expressive as "Springwater" 
because of the abundance and excellence of the springs which everywhere 
breaJc out along the bottom of the hilly grounds. Therefore the name 
was chosen at a meeting of the inhabitants called to petition for its 

Seth Knowles, the first settler in the Springwater Valley (then called 
Hemlock Valley) settled on Lot l8 in l80T. His house stood a mile 
above the lake on the east side of the valley. 

On Seth's pension application 6 May l8l8 from Springwater, he claimed 
he was 58 years old. On 20 Aug. l820 he wrote that he was 60 and had 
with him his wife, UO; Clark 15 i Jonathan G. 13; Willard, 11; Catherine 
10; Mercy T; Lydia 6; Newton I. 3; and Mehitable 1. 

Son Willard was said to be the first white baby born in Springwater. 

J.R. Robinson found Knowleses in three different cemeteries: Pleasant 
Valley, Evergreen Cemetery, Mt . Vernon Cemetery. He also went to see 
Floyd Caskey living in 1971 in Springwater Village, the son 
of Seth. Mr. Caskey, 85 years old, stated his grandfather , Daniel 
Knowles, son of Daniel, son of Seth. Mr. Caskey 's father was Willard 
Caskey who married 2nd Theodosia Sarah Knowles , sister of Clara (1st 
wife who died) and who were daughters of Daniel, Jr. Floyd's mother 
was Theodosia. 

Knowles children; by 1st wife, Mercy: 

i. Daniel ,*" b. 2 Feb. 1785; d. Dec. 1793, Otis, Mass. 

212. ii. Seth, Jr ., b. 10 Nov. 1786 town records or 1787 Family Bible 

records and tombstone date, Otis (Loudon) Mass. 

iii. Lucy , b. 3 Nov. I788, Otis, Mass. 

iv. Sibbel, b. k Nov. 1790, Otis, Mass. 

213. V. Daniel , b. 15 Mar. 179^. In Otis records said to be "son of 

Seth & Mary (dup. Mercy) "and gift child to Comfort Clark." 

Knowles children; by 2nd wife, Dorcas: 

vi. Ruth, b. 26 Aug. 1795. (See following about her marriage & family.) 
21k, vii. Jared, b. abt. 18OO, Conn, (by his own census statements), 
viii. Roswell , b. bet. I8OO and I80U; believed to have died young. 

Knowles children; by 3rd wife, Mehitable: 

215. ix. Clark , b. 29 July I805. 

216. X. Jonathan G. , b. 3 Feb. l807 probably at Livonia, New York. 


6th Generation 

217. xi. Willard, "b . 9 Sept. I809, said to be first white baby born in the 
Springwater, N.Y. Valley, 
xii. Catherine , b. 20 Feb. I8II, Springwater, N.Y. 
xiii. Mercy , b. 6 Jan. l8l3, Springwater,N. Y. 
xiv. Lydia A. , b. 3 May I815 . (See following about her marrieige and 
family. ) 

XV. Newton I. , b. 3 Oct. I8IT; d. 25 Aug. l839. 

xvi. Mehitable , b. 19 Nov. I819 , Springwater; m. Ely; she died 

young, leaving a son, Orville Eiy. They lived in Homer, Mich. 

Mehitable d. 21 Nov. I85O. 
xvii. Polly , b. 5 April I821, Springwater; m. Gilbert Budd. 

RUTH KNOWLES, daughter of Seth and Dorcas, married in I815 Luther 
Farwell, Springwater, N.Y. She died 29 Dec. I8TT, Branch Co., Mich, 
at the home of her son, Lorenzo in the Town of Butler. Luther Farwell, 
born in IT89 , died c'o Sept. I83I leaving his widow with 8 children. 
Elwin Farwell, a descendant of Lorenzo Farwell, son of Ruth, states that 
when the father Luther died, Ruth had no money and went to Branch Co. , 
Mich, where others of the family also removed. Being so poor, she was 
forced to farm out the children. One of them who was three years old 
at the time and living with a farmer, was let down by rope to the bottom 
of his well to fetch the lost well rope that had dropped down inside. 
The child was so frightened by this experience that in the middle of 
the same night, he gathered up his scant ciotning and ran out, going 
from door to door until someone took him in. 

(Ruth buried Mt. Hope Cem. near Farwell farm on the Farwell family 
plot . ) 

Dr. Myron Gregory, in a letter to Charles Libby in 1929 wrote of his 
earliest recollection of a little old lady who appeared to be very 
old, whose nose and chin frequently kept company. She lived at his 
grandfather Gregory's at the time in the Township of Albion, Calhoun 
County, Mich. Tliis was Dr. Gregory's father's half-aunt Ruth who had 
a most unusual sublimation in that in early summer she became "Ruth 
the Cleaner". She gleaned the wheat fields, pulling out the stools of 
green rye, storing them away and curing them, then she would braid this 
rye into long flat strands about a half inch wide and then she would 
sew these long strands into straw hats for the men. The straw hats 
were perfectly formed, would resist rain and would last many years 
with ordinary care. This sort of thing this dear little old lady, who 
m\ist have been 80 or 90, as she was remembered, would repeat each 

Children born to Ruth Knowles and Luther Farwell: 

a. Sally Maria, b. 1816; m. William P. Wilborn,had son Henry. 

b. Chapin, b. I818. 

c. Luther , b. 1820. 

d. Dorcas Eliza , b. 1822; m. Williams, had son Fremk. 

e. John , b. 1823 . 

f . Lorenzo, b. l82T; m. Jane Lewis I856; d. 19IO. 

6th Generation 


g. Peter , b. I83O; m. Alvira Hall; d. 1923. 

h. Orpha , b. l831; m. Milo Henderson. 

LYDIA A. KNOWLES, daughter of Seth and Mehitable Bills, b. 3 May I815 
Springwater, N.Y., married in l835 Stephen Stevens Gregory, b. 3 April 
1810 in Pompey Tovm, Onondaga Co., N.Y. He was probably tenth child 
of Moses Gregory, Jr., by his wife, Sarah Thompson. Moses Gregory, Sr. 
was a ship owner and master of a privateer in the American Revolution. 
He settled in Western New York in 1790 ajid married Naomi Stevens 
(Virkus Vol. IV). Stephen Stevens Gregory and Lydia A. Knowles , married 
3 July 1835, settled in Albion Twp., Calhoun Co., Mich, in 1837- Lydia 
died 19 February I696; Stephen died I8 Sept. 1886 in Albion. 

Dr. Myron Gregory writes of his grandmother, Lydia A. Knowles Gregory, 
that she was quite a remarkable woman in that she took great interest 
in all of the topics of the day, was especially versed in history. 
She took great pride in the army achievements of her family, her two 
sons, Seth Stephen Gregory and Newton Vaji Gregory who were veterans of 
the Civil War, 

Mrs. Vera Gregory Teare, daughter of Dr. Myron Gregory, writes that her 
gr. grandmother Lydia was red-haired and must have been a very organ- 
ized person. Lydia's daughter Lucy's children were born at her home as 
was Myron, son of Omar. Lydia was a large-boned womem, a tremendous 
worker and managed very well. Her sons, Seth and Clark, went to the 
University of Michigan and studied dentistry. 

Children of Lydia and Stephen Gregory: 

a. Seth Stephen , b. k Oct. I836 Springwater, New York; d. July 

1918, Soldier's Hospital, Leavenworth, Kansas; studied 
dentistry Univ. Mich. He married (1st) Annie Budd, 17 April 
1866; she d. Nov. l875 ; m. (2nd) Catherine Brandon 1 March 
1878 who died (?). By 2nd wife he had three daughters. 

b. Newton, b. 9 May I838; d. 26 Aug. I838. 

c . Newton Van Rensselaer , b . U Mar . 18U0 ; d . 6 Feb . 1920 at Homer , 

Mich,; m. Melissa Robinson Rice (as 2nd husband) and had 
daughter Pearl Lydia who m. Henry Cunningham. 

d. Lucy Jane , b, ih Feb. l8U3; d. 3 Sept. l893 in Calif.; m. Aaron 

Wells and had two children, Elmer and Lydia. 

e. Lydia , b. 3 July I8U6; d. 31 July I8U6. 

f. Omar, b. 21 June 18U9; d. 9 Oct. 1903 at Litchfield, Mich; 

m. Alice Easton 31 Jan. I868 who was born ik June 1853 and 
died 20 Jan. 1926; they had one son. Dr. Myron Stephen Gregory, 
b. U Feb, 1870, specialist in neuro-psychiatry , euid father of 
Vera Gregory Teare. 

g. Clark Lowell , b. 29 Jan. l855; d. 9 Oct. l855; m. Idris Briggs ; 

no issue; studied D.D.S. Univ. Mich., l879 both dentistry 
and medicine. 

6th Generation 

SAAC^KNOWLES (Daniel/ Seth* Col. John 3 John.«RichardM , son of Daniel 

s Thbel (Bacon); b. 15 April 1T62 Chathaia, Conn. (East Middle 
tov^ now Portland?); d. bet. 10 Mar. l8l8 and l8 Mar. l8l8 as he 
s?I^;d "al estate slle to son, Daniel, 10 Mar. l8l8 and admin on h.s 
estate was granted l8 Mar.l8l8 (see Chatham Land Records Vol. 16, p. 
392) Married (1st) LYDIA (?) who died before l800 ; probably married 
(2nd) 18 Nov. 1806 LUCY KNEELAND who probably died 9 Jan. 1010; and 
(3rd) LYDIA • 

Mr Libby claimed that wife Lydia died 9 Jan. l8lO. If his first 
wife's nLe was Lydia, she apparently died before 1^00 and was the 
mother of his sons, as in 1600 census, Easthampton Conn. , Isaac was 
ZTev U5 years old with two males under 10 and one female under l6, 
^^erefore no wife. In l8lO he was over U5 with a female over U5, one 
TZ ZZr frr^le under 25. In Conn, records, "Isaac Knowles mar- 
red 18 Nov. 1806 Lucy Kneeland", therefore, he apparently married for 
the s econd time an d it was this wife who di^d 9 Jan. l8lO . His son 
isaac Tas nofold enough to marry in l806. Ee definitely Ifl --^^^* 
Lydia, as Chatham Deed books show the following under date of 15 July 

"Daniel Knowles of Middletown, County of Middlesex, ^^0 received 

from Daniel Russell of Chatham in Middlesex Co., gave rights to Daniel 
Resell Two pieces of land situated in Chatham, one of which con- 
tSns i'ac^s more or less bounded easterly on lands of Timothy Russell 
aTd G. Shalor and Hall; southerly on lax.d of Shalor & Hall westerly 

p^^n Rivpr northerly on land of Samuel Gill, Timothy Russell; 
lleTlinr^linTsTilft in pa.t to the dover of ^,aia Knowles in part , 
to the claim of the other owners of the quarry as promised for expenses. 

Daniel Knowles, not the widow, administered Isaac's estate, 
tTco^v of will in hands of Mrs. Donald Olson, Tacoma,Wash. who has 
done considlratle research on the Middlesex Co., Conn. Knowleses. The 
widow's name was not given and she only received her dower rights Much 
Tas lold tTsatisfy dfbts. Much of the goods j"-^ "^.^^^^^.^.f^tt 
by the widow. The dower of the widow was set out to her in real estate 

on 25 June or July 1819- 

I^dia Knowles was i^ the 1820 census, Chatham (after Isaac's death) 
^er 1*5 years, with a sizeahle family. ^"J'i"^*?;"^ f "^f* ^^i" 
previously married before becoming Isaac's probable 3rd wife. Jhis 
aSo e^lains her "dower rights"— perhaps being P^^^gr^^ f 
to the Lrriage and properly the " 
marriage. Lydia had at least two and probably three children. 

In Mr. Llbby's back-up papers found in the ^/"f^tf ' 

was note stating that Isaac had issue, "Daniel certainly and Isaac 


Mr. Albert Stanley Knowles of Morristown New Jersey ^^^^-^/^^l^'- 
ing to identify his ancestor, Isaac Knowles, who was Ij^^^^^J^^^^ 
andaigua. N.Y. in l8U0, I85O and I86O with ages given indicating his 

6th Generation 


birth date 1792/3 in Conn. The evidence is very strong that his great 
grandfather Isaac was son of abovementioned Isaac, as per analysis be- 
low. Although this has not been positively proven, and further re- 
search into the several Knowles families at the time in Conn, (espec- 
ially those descendants of Henry in Groton where the names Daniel and 
Isaac prevailed) would be warranted, some investigation has revealed 
no other possible Isaac Knowles who could have been the one in Canan- 
daigua, N.Y. Other Knowles families in Conn, than those descended from 
Richard and Henry of Rhode Island, were Thomas of New Haven, Alexander 
of Fairfield and Eleazer of Woodbury, progenitors not known to be re- 
lated to Richard Knowles. 

l800 census, Isaac had 2 males under 10, 1 female under l6 , 1 male 
under U5 . Therefore: 2 sons born between 1T90-1800 ; one daughter born 
bet. 178i+-1790. 

1810 census, one son under I6 ; one son under 25; no daughter. 

Accordingly: Oldest son: 

Younger son: 

In 1800, b. 1790-1800 

1810, b. 1785-179^ 
which brings birth date down to 1790-179^. 
In 1800, b. 1790-1800 

1810, b. 179^-1800 
which brings birth date down to 179^-l800. 

No Isaacs in l820 census and the son, in all probability, had left home, 

Knowles children: 

i. Daughter, ''born bet. 178^+ and 1790.* 

ii. Isaac, Jr. , b. 1792/3, Chatham. 

iii. Daniel , b. abt. 1796. 

GILES ^ KKOWLES (Abraliam,^ Seth ,*Col. John ,^ John, ^Richard *) , son of 
Abraham (50.7 and Molly; b. abt. I760 , Chatham, Conn.; d. before his 
wife; m. 16 Jan. 1783, Chatham: Conn., SILENCE HALL, b. 1766; d. 20/22 
March I8U0 , aged 7^, Chatham, Conn., dau. of Isaac Hall. 

He enlisted 27 May 1777 and served as a member of Blackman's Co. 

Regiment commanded by Colonel Henry Sherburne of Rhode Island. 

Held rank of Private .• Discharged in the spring of I78O. 

Connecticut National Guard - Revolution. 

They attended Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church at Portland, Conn. 

From Marion L. Kennedy, Secretary of Trinity Church 1971. Below is 
complete information in their records about this family. 

"Giles Knowles joined Church of Chatham, preliminary organization on 
2k Sept. 1788. This became organized as Trinity Church and he became 
a member of that organization on 17 Mar. 1789 • Giles baptized by 


6th Generation 

Rev. Jarvis 2h June IT89 (was later Bishop Jarvis). His children 
baptized same date." 

Baptized 2k June 1789: John, Mary, Amos; Oliver bapt. 15 July 1792. 

Libby stated Giles had six children . 
Knovles children; b. Chatham: 

220. 1. John ,^ b. 1783 . 

ii. Mary , bapt. 2h June I789; m. 12 Sept. I807 Roswell Brooks. 

iii. Amos , b. 1787, Chatham; bapt. 2h June I789 Trinity P.E. Chxarch, 

Portland, Conn., with hi's father, sister and brother; d. 21 
Feb. 1802, ae ih . (Age 13 given in Hale records.) 

221. iv. Oliver , bapt . 15 July 1792. 

V. Lucy , b. 31 June 1790; m. 21 Feb. I8II Selah Brainerd. (Her birth- 
date also given in Brainerd gen. 6 Dec. 1791 * For their children 
see pg. 186 Brainerd Genealogy. Lucy died March I6, I88U, ae 92 
yrs . , 3 mos . , 10 ds . , in Hartford, Conn. Brainerd Gen. incor- 
rectly states Lucy was daugl-iter of John Knowles and Silence 
(Hall) . 

^lOU) ABRAHAM ^ RKiMICK KMOWLES (Abratiam,' Seth ,^ Col. John,* John, 'Richard^) , son 
of Abraham (50.) and Molly; b. abt. J 762, Chatham, Conn.; d. before 
27 April 1795 when admin, on his estate was granted; m. 29 Sept. 1793, 
MARY TAYLOR, dau. of Samuel Taylor. She married (2nd) at Chatham 12 
May 1796, Samuel Smith of BethleMeni, Mass. 

Knowles -jniia: 

i. Kemick / b . 179^; d. 3 June l803, ae 9y. 5ni. gravestone record 
Otis West Center Cemetery. 

Otis, Mass. records: (deaths) Remick, s. of Remick dec'd formerly 
of Chatham (Ramick & Mary G.R. 2). 

His aunt Mary Knowles Diggins appeared in the Probate Court 
records 6 Mar. l8()5 as being heir to her nephew Remick. (Copy of 
probate on file.) 

A REMICK KNOWLES was baptized 2h June I789 in Trinity Church (P.E.), 
Portland (Chatham), Conn. Must have been this Abraham Remick Knowles. 
There was no other possibility. Three children of his brother Giles 
were baptized same church, same day. 

10 5 y PAUL * KNOWLES (Paul,* Paul, ^Col. John,'' John, ^Richard*) , son of Pa\il (51.) 

. y and Mary (Dyer); b. 2l> June 1762/3 at Truro; d. 2k Dec. I80U, ae k2 

(VR's). Drowned off Cohasset. Bur. "Little Cemetery" at Sea View, 
Marshfield, Mass.; m. (int. pub.) 10 Aug. I789 , Truro, HANNAH KNOWLES, 
b. 25 Jan. 1769, Truro, his second cousin, dau. of Joshua Knowles and 
Mary (Harding). 

He was a shipmaster and made foreign voyages and, with his son Paul, was 
drowned off Cohasset at the end of a voyage. Was Capt. of the vessel 
that was on passage from France. 

6th Generation 137 

His portrait, painted in France, was in the hands of Mrs. L.P. Rich 
in l88U. Six children of whom his widow was appointed guardian. 

Shebnah Rich's book, TRURO, states: "In 180^4 Paul Knowles , aged k3, 
with his eldest son Paul, aged 1^+, and William Lombard, first officer, 
aged 50, were lost in a gale on Cohasset Rocks. He was in a brig from 
Spain boiind to Boston, had had a long passage; was spoken a few days 
previously and reported had suffered severaly by sickness and scarcity 
of food. A well-preserved portrait of Captain Knowles, painted in 
France according to the fashion of the times, is in posession of Mrs. 
L.P. Rich." 

Knowles children; b. Truro: 

Paul III ,^b. 10 March 1791; died ae 13, 2h Dec. l8oi+, drowned 

with his father. 
Jesse, b. 17 Sept. 1793; died I815/I6, ae 23, on passage from 

Savannah to Liverpool. 
Ephraim , b. 12 April 1795; died 19 July I819 , age 2k ^ at Mat an z as . 
James , b. 23 Feb. 1797; died age 2U, deranged, in Boston, ik Feb. 

John Elliot , b. 12 July 1798. 
Winnet ,b. 21 June I8OO. 

Isaiah , died 5 June l803, age 6 mos . I8 days. 
Isaiah, b. 12 March I80U. 

Four mariner sons of Paul died at sea. 

'106. j CALEB ^KNOWLES ( Paul Paul ,* Col . John,* John,* Richard ^) , son 6f Paul (51.) 
and Mary (Dyer) b. 19 June 1766, Truro, d. 8 Oct. I805, age 39, at sea; 
m. (1st) 21 Sept. I788 at Truro JEMIMA DYER, b. 20 May I765, Triiro, d. 
there 8 Jan. 1796, age 29,dau. of Elijah and Deliverance Dyer; m. (2nd) 
(pub. at Truro) 30 Sept. 1797 ELIZABETH PAINE who outlived him and m. 
(2nd) Lomb era. 

1 . 

ii . 

iii . 

222. V. 
vi . 

vii . 

223. viii. 


"Capt. Caleb Knowles, age 38 (39), died on passage from Senegal and 
biiried at sea 8 Oct. I805. He was an enterprising and benevolent man. 
In his death not only his family and friends sustain a great loss, but 
many poor people of the town." 

Thomas Atkins, second officer, also died on the passage. Caleb's 
younger brother, Isaiah, his chief officer, took charge of the ship. 

Knowles children by 1st wife, Jemima; b. Truro: (from Truro 

records ) 

i. Caleb, Jr., b. 3 Dec. 1792; d. I8 Sept. I81U, age 22. 

ii. Mary b. 30 May 179^; m. Capt. John Collins III (pub.) 8 July 

1816 at Truro. She predeceased him and he remarried. Their son, 
Caleb Knowles Collins, b. Truro 21 April I817, d. in Boston 

6th Generation 

19 Sept. I8IT. 
Knowles child by 2nd wife, Elizabeth: 

iii. Infant daughter , died 1 Feb. 1798 

CAPT. JOHN COLLINS III who married Mary Knowles was son of Capt. John 
Collins, Jr. and Delia ( Dilla) Gross, was born in Triiro 20 June 
1795; died in N.Y. 21 Nov. l857. During the war I8II-I813, he was 
among those who ran fishing boats from Truro and Provincetown to Boston 
and New York when the bay was infested with British cruisers ready to 
give chase and seize boats. Many young men, stung by this robbery, 
became privateers and retaliated by preying upon British commerce, as 
did young John Collins. However, he had the misfortune of being taken 
prisoner and carried to England after a hard fight with a British war 
ship which was wrongly assumed to be a merchantman. At the close of 
the war, he entered the merchant service and became master of a ship 
riinning between N.Y. and Mexico; then to New Orleans in the ship 
SHAKESPEARE. For several years after that he commanded the ship 
ROSCIUS of the N.Y. and Liverpool Dramatic Line. In this service he 
distinguished himself not only as a remarkably successful shipmaster 
but for his gallantry, skill and humanity in assisting disabled vessels 
for which he received many medals from the Liverpool and London hiomane 
societies, as well as the British axid American governments. Later on, 
retiring from the sea, he superintended the building of some of the 
largest merchant ships of his day. (TRURO-CAPE COD, by Shebnah Rich, 
pub. by D. Lothrop & Co., I883) 

IO7./ACCHEUS ^ KNOWLES (Paul,* Paul,* Col. John ,^ John ,*Ri chard* ) , son of Paul 
(51. ) and Mary (Dyer) b. 8 Aug. I768, Truro; d. 11 Nov. l8li+; m. 15 
Nov. 1791 SARAH LOMBARD, dau. of Lewis and Elizabeth (Pike) Lombard, 
b. 11 April 177U at Truro. 

Shebnah Rich states that Zaccheus Knowles, "age kk" y was lost over- 
board near Wood End from a small vessel from Plymouth. U. S. Census 
i860, Sarah Lombsird Knowles was age 85, living in home of her son, 
Caleb . 

All descendants of Zaccheus and Sarah (Lombard) Knowles trace back 
to Mayflower ancestry through Zaccheus' grandmother, Phebe Paine not 
through Sarah Lombard, gr. dau. of James Lombard who m. Elizabeth 
Freeman, dau. of Constant Freeman who was not a descendant of Major 
John Freeman asid Mercy Prence. 

Knowles children; b. Truro: 

i . 

22U. ii. 

Mary Atkins ,^ b . 31 July 1792; m. Joshua Knowles, son of Josh\ia 

and Hannah (Atkins) Knowles. See him for their children. 
Zaccheus , Jr. , b. 19 Nov. 1795. 

6th Generation 


225. iii. John Atkins , b. 29 April 1798. 

iv. Sally , b. IT Sept. I8OO; prob . d. y. 

V. Sally , b. 2k Feb. l803; m. 9 Nov. l820 Joseph Whorf, Jr. by Rev. 
Jude Damon; she died 11 Nov. I886 at Truro. 

Whorf children: (only these found in Truro records) 

a. Lucretia Lee , b. 29 Aug. l821. 

b. Nathan Kemp , b. 10 Sept. l824. 

c. Joseph Caleb , b. 2? April l83T. 

d. Sarah Augusta , b. 2 May iQUO . 

226 . vi . Paul, b. Feb 7 l80$ . 

vii. Nabby , b. 2? Mar. l807; m. 2k Nov. I825 Paul D. Coan. 

Coan children: (Truro records) 

a. Abraham, b. 7 Aug. I826. 

b. Stephen Mills , b. 1 Aug. I828. 

c. John , b. 5 Mar. I83I; d. Sept. l832 . 

227. viii. Caleb , b. 5 Feb. I809 . 

ix. Isaiah , b. 7 Feb. l8l2. 

X. Jemima , b. 17 May I81U; m. Ephraim Snow, seaman, l83^; d. ik 
April 1897. 

Snow children: 

a. Orlando , b. 6 Jan. l835 • 

b . Ephraim Anthony , b . 1 Sept . l837 . \ 

c. Sarah Elizabeth , b. 2k Mar. l8^0. 

d. Isaiah, b. 1 Sept. I8U2. 

e. John Collins Harding , b. I6 Sept. I8U5 . 

f. Reuben , b. 11 Nov. I8U7. 

g. George Washington Smith ) , ^ 

V 7Z — T — \ twins b. 11 Dec. lok9 . 

h. Charles William Gray ) 

n^08. USAIAH^ KNOWLES ( Paul, ^Paul,* Col. John,^ John ,2 Richard*) , son of Paul 

(51. ) and Mary (Atkins) (Dyer), b. 7 Mar. I78O, Truro; d. 2k Mar. I806; 
age 26; m. (Pub.) 12 May I80I+ ABIGAIL HALL. 

Drowned off Race Point when his ship was lost with all on board. He 
was a shipmaster at an early age and made foreign voyages. Capt. of 
ship CONFIDENCE which floated into the bay on her beam ends without a 
living man on board. 

From TRURO-CAPE COD, by Shebnah Rich, l883: 

"After his arrival at Boston was placed in command for a voyage to the 
coast of Africa. He sailed March 2k, I806. The first night out, was 
capsized in a white squall near Race Point and every soul was lost. 
Captain Knowles weis twenty-six years of age. I here introduce a single 
verse from the "elegy" of twenty-six that were written on that occasion: 

6th Generation 

'Twas on the twenty third of March 
Upon a Sunday morn. 

There sailed the fair ship CONFIDENCE 
To India she was bound." 

109y SILAS * KNOWLES (Capt. Silas Paul,* Col. John,* John, *Richard*) , son of 
s — ^ Capt. Silas (53.) and Mary (Freeman); b. 27 June 1763, Truro, Mass.; 

d. 6 Sept. 1799, ae 36 at sea; m. (Pub. at Truro) l6 Nov. 1786, PHEBE 
RICH of Truro, dau. of Richard Rich (Rich Gen.), b, 27 July I766. 

Removed to Provincetown. 

Administration on his estate was granted to his widow 20 Mar, I8OO. 
Knowles children: 

228. i. Smitht b . 23 Aug. 1788. 

ii. Infant son of Silas Jr., died 27 Nov. 1790. (From Rev. Jude Damon's 

Diary) . 

iii. Mary Freeman ,b. 22 Nov. 1791 (P'town Vital. Records in Mayflower 

Descendsmt Mag. Vol. 1^); called "Polly", she married 28 Dec. 
1809 William C. Hopkins. 

iv. Silas , b. 20 Mar. 179^ (Provincetown Records); Truro records pg. 

220, state "Silas, son of Silas and Phebe, died March 31, I816, 
age 22." 

V. John , b. 5 Oct. 1796 (P'town records, Mayflower Descendant Mag. 

Vol. 12). 
vi. Phebe , b. 9 Dec. 1798. 

110 . ) NEHEMIAH * KNOWLES (Capt. Silas Paul,* Col. John,' John, ^Richard* ) , son of 
Capt. Silas (53.) and 2nd wife Susanna (Cobb), b. 179^+ at Truro, Mass.; 
d. 25 June 1823 Corinna, Maine; m. I817 REBECCA MORSE; d. 7 July I869 
at Maiden, Mass. She married (2nd) a Mr. Smith. 

Knowles children; three born Livemore Falls, Maine: 

i. Netomi ^ b . 13 June I818; m. 25 Nov. I8U2 at Corinna, Me. Samuel 

Knox, b. 2 Axig. I815 , Jay, Me., d. 20 April 1905, Lowell, Mass. 
Naomi died Aug. I89O at Lowell. 

Knox children: 

a. Ellen Maria , b. April lU, iQkk, Corinna, Me.; d. h Dec. 1931, 
Tampa, Florida; m. h Nov. I868 at Biddeford, Me.; Charles E. 
Marshall (son of David Marshall), b. 6 July I8I45, d. April 
21, 1900, Lowell, Mass. Five children. 

b. Edmund Osburn ,b. h June I8I+6, Corinna, Me.; d. 16 Feb. 1924; 
m. 15 Sept. 1870 Amy Crocker. Seven children. 

c. Henry Warren , b. 1 Dec. l8i+8, Corinna, Me.,; d. Nov. 188U, 
Boston, Mass.; m. 2 Oct. I872 Flora E. Caverly. Two children. 

d. Rebecca , b. ih April I85O, Exeter, Me.; d. 6 Dec. 1951, Lowell, 
Mass . 

6th Generation 


e. Emma Etta , b. IT Nov. I852, Exeter, Me.; m. 25 Dec. I892 

Porter Wright; d. Lowell, Mass. No children. 

f. Fred F. , b. 29 May I855, Exeter, Me.; d. 16 March I8TT, Lowell, 

Mass . 

g. James S . b. 11 Aug. I858, Exeter, Me.; d. January I87O, 

Lowell, Mass. 

ii. Nehemiah Jtistin , b. April 15, l820 ; d. l832 in Livermore Falls. 

229. iii. Henry Warren , b. Feb. 9, l822. 

Ill] SILAS ^ KNOWLES (Capt. Silas ,* Paul ,* Col . John,^ John, ^ Richard^ ) , son of 
ZZ^ Capt Silas (53. ) and 2nd wife, Susanna (Cobb); b. lU April I8OO Truro, 

Mass.; d. 21 Sept. l853, Corinna, Me.; m. 9 Feb. I82U LOVINA KNOX, b. 

9 Feb. l80i+ at Livermore Falls, Maine; died 25 Dec. I886 , Corinna, 

Maine . 

Knowles children; b. Corinna, Maine: 

i. Mary Hans come ,^ b. 9 Sept. I82U; d. T Mar. l89T; m. 1 Jan. 1853 at 

Dexter, Maine, Thomas S. Parkman, who d. 15 Mar. I869 , Dexter, 
Maine . 

Pa-rkman children: 

a. Viola , b. 9 Oct. l853; d. 26 Oct. I8TO. 

b. Arvilla Elizabeth, b. 8 Mar. I856; d. 1932; m. Charles 

Spooner who d. 1929. Two Spooner children: Oliver , b. 20 
Oct. 1857, d. 18 Dec. 1857 and Cora , b. 8 Dec. I86O. 

ii. Susanna Cobb , b. 5 Sept. I826; d. 13 June l899 at Haverhill, 

Mas s . ; m . Tlst) 25 July l8i+7 Isaac Knox; m. (2nd) Winkworth 
Sargent Allan as his third wife, b. l8l2, Machias, Me., d.1898, 
Corinna, Me. Knox child by first husband: Amelia Susan , b. 11 
Jan. I8U9, d. 1922 Haverhill; Allan child by 2nd husband: Lena 
Lorenda , b. 28 June I86I, Corinna, Me. 

230. iii. Christopher Columbus , b. 9 Jan. I829. 

iv. Amanda Melvina , b. 11 Feb. 1831; d. 17 Dec. l897; m. I8 July I851 
at Corinna, Charles P. Osborne, b. 12 Jan. I83I, d. 12 May I86U 
as a soldier in the Civil War. 

Osborne children: 

a. Abbie Alma , b. 7 June I853, Corinna; d. 23 Feb. 19^1, Dover- 

Foxcroft, Me.; m. 5 Sept. I87I, Dexter, Me., James Madison 
Knowles, b. 8 May 18^+9, Corinna, d. 26 Sept. 1920 at Dover- 
Foxcroft. Three Knowles children: Edna Adelle , Ethel May , 
Octavia Dean . 

b. Leonetta, b. 27 April I855, Corinna; d. 8 Oct. 1935, Somer- 

ville, Mass.: m. I87I Benson A. Ellis, b. 20 Sept. I852, 
d. 9 Feb. 1921. Two children. 

c. Eugene L . . b. 12 April I857, Corinna; d. U Jiine 1951; m. Mrs. 

Nellie Card, Newport, Me. 

d. Mary L. , b.- 5 June I859, Corinna, Me.; d. 27 Dec. l875 , 


lU2 6th Generation 

e. Charles Buel , b. h July l863, Corinna, Me.; d. l8 Jan. 1922, 
Newport, Me.; m. 26 April 1906, Mary Elizabeth Hurd, New- 
port . 

V. Lorinda Walker , b. 20 Nov. l832; d. 2 Dec. i860, Corinna; m. 9 
Nov. 1852 at Corinna, Jacob Fernald Philbrick, b. 1 Oct. I83O, 
d. 5 June I898, son of Simon Philbrick; he married a second time 

Philbrick children; 

a. Charles Uxmon , b. 30 July l855, Corinna; d. 10 Dec. 1935 

Bangor, Me.; m. (1st) 19 Jan. 1883 Mary Ellen Steward who 
d. 19 July 1911; he m. (2nd) 25 April I916 Alice L. Clark 
who d. 22 April 195^. Two children first marriage: 
(Philbrick) June , b. 6 June I885, East Corinth, Me. and 
Lynette Lovina, b. I6 Feb. I89I at East Corinth. 

b. Lynnette , b. ^ Aug. I86T at Corinna; d. 7 Aug. I88O Corinna. 

c. Way land , b. 26 April I88O ; d. 9 Aug. I916 at Corinna. 
231. vi. George Washington , b. 20 May 1835- 

vii. Elizabeth , b. 25 Oct. l83T; d. 7 July I9I8 at Dexter, Me.; m. (1st) 
25 May 1858 John Wentworth Philbrick, Corinna, Me. who d. 10 Feb. 
1873; she m. (2na) h June I88I Stephen Frank Wheeler. 

Philbrick children: 

a. Bertie Eldora , b. 28 Aug. 1862, Corinna, Me.; d. 22 April 

1917, Corinna; m. 2 Aug. I88U John Henry Shepherd, b . 26 
April 1859, Corinna, d. 22 April 1917- Four children. 

b. Edgar Albert , b. 25 Aug. I867, Corinna; d. I8 Feb. I9OI at 

Corinna; m. I8 Aug. I888 (1st) Nellie W. Dearborn who 
was b. 10 April I867 and d. 22 Sept. 1925. She m. (2nd) 
George Booker, b. 7 Aug. I861, d. 6 July 1926 ;2 PhiltrLck childr. 

232. viii. Andrew Jackson , b. 18 Dec. l8i+0 . 

233. ix. Edwin Silas , b. 13 Mar. I8U3. 

THOMAS * KNOWLES (Capt. Silas Paul ,* Col . John,* John,* Richard* ) , son of 
Capt. Silas (53.) and 2nd wife, Susanna (Cobb); b. I8 Oct. l802 at Jay, 
Maine (according to birth record of his son, Charles in Mass. VR's); 
m. 1830 HANNAH COPETHWAITE who was born St. Johns, New Brunswick, 
Canada. Either Hannah or Thomas died 29 Dec. I856. 

Birth records of his children state that Thomas was a laborer. Prpvinoe- 
town records stated that dau. Martha was born New Brunswick, youngest 
son was born in P'town. When they removed is not known. 

Knowles children: 

i. Mercy S .^b. 9 Oct. l83^; m. 6 May I85I Charles Wesley Cobb. 
Cobb child: 

a. Allison B . b. 20 Sept. l855; d. 5 Feb. 1953; m. 17 Dec. I876 
Ella Hobart who was b. ih May l855 and d. 3 Nov. 1903. Four 
Cobb children. 

6th Generation 


ii. Martha, E. , d. Provincetown, Mass. 8 Mar. I85I, age lU. 

iil. Thomas J., b. 6 May l839. 

23U. iv. Benjamin F . ,b. 16 April I8U1. 

V. Sarah. 

vi . Lovina . 

235. vii. Charles Henry , b. I8 April I85I (Mass. VR's)j Provincetown. 

113.) JOHN * KMQWLES (Capt. Silas Paul,* Col. John,' John, 'Richard* ) , son of 
Capt. Silas (53.) and 2nd wife Susanna (Cobb); b. 13 Nov. I8OT, 
Truro, Mass.; m. l83T LOUISE WILSON, b. 30 Oct. idlU. 

Knowles children: 

i. Susanna .^ b. 2k April I838. 

ii. John F. , b. 20 Nov. l839. 

IIIi.VaMES* knowles (James,* James,* Col. John,* JcAn,* Richard^ ) , twin son of 
James {5k.) and Abigail (Atwood), b. 27 Jan. 1758, Eastham, Mass.; 
d. 179^+; m. (int. rec'd at Eastham) 8 Sept. I789 MARY KNOWLES, his 
third cousin once removed; b. 1^+ Dec. 1762, Ecistham; d. bef. 12 Oct. 
1816 (when in a deed reservation was made of rights in the pear trees 
belonging to the heirs of Majy Kiiowles , late of Orleans, deceased). 
She was dau. of Seth & Ruth (Freeman) Knowles. 

On 13 Dec. 1793 the constable was acquitted of James Knowles 's taxes 
"by reason of his long absence." In 1798 Molly Knowles was an Orleans 
tajcpayer . 

They lived in Sandisfield, Mass. as did his twin brother, Paul. 
They had children^ unknown. 

In Sandisfield records , a James Knowles died 1 May I8IO who might 
possibly have been son of James and Mary. 

Also in Sandisfield Cong. Church, 2nd book, pg. 332, a Clarissa Knowles 
married 5 May 183O Silas H. Chapin, another possible child. 

Also in Vital Records of Sandisfield was a SeLlly Knowles who married 

©Uriel Smith, Jr., no date. 
PAUL * KNOWLES (James/ James ,* Col. John ,^ John, 'rI chard* ) , twin son of 
James (5^.) and Abigail (Atwood), b. 27 Jan. 1758, Eastham, Mass.; d. 
22 Mar. I816, ae 58, Sandisfield, Mass.; m. (int. rec'd Eastham, 8 
Sept. 1781 THANKFUL SNOW, b. ih Feb. 1762; d. 1 June I8U8; dau. of 
Jesse Snow who m. 10 Nov. 17U8 Lois Freeman (Snow Genealogy). 

Paul Knowles listed DAR Patriots as Pvt. in Rev. War, Mass. 

They removed to Sandisfield, Berkshire Co., about 1783 where according 
to the United States Direct Tax List of 1798, Paul Knowles was living 
in a house owned by James Khovles . 

Copy of his will follows, dated 21 February I816, in which his children 
are named ae well as listing of his estate. 

6th Generation 

Family records and information this line from Mrs. Mary Newton, I6U6O 
W. 5Uth Ave., Golden Colo. 80U01, descendant of Abigail, daughter of 
Paul and ^niankful, from handwritten paper of Abigail's son, Jesse 
Stevens (1822-1912) who wrote family story when he was 82 years old. 

Jesse Stevens wrote that the Knowles boys (meaning Paxil and Thankful 's 
children) left their home in Mass. at an early date and settled in 
Western, N.Y. In Idld Lois and Abigail, sisters left eLLso and went ' ' 
to N.Y. with a one horse rig in good shape. Jesse's grandmother. 
Thankful, and daughter Sarah moved in l82T. Seirah died at Knowlesville, 
N.Y. in 1828 and Ihankful made her home with Abigail and Jesse Stevens 
from 1828 to the time of her death June 1, 18U8. 

Notes from Sandisfield, Mass. Cong. Chxirch 2nd Book, pg. 320: 

k Aug. 1833 Thankful Kncwles "Dismissed" - no date for Abigail Knowles I 
"removed", pg. 3U5 ; Jesse dismissed 1836. ' 

Knowles children; (b. Sandisfield, Mass.) Perhaps first of thesfr > 

bom Eastham. 

236. i. James ,*'b. 3 May 1784. 

237. ii. Paul , b. 7 April I786. 1 

238. iii. Freeman , b. 28 Feb. 1788. I 

239. iv. William, b. 19 July 1790. 

V. Lois , b. 2 Sept. 1792; m. Ebineaer Clark. 
2U0. vi. Jesse , b. 26 Sept. 179^. 

Abigedl . b. 12 Jvme 1798; m. at her brother William's at ^idgeway, 
Orleans Co., N» Y. on 30 Nov. I819, John Stevens, b. 3 April 179^, 
d. lU May l855 Fitchburg, Wise. (I852?); Abigail d. I6 May, I876 
in Wisconsin. They left Orleans Co., N.Y. and moved to Dane Co., 

Stevens children: 

a. Emily , b. 12 Sept. l820, N.Y.; d. I6 Sept. I836, N.Y. 

b. Jesse , b. 12 Oct. 1822, N.Y. ; d. 17 May 1912, Wise; m. Oct. 

lQk3 at Milville, N.Y., Sarah Parsons; b. 10 Jan. I82U; d. 
5 Apr. 1915 Wise. 

c. Mazy , b. 16 J\me l82l*, N.Y.; d. at birth. 

d. John, Jr. . b. I6 Aug. 1825, H.Y.; d. at birth. 

e. Lois J. , b. 2k July 1827, N.Y.; d. 2k Jan. I828. 

f. Thankful , b. 2 Nov. 1830; d. I8 May I887, 111.; m. 12 Oct. 

l8i+7 Orleans, N.Y.,Philo D. Ferris, b. 20 Nov. l825; d. 17 
July 1885. 

viii. Sarah , b. 13 JvOy I8OO; died I828 at Knowlesville, N.Y., xinmarr. 
2kl. ix. Elijah , b. I8 Sept. l802; Harvey Hubbard appointed his guardian 
7 May I816 when his father died and he was xinder lU. 

6th Generation 



In the name of God Amen I Paul Knowles of Sandis field in the County of Berk- 
shire and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, being weak in tody but of sound and 
perfect mind and memory. Blessed be Almighty God for the same. Do make and 
publish this my Last Will €uad Testament in manner and form following, that 
is to say: 

First, I give and Devise to my beloved wife. Thankful Knowles, the use of 
one-third of my real estate during her natural life, and the household fur- 
niture except what is herein given to my daughters , and one live saddle 

horse, and two ^cows and tin shack, and a note of hand against Timothy 

Twining of one hiondred dollars, to her and at her disposal forever. I do 
also give and bequeath unto my eldest son, JAMES KNOWLES , the sum of thirty 
nine dollars in addition to what he hath had to be paid him within two years 
etfter my decease is in full of his share. I do also give and bequeath to my 
son, PAUL KNOWLES , the s\im of ninety three dollars in addition to what he 
hath had to be paid to him within one year after my decease which shall be 
in full of his share. 

I do also give and bequeath to my son, FREEMAN KNOWLES , ninety one dolleurs 
in addition to what he hath had to be paid to him wiljhin one year after my 
decease in full. I further give and bequeath to my son, WILLIAM KNOWLES , 
one hundred and forty dollars to be paid to him within six months after iny 
decease, forty dollars and one hundred dollars within one year after my 
deceeise. And I hereby give and bequeath to my three daughters, Lois , 
Abigail and Sarah , to each of them thirty dollars in bed and boarding (?) to 
be paid at my decease, also to each of them one-hxindred dollars to be paid 
to them within two years after my decease and each of them shall have a right 
to make my own dwelling house their home til they shall marry. 

And I further give, devise and bequeath to my two youngest sons, JESSE 
KNOWLES and ELIJAH KNOWLES , all my real and personal estate, goods and 
chattels of what kind and natvire soever, to Jesse three fifteen and Elijah 
two fifty, they paying to the respective legatees, agreeable to this will 
the said Jesse and EliJ^ah shall live and labor with Jesse til he is twenty 
one years of age. 

And I hereby appoint my son, JESSE KNOWLES, sole executor of this my last 
Will and Testament. 

In witness whereof I have herevmto set n^y hand and seal the twenty first day 
of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred emd sixteen. 

^ -, ^ vi. . . PAUL KNOWLES 

Signed sealed published delivered by the above 

named Paul Knowles to be his last will and 

testament in the presence of us who at his request 

and in his presence have heretinto subscribed our 

names eis witnesses to the same. 




6th Generation 

WILLARD ^ KNOWLES (Willard.'col, Willard.'*'Col. John John, *Ri chard* ) . son 
of Willard (56. ) and Mercy (Snow), t. 25 March 1769, Eastham, Mass.,; 
d. probably bef. l8U8 at Champion, Jefferson Co., N.Y.; m. (lat) SARAH 
KNEELAND, d. 1 Nov. l8l8, Sandisfield, Mass.; m. (2nd) LOIS FREI34AN, b. 
1800; d. 16 March 1862. 

Libby says "six children recorded at Sandisfield, "however, additional 
inf onaation located as follows : 

Knowles children by 1st wife: 

i. Samuel Snow ,*'d. l6 March 1793, d.y. 

ii. Polly , b. 17 April 1795. 
2U2. iii. Samuel Snow , b. 28 July 1797. 

2U3. iv. Russell Kneeland , b. 17 July 1799. (Jiily 28 date also given). 

V. Nathaniel Atwood, d. 7 Aug. I8OO. 

vi. Nathaniel Atwood , b. 19 July I8OI; died yoimg, ("Atwood, son of 

Willard Knowles, Jr., d. I6 j^an. l802.") _ p. 

vii. Sarah, b. 29 March I80I+, -je^^^^TK/rx^'^^^ -^Ua^^ Clui^-TLJa^n^ ^ 
2l+U.viii. Willard Atwood , b. 5 April 1807. ^ 
2ii5. ix. William S . , b. 2 Sept. I8IO. 

Knowles children by 2nd wife: 

X. Daniel F. , b. abt. I825 , Lewis, N.Y. ( See NOTE below.) 

Sandisfield, Mass. Cong. Church 2nd Book, pg. 303 states "Polly Knowles 
dismissed l820; Samuel Knowles 'dismissed' I82O." 

Co., 1905 in an article about Russell K. Knowles, names the children 
of this Willard euid states Sarah to have been the 2nd child, married 
Seymour Nash and passed her life in Champion, N.Y. Mary (could be 
Pally above), wife of a Mr. Hubbard who died in Ohio, returned to 
Champion, where she died leaving a son, Edmund"Hxilbert" . 

Also from the above reference book, Russell went to Champion, N.Y. as a 
young man, sec\ired land. His father, Willard and family later joined 
him there. This mxist have been after the death of Sarah, Wi Hard's 
first wife os it is stated Willaird married second Lois Freeman and 
stated they ha4 son, Daniel, who settled in the west. 

MOTE: Information from Mrs. Consteuace Robertson, Kenwood, Oneida, N.Y,, 
descendant of the founder of the Oneida Community Ass'n indicates that 
Lois F. Knowles Joined the Association May I8U8, about the same time 
her stepson, Willard Joined. Dajiiel F. Joined 18^9. Lois died I6 Mar. 
1862. Therefore it appeeurs that her hxisband WillcLrd might have died 
prior to I8U8 when she Joined the Community. 

In 1855 Cens\is, Oneida Comm., Lenox, Msuiison Co., N.Y., Lois was ae 55, 
b, Tioga Co., N.Y., therefore she would have been born 18OO. 

6th Generation 

1850 Census U.S. Federal census, Lennox, Madison Co., N.Y. , "Oneida 
Conmiunity Association", Daniel F. Knowles was a^e 25, a carpenter, 
single, born Lewis, N.Y. His mother listed there also. Mrs. Robertson 
stated in her letter 19T1 that Daniel "came & went a dozen times or so." 
A number of the members of this cult Joined, "seceded" and r«Joined 
several times. Daniel Joined 9 Axig. I8U9 (presumably after the death 
of his father), seceded 28 Sept. I85U; rejoined i860 and finally seceded 
1 Aug. I8TI. 

For a highly interesting, well written history of this group of re- 
ligious people, their industry, problems and decline, Mrs. Robertson's 
f book is "must" reading. This organization was foimded by her paternal 
grandfather, John Huir^hrey Noyes. The book was published in June 19T0, 
title "Oneida Community : An Autobiography, I85I-I8T6" by Constance 
Robertson, Syracvise University Press. 

© WILLIAM* KNOWLES (David,' Col. Wi Hard ,* Col . John,* John,* Richard* ) , son 
of David (57.) and Elizabeth (Homer), b. 23 Jan. 1770, Eastham, Mass.; 
d. 1808; m. (int.) recorded Eastham, 25 Feb. 1795, REBECCA SMITH, b. 
at Eastham, bapt. 19 Sept. 1773; d. 28 Feb. I85O at Orleans, ae 77 i 
dau. of Joseph 3d suid Ruth (Knowles) Smith of Eastham. She was his 
third cousin once removed. She m. 2nd Benjamin Homer, 2d, of Yarmouth 
and m. 3rd Nathaniel Nickerson of Orleans. 

He lived in West Yarmouth. 

Knowles child: 

i- Willi am! b. 30 Sept. 1798. 

DAVID KROWLES (David, Col. Willard, Col. John, John, Richard ), son of 
David (57.) and Elizabeth (Homer), b. 10 March 1771; m. (1st) AZUBA, 
d. 1809; m. (2nd) THANKFUL TAYLOR of Brewster, who died at Eastham 
10 July I85U, aged 80. 

Thankful lived on the byroad west from Fort Hill until towards the 
end of her life, and her cellar hole is pointed out as "Thanky David's 

By his father's will David Knowles received the land where his house 
then stood, which had been bought by John Knowles and was called 
Lewis's land. 

Knowles children by Ist wife: 

1. Snow Young fb. l802. 

ii. Anna , b. I80U; d. at Eastham, 10 May 1879, ae ik-^ m. (1st) 

Snow; (2nd) Josish K. Higgins . 


6th Generation 

2U7. iii. Ezra , b. 13 Jan. I8OT; 
iv. Azuba , b. I809. 

119^ ROBERT ^ KNOWLES (john/col. Willard*Col. John/ John,* Richard* ) , son of. 
John (58.) and Susannah (Walker), b.l9 May ITTO at Eastham; d. 13 Dec. 
1800 at Eastham; m. (int. rec'd at Eastham) 30 Aug. 179^, LYDIA KNOWLES, 
b. at Eastham, 22 Aug. 1772; d. 31 May 181+3 at Orleans; his third 
cousin once removed; dau. of Capt. Amos and Abigsdl (Pepper) Knovfles of 
Eeistham. She m. (2nd) at Eastham, Dec. l8l2, Heman Snow, vho d. at 
Orleans 23 Oct. I827, ae 62. 

Knowles children: (three daughters) 

i. Abigail ,^b. 9 April 1795; m. 10 Jan. l8ll+, Heman Snow III (1793- 
1839 ) ;she died 181+9. 

ii. Mehitable . b. 25 July 1798; m. 1824 Jonathan Sherman. 

iii. Sylvia , b. I8 April I8OO; m. h Jan. l821, Joshua Higgins. 

120 .) JOHN * KNOWLES (John,' Col. Willard,*Col. John,* John, ^Richard *) , son of 
John (58.) and Susannah (Walker), b. 29 Dec. 1771 at Eastham; d. in 
179!+ at Eeistham, age 23; m. (int. recorded at Eeistham) I6 Nov. 1793, 

Knowles child: 

i. Fanny /b. 1791+. 

121 ?^ SAMUEL ^ KNOWLES (John,* Col. Willard,*Col. John,* John,* Richard^) , son of 
John (58. ) and Susannah (Walker); b. 26 Oct. 1775 at Eastham; d. 20 
Mar. 1857, ae 81, a widower at Eastham. He m. 11 Nov. I8OI HANNAH 
PEPPER, dau. of Joseph and Zylpha Pepper. 
He was a farmer. 

He was also Eastham Town Clerk 1836-1842. 

He served two terms as representative. Children b. Eastham. 

Knowles children: 

2U8. i. Robert, M.^ b. 22 May I80U. 

2U9. ii. John ■ , b. 5 Dec. I805. 

250. iii. Willard . b. 12 Sept. I807. 

251. iv. Sanniel , b. 11 July I8IO; m. Lucia; d. I887. 
V. Zilpha , b. 1 June l8l2; d. 25 Dec. 1831. 

vi. Mercy P . , b. 18 March I81U; m. 15 June I862, ae U8,Joshua Cook. 

252. vii. Joseph P ., b. 19 Aug. I815. 

vtll. Alfred , b. 2 Oct. l8l7; d. 12 Nov. XQkO. 

6th Generation lk9 

JOSHUA * KNOWLES (John,* Col. Willard,*Col. John John, « Richard* ) , son of 
John (56. ) and Susannah (Walker), b. IT Oct. 17TT, Eastham, Mass.; d. 
11 Jan. 1831, Eastham, Mass.; m. Eastham 23 Dec. iQOk, LYDIA KNOWLES 
b. 1 May 1783, Eastham, Mass.; d. 11 Sept. I8U8, Eastham, Mass.; his 
third cousin, dau. of Benjamin Knowles (b. 19 Feb. 1736) who m. I763 
Mary Brown ) . 

Knowles children: 

i. MaiT / ^ ' 1806; m. 1832 Knowles Doane b. 1797; d. I890. 

ii. Susanna , b. 2 Feb. I808; m. Vto. C. Cobb b. 1809. 

iii. Pauline , b. l809; m. Micah Sherman; children, Joshua K. & Paulina; 
d. 1836. 

iv. Daniel , b. I8 Sept. I8II; d. 26 Nov. I8II. 
V. Elsie , b. 7 Oct. l8l2; d. 26 Oct. l8l2. 

vi. Jonathan , b. 30 Oct. l8l3; d. 12 Mar. I816; buried Cem. near 
Eastham Station. 
253. vii. Joshua , b. I816. 

viii. Phebe Brown , b. 28 Sept. I818; m. William Williams . 
ix. I4ydia, A . , b. 31 Oct. l820; m. 27 Mar. I8U5 Timothy Mayo who was 

born 2 Dec. I81U. 
X. Rebecca F. , b. I6 Nov. 1822; m. I8U7 Oliver Mayo who was 

born 2 July I8IT. 
xi. Elvira , b. 7 Feb. 1827, d. l833. 

His widow was appointed to administer his est., 20 June 1837- Samuel 
Knowles, Michael Collins and Crowell Doane, Committee appointed to 
appraise. July l837» widow's dower was set off. She received 
$1,237.12 1/3 share in her husband's estate which included use of 
the house on east side of County Road for the term of her natural life. 

JONATHAN * KNOWLES (John,* Col. Willard,*Col. John,* John,* Richard* ) , son 
of John (58. ) and Susanna (Walker), b. 26 Mar. I78O, Eastham: d. 20 
Mar. 1866, age 86, Lowell, Middlesex Co., Mass.; m. 23 Jaji. I8IO 
REBECCA LEWIS who predeceased him. They apparently removed to Chelms- 
ford early, as their children were listed in First Congregational 
Church ("now" Uniteurian) records, Chelmsford Centre. In I858 Lowell 
City Directory, Jonathan was a laborer living Congress St. near Hale 
Mills. With him wets his vuimarried daughter, Emeline. 

Said to have had four children who lived to grow up. 
Knowles children: 

i. Emeline 7 b . 1+ Dec. I8IO, Chelmsford; bpt. 26 Feb. I815 above 
church; d. 31 Aug. I89O, Lowell, Mass., single (Mass. VR's). 

ii. John S. , b. 28 Sept. l8l2; d. l832 Lowell. 

iii. Mary , dau. of Jonathan; m. Foster Nowell, Jr., son of Foster 
and lydia (Chadwick) of Worcester; both of Lowell, 20 June 
1838 (Lowell VR's). 

25I+. iv. Lewis Lumbar , b. I816; bpt. 21 July I816 Chelmsford, Mass.' 
255. V. Willard , bpt. 21 Sept. I818 Chelmsford. 

vi. Rebecca, bpt. 28 Oct. I819, Chelmsford. 

vii. Moses Lewis , bpt. I8 May I82I Chelmsford; prob. d. y. 

150 6th Generation 

BARSABAS * FREEMAN KNOWLES ( John * Col . Willard*Col. John,* John,* Richard, 
son of John (58.) and Susannah (Walker), b. 5 April 1796, Eastham, Mass. 
d. 31 May 18U7, Eastham, Mass.; m. Jan. I8I8 at Eastham LOVEY MAYO, d. 
15 Oct. iQhh (Sept.7), Eastham, Mass. She vas dau. of James Mayo and 
sister of Martha & Samuel Mayo. 

Knovles children (from A. Love): 

i. Nabbyr b. 26 Oct. I8IT. 
256. ii. Nicholas Paine, b. 23 July 1819. 
:.257. iii. Jonathan , b. 1 Aug. I821. 

iv. Jesse , b. 19 Oct. 1823; d. 11 June I8U1. 

258, V. Warren Doane . b. 9/19 Dec. 1825. 

vi. Barnabas, b. U Oct.l828; d. 30 March I836. 

vii. Martha F . . b. 12 Dec. 183I. 

259. viii. John S. . b. ik Sept. l83^. 

1850 Census of Orleans shows a John, ae I6, and Martha, ae I8, living 
in the house of Abijah Baker. 

THE NEW BEDFORD history of the following branch of the ancient Cape Cod 
family begins with two brothers. Captain John P. Knowles and Thomas Knowles 
who were sons of Thomas and Alice (Pepper) Knowles, grandsons of Seth and 
Hannah (Hatch) Knowles, great grandsons of Colonel Willard Knowles, who was 
son of Colonel John Knowles , son of John Knowles , son of Richard Knowles who 
was of Plymouth in l63T. 

Their cousin, Joseph M. Knowles, son of James Hatch and Ruth (Doane) Knowles, 
also grandson of Seth and Hannah (Hatch) Knowles and father of Jc^n P. Knowles 
II went to New Bedford at about the same time. 

These three cousins, descendants of the brothers Thomas and James Hatch 
Knowles of Eastham, several of whose sons — at least two of the former and one 
of the latter — in their earlier manhood cast their lot with the people of New 

The firm of Thomas Knowles & Co. for many years was one of the greatest en- 
gaged in the ^aJ.e fishery bxisiness in New Bedford; and its members in turn 
have been succeeded in business by younger generations who have most worthily 
worn the family name and sustained its reputation; and the name continues of 
record in and about the city of their birth connected prominently with many 
of the most extensive ccamaercial establishments and banking institutions of 
the locality. 

When Captain John P. Knowles of the Seventh American generation retired from 
the sea in 1835 and Joined his brother Thomas who had established in New 

6th Generation 


Bedford as a whaling merchant, the firm was, from that year until l8Ul*, known 
as Thomas and John P. Knowles . In l8UU, their cousin, Joseph Knowles, was 
admitted and the firm became Thomas Knowles St Co. 

The above information was taken from HISTORY OF NEW BEDFORD by Zephoniah W. 
Pease, pub. by the Lewis Historical Publishing Canpany, New York, I918; as 
J. H. Beers & Co., Chicago, 1912, as was most of the information to follow 
about some of the descendants. Ref. Also WHO'S WHO IN NEW ENGLAND and New 
England Hist. Gen. Society Register. 

Much appreciation and credit to Mrs. Nina Regis, Genealogical. Librarian of 
the New Bedford Free Public Library who furnished printed material, on this 
brajich of the family. 

Miss Sylvia Hathaway Knowles, daughter of Thomas, has been an invaluable 
helper in obtaining information from and about the contemporaries and wets 
responsible for the contact with Thomas Knaur of Vienna who was most gen- 
erovis in providing the interesting documents concerning his branch. 

Lawrence Grinnell Knowles of Providence hsus been a persistent and active 
worker in gathering entire data on his family lines and many thanks for his 
thoroughness . 

12^ y THOMAS * KNOWLES (Seth,*Col. Willard, Col. John?John Richard* ) , son of 
— Seth (59. ) and Hannah (Hatch), b. 9 Aug. 1TT7, Eastham; d. IU/15 Nov. 
1820 ; m. 1800, ALICE PEPPER, b, 10 Mar. IT8I; d. IT Feb. l820, ae 39, 
Eastham; dau. of Joseph and Zylpha Pepper. 

260. i. Heniy Mayo /'b. 3 Aug. I8OI, ' 

261. ii. Thomas , b. 31 D«c. l803. 

262. iii. John Pepper , b. 13 Oct. 1805. 

iv. Hannah Hatch , b. 8 Aug. I808; d. 181+9; m. Joseph Cummi ngs . 
V. Mehltable Pepper , b. 27 June I8IO; m. 1831 Elkannah Paine; 

Mehitable was given $1,000 annual income in her brother John's 
will. Upon her demise, sum and interest to her daughter, . 
Mary K. Paine, 
vi. Harriet , b. 1 July I816. 

126 J SETH * KNOWLES (S«th,'Col. Willard,*Col. John,* John, 'Richard* ) , son of 
— ^ Seth (59.) and Hannah (Hatch), b. 3 Jan. 1784. Eastham, Mass.; d. 7 
Jan. 1832. Bur. Mount Aubtirn Cemetery. Will probated 30 Jan. l832 
follows. M. (1st) 15 Sept. 1810, Char lest own, SARAH BRIDGE, b. 20 Nov 
1788; d. 2 Nov. 1825, ae 37, Bur. Mt. Aub\irn; dau. of Matthew Bridge 
of Charlestown; m. (2nd) Thurs., 22 Sept. I827, Boston, SARAH PAYSON, 
b. 2 Nov. 1801, Charlestown, Mass. 

Knowles children; b. Eastham: 


6th Generation 

Knowles children: 

263. i. Joseph /h. l8l2 (before Mar. 15th) 

ii. Sarah , "b. 12 Mar, 1813/15 i a. Axigustus A. Gibson; buuried Mr. 

Auburn Cemetery. 

iii. Ceiroline, b. 25 Hov. I816; buried Mt. Auburn Cemetery. 

From Records of the FIRST CHURCH. CHARLESTOWN: Baptized l8l2. Mar. 15th: 
Sally, wife of Seth,and Joseph, gcwi of Seth. 

From Cambridge records: information two daughters, both buried Mt. Auburn 

SETH KNOWLES - "From Eastham to Charlestown" : Article in "Ct^pe Codder" 
(Orleans paper) by Gustawis Swift Paine of New York. (No date.) 

In Eastham January 3, 17d^ was bom Seth Knowles, Jr., son of Seth Knowles 
and Hannah Hat eh, who was a step-da\;ighter of the Rev. Joseph Crocker, 
orthodox but dull successor of the controversial Rev. Samuel Osbom. Seth 
Knowles, Jr., moved to Charlestown, where he married Sally, daughter of 
Matthew Bridge. From his father-in-law he inherited a fine brick house on 
Town Hill, bviilt in IT85. There, prospering as a merchant, he had a notable 
flower garden, and was a famous host. 

From 1822 to I825 he was in the legislature and from l823 to 1829 he was a 
director of the Bunker Hill Montanent Association, serving also on the build- 
ing committee. On June IT, I825, Daniel Webster laid the cornerstone of the 
monument, with General Lafayette present. Afterward Seth Knowles, as perhaps 
the chief citizen of Charlestown, threw open his house for the reception of 
the ladies . 

At forty-one, he was then at the height of his career, a man of great aplomb, 
close associate and friend of David Sears, Jr. and Ezra Howes Baker and other 
Cape Codders in Boston's codfish aristocrew:^ . He was a director of the 
Bunker Hill Bank and a founder of the Hajrvard Unitarian church. Unfortun- 
ately he died early, Jeuiuary T» 1832, aged only forty-eight. Four years 
later his hovise peissed into the possession of Governor Edward Everett, who 
owned and occupied it for fovoc years after that. Still later it was the 
residence of Francis Child, and weis long one of the shew places of Charles«» 

It is remarkable how eaally coxantless Cape Cod youths rose to be among the 
elite of Boston and the vicinity. On the Cape this Knowles family was 
neither poor nor rich. A grandfather of Seth Knowles was Colonel Willard 
IQaowles who lived in the ( ) farm that had ( ) sone little distinc- 
tion. Yet Seth Knowles, Jr. had few educationeQ. advantage s->->fiqpparently did 
not go to college. He evidently learned the social graces naturally while 
he enterprisingly gave most of his attention to business. The Cape Codders 
who thus succeeded were not entirely self-made. They had much help from 
relatives and others. Many, like Seth Knowles, got a good staurt by marrying 
veil. Kiey readily became gentlemen, because they were adaptable. Indeed, 
adaptability haa been one of the chief characteristics of Cape Codders. It 

6th Generation 


is a pleeisure for me to include one Knowles in my galaxy of Cape Cod aristo- 
crats . " 

In 1937 an Alice Knowles Spaulding (Mrs. Vftu. A.) wrote Mr. Libby that she 
was gr. granddaxighter of this Seth. Her address: 163 Hemenway Street, Boston, 
Massachusetts . 

Copy of Will of SETH KNOWLES #29765. Joseph Hall^ Judge of Probate. 

I, SETH KNOWLES, of the City of Boston in the County of Suffolk and Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts, Esquire, being of sound and disposing mind and 
memory, do make, ordain and publish this my last will and testament in manner 
and form following, to wit. Imprimis, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, 
Sarah, a dwelling house with two shops under the same situated in Court 
Street in said Boston, numbered seventy fo\ir (subject to a mortgage to the 
Atlas Insurance Company for four thotisand dollars, the estate I vaJ.ue at 
fifteen thousand dollars ) to her and to her heirs and assigns forever. Also 
I give as aforesaid five shares in the Dedham Cotton Manufacturing Company 
and two shares in the Walpole Union Manuf actxiring Company, and all my house- 
hold furniture, the aforegoing Legacy and bequest being intended in lieu of 
all right to dower or thirds in my estate it being my will and intention if 
my said wife shall accept the same, it shall be taken and deemed as a waiver 
or release of all further right or claim upon my estate, except the legacy 
hereinafter given in article fourth. 

Secondly, I give, devise and bequeath to my beloved children, Joseph, Sarah 
and Caroline the small house and all the land situate at the corner of Bow 
Street and Town Hill in Charles town in the County of Middlesex, subject to 
the payment of an ajinuity of three hundred dolleirs to their grandmother Alice 
Bridge during her natural life, to have and to hold the same to them the said 
Joseph, Sarah and Caroline to their heirs and assigns forever, subject to the 
annuity aforesedd; in like manner I do give devise and bequeath to the said 
Joseph, Sarah and Caroline two lease hold estates consisting of three dwell- 
ing hoxises situated at the corner of Brattle and Court Streets in Boston, 
subject to the payment of certain notes signed by David Greenough amoionting 
to twenty eight thousand four hundred dollars. And eLLso I do give to said 
Joseph, Sarah and Caroline .five shares in the Dedham Cotton Meuiufactxiring 
Conrpemy and two shares in the Walpole Union Manufacturing Company. 

•Riirdly, I give to my son Joseph one share in the Dedham Mauiufacturing 
Company in consequence of a sum of money paid me by his grandmother with a 
request that it might be transmitted to him. 

Fourthly, as to the rest and residue of vay property consisting of a Pew in 
the Rev. James Walker's Meeting House in Charles town, half a share in the 
Boston Athenaeum, Insuremce, Stock, notes of hand. Book accounts, together 
with a considerable amount in vessels and cargoes now at sea. Ify will is 
as follows, to wit, that inasmuch as I am indebted to various persons to a 
considerable amount, this latter property be applied to the payment of my 
said Just debts and the s\irplus (if any) be divided as follows, one half to 
my said wife and the other half to my said three children equeuLly share and 


6th Generation 

Bhare alike. And should ny property abroad turn out differently from ay ex- 
pectations and prove insufficient to discharge all my Just debts then it is 
my will that any deficiency should be made up from the sale of such other 
proi)erty as my executors hereinafter named may think proper provided it di- 
minishes equally the bequests to my wife and children. 

Fifthly. For as much as it is my will and desire in case of my decease that 
my dear wife and children should not be separated but live together and con- 
stitute one family vmtil lay said children as they shall irespectively come of 
full age, shall have it in their power to elect otherwise. 

I do accordingly will and direct that all and singrilar the property herein- 
before devised and bequeathed (except that necessary for the payment of debts 
and also that mentioned in the third article) shall remain as it now does un- 
divided to constitute one capital, the rent, interest and inccane of which to 
constitute one ccxnmon fund to be applied (so much thereof as may be neces- 
seay) to the support and maintenance of said family until the said minor 
children shall have from time to time arrived at full age, upon the happening 
of which event each child may withdraw the property so devised to him or them 
as aforesaid together with his or their Jvist and due proportion of such rents 
profits, interest, dividends or income as shall not then have been expended 
as aforesaid. 

Lastly. Revoking all former Wills by me heretofore made, I do nominate and 
appoint my deax wife, Sarah Knowles , Edmund Baylies and Benjamin Bangs to be 
executives of this my last will and testament. And I do also constitute and 
appoint my said wife together with said Baylies and Bangs, Trustees for all 
the purposes of this will and in order more effectually to carry into effect 
the provisions of this will I do further nominate and appoint my said wife 
and said Baylies and Bangs ^uaxdieins of my said children to manage and im- 
prove the estates bequeathed them by their Grandfather Matthew Bridge, 
Esquire, and that all the property of said minors d\iring their minority may 
be vmder one and the same Administration. In testimony of all I have here- 
unto set my hand and seal this eighth day of September in the yeeir of our 
Lord, one thousand eight hundred suid thirty. 


A2TOCAPT. WIMSLQW ^ LEWIS KMQWLES (Seth,*Col. Willard,*Col. John,* John,* 
Richard*), son of Seth (59.) and Hannah (Hatch), b. k June 1788 at 
^ Eaatham; d. 27 ( death cert.) ae 81 at Brewster; m. (int.) (ist) Truro, 
7 Aug. lfil3, SALLY HINCKLEY, b. 1795; d. 26 Jan. l859, dau. of Deacon 
Allen Hinckley of Truro; m. (2nd) 30 Jan. I86I, SUSAN CROCKER WINSLOW 
of Brewster, b. l8l7; d. 15 Jan. 1900, ae 83. 

(From NAUSET ON CAPE COD by Alice Lowe): 

"Capt. Winslow Lewis Knowles was born in Eastham. He became one of the 
most successf\al captains who sailed for the firm Bangs and Williams. 
He made several trips around the Horn to the Pacific, sailing to 
Val,paraiso memy times . Diiring the gold rush days in Cedif^nia 

6th Generation 


in I8U9, Capt. Knowles sailed the ALBATROSS to San Fnuicisco with a 
specvilative cargo he hoped to sell in that fast growing town. He also 
caurried several passengers who were anxioixs to try their luck in the 
search for gold. On reaching California, his crew, bitten "by the gold 
biig, deserted him, and his cargo went unsold, for those were days of 
insecurity in San Francisco, the unscrupxilous store owners often being 
fly-by-night business men. Vftiile waiting for orders from his owners, 
Capt. Knowles made a trip to New South Wales for a load of coal which 
was refused by the San Francisco merchant who had ordered it." 

Did soaae privateering during War of l8l2 and was captured after taking 
a load of rye to Boston in a whaleboat, then offered his freedom on 
payment of ransom. Was parolled to raise the money while Matthew 
Hopkins Mayo was held captive. 

The Peabody Muiseum, I61 Essex St., Salem, Mass., has considerable 
material relating to this family, given to them years ago by descen- 
dants. Their manuscript shelf list contains manifests, letters, ac- 
counts, etc., for these ships londer command of Winslow L. Knowles: 
SOUTHERN RIGHTS. (Courtesy Philip Chadwick Foster Smith, Curator 
Maritime History.) See also BREWSTER SHIP MASTERS. 

Of his five sons, fo\jr became deep sea captains. 

Knowle s chi Idren : 

26U. i. Allen Hinckley ,^b. 12 June I81U in Eastham. 

ii. Winslow Lewis Jr. , b. 2k May I8IT in Eastham; became shipmaster, 

sailed with his father on the profitless trip to Cal 1 fomia in 
I8U9. Commanded several ships in the Valparaiso and East India 
trade. Died in Calcutta, 5 Oct. I863 while in command of a ship. 

iii. Ebenezer H. , b. 1 May l820; d. 5 Dec. I89T , ae 77, single. Only 

son who did not cbo a e the sea for a career, instead went into 
b\isiness. CAyC-tn^ 

265. iv. Thomas , b. 22 April 1823; d. age 29 on voyage to San Francisco. 

266. V. Jos i ah Nickers 00 , b. 26 May I830 in Eastham. 

vi. Sarah E. , b. k April l832; d. ik Aug. l8ii9, age 17, of dysentery. 

[ 128.) JAMES* HATCH KNOWLES (Seth,*Col. Willard,* Col. John,* John,* Richard* ) , 
A — ^ son of Seth (59.) and Hannah (Hatch), b. I8 Jan. 1791, Eastham; d. 8 

Aug. 1672, Eastham; m. (l8t)(int.) 12 Nov. 1818, by Rev. Philander Shaw, 
RUTH DOAHE KNOWLES, b. 2k Sept. 1798; d. k Jvme 18^+1 at Eastham, dau. 
of Obediah and Abigail (Doane) Knowles. Married (2nd) (int.) I6 Jan. 
l8i^3, SALLY FREJMAN, b. I8OI, Brewster; d. 27 Dec. l843 at Eastham, 
widow of Capt. Samuel Freeman, Jr.,; m. (3rd) Feb. lQk6 at Eastham, 
MARTHA (DOANE) BRACKETT of Eastham, b. I81I; d. 31 Oct. l853, Eastham, 
dau. of Jesse Doane. 

In i860 census, James Hatch Knowles, was age 69, living in home of his 
son, Seth in Eastham. He was a farmer; blIso in 1870. He left the 
homestead to his son, Seth. Was buried in the third oldest burying 




6th Generation 

ground in Eastham as was his first wife Ruth and 3rd wife, Martha. 
Second wife was buried in the 2nd oldest burying ground beside her first 
husband, Capt. Samuel Freeman. (From family records of Lawrence 
Grinnell Knowles ) . 

Knowles children by 1st wife, Ruth; b. Eastham; 

267 . i . Joseph M. ^ b . 23 Sept . l8l9 . 

268. ii. Seth, b. 8 Dec. l821. 

269. iii. James , b. 25 July 182U. 

iv. Abigail , b. 10 Sept. I827 ; d. 13 March I836. 
V. John Pepper, II , b. h Feb. l830. 

FREEMAN ^ KNOWLES (William,* Col. Willard,*Col. John,' John, Richard^) ,son 
of William (60. ) and Rebecca (Freeman), b. 27 Nov. 1779, at Eastham; d. 
22 June 1838 at Eastham; m. at Eastham, Dec. l8l3, MARTHA MAYO, b. 10 
Dec. 1790 ; d. I851 at Eastham, dau. of James Mayo. 

He was an agressive bvisiness man, and bought up most of the land on 
both sides of the Town Cove Road above and below the ancient Eaistham 
Cemetery. He is said to have built a flat-roofed house which stands 
(1926) a little north from the cemetery and is still (1926) in the 
possession of his descendants. (Pictured pg. U7 in Nauset on Cape Cod.) 

Knowles children; b. Eastham: 

i. Temperance y b . 12 Feb. I816 ; m. 23 Feb. I836 Isaiah Doane who was 

born 1812; m, (2nd) 15 Nov. 1866 Timothy Mayo who was born 2 Dec. 

ii. Asa Mayo , b. 8 Jan. I818; d. 23 Sept. 1829 . 

271. iii. Edmund, b. 25 Oct. I819 . 

272. iv. Freeman , b. 26 Oct. l821. 

V. Hannah L. , b. 30 Sept. l823; m. 11 April I8U8, James Rogers. 

273. vi. Josiah M. , b. 27 March I826. 
2lh. vii. William P. . b. 21 Nov. 1827. 

WILLIAM * FREEMAN KNOWLES , ^ . , (William,^ Col. Willard,* Col. John,^John,* 

Richard^), son of William (60.) and Rebecca (Freeman), b. 30 Dec. I8OO 
at Eastham; m. 20 Nov. I826, BETSEY AUGUSTA DOANE; b. l807; d. I888. 

Admin, of his estate, Barnstable Probate records, date of l877. 
Knowles children; b. Eastham: 

275. i. Sylvanus Doane ,^b. 13 July 1828. 

276. ii. William W. , b. ik Sept. I830. 

iii. Rebecca F. , b. 5 Nov. l832; m. 30 July l853 as his 2nd wife, 

Josiah M. Knowles, son of Freeman and Martha (Mayo) Knowles. 

iv. Jeremiah , b. 30 J\ine l835; m. 27 Oct. 1870 at Brewster, Louise 

Hopkins; dau. Annette, unm. Went to Chicago with Gustavas-Swi-ft- 

in 1875 , when the Swift Meat Packing CoT~was"sTarTeS*T:Ti'^^ 

V. Betsy Augusta , b. 28 Nov. I838; m. l859 Edward Penniman. 

vi. Mary Porter , b. 10 May I8U0 ; m. Josiah M. Knowles as his 3rd 

wife, 26 Nov. I86U. ^ 


6th Generation 


vii. Paulina, b. 5 Oct. 181+2; m. 2? Nov. 1863 Eldad Higgins who was 
■born k March I838. 
viii. Adeline , b. 19 Mar. I8U5 ; m. William Brockett. 

131.1 NATHANIEL * KNOWLES (Nathaniel/ Enos * Col . Samuel,' Samviel,*Ri chard* ) , son 
^ of Nathaniel (6I. ) and Lois (Holmes), b. 29 Oct. 1768, Liverpool, N.S.; 
m. PHEBE KINNEY, dau.of Nathan Kinney. 

Removed to Harrington with peurents in 1772. 

Knowles children; b. Barrington, N.S.: 

i. Mercy b . 1797; Sargent Sears, son of Josiah Sears. 

277. ii. Jonathan, b. 17 Dec. 1799. 

iii. Lydia , b. 29 Mar. l802; m. Freeman Smith, Cape Island. 

From Mrs . C . D . Logan : 

Centreville, Cape Sable Island, Baptist Church Cemetery: 

Freeman D. Smith, b. 11 Aug. 1799; d. 27 Mar. I88O. 

Lydia Knowles, his wife, b. 29 Mar. l802; d. 21 Sept. I878. 

iv. Nathan , m. Lydia McCommisky. 

278. V. Charles , b. 15 Dec. I807. 

279. vi. Leonard , b. l8l2/13. 

vii. Mahala , m. Caleb Nickerson, son of Zenas Nickerson. 

[ 132 j ENOS* KNOWLES (Nathaniel,^ Enos .^Col. Samuel,* Samuel,* Richard^ ) , son of 
^^..—^ — Nathaniel (61.) and Lois (Holmes), b. abt. 1770, Barrington, N.S.; m. 

SARAH CROWELL, dau. of Thcaaas Crowell, Jr., a grantee of Barrington. 

For a time he v&s in the employ of Simeon Perkins . Wets shipmaster and 

List of children and dates from Barrington Records, courtesy of Mrs. 
Leonard Hall, Historian General, Mayflower Society, Plymouth, Mass. 

Knowles children: 

i. Thomas / b . 23 Jan. 1790; d. 28 Jan. 1791. 

ii. Mercy . b. 19 Sept., 1791; m. abt. I8II Harris Harrington, 

Liverpool. Moved to Doctor's Cove. 

iii. Betty , b. 11 Sept. 1793. (Elizabeth); m. Daniel Gardner, son of 

Bartlett Gardner. 

iv. Jonathan , b. lU July 1795; d. 12 Sept. 1796. 

280. V. Enos . Jr. b. June I8 1797. 

281. vi. Isaac , b. M»r, 17 1799. 

282. vii. John , b. 20 Oct. l802; m. Lydia Doane. 

viii. Maria , b. 21 July I80U; m. John Rogers, Yarmouth, 

ix. Sarah, b. 8 June I806; m. Joseph Rogers, Yarmouth. 

X. Elcy . b. 8 May i808; m. Benjamin Rogers, Yarmouth. 

xi. Angus , b. 19 Jan. 18IO. 

xii. Harris . b. 2 Feb. l8l3; d. May iQlk. 

6th Generation 

[l33jjOHN^ KNOWLES (Nathaniel^Enos ,*Col. Samuel * Samuel * Richard* ) , son of 
Nathaniel (61.) and Lois (Holmes), b. 2 Mar. 1779, Barrington, N.S.; 
m. HANNAH HOPKINS, b. 28 April 1785 j d. l865; dau. of Samuel Hopkins 
and Rebecca (Fennel). 

Knowles children; b. Barrington, N.S.: 

i. Mary /b. abt. l807; m. David Wilson, son of Seth Wilson. 
283. ii. Samuel , b. abt. 1809. 
28U. iii. William , b. abt. I8II. 

iv. Eleanor, b. abt. l8l3; m. 11 Feb. I83O Stephen Banks, son of Elias 
Banks . 

V. Ann , b. 20 Odt. I81U; m. Elisha Atwood, son of Elisha Atwood. 

These are the great grandparents of Libby Logan (Mrs. CD. Logan) 
who sent information from Riverdale Cemetery, Barrington, €ls 
follows: Elisha Atwood, b. 19 Aug.lSll; d. 31 July 1902; Ann, 
his wife, b. 20 Oct. I81U; d. 2h Aug. i860; Sarah D., his (2nd) 
wife, b. 20 Feb. l829; d. 2k Oct. 1907. 

Some of the above data was found in the papers of Charles T. Libby in 
possession of Maine Historical Society; other data located in records 
of Gen. Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

13U\ ASA* KNOWLES (Nathaniel,* Enos ,* Col. Samuel,'* Samuel, * Richard* ) , son of(6l.) 
^ / Nathaniel suid Lois (Holmes); b. 28 Mar. 1783, Barrington, N.S.; m. 

BETSEY SHOLDS (or Shields). ^^^iLa. ^.a^-^-^t^J 

Knowles child; b. Barrington: 

285. i. Nathaniel /b. I805 . 

135 .) JONATHAN * KNOWLES (Freeman,* Seth ,* Col. Samuel,* Samuel,^RichardM , son of 
Freeman (^6.) and Esther (Myrick), b. 1776, Eastham, Mass.; probably 
before family moved to Maine.; d. I858, ae 80, Hampden , Maine; m. 
(pub.) 1 Nov. 179^+, MEHITABLE SNOW of Orrington, Maine, b. 1778; d. 
1859, ae 81. 

About 1777 his parents settled in Hampden, Penobscot Co., Maine. He 
was a farmer and one Gf the prominent men in town, holding office of 
Selectman eight years and representing the town in the Legislature 
thirteen years . He was 1st lieutenant in the War of l8l2 in the Battle 
of Hampden and afterwards promoted to Captedn. (Information from HISTOKf 

Said to have had eleven children (all deceased in l882 except four). 
Four sons and seven daxighters, 

Knowles children; b. Hampden: 

i. Achsah / (Aae in Hampden Town records), b. 20 July 1796, Hampden; 

m. int. filed 26 Nov. l820 to James Knowles, son of Abiather and 
Hannah. See him for their children. 

6th Generation 


ii. Betsey , b. 11 June 1798. 

286. iii. Elkanah , b. 22 Dec. l800. 

287. iv. Reuben, b. 20 Sept. l802. 

288. V. John , b. abt. I809. 

vi. Qsena. b. I8IO; d. 6 Dec. I896, ae 86/6/8; m. Simpson. 

289. vli. Thomas J. , b. 13 Aug. I815 Hampden. 

Four more daughters . 

1850 Census , Jonathan axid Mehitable were ae 7^ and living next door or 
same house to John and Mary Knowles. 

136 . ) CAPT . AMASA ^ KNOWLES (Freeman/ Seth,* Col. Samuel,* Samuel * Richard* ), son 
of Freeman (66.) and Esther (Myrick), b. 1 Sept. 1778, Hanrpden, Maine; 
d. 12 Nov. I86U, ae 84, Kirkwood, Illinois (Warren C(JU«ty ) . Bur . Center 
Grove Cemetery; m. k Mar. I80I1, MERCY SIMPSON, b. 9 Feb. 1783, Hampden, 
Maine; d. 6 Oct. l853. West Point, Iowa; dau, of Jonathan ajid Elsie 
(Peach) Simpson. 

1850 Census, West Point, Lee Co., Iowa: Amasa, 71, farmer, b. Me.,; 
Mercy 66. Same area, but not next door: 

Freemaxi, U2, physician, b. Me.; Lucretia, ae I8 (his davighter; 
Jonathan, 39, farmer, b. Me., (This should have been Jonathan Perkins 
who was husband of Freeman's sister, Lucretia), Lucretia, 38, b. Me. 
These were living in household with Wm. Marsh, physician. 

i860 Census, Tompkins Twp. , Young America P.O., 20 Aug. I86O, Warren 
Co. ,: 

1623 Jonathan Perkins, U8, farmer, b. Me.,; Lucretia U7, b. Me.,; 
Abby A. 21, b. Me.; Dalton Perkins, 17 male, farmer, b. 111.; Ada F., 
12, farmer, b. 111. 

Next door: 

Samuel Perkins, UU, farmer, b. Me.; Louella 10, b. 111.; Mercy Perkins 
39, b. Me.; Aiigustus 5, b. Ill; Cora 2, b. 111.; Amasa Knowles 82 , b. 
Cape Cod. 

Letter to Charles Libby 17 Feb. I926 from Mrs. Cora M. Shenberger, 1920 
Caroline St., Houston, Texas, furnishes information this family. She 
was dau. of Mercy and Samuel Perkins; Mercy was dau. of Ama^a and Mercy 
Simpson Knowles. 

In I8U0 Freeman Knowles (Amasa' s son) cmd family emigrated to Macomb, 
111., later moved to Keokxik, Iowa where his brother Alfred, his wife, 
two sons, Edwin, Henry, his sister, Lucretia Perkins, their daughters, 
(Abby) later Joined him. Iliese sons and daughters were born and mar- 
ried and their older children born in Hampden, Maine. 

Mercy Knowles, with her parents — Amasa and Mercy, and yoxmgest brother 
Amasa left Maine in 18^7 or 8. She was married to Samuel Dalton Perkins 
at the home of her brother Freemem in Keokuk, Iowa ih Jvme 18^+8. 


6th Generation 

Knovles children; b. Hampden, Maine: 

i. Hiramjb. l805; m. 11 March 1830 at Hampden, Betsey WeOicer. He was 
a sea captain; d. Id36 or l838, Hampden. 

290. ii. Freeman , b. I807. 

lii. Lucretia, b. fc d. I808. 

291. iv. Alfred , b. I809. 

V. Lucretia , b. I8II; m. Jonathan Peritins at Hampden, Me.; Lucretia 
d. 1872, Klrkwood, 111. Her marr. date 30 Dec' 1833. 

Perkins children: 

a. Abby A. , b. abt. 1839 Hampden, Me. 

b. Dalton, b. I8U3, 111. 

c. Ada F. , b. I8U8 (male), 111. 

vi. Abigail , m. Marsh, (probably the Wm. Marsh, physician 

above ) , 

vii. Mercy , b. 182I; m. ik June iQkQ Samuel Dalton Perkins at the home 

of her brother. Freeman in Keokxik, Iowa. Mercy d. 1899; Samviel 
b. 1815, d. 1895. 

Perkins children: 

a. Luella, b. 10 Mar. I85O, West Point, Iowa at home of her 

grandparents, Amasa and Mercy Knowles . 

b. Augustus^, b. 31 Dec. 185^ Lancaster, 111. 

c. Cora , b. 12 Jxme I858, Kirkwood, 111.; m. ^Ivanus P. 

Shenberger, b. I858. (Her DAR #1+9762) 
292.viii. Amasa, Jr . b. 29 Nov. I82U. 

Luella Perkins, DAR #U6686, record states she was born Primrose, Iowa; 
she m. 1870 George Washington Reed, b. 18U6. They had a daughter, Laura 
May Reed, b. Morris County, Kansas who m. Orva Boes. Her DAR #71789. 

Samuel Dalton Perkins, husband of Mercy Knowles was half brother of 
Jonathan Perkins, husband of her sister Lucretia. 

AMASA KNOWLES was a sea captain trading in the West Indies, Island of 
Martinique, Liverpool, England before retiring from the seas. He had 
fire vessels destroyed and three burned to the water's edge when the 
British destroyed 17 vessels in the Penobscot River at Hanqpden. Hi« two 
oldest sons, Hiram and Freeman, were also sea captains. 
^'^^ Capt. Col. 

137/ SETH* KNOWLES (Nathaniel/ Seth.^Samuel,-* Samuel,'Richard^ ) . son of Capt. 
^ Nathaniel (67.) and Jerusha (Smith), b. I8 Dec. 1779, Orleans, Mass.; 

d. 15 Aug. 1861, Orleans, Mass.; m. (int. recorded at Brewster), 22 Aug. 

1809, PATIENCE (PATIA) CROSBY of Brewster, b. abt. I78U; d. 12 Feb. 

1855, ae 71 yrs,, 7 mos. at Orleans. She was dau. of Seth Crosby of 

Brewster where this Seth Knowles lived when first married. 

In 1612 he bought the homestead of Zoheth and Phebe Smith adjoining 

6th Generation 


his father's farm at Namskaket in Orleans and there spent his life. 
Six surviving children. 

Knowles children; 
i. Phehe J b . l8l5; d. 3 May 1903; m. Francis Freeman. 

Freeman children: 

a. Clarendon , b. 8 Sept. l839 in Orleans. 

b. Jerusha, b. 28 Sept. l8iil. 

c. Francis , b. 20 Sept. l8i+3. 

d. Seth Knovles , b. I8 Aug. I8U5 . 

e. George H. , b. 22 June I85I. 

f. Lucinda H. , b. 6 Nov. l853. 
293. ii. Seth , Jr . , b. I8IT. 

iii. Tamzin, m. Benjamin Gould 13 Jaxi. l8i+8. 

iv. Jerusha, b. l8l9; d. IT Aug. I908; m. Franklin Gould. 

V. Patia , (mentioned in will of Seth I86I as Patia Kingman), 
vi. Lucinda , m. William Smith 1 July I852. 

138. )nATHANIEL* KNOWLES (Capt. Nathaniel,* Seth * Col. Samuel Samuel Richard^) 
son of Capt. Nathaniel (6?.) and Jerusha (Smith), b. 28 June 1782, 
Orleans, Mass.; d. 31 July l853, Orleans, Mass.; m. (1st) in l8li|, 
1786; d. 20 Feb. I876, dau. of Lot Higgins ajid widow of Josiah Sparrow. 

He lived to old age on part of his father's farm. 

295. ii. Nathaniel , b. 17 Dec. l822 (Headstone 17 Dec. l822). 
iii. Serviah, Higgins , b. 10 Feb. I826. 

296. iv. Thomas Jackson , b. 1 Aug. I83O. 

1850 Census shows him to have had considerable property. States he 
wajB a yeoman and in the household were: 

Knowles children; (from A. Lowe); 1st wife: 


Josiah. Sparrow ,*b. 27 June I815. 

Knowles children; by 2nd wife: 

Nathaniel, ae 67 
Zerviah, ae 63 
Thomas J . , ae 20 , trader 
George Winch, ae 11 (?) 

l62 6th Generation 

[ 139 . /ISAAC * KNOWLES (Capt . Nathaniel/ Seth * Col. Samuelf Samuel » Richard* ) , 

son of Capt .Nathaniel (67.) and Jerusha (Smith), b. about 1793, Orleans,^ 
Mass.; d. 28 Feb. l857, ae 65, Orleans; m. 29 Jan. I829 SALLY HIGGINS, 
b. 10 July 1800, Orleans, Mass.; d. 6 June 186I, Orleems, Mass.; dau. 
of Eliakim Higgins. 

He was a farmer, five children, two of whom were drowned in boyhood. 
Knowles children: 

i. Sarah M.T b. l831. 

ii. Matilda, b. I83U; d. 15 Mar. I89U. 

iii. Cyrus , b. 1835; lost at sea, ae 18, I853. 

iv. Isaac F . , b. I836, lost at sea, ae 13, July 18^9. 
V. Mary M. , b. I838. 
vi . Olive P. , b . 1839 . 

lUO.) SAMUEL* ATWOQD KNOWLES (Samuel,* Seth, *Col. Samuel,* Samuel Ri chard %on of 
Samuel (68.) and Bathsheba; b. 1776 in Provincetown. 

Provincetown records showed birth of Samuel Atwood Knowles to Samuel 
and Bathsheba. Have allocated him as son of Samuel who was son of 
Seth and Ruth Freeman eis their Samuel -was the only one at the time who 
had not been accounted for. He probably married Asenath Keilburn as 
a death cert, was found, Mass. VR's, as follows: 

Arsenath R. - P'town - d. 20 May I886; was b. in P'town, 
age 7^ (b. l8l2) of Samuel & Asenath (Keilburn), both of 
P'town. Widowed. (?) 

lUlT) ABIATHER * KUOWLES , JR . ( Dr . Abiather,* Seth Col . Samuel,* Samuel ,*Ri char df) 
son of Dr. Abiather (69.) and Hannah (Sparrow), b. 5 A\ig. 1792, bapt. 
at Orleans, Mass.; d. 9 Dec. I876, a^e 85, Winterport, Maine. Buried 
Twining Cemetery, Winterport; m. (1st) ELIZABETH SPARROW, b. Orleans, 
Mass., bapt. 15 Sept. 1793; d. 23 Jan. I85O, ae 56, Winterport, Maine. 
Buried Twining Cemetery; m. (2nd) 9 Jan. I856 by Nathan Menzo, J. P., at 
Hampden. (Abiather 's pension papers War of l8l2.) MARY S. (KNOWLES) 
MURCH. Perhaps this Mary S. Knowles was dau. of George Knowles (79.) and 
Betty Smith who also removed to Hampden. Mary was b . 1795. 

He removed to Hampden, Maine with his peirents about 1795. 

Letter from descendant Caroline Knowles Painting (Mrs. S.P.), ^71^ 
Pleasure Drive - B.V., Holiday, Florida 33589, states: 

"The Abiather Knowles house at Winterport burned in 1958 

Headstones for this branch of the family in the cemetery on Twining 
Road, Winterport (just west of where the Abiather Knowles house stood) 
and in the cemetery in the center of Winterport . " 

1850 Cens\is, Frankfort , Maine: Abiather, age 58, born Mass.; HEinnah J., 
22, b. Me.; Andrew J., 20, b. Me.; Next door to Sparrows. 

According to statement in papers signed by Morton L. Knowles, I878, 

6th Generation l63 
his stepmother, Mary, was "in Boston". 

Knowles children; b. Freuakfort, Me.; 

i. Isaac /b. h Nov. l8lU; d. 12 Mar. l8l5 . 

ii. Isaac, b. ik Feb. 1816. (Dates for this Isaac furnished by Mrs. 

Grace Knowles Clements of Bangor, Me., from family papers.) 

Iseiac, ik Feb. I816; d. 11 Sept, I886, buried. Twining Gem.; 
Winterport, Me. He was located in various U.S. censuses with a 
wife, Martha J., but apparently no children. He was a laborer. 
Martha, b. 22 April I83O, d. 2? Aug. I908, ae 78, Winterport, 

297. iii. Morton Lester, b. I8 Dec. I819. 

iv. Sarah ; mentioned next in order in his will as being wife of 
Nathan T. Downs . 

V. Achsa ; mentioned next in will as deceased daughter with three 

children living Glenburn with their father, Nathaniel Wilkins . 

298. vi. Andrew J., b. 15 Sept. I831. 

Will of Abiather Knowles 
(Probate Court Records, Penobscot Co., Maine ) 


That I, ABIATHER KNOWLES, of Winterport in the County of Waldo, and 
State of Maine, being advanced in years but of a sovind and perfect mind and 
memory do make publish and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner 
and form following. Viz: 

FIRST. I give devise 6Lnd bequeath to my wife, Mary S. knowles, the use euid 

income of one third of my home farm and buildings wherein I now live, •< 
situate in the town of Winterport. To be hers during her natural life 
unless she sheill again marry. Also one cow and all bank stock that I 
may own or possess at the time of my decease ( ) money deposited 
in bank. All fanning tools and other implements on the farm neces- 
sary to work and cariy on the same, all of the above personal property 
to be hers forever except the f einaing tools and implements . Those 
are to be hers as long as she sh6d.l live on seiid farm or homestead. 

SECOND. I give and devise to my son, ISAAC KNOWLES, the house and lot situate 
on Ferry Street in Winterport Villaige. Also the^^lot of land owned 
by me on Whig Street in Winterport near farmer Massia^^ . Also a lot 
of land owned by me in the town of Hampden in the County of Penobscot, 
all of the above to be his forever. 

THIRD. I give and devise to lay son, MORTON L. KNOWLES, Two-thirds of my home- 
stead farm and buildings where I now live to be his forever. 

FOURTH. I give and devise to vay daughter, SARAH DOWNES, wife of Nathan T. 

Downes, a lot of land owned by me in said Winterport, the same con- 
■ ■ veyed to me by James Wardwell by his deed dated Dec. l6th I8U1, and 


6th Generation 

recorded in Waldo Registry, Volume U5, Page 32U, to be hers forever. 

FIFTH. I give and devise to the three children of my deceased daughter, ACHSA 
WILKINS of Glenburn, Penobscot Coiinty, the place on which their father, 
Natheuiiel WiUtins now lives, to be theirs forever, subject to 
a life leeuae given by me to the said Nathsmiel Wilkina. 

SIXTH. I give and bequeath to MARY E. KNOWLES, daughter of my son, ANDREW J. 

KNOWLES, deceased, one hundred dollars, to be paid out of vay personal 

LASTLY. As to the residue of my personal property of any description and a 

piece of real estate situate in the town of Glenbum in the County of 
Penobscot and conveyed to me by Wm. Sherbrun by his deed dated April 
26th 1852 and recorded in the Penobscot Registry of Deeds, Vol. 22U, 
Page 19th, after the payment of my Just debts, funeral charges and 
charges of administration. I bequeath and devise to my children and 
grandchildren above named to be divided equally among them and to be 
theirs forever. 

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty- 
first day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and 
seventy two. 


Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said Abiather Knowles to be his 
last will and testament in the presence of us who at his request in his pres- 
ence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses 
thereto . 

REUBEN A. ( ) 

Whereas I, Abiather Knowles, of Wintei^ort in the County of Waldo and 
State of Maine on the twenty first day of October A.D. I872 made and execu- 
ted my last will and testament in writing euad whereas by my said will I gave 
and devised to my son ISAAC KNOWLES the house and lot situate on Ferry Street 
in Winterport Village and whereas since said October 21, I872, I have sold 
and disposed of said house and lot in said Ferry Street, I hereby in lieu of 
said ho\ise and lot give and bequeath my said son, the said Isaac Knowles, the 
sum of three hiindred dollars, deducting therefrom any sua or svuns that I may 
pay him after this date during n^^ lifetime. 

I give and bequeath to my daughter, Sarah Downs, wife of Nathsji T, 
Downs, of Winterport all furniture and bedding belonging to her mother in 
her lifetime to be hers forever. 

In testimony hereof I have hereunto set my hand euid seal this eighth • 
day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and 

6th Generation 


seventy four. 


Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said Abiather Knowles to be a 
codicil to his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his re- 
quest and in his presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed 
our names as witnesses thereto. 


JAMES ^ KNQWLES (Dr. Abiather,* Seth,* Col. Samuel,' Samuel,' Richard^) , son 
of Abiather (69. ) and Hannah (Sparrow), b. 20 Feb. 1797 Hampden, Maine; 
d. before I85O, aa Achsah was living alone with son, Rexoben, in I85O 
census i (James published intention to marry Betsy Knowles, 6 Dec. l8l7, 
both of Hampden - probably Achsah's sister.); m. 26 Nov. l820 (int. 
rec'd at Hampden) ACHSAH KNOWLES, b. 20 July 1796, Hampden, Maine; d. 
15 Aug. 1866, 71 years, 22 days. B\iried Neeilly's Comer, Winterport, 
Maine (formerly Hampden); dau. of Jonathan and Mehitable Knowles, his, 
2nd coxisin. 

Some info, this family frcan Grace Knowles Clements (1972) living 
RED #2, Bangor, Me., who has family Bible of Reuben T. Knowles, her 
grandfather and son of Achsah and James. 

Achsah apparently had a son, Lorenzo, born I818, before marrying James. 
Knowles children: 

299. i. Lorenzo D. ,^ b . I818, Hampden, Maine. 

300. ii. Reuben T. . b. 23 Jan. l832, Hampden. 

Perhaps others . . 

1U3.)aBNER* KNOWLES, JR. (Abner^'Seth/ Capt . Samuel,^ Samuel,* Richard* ) , son of 
Abner (70.) and Dorcas (Godfrey), b. 17 July I806, Unity, Maine; d. 
31 Mar. I878, Bangor, Me., tnr. in Bucksport, Me. a few miles below 
Brewer on Penobscot River. Grave all by itself - no wife b\aried; 
m. (1st) Oct. 1832, HESTER ROBINSON of Cushing, Maine; m. (2nd) 

Studied law at Thcjoiaston with Hon. Hiram Rviggles; practised law there 
several years. In I83O was editor of Thomaston REGISTER, renamed 
INDEPENDEtrr JOURNAL— pub . , editor two years. Returned to law, stayed 
In Baomaston until 1836 when removed to Dexter, Maine and practised 
law until late l840's; moved to Bangor, Me. 

He became noted criminal lawyer in Bangor and was an eloquent pleader 
before the bar. In I86I was chosen Colonel of 6th Me. Regiment of 


6th Generation 

Volianteers, resigning commission I862. 
Knowles children: 

301. i. Samuel, W . b. 183U; after Civil War rem. to San Francisco, Calif . 
ii. Hester E. , b. 1837- Never marr. Died 23 Jan. 189^+ at Bradford, 


302. iii. Perceval , b. k Mar. I8I+O in Dexter. 

iv. Frances , b. I8U3. Never marr. Died IT July 1922, bur. Breuiford, 

V. Caroline , b. l8U3; died 27 July 1919 i res. Webster City, Iowa, 
vi . Abner ; Whig & Courier, 20 May I85I - "Abner Knowles, youngest 
son of Abner K. , d. age 6." 

References for above info, sent by James B. Vickery: 

EATON: History of Thomaston, South Thomaston & Rockland, Me. 

Vol. I, II, p. 3U9. 318, 379. 
CEMETERY RECORDS: Bradford, Maine 

PENSION RECORD OF PERCIVAL, National Archives, Wash., D.C. 
JAMES B. VICKERY, History of the Town of Unity, Maine. 195^ 

lUU.l ABRAHAM * KNOWLES (Freeman,* Samuel, * Nathaniel.^ Samuel,* Richard* ) , son of 
Freeman (71.) aJ^d Susanna (or Abigail) (Nash), b. (under I6 in 1790) 
Addison, Maine; d. before 12 May I815 when admin, on his estate was 
granted to his widow who was appointed guardian of their children j 
m. 9 July 1807 (Chilmark Marriages) PRUDENCE HILI14AN, called "Densa" 
in estate papers of Abraham. B. 1784; d. about I852, leaving a second 
husband, Jonathan Sawyer, who is said to have been an Englishman. They 
lived on the widow's dower as long as she lived. 

He was a yeoman. 

Three children. 

Credit to Leonard Tibbetts for certain information on this family. 

Knowles children; b. Addison, Me.: 

i. Louisa,^ b. l8l3 (a minor above ik in 1827 when Holmes Nash wets 
appointed her guardian — see papers . ) 

She married in Addison (int.) 8 Dec. I83I Christopher Wass , Jr., 
b. 2 Dec. 1810. 

Children: Prudence Hillman Wass (183U-I851) 

Mary L. Wass (I836-I851) 
She mar. (2nd) 21 Nov. I8U3 in Addison, her cousin, Stephen Jones 
McCaslin of Columbia, Maine, son of Alexander McCaslin and 
Abigail (dau. of Freeman and Sarah Knowles). Children: 
Christopher Wass McCaslin (18U5-I922) 
Julia E. McCaslin (b. I8U8) 
Alexander McCaslin (b. I8U9) 

6th Generation 


303. ii. Abraham, b. iQlk (?) ) Not known which son was the elder. They 
30U. iii. Leander, b. l8l5 ) were both minors under Ik in 1827 when 

Holmes Nash was appointed guardian. 

© NATHANIEL * INGERSON KNOWLES (Samuel / Samuel,*Nathaniel,* Samuel Richard* ) 
son of Samuel (72.) and Jane (Gray), b. 1 Mar. 179^> Sedgwick, Maine; 
d. 1878; m. (pub.) Sedgwick, Me., I8 Nov. l820, marr. 7 Dec. I82O 
POLLY BILLINGS of Sedgwick, Maine; b. abt. 179^. 

(Mrs. Merrill Howard of Blue Hill, grandaughter of Nathaniel Ingerson, 
was told by the elders that "Great grandfather Samuel — Nathemiel's 
father — came from the eastward and she is confident that the place was 
Addison (Me.). At any rate, it weis where the Ingersolls lived, for 
whom Nathaniel Ingerson was named. Samuel was "fond of those people 
but liked Ingerson better theui Ingersoll." 

1850 Census, Sedgwick, Hancock Co., Me.: Nathaniel, farmer, ae 56; 
Polly, ae 56; Lucy 2U, Mary 22. Lucy and Mary also listed in hoxise- 
hold of Charles Menard in Bucksport as tailoresses. 

Knowles children; (from Municipal Clerk, Sedgwick, Maine): 

i. Phinehas F. .^b. 20 Sept. l821; d. 27 Nov. l823. 

ii. Reuben B . , b. 28 Mar. I82U; d. 30 Aug. I826. ' 

iii. Lucy Billings, b. 2k April I826; m. Jonathan Jones and had Mary 

Lizzie who married William Merrill Howard, b. Brookville early 
1850, d. 191k. They had Arthur E. Howard who was father of 
Roland M. Howard, b. 11 Mar. 1900, Bluehill - living there still 
in 1971 (letter rec'd). 

iv. Mary Ann Grindle , b. 2 Oct. I828. 
V. Samuel , b» 6 Dec. I831. 

These births recorded Vol. 2, pg. kl and 67. Pg. 67 states wife, 

lU6j SAMUEL^ KNOWLES. JR. (Samuel,* Samuel.'^Nathaniel,* Samuel,* Richard^ ) , son 
of Samuel (72.) and Jane (Gray), b. 27 Mar. 1798, Sedgwick, Maine; d. 
before I85O (see below); m. 27 April l820, Sedgwick, Me,, DEBORAH 
BILLINGS of Sedgwick, "b. abt. l803. She remarried Carlton. 

Knowles children; (from Sedgwick Town Records) 

305. i. Addison D. /b, 7 Feb. l827. 

1850 Census of Hancock Co., Maine, Sedgwick, Addison D., farmer, was in 
household of "Carlton", i860 Census, Deborah Carlton, age 57, was living 
in Bluehill with only son, Addison, age 33. 

l68 6th Generation 

ORMELIUS * KNQWLES (Capt. James * Cornelius ,*Lt . Richard,* Samuel^Richard*) 
son of Capt. James (73.) and Elizaa)eth (Bvirbank), b. 13 April 1702, 
Liverpool, Nova Scotia; d. 21 Jxily l8UU, ae 62, Liverpool, Nova Scotia. 

From Simeon Perkins Diary, 23 Feb. l801, "men relewed from King's 
ships, i.e., Cornelius Knowles " 

From Long's Annals, "Cornelius Knowles , son of Capt. James, lived near 
Fort Point. 

He inherited double share of Fish Lots, etc., as eldest son of James. 
See settlement of his father's estate l8l3. 

Joined in l838 Queens County Total Abstinence Society." 

AMES ^ KNOWLES. JR. (Capt . James Cornelius ,*Lt . Richard,* Samuel , * 
Richard*), son of Capt. James (73.) and Elizabeth (Burbank), b. 5/9 Dec. 
1785 (Simeon Perkins Diary), Liverpool, Nova Scotia. 

Was shipmaster and privateersman. l827 he was Capt. of ship VENUS only 
full rigged ship at Liverpool at the time. 

1^9^ RICHARD^ KNOWLES (Capt. James ,*Cornelius ,*Richard,* Samuel , 'Richard* ) , son 
•Z!y of Capt. James (73.) and Elizabeth (BxirbEink), b. 3 Feb. 1788, Liverpool, 
Nova Scotia; d. before l8l3. 

Mentioned frequently in Simeon Perkins Diary. Wets mariner with his 
father and brothers Cornelius and James , Jr . 

Not mentioned in the settlement of his father's estate in l8l3. 

OTHROP* KNOWLES (Capt. James Cornelius ,*Lt . Richard,* Samuel,* Richard*) 
son of Capt. James (73.) and Elizabeth (Burbank), b. 15 Nov. 1790, 
Liverpool, Nova Scotia; d. 2k Feb. I86U, ae 7^, Liverpool, Nova Scotia; 
m. 1820 REBECCA COLLINS, daughter of Paul Collins. 

From Robert Long's Annals: 

"Lathrop Knowles, the last of the members of the old Knowles family 
of Liverpool, was the town weigher. When a cargo of flo\ir came to 
Liverpool from an American port he had to weigh every barrel and stamp 

Lathrop Knowles was a well-known resident of Liverpool for many years. 
He died 2k Feb. I86U, aged 7^+. 

Mrs. Lathrop Knowles lost her house in one of Liverpool's large fires 
on Sept. 16, 1865. Property valvied at from $60,000 to $70,000 
was destroyed by the fire." 

He was administrator of his father's estate in l8l3. 
Not known whether they heui children, but apparently not. 

6th Generation I69 

,131. /ELISHA^ KNOWLES ( Capt . James / Corneliiis Lt . Richard,^ Samuel * Richard^ ) , 
son of Capt. James (73.) and Elizabeth (Burbank), b. 28 Dec. 1792, 
Liverpool, Nova Scotia. 

Was living in l8l3 when his father's estate was settled. He received 
his sheire along with his brothers, of the property of his father. 

{i^2.}eLKMAR* OOWLES (Capt. James Cornelius ,* Lt . Richard,^ Samuel,* Richard^ ), 
son of Capt. James (73.) and Elizabeth (Burbank), b. 3 Oct. 179^, 
Liverpool, Nova Scotia. 

Was living in l8l3 when his father's estate was settled. 

1^34 THOMAS ^KNOWLES (Capt. James Cornelius ,* Lt . Richard,^ Samuel,^ Ri char ) , 
son of Capt. James (73.) and Elizabeth (Burbank); b. 20 May 1798, 
Liverpool, Nova Scotia; d. 7 May I886 at Milton, Queens Co., Nova 
Scotia; m. (1st) i825''DORCAS PRINTICE, b. 1799, d. 11 Oct. I852, age' 
53, at Milton, dau. of Harris and Sophia (Tupper) Printice. He married 
(2nd) RUTH A^N 'jl^-.-J:' who died in I89U. 

Information this family obtained from copy of will which follows; 
TTriomas Raddell (l97l) of Milton; Mrs. Robert Chandler Knowles of 
Sarasota, Fla. , whose husband is gr. grandson of this Thomas Knowles; y. 
Col. Robert F. Kirkpatrick of Port Me dw ay. Queens Co., N.S. -tt^—<^\^ 

Milton, Queens Co., Baptist Church Records: 

"Thomas, Bapt. March l84l; died May I886 at Milton. 
Lydia was a church member lU May 18^18. 
Martha was a church member 25 May I8U3. 
Dorcas was a church member l846-l8U7. 
Ellen bapt. 2k June I85U; d. 5 Oct. I87I at Milton. 
Elizabeth bapt. 7 May l848." 

Thomas Knowles was a blacksmith. Dissolution of T. Knowles & Son, ^ 
Milton, date of I8 Sept. 1856 . ^ j^<r<^'7' '^Lu^c^^^^^^caS Qju^c^Z^-^ I ■ I >li 

He joined the Queens ■ County Total Abstinence Society I838. 

According to his will dated l877, 1st codicil 1882, 2nd codicil I88U, 
children listed below plus probably Ellen listed in Church records. 
Son, James, who d. I85O when his father, Thomas, administered his es- 
tate which was substantial. James was a trader. 

From Col. Kirkpatrick (1972) of Port Medway, Historian of Queens Co., 
N.S. who located an old inscription sheet of E.D. Ford, Justice of the 
Peace, containing notes of his brother F.S.L. Ford who did much gene- 
alogy work on Milton families, "From pg. 266, Elisha Freeman, Mercy 
Knowles, Thomas Knowles, Sr., James H. Knowles, Samuel Freeman, Thomas ' 
Kempton, Elizabeth Knowles , Dorcas North (?), k or 5 children of Richard 
P. Knowles and his wife, Jane, Lydia Knowles and Richard P. Knowles 
are among those buried in Milton Cem. and have headstones." (1933). 


6th Generation 

(Do not understand the Dorcas "North". Said to be from Canning, N.S.) 

From Thomas Raddell (l9Tl) who lived in the Village of Milton, a few 
miles upriver from Liverpool: He owned the homestead lot of a de- 
ceased Thomas Knowles , descendant of the Liverpool Proprietor family. 
He states that all Thomas' children had gone away to the U.S. and he 
died in poverty. This in all probability means the son, Thomas, how- 
ever. Mr. Raddell also remembers the homestead of Richard Knowles, a 
short distance away from the Thomas Knowles house. His family had all 
gone away also. 

Knowles children by 1st wife, Dorcas; b. Milton, N.S.; 

306. i. James H/ ,^b. 182?. ,.(^V'>^ 

307. ii. Thomas, b. abt. l82^. 

iii. Elizabeth , bapt. 7 May l8^8» wets living at home in I885, unmarried, 

after which time she married Tiiomas Kempton; no issue. 

iv. Lydia , m. Prentice Tupper; she was deceased at the time of her 
^vV'f'i^'^father ' s will. Thomas mentions grandaughter, Maxy Tupper, dau. 

of his deceased dau. Lydia. The child apparently lived with the 
grandparents but later lived with her father and was subsequently 
practically cut out of the grandfather's will, thus the codicils. 
Heretofore she had been given large benefits. Mary had a brother, 
Horace Tupper. i^\vo 

308. V. Richard Prfntilg , b. I829. 

vi. Ellen ; m. at Milton Nov. I866, Allan Tupper Freeman (Long's 

Annals); she was bapt. 2h June I85H ajid d. 5 Oct. 187I at Milton. 

vii . MfiLrtha. 

kQ on file. Registrar of Deeds, Queens Co., Liverpool, Nova Scotia.) 

In the name of God, Amen. I, Thomas Knowles of Milton in the County of 
Queens and Province of Nova Scotia, being in good bodily health and sovind and 
disposing mind and memory and calling to mind the frailty and uncertainty of 
hxaman life and being desirous of settling my worldly affairs and directing 
how the Estate with which it has pleased God to bless me shall be disposed 
of after my death declare while I have strength and capacity so to do. Do 
make and publish this my last will and Testament hereby revoking and making 
niill and void al.1 other last wills and Testaments by me heretofore made. And 
first I commend my immortal being to him who gave it and my body to the earth 
to be biaried by my Executor as hereinafter named. And as to my worldly Estate 
and all the property Real, Personal or mixed of which I shall die siezed and 
possessed or to which I may be entitled of the time of my decease. I devise, 
bequeath and dispose thereof in manner following To Wit: My Will is that all 
my just debts and funeral charges shall by my Executors be paid out of my 
Estate and soon after my decease as shall by them be found convenient. 
First: I give, devise and bequeath to my beloved wife, Ruth Ann Knowles all 
my personal Estate of every kind and natiare whatsoever Household Furniture, 
Stock, Implements, Bonds, Mortgages, Notes, Balance of Account and all person- 
alities of every nature and kind whatsoever absolutely for her own personal 

6th Generation 


use and benefit but if any part thereof shall remain undisposed of by her at 
her decease then the said balance or remainder shall be equally divided among 
my children. I also give to her the use controul benefit interest and rents 
arising from all my Real Estate not herein devised during the term of her 
natural life. And it is my wish and desire that in the exercise of that 
controu.1 of said Estate that she allow my s on , Th omas Knovle s to reside with 
her on the premises and superintend the same under her direction and that my 
daughter, Elizabeth Knowles and my Grand Daughter , Mary Tupper , may reside 
with her on the premises in the same manner as they have heretofore done until 
their marriage or her decease. I give, devise and bequeath to my daughter, 
Elizabeth, the lot, land and appurtenances thereunto belonging situate on 
Oliver Street in Milton bought by me from David Buchanan and on which Joseph 
Kempton now resides. I give, devise and bequeath to my Grand Daughter, Mary 
Tupper,all the land of which I shall die siezed and possessed of and appurten- 
ances at the Five Miles also the Pew in the Baptist Meeting House at Milton 
which is occupied by her Father, Prentice Tupper . I give, devise and bequeath 
to my Grandson, Horace Tupper , a twelve acre lot on the west side of the river 
near Deep Brook known as Lot No. U also a lot of land adjoining (Ryn )laiid 
at Milton, purchased by me from Stephen G. Freeman, also a lot of land on 
Tupper Hill adjoining the land of Nathan Whitmem containing about six acres 
and one front pew in the Baptist Meeting House at Milton owned by me. The 
Pew No. in the said Baptist meeting house occupied by me. I devise for the 
use of my wife, my daughter Elizabeth, son Thomas conjointly and as to the 
revision of my property after the decease of my wife, Ruth Ann Knowles, it is 
my desire and intention that the same shall be for the benefit of my sons, 
Richard and Thomas . I devise to my son Richard Knowles to come into posses- 
sion after my decease that part of my Estate on which he resides euad is des- 
cribed SIS follows - Bounded by wall on the No. Side of his house, by Randall 
Road on the S.E. and by property of William Ford on the N.W. and after the de- 
cease of my said wife, all that part of the twelve acre lot. Letter F. No. 7 
which is situated on the southern side of Randall Road. I devise and bequeath 
to my Son, Thomeis Knowles, after the decease of my said wife all the remaining 
part of the Homestead not herein devised on which is my dwelling House, Barn, 
Out House, Blacksmith shop and a two story dwelling biiilding in the corner 
and also all that part of the said lot in which I reside situated on the S.E. 
Side of Randalls Road and all that part of the Twelve Acre Lot, Letter F, No. 
7, which is situated on the N.W. Side of Randalls Road. And all the remainder 
of my real estate not herein devised and of which I shall die seized and pos- 
sessed is to be equally divided between my sons shall, Richard and Thomas, 
share and share alike and lastly I do nominate and appoint my wife, Ruth 
Ann Knowles, as my Executrix and my son, Richard Knowles and Thomas Kempton 
of Milton, Executors of this my last will and Testament. In testimony where- 
of I, the said Thomas Knowles, have to this my last will and Testament con- 
tained in Two Sheets of Paper signed my name and affixed my seal to the last 
Sheet this Twenty Second day of June in the Year of our Lord One Thousand 
Eight Hundred and Seventy Seven. 

(s) Thomas Knowles Sen. (L.S.) 

The foregoing Instrument consisting of Two Sheets of Paper was signed by 
Thomas Knowles in our presence and he declared the same to be his last Will 


6th Generation 

and Testament and we at his request and in his presence and in the presence 
of each other have herexinto our names as subscribing. 

Witnesses June 22, l877 (s) Wm. Ford Milton Queens Co, 

(s) Joseph Ford Milton Queens Co. 

1st Codicil 

I, Thomas Knowles of Milton in the Covmty of Queens and Province of Nova 
Scotia, do make this my Codicil hereby confirming my last will made on the 
Twenty Second day of June in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred 
and Seventy Seven so far as this Codicil is consistent therewith and do here- 
by give, devise and bequeath as follows - That instead of any beilance or re- 
mainder of my personal Estate which sheill remain undisposed by my wife, Ruth 
Ann Knowles , at the time of her death being divided equally among my children, 
the said balance shall be equally divided between my daughter, Elizabeth 
Knowles and the heirs of my daxighter the late Lydia Tupper and whereas at the 
date of my will aforesaid my Grand Daughter, Mary Tupper, resided with me but 
she now resides with her Father and that clause in my said Will whereby she 
may reside with my wife is hereby revoked. I also devise that the clause in 
my said Will giving the land at the Five Mile to said Grand Daughter, Mary 
Tupper, is hereby revoked and in lieu thereof, I devise that Fifty dolleu:^ 
shall be paid to her by my Executors out of Estate. To n^r daughter, 
Elizabeth Knowles, in addition to n^y demise, I give and bequeath to her the 
sum of Ninety dollaxs to be paid to her by my Executors out of my Estate on 
her marriage. To my Son, Richard Knowles, I devise and bequeath the Two Stoiy 
building at the corner of the main street and Randalls Road and the land on 
which it stands with the addition of four feet of land on the South West Side 
and the North West Side and extending around the building from the said main 
street to Randalls Road in lieu of that part of the 12 acre lot No. 7 in the 
letter F situated on the Southern Side of Randalls Road, which is herein de- 
vised to my Son, Thomas Knowles. To my son, Thomas Knowles , I hereby devise 
and bequeath in lieu of the two story biiilding, that part of the twelve acre 
Lot No. 7 in Letter F on the side of Randalls Road also the land at the Five 
Mile first bequeathed to Mary Tupper. Also my meadows at the Proud River and 
the Beech Meadows so caJ-led also all my rights into and interest into or 
arising out of a certain Mortgage of the Twelve acre Lots No. 13, Letter F 
given by the said Thomas Knowles to me. I give and devise and bequeath to my 
Grands on, Horace Tupper, in addition to axiy other bequest, the sum of Twenty 
Dollars to be paid to him by my Executors out of my Estate when he shall be 
Twenty One years of a^e and it is the interest and meaning of that clause of 
my said Will wherein it expresses my desire ajid with that Son, Thomas 
Knowles, shall be employed by my wife to superintend the premises under her 
controul. That my son, Thomas, shall perform or have performed all the nec- 
essary labour on the premises and keep the same in repair and may occupy the 
lands and receive the proceeds and on conditions that he from time to time as 
may become necessary furnish my sedd wife with the necessary supplies which 
she may require for the maintenance of the family. But if my said wife shall 
not feel disposed to remain on the premises then tne said Thomas Knowles may 
enter into possession of all the real estate which is to be occupied by my 
wife by seciiring to her satisfaction such a sum yearly during her life as may 

6th Generation 


be agreed on by them otherwise the said property can be rented by her to such 
parties as she may think proper and the proceeds used by her for her own par- 
ticular use and benefit and if the proceeds annually from said Estate are not 
sufficient for the maintenance of my said Wife, then the two story Building 
been devised to Richflu*d Knowles shall or may be sold by my Executors to the 
best advantage and the proceeds used for her maintenance. And I do nominate 
and appoint vay wife, Ruth Ann Knowles, my Son, Richard Knowles and Thomas 
Kempton, all of Milton, to be the Executors of this my Codicil. In testimony 
whereof I the said Thomas Knowles have this day to this my Codicil signed my 
name and affixed my Seal this Eighth day of August in the year of our Lord 
One Thousand Eight Hundred emd Eighty Two. 

(s) Thomas Knowles Sen. LS 

The foregoing Instriunent consisting of one Sheet of Paper was signed by the 
said Thomas Knowles in our presence which he declared to be a Codicil to his 
last will and Testament and we at his request in his presence and in the pre- 
sence of each other have herexanto wrote our names as subscribing witnesses. 

(s) William Ford - Milton 
(s) Joseph Ford - Milton 

2nd Codicil 

I, "niomas Knowles Sen. of Milton in the County of Queens and Province of 
Nova Scotia, do make this my Codicil hereby confirming my last will and 
Testament made on the Second day of June in the year of our Lord One Thousand 
Eight Hundred and Seventy Seven and my Codicil made on the Eighth day of 
Axigust in the Yeeu: of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty Two so 
far as this Codicil is consistent therewith and do give, devise and bequeath 
as follows. I give devise and bequeath to my Son, Richard Knowles, the one 
half the Lot known as the Bead* Meadow Lot which I had previously devised 
wholly to my Son, Thomas Knowles, and it is my intent and meaning that the 
claxise in my Codicil of June 2 Anno Domino l882 wherein it expresses that in 
case the rents received from the Estate devised to my wife, Ruth Ann Knowles, 
shall not be sufficient for her support and the support of my daughter, 
Elizabeth, the Executors may sell the Two Story Building devised to my Son, 
Richard Knowles, that it shall mean that any part of the said real Estate or 
the >rtiole thereof if the said Executors may think the same necessary and it 
is further my intent and desire that on the death of my said wife, Ruth Ann 
Knowles, the property occupied by her under my Will and Codicil and which 
were previously devised to my Son, Thomas Knowles, which had not been sold or 
disposed of by my Executors under the provisions of this Codicil, I hereby 
devise to my Son, Thomas Knowles, during the term of his natural life to have 
euid enjoy the same and at his death the said devised property shall be di- 
vided among my heirs share and shfiire alike as described in the law for the 
division of Property. In witness whereof I have signed and sealed and pub- 
lished and declared this instrument as my Codicil at Milton, Queens County, 
this Eighth day of January in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred 

6th Generation 

and Eighty fo\ir. 

(s) lipomas Knovles 

The said I^odieis Knowles Sen. at Milton, Queens Covmty on the 8th day of 
January l88^ signed and sealed this instriJinent and pxiblished and declared 
the same as his Codicil and ve at his request and in his presence emd in the 
presence of each other have hereunto written our naoes ^eis siibscrihing 
witnesses . 

(s) William Ford Milton 
(s) Joseph Ford Milton 

ARKER * KNOWLES ( Capt . James / Cornelius ,* Lt . Richard,* Samuel,* Richard* ) , 
son of Capt. James (73.) and Elizabeth (Bxirbank), b. 25 May l800, 
Liverpool, N. S. 

He was living l8l3 when his father's estate was settled. 

e JAMES * KNOWLES (Hon. John,^Lt. James,* Capt. James Samuel,*Richard^) , 
son of Hon. John (76.) and Sally (Penoyer), b. 5 Oct. 1793, Troy, N.Y.; 
d. 12/13 July 1871 at Chittenango, Madison Co., N.Y.; m. (1st) 13 Nov. 
I81U MARY DYGERT (Duygert) who d. 8 April l8l5; m. (2nd) 21 Dec. I817 
at Manlius, Onondaga Co., N.Y. ELIZABETH DUYGERT, b. 6 Jan. 1798 at 
Manli\is, and d. 8 April, 1877, age 79. 

See following statement written by his son, George Perry Knowles, in 
1917 about his family. 

Other family records indicate that James Knowles choked to death. He 
was buried Oakwood Cemetery, Chittenango, N.Y. He was a farmer, his 
farm being about three miles south from Chittenango. 

Notice of the death of James Knowles appeeired in the Madison Co. Times, 
15 Jiily I87I: (Courtesy Mrs. Clara Houck) 

" Sudden Death . James Knowles, one of the most esteemed of ovu: 
citizens died Wednesday evening of this week. We noticed him 
downtown that day and evening and the announcement of his death, 
Thursday morning, was the occasion of great surprise on the part 
of ovu: people. Mr. Knowles was a son of Judge Knowles, an old 
resident of this place, and has been a life resident of this 
town. A more honorable, upright and exemplary citizen there 
was not among us . He suffered for a few years back with the 
formation of a tumor growing in the thoraa, at one time he 
submitted to a surgical operation and the same was removed but 
after a time the tumor commenced growing again, and has so 
continued until strangulation took place. We learn that his 
family have been compelled to expect a sudden termination of 

6th Generation 


his life for some time past. Mr. Knowles has born his afflic- 
tion with Christian resignation and displayed a fortitude char- 
acteristic of his nat\ire. Dxiring the last few months he has 
taken a great interest in the erection and completion of the 
Baptist Church edifice in our village and contributed liberally 
for that object. We heeo^i it said he e3q)re88ed great anxiety 
that his life be prolonged xmtil this House of Worship could 
be completed. A merciful Providence sec^ired his desire emd the 
deceased was permitted to attend a business meeting held in the 
church the evening he died, and look about and witness the 
chxirch con5)leted. To the afflicted widow and children of the 
deceased, we tender our condolence in their sad bereavement." 

Knowles children by 2nd wife; b. in Sullivan on the hill road 

rxmning from Chittenango to 
Cazenovia, N.Y.: 

i. Sophronia .^b. 19 Jan. 1818; d. h Mar. iSjU; m. ik May I85I Perry 

0. Weaver whose first wife was Mary Jane Knowles, dau. of James 
Knowles' brother, John Knowles, Jr. 

ii. Zeviah , b. 26 May l820; d. 6 Feb. 1907, Oreenbush, Wise; m. 6 Wov, 

1839 Erastus Stannard. (See following about the Steuanard family.) 

Stannard children; b. Rochester, N.Y.: 

a. Henry , who m. Eunice M. Bryant; 7 children. 

b. Althea , who m. Wade. 

309. iii. John Seth . b. 15 Aug. 1622. 

iv. Prudence . b. 17 Sept. 182U; d. 2 Dec. I872, ae U8. She was a 

310. V. James Henry , b. 1 Nov. I826 (also referred to as "Henry".) . 

vi. Jane E. , b. 1 Aug. l829; d. sometime in I898; m. Peckham. 

vii. Sarah M. . b. 31 Mar. l832; m. 23 Dec. I85I Aaron S. I^yatt, Jr. 

of Nelson, 
viii. Ira E. . b. I83I+; died age 21. 

311. ix. Van Buren, b. 29 Aug. I836. 

X. Mary , b. U Oct. I838; d. I6 Sept. I8U8, age 10. 

312. xi. George Perry , b. 17 Sept. 18U0. 

ERASTUS STANNARD 's ancestors came from Scotland as merchant seamen before 
1700. His father, Ezra, b. 21 J\ily 178U, m. Polly Page who was b. 30 Oct. 
1786. Erastus was fifth of 8 children bom to them. He married Zeviah 
Knowles and lived at Rochester, N.Y. until I85I when the family travelled 
by boat and ox- team through unbroken forests to Sheboygan, Wise, where they 
arrived 20 July I85I. From there a two day trip brou^t them to N. Green- 
b\ish where they built their home of a log cabin in the woods, adjacent to 
the farm of John Knowles, brother of Zeviah. In I856 the Stannards pur- 
chased a farm on So, Prairie and the following year traded it for a hoiise - 
and lots in the Village of Greenbush. Erastus Stannard died at Vicksburg, 
June, in I863, when a Capt. of Co. B. , 27th Wise. Vol. Infantry in the Civil 
War. Their son, Henry, served in the 8th Wise. Eagle Regiment. 

176 6th Generation 

Copy of will of JAMES KNOWLES on file Surrogate Clerk, Madison County, New 
York ( Wamps vi lie ) . 

JAMES KMOWLES. b. 5 Oct. 1793; d. 12/13 July iSjl, Sullivan, Madison Co.,M.Y. 

I, JAMES KNOWLES, of the Town of Siaiivan, County of Madison & State of 
New York, of the age of seventy three and being of sound mind and memory 
do make, publish and declare this my last will and testament in manner fol- 
lowing, that is to say 

FIRST. First I give and bequeath to my wife, Elizabeth Knowles ^ half 
of the house and lot that I now occupy and purchased of P. 0. Weaver and 
George (Chrand-) and two thirds of the household goods or furniture (exclu- 
ding all household furniture that is claimed and owned by Prudence Knowles , 
and I also give to my wife one third of personal property (except the 
gold watch), the above personal and real estate shall be in lieu of her 
dowery right and in case that if my wife should have any property remaining 
at the time of her death it is my desire that the remaining property belong- 
ing to her be equally divided between my daughters, Sophronia , Sophia , Jane 
and Sarah, not including Prudence » 

SECOND. To my son, George P. Knowles, I give my gold watch and one third 
of my personal estate except furniture and household goods, 

THIRD. To my daughter. Prudence Knowles , I give one third of my personal 
estate (including only one third of my household furniture) so that my per- 
sonal property (except the watch and household goods), shall be equally 
divided between my wife and George and Prudence. 

FOURTH. I give to the heirs or the estate of my son, JOHN S. KNOWLES, 
deceased, a Mortgage, a note and all other money or property that I have ad- 
vanced to him heretofore. 

FIFTH. To my son, VAN BUREN, I give a note that I hold against him and 
all moneys or property that I have heretofore adveuiced to him. 

SIXTH. As to my son, J. H. KNOWLES, I have advanced and given him a 
good portion of my estate. 

SEVENTH. To explain more fully concerning the division of the household 
furniture, I mean that Prudence shall have one third of the household fur- 
niture in addition to her own furniture so as to make up about one half of 
£ill the household furniture in the house . 

EIGHTH. And lastly, I do hereby nominate and appoint my son, George P. 
Knowles, to be executor and my wife, Elizabeth Knowles, to be executrix of 
this my last will and only will that I ever made in writing. 

NINTH. In interest whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 
3rd day of December in the year of our Lord one thous?ind and eight hundred 
sixty six. 

The above instr\iment consisting of one sheet was the date thereof declarea 

6th Generation 


to us by JAMES KNOWLES, testator therein mentioned to be his last will and 
testaiaent and he at the same time acknowledged to us and to such of us that 
he had signed and sealed the sane and we therefore at his request and in his 
presence and in the presence of such other signed names thereto as attesting 
witnesses . 

L. E. Shepard residing at Sullivan, Meuiison County. 
B« W. Soper residing at Sullivan, Madison County. 

Statement of George Perry Knowles, written 1917 about his family. 

"I lived with my parents at my birth place in the Hill farm up to l855.when 
my parents moved to the village of Chittenango, and frcm that time until I 
left in 1863 for the Western Coxontry. Ify father was continuously at home ex- 
cept on occasional trips to the Western Country until his death on July 13th, 
1871. My being at home until the spring of l863 gave me a good opportunity 
at the beginning of my manhood of forming a fair Judgment and gaining an 
accxirate knowledge of my father as a man, and of his character and reputation. 
Ihe l«ager I lived with him, the more respect I had for him, althotigh wbiltt 
children we were not encouraged to venture upon expressions of love or af- 
fection for my father, but Just the reverse in our love and affection for 
oxir Mother. We always felt that such conduct towards our father was deemed 
by him an exhibition of weakness . I have learned to believe that this dis- 
position in my father was brought about by the manner and surromdings in 
which he was broiight up in his father's family. He was quite emphatic in 
demanding the inspect of his children in the hcaae, but usually left the ad- 
ministration of the whip and slipper to oxir mother as a method of discour- 
aging disobedience and disresepct. He was a very moderate and inoffensive 
man, and very Just in his opinions, and rather qtiiet, and pleasant with his 
family and associates. He had but a common school education, but was very 
diligent in seeking information and eagerly sought to educate himself in 
general matters and in local, state and national affairs. So that it was 
seldom that one could find a man of his €ige better informed upon general 
matters than he. After my father's death, 1 was led to believe that during 
the latter part of his life, there had slumbered a feeling of love for me, 
owing somewhat, perhaps , to my freqvient visits to him diiring the years while 
he was in 111 health and in his rapid decline. When I left home in 1863 to 
locate in the Western Country and practice my profession, he voluntarily 
promised enough financial assistance to support me in an economi cal manner 
for one year, and thereafter I was expected to support nyself . Fortunately, 
in about four or five Bionths after leaving home I had so progressed as to 
be self supporting and I hastened to inform my father by letter of my suc- 
cess, and. 1 rendered thanks to him for his generosity and his kindness for 
all the many beneficent contributions, aiding me in educating me, and as- 
sisting me to become in a measure, independent, and that thereafter I was 
confident that I could support nyself , and that if through misfortune or 
accident anything should happen so that either he or my mother should want 
assistance, I would feel it a pleastire to be able and willing to assist them." 
After his death, when as administrator of his estate, his private papers 
came into my possession, I found this letter some years old, in a package 
with his will, showing that there had l&Ln secluded, an affectionate ray 


6th Generation 

of love which made me feel that I Knew my father's heart after his death 
better than when it pulsated in life. 

My father was not a member of any church, but he had great respect for re- 
ligion, and was greatly interested in the Baptist Church of which my mother 
was an active member, and was a frequent attendant of this church with her. 

This brief history of my parents would be incomplete and very imperfect 
without giving a short sketch of my mother, Elizabeth Knowles . 

Her parents were of Dutch ancestry, while in her own blood there circulated 
both Dutch and German. She was born in the town of Manlius , Onondaga County, 
New York State. Her parents were farmers and at an early day were living on 
a farm near Geddes , in said County, ajrid on a main road to Salina, where salt 
was produced from the Salt Springs near that place and the Dviygert place was 
well known by the farmers of the surrounding country as a hospitable place 
to visit on their journeys to replenish their supply of salt from time to 
time . 

While the Dijygert family used the English language in conversation they were 
quite proficient in the Dutch, and when I was a lad, my mother was the only 
person in the neighborhood who understood enough of the German or Dutch lan- 
guage to converse with German foreigners, who had emigrated to this country 
and who had become heartsick to hear their language spoken by another who 
was a native of this country, and who could give them information as to man- 
ners and customs which were new to them, and I can well remember many German 
women, traveling many miles on foot to visit my mother, she having been re- 
ferred to as one who could use their own native language, and who would give 
them information as to their new relations as became important and necessary, 
and as my mother was one of the most generoiis and sympathetic persons liv- 
ing, she always extended a warm welcome to such people, and especially to 
such as had become homesick and discouraged. If such persons came from a 
distance, they always were harbored in our home until rested and satiated 
with information and encoursiged to strive to learn the English language and 
become good and loyal citizens of their adopted country, and as each one of 
such visitors usually started to their home with a package or bundle given 
them, and as I was usually well and husky, I had to aid them in carrying the 
bundles for at least the first mile or two. 

And my mother's reputation for liberality, hospitality and valuable infor- 
mation in family matters extended for a long distance in the surrounding 
covintry, and as her friends and acquaintances in her latter years had adop- 
ted her as an Aunt, she was universally known as 'Aunt Betsy'. 

My mother was not a thoroughly educated woman as her parents had but limited 
opportunity in her youth and girlhood for study more than was found in the 
common schools of that time and age. And her parents had but limited means 
at the time the fajnily of children were growing to devote to anything except 
providing a comfortable living for them and the limited advantages of a com- 
mon school education. 

My mother was a religio\is person and a member of the Baptist Church , and 
were known as of the 'Close Conmiunion' Sect. She was rather rigid in her 

6th Generation 


"beliefs as to personal conduct and demeaner but had a sympathetic and loving 
nature . 

She gave birth to eleven children, of which I am the youngest, and up to 
eight years from my birth all were alive. 

The first death was my youngest sister, Mary. The next was my brother, Ira, 
21 years old at the time. It can readily be seen that my mother was a person 
of rigid health and endurance. She had but little help in her domestic duties 
and work until her children came of sufficient age to be of assistance. She 
was strenuous in enforcing obedience and respect from her children, and 
believed in the old Dutch saying 'Spare the rod and spoil the child.' She 
was a heroine, and with her bringing into the world eleven children and 
caring for them with all the love and attention shown them, she is entitled 
to have her name enrolled among the list of Martyrs. 

I wish to relate some facts which I recollect about Elizabeth Duygert, my 
mother's mother, and after whom she was named. 

This grandmother for a time lived at our house. I think it was in the 50 's- 
She was quite aged, about eighty, and was infirm and feeble, but with suf- 
ficient vitality and strength to sew, knit and do such work as could be done 
by one who was most of the time confined to her room. She was thoroughly 
Dutch, having been taught to speak that language by her parents, as well sis 
English. Wlriile at our house she occupied the family room on the first floor, 
which was fitted to make her comfortable and with conveniences for entertain- 
ing visitors. She was possessed of a good memory, and as she and her parents 
were early settlers in New York State and had many thrilling and interesting 
experiences with the Indians in Mohawk Valley when she was a small girl, her 
Indian stories had a standard current value at all times in exchange for the 
boy's work and labor in the house and garden in the spring, and summer, and 
in the wood house and fire places in the winter. 

I well recollect one of her experiences with the Indians recounted, which 
in a measure, was tragic and nearly fatal. 

When her parents were living at a home in the wild country in Mohawk Valley 
in New York state with but small clearings and few and scarce neighbors, the 
settlers had notice that they were likely to have trouble with the Indians , 
and the male inhabitants were called upon to meet at the fort, which had been 
erected some eight or ten miles distant from the home. As near as I can 
remember, she stated that it was some time between 1760 and 1770 the Indians 
were threatening to massacre the white settlers. My grandmother at this time 
was about ten or twelve years of age and her mother had a niece, a small girl 
about her own age, living with them. At this time, the men settlers had all 
gone to the fort some miles distant to organize a military company to drive 
the Indians from the country. It was the cxjstom during these times when 
the Indians were troublesome and the men were required to be absent from 
their homes and there was immediate detnger of the Indians coming upon the 
inhabitants, to warn them of the danger and to require the family at home to 
secrete themselves in the woods as well as they could. That the mother was 
suddenly notified that there was danger and she immediately secured sufficient 


6th Generation 

food euid extra clothing and took my grandmother and the cousin, secreting her 
by the side of a large log where the wind had piled against it a quantity of 
leaves, by carefully pulling away the leaves and pushing my grandmother xmder 
the log as well as she could, and then covering her with the leaves where she 
remained as quiet as possible until the next morning. In the meantime near 
dusk she heard some Indians coming along the trail, near which was the log, 
and they sat down on the end of the log feurtherest from her, ajid she could 
heajT them talking. She was terribly frightened, but knew that it was danger- 
ous to even breathe, much more to move, and disturb the leaves. Finally, the 
Indians went away, and she remained in the same place until her mother came 
for her the next morning, carrying the little cousin, and she then learned 
that her cousin had been found by the Indians and scalped, and that she had 
probably been rendered uncounscious at the time, but afteivards she was found 
crying for water. That her mother brought her water and dressed the wound 
and bathed her as well as possible with bandages made from their clothing, 
and her mother took the two girls safely to the Fort, which was reached in 
two or three days' travel. 

The foregoing is one of the true experiences which my grandmother told me, 
probably as compensation for some service rendered her by myself, or for 
keeping very quiet for a specified time during which she would take her 
after dinner nap. 

The girl who was scalped recovered from the injury and grew to be a healthy 
robust woman, and was married to a man by the name of Phillips, and raised 
a family of children. As there was no known process of healing such wounds 
at that time, it never healed, and it had to be protected in some manner 
which answered its purpose sufficiently well, to preserve her up till quite 
well advanced in years. 

She was well known as an expert weaver and manufactured cloth for clothes 
and woolen and linen bed sheets . The old style of wooden looms were rather 
crude machines and fineilly Mrs . Phillips was severly injured by striking the 
wound on her head severly which caused inflamation and eventually ended her 

This experience of my grandmother when a child was well known to the members 
of our family and other friends and relatives . 

After coming west to Fond du Lac in the State of Wisconsin, I became ac- 
quainted with a neighbor who had relatives near Manlius , Onondaga County, 
New York, near my birthplace, and among some of the people living near there 
the question was raised as to whether any person who had been scalped had 
lived to mature years and to prove that Mrs . Phillips had lived until quite 
old and had raised a family of children and the circumstances of how the 
injury occurred as was told me by my grandmother, was published in a news- 
paper printed at Fayetteville , Ononodaga County, New York, the facts of which 
must have been known to others than members of our family. 

No history of a family where there has been a father and mother who had 
raised a family of eleven children can be any where :;ear satisfactorily ended 
without keeping nearest the heart the best sentiments and trying to express 

6th Generation 


the most filial admiration and love for her who had so often been plunged 
into the dark shadow of death in giving her eleven children a foot-hold on 
earth, and in trying to show them by her own character and teaching that they 
bore the image of their Creator. Whatever control of language I possess - 
whatever sentiments may possess my mind - whatever ability 1 possess to ex- 
press my feelings of loyalty and worship - all will be weak and inefficient 
to in any way describe the affection, devotion and love which our mother had 
and loyally maintained for her children diiring such a life of labor and love. 

I am led to believe that my mother's family name was Duygert instead of 

George Perry Knowles 
28 April 1917 

JOM ^ KNOWLES , JR . (Hon. John,^Lt. James,*Capt. James ,^ Samuel,* Richard* ), 
son of Hon. John (T6. ) and Sally (Penoyer); b. 30 Nov. 179^, Troy, N.Y.; 
d. 8 Jan. 1869 at Beaver, Winona Co., Minnesota; m. (1st) 7 May I815 
MURI CUNNINGHAM of Fayetteville , N.Y., who d. 31 Oct. I815 ; m. (2nd) 
17 Feb. 1818 ABIGAIL LOOMIS HATCH, b. I6 Mar. 1793, Tolland, Conn., d. 
26 Mar. 187^ at Oneida, N.Y., dau. of Ede and Eunice (Chapman) Hatch. 

As a young lad, went with his parents to Chittenaxigo , N.Y., learned the 
trade of carding and clothdressing, afterwards carrying on that busi- 
ness for many years. He also had a sawmill and lead pipe factory a 
mile and a half south of Chittenango where he built the home in which 
most of his children were born. About the year I8U7, sold his mill 
property and moved to a farm on the hill one mile east which he worked 
several years before selling and removing to Chittenango where he re- 
sided until moving to Beaver, Minn, about l863 where his three sons, 
John, Henry and George had previously settled. 

The above wa^ written by his son, Henry Bush Knowles in 1917 about his 
father. He further conmiented that his father was a strictly moral and 
upright man without a single bad habit, never using intoxicating liquor 
or tobacco in any form. Nor had he ever heard him utter a profane or 
obscene word. He was a model husband, father and citizen. Though not 
a member of axiy church, he was a liberal contributor to the Baptist 
Church in Chittenango of which his wife was a staunch member. 

John Knowles, Jr., was a veteran of the War of l8l2, serving in the 
7^th Reg't as an ensign. 

From the obituary of Mrs. John Knowles, Madison Co. Times (reprinted 
from Oneida Dispatch), April 25, l87^ (courtesy Mrs. Clara Houck) we 
learn that Mrs. Knowles was a very religious person. After the death 
of her husband, and in l873, she returned to New York and died in 
Oneida where she had made her home with the widow of one of her sons. 

Ede Hatch, father of Abigail, was b. 20 Sept. and d. 6 Dec. 18^9; 


6th Generation 

Etinice Chapman: mother of Abigail was b. 23 Sept. 1763 and d. 19 June 
l8ii8. Ede Hatch was a hero of the Rev. War. He enlisted March 1, 1777 
to serve three years and was assigned to the 2nd Conn. Continentals under 
Col. Charles Webb. Being a mere boy and short of statvire he stepped on 
a stone when measured as to his height. For a time he wa^ drummer boy 
in Captain Ichabod Hinkley's company. Subsequently he served successively 
in the compajiies of Captain Roger Alden, Captain ErastUs Wolcott and 
Capt. Daniel Parsons. He received his discharge March 1, I78O ajid in 
August of the same year reenlisted in the same regiment as a drummer, 
serving in Capt. Henry Teneyck's company. He was discharged from service 
Dec. 9> 1780. After the war he was a storekeeper. They had eight 

(REF: CURTISS-WEDGE, FRANKLYN, History of Winona County, Minn., Chicago. 
H.C. Cooper, Jr. & Co., information courtesy Minn. Hist. Society.) 

From Onondaga Hist. Assoc.: "Maria C. Knowles, dau. of John of Sullivan, 
died ae lb, 1 Jan. l832 at Manlius." She would have been born I815, 
probably when the mother, Muri , died. 

Knowles children; b. Sullivan, Chittenango, Madison Co., N.Y., 

by 1st wife: 

i. Maria C. ,^b. iBl5 ; d. 1 Jan. l832. 
Knowles children; by 2nd wife: 

ii. Sarah Francis , b. I818; d. l842; m. John Pettis of Towanda, 

Bradford Co. , Pa. 

iii. Mary Jane , b. I82O ; m. Sept. l840 Perry 0. Weaver; she d. I6 May 

1847, age 28. 

Weaver children: 

a. Charles H. , who was a svirgeon in the Civil War and often said 

he cut off more arms and legs than anyone else in the army. 
His son, John Knowles Weaver, was a well known musician in 
Tulsa, Okla. (info, from Grace Miller of Plainview, Minn.) 

b . Carrie 

c . Fanny 

313. iv. Joshua Culver , b. lQ2k. 
31^. V. John Penoyer , b. I828. 

315. vi. Henry Bush , b. 27 Dec. I831. 

316. vii. George Grant , b. 19 Nov. I83U. 

CHARLES^ KNOWLES (Hon. John,*Lt. James,* Capt. James Samuel,* Richard"* ) , 
son of Hon. John (76.) and Sally (Penoyer); b. 9 May I806, probably at 
Bridgeport, N.Y.; d. 11 Sept. l832, age 26. Family records state he 
hanged himself. Bur. Walnut Grove Cem. , Dyke Road, 1.3 mi. so. of 
Chittenango, N.Y. He m. 3 July l832 at Chittenango MARGARETTA DEWEY. 


6th Generation l83 

ism: ^ OOWLES [Eon. John^Lt. JamestCapt. James j'' Samuel,* Richard* ) , 
son of Hon. John (T6.) and Sally (Penoyer); "b. 2J Mar. I8II at Bridge- 
port or Chittenango, Madison Co., N.Y.; died early in life, leaving 
a widow and at least one son; m. 5 Sept. I83I at Chittenango, CHARLOTTE 

Knowles child: 

i. Edward^ 


l8h Tth Generation 

THOMAS ^ KJJOWLES (Henryf Henry/Deac. Thomas * Deac . Edward,^ John f Richard^) 
son of Henry (77 - ) and Rebecca (Kettle); b. 20 Oct. l803 Bar Harbor, 
Maine; d. 29 May l893, age 89/7/9 (on his gravestone); m. l8 Dec. 1828 
JUDITH B. THOMAS, (both of Eden); b. 11 July l802 ; d. 29 May I876 , age 
73/10/18 (on gravestone); dau. of John and Judith (Thompson) Thomas. 
Both buried Town Hill Cemetery, Mount Desert lsl8Lnd,Maine . 

Thomas sold his grandfather's homestead at Hull's Cove in 1830 and 
built home directly across the road from Town Hill Cemetery. Latter 
home standing in 1971 with changed owner. (See Photo.) 

On Thomas' gravestone; 

"As we have borne the image of the earthly 
We shall also bear the image of the heavenly." 

'iliomas was a ship carpenter, he built the brigs MATILDA and ALMA in 
1853 ai^.d 185 

Information from Bar Harbor town records, cemetery visitation and 
correspondence with Miss Muriel Tripp, grandaughter of Osborn Billings 
Knowles who was son of this Thomas. Muriel was brought up in the home- 
stead built by Thomas who had a ship building plant about a mile from 
where he and Judith lived. 

Knowles children; b. Town of Eden, Bar Harbor, Mount Desert 

Island, Maine: 

i. John Thomas ,' b. 6 Dec. 1829; d. 10 June i860, ae 30/6/U . 

ii. Henry , b. 23 Aug. I83I; m. I8 Jan. l862 (both"of Eden") Sarah 

Emery who d. in childbirth; he d. 21 May 1907 ae 75/8/23, bur. 
Town Hill Cem. 

iii. Alma Partridge , b. ih April 1832; had son Charles who was a 

lawyer but died quite young; and daughter Addie who m. Julian 
Emery and had h boys and 2 girls. Addie died about I968. 

iv. Emily Mayo , b. .28 April 1835; no children; she married twice — 

two brothers. On her gravestone, she died 12 Nov. 1922, age 
87/6/14, wife of Capt. David Branscom who died 2k July l873, age 
55. TVo separate large monuments. 
V. Miranda Melville , b. 5 Feb. 1837; m. James Branscom, brother to 
Exaily's two husbands. Two girls: Harriette and Cora and .two 
boys: Henry and David. 

317. vi. Thomas E. Benton , b. ih April 1839- 

318. vii. Andrew Ulmer , b. 16/17 Jan. lQk2 (l7th on stone; l6th from town 

records ) . 

319. viii. Osborn Billings , b. 21 Oct. I8UU. 

JOSHUA SMITH ^KI^OWLES (George ,* Ben j ami n Deac . Edward,* Deac . Edward,"' 
John ,* Richard *) , son of George (79.) and Betty (Smith), born 19 May 
1799, Eastham, Mass.; died I83O (Penobscot Co. Probate records), 
Hampden, Maine; married RACHAEL WEBBER 22 April I83O by Rev. Otis 
Briggs; both were "of Hampden" (Hampden Town records). 

Tth Generation 


Bjicwles child: 

i. Betsy , b. March l831, Winterport , Maine ; she m. Dovns 

and died at hampden ik April 1922, age 91 years, 1 mo. and 23 
days. (Hampden Town records.) 

161 .1 QBED^ OOWLES ( George ,^ Benj amin ,^ Deac . Edward,* Deac . Edward,^ John, * 
Richard^), son of George (79.) and Betty (Smith); b. 26 Dec. l802, 
Hampden, Me.; d. 6 Jiily l859 at hampden (Penobscot Co. Probate Records, 

Maine b 

Me . ) ; m. (int 
, abt. 130T. 

Hajn],den) 1? Dec. I826 LOUISA WEBBER of Hermon, 



vi . 


Tliis family was in the I850 U.S. Census in Hampden, Me.; also in 186O 
census, same place; no Obed who had died but with them was Elsie 
Knowles, age 59 > who would have been Obed's sister. Son Joshua, wife 
and child also living with Louisa who was age 53, and her family. 

Knowles children ;( from Hampden Town records): 

i. Ephraim S . ^ b. 18 Kov. l827; living with family as above I86O and 
was a seaman. On a large Civil War monument in middle of Locust 
Grove Cemetery , Hampden, Maine: E.S. Knowles, died at Baton Rouge, 
12 Mar. loo 3. 
Mary , b.l6 Mar. l831. 
Joshua S . , 1. 25 Feb. l833. 

Lydia , b. 'c^Z Nov. 1836 (this date from Hampden records. In Locust 
Grove Cem. abovementioned was stone: "Mrs. Lydia knowles, widow 
of Aridrew E. Grant and wife of Andrew S. Tarr, 20 Kov. I836 - 
2k Oct, 1897.) Town records state she d. 2*4 Oct. I897, age 
Sophronia A. , b. Oct. I838. 
Lucinda D. , b. I8 May 18^41. 
ih Aug. 

: 1 . 

11 i 

Sarah E. , 
Orlando S. , b. I85O . 


162 . yOSIAH y KUOWLES ( Ben j amin Benjamin Deac . Edward,** Deac 

Richard^), son of Benjamin (80.) and Alice (Doane); b. 12 Sept, 
Eastham, Mass.; m. Sept. l833 at Eastham , MARTHA B. WILEY'. 

Knowles children; b. Eastham: 

3 2 

Edward , J onn , 


1 . 


Ruth Freeman ,^b. 22 Feb. l837. 
Josiah , b. l&kl; d. 181+2. 

163 . )EDWARD 7 KNOWLES ( Edward ,^ Ben j amin ,^ De ac . Edward,* Deac . Edward,^ John, * 
Richard^) , son of Edward (8I.) and Alice (Doane) Knowles); b. at 
Eastham I816; m. 5 Nov. I8U0 MARY AWN hORTON of Eastham; said to be 
of Wellfleet at time of marriage. 

l86 7th Generation 

MTHM s/kNOWLES (Freeman* Benjamin/ Deac . Edward ,* Deac . Edward John,* 
Richard*), son of Freeman (82.) and Fanny (Smith); b . 5 Sept. l8oU at 
Eastham; d. there 20 Jan. l8h6; m. l6 Feb. l829 BETSY C. MAYO who was 
living, age 7^, in Eastham as head of household which included her son, 
Asa M. Knowles, age John A. Knowles^, age 28, with his wife and 

child, Lucy J. and Caroline L., l880 Census. 

Nathan Knowles was Eastham Town Clerk 18U2-I8U6. 

Knowles children; h. Eastham: 

i. Thankful M. b. 5 June l829; m. 11 May I852 John N.M.Hopkins. 

ii. Polly , b. 1 Feb. l831. 

322. iii. Benjamin , b. 2h Sept. l832. 

323. iv. Nathan S . , b. ^4 Jan. 1835- 

V. Lydia Doaxie , b. 15 Dec. I836; m. 3 Mar. I85T George Leonard, 
vi . Asa Mayo , b. 20 Nov. l839 ; d.. l883 Eastham; apparently did not 
marry . 

32i+. vii. Thomas S. , b. 11 Dec. 18UI. 

325. viii. Richard , b. lU May iQkh . 

326. ix. Winsor S. , b. 2h Oct. I8U5. 

165 .) FRANrCLirJ^KrJQWLES (Freeman,* Benjainin,^ Deac . Edward,* Deac . Edward,-* John, * 
Richard*), son of Freeman (32.) and Fanny (Smith), b. 11 July I806, 
Eastham; d. l879 in Brewster, Mass.; m. 2h Dec. I829, Eastham, CAROLINE 
BROWN of Wellfleet, dau. of ITieodore Brown. She was born I805/O6 and 
d. 29 May I885 , age 79, at Brewster. 

They removed to Boston sometime between I8U1 and I85O as the family was 
living Ward 2, Boston, in 185O census and were running a boarding house. 
Apparently they moved back to Brewster where Franklin died and in I880 
census the widow was age 72, living in the household of her son. 
Freeman, in Brewster. 

Knowles children; b. in Brewster: 

1 . 

Cynthia Brown ,^b. 7 April l831. 

ii. Mary F. , b. h Nov. l832, 

iii. Franklin , b. 27 Jan. l835. 

iv. Freeman F. , b. 30 Sept. I836; m. 29 Nov. l87^ at Brewster MARY 

P. LINCOLN; he was a carpenter; I880 census, Brewster, he was 
head of household that contained his wife, Mary P., age 35 and 
his mother, Caroline, age 72. Apparently no children. Mary 
died 1923 in Brewster; Freeman d. 21 Mar. 190^, Brewster. 

V. Fanny Smith , b. 15 Sept. I838. 

vi. Seth Richard , b. 29 Jan. I8U1. 
327. vii. Zoeth Rich, b. l81i3, Boston. 

Tth Generation I87 

166 . I FREEMM ^ OQVLES (Freeman,* Benjamin,* Deac . Edward De ac . Edward,* John , * 
Richard^), son of Freeman (82.) and Fanny (Smith), b. 26 May I8IO , 
Eastham; d. 22 June I838; m. 8 Nov. I83I HAimH DILL. 

Knowles children; probably b, Eastham: 

i. Samuel Freeman ,^b. 8 Sept. i83U. 

ii. Jerusha, b. 12 May 1836; d. I8 May 1842. 

167^ THOMAS S/ KMOWLES (Freeman,^ Benjamin,^ Deac . Edward,* Deac . Edward,' John ,* 
Richard!), son of Freeman (82.) and Fanny (Smith), b. 13 Nov. I819 , 
Eastham; d. I9OO in Boston; m. 15 Nov. I8U2 CATHERINE P. INGRAHAM of 
Eastham.who vas b.1822 and d. I9OO in Boston. 

Catherine P. and Thomas S. Knowles' names listed Suffolk Co. Probate 
records (1897-1909) as was their son, Henry F. 

Alice Lowe found large monument in Eastham Cem. with these names: 
Thomas S. l8l9-19uO; Catherine P. 1822-1900; Henry F. I8U7-I898; 
Emma A. I8U5-I929 — these on front, and on the back was Winfield 

s. 1862-1935. 

In i860 Boston Directory, Thomas S. Knowles was listed as a piano 
maker, k09 Washington, with house at 133 Leveret. In I88O directory 
he was listed same at 700 Harrison Avenue^ 

Knowles children: 

i. Emma A. ,^ b. I8U5 ; d. 1929. 

ii. Henry Freeman , b. 18^7; I87O Boston Dir., Henry F. Knowles was 

listed £LS a bookkeeper, living 7^ Pinckney; I888 he was a 
salesman living in the Hotel Westland; d. 2k Feb. I898. 
(Mass. VR's) 
328. iii. Winfield Scott , b. l862 in Boston. 

ELISHA MIRICK ^ KNOWLES (Thomas ,* Thomas ,^ Deac . Edward,* Deac. Edward,' John* 
Richard^), son of Thomas Jr. (83.) and Esther (Mirick); b. 30 Oct. I80O, 
Auburn, Mass. (according to his son, William's death cert., Elisha was 
born in Leicester; d. 19 Jan .I88O, age 79 yrs . , 6 mos . , 19 da's; m. 

(1st) ELIZA , who died 22 Oct. l833; m. (2) 29 June I83U 

EUNICE HUNTINGTON, b. abt . l80i+ in Conn, and d. I888 Worcester, Mass. 

Will of Elisha listed in Probate records. Auburn, Worcester Co., Mass. 
in 1880 #35765. 

Info, received from Kay Sheldon, 2h School St., Auburn, Mass. OI50I, 
birth and death dates from Auburn records. In Worcester probate list- 
ings were the following: iQk^ Margaret C, I8U7 Mary E., 18^7 William. 
Perhaps these were guardian papers for the children of his first wife 
as later evidence of them as living to maturity. 1850 census. Auburn, 
Elis?ia was postmaster, with Eunice age U5, Caroline M. ae 20, Ellen, 
ae 16, Elisna S. ae 12, Maria ae 7, and Julia F. ae 2. 

l88 Tth Generation 

Knowles children; births recorded Auburn: (by 1st vife) 

i. Mary E. ,*b . U Nov. l827; Worcester probate index lists Mary E. 

1885, Will #4819. 

ii. Marg^aret Caroline , b. 21 Dec. l829; prob. the Caroline M. ae 20 

in 1850 census , 

329. iii. William , b. 23 July l832. 

Knowles children: (by 2nd wife) 

iv. Ellen, b. 12 July l835 . 

330. V. Elisha Sprague , b. 20 April I838. 

vi. Mariah , b. 2 July lQk2. 

vii. Julia Frances , b. 7 Oct. I8I+T. 

169 /) BENJAMIN CLAEK ^ KNOWLES (Thomas ,* Thomas ,^Deac . Edward,*Deac . Edward,* 
John,*Richard^ ) , son of Thomas, Jr., (83.) and Esther (Mirick); b. 29 
Jan. 1816, Auburn, Mass.; d. there 30 July 1901, age 85 yrs . , 6 mos . , 
1 da:y of chronic myocarditis (death cert.); m. JOANNA SPRINGER, b. I816, 
Trenton, Me.; d. 1902 at Auburn. 

1850 census, the family was living in Auburn. Benjamin was a carpenter 
and his wife was listed as "Jean". 

Knowles children; b. Auburn: 

331. i. Granville Augustus f b . 9 Mar. l8i+l. 

332. ii. Edward F . , b. Aug. I8U3. 

333. iii. Benjamin S. , b. 7 July I8U9. 

ELIJAH '^KNOWLES (Maj . Henry ,^Elij ah Deac . Edward,* Deac . Edward ,^ John 
Richard*), son of Major Henry (8^1.) and Betsey (Doajie), b. 8 Aug. I8OI, 
Orleans: Mass.; d. 5 Jan. I882 at Brewster, Mass.; m. (int. rec'd h 
Dec.) 28 Dec. l825 ABIGAIL FREEMAN of Brewster, b. l803, d. 5 Nov, I89I, 
age 87, Brewster, Metss. She was dau. of Hon. Solomon F. and Abigail 
(Clark) Freeman. (Freemaji Genealogy) 

They lived on a farm in Brewster. Will of Elijah in Barnstable Co, 
Probate records, Brewster, l882 - (j'8o67/2/2l+U . 

In his early years, Elijah Knowles was a mariner. In I88O census, 
Brewster, Elijah was 78, living in household of Lydia and Fillmore 
Rogers . 

Knowles children; recorded in Brewster: 

i. Jonathan Freeman b . 2 Sept. 1827; d. 6 July 18^0 (Brewster 
records ) . 

33h. ii. Eli jail Edwin, b. 5 Sept. I829. 

335. iii. Solomon Freeman , b. 12 Oct. l831. 

336. iv. Henry, b. 20 July 183^+. 

V. Alpheus , b. 7 Sept. I836; d. 3 Aug. 1883. 

7th Generation 2_Qg 

vi. Albert Francis , b. 8 Dec. l839; d. May 18T0 at sea; unmarried. 

His admin, in Barnstable Probate records, Brewster #5899/20/27. 

A shipmaster, he commanded ships RICHARD BUSTALD (?), WESTERl^ 
STAR and SOUTHERN EAGLE. While in command of latter ship on 
passage from Rangoon, Burma to Liverpool with a crew of 21, 
they were lost in a typhoon about 1 May I87O and never heard 
from again . 

HENRY DOANE ^ KMOWLES (Maj . Henry ,* Eli j ah ,*'Deac . Edward,* Deac . Edward,* 
John, 2 Richard^ ) , son of Major Henry (SU.) and Betsey (Doane); b. 5 
Feb. 1805, Orleans, Mass.; d. 185^, Orleans; m. RUTH MAYO, b. Orleans, 
d. there I897. Aclmin. of Henry D., Orleans, in Barnstable Probate 
Records #3205/17/325; Ruth, Will, I897, Orleans #12251/5/256. They 
lived in Orleans and he was a carpenter. 

JOSEPH MAYO ^KITOWLES (Maj. Henry ,* Eli j ah Deac . Edward,* Deac . Edward ,-' 
John,®Ricnard*- ) ,son of Major Henry (8U.) and Didamia (Doane) (Rowe); 
b. 26 May l8l7, Orleaxis; d. 26 Mar. I85I, Orleans of pneumonia; m. 
ADELINE M. WRIGHT, b. I818 in Vermont, d. 23 Jan. 1903, age 85, dau. 
of Ezra Wright. 

Knowles child: 

337. i. Alfred H. ,^ b. I8U2. 

ELIJAH EDWARD^ KNOWLES ( Harding,* Eli j ah ,*Deac . Edward,*Deac . Edward,' 
John,* Richard*-) , son of Harding (85.) and Margery (Knowles); b. 23 
Feb. 1811, Eastham, Mass.; d.(in Barnstable Probate Records: Elijah E., 
Orleans, iOU87/ii/209 , I89I); m. (1st) (int. rec'd Eastham) 5 July iQhl, 
MERCY A. MYRICK of New Salem; m. (2nd) TABITHA G. HOLBROOK of Eastham; 
b. 1823 (was ae 27 in I85O census); d. (in Barnstable Probate Records: 
Tabitha G., 1917 Orleaxis I8095/8/529. (Not clear whether or not he 
married the first time when the int. was recorded.) 
He was a trader. They had no children. 

Elijah was on Town Hall Bldg. Committee in Eastham I85I when first 
Town Hall was erected. (Pg. 55 NAUSET ON CAPE COD, compiled by Alice 
A . Lowe . ) 

JOSIAH ^ KNOWLES (Joshua,* Joshua,^ Joshua,* Col . John,^ John ,^ Richard^ ) , son 
of Joshua (87. ) and Hannah (Atkins); b. 1^4 June 1782, Truro, Mass.; 
d. 25 Jan. 1850, 67 years, 8 mos., 11 days (death certificate). Died of 
consumption Provincetown, Mass.; m. (pUb. Provincetown) 10 Mar.l8oU, 
MERCY ATWOOD b. 13 Oct. I78I, Provincetown, Mass.; d. 7 Dec. I85O, age 
68 years, 1 mo. 27 days, of rose cancer (death cert.) Provincetown, 
Mass.; dau. of John and Mary Atwood of Provincetown. 

He was a carpenter. 

Knowles children; L. Provincetown: 


Tth Generation 

339. ii. Henry , b. 15 Feb. l8l6. 

iii. Asa Franzen (probably Fretncis ) - adopted son, b. l6 July l829 . 
1850 census, he was living in household of his step-brother, 
Henry; Asa was age 21, a mariner. Also in house was a Mercy 
Knowles, ae IT, probably his wife; not in later censuses. 

Mercy Atwood's father believed to have been son of Joshua Atwood smd 
Sarah and that he was born 2h March 1756 (from N.E.tleg., P. 217, V8) . 
Mercy's brothers and sisters born Provincetown: 

Martha, b. 30 Oct. 1783; Betsy, b. 12 Feb. 1786; Asa, b. 20 Aug. 17 89, 
died same date (probably the reason for Mercy naming the adopted son 
Asa); Mary, b. I8 Nov. 179^; perhaps others. 

175^ JOSHUA ^ KI^'OVvl.ES (Joshua,^ Joshua,^ Joshua,* Col. John ,^ John,* Richard* ) , 
son of Joshua (87.) and Hannah (Atkins), b. 9 July 1788 at Truro; d. 
17 Jan. 1867, Truro; m. 2 April l8l2 MARY (POLLY) ATKINS KNOWLES, b. 
31 July 1792, Truro, d. there 23 Mar. I869 , age 76, dau. of Zaccheiis 
Knowles and Sarah (Lombard). 

Knowles children; (Truro records: 

i. Mary' ,b . 25 April 1&13; m. (pub. Truro) 16 Nov. 1832 Atkins S. 

Hopkins, son of Solomon and Hannah Hopkins; he was b. 17 Nov. 
1811, d. 1877. 

Hopkins children: (Truro records) 

a. Joshua Atkins, b. I8 July 1835- 

b. Thankful Williams ,b. I8 Aug. l8i+2. 

c. Stephen, b. 5 Sept. iQkh. 

d. Caleb , b. h Sept. I8U6. 

e. Willis ,b. 25 Aug. I8I+7. 

f. Adison Bartlett ,b. 8 Sept. I8I48. 
3^0. ii. Joshua, Jr. , b. I815 . 

3hl. iii. Zaccheus, b. 23' Sept. I816 . 

iv. Sarah (Sally) Ann , b. 7 July I82O ; m. I8 Nov. l8i+l Mathias Rich, 
Jr., b. 8 July I82O, son of Mathias and Deliverance (Pike) Rich. 

Rich child: (Truro records ) 

a. Matilda Ellen , b. 6 June l8U2. 
V. Maria, b. 22 Sept. l822; m. 15 Aug. iQkl Nehemiah Somes Hopkins. 

vi . Caleb , b. I82U; died in infancy. 

vii. Delia Collins , b. 30 May I826; m. Shebnah Rich, b. 7 Aug. 182I+ 

(1826?) son of Shebnah and Belinda (Higgins) Rich. 
3U2.viii. John Atkins , b. 20 Jan. I828. 

ix. Betsey Lombard , b. I83I; m. 30 Nov. I856 Ephraim L. Snow; she d. 
5 July i860. 

Tth Generation 191 

© NATHANIEL ^ KU0WL5S (Joshua ,^ Joshua / Joshua ,*Col . John ,^ John .^Richard*) , 
son of Joshua (87 . ) and Hannah (Atkins); b. l8 July 1790, Truro; d. 21 
Jan. 1867, Provincetown , ae 76 (derauiged, infirm & paralyzed) ;m. pub. 
Ik Nov. 1816 SALLY SMITH, b. 21 April 1793, Truro; dau. of Archelaus 
and Sarah Doane Smith. 

Knowles children; b. Truro: 

i. Nabby Smith% . 20 Oct. l8l7 ; m. ih March l839 John P. Lewis. 

Levis children; b. Truro: 

a. Jos i ah Knovles , b. 20 May l8i+3. 

b. Emory Frances , b. 5 April I8U6 ; perhaps more. 

ii. Sally , b. 19 Oct. l820 ; m. (pub.) 27 Mar. 181+2, Edward Hopkins, 

Jr. of Wellfleet. 
3U3. iii. Jeremiah , b. 8 Sept. l822. 

iv. Jos i ah , b. 2h May I82U; drowned at sea 29 Dec. l8U2, age 19, 
from the schooner Willis Putnam, Richard A. Cook, Master. 
3hk. V. Ephraim Thomas , b. 27 June I826 . 

vi. Thank fxil Cook , b. 30 Jan. I828; m. at ae 2k on 11 Dec. I85I 
Henry Baruts , b. Richmond, Virginia. 
3U5. vii. Nathaniel , b. 25 Nov. I83I+. 

viii. Eliza Ann , b. 1 Oct. l837; m. 9 Aug. l857 at age 20, Paul Paine. 

177 •] JOHN^ KUOWLES (Joshua,* Joshua,^ Joshua,* Col. John John Richard^ ) , son 
of Joshua (87. ) and Hannah (Atkins); b. 25 Dec. 179^+ at Truro, Mass.; 
d. there 13 Feb. I83U; m. (1st) (pub. at Trxiro) 3 Nov. l823 ANNA SMITH 
who died at Truro 17 May 1832; m. (2nd) at Truro 7 June l833 MRS. 

He was a mariner. 

Knowles children by 1st wife, Anna; b. Truro: 

3k6. i. John ,^b. 22 Sept. I82U. 

ii. Edmond S . , b. 11 Oct. I826 ; d. 11 Feb. I829 . 

iii. Eliza Young , b. 27 Feb. I829. 

iv. Edmond Smith , "b . 11 Sept. I83I. 

FREDERICK ^ KNOWLES ( Jesse ,* Joshua,^ Joshua,* Col. John ,"' John Richard^ ) , 
son of Jesse (88. ) and Sarah (Creed); b. 6 Oct. 1799 at Truro; d. there 
16 May I8U6, age i+7; m. at Truro 2k April l823 JERUSHA COLLINS, b. 29 
Nov. 1803, Truro, dau. of Joseph emd Jerusha (Snow) Collins. She m. 
(2nd) in I856 Ezekiel Higgins, father of Nathaniel Higgins who married 
her daughter, Mary Snow Collins Knowles. 

He was a seaman. 

Knowles children; b. Trxiro: 

i. Charles Collins ? b . 11 Mar. I82U; m. (pub.) 7 Dec. I8U5 Caroline 
A. Small of Orleans. 


7th Generation 

ii. Frederick , b. 10 Nov. l827; d. IT July l830, age 2 yrs . , k mos . 

iii. Rebecca Lombeurd , b. 6 Mar. l831; d. 27 Nov. l836, age 6 years. 
3U7. iv. Frederick Alvin , b. 7 Mar. I83U. 

V. Mary Snow Collins , b. h Mar. I836; Mary S. of Wellfleet, dau. of 
Frederick and Jerusha,in. at age 21 Nathaniel Coombs Higgins on 
23 Nov. 1858, He was b. Wellfleet and a blacksmith. Mary d. 
at Wellfleet 2k Nov. I87I. He died at Wellfleet 2h May l873. 
(Higgins Genealogy Supplement.) 

^179 A JOHN CREED ^ KNOWLES ( Jesse ,* Joshua,* Joshua,*Col . John,* John ,* Richard* ) , 
son of Jesse (88. ) and Sarah (Creed), b. 19 Feb. l803, Truro; d. 20 
Feb. 1873, ae 70 (a widower), Trviro ; m. 17 Jan. I826, RUTH PRISCILLA 
HARDING, b. 5 Dec. I806, Trviro; d. 19 Nov. I85I, ae hh of consumption, 
Truro; dau. of Jonathan and Priscilla Harding. 

He was a carpenter. 

Kriowles children; b. Truro: 

i. A son* o f John C. died Sept. I826. 

ii. Sally Gross , b. h Sept. l827; m. 20 June I85O Jacob H. Holmes. 

iii. Mary Lewis Hopkins , b. 9 Oct. l830; d. 2 May 181+3. 

iv. Susan Elizabeth , b. 27 Jan. I83I+ ; d. 15 July 1835, ae Ih. 
V. Priscilla Allen , b. 19 Sept. I836; m. ae 22, I6 Aug. l859 , 

Nathaniel Atkins Dyer, b. h Sept. l832, son of Nathaniel and 
Mary . 

vi. Emily Augusta Wilson , b. 15 Mar. I8U0. 

180.VaUL ^ KNOWLES (Jesse ,^ Joshua,^ Joshua,^ Col . John John,* Richard^) , son 
of Jesse (88. ) and Sarah (Creed); b. ik Sept. I808, Truro, d. there 
18 June 1880, age 71- Records of Duck Creek Cemetery, Wellfleet: 
"Martha (wife of Paul 2nd) d.lU Aug. l832 in her 25th year." There 
was a marriage date for Paul and Martha Hinckley at Truro, l832. It 
appears that he married first a Martha Hinckley who died, soon after 
he m. (pub.) 10 Oct. l833, Truro, BETSY MARTHA HINCKLEY, b. l8l2, d. 
31 Mar. I88I, age 69 at Truro, dau. of Moses and Martha (Chipman) 
Hinckley of Wellfleet. 

1850 census, Truro, Paul was a farmer age Ul; Betsey, age 39; Patty, 
ae 18 (probably daughter of his first wife; Mary W. , age ih-^ Daniel, 
age 11 and William Loring, age 3. I87O census were Paul and Betsey, 
Joseph H. Adams, age 38, Patty Adams and 3 Adams children, as well as 
Abigail Hinckley. In I88O census, Abigail was still living in house- 
hold as was "Willie" L. , age 31, a sailor. 

From Truro records: William Loring Hinckley, b. 20 Mar. I8U7, son 
of Miss Lavina Hinckley of Wellfleet, father unknown; adopted when 
an infant by Paul Knowles, then called William L. Knowles . 

29 July 1880, William L. Knowles (stated to be adopted son), petitioned 
to administer his estate, naming as heirs: Patty H. Adams, dau. and 
wife of Joseph H. Adams of Norfolk, Va. , and Nellie F. Adams of Truro, 
granddaughter; widow Betsey. 

Tth Generation 193 
Knowles children: (Truro records) 

i. Patty H.f b. 8 Aug. l832; m. Joseph H. Adams. 
Adajms children: 

a. Nellie F. , b. abt . i860. 

b. Li 11a A. , b, abt. l863; only one named in l880 . 

c . Bessie P . 

ii. Mary W . ^ b . abt. I836. 

iii. Daniel, b. abt. l839 . 

iv. William Loring (adopted), b. 20 Mar. 184?; d. 27 Nov. I916, ae 
69/8/6, Maiden, Mass. Death cert, stated he was widowed and a 
seaman. Res. at death was IU7 Mt. Vernon St., Maiden; father 

Knowles, b. Truro; mother was Lavina Hinckley, b. 

Wellf leet . 

JESSE KIJOWLES , JR . (Jesse, Joshua, Joshua, Col. John, John, Richard ), 
son of Jesse ( 88. ) ajid Sarah (Creed), b. 1 June I81O , Truro, Mass.; 
d. 22 June l853, ae k3 of yellow fever in Boston; m. (pub. Truro) 23 
Mar. 1833 SUSM FREEMAN of Brewster; b. abt l8l3 ; d. Brewster, I9OO . 

He was a mariner. I85O Census, Jesse was aue UO; Susan ae 37; he owned 
prop. $5^0. 

Knowles children; b. Truro: 

i. Cordelia Smith ,^ b. 29 June I836; m. 2h Nov. l853 George W. Adams. 

ii. Jesse Freeman , b. 8 July I8UU. 

DANIEL ATKINS ^ KNOWLES ( Jesse Joshua,^ Joshuatcol . John John ,* Richard^ ) , 
son of Jesse (88.) and Sarah (Creed); b. 1 Oct. l8l2, Truro, Mass.; 
d. 3 Oct. I8U1, ae 29, Lost—probably at sea; m. 7 Dec. l837 ELIZA F. 
DYER, dau. of Joshua Dyer. She remarried I8 Oct. 18^+6, Isaac S. Lewis. 

Knowles child: 

3U9. i. Daniel A. b. 1 Oct. I838, Truro. 

EZEKIEL ^ KNOWLES (Theophilus Simeon ,^ Joshua ,* Col . John John ,^ Richard^ ) , 
son of Theophilus (89.) and Jerusha (Doane); b. ik May 1793, Eastham, 
Mass.; m. I815 , BETSY GILL. 

Knowles children; b. Eastham: 

i. Thomas ,*b. 22 July l8l5; m. k May l837 Rachel Horton who d. l893, 
Lynn, Mass. (VR's). 
350. ii. Henry H. , b. lU Jan. I817 . 

iii. Eunice , b. 5 Sept. l820. 

19U Tth Generation 

SIMEON^ KMOWLES.III ( Simeon / Simeon , * Joshua ,^Col . John / John ,^ Ri ch ard * ) , 
son of Simeon (90.) and Priscilla (Doane); b. 20 Jmie 1791, Eastham, 
Mass.; d. i860 at Warren ,Mass. (His will filed Worcester Co. Probate, 
Warren i860, #35770); he m. ih Mar. l8lU at Hardwick, Mass. LUCETTA 
NEWTON, sister of John Newton and dau. of Silas and Naomi (Washburn) 
Newton. She was b. 2 Jan. 1792 at Hardwick and d. 23 Aug. l868. Warren 
Mass . 

Refs: Salt Lake City records; Colonial Families of America, Vol. VIII, 
1931, Middlesex Co., Mass. by National American Society, N.Y. 

Simeon Knowles was a farmer and carriage maker. He removed to Hardwick, 
Mass. with his parents where he was married and later moved to Warren, 
Mass. where he died. 

Knowles children: 

i. Laura Loraine ,*b. 10 Oct. l8l6 , Phillipston, Mass.; m. 21 Feb. 
1837 Rufus Washburn, Jr. of Johnstown, N.Y. 

351. ii. Lucius James , b. 2 July l8l9, Hardwick, Mass. 

iii. Harriet Evaline , b. 2k July 1821; at age 23, 1 Oct. l8Ui+; m. 

Lorin Brown of Fitchburg, Mass., son of Freincis Brown of Acworth, 
N.H. and his wife, Lucinda. 

352. iv. Francis Bangs , b. 29 Nov. l823, Hardwick, Mass. 

EDWARD ^ KNOWLES (Simeon ,* Simeon Joshua, *Col . John ,^ John ,*Ri chard^ ) , son 
of Simeon (90 . ) and Priscilla (Doeine); b. 3 Sept. 1799, Hardwick, Mass. 
d. 29 Oct. 1876, age 77 years, 1 mo., 26 days, Leicester, Worcester Co. 
Mass. (death cert.). He m. (int. recorded Leicester) 9 Nov. 1828 SARAH 
BIGELOW of Spencer, who died I6 Mar. I889 , age 83 years, 11 mos . , I8 
days, according to her death cert., she was dau. of John and Persis 
Bigelow. (The admin, of her est. filed Worcester, #9137.) 

According to the U.S. Census, I85O , Leicester, Mass., Edward Knowles 
was age 51, a carpenter, with Sarah B. U5 , Sarah Ann 15 ajid George E. 

In his will, #35763, filed Worcester Co. 7 Nov. 1876 , dated 5 Dec. 
187^, Edward Knowles bequeathed to his daughter, Sarah Ann Richsjrdson, 
"all the money belonging to her brother George E. Knowles, at the time 
of his decease..." To his wife, Sarah B. Knowles, he left the rest 
of his estate, real and personal. 

Knowles children: (Leicester Vital Records) 

i. Dennis Wright ,*b. 5 Oct. I829. 

ii. Edward , d. 17 May l833, age 3. 

iii. John B . 

iv. Sarah Ann , b. h Oct. l83^; m. Richardson. 

V. George Edward , b. 19 Feb. l835 (this must have been I836 ) ; d. 10 

June 1871, On Nov. 8, I876, Samuel H. Putnam of Worcester ap- 
plied to administer the estate of George E. Knowles who "last 

Tth Generation 


dwelt in Leicester", County of Worcester (#3576?). He left no 
widow and only his mother survived as next of kin. 

186 j REUBEN ^KMOWLES ( James Eli sha/ Lt . John* Col. John ,^ John Richard"* ) , 
— son of James (92. ) and Martha (Smith); b. 19 July ITTl, Haddam, Conn., 
d. 20 Nov. i860 in Gallia Co. at the home of his dau. Celicia Davis 
(local record). These dates on tombstone in Newbury Cem. ; m. MARY 
BROOKS, possibly dau. of Thomas Brooks of Haddam, Conn, as suggested 
by L. C. Preston of Marietta who gives date of death as 11 Jan. l832, 
age 50 years, therefore b. 1781/2. No maj^ker for her in Newbury Cem. 
standing 1973. The cem. does not include her, though it allows a 
space between marker for Martha, wife of James , and Elizabeth, dau. 
of Reuben and Mary . 

He was in War of l8l2. In I85O Census, Troy Township, Athens Co., Ohio, 
Reuben was age 77, a ship carpenter, living in household with Martha 
Ann, age 39, his daughter. 

Knowles children: (info. U.S. Census, Arthur T. Knowles , Mrs. Chas . 

R. Knowles & Guthrie Gen.) 

i. Hannah ,*b. 19 May I80I; d. 29 June l862. Eureka, Ohio; m. 17 Jan. 
1826 Truman Guthrie II, son of Trioman and Elizabeth ( Stone) 
(Israel) Guthrie. They lived at Eiireka. 

Guthrie children: 

a. Elizabeth m. Jacob Riggs. 

b. Collina m. Frank Cole. 

c. Edwin unm. ; d. 186U. 

d. Henrietta m. W. H. Gibbons. 

e. Martha, b. 26 Jan. iSUi^ ; m. John McDaniel. 

f. George Leander , d. y. 

g. Melissa Adelaide , d. ae 1^+. 

ii. Elizabeth , b. 18037"'^. 28 Mar. I82U, ae 21, bur. Newbury Cem. 

iii. Martha Ann , b. Jan. l809 ; d. 13 April I852, ae h3 unm.; bur. 

Newbury Cem. 

iv. Amelia , b. Nov. 18II; d. 26 Oct. I851, Lower Be Ipre; m. 6 Mar.l836 

Edwin Guthrie, brother of her sister Hannah's husband. 

Guthrie children: 

a. Achsa , b. 21 Jan. l837 ; d. 23 Mar. 1909 . 

b. Vesta , b. 23 Mar. 1839; d. 23 Aug. I887. 

These daus . apparently unm., are buried on either side of their 
mother in the Guthrie row, Newbury Cem. 
V. Susan , b. l8l3; her marker in Newbury reads: "In Memory of Susan, 
daughter of Reuben and Mary Knowles who died March 11, I826 , 
ae 13 yrs . " 
vi. Brooks , b. abt. l8l5 . 
353. vii. Fairport W. , b. abt. I817. 


Tth Generation 

viii. Celicia , b. abt. l820; m. ih Sept., Grasson Davis. 

Davis children: 

a. Quincy m. Judith Bell. 

b. Frank m. Farrington. 

c. Anne m. Elder. 

d. Florence . 

/ 18T^ JESSE ^ KNQWLES ( James ,* Elisha,* Lt . John,*Col. John ,^ John,' Richard* ) , 
^ son of Jajnes (92.) and Martha (Smith), b. 9 June 1773, Haddam, Conn, 

(date of June 7th also given); d. l8 Sept. iSUo, age 67, on stone; 
buried Newbury, Ohio, just a few miles below Little Hocking on the 
Ohio where his father also buried. Married ASENATH HUBBARD, b. 2 May 
1775; d. 11 Feb. 1855, age 79 yrs . , 9 mos . , 9 days on stone; buried 
next to her husband. She was a sister of Abigail Hubbard who was wife 
of Jeremiah VanGilder. 

Jesse apparently went to Cape May, New Jersey, for a while with his 
father, as his dau. Cynthia Ann was born there in l80k and the oldest 
son must have been born there in 1799 inasmuch as Richard HubbsLrd 
Knowles stated in later censuses that he had been born in New Jersey. 
It is supposed that Jesse and his wife and Jeremiah VanGilder eind his 
wife went to Ohio together. The VanGilders were from Conn, but had 
lived a few years near Trenton, N.J., before coming to Ohio in l8ll. 
Jesse's son, Amos, later stated in censuses that he had been born in 
Conn., therefore, the family might have returned to Conn, before 
going to Ohio. The Knowleses all finally settled in Lower Belpre , 
Washington Co., Ohio. 

Jesse Knowles was one of the Trustees of the Methodist Church in 
Belpre. His will, dated ih Sept. l8i+0, probated Oct. iSUO , mention 
children, Sylvester B. and Cynthia A. (Guthrie) and Esther R. Knowles; 
no mention of his wife, Asenath. 

Knowles children: 

35*+. i. Richard Hubbard ,^b. l8 Oct. 1799, Cape May, New Jersey. 
355. ii. Leander , b. 10 July l801 , probably Cape May, New Jersey. 

iii. Cynthia Ann , b. k Jan. l8oU, Cape May, N.J. ; d. 9 May l859 at 
Addison, Gallia Co., Ohio; m. Augustus Stone Guthrie, 27 Dec. 
1832 in Washington Co. 

Guthrie children; ( from Guthrie Genealogy, Seymo\ir Guthrie, I889) 

a. James Leander , b. 6 Oct. l83^; d. unm. 

b. Frances Matilda , b. 21 Feb. I836; m. Gates. 

c. Franklin Augiistus , b. 22 Jan. I838; m. Sarah Jane Smith. 

d. Sidney Leverett , b. 1 Mar. I8U3; d. 17 Aug. l872; unm. 

e. Mary Asenath , b. 11 Aug. I8U6; d. 2h April I86U; ujim. 
Amos Willis , b. 13 Dec. I806 (1805?), Haddam, Conn.(?) 
Smith Shaler , b. 5 Dec. (6 Dec.) I808. 

356. iv. 

357. V. 

7th Generation 


vi. Leverett , b. 11 May l8l2 ; unm. Was living with his mother in I85O 

census; i860 was living in household of his sister and brother- 
in-law, William F. Pilcher, age 50, Esther R., age U6, and their 
children, Marian S. 11 eind Fanny L. 6. Leverett was probably 
born in Ohio. He was an Ohio River steamboat man. Resided at 
various times with his brothers in Newbury or his sisters , Esther 
in Coolville or Cynthia who lived in Addison. He died in 
Cynthia's home in Gallia Co. Bought several lots from Wm. F. 
Pilcher in Coolville in I852 and sold them back to him in I856. 

vii. Esther R\ahama , b. 27 Aug. I81U; m. Wm. F. Pilcher of Coolville who 

was Justice of the Peace there in I8UT, 1850-52, I85U, l859 , l862 
and 1865-1868. In her father's will, Esther was given $100 in 
household goods and "a home in my house for as long as shall be 
convenient", still being single when estate settled in 181+2. 
Their two daughters lived in Cincinnati, neither married. 

Pilcher children: 

a. Marian S . , b. abt. 181+9. 

b. Fanny L. , b. abt. I85U. 

358.viii. Sylvester Bemont , b. 22 Feb. I818, Newbviry, Ohio. 

JAMES K.^KNOWLES ( James ,^ Eli sha,*^ Lt . John,* Col. John ,* John ,* Richard* ) , 
son of James (92.) and Martha (Smith), b. 5 June 1776, Haddam Conn.; 
d. 16 April i860; m. 7 Feb. l8l3 HARRIET HUBBARD STONE, b. 27 Feb. 1792 
at Farmer's Castle, Belpre, Ohio; d. 1 Jan. I883. She was dau. of 
Israel (John) and Lydia (Barrett) Stone. See Gregory Stone Genealogy 
by J. Gardner Bartlell. 

They settled in Olive, Meigs Co., Ohio. 

Knowles children: 

i. Mary Ann,* b. 5 Nov. l8l3; unm.; d. 18 Oct. I885 by suicide. 

359. ii. Christopher James , b. 2 May I815. 

iii. Ezra H. , b. 26 Mar. l8l7; unm. I87O census, Olive, he -was age 53 
in his brother Warrick's household. 

360. iv. Alonzo F . , b. 15 Jan, I819. 

V. Harriet S . , b. 29 Oct. I82O ; went to Missoiiri; m. James H. Stone; 
she died 11 April 189I. 

vi. Cynthia , b. 9 Nov. l822; d. 30 Oct. I82U. 

vii. Cynthia E. , b. 12 Nov. 182U; died age 20. Both Cynthias buried 

Reedsville, Ohio. 

viii. Franklin S. , b. 11 Oct. I826; not mentioned in brother's will, 
June 1886. 

361. ix. Israel GraJaam^ b. 23 Sept. I828. 

X. Philena A. , b. 28 Oct. l829; m. Andrew Coleman Tidd 1852/53; 

Andrew b. I828, d. 1900; they had dau. Frances b. Murrayville, 

W. Va. who m. Richard Carleton Hoblitzell (DAR #83923) and dau. 

Ella who m. Henry W. Deem (DAR #89197). 
xi. Aurelia Jane , b. 23 Oct. I83I; m. 25 Dec. l853 Franklin B. Reed, 

at Meigs Co. They had a gr. son, Ralph Reed. 


Tth Generation 

362. xii. Warrick J. Martin , b. 25 Feb. l835 , Reedsville, Ohio. 

Ezra Knowles willed everything to his youngest brother, Warrick, on the con- 
dition that he always look after his sister, Maiy Ann, if he refuses, real 
estate to go to her. Ezra apparently ran the farm most of his life. His 
will was signed T Jan. l883. 

AMOS ^ KNOWLES ( James ,*Elisha,*Lt . John,* Col. John ,^ John , *Ri chaa-d , son 
of James (92. ) and Martha (Smith); b. lU April IT8I at Haddam, Conn.; 
d. 2 Feb. l86i+, Belpre, Ohio; bur. on his farm at Lower Belpre (in his 
8Uth year). Married (1st) I6 Nov. I8II by Daniel Goodno, J. P. at 
Washington Co., Ohio MARY (POLLY) PORTER , b. abt. 1T8T, New Jersey; 
d. 9 Oct. I8U3, ae 56 years on stone. (She had a brother, Samuel 
Porter.). Amos Knowles m. (2nd) 26 May iQkk by Rev. T.A. Welsh at 
Athens Co., Ohio MRS. JANE (STONE) CHICK, dau. of John Stone and Hannah 
(Stacey) and widow of John Chick of Lynn, Mass. 

Information from Arthur T. Knowles; U.S. Censiis ; bequests of his son, 
Stephen W. Knowles to children of his brothers and sisters in will 
dated I908, Cloverdale, Sonoma Co., Calif.; family records of Mrs. Ruth 
(Charles R. ) Knowles of Dalton, Ohio (l9T3). 

Amos Knowles, a farmer, bought land in I8II along old Chillicothe Rd. 
(St. Route I2U 1973), where it crosses Washington-Athens Co. line; then 
sold to his brothers William (mostly in Athens Co.) and Jesse; and some 
to Jeremisdi VanGilder. On this farm all his children were born. A 
graveyard on the farm contains bodies of Amos and his wife, Polly; her 
brother Samuel Porter and his wife, and children of Amos who died in 
youth. In the l880's his son, Stephen, returned from Calif, on visit 
and replaced old stones with a single shaft on which all names are in- 

In the will of Stephen, dated 2h Jan. I908, settled IT Dec. 1917, he 
left bequests to children of his brothers and to: "My half-sister, 
Martha Scott, nee Knowles, $800; my half-sister, Esther Irvine, nee 
Knowles, $800." In final settlement, 1917, Martha received $72.05 and 
was of Coolville, Ohio; Esther not named at settlement so apparently 
died before 1917; nieces of Stephen mentioned in the settlement and 
unidentified were probably daughters of his half-sister, Esther, de- 
ceased, as follows: Lois Lewis $2U.U3 of Plain City, Ohio; Bertha Roush 
$2U.U3 of Marietta, Ohio; Ethel Ewing $2U.U3 of Marietta, Ohio; and 
Rosaltha Moore, $36.02 of Paonia, Colo. 

Knowles children; by 1st wife, Majry: 

i. Addison ,*b. 5 June l8l2; "d. 23 Oct. l824, ae 12 y, k m, I8 d". 

363. ii. Reuben C . , b. I816. 

36U. iii. Stephen W . b. 13 Sept. l822. 
365. iv. Addison M. , b. 17 Apr. I825. 

V. William Wallace ,b. 3 Dec. I828; "d. 13 Feb. I8U9, ae 20 y, 2 m, 
10 d." 

Tth Generation 


366. vi. Harford B. , h. l831/l832 (he was age hQ in I88O censes). 

vii. Partilla Asenath , "d. 25 April l832, ae 1 mo. 27 d."; therefore b. 
29 Feb. 1832. (Twin of Harford?) 
viii. Wells P. , "d. Jan. 1, I8U3, ae h yrs . , h mos . , 20 d. therefore b. 
12 Aug. 1838. 

Knowles children by 2nd wife, Jane: 

ix. Esther P. , b. I8U6 (age h in I85O census); m. Richard Irvine. 
X. Martha S . , b. iQkQ (age 2 In I85O census); m. Thomas Scott. 

190 j SAMUEL aSf^ ^ tpJOWLES ( James ,* Elisha,* Lt . John* Col. John* John,* Richard*), 

^ y son of James (92.) and Martha (Smith), b. 23 Mar. 178?, Cape May, New 

Jersey; d. 8 April I87O , Knoxville, Iowa; m. (1st) 19 Mar. I815 at 

Washington Co., Ohio, CLARISSA CURTIS, b. 3 Mar. 1796, Wash. Co., (dau. 

of Eleazer and Eunice (Starr) C\irtis and sister of Eleaze'f^illrtis , iier^'^^^^^^^ 

sister's husband.); d. 15 July l827, Albany, Ohio, bur. Athens; m. 

(2nd) 10 July I828 at Athens, MRS. ELIZABETH (CARTER) CULVER, b. 1796, 

widow of Gardiner H. Culver. 

Chas. M. Walker's HISTORY OF ATHENS COUNTY, pub. I869 , states that 
Samuel "during early life a seafaring man, came to Athens County in 
1808 and settled at Hockingport . " Mrs. Charles R. Knowles' deed 
records show that he bought an 8 acre plot in Hockingport on 19 Sept. 
I81U, six months before he married Clarissa, and another 8 acres there 
in 1817. 

It is not known just when he removed to Knoxville, Iowa. In I85O 
census, Oct. lOth , Alexander Twp., Athens Co., Ohio, Samuel was age 60, 
a farmer, b. "Conn.", with Elizabeth, age 55, b. Vt. , James I8, 
Elizabeth I6 and Sarah 13, all children stated to have been born Ohio. 

Information from Mrs. Charles Knowles (1973), some Curtis family 
records, miscellaneous county records. 

Knowles children by 1st wife, Clarissa: 

367. i. Horace Curtis ,*b. abt. I816 at Hockingport. 

ii. Lucy Curtis ; b. 10 Mar. I818 at Newbury; d. 15 Jan. l899 at 
Birmingham, Ala.; m. at Athens, Ohio, 6 Oct. I8U1 by Wm. H. 
McGuffey (compiler of the famous McGuffey Readers) to John Wilson, 
Jr., son of John and Elizabeth (Guilford) Wilson. He was b. 12 
Dec. 1817 in Botecourt Co., Va. and d. at Talladega, Ala., 23 
Aug. 1858, where they lived. John Wilson was a student at Ohio 
Univ. when he and Lucy met. He was an attorney, writer and 
educator. They settled first at Fincastle, Va. where he was editor 
of a newspaper. Later they moved to Talladega, Ala. , where he 
founded the Southern Classical School for Young Men. Lucy 
experienced many hardships during the Civil War, with two sons 
serving in the Confederate Army. It is said that she did such 
exquisite embroidery that it looked like painting. 


Tth Generation 

Wilson children: 

a. William Wallace , b. 19 July I8U2, Fincastle, Va. ; d. 23 Mar. 

1911, Birmingham, Ala.; m. 21 Dec. 18t6 in Wetun5)ka, Ala. 
Bessie Zimmerman Due; h children. 

b. Thomas James , b. 2 June I8U5 , Fincastle, Va. ; d. 1 May 1920 

Talladega, Ala.; m. 9 Feb. I8TI, Margaret Meiria Moberly; 
6 children. 

c. Clara Elizabeth , b. 15 Aug. 18UT Fincastle, Va. ; d. 13 May 

1900 at Talladega; m. 23 Jan. 18T2 Coleman C. Dennis; 

2 children. 

d. Lucy Annie , b. 27 Dec. 18^9, Fincastle, Va. ; d. 23 Nov. l87T 

at Talladega; m. there 26 Sept. 18T2 Josiah B. Terry, b. 

3 July I8U5, son of Josiah and Sarah F. (Austin) Terry. 
2 children. 

e. Mary Virginia , b. 3 Nov. l853 in Talladega; d. 13 Aug. I90T 

at Birmingham, Ala.; m. 10 Oct. l87T Patrick H. Norris. 
No children. 

f. Johnnie Etta , b. 3 Oct. I858 (five weeks after father's death) 

at Talladega; d. 2 Mar. 1932; m. 2 Feb. I89T at Birmingham, 
Stephen Rogers, Jr., b. 23 Feb. I856, son of Stephen and 
Susan (Moberly) Rogers. He d. 21 Feb. 1936. No children. 

iii. ?W. Curtis, b. I819-I828; No birth record fovmd for this son but 

it can be reasonably assimed he was child of Samuel and Clarissa 
Curtis Knowles , and probably his first name was WeLLter after the 
3rd Curtis son who later became Justice of the Peace, lawyer and 
judge. There is record that W. Curtis Knowles bought Isuid in 
Hockingport I6 Oct. I8U9 , sold it in I85O, bought more land in 
1851 and sold property 1 Apr. I863. 

iv. ?Claricy M. , b. l8l9-l822; No birth record for this child either 

but reasonably assumed to be of these parents because of the 
name "Claricy" and the fact of her being "of Alexander Twp." 
at time of her recorded marriage on 23 May iQkl by S.M. Aston, 
M.G. , to Theodore W. Lindley. 
368. V. Samuel Starr, , b. 25 Aug. I825, Athens. 

Knowles children, by 2nd wife: 

vi. James W. , b. abt. l832 (from census); m. 10 Oct. l853 by W. E. 

Post at Athens Co. , Frances Carder. Probably went west after 
1857, to area of Knoxville, Iowa,which is perhaps when the father, 
Samuel, went to Knoxville. James purchased land in Alexander 
Twp., Just east of his father's holdings on k Feb. I85U. In the 
fall of 1855* he bought the quarter section from his father. All 
this was sold in Sept. l857. 

vii. Elizabeth C. , b. abt. I83U; m. 12 Oct. l853 by W. E. Post at 

Athens Co., Parker Carpenter, 
viii. Sarah Hestleton , b. 11 Sept. l835 » Knoxville, Iowa, which indi- 
cates the family did make an earlier visit to Iowa, retxarned to 
Ohio where found in I85O census. She was m. 19 Oct. I856 in 
Athens Co., by W.E. Post to A.J. Hannah. 

7th Generation 


There are records for the following two Knowles ' who might have been 
children of Samuel inasmuch as all others in families of his brothers 
have been accounted for. Records are incomplete, however, and this is 
just supposition. 

Daniel Knowles , b. l8l7-l82T; m. by Reuel Braley, J. P. ik Jan. 
I8I+T in Meigs Co. , to Eliza Lang. There is record of a land 
sale in Wash. Co., (apparently by its order) in the period I8U0/ 
50, by administrator . 
Ann Eliza , b. 182^^28; m. 25 Feb. 18I+7 Athens Co., by Rev. 
T.A. Welsh to Abraham Squire. 

WILLIAM^KUOWLES ( James Elisha,* Lt . John,* Col. John John Ri chard^ ) , 
son of James (92. ) and Martha (Smith); b. Cape May, N.J., 9 May I789, 
according to family record (9Feb. I789 according to tombstone which 
reads "died 21 Jan. I870 , age 80 yrs . , 11 mos . , 12 das."; 3 April 1789 
according to county recorded death cert, giving his age as 80 yrs., 
9 mos., 18 das.); Newbury Cem. , Belpre , Ohio, (buried near end of 
third row); m. 2 May l822 at Washington Co., by Walter Curtis, J.P. , 
SARAH WOODWARD, b. 9 Oct. 18OO , Wyoming, Pa.; d. 15 Apr. I87I, ae 70 
yrs., 6 mos., 6 das., Athens Co., Ohio; bur. beside her husband, 
Newbury Cem. She was daughter of Oliver, Jr. and Lenity (Segar) 
Woodward of Yankeeburg (east of Marietta), Ohio. Marriage license 
states "Sally— of Belpre." 

Info, from Arthur T. Knowles, records of Mrs. Laura Curtis Preston of 
Marietta, Ohio, (April 19^0), family records of Adaline Lenity Knowles 
and Mrs. Charles R. Knowles (1973). See also HISTORY OF ATHENS CO. by 

William Knowles was, by the records, the best farmer of the family. 
While local histories (H.Z. Williams and Bro. ; WASHINGTON CO. HISTORY, 
pub. 1881) state his brother, Amos, sold him land from his own purchase, 
the deed books of Athens Co., (formed from Washington Co., I805) record 
that William bought I60 acres from David Putnam (Ohio Company) in I817. 
A year later he sold 70 of these acres, then in 1835 he evidently bought 
back these same 70 acres and two years later, another 80 from David 
Putnam. In May I838, William bought another 151 acres from D. Putnam 
euid in Sept. l839> another 166 from same owner. This apparently places 
in his possession 557 acres. 

In a biographical sketch of his son, Charles L. , in HISTORY OF HOCKING 
VALLEY, pub. I883, this son is referred to as operating a "good farm 
of about 300 acres" , "taking pride in having fine stock." 

In the farmhouse on these acres, just across the Washington-Athens Co., 
line in Athens Co. (the rest of the brothers livfed on the Washington 
side), all his children were born and it was here he cared for his 
parents , James and Martha after they were too old to live alone in the 
cabin Jesse had built for them on his land. In the spring of l837 , 
Martha made a will (James having died in I830 ) , giving "unto my beloved 
son, William, (in consideration of his good care of me) all my property 
......... including all that may accrue or be obtained from the United 


Tth Generation 

States on a pension certificate bearing date of 21st day of February, 

Knowles children; b. on home farm Athens Co.: 

369. i. William Wads worth ,^ b . 31 Mar, l823. 

370. ii. Richmond Oliver , b. 23 April 1825. 

iii. Sarah Erne line, b. 29 Dec. I826; d. ih Feb. 1917, Little Hocking; 

m. 7 Feb. 186U in Athens Co., by Frances Bartlett, Min. , Richard 
Brewster (a descendant of Elder Wm. Brewster). 

Brewster Children: 

a. Anna , b. 29 Oct. I86U; d. 26 Mar. 19^1; m. Harry Kirker; 

resided Logan, Ohio. 

b. Lena; \inm. ; d. after 19^8. 

c. James Henry , b. 23 May I869 ; m. (1st) Mary McCoy; m. (2nd) 

Anna Kitson; residing in Weston, W. Va. in 19^2. 
iv. Adaline Lenity , b. 3 Oct. I828; d. 1912, Little Hocking, Ohio. 

She lived out her life unm. in the William Knowles homestead, in 
the household of her brother, Cheurles . It was she who supplied 
many details of the Knowles family to Mrs. Laura Guthrie (Curtis) 
Preston . 

V. Charles Lysander , b. 26 Sept. l830 ; d. h Aug. 1909 Athens Co., bur. 
Newbiiry Cem. to left of entrance gate; m. 22 April I868 Washington 
Co., by J.W. McMaster, Minister SOPHRONIA M. COLE, b. 6 Mar. l8U2; 

d. 1929, bur. Newbury with husband. She was daughter of John and 
Mary (Needham)- Cole. No children. 

Reared on his father's faxm, receiving a moderate education in 
Newbury's old fashioned log schools. In May I86I he enlisted in 
39th Ohio Infantry vmder Capt. Rhodes for 3 years and when his 
time was up, re-enlisted, serving until the close of the war when 
he was mustered out at Louisville, Ky., 9 July I865. In an I883 
local history, he was listed "in the front rank with the farmers 
of Athens Co." The l875 Athens Co. Atlas business directory in- 
cluded this ad: "C.L. Knowles, Farmer & Proprietor of Grist Mill 
euid Sawmills on Section U." 

vi. Caroline Samantha , b. 3 April I836; d. 191^, bur. Newb\iry with 

brother Charles and his wife and sister Adaline; she was m. 15 
Sept. 1891 at age 55 in Athens Co., by Chas . B. Taylor to Mr. B. 
C. Atkinson. 

vii. James Louis , b. 3 April I836; d. 19 Oct. I862 of typhoid fever in 

hospital in Evansville, Ind. , one year after enlisting in the 
Union Arn^, 22 Oct. I861. Records of 63rd Regiment, Ohio Vol. 
Inf. give date of death 12 Nov. I862. His brother, Charles, 
brought his body home and he was buried Newbury Cem. 
viii, Adelia Samantha , b. 23 Nov. l839; d. 15 July 18U0. 
ix. Henry W. , b . 17 Oct. l8^2; entered service 19 June 186I, soldier ' 
in Union Army; was Corporal in Co. K, killed in service battle 

of Atlanta. 22 July I862, age 22. Interred Sec. E, grave 235, 
Marietta, Georgia. 

Tth Generation 203 Q ^ 

192^ JOSHUA ^ KNOVTLES (REV. ) Joshua * Eli3ha,*Lt . John,*Col. John,* John, « 
Richard*), son of Joshua (93.) and Concurrence (Porter), b. I8II 
Easthampton, Mass.; d. I887, prob. Floyd Co., Georgia; m. (1st) ELLA 
Roberts of England. 

Information from Vol. VI, pg. 602, THE COMPENDIUM OF AMERICAN GENEALOGY, 
by Virkus; History of Floyd Co., Ga. , p. 262; letter 1973 from Mrs. 
Leatha Davenport, Treasurer of ROME NEWS-TRIBUNE, Rome, Georgia 30l6l. 
(See #371, William Addison Knowles , for f\trther information this 
family. ) 

It is not knovn Just when Joshua Knowles left Easthampton, Mass., and 
went south. He was located in the U.S. Federal Census of I85O in Floyd 
County, Georgia; Sub-div. 30 (Cave Spring), pg. lUO, house 698, as 
follows : 

Joshua Knowls , age 38, clergymsui, b. Mass.; Mary F. 21, b. Ga.; 
Margaret E. ae 8/12, b. Ga. 

Virkus stated that Joshua's first wife was Ella Francis Burnett who was 
daughter of Colonel Nathan Crawford, Secty. of State of Georgia in I8U3. 
It is assumed that the Mary F. in the census was his first wife, Ella 
Frances, who was probably the mother of the three children located. Not 
known whether there were others thain those appearing in the census. Pg. 
371 of the History of Rome and Floyd Co., Ga. , published a letter to 
"Mr. W. Addison Knowles, Editor of the Tribune, Rome, Ga." in 189U. 
Addison was a commonly used given name in this branch of the Knowles 
fajuily 8Lnd Joshua had a brother by that name who died young. Therefore, 
there can be no question about this connection. 

There is no will or estate on file for Joshua Knowles or his wife in 
Floyd Co. , Georgia. 

A letter in 1973 to "the Rome newspaper brought response from Mrs. Leatha 
Davenport who wrote that she worked for Wm. Addison Knowles, Jr., for a 
number of years before going with the newspaper, stating that it is 
still recorded in the minute book that the senior Vftn. Addison was at 
one time editor. 

Knowles children, probably of 1st wife, b. Georgia: 

i . Margaret E. t b . abt . I8U9 ( censiis ) . 

371. ii. William Addison 

iii. Mary Amelia (according to Virkus), "Minnie", according to her 
davighters DAR application; b. I86O; d. 1909 . She m. in I88I 
Edwin DuBose Jones (18U9-I9OO), son of James A. and Mary Louise 

20k Tth Generation 

(Anthony) Jones. Edwin DiiBose Jones weis a cotton broker, mer- 
chant and newspaper owner and editor in Washington, Georgia. 

Jones children: 

a. Sarah Louise , b. 27 Mar. l882, Greensboro, Ga. , ; m. 17 Feb. 
1902, Absalom Waller. (Her DAR #58117). They lived 
Gatewood P.O. , Spotsylvania Co. , Va. Her paternal ancestry 
traced back to Capt. Elias duBose who was a Captain in the 
Revolutionary War, b. 19 Oct. 1737, Sumpter, S.C., ajid d. 
there l6 Mar. I789. 

b . Edwin Dubose . 

c. Mary Madison, b. I89I; m. Frederick Garfield Hausman. 

d. Dorothy Knowles; m. John Halpin Wright. 

HEZEKIAH ^ OQWLES (Walker ,* Richard,* Lt . John,* Col. John,* John,* Richard* X 
son of Walker (9^. ) and Elizabeth (Wells), 1st wife; b. 23 June I785, 
Haddam, Conn.; d. 22 Mar. I8U6, age 6O; buried Rome, Michigan; m. 22 
Oct. 1807 ANNA SMITH, b. 1790, Haddam, Conn.; d. I87O, ae 80, bxaried 
Rome or Adrian, Mich. She was dau. of Henry and Susan Smith of Haddam; 
m. (2nd) William Older. 

Information from Arthur T. Knowles ; HISTORY OF SENECA CO., N.Y. I876; 
1888, Chicago. 

Arth\ir Knowles states that Hezekiah wrote his father in I827 and in 
1835 » inviting him to come to N.Y. Anna Knowles Beebe has the letters. 

In Sept. 1817, Hezekiah left Haddam and went to Romulus Seneca Co. , 
N.Y. ; he was at Dey's Landing in I826; settled at Varick, N.Y. there- 
after, until the spring of l837. Hezekiah carried on the business of 
a tanner and currier for many years ; did shipping and had a boat on 
Lake Seneca; built a warehouse and was host at Varick Inn. Seneca Co. 
records indicated in Liber 6.2, p. ^98, that Hezekiah and Anna Knowles 
deeded to Richaxd V. Day on Mar. 10, l837 Lot 60 containing 9h acres 
for $1,800. 

Hezekiah also engaged in the lumber business until he and his family 
removed to Michigan and eurrived in Adrian on the 10th of June l837 
where he was a pioneer of that place. Purchased 80 acres of land in 
Rome Township where he lived until his death. He had the first grocery 
store in Rome, KNOWLES & HALSTEAD.. Wells Knowles, grandson, lived on 
the farm in I906 and was only surviving member of the family. 

Knowles children: 

372. i. Hezekiah, Jr. *b. 23 Aiig. I808, Haddam, Conn. 

ii. Jennet Mariah , b. I8IO. 

iii. Mary, b. I8l2. 

Tth Generation 


iv. Elizabeth , b. l8li+. 
V. Miriam , b. I816. 

vi. Nancy , b. I818. 

vii. Lorissa , b. l820. 
viii. Delia Ann , b. l822. 

SIMON ^ KUOWLES (Walker ,* Richard Lt . John,* Col. John ,^ John, 'Richard*) , 
son of Walker (9U.) and Elizabeth (Wells), first wife; b. 22 (also date 
of 12th given) April 1786, Haddam, Conn.; d. I6 Nov. 188U, age 98 years; 
buried Meredith, N.Y. He m. 26 Mar. l8l2 SUSANNA BRAINERD , b. 10 Aiig. 
1786 (according to family Bible) at Haddam, dau. of William and Susanna 
(Tyler) Brainerd of Haddam. Susanna died 30 Sept. I863, age 78, at 
Andes, N.Y.; buried Meredith. 

Simon Knowles vas a Private in the Conn. Militia, War of l8l2, from 
Saybrook , Conn., from 20 May l8l3 to 16 July l8l3, under Amaziah Bray. 
According to family records, his oldest son was born at Meredith, N.Y. 
in May l8l3, therefore, it is not known exactly what date he removed 
from Middlesex Co. , Conn. He was an early pioneer of Meredith, N.Y. , 
said to have later removed to Delancey, N.Y. although he was in the 
1850 census at Meredith, eige 61 , a shoemaker, with Susan, age 6I; 
Revillo W. , ae 26; Myrta M. , ae 26; and "Rosephine", age I8. 

His death notice in the N.Y. papers stated he was a Freemason in State 
of N.Y. and that he died 23 Nov. I88U in Delaware Co. 

Info, from U.S. Census, Arthur T. Knowles collection and Brainerd 
Genealogy, with some data conflicting. 

Knowles children: 

373. i. Ezra B. ,^ b. 28 May l8l3, probably at Haddam, Conn. 

ii. Oliver M. , b. 23 Oct. iQlh , at Meredith, N.Y.; d. 13 May I829 , age 

15 yrs . , 5 mos . 

iii. Esther M. , b. 29 Nov. I815 , Meredith; m. James Tuttle. 
Tuttle children: 

a. Brainerd 

b . Benjamin 

c. Pheoba (?) 

d. Simon 

iv. Clarissa Ann , b. 17 Nov. I817 ; d. 27 Nov. iQhS at Meredith, ae 28 

yrs . 

V. Amanda M. . b. May I8, I819 , Delancey, N.Y.; m. Abram Wolf, 
vi. Sarah P. , b. 26 May I82I; d. 5 June 1821 at Delancey, age 10 days. 
37^. vii . William S. . b. 6 May /June l822, Delancey. 

viii. Myrta M. , b. I8 July I82U (dates of I8 July l829 and I826 also 

given) , Delancey, N.Y. ; m. John Whitlock (I818-I89I); they lived 
at Davenport, N.Y.; she d. 15 Feb. l893, buried West Davenport. 

Whitlock children: 

a. Cyrus Peck, b. 26 Nov. l852; m. Mary McMinn. 


7th Generation 

b. Jennett , b. 5 April m. John Judson. 

c. Marietta , b. I8 J\me I856; m. George A. Clark. 

d. Horatio Buckley , b. 27 Sept. I86O. 
375. ix. Revillo W. , b. 28 April, I826 , Delancey. 

X. Mary J . , b . 28 Dec. l835 ; d.. young. 

("Rosephine" in census not identified.) 

.9O LENARD D.^KNOWLES (Walker ,*Ri chard Lt . John * Col . John,* John , 'Richard *) , 
son of Walker (9^. ) and Elizabeth (Wells); b. 17 Jvily 1793, Haddam, 
Conn.; d. 11 Mar. I888, Chenango Co., N.Y. ; m. 15 June I815 BEULAH 
MERRIAM, b. 1 Feb. 1797i d. 29 Dec. I867. 

Lenard Knowles was a blacksmith. He went to Watkins , N.Y. , at heeui of 
Seneca Lake, then to Cazenovia,N. Y. , then to North Pitcher in Chenango 
Co. about 1827. 

Knowles children: 

Mary ,^ b . Conn.; d. 1903 Brooklyn, N.Y.; m. Rev. Isaac Foster who 
remaxried Julia Mosher and had two more children. 

Foster children; 

a. Rev. Isaac McKendric 

b . Emily 

c . Helen 
Arba , b. l823. New York. 

Wilbur F. , b. 31 Aug. l831. Pitcher, N.Y. 

Philena , b. 11 April 183^+; d. 1902 in Oregon; m. Rev. Linas 
Nickerson, Civil War Chaplain of 122nd Regiment. He died in 
Redlands , Calif. They had three sons and 1 dau. One son, Rosco 
Nickerson, was a preacher in Utah. 

WILLIAM ^ KNOWLES ( Walker ,* Richard Lt . John,*Col. John,^ John ,^Ri char d^), 
son of Walker (9^. ) and 2nd wife, Lydia (Brainerd) (Porter); b. 28 
May 1796, Haddam, Conn.; d. 5 May I89O , Middletown; m. 10 or 22 Oct. 
I82U, Middletown, Ct. , SARAH (SALLY) H. HALL, b. 26 March I8OI; d. 
31 Jan. 1880. Both buried Indian Hill Cem. , Middletown. 

Ref: Chas . Hale Records - They lived in Middletown and he was a gun- 

Knowles children: 

i. Mary A. f b. 12 Aug. I825 ; d. 27 June 1876 , Middletown. Buried 
Indian Hill Cem. 
378. ii. William A. , b. 16 July I828, Middletown. 

iii. Wilbur Fisk , b. 10 Aug. l833, Middletown; d. 15 Aug. 1865, ae 32, 
buried Indian Hill Cem, Middletown, Conn. In I86O census, he 
was living in his father's household and was a dentist. 

376. ii. 

377. iii. 

Tth Generation 207 

197} WILLARD ^ KUOWLES (Walker .^Richard/ Lt . John*Col. John John ,*Ri chard* ) , 
son of Walker (9U. ) and 2nd wife Lydia (Brainerd) (Porter),. b. I6 Oct. 
1802, Haddam, Conn.; d. 19 Sept. l883, Ponsett. Bur. New Ponsett Yard, 
(Cancer of throat.); m. 1 Jan. I827 ASENETH MINERVA DICKINSON, b. 26 
Feb. 1807, Haddam, Conn.; d. 26 April l888,bur. New Ponsett Yard; dau. 
of Jonah and Clarissa (Hubbard) Dickinson (gr. dau. of Obadiah and 
Susajina Knowles Dickinson). 

REFS: ATK's records; Chas . Hale rec'ds. 

Stones in cemetery: 

(Mother) wife dau. dau. son dau. in-law 


(vmm. ) (unm.) (Hubert's 


Willard Knowles was a farmer. He had a bad temper but was quick to get 
over it and was a good natured man. (WCK) 

Knowles children; (b. Ponsett /Haddam ) : 

i. Clarissa Minerva , *b. 25 Nov. l827; unmarried; d. at Middletown, 

age 22, 12 Feb. I85O, killed on railroad. 

ii. Aseneth Miranda , b. 11 Nov. I829 ; unmarried; d. 8 Aug. I906. 

She lived with her brother Hubert (Ponsett), when he died in 
1906, Hubert's son, Harris, had her put in Conn, for Insane - 
she was old and eccentric but not actually, insane. She only 
lived a few months thereafter. 

iii. Jennett Louisa , b. 19 Oct. I83I; d. 7 July I918 Derby, Conn.; m. 

11 Oct. 1858, Charles E. Camp. 

Camp children: 

a. Agnes 

b. Willard T. 

c. Nellie 

d. George , d. ae 15. 

e. Jennett Louise , m. 2U Oct. I9OO at Derby, Samuel Buddington 

Catlin, - 

iv. Margaret Ann , b. 20 Sept. l833; d. 30 June I9II Kansas, drowned 
or stepped in a spring. She m. in I861 Jonathan B. Norton 
(I826-I909, Moreland, Kansas) as his 2nd wife. Jonathan traded 
furs and cheap jewelry, sold all over Conn. Margaret went to 
keep house for him after his first wife, Louisa (Ventres) d. in 
1859, but then said she would not stay unless they married. 
Apparently they were. 

379. V. Eras t us Harvey , b. lU Oct. l835 . 

380. vi. Hubert Willard , b. 15 May I8U2. 

vii. Emma Lucynthia , b. 17 Sept. I8U5; m. 19 May l873 Benjamin 

Franklin Spencer, b. 5 Mar. l8ii8; d. 23 Aug. 1926; Emma d. 24 
Feb. 1913. Both bur. "New" Cem. Haddam. 


Tth Generation 

Spencer children: 

a. Minerva Isabel , b. 11 Jvme iQlh; m. l6 Sept. 1896 

Charles A. Pardee . 

b. Bobbin Gilbert, b. 8 Sept. 18T5 ; m. 1^ Nov. I9OO Anna E. Stent. 

c. Clara Loxiisa, b. 11 Nov. 1876; m. 26 Aug. 1921 Irving Wells. 

d. Lucy Emma , b. 26 Oct. I8TT; m. 25 Dec. I898 Harry Bartholmew, 

b. 28 Oct. I8TT,; d. 5 Nov. 1961. 

e. Benjamin Franklin , b. 26 June 18T9; m. Sylvia Lillian Treat 

who d. 16 April 1902 . 
viii. Ella Clarissa , b. 25 Dec. 1850; m. Frederick R. Fenn; she d. 
Jan. 1901. Lived Meriden, Conn. No childr«n. 

19 8\ WELLS ^KNOWLES ( Richard,* Richard Lt . John^Col. John ,* John,* Richard* ) , 
\I7 son of Richeird (95.) and 1st wife, Bathsheba (Wells) who died at his 

birth; b. 1T8T, baptized T Mar. I819, Haddam; d. 2k Sept. l86l,Haddaja. 
Bur. Beaver Meadow Cem. , Haddam; m. 22 Feb. I809 ESTHER GLADWIN, b. I6 
April 1786; d. 25 Mfiir. I880, per stone. Bur. same as husband. She was 
dau. of Daniel euid Bethia (Buckingham) Gladwin of Haddam, Conn. 

He was a carpenter and a musician. Seems to have been prominent in 
Haddam. Was in Conn. Militia as musician 8/23/l8lU to IO/5/I81U, War 
of 1812, Conn. 

He was brought up by his grandparents, Oliver and Ann (Brainerd) Wells. 
(Brainerd Book — Elijah). 

Knowles children: 

i. Sally Ann b . 29 Mar. I8IO ; bap. 6 June I819 Old Presby. Ch.; d. 
23 Aug. 1908, ae 98, the oldest person in Middlesex County; m. 
21 Dec. 1830 Lucius Starr Walkley, b. I809 Walkley Hill, Haddam, 
d. Aug. 1888, ae 79; both buried Clinton. They lived Westfield, 
Mass.; 1838 rem. to Westbrook, Conn.; 18^+7 to New London. 

Walkley children: 

a. Ann Starr , b. 2 Nov. l832; d. unm. 

b. Lucia, b. 8 Jvme l839; d. 2h Dec. I89O; m. 25 Feb. I86U Char:te8 

Sidney Jones; son Allen Walkely Jones, b. 15 Aug. I865. 
381. ii. Alpheus Wells , b. 30 Nov. l8l2; bap. 6 June I819 as above, 
iii. Tamzin Hart , b. 2k May I818; d. 8 Oct. 1902 Clinton, Conn. 

(Bapt. same as above); m. k April I8U1 Francis B. Kelsey of 
Clinton; they lived in Meriden. 

Kelisey children: 

a. Lydia Melissa , b. 26 Feb. 18^+3; m. Jos. Waterman. 

b. Edward Alpheus , b. 21 Sept. I8U5. 

c. Wilbur Fiske , b. 15 Mar, 185O, a dentist in Paris. 

d. Stephen Olin , b. 7 Mar.l85U. 

Tth Generation 


e. Benjamin F. , t. 21 Ma^r l85T. 

f. Infant son , b. T April i860; d. 1? April i860. 

382. iv. Hezekiah , "b. 1 April l820. 
382a. V. Selden Wells , b. h Mar.l822. 

vi. Mary Brainerd , b. 8 April l828; d. 9 May l8U8. 

199 A LEVERETT ^KNOWLES ( Ri chard ,*Ri chard Lt . Johntcol. John,* John ,*Richard* ) , 
son of Richard (95.) and 2nd wife, Deborah (Scovil), b. abt. 179^; m- 
abt. 1812 ELIZABETH . 

ATK said he went south and last heard from was in Springfield, Mo. His 
son, Orlando, was brought up in home of Stevens Philander in Haddam, 
Thought to have died of fever. 

Knowles children: 

383. i. Orlando Leverett,^ b. l8 Feb. l8l3, Middletown, Conn. 

ii. Eliza , m. March I836 Lyman N. Hull; lived Wallingford, Conn. 

HvlLI children: 

a. Lucretia 

b. Emily , m. J. B. Mix in Pasadena 1912. 

c. Mary, m. Northrup (1st); m. (2nd) Archie Burr. 

d. Sarah , m. R. Barnes (1st); m. (2nd) Lucian Witley. 

200 .] ALANSON ^KNOWLES (Richard ,* Richard Lt . John,*Col. John John ,*Ri chard* ) , 
son of Richard (95.) and 2nd wife, Deborah ( Scovil), b. 1T96, prob. 
Haddam, Conn,; d. 7 July 1886, Chardon, Ohio; m. (1st) I817, SOPHIE 

MILLER, b. 1802 ; d. l838, dau. of and Susanna ( Scovil) Miller; 

m. (2nd), 23 April l8i+0, LOUISA E. SMITH of Massilon, Stark Co., Ohio, 
b. 1806, N.Y.; d. I896, age 90, Chardon, Ohio. (Chardon rec'ds say 
she d. 27 July I898. ) 

He was in I85O census, Chaxdon Twsp., Geauga, Co., Ohio. I86O same 
place, a laborer; I87O same, a farmer. 

Knowles children: 

38U. i. Charles Lewis * b. I819 , Westfield, Mass. 

385. ii. Calvin > b. 26 Jan. I826, Westfield. 

iii. Daughter , b. and d. in infancy, prob. at Haddam, Conn. 

386. iv. Warren Benton , b. l835 , Chardon, Ohio. 

© JOSIAH SCOVIL ^ KNOWLES (Richard,* Richard ,* Lt . John,* Col. John John, * 
Richard^), son of Richard (95.) and 2nd wife, Deborah (Scovil), b. 
1805, Haddam, Conn.; d. I89I, Westfield, Mass.; (Mass. VR's); m. RACHEL 
HUMASTON, b. abt. 1807. He was a shipmaker in Westfield censuses. 

Knowles children; b. Southwick, Mass. (Mass. VR's): 

i. Phebe A. f m. 23 July 18U6 (Westfield City Hall records) James R. 


Tth Generation 

Gladwin of East Haddam: Conn., her first cousin, son of James 
and Lavina (Knowles) Gladwin of Westfield. 

Gladwin children: (from records of Arthur T. Knowles) 

a. Lewis 

"b. Rosalind , m. W. H. Loomis . 

387. ii. Milton D. b. I828. 

iii. Rollin H. , b. I83U; d. 5 April l857, ae 22 yrs., 6 mos . , 1? da's. 

of typhoid fever (death cert.). He was an artist. 

iv. Sarah L . , b . l839. 

V. James Sheridan , b. l8U2; was age 19, a clerk, in his father's 
household census, Westfield, Mass. 

(202 J RUEL ^ KNOWLES ( Rue 1 ,* Richard Lt . John,* Col. John,* John,* Richard* ) , son 
of Ruel (96. ) and Miriam (Wells); b. 2k Feb. l803, Haddam, Conn.; d. 27 
July 1883, age 80 ; bur. Higganum Cemetery , (Foster Church Lot); m. 8 
Sept. 1825 at Haddajn, ACHSAH MINERVA HUBBARD, b. l809i d. 29 April I888, 
age 79 at Haddam. 

1850 census, Haddam, shows Ruel as a blacksmith. 

Knowles children; b. Haddam: (from ELY Genealogy) 

i. Marian Wells f b. 8 June 1826. 

388. ii. Enos Hubbard , b. I829 . 

iii. Ruel W. , b . l830; 1870 census, Middletown, Conn. He was a 

blacksmith with wife, Ellen, age 37, b. Ireland. 

iv. Hannah C . , b. l832. 

V. William W. , b. 1835- I85O he was ae 15 in his father's household, 
Haddam, Conn. 

vi. Eleanor Jane , b. I8U6; was a school teacher, age 2U, living in her 
father's household in Haddam, 187O. She m. Foster Church. 

203V DANIEL CHAPMAN ^ KNOWLES (Daniel,* Richard,* Lt . John,* Col. John,' John,* 

Richard*), son of Daniel (97.) and Miriam (Wells) (Knowles); b. 10 Mar. 
1805, Haddam, Conn.; d. 27 Dec. I829, age 25, at Haddam; bur. Turkey 
Hill Cem.; m. 7 Mar. I827 by Rev. Simon Shailer, LOUISA ANN DICKINSON, 
b. 2k Feb. I809/IO; d. 6 Sept. l892; dau. of Jonah and Clarissa 
(Hubbard) Dickinson. She m. (2nd) Leonard Miller; m. (3rd) John E. H. 

Knowles child: 

i. Daniel Chapman ,*b. 26 June I83O; d. 16 Mar. I838. 

7th Generation 211 

f 20U J WILLIAM ^ OOWLES (John,* William,* Lt . John,* Col. John ,^ John Richard* ) , 
i J son of John (99 . ) and Judith (Huhbard), born 6 Mar. 1798, Haddam, 
Conn.; d. l821, age 23, January l8; m. 7 Feb. l820 LOVINA ALCOX, 
b. 17 Jan. l801, Ponsett ; d. 1 March l821, Wolcott , Conn., dau. of 
Obed and Anna (Andrews )A1cox. 

From BY GONE DAYS IN PONSETT-HADDAM , by Rev. William Clark, the 
following : 

He died in l821 at the early age of 23, a young man of deep and fervent 
piety, and member of the Haddam Congregational Church. In February 
1820 he married Miss Lovina Alcox, now Alcott , of Wolcott. In the Fall 
of that yeeir the young couple set up housekeeping in his grandfather's 
house in Ponsett. The Jainuary following, he was seized with a fever 
and died. The widow returned to her father's house in Wolcott where 
she died the 1st day of March following, aged 20. A few of William 
Knowles ' letters to his sister ,Zeruiah, which breathe the spirit of a 
true piety, are still extant. His rigid manner of life, however, would 
hardly be followed by the young disciple of the day. The elders would 
be slow to recommend it and it would not now be considered a sign of a 
healthy religious life. Even to play a game of ball was considered by 
young Knowles as sinful. But with all his Puritanic notions, we never 
heard of any religious controversy between him and his yoxing wife who 
was ein Episcopalian. 

JOHN HUBBARD ^ KNOWLES ( John William,^ Lt . John,*Col. John John, * 
Richard^), son of John (99.) and Judith (Hubbard); b. 25 Dec. l803, 
Haddam; d. there 5 Jan. I87O , age 66; buried New Ponsett Cemetery; m. 
at Haddam, 8 Feb. I838, TAMZON MARITTA CLARK, b. 21 Oct. I819 , Higganum, 
Conn.; d. 23 April l897, age 77 yrs . , 6 mos . , at Haddam. She was dau. 
of Kelly and Mary (Skinner) Clark. 

Information from Arthur T. Knowles, family records of Mrs. Earl Jagoe, 
and from book written by his son. Rev. Wm. Clark Knowles, BY-GONE DAYS 

For many years he was a seafaring man, going on his first voyage 
about 1822 and following the water until the spring of l837. During 
that time he visited the four quarters of the globe. He returned 
to his home in l837 and lived there until his death as he became an 
epileptic and had to remain at home. His widow occupied the house 
until her decease in l897 at which time it became the property of 
William C. Knowles ajid later occupied by his son, John Cox Knowles. 
The farm was on lajid that had been in possession of the family for 
about l6i+ years. The two-story house with lean-to was a typical 
New England farm house, built by his grandfather, William Knowles, 
who died in I820 , leaving his estate by will to his grandchildren, 
William, Zeruiah and John H. Knowles, his son, John to have the use 
of it during the term of his natxrral life. This homestead still 
standing in 1972. 

Knowles child; b. Ponsett, Conn.: 

389. i. William Clark , b. 23 March l8iiO . 


Tth Generation 

206 A SETH ^ OOWLES , JR . (Seth Seth ,^ Seth * Col . John J John * Richard"^ ) , son 

J of Seth (100.) and Lucy (Ranney); b. 10 July 1790 (family records of 

Mrs. Nita K. Howard), bapt . 7 July 1793, Trinity Protestant Episcopal 
Church, Portland, Conn.; d. I8U8 (HISTORY OF ONTARIO CO., N.Y.), 
Littleville, Town of Hopewell, Ontario Co.; m. HANNAH REYNOLDS, b. 
Conn. abt. 179 

History of Ontario Co., states that Hannah died in I868 in Hopewell, 
N.Y. , however, she was in the I87O census living with her son, Eber and 
family; age 76, living in Hopewell. (P.O. Orleans), Ont. Co., N.Y. 

Co., N.Y., 1911, pg. 178, contains a sketch about Eber A. Knowles , son 
of Seth, Jr. and Hannah Reynolds. Although this article has several 
errors, it identifies this Seth as having married Hannah Reynolds and 
as being father of Eber — later found in census. "Seth, Jr., moved to 
Orleans Co., N.Y. with his parents when a young lad and settled in 

the Town of Clarendon ... among their children was Eber A., born 

I83U in St. Johnsville, Montgomery Co., N.Y., " 

HISTORY OF CLARENDON, N.Y., pg. 21, under "Farwell's Mills". .."In 
1838, in the spring, Seth Knowles, the son of Seth Knowles, Sr., who 
lived on the Hulberton Road, entered into a contract with Eldredge 
Farwell and Remmick Knowles to lay the stone walls of the present 
grist-mill. He employed as masons Jerry Ward, Levi Woodbury, Lawrence 
Bovee of Clarkson, William Knowles and Levi Davis,.." Also from this 
same volume by David Sturges Copeland: "l835, Seth Knowles and Levi 
Davis were the stone masons for the Universalist Church which was 
the first building of any denomination in the town." Seth worked at 
his trade in Rochester also, and was mason for the stone schoolhoxise 
in Clarendon. 

In I8UO-U1, Seth Knowles was listed in Rochester City Directory, living 
at 21 Scio Street, a mason. I8UU, listed as mason on Delavan Street 
(near Scio), same city. 

In Jione , I83O and Mar. l832, he was listed in records of St. John's 
Dutch Reformed Church, St. Johnsville, N.Y. as subscriber for support 
of the Reverend A. H. Myers with "the several sums they have signed 
and an account of what they have paid." Also listed was "Cline 
Knowles-commenced 1 Nov. I8U0." Peter Cline Knowles' 2nd marriage 
recorded there l855. (Courtesy Dept. History & Archives, Fonda, N.Y. 

Reynolds Knowles, believed to be his son also, wais born Renssalaer Co., 
N.Y. (His C.W. papers.) Ages given in papers and censuses not con- 
sistent, therefore, he was born between I816 and l820. 

1830 census, Oppenheim, Montgomery Co., N.Y., Seth was head of house- 
hold with 1 male, 30-Uo (b. 1790 to I8OO ) (himself ) ; 2 males 15-20 
(1810-1815), could be Reynolds and Peter Cline, sons; 5 males 20-30 
(18OO-I8IO), probably not his children but could be men working on a 
masonry job with him; 1 female 30-UO (179O-I8OO), would have been 

Tth Generation 


Hannah, his wife; 1 female 10-15, (l8l5-l820 1 female 5-10, (l820- 
1825) and 2 females under 5, (l825-l830). 

These Knowles young people were found in I85O census Ontario Co. , in 
other households who could well be Seth's and Hannah's children as 
Seth died 18U8 and the children were placed out with others. Hannah 
was not located in the I85O census either Ontario Co. , or Montgomery 
Co., nor in I86O census, but was in 187O as stated above. Lewis 
Knowles, age I8, 185O in home of Gardner (tavern keeper), Ceuiandaigua; 
Maria Knowles, age 17, in home of Thaddeus Bennington, Canandaigua ; 
William Knowles, age 15, in home of Joseph Simonds , Canaxidaigua; 
(not children of Isaac Knowles family living in Canandaigua at the 
time). A Charles Knowles was fovmd in census in Shortsville I867-8 
and was a painter. 

There seems to be no other way of accounting for these "hanging" 
Knowleses as others in the aj*ea accoiinted for, than by children of 
Seth. Charles b. lQk2 meant that Hannah would have been abt. U8 at 
the time of his birth, not likely but not impossible. 

Additionally, Reynolds Knowles was married in Farmington, N.Y., in 
1839 and lived thereafter in Farmington. Lewis A. Knowles was buried 
in Shortsville, Ontario, N.Y., 1869 . All towns mentioned in close 
proximity to one another. Eber named a son, Lewis A., and Peter C. 
was a mason. Eber ajid Reynolds both had black hair and eyes according 
to their descriptions in pension papers. Hannah's maiden name was 
Reynolds . 

Seth was a stone mason and apparently took various jobs on contract 
which accounts for his moving around so much. There were no deeds 
found in his name which indicates no permanent residence. He was not 
a farmer. 

Summing up the known locations of Seth: 

Bet. I816-I82O approx. - Renssalear Co., N.Y. (not in l820 census 

that county ) . 

I83O-I832 - Oppenhiem and St. Johns vi lie, Montgomery Co., N.Y. 
I83U - St. Johns ville, N.Y. when Eber was born. 

1838 - lived on Hulberton Road, contracted mason work on grist mill 

at Farwell's Mills, Orleans Co. 
I8UO-I8UU - Rochester, N.Y. 

Therefore, it can reasonably be ass\imed that Eber, Lewis, Reynolds and 
Peter were definitely children of Seth and probably William Charles 
and Maria. 

Knowles children: 

390. i. Peter Cline ^b. 181I. 

391. ii. Reynolds , b. I816-I82O , Renssalaer Co., N.Y. 

iii. Daughter, I815-I82O. 

iv. Daughter , I82O-I825 . 

v. Daughter , I825-I83O. 

vi. Daughter . I825-I83O. 

Tth Generation 

vii. Levis A. , b. l832 , Montgomery Co., N.Y. , ; d. 2? Mar. I869 , age 
3T; buried Dillon Cemetery between Chapin and Shortsville on 
Shortsville Road, Ontario Co., N.Y. He served in Co. l8th, 
N.Y. Volunteers, Civil War. No pension papers, 
viii . ? Maria, b. l833. 
392. ix. Eber A. , b. 13 July I83U, St. Johnsville, Montgomeiy Co., N.Y. 
X. ? William , b. l835. 

xi . ? Charles , b. l8k2. In I86T-8 was a painter living in Shortsville. 

In 1880 census, he was age 38, living in Manchester, Ontario Co., 
N.Y. , with a wife, Ellen, age 36; daughter, Sarah, age 11; and 
a son, Eben, or Eber , age 6. 

@ ANSEL ^ KNOWLES (Seth* Seth Seth ,* Col . John ,^ John RichardM , son of 
Seth (100.) and Lucy (Ranney), b. lU June 179^, Buckland, Hampshire 
Co., Mass.; d. 19 Aug. l875 » Geneva, Walworth Co., Wisconsin; m. 
ELIZABETH BOSTWICK, b. May 1796, G all away , Saratoga Co., N.Y. ; d. 
12 Oct. 1880, Racine, Wisconsin at home of her daughter, Angeline 
Wright. Both buried LaJfce Geneva Cemetery. 

Copy of will of Ansel Knowles follows, dated June l875» on file 
Walworth Co. , Wisconsin Probate Div. 

Ansel's parents removed with their children from Mass. to N.Y. after 
1800 . 

History of Clarendon states the first log school stood just below 
Ansel Knowles who took up the land. Ansel said to be a 1st settler 
abt . 1821, lived on Millard Road and was a shoemaker. 

Ansel and Elizabeth lived in Clarendon, Orleans Co., N.Y. the first 
years of their marriage then moved to Onondaga City, Onondaga Co. , N.Y. 
where they were found in I830 and I8U0 census , that place. They removed 
to Geneva, Wise. l8it2 where they lived until death. 

Ansel kept a liveiy stable of fine horses and drove a mail stage be- 
tween Geneva and Springfield, 111. Affectionately known as "Cap" 
Knowles - a man of quiet and pleasing ways. Mrs. Nita Knowles Howard, 
descendant of Ansel Knowles and a past Regent of the DAR in Wisconsin, 
(through Lucy Ranney 's father, George Ranney) states Ansel left a keep- 
saice of a cane, said to have been brought over on the Mayflower. This 
family possession is said to be "somewhere in California." 

Knowles children: 

i. Angeline f b . 20 June I816 Clarendon, N.Y.; m. Wright; 

resided Racine and vicinity for Uo years; widowed for 26 years 
iand by strength of character and resourcefulness raised in 
comfort her fatherless children. She had a large circle Of 
friends who admired, respected and loved her. Those who 
mourned her death were Mrs. Lydia Kynes of Kansas, Mrs. Mary 
A. Tate, Henry W. Wright, Miss Belle Wright, Charles T. Wright. 

ii. Elizabeth , who m. H untington and was "of N.Y." 

iii. Parthena , m. Kissner and lived in Minnesota. 

7th Generation 


iv. Phebe, m. C.C. Tanner and lived in Cleveland, Ohio. 

V. Catherine , m. E.E. Killmer and lived in Chicago, 111. 

393. vi. Martin , b. l821 , Onondaga , N.Y. 

39*+. vii. Stephen , b. l829, Onondaga, N.Y. 

395. viii. Ansel , b. l835-l8UO , Onondaga, N.Y. 

396. ix. Albert , b. 2k May 1836, Onondaga, N.Y. 


I, Ansel Knowles of Geneva, Walworth Coianty, Wisconsin, being feeble in 
health, but of sound mind and memory, and being desirous of disposing of 
my worldly affairs, do make and publish this my last Will and Testament, 
that is to say. 

First . I desire that all my debts and liabilities be paid out of my 
personal property, except such as is secured on my real estate. 
Second . I will, devise and bequeath unto my wife Elizabeth B. Knowles, in 
case she shall survive me, the use, income and profit of all my property 
real and personal which shall remain after payment of said debts, to have, 
hold and enjoy during her natural life. 

Third. After my decease and the decease of my said wife, I direct that 
all my property be sold, and that the proceeds thereof after payment of all 
claims against the same by mortgage or otherwise, be divided and distributed 
among my children Angeline Wright, Elizabeth H\intington, Parthena Kisner, 
Phebe Tanner, Catherine Kilmer, Martin Knowles, Ansel Knowles and Stephen 
Knowles, in equal shares, or in case any of them shall then be deceased, his 
or her share to be given to his or her surviving children, if any. My son, 
Albert, having received his share heretofore is not to share in said 
division . 

Fourth . I hereby nominate and appoint my daughter Angeline Wright of 
Racine, Wisconsin, to be sole executrix of this my last will eind testament. 

Witness my hand this lUth day of June A.D., 1875. 

(s) A. Knowles 

The above instrument of two pages signed by the above named Ansel Knowles 
on the day above named, and by him declared to be his last Will and 
Testament in presence of us who by his request and in his presence and in 
presence of each other have subscribed our names hereto as witnesses. 

James Simmons of Geneva Wis. 
Henry Smith " " 

2l6 Tth Generation 

(208. )iEMICK ^ KNOWLES (Seth ,* Seth Seth ,*Col. John,* John .^Richard* ) , son of 

Seth (100. ) and Lucy (Ranney); b. 15 Mar. 1796, Buckland, Hampshire Co., 
Mass.; d. I8 April I855, ae 59 yeeirs , 1 mo., 1 day according to tomb- 
stone. Manning Cem. , Town of Clarendon, Orleans Co., N.Y.; m. SUSANNAH 
FARWELL, b. Jan. I8OI, Carlton, N.Y.; d. 23 April l879 , ae 79 years, 
3 mos . , lU days on tombstone. Manning Cem., dau. of Judge Eldredge 
Fai^ell, b. 6 Mar. 1770 at Charleston, N.H. , and Polly Richardson, b. 
1782; d. Oct. 1821 at Clarendon, N.Y. 

Information from Mrs. Nita K. Howard (1973); U.S. Federal Censuses; 
cemetery records courtesy Cary H. Lattin, County Historian, Orleans 
Co., Albion, N.Y.; and HISTORY OF CLARENDON by David St\irges Copeland; 
Farwell Genealogy at Sutro Library, San Francisco (Knowles data there- 
in supplied by Mrs. T.K.Young, Marion, N.Y.) 

Dates given for Remick and Susanna's births do not quite match dates 
on tombstone. Her birth date given in Farvrell Gen. as 18OI. Her 
father, Judge Farwell, founded Clarendon, N.Y. in I8IO . Susannah was 
said to have died "in the west". In I86O census, she was living in 
the household of Robert S. Tanner, 37, and Charlotte Tanner, 22, in 
Barre , Orleans Co., N.Y. 

History of Clarendon states that in I838 in the spring, Seth Knowles, 
who lived on the Hulberton Road, entered into a contract with Eldridge 
Farwell and Remick Knowles to lay the stone walls of the grist mill. 
On pg. 232, Early Military History (History of Clarendon): "In I826 , 
Remick Knowles drew a mighty 6 pounder (canon) with 2 horses in grand 
style to the delight of all present. The uniform was wliite pants with 
swords by their gallant sides and feathers streaming gaily from their 
cocked hats ..." 

Petition of Susannah Knowles to settle his estate on file Surrogate 
CoTirt, County of Orleans, indicates $1,756.33 expenses of settling 
estate, including funeral expenses; final estate $1,92U.26 assets; 
balance left for distribution was $167. 93. Polly, Seth, Lucy, Albert, 
named as surviving children in l855. 

Knowles children; b. Clarendon: N.Y.: 

i. Henry R. ,* b. l82_; on tombstone. Manning Cem., d. 12 May l82_, 

ae 3 mos . 

ii. Eldredge P. , b. l825 ; on stone: d. 6 Aug. l839 , ae ik years. 
397. iii. Seth, b. . 

iv. Polly , prob. b. I83I; m. Mortimer Tanner, had son Samuel Tanner 

who married her brother Seth's dau. 
V. Lucy , b. 183^; m. Delos Piatt; children: Harriet and Theron Piatt. 

vi . Remick , b. l835 ; on stone: d. 28 Feb. l835, ae 27 days. 

vii. Albert R. ( "V" in Farwell Gen.), b. I838 ; on stone: d. 7 Dec. I86I+, 

26 years, 5 mos., 5 days. Unmarried, 
viii. Clark, b. l8i+3; on stone: d. 13 Sept. I8I+5 , ae 2 y., 2 m. 

7th Generation 217 

209 j SAMUEL ^ KNOWLES ( Seth Seth Seth ,*Col . John John, ^ Richard^ ) , son of 
Seth (100. ) and Lucy (Ranney); b. 12 March 1798, Buckland, Hampshire 
Co., Mass.; d. 10 Mar. l872 , eie 73 y., 11 m's., 23 days, on tombstone 
in Manning Cemetery, Town of Clarendon, Orleans Co., N.Y.; m. EUNICE 
STURGES, b. l802; d. 27 June l86U, ae 6l y. , 8 m. , 11 d, , on tombstone 
Manning Cemetery "w. of Samuel." She was probably the daughter of 
Mercy Sturges who was living in their household in I85O, age 87; 
possibly the father was Joseph Sturges who transferred property to 
Eldredge Farwell in Clarendon in l821. 

Samuel was brought to New York State by his parents when a very small 
child. 1870 census. Clarendon, Samuel was a faarmer with $10,000 real 
estate, $l,8ii0 personal property. 

HISTORY OF CLARENDON by David Sturges Copeland has several references 
to Samuel and Eunice Knowles . They began housekeeping in the old log 
house where they had a whole set of pewter and dishes , apparently a 
luxury in those days. Eunice said to have woven her own carpet with 
her hands, Kade from woolen rags and blankets. Samuel also said to 
have been a shoemaker. He kept many bees and remarked that he could 
talk to them. 

Petition for Proof of Will of Samuel Knowles , filed Surrogate Co\art, 
County of Orleans, N.Y. 13 March I872, states value of his estate 
$6,000 with names and addresses of children and grandchildren given. 

Knowles children; b. Clarendon, N.Y.: 

i. Hannah ,^ m. Winchell; living Clarendon 1872. 

ii. Sarah Ann , m. Mower; living Bergen, Genessee Co., N.Y. I872. 

398. iii. Franklin A. , b. I83I+. 

iv. Melinda , b. l835 ; m. J oiner; living Ridge Road, Newfane, 

Niagara Co., N.Y. in I872. 
V. Esther Jane , b. I838; m. Henry Bennett; living Clarendon l872; 

after I88I lived on the Hulberton Road. 

399. vi. Sylvester , b. I8U2. 

vii. Lydia , m. Annis ; deceased in I872 and probably not youngest 

child as she was not listed in any censuses from I85O ; more 
likely the oldest child. These grandchildren of Samuel listed: 
Delos Annis of Cedar Springs, Kent Co., Mich, and Deforest Annis, 
Lockport, Niagara Co., N.Y. 

210 .) WILLIAM ^ KNOWLES ( Seth Seth^,Seth Col . John ,^ John, *Richard*) , son of 
Seth (100. ) and Lucy (Ranney); b. 13 Feb. I8OO, Buckland, Hampshire 
Co., Mass.; d. 3 July I87I, ae 71 y. , i+ m. , I8 days, tombstone Manning 
Cemetery, Clarendon, Orleans Co., N.Y.; m. MARY A FREDERICKS, b. I806, 
N.Y. , living in I870. 

Willi am Knowles was a mason as were most of the men in his immediate 
family. Although he consistently stated in censuses that he had been 
born in Conn., that is unlikely as his brothers and sisters were all 
born in Mass. before the family removed to N.Y. State. William must 


7th Generation 

have been a shoemaker also as HISTORY OF CLARENDON states he "made 
shoes for the Glidden family." The family was in I85O censiis .Clarendon , 
with Malvina, 23; Harvy li+ and Abram, 12; in i860 with Philip F., 27, 
farmer and Rosanna S. , 23; also Abraham 21, boatman. As Rosaiina was 
not in the earlier censuses, she perhaps was wife of Abraham. Philip's 
wives were later named in his C.W. papers. 

In 1870 censiis , Clarendon, N.Y. , William was age 70, a stone and brick 
mason, with $200, living alone. His wife had apparently gone to 
Michigan where she was living with son, Philip, age 37, a farm laborer, 
in Ovid, Branch Co., Mich. 

Knowles children; b. Clarendon, N.Y.: 

i. Malvina,* b. I826. 
I+OO. ii. Philip F. , b. 12 Feb. I828. 
1+01. iii. Harvey , b. I836. 
h02. iv. Abraham, b. 1839- 

V. ? Rosanna S. , b. abt. 1837- 

GEORGE RANNEY ^ KI^:0WLil;S (Seth Seth ,^Seth ,*Col. John ,^ John Richard* ) , son 
of Seth (100.) and Lucy (Ranney), b. 3 Nov. l803, Buckland, Hampshire 
Co., Mass.; d. 31 July l873 in his 70th year; buried Warrensville Cem. , 
Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. Married 16 Feb. I826 at Clarendon, N.Y. ELIZABETH 
WETHERBY, native of New York, b. 2 Nov. l802; d. 7 Oct. I87O , age 67 
yrs . , 11 mos . , 5 days, at Warrensville, Ohio. 

When George Ranney Knowles was 3 months old he moved with his parents 
and family to Clarendon, New York, where his father was an early settler, 
and where George grew up. 

In 1930, May F. Nichols, daughter of Eunice who was George's youngest 
child, wrote a history of the family on the occasion of a re\inion which 
took place in August of that year in Ohio. Copy received from Miss 
Eunice Nichols of Bedford, Ohio (l973), daughter of May. Additional 
information on this family sent by Miss Nichols and Mrs. Nita Knowles 
Howard of Madison, Wise, a descendant of George Ranney's older brother, 
Ansel Knowles. In 1936, when Mrs. Howard was researching for her DAR 
membership, she conducted considerable correspondence with various famlJy 
members, one of whom was George Royal Knowles of Moscow, Idaho, a son of 
Seth B. , son of George Ranney, Sr. The Wisconsin descendants of Remick 
0. Knowles have contributed certain data. Descendants of George Ranney 
Knowles, Sr., are eligible for DAR membership through Lucy Ranney's 
father, George Ranney. A letter in 1936 to Nita Howard from Bertha 
Knowles Pollock, as well as Mrs. Nichols' history, furnished statistics 
on the children born to George Ranney Knowles and his wife, Elizabeth. 

The following is extracted from the history written by May F. Nichols 
for the last Knowles family reunion in August, 1930: 

"Grandfather came on the trip to the west alone , a long and tedious 
Journey, for he walked the entire distance from Buffalo — about 300 miles. 

Tth Generation 


He built a shanty and probably went back for his family which by that 
time included two or three children. Driving an ox team the whole 
distance, they arrived in Warrensville late fall. There was no door 
to the shanty and a quilt was hung to keep out the cold until Grandpa 
could go to Bedford and carry home enough boards on his back to make a 
door (five miles). Later he got a four pane window. 

At that time the country was heavily wooded. Timber vas cut and b;irned 
to make space for garden and the crops that had to be grown to feed an 
increasing family plus the oxen and cow. There was no doctor, nor any 
neighbor closer than a mile; no road, no lights except a tallow dip and 
later tallow candles. The winters were long and severe. 

Amid all these hardships the family of ten, seven sons and three 
daughters , we re born ajid raised. Grandmother had a keen knowledge of 
medicinal herbs and cured her children with the use of them in their 

Several years before the Civil War, four members of the family, namely 
Uncle George, Uncle Henry, Uncle John and Aunt Lucy with their 
families, went to seek their fortunes in Wisconsin. As pioneers in 
that state i they endured the same hardships that their parents had ex- 

Delia Knowles Bancroft, daughter of George Jr. , sends this item from her 
father's diary or record of the war. When the four men enlisted in I861, 
Uncle George was rejected on account of rhumatism, so he returned to 
help care for the families of the other three. September of l86i+, he 
again offered himself and was accepted. April 2nd, I865 , while his 
company E — 5th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, was stationed near Fort 
Fisher, south of Petersburg, Va. , he was wounded in the head and taken 
to Findley Hospital, Washington, D.C. , and cared for till his discharge 
June 2nd. 

The three brothers, Remick, Martin ajid Seth , enlisted from Ohio, so 
these parents served their country well in supplying six sons and a 
son-in-law and suffered the anxiety that few of us are called upon 
to suffer. John died in Wisconsin in l863; Henry died in I86U in 
Andersonville Prison; Simeon had died in l855 at the age of 9- 

Grandpa and Grandma built a frame house in l855 when the youngest 
child, Eunice, was six. It still stands but has had several additions 
built. They had many added comforts by this time, stoves, oil lamps, 
and more comfortable furniture as well as more room. Trundle beds 
had been used by everyone in the family. 

Grandmother died in I8TO. She had been a patient sufferer several 
years. Grandfather died in 18T3. Uncle Seth is alone and the last 
one left of that generation of the children of George and Elizabeth." 

Copy of will of George Ranney Knowles follows listing of the children. 

220 Tth Generation 

Knowles children: 

George Ranney. Jr. /b. 23 May l827, Clarendon, N.Y. (Orleans Co.). 
Henry 0. , b. 11 Feb. l829. 

Elizabeth , b. 12 May 1831; m. Colvin Arnold; lived in Warrens villa, 
Ohio all her life; at least two sons, Allen and Ora, and 
possibly daughters. 
John W. , b. 16 Jan. I83I+. 

Lucy Jane , b. 26 April I836; m. Amaziah Pollock and were parents 
of Albert Pollock who meurried Bertha E. Knowles, dau. of Remick 
0., brother of Lucy Jane. Lucy euid Amaziah lived near Appleton, 
Wise. Besides Albert, they had: Greeley, Ifyath, Ewy and Corah. 
Remick 0. , b. 2k May I838, Warrens ville , Ohio. 
Martin Van Buren , b. 8 Aug. I8U0, Warrensville . 
Seth B. , b. 2k Oct. 1843. 

Philus Simeon , b. 2 Jiily I8I16; d. 9 Nov. l855, ae 9. 
Eunice Catherine , b. ik March I8U9; d. 12 May 1902; m. James 
Faragher . 

Faragher children: 

a. Helena May, b. 13 June 18T5; d. 10 Oct. 1955; named Helena 
for the city in Montana where her father, James, went in a 
Gold Rush about I860 ; was called "May" , She married George 
W. Nichols and they lived in Bedford, Ohio; parents of 
Eunice Nichols, living Bedford 1973. 

b. Alice Amelia , b. 1 Dec. 18t6; d. 22 July 1937; m. Roy Conkey; 
lived in Bedford area all her life. 

c. Eunice Abbey , b. 22 Nov. l879 ; d. I6 April l899; unm. 

d. Waldo James , b. 10 April l887; d. ik Aug. 1910; unm. 

e. Howard Robert , b. 22 June I89I; d. 22 Mar. I96I+; m. Edna 
Allgeier; lived in Bedford. 

recorded Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, Vol. F, Pg. 373 

In the name of the Benevolent Father of all , 

I, GEORGE R. KNOWLES, of Warrensville, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, do make and 
publish this my last will and testament: 

ITiM 1st. I give and devise to ny daughter EUNICE C. KNOWLES twenty six 
acres of land equal in width from north and south off from the east side of 
my taxm being part of original lot No. 100 in the township of Wsa*r ens ville, 
Ohio, all the household furniture beds and bedding and also three h^lndred 
dollars in money out of my personal, property. 

ITEM 2nd. I devise and bequeath to my son, SETH KNOWLES, the balance of my 
Warrensville fexm. (not devised to my daughter Exrnice) being part of original 



1 . 




1+06. vi. 
U07. vii 
koQ. viii 


7th Generation 


lot No. 100, upon the conditions that he pay my children to wit: GEORGE 
KNOWLES five hundred dollars each, to be paid in installments to each of one 
hundred dollars a year. 

ITEM 3rd. I give and bequeath to my seven children in equal amounts the 
balance of my personal property, moneys and credits left after paying all my 
just debts and funeral expenses. 

ITEM k. I do hereby nominate and appoint my son SETH KNOWLES, Executor of 
this my last will and testament. 

I hereby revoke aJ.1 former wills by me made. In testimony hereof, I have 
hereunto set my hand and seal this 8th day of February in the year 1872. 


Signed and acknowledged 

by said George R. Knowles 

as his last will and testament 

in our presence and signed by us 

in his presence. 


SETH ^ KNOWLES , JR . ( Seth ,* Daniel Seth Col . John ,^ John,^Ri chard* ) , son 

of Seth (101.) and Mary (or Mercy) , b. 10 Nov. 1786 (date in Town 

Records) Loudon (now Otis), Berkshire Co., Mass. 10 Nov. 1787 on head- 
stone and family Bible records; d. 9 Nov. I878 or 9 (1878 on headstone) 
prob. d. Livonia, Livingston Co., N.Y. Bur. Parma Union Cemetery, 
Parma, Monroe Co., N.Y., where son, Reuel and wives also buried, Section 
B-I19 and 50; m. (1st), I8IO , MARGARET WELCH, d. before I85O; m. (2nd) 

ESTER , b. abt. 1799 (was age 51 in I85O census); d. bet. I85O 

and 18^0^ 

REFS: From Livonia .Town Historian 1972, Mrs. Lois N. Wilkins: "Seth 
Knowles, Jr., resided for a time on what is called the Gibbs 
farm in Livonia Center." 

Family records from Mrs. Mildred Adams ;and Mrs. Vera Gregory 
Teare of Flint, Mich., the latter a descendajit of Seth Jr.'s 
sister, Lydia, and the former a descendajit of his sister, Ruth, 
(both half-sisters). 

Parma Union Cem. records courtesy Mrs. Shirley Cox Husted, Peirma 
Town Historiaji. 

In 1823 this Seth, Jr., administered the estate of his brother, 
Daniel, in Richmond, Onteirio Co. , N.Y. 


Tth Generation 

U.S. Federal Census records: 

1830 census, Lima, Livingston Co., N.Y., Seth was between the 
ages of ho and 50 with a wife between kO and 50 and 7 children 
between infancy and 15-20. 

1850 census, Orleans Co., N.Y., Town of Carlton: "Stephen 
Knowles", age 63; Ester, age 51; Julia, age 23; George, age 
21;Clarinda Fulton, age 28; Louisa Fulton, age 9; Daniel 
Fulton, age U; last two children born Michigan. 

i860 census, July 30th, Town of Kendall, Orleans Co., N.Y.: 
Seth, age 72, b. Mass.; Julia A., ae 33, b. N.Y. ; next door or 
in same household with Henry A. Knowles and his family. 

1870 census, Livonia, Livingston Co., N.Y. Seth was age 82; 
ret'd farmer, b. Mass. in household of Henry and family; 
also was Julia, age hk. 

In 1821 Seth Knowles, Jr., of the Town of Richmond, County of 
Ontario, sold property for $1,100 to Archibald Mahon of Livonia, 
Livingston Co., said property in Twp. No. 9, 6th Range, part 
of Lot 52 in Liv. Co. , containing 77^ acres bounded as follows: 
on the north by Highway East, by land deeded to Garret We It on, 
south line of said lot and west by Noah Lakin's land. In l825 
the sajne property was purchased by Seth from Archibald and 
Elizabeth Mahon. 

Knowles children; all probably b. Livonia, New York: 

i. Lucinda,*b. 2 Jan. I8II; d. 5 Jan. I8II. 
k09. ii. Reuel, b. 3 June l8l2, Livonia. 

iii. Williajn , b. 3 Feb . I815 ; d. 17 Nov. 1826. 
hlQ. iv. Henry A. , b. 27 Sept. I817. 

V. Alva (Alvey ) , b. 27 Sept. I817 , Livonia. 

vi. Clarinda, b. 16 Nov. I819 ; d. 26 May l897; probably m. 

Fulton and had Louisa and Daniel b. I8UI and 18^+6 respectively. 

vii. Lucy Ann, b. 31 Jan. I825.; d. 1 Nov. 1879- 

viii. Julia Ann , b. 5 March 1827; d. k March l895 > bur. Parma Union 

Cem. (Mrs . Wilkins found info, that a Julia A. Knowles married 
Frank B. Francis who d. l895> ae 68 and Julia d. ae 69; however, 
Julia was age hh and unmarried in I87O census and her headstone 
reads "Julia Knowles" with b. & d. dates.) 
kll. ix. George , b. h March 1829 . 

213^ DANIEL ^ KNOWLES ( Seth ,* Daniel Seth j*Col . John ,^ John ,*Ri chard , son of 
: y Seth (101.) and Mary (or Mercy), b. 15 Mar. 179^, Loudon (Otis), 

Berkshire Co., Mass.; d. 9 Nov. l823, Richmond, Ontario Co., N.Y.; 


This Daniel apparently adopted as birth records of Otis state: 
"Daniel Knowles, s. Seth 8e Mary (dup. Mercy) 'and gift child to 
Comfort Clark. ' " 

Tth Generation 


Seth andMary had a Daniel, b. Otis 2 Feb. 1T85: "Daniel, s. Seth 8e 

Mercy, died Dec. 1793." It appears they adopted the "gift 

child" Daniel, to replace their Daniel who had died three months 
previo\isly . 

The father, Seth, was a pioneer settler in Springwater, N.Y. l80T»where 
the family removed. 

Willard Caskey, age 85 in 1971, living Springwater, N.Y. , gr. grandson 
of this Daniel, stated that Sally Ann Spring married Daniel. Mr. 
Caskey named four children of Daniel and Sally Ann to have been Daniel, 
Jr., Phoebe, Sally Ann and Henry. Mr. Caskey probably mistaken about 
the Henry as Henry A., was son of Daniel's brother, Seth, Jr. 

Daniel's estate was administered by his brother, Seth, Jr., (Ontario Co. 
Surrogate File). Papers mention widow, Sally, and three children. 

Mrs. F.E. Seward of Springwater, N.Y., gr. grand- daughter of Daniel 
and Sally Ann and grand- daughter of Daniel, Jr. 

Knowles children: 

i+12. i. Daniel, Jr. ,^b. l8l8. 

ii. Phoebe 

iii. Sally Ann 

JARED ^ KNOWLES ( Seth ,* Daniel Seth ,*Col . John,* John ,^ Richard^ ) , son of 
Seth ( 101 . ) and 2nd wife, Dorcas (Chapin); b. l800 in Connecticut, ac- 
cording to some information including his own statement on censuses; 
d. probably between i860 and I87O "while on a visit to Wisconsin"; m. 
(1st) in l82i+ at Springwater, N.Y., LAVINA (or Lovina) FARWELL, b. abt. 
1800 probably at Chesterfield, N.H.; d. bet. I8I+5 and I85O , Springwater , 
N.Y.; dau. of Calvin and Sally ( Smith )Farwell ; m. (2nd) ELIZABETH 
(Keller or Kelley), b. I809 , Penna. 

From HISTORY OF LIVINGSTON CO., N.Y "Seth Knowles, his son Jared, in 

1806 .... followed the old Indian Trail to Middletown," later Springwater, 
where Seth was the first settler and where the family remained. 

Chapman Pub. Co., Chicago, I898, an article about Jared's son, Joseph 
C, furnishes some information this family, although there are many 
errors in that Jared was called "Girard" and it was stated that Seth 
had 21 children that attained mature years; also erroneously stated that 
his wife's name was Diana Farweli. Jared said to have had 12 children. 

Information from family records of Elwin D. Farweli, President of 
Luther College (1972), Decorah, Iowa, who is a descendant of Jared's 
sister, Ruth, that Lavina Farweli, who married Jared Knowles was sister 
of Luther Farweli who msLrried Ruth Knowles. Lavina and Luther had a 
brother, Leonard. These were children of Calvin Faxwell who m. 26 Mar. 
1789, Sally Smith. Calvin was b. abt. I762 at Groton, Mass., and was 
son of Oliver and Rejoice (Preston) which family removed from Groton, 


7th Generation 

Mass., to Chesterfield, N.H. before 1111. (Additional data from 
Farvell Genealogy in Sutro Library, San Fraxicisco, Ca.) 

A letter in 1971 from SSG Earl N. Kapelke in the Army in Germany, 
indicates that his gr. gr. grandmother would most certainly have been 
a daughter of Jared. She was Minerva Knowles, born I826 in Springwater, 
N.Y., and there is no other possibility for her parentage apparent. 

From the following various censuses eind much later information obtained 
on certain of Jared' s children, most of the supposed 12 are accounted 

1830 censiis , Springwater, Livingston Co., N.Y.: 

Jared was between 20 & 30 with a wife between 20 & 30 and 2 children 
between 5 & 10 , 3 children under 5. (These would have been Jared, 
Jr., b. l823; female unknown; Minerva, b. I826, Almira, b. l827, 
and Willard, b. I829/3O.) 

I8U0 census, Springwater, Livingston Co., N.Y.: 

Jared and wife were bet. Uo & 50 with children as follows: 
1 male 0 to 5 (l835-l8Uo, Lafayette, b. abt . l837/l838) 

1 female 0 to 5 (l835-l8UO, Betsy, b. 18U0) 

2 males 5 to 10 (l830-l835, Roswell b. l833 and Erastus E. , b.l835) 

1 male 10 to 15 (1825-I830, Willard, b. 1829/30) 

2 fem. 10 to 15 ( 1825-1830, Minerva, b. I826 and Almra, b. l827) 
1 male 15 to 20 (I82O-I825, Jared, Jr., b. l823) 

1 female 15 to 20 (182O-I825, vinknown) 

1850 census ,Canadice , Ontario, N.Y. (indicating family had moved): 

Jared, ae 51, laborer; no wife; Almira, ae 23; Roswell, ae 21 (this 
would mean b. I829, however, later obituary notice for him states 
he was b. 14 Nov. l833. He and Willard were probably mixed up in 
this census.); Willard, ae 17; Erastus, ae 15; Lafayette, ae lU; 
Betsy, ae 10; Joseph ae 8; Horace, ae 6; Williajn, ae 5- 

i860 census, Sparta, Livingston Co., N.Y. (indicating another move): 

Jared was ae 60, farm laborer; Elizabeth, ae 53, b. Penna. , David 
Henry, ae 8, b. N.Y. (not Knowles) and Christianna Keller (or 
Kelley), ae 83, b. Penna. and probably the mother of Jared 's 2nd 
wife, Elizabeth. 

Jared was not in later censuses-. 

Knowles children; all probably b. Springwater, N.Y.: 

1+13. i. Jared, Jr . , b . l823 (found in other enxomerations in his own 
household. ) 

ii. Daughter , b. bet. l820 and l825 unidentified. 

Tth Generation 225 

iii. Minerva , b. 1826 ; assuming her to be Earl Kapelke's ancestor, 
she m. Solomon M. Francisco, a blacksmith; she d. 1 May 1903 
Richmond, Ontario Co., N.Y., buried Canadice; had a dau. Alice, 
b. 1858, Canadice, possibly others. Alice named a child 
Almira-her sister's name. In I850 census, Ontario Co., Canadice, 
were Jacob Francisco, ; Lovina, U5 ; Solomon, 20 and family, 
living close to Jared Knowles ' family. 


Almira, b. 




Willard, b 

. 1829/1830. 


vi . 

Roswell, b 

. ih Nov. 1833. 


vii . 

Eras t us E. 

, b. 1835. 


viii . 

Lafayette , 

b. 1837/8. 


Betsy, b. 




Joseph C . , 

b. k Sept. I81i2. 


xi . 

Horace, b. 

31 May I8I+U. 


xii . 

William, b 

. l8ii5/l8U6. 

CLARK KNOWLES ( Seth ,^ Daniel Seth , Col. John ,^ John Richard ) , son of 
Seth (101. ) and 3rd wife, Mehi table (Bills); b. 29 July I805, Mass. 
(Birth date from family records of Elwin D. Farwell.); m. LAURINDA 
, b. abt. 1827. 

1850 census, Springwater, N.Y., Clark was ae kh and stated to have been 
born in Mass., although his father, Seth, might have left Mass., before 
1805, or at least around that time, as the family was in Livonia abt. 
1806/7. fie had with him in I85O, Laurinda, age 23, and two boys. No 
further evidence of this family in later censuses, indicating they 

Knowles children: 

i. Eds on ,^ b . 1847 . 

ii. Seth , b. I8I19. 

JOMTHAi\l G . ^ pOWLES (Seth,* Daniel,* Seth ,'*'Col. John,^ John,* Richard^) , 
son of Seth (lOl. ) and Mehitable (Bills), b. 3 Feb. l807, probably 
at Livonia, Livingston Co., New York; d. 9 Aug. I89I, Clinton, Iowa 
(from family info. No record in Clinton.); m. (1st) AI24EDA GREGORY, 
b. 1806; d. I8I+8, Excelsior, Sauk Co., Wisconsin; dau. of Moses 
Gregory, Jr., and Sarah ('Ilriompson ; m. (2nd), 21 Oct. I856, Saiik Co., 
Wisconsin, LYDIA (BARNARD), b. abt. l833/3l+; d. bet. I87O & 188O . 

REFS: Gregory Gen. (family records) 

Pension papers C.W. 

Farwell feimily records of Elwin Farwell, descendant of 
Jonathan's half sister, Ruth. 


Mrs. Vera Gregory Teare , Flint, Michigan has papers of her father, 
Dr. l^ron S. Gregory, who compiled Gregory Genealogy. Jonathan's 

7th Generation 

wife, Almeda Gregory, was sister of Stephen Gregory who married 
Jonathaji's sister, Lydia A. (See pg. 133 for Gregory info.) Although 
Jonathan's sons Amos and Erastus , stated in the C.W. pension papers that i 
their mother's name was Amelia, the Gregory Genealogy says her name was 
crat Printing Co., Wise, Feb. 1929, hy Merton Edwin Krug, page 399» ' 
stated "Jonathan Knowles was another settler of iQkj and the death of 
his wife the next year l8i+8 was that of the first white woman in the 
Upper Valley. Her death weis the second in the community..." 
Almeda' s^father, Moses Gregory was ship owner and master of a privateer 
in the American Revolution. Moses settled in Western, N.Y., in 1790 
and married Naomi Stevens (Virkus VOL. IV.) 

"Reedsburg Herald - 1st copy of paper 21 Oct. I856; 3rd page was 
marriage notice of Jonathan Knoles of Freedom to Lydia Burnard of 

In his father's Revolutionary War pension papers, application, I82O, 
Jonathan was named as being age 13. 

1830 Census, Springwater, Livingston Co., N.Y. Jonathan was between 
30 and hO with a wife between 20 and 30, two children under 5 and one 
5-10 . (Error here.) 

Jonathan and family were not in the census N.Y., in I8I+O . It appears, 
he left N.Y. about l835 or I836 and moved around considerably as 
Erastus said to have been b. Mich. I836, Mary in Iowa l839 and Jasper 
in Indiana l8i+l+. 

1850 census. Eagle Township, Saxik Co., Wisconsin: Jonathan, ae h2 , 
b. N.Y..; Stephen, ae 17, b. Iowa; Mary, ae 11 , b . Iowa; Jasper, ae 6, 
b. Iowa (although Jasper's C.W. pension papers state Jasper was "born 
Jasper Co., Ind.") In Manchester & Brooklyn Townships of same I85O 
census, Sauk Co.,: Daniel, ae 20, b. N.Y. axid Amos , ae 15, b. N.Y. in 
household of Castle and were farm hands. 

i860 Census, Saiok Co.-, Johnathan did not appear but found the following 
in Washington (P.O. Sandusky), U Sept.: Flavilla Knowles , 5 in 
household of Clark Miller; Lydia Knowles, age 27, b. N.Y. in house 
with Barnard family, also was Emiline Knowles who was ae 3. (Stephen 
and Erastus married and in separate households.) 

It is possible that Jonathan had a wife between Almeda and Lydia, to 
account for the Flavilla born in l855. Flavilla was not in later 
censuses . 

1870 Census, Excelsior, Sauk Co., Wise: Jonathan, ae 63, b. N.Y.; 
Lydia, ae 36, b. N.Y.; Emeline, ae 13, b. Wise; Jonathan, ae 8, b. 
Wise; Sherman, ae 7, b. Wise; Mary, ae 5, b. Wise; Jennelle, ae 2, 
b. Wise and Eva. (Stephen in separate household and Erastus had died 
by this time in Civil War.) 

7th Generation 


1880 Census, Excelsior Town, Sauk Co., Wise: Jonathan, ae 73, b. 
N.Y., widowed; John B. , ae I8, son, b. Wise; Mary H. , ae lU; Bert, 
ae 9, son, b. Wise. 

There is no will or estate settlement on file in Baraboo, Wise, for 
Jonathan, although he had acquired property. 

Several deeds on file Baraboo County as follows: I85O Jonathan pur- 
chased land for $200 from Charles Street in Sauk Co. 28 Sept. I852, 
he paid $800 to Eli as H. Hubbard and Samantha C. Hubbard for parcels 
of land in Sauk Co. I852 he received, as assignee, from U.S. Patent 
signed by Pres. Millsurd Fillmore, land granted to Edward Jenkins "late 
Priv. in hth Regiment of Tenn. Vols." I872 he paid $U.52 for land 
bought of Sauk Co. for delinquent tajces thereon. 29 Oct. l855» he 
sold land to his son, Stephen Knowles , for $500. 

HISTORY OF NORTH WASHINGTON by Western Historical Pub. Co. of Spokane, 
190k y contains a sketch about Albert Knowles , Jonathan and Lydia's son 
It states that "when a lad (he) went with the balance of the family to 
Minnesota, whence they returned to Wisconsin on account of the grass- 
hoppers. The mother died while they were en route, the trip being 
made with teams..." This son, called variously in the censuses, 
John B. and Johnathan; in Garfield Co., Wash, records as James Albert 
Knowles and by family descendants as Albert. It appears his name 
originally was Jonathan Albert but he used "Albert". This same 
article abovementioned names three sisters of Albert Knowles £is Alice 
Aeron, Nettie Segar and Belle King, whereas in the censuses the girls 
were Mary H. , Jenelle , Eva and Emeline. 

Knowles children; by 1st wife, Almeda: 

i. Daniel , b. abt. I83O, Springwater, N.Y.; no further record, other 
than 1850 census. 
k21. ii. Stephen, b. l832, Springwater, N.Y. 
h22. iii. Amos , b. 1 June l833, Springwater, N.Y. 

h23. iv. Eras t us H . , b. I836 , Michigan (according to his pension papers.) 

V. Mary , b. l839 , Iowa - probably died young. 
h2k. vi. Jasper Newton , b. 9 Sept. 1844, Ja^^er Co., Indiana. 

Knowles child by possible 2nd wife: 

vii. Flavilla, b. l855, Sauk Co., Wise. 

Knowles children; by Lydia: 

viii. Erne line , b. l857, Sauk Co., Wise. 
h23. ix. (Jonathan) Albert , b. 30 April 1862, Sauk Co., Wise. 
U26. X. Sherman , b. I863, Sauk Co., Wise. 

xi. ? Mary H . , b. abt. I865 , Sauk Co., Wise. (Alice Aeron?) 

xii . ?Jenelle, b. abt. 1868. (Nettie Segar?) 
xiii.? Eva (Belle King?) 

U27. xiv. Bert, b. Oct. I871. 


Tth Generation 

WILLARD^KUOWLES (Seth ,*Daniel,* Seth,*Col . John John,* Richard* ) , son of 
Seth (101. ) and Mehitable (Bills); b. 9 Sept. l809, Springwater, 
Livingston Co., N.Y. ; d. 30 Oct. I89I, ae 82, Pulaski, Jackson Co., 
Michigan.; m. 8 June I83U at Jackson Mich., MIRIUM NEARPASS, b. I8IT 
in New York State, d. I8 Aug. I889 , ae 72, Albion, Calhoun Co., 
Michigan . 

Willard Knowles was the first white baby born in the Springwater Valley , 
N.Y. , where his father, Seth, was the founder, (information from J.R. 
Robinson, Historian, Springwater, N.Y. in 1971, who stated that Willard 
went to Pulaski, Michigan when a young maji. ) 

1850 census, Butler, Branch Co., Mich., Willard and Miriam were located 
with children James, ae lU; Peter, ae 11; Nancy, ae 2. 

1880 census, Willard and Miriiim were living in Pulaski Twp. , Jackson 
Co., Mich, and with them were their grandchildren Albert, ae 7, b. Wise, 
and Almeda, ae 7 who were children of their son James; whose first wife 
had died. Willard and Mirium by that time were ages 72 and 67 
respectively . 

According to article about James, son of Willard, in PORTRAIT & BIGG. 
ALBUM OF GRATIOT CO., MICHIGAN, Chapman Bros., l88i+, Chicago, the 
family removed to Sauk Co., Wisconsin about I85O. Willard's brother, 
Jonathan, had already settled in that area but by I87O Willard and 
Mirium were back in Pulaski, Mich., with a daughter, Arminda, age I6. 
They were living next door to Andrew Brail, 69, and his wife Zylpha , 
age 60, b. Pa. which household also contained Robert Brail, 25 and 
Nancy, 22 who was Willard's married daughter. 

Additional, reference: MICHIGAN PIONEERS & HIST. COLLECTIONS, Robert 
Smith & Co., Lansing - 189^^. 

In 1890, Willard Knowles made application for "Dependent Father's 
Pension", stating that his son, Peter, had died in the war and wife, 
Merium, had died I889. He said he was 83 years old and without means 
of support. He received "Veteran's arrears of pay" and a $75 bounty by 
Treasury Cert. No. 87,227. (Pension Cert, papers #ii96,U85 from GSA, 
Washington, D.C.) 

Oct. 1891 Nancy M. Brail petitioned for appointment to administer her 
father's estate stating she was his daughter and tne other heirs at 
law were James Knowles of St. Louis, Gratiot Co., Michigan; Arumida 
Kilmer of Albion, Calhoun Co., Mich., and herself residing Pulaski, 
Mich. Petition was granted to Robert C. Brail by J.M. Brail, Justice 
of the Peace. 

Knowles children; b. Jackson Co., Michigan: 

U28. i. James ,^ b. 25 April I836 , Concord Township. 

ii. Peter , b. l839 ; died in Civil War. 

iii. Nancy M. ,b . I8U8; d. 5 June 1910; m. Robert C. Brail, b. abt.l8U5, 

Tth Generation 


son of Andrew and Zylpha Brail. 

Brail children; prob . b. Pulaski, Mich.: (From Census) 

a. Howard E . , b. abt. 1875- 

b. Burnard F . , b. abt. 18T8. 

c. Lula P . , b . May I88O. 
Perhaps others . 

iv. Arminda , b.l May l85^; d. h Aug. 1923; m. Kilmer. 

ISAAC ^ KNOWLES ^ JR - ^ ( Isaac * Daniel Seth ,* Col . John ,* John ,*Ri chard' ) , 
son of Isaac (102. ) and Lydia ; b. 1792/3, Chatham (East Hampton^ 

Conn.; m. (1st) abt. I815 POLLY (MAEY) BUNNELL, b. Conn., probably 
dau. of Chester Bunnell; she died abt. l8^3 in Canandaigua, Ontario Co. 
N.Y.; Isaac m. (2nd) abt. I8I+5 , ELIZABETH RICE, b. abt. 1829 in N.Y. ; 
d. abt. i860 in Canandaigua, dau. of Betsy and Guy W. Rice. Isaac died 
there in l862 or I863. 

As the result of exhaustive research over a long period of years by 
Albert Stanley Knowles, descendant of this Isaac (with the assistajice 
of Clyde Maffin, Curator and County Historian, Canandaigua, N.Y.), plus 
the evidence revealed in research of the Chatham Knowles family, this 
genealogical connection can reasonably be assumed. (Residence of Albert 
Stanley Knowles (1973), Village of Olde Forge West, Bldg. 22 Apt. Ua, 
Morristown, N.Y. 079^0 ). See analysis under his father, Isaac (l02.), 
pages 13h & 135 this genealogy. Isaac apparently left Conn, before or 
soon after the death of his father in I818, marrying abt. I815 . First 
two children born Conn., according to iQkO census in Canandaigua, N.Y., 
where he was living with wife between hO & 50 years of age, 1 male 
20-30, 1 female 15-20 (both b. Conn.), 1 female 5-10 and 1 female under 
5 — last two b. Canandaigua. Isaac's wife, Polly, was identified in deed 
dated 23 Feb. l822. Book hk , p. 366, "Deeds", Ontario Co., N.Y. 

Isaac's uncle, Seth Knowles and the latter 's first cousin, Seth Knowles 
had already located in that far western area of New Ydrk State. 

1850 census, Canandaigua, Isaac was age 58, a carpenter, with wife, 
Elizabeth, ae 21; Francis E. , ae U; Albert J., ae 2; Sarah A., ae 8/12; 
Marcus E. , ae 7; and Lafayetter Rice, ae 19 (brother of Elizabeth). 
Marcus E. , could have been a Rice or possibly son of Isaac and first 
wife. He was not in later censuses and was said to have enlisted Civil 
War then deserted. 

In i860, Isaac was a saw fitter and setter. He soon followed his wife 
in death and their children were sent to orphan and foster homes . 

Knowles children; by 1st wife: 

U29. i. Chauncey S. ,^ b. cl8l7. Conn. 

ii. Daughter , b. abt. I819, Conn. 

iii. Daughter , b. 1830-35, Canandaigua, N.Y. She was probably the 

Sophia Knowles, ae 39, living in same orphan's home as Lucius 

Tth Generation 

Knowles in 18T0. 
iv. Daughter , b. l835-l8^0, N.Y. 

V. ? Marcus E. , b. l8U3, K.Y.; enlisted 6 Aug. l862, 126th Inf.; 

Knowles children by 2nd wife, Elizabeth; b. Canadaigua, N.Y. 

vi. Francis E. , b. l8U6. 
i+30. vii. Albert Isaac, b. 1 May l8U8. 

viii. Sarah A. , b. I85O; in I8TO she was a dressmaker, ae 20, in her 
half-brother Chauncey's household, Canandaigua. 
i^- Byron E . , b. I852. 
X. Elizabeth J. , b. l853. 

xi. Louis L. , b. 1855. 

xii. Lucius Lafayette , b. l85T; I87O he was in orphan asylum in 

Canandaigua; 1880 was ae 23, in home of Charles Andrews, 
Hopewell, N.Y. 
xiii. Nellie Lottie , b. i860. 

[ 219^ DMIEL'^ KUUWLES ( Isaac ,^ Daniel Seth Col . John ,^ John .^Richard* ) , son 
of Isaac ( 102 . ) and 1st wife, Lydia (?); b. abt.lT96, Chatham, Conn.; 
m. 16 Sept,. 1819 at Middletown, BETSEY TIBBALS. 

He administered his father's estate in I818, however, at the end of the 
probate, a P. Dean was signing papers for Daniel Knowles which indicates 
he either died or left the area. 

It was probably he in l820 Census, Middletown, with 6 males under 25 
and 1 female under 25. Six males in manufacture. He was not in later 
censuses in Connecticut. 

A Betsey Knowles of Middletown, m. Richard Mason of No. Haven, 25 Nov. 
1835 by hev. Nathan Perkins. 

620 J JOHN ^ KNOWLES (Giles ,* Abraham, ''Seth ,*Col. John,^John,2Richard^) , son of 
Giles (103.) and Silence (Hall), b. 1783, Chatham, Conn., bapt. 2k 
June 1789, Trinity P.E. Church, Portland, Conn . , at same time his father, 
sister and brother were; d. 25 March iSUO , ae 57, Portland; m. (1st) 
22 Feb. 1810, LYDIA BOW of Mi die town who died 30 June l8l4, age 25; 
m. (2nd) lU Sept. I815 , ELIZABETH COMSTOCK of Chatham. 

Not known whether he had children but probably not. 

( ^221 J OLIVER^ KNOWLES (Giles ,^ Abraham,^ Seth ,*Col . John,* John, ^Richard^ )', son 
of Giles (103.) and Silence (Hall); b. 1791/92, Chatham, Conn.; bapt. 
15 July 1792, Trinity P.E. Church, Portland, Conn. (He was age 63 on 
application for Bounty Land Claim made 19 Mar. I855.); d. 28 June l859 , 
Killingworth , Conn. Age 67 on stone in Union Cem. , Killingworth . He 
ra. (1st) SARAH S. ( SALLY) LOVELAND who d. 20 Oct. I8U0 , ae hh , Durham, 
Conn.; m. (2nd) 15 Sept. I8U1 by Rev. E. Swift (Killingworth Cong. 
Church records), MARITTA (or Marietta) HULL, b. 1797; her probate filed 
in 1868 (#327), Killingworth, Conn. Bu. Union Cem. 

Tth Generation 


He 6Lnd 1st wife, Sally, vent to Elizabeth, New Jersey where it was said 
they had four children born, all of whom died there. They returned to 
Durham where Sally died. In Charles T. Libby's papers was found corres- 
pondence dated 1925 from Herbert F. Knowles , 39 Capen Street, Hartford, 
Conn., who stated he was a descendant of Oliver Knowles. This Herbert 
later foiind in census as son of Henry. 

Oliver Khowles apparently served in the War of l8l2 as he applied for 
bounty land in 1855- 

References: U.S. Federal Censuses; C.W. Pension papers of his sons, 
Alpheus and Henry; Charles R. Hale Vital Records of Conn.: 

In 1830 census, Durham, Oliver had 3 males in his household under 5; in 
iQkO he had a family of 7; I85O he was in Kallingworth with Maritta, 
ae 53, Alpheus L. , 15, Sarah M., I8 , Eliza J., 13 and Harriet C. , 11; 
1850 census same place, Maritta was head of household, ae 63 with 
Harriet 29, Frank M., Alpheus 26, Mary J., 20, Wilcox 2. (Frank M. 
and Wilcox unidentified.) (Mary J. was wife of Alpheus.) 

Knowles children; by 1st wife, SaJly: 


i . 

Oliver E. 

, b. abt. 1826, probably at Durham. 


ii . 

Lucius M. 

, b. 1828, Durham, Conn. 


iii . 

Henry D . , 

b. 19 Oct. 1830, Durham, Conn. 


Sarah M. , 

b. 1832, Durham. 


Alpheus L 

. , b. 1835 , Durham. 

vi . 

Eliza J. , 

b. 1837, DTorham. ■ 

vii . 

Harriet C 

. , b. 1839, Durham. 

^222 .) JOHN ELLIOT ^ KNOWLES ( Paal , Paul , Paul , Col. John John ,^RichardM , son 
^Zly of Paul (105.) and Hannah (Knowles); b. 12 July 1798 at Truro, Mass.; 

d. 1832 on passage to Honduras; m. BETSY A. BREWER, b. 6 Dec. I80U, 

Truro, dau. of John and Nancy Brewer. 

Capt. John Elliot Knowles followed his father and brothers in death at 
sea. Reuben Brewer, age 25, officer on the ship of Capt. John Knowles 
was also lost with all hands. 

Knowles children: 

i. Hannah * b . 1 Dec. I826. 
U35. ii. John Elliot, Jr. , b. 7 Dec. I828. 

223^ ISAIAH ''knowles (Paul ,* Paul Paul Col . John,^ John,^Richard^) , son of 
Paul (105.) and Hannah (Knowles); b. 12 Mar. I80U, Truro; d. 29 Mar. 
I88I+, Boston. Will filed Suffolk Co., I8 April I88U; m. (pub.) 15 
Nov. 1828, JOANNA COLE SNOW, b. 9 Nov. I808, Truro; d. I8 April I889 
at Boston. She was dau. of Jesse and Joanna (Cole) Snow. 

In 1882, guardian papers for Joanna C. Knowles (#67798) indicated she 
was "insane". Adm. I889 her est. #82165. Also filed Suffolk Co. 


Tth Generation 

Probate were guardian papers for Isaiah #67797, stated insane. 

l88U Isaiah's will was filed, papers indicating that Joanna C. Knowles, 
widow, was insane axid unable to gain her own living. Children named 
were Winnifred B. , Willisun H. , Joanna V., George S. and Mary F. 
Isaiah, Jr., had been najned as executor but the younger Isaiah pre- 
deceased his father. 

William H. Knowles was removed by the court for neglecting to file 
bond. On 8 Aug. l88U from Jackson Co., Missouri, William sent in an 
inventory of Isaiaii's belongings. The same year, l88U, William H. , 
was stated to be of Cincinnati, Ohio and George S.,of Chicago. 
Joanna, the daughter, also referred to sometimes as Anna V. 

Knowles children: 

i. Winnifred Bennet ,^b. 27 Jan. l830, Truro; d. 18 Aug. 1910. 

ii. Isaiah, Jr. , b. 3 Jan. l833, Truro; d. 10 Jem. I878, Boston; On 

Feb. 1878, Anna V. Knowles of Boston stated he had died on above 
date intestate, leaving as his next of kin, Isaiah Knowles of 
Boston, father, and Joanna C. Knowles, mother, and that she 
(Anna) was a sister of said deceased. Adm. Boston Probate 

iii. William H. , was of Cincinnati, Ohio l88i|. 

iv. James Paul , b. Nov. l837, Truro; death cert, indicates he died 

20 April 1865, ae 28 yrs . , 5 months at Roxbury, Mass. He was 
single, a clerk. Had been Master's Mate of a war ship SEMINOLE 
in War of Rebellion and Prize Master of ship ROBERT PEEL, 
blockade runner. He attended Harvard College. 
V. George S. , was of Chicsigo l88i|; later of New York City. 

vi . Joanna V. , was of Boston. 

vii. Mary F. , was of Chicago when her mother died. 

22h) ZACCHEUS ^ KNOWLES . JR . ( Zaccheus Paul Paul ,* Col . John John ,* Richard^ ), 
son of Zaccheus (10 7.) and Sarah (Lombard); b. 19 Nov. 1795, Truro, 
Mass.; d. l822 in West Indies; m. (pub.) Truro h Dec. I818, married 
22 Dec. 1818, JAUE SNOW, dau. of Jonathan, Jr., and Jane (Lombard) 
Snow. She died 25 Jan. l88^ , age 83 (Provincetown records); remarried 
her husband's brother, John Atkins Knowles. 

Shebnah Rich's TRURO states that Captain Zaccheus Knowles, son of 
Zacche\as , aged 25, died at Mariguana, W.I., l822. He was the father 
of Mrs. O.R. Gross of New York and Mrs. Wins low of Provincetown. 

Knowles children; b. Truro: 
i. Jane Snow ,^b. 28 June l8l9; m. Oren R. Gross 20 April l837. 
Gross children: 

a. John Atkins , b. 29 Nov. 1838; d. ae 1 yr. on 11 Feb. iQkO . 

b . Camilla Betsy, b . 20 Oct . 1842 . 

Tth Generation 233 

c. Harriet Jane, b. 27 April l8UU. 
ii. Harriet P. , b. 28 Nov. l821; m. (1st) 12 Mar. l8Ul+ Aaron W. Snow 
of Wellfleet; m. (2nd) at age 30 on 13 May l852, John Winslow, 
a mariner of Provincetown . 

/ 223 . J JOHN ATKINS ^ KNOWLES ( Zaccheus Paul ,^ Paul * Col . John ,^ John Richard* ) , 
son. of Zaccheus (10?.) and Sarah (Lombard); b. 29 April 1798 at Truro; 
d. there at age U7 , a "yeoman", Nov. l8l£7; m. at Truro, l8 Nov. l823 
JANE KNOWLES, dau. of Jonathan and Jane Snow and widow of his brother, 
Zaccheus who died l822. Jane born l801; d. ae 83 at Provincetown 
25 Jan. l88i+. 

Knowles child: 

i+36. i. Za£cheus_,'b. 23 Aug. l8X^ , Truro. 

PAUL ^ KNOWLES ( Zaccheus ,* Paul Paul ,* Col . John ,^ John , 'Richard *) , son of 
Zaccheus (107- ) and Sarah (Lombard), b. Feb. l805 , Truro; d. 1 Nov. 
1885, East Boston, Will #7^^59, Suffolk Co., Probate ;m. (1st ) 5 Dec.l826 
(he was 21 and she was 17), SUSAN THOMAS, b. 29 Jan. I809 , Truro; d. 
3 Sept. 18U7 , ae 38 of consumption, Truro, Mass.; dau. of John and 

Susanna (Knowles) Thomas; m. (2nd) MARY , b. abt . I817 ; d. bet. 

1885 and 1901. 

1870 census of E. Boston, Paul was 63, supplier of fresh water to 
vessels; Mary was 53, b. Mass., and Emilie A., 30. 

188j census, Bennington St., E. Boston, Paul wsis 75, a waterman, and 
Mary 61 . . 

Will filed Nov. 6, I885 , handwritten by someone else. His own signa- 
ture shakey; will dated 22 Sept. I88I. Heirs: Rebecca T. Pearson, 
widow, dau. of Franklin, Penn. ; Theodore S. Knowles of Orleans, son 
(probably "L"); Almena C. Martin, wife of Thomas Martin, dau., of 
Merrill, Wise; Emily A. Knowles of Boston, dau.; Alvah A. Knowles of 
Boston, son; Harry Knowles, Susan F. Knowles of Marshfield, Mass., 
grandchildren . 

He -bequeathed property in Orleans to wife, Mary Knowles; bequeathed 
property in Provincetown and vacant lot on E. Eagle St., East Boston. 

Codicil: I, Paul Knowles, of Boston , hereby change the foregoing will 
so far as to' exclude my daughter, Rebecca T. -Pearson, from receiving 
any portion in the final distribution. I direct that my said daughter, 
Emily A. Knowles, shall have a home in the house where I now live on 
220 Lexington St., East Boston. 

Mary died without having fully executed Paul's will. Request for new 
administrator 12 Dec. I9OI, signed by Theodore L. Knowles and Emily 
A. Knowles, "being all persons interested." 

Tth Generation 

Knowles children (from Truro records, plus named in will): 

i. . Rebecca Thomas * b . 31 Sept. l830; m. Pearson; rem. Franklin, 


1+37. ii. Theodore Lyman , b. l833. 

iii. Almena , b. 19 July 1836 ; m. Thomas Martin; rem. Merrill, Wise. 

iv. Emily Ann , b. 30 Aug. l839 ; not married in I9OI. 
U38. V. Paul Francis , b. 1? July I8U1. 

U39. vi. Alvah A . 

f2Z(\ CALEB ^ KNOWLES ( Zacche us ,^ Paul ,^ Paul Col . John ,^ John ,2Richard^ ) , son of 

V / Zaccheus (lO?.) and Sarah (Lombard), b. 5 Feb. I809 , Truro; d. 5 June 

I89H, ae 85; m. I83U (pub. I6 Nov. l833, Truro) MARY DYER KNOWLES 
HOPKINS, b. 16 June I816, dau. of Lemuel and Hannah Hopkins. 

He was a farmer and a seaman. 

1870 Census, East Boston: He was "ae 57", a ship keeper. Mary was 
55; John C, ae 15, sailor; Susan F. , 15; Reuben 11. 

Knowles children: (Truro records) 

UUO. i. Joseph Whorf,^ b. 5 Sept. I83U. 
hkl. ii. Lemuel Hopkins , b. 21 Mar . iSljQ. 
UU2. iii. Isaiah Caleb , b. 31 Oct. I8I+I. 

Rebecca S. , b. l8U2; m. I6 Dec. I86O, Charles H. Whorf . 
V. Mary Matilda , b. 28 Mar. 18UU; died of consumption April I8U9. 

vi. Hannah Hopkins , b . 29 Mar. 18I46; m. 5 Dec. l862 Alvin W. Collins. 

vii. Charlotte Jane , b. 16 Sept. I8U7. 
viii. Deborah Levis ^ b. 3 April I8U9 . 

ix. Mary Elizabeth , b. I8 Feb. I852. 

X. John Collins , b. I8 Nov. 1853; was ae 15, sailor in his father's 
household I87O . 

xi. Susan Ttiomar , b. 19 Nov. l855 • 

xii. Nancy Cowing , b. 8 Aug. l857; d. 3 April I858 "of teething", 

age 6 months . 

xiii. Reuben Francis , b. 1^ Jan. l859; living in I87O . 

./ ?28J SMITH ^ KNOWLES ( Silas ,* Capt . Silas ,* Paul ,*Col . John John Richard^ ) 
son of Silas (IO9. ) "and Phebe (Rich), b. 23 Aug. 1788, Truro; d. 29 
Mar. 1836, ae ^47 (Trxiro records); m. 19 Sept. I8II, SALLY ATKINS. 

Knowles children (from Truro records): 

i. Harriott, *b . 9 June I815 ; d. April 12, I817, ae 2. 

ii. John Henry , b. IT Aug. l82l|; d. age 1 yr., 7 mos . , 25 Feb. I826. 

iii. Mary Cassel , b. 28 Sept. .I828; d. I8 Oct. 1841 at Cambridge, ae 

229^ HENRY WARREN^ KNOWLES (Nehemiah ,* Capt . Silas*Paul,*Col. John,^John,* 

Richardl), son of Nehemiah (llO.) and Rebecca (Morse), b. 9 Feb. l822, 
Livermore Falls, Me.; d. 23 Feb. l88y , Bangor, Me.; m. I8 Oct. l8i+9 at ' 
Bangor, Me., SOPHRONIA POTTER AMES, b. 1 Nov. I825 at Skowhegan, Me.; 
d. 6 March I882 at Bangor, Me.; dau. of Jonas and Catherine (Creenough) 
Ames . 

Tth Generation 


They lived Ward U, Bangor, West Side of Kenduskeag Streeun; i860, called 
a "drover"; 18T0 had a meat market and Oscar was a clerk. 

Knovles children: 

i. Oscar Freeman ,^b. 7 Oct. I85O ; d. 6 Dec. l882 in Aiken, S.C.; 

m. 1873 Ida Frances Stimpson who died 28 March l884. No children. 
hh3. ii. Warren Henry , b. 9 July » l853, Bangor Me. 

iii. Josephine Evelyn , b. 30 April I856; d. Jan 15, 19^2. 

© CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS KM OWLES ( Silas ,^ Capt . Silas Paul ,* Col . John,* 
John ,2 Richard^) , son of Silas (ill.) and Lovina (Knox),b. 9 Jan. I829 , 
Corinna, Me.; d. 28 Dec. 1917, Corinna, Me.; m.(lst)l7 Aug. I85U, 
BETSY JAl^E WINCHESTER b. 28 Sept. I83I, Corinna, Me.; d. ih Sept. l862, 
Corinna, Me.; dau. of Rev. Benjamin P. and Elizabeth (Knowles), 
Winchester; m. (2nd) 6 Aug. I865 , LOVINA C. SMITH, b. I8U2, St. Albans, 
Me.; d. 15 Jan. l875 , Corinna, Me.; m. (3rd)'l878, Corinna, Me., MRS. 
ELLEN FRANCES (GUSHA) HILTON, b. 31 Dec. I8I+7, St. Albans, Me.; d. 12 
Aug. 193^, Lewiston, Me.; dau. of Benjamin Hoyt and Cynthia (Lane) 
Gusha Hilton. 

Knowles children by 1st wife, Betsy Jane; b. Corinna, Me.: 

■ 1. Clara Annette ,^b. 27 Sept. I855 ; d. 7 Aug. I88U, Corinna, Me. 

ii. Herbert S. , b. 28 Sept. I858; d. I6 July l859 , Corinna, Me. 
hhh. iii. Elmer Ellsvorth , b. I6 June I861. 

Knowles children by 2nd wife, Lovina, also born Corinna, Me.: 

UU5. iv. Arthur Woodberry , b. ik May I867. 

kk6. V. Wilber Harvey , b. 17 Mar. I869 . 

vi. Grace May , b. 5 Dec. I87O ; d. 5 June 1955, Bethel, Me.; m. (1st) 
ih Feb. ^18914, Corinna, Me., Leslie Fremont Ireland, son of Lyman 
and Lucy A. (Burrill) Ireland, b. Oct. 28, I86I, Corinna; d. 21 
March 190U, Corinna; m. (2nd) 7 May 1910, Corinna, Me., Maiirice 
Atwell Ireland, b. Dec. 17, I858, Dexter, Me.; d. Sept. 20, 19^6, 
Lewiston, Me. 

Ireland child: 

a. Elwood Fremont , b. May 13, I898, Corinna, Me.; d. 29 Nov. I968, 
Winter Haven, Fla. ; m. 1 June 19l8, Lewiston, Me., Frances 
Gaxcelon. Four children. 
UU7. vii. George Fred , b. 2h June l873. 

Knowles children by 3rd wife, Ellen, born Corinna, Me.: 

i|U8.viii. Allen Mark ,b. 22 June I879 . 

ix. Linwood Francis ,b. 21 Nov. I88O ; d. 1^+ Dec. 1900. * 
hk9. X. Benjamin Silas , b. 8 Mar. l882. 

xi. Elizabeth Ellen , b. I8 July l884; d. 27 Feb. 1922, Corinna, Me.; 
m. Sept. 30, I906, Corinna, Frank Everett Knowles (son of 


7th Generation 

Robert and Harriet F. (Ireland) Knowles , b. h May 18^47, Corinna; 
d. h May 1935. 

Knowles child: 

a. Frank Everett f b . 8 Aug. 1907, Corinna; m. 2 April 1933 at 
Braintree, Mass., Olive Louise Leavitt , 3 children: Everett 
Fred, Allen Robert, Pauline Louise. Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. 
Knowles, Jr., reside 155 Bailey St., Canton, Mass. (This 
line of Knowles family probably not descended from Richard, 
more likely from John of N.H. , whose descendants also 
settled in Corinna. ) 
xii, Harrison Carl, b. 19 June l889; d. 30 July I889. 
xiii. Cynthia Lovina , b. 22 Sept. l892; d. 6 Dec. 1959, Winter Park, 

xiv. Lula Maud Hilton , b. 28 Metrch, I869 , Silver Springs, Me. (adopted 
daughter of Ellen Frances Hilton), d. 2 Dec. 1939, Corinna, Me. 

231) GEORGE WASHINGTON ^ KUOWLES , (Silas ,* Capt . Silas ,*Paul ,*Col. John,' John,* 
Richard^), son of Silas (ill.) and Lovina (Knox), b. 20 May l835 , 
Corinna, Me.; d. 2 Jan. 1917, Golden, Colo.; m. 2 Dec. I86O, Dexter, 
Me., HENRIETTA STINCHFIELD , b. 3 Jan. l8i+3, Hartland, Me.; d. 15 Jan. 
1907, Golden, Colo.; dau. of Alphonso and Harriet (Briggs) Stinch- 

Knowles children: 

i. Hyrtie Matilda ,^ b. 25 Aug. 1866, Corinna, Me.; d. lU July 19^5, 
Denver, Colo. ; m. Edward Williaia Barton (son of Charles and 
Priscilla Barton), b. 2 Dec. I866, Waltham, Mass.; d. 2h Dec. 
l82i+. New Jersey. Two Children. 

Barton children: 

a. George Knowles , b. 10 July I898, Worcester, Mass.; m. (1st) 

Feb. 20, 1917, San Diego, Cal., Mildred Corbett , b. Mar. 27, 
1902, British Columbia; m. (2nd) 7 May 1935, Yuma, Ariz., 
Gladys Benton, b. 7 Sept. 1911, Arroyo Grande, Cal. One 
Barton child first marriage. 

b. Richard Linwood,b. 12 Mar. 1902, Idaho Springs, Colo.; d. 15 

May I96U, Denver, Colo.; m. (1st) July 28, 1928, Mildred W. 
Schweiger, b. June 19, 1902, St. Louis, Mo, Divorced; m. 
(2nd) Eliza Mathews, Denver, Colo., d. 16 July I965 , Denver, 

i+50. ii. Silas Alphonso , b. 26 Oct. I870, Hesper, Iowa. 

iii. George Linwood , b. 29 Dec. I872, Newbiirgh, Minn.; d. 9 Aug. l87^, 
Osage, Iowa. 

I45I. iv. Ralph Roy , b. lU Oct. l875 , Osage, Iowa. 

Tth Generation 237 

(^ 232)) ANDREW JACKSON ^ KMOWLES (Silas ,* Capt . Silas Paul * Col. John ,^ John,* 
Richard^), son of Silas (ill.) and Lovina (Knox), b. 18 Dec. I8U0 , 
Corinna, Maine; d. 28 Dec. 1923, Dexter, Maine; m. 23 April I869 , EUNICE 
ANN MOODY, b. 12 Nov. I838, Corinna, Maine; d. 20 Dec. 1919, Winterport, 
Me.; dau. of Flint B. and Eunice (Potter) Moody. 

Knowles children: 

i. Herbert Dana ,^b. 25 July I865 ; d. 10 Aug. I9U6. 

ii. Minnie Eunice , b. 2 Dec. 1866 ; d. I960 ; m. 29 Jan. I89I, Winfield 
Scott Twombly, son of John and Rosella (Morgan) Twombley, b. I6 
Aug. 1861, Dexter, Maine. 

Twombley child: 

a. Helen Eunice , b. 2? JuO^jr l897. Dexter, Me.; d. I96O, Portland, 
Me. ; ni. (1st) 11 June 1919, Richard Harvrood; m. (2nd) 9 Nov. 
1935, A.F. Rovan, b. 26 Jan. I892, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

EDWIN SILAS ^ KNOWLES (Silas Capt . Silas ,^ Paul ,*Ccl. John,^John,* 
Richard^), son of Silas (ill.) and Lovina (Knox), b. 13 Mar. I8U3, 
Corinna, Me.; d. ID June 1926, Newport, Me.; m. 25 Mar. I865 , Dexter, 
Me., JENNIE SARAH BRIGGS, b. 28 May I8U1, Corinna,Me.; d. 23 April 1925, 
Newport, Me.; dau. of Thomas Jefferson and Martha Ann (Buxton) Briggs . 

Knowles children; b. Corrina, Me.: 

i+52. i. Walter LinwoGd ,^b. 19 June I866. 

ii. Effie Ellen , b. 13 Jan. l869; d. Mar. I8, I96O , Newport, Me. 

BENJAMIN F.^ KNOWLES ( Thomas ,^ Capt . Silas Paul Col. John John ,^ 
Richard*), son of Thomas (112.) and Hannah ( Copethwaite ) ; b. 6 April 
l84l, Monti cello. Me., (according to his death cert.); d. 12 April I908 
at Chelsea, Mass., ae 67 yrs . , 6 days; m. SUSAN ELLEN V. CHAMBERLAIN, b. 
10 May 1836, Portland, Me. They lived at 3^+ Cottage St., Chelsea, Mass., 
at the time of his death. Wife was informant; he was an expressman. 

Knowles child: 

i. Ella Frances ,^b. 19 July I862, Portland, Me.; d. 6 Feb, I9U6; m. 
22 Dec. 1891, Fred Freemont Hughey , b. 11 Aug. 1860, Portland; 
d. 31 Mar. 1922 at Gorham, Me. Five children. 

r ^3^ CHARLES HENRY ^ KNOWLES (Thomas ,*Capt . Silas Paul,* Col. John ,^ John,* 

^ Richardl), son of Thomas (112.) and Hannah (Copethwaite); b. I8 April, 

Provincetown, Mass. (VR's); d. 13 May I877, ae 26 of consumption at 
Chelsea, Mass. He was single and a teamster. 

238 Tth Generation 


The 9 children of Paul Knovles and Thankful (Snow) as well as the widowed 
mother, all left their homestead in Berkshire Co., Mass. to settle in the 
Genesee country of New York. James, eldest son, was the first to go forth to 
seek his fortune in this far western part of the state. HISTORY OF RIGA 
states he came in iBOT with two sons, William and Paul, although PavLL — ac- 
cording to his age given in later Censuses — wsis not born before l809 or I8IO. 
James purchased land in Riga, then in Genesee Co., in June I8IO. Later pur- 
chases recorded in Monroe Co. deeds after Riga became part of Monroe. He 
lived out his life in Riga as a farmer and had five children. 

Paul Knowles , Jr., 2nd son, made the Journey in I80 8 with an ox team to what 
was later the Town of West Bloomfield. The following year, he settled in 
Avon, Livingston Co. , where he preferred a business life to farming, and be- 
came successful. He and his wife raised eight children. 

Freeman was apparently the next of the brothers to leave his native Mass. for 
in 1810 he joined James in Riga, marrying there in I81U , purchased land and 
settled until l855 when he and his family removed to Michigan after receiving 
bounty land in Oakland County. 

Orasmus T\irner wrote in his history that Elihu Church, Esq., in the spring of 
1850, invited to his ample and hospitable dwelling, all the pioneers of Riga 
and they had a pleasant, social time. The pioneers present all entered their 
names, ages, periods of their advents as well as names of locations from 
whence they had come. The name of Freeman Knowles, age 62, was listed as 
having come in I8IO. Also listed was "E" Knowles, age 55 » as having come 
from Genesee, N.Y., in l8l2. The "E" is blurred, however, and it is doubtful 
that it could have been Elijah. 

In 1812, Elijah was but 10 years old, the father was still living, and in all 
probability he had not left home. Furthermore, by I850 Elijah had removed to 
Michigan. More likely it was Jesse, born 179^ > who would have been 55 yeajrs 
old in 1850 and who lived in Ridgeway, N.Y. from the time of his removal un- 
til his death. Jesse was married in Sandisfield, Mass., in l823 which per- 
haps was a return visit. 

William Knowles, hth son, left Mass. in Dec. l8l3 to join his brothers in 
Riga, N.Y. In I815 , he purchased land on the Erie Canal, and founded the 
Village of Knowlesville in Ridgeway, Orleans Co. He bore the title of "Elder' 
and became a highly respected citizen of his community. 

It is not known exactly when the daughter, Abigail, removed but she was 
married in I819 at Ridgeway. Her sister, Sarah, accompanied their mother 
to N.Y. in 1827. Sarah lived at Knowlesville and Thankful made her home 
with Abigail's family until her death in I8H8. 

Elijah, the youngest brother, was living next door to his brother, Paul, in 
Avon in l830 , remaining only until l837 when he migrated to Van Buren Co., 

7th Generation 


The Congregational Church of San dis field, Mass., records the "dismissal" of 
Thankful Knowles h A\xg. l833 and Jesse I836 and the removal of Abigail — no 

Therefore, this branch of the Knowles family who became pioneers and early- 
settlers in that area of New York State, have contributed substantially to 
its history and development, with successive generations of several of their 
children remaining to take part in the growing communities . 

2k0 7th Generation 

JAMES ^ KNOWLES (Paul * James James * Col. John John,* Richard* ) , son of 
Paul (115.) and Thankful (Snow); b. 3 May 1T8U, Sandis field, Berkshire 
Co., Mass.; d. 21 Ma;y l853, ae 69, buried Riga Center, Monroe Co., N.Y.; 
m. RACHEL TILDEN: b. I6 Feb. llQk at Sandisfield, d. after 1853. She 
was dau. of Thomas Turner axia Martha (Stillman) Tilden (Tilden 
Genealogy ) . 

James Knowles was named in his father's will as "eldest son"iii I816. 
He located in the Genesee country of New York. HI-STORY OF RIGA states 
he came in I807 with two sons, William and Paul, although later cen- 
suses indicated Paul's birth date to have been I809 or I8IO. 

In 1810 U.S. Federal census, Riga (then in Genesee Co., N.Y.), James 
had two males under 10 in his household and 1 female under 10. These 
would have been William, Paul and Thankfiil. I85O census, Riga, Monroe 
Co., N.Y., James was age 66, a farmer, with $10,000 real estate; wife 
Rachel, age 66; Samuel M. Moltrop, 37, b. N.Y. and Elmina Moltrup, ae 
30, b. N.Y. 

21 June 1810, Samuel Shepard of Riga sold to James Knowles of Riga, 
part of Lot #122, 10 acres, for $300, southeast corner of lot (Genesee 
Co. Deeds , liber h) . 16 Nov. l8l3 , James Knowles purchased 102*1; 
acres from the Duke of Cumberland, Lot /!'123, for $k09 . In I827, he 
purchased Lot 113 from Daniel Merrill, or Merritt, later selling this 
land to his son, Paul. I838 Lot #103 was purchased from David Buck 
andinl8U9 he bought Lot #112 from Horace Gay. The attached I872 
map of Riga shows these lots with William Knowles owning #122. At that 
time in I872, the "J" Knowles might have been James, son of Paul. (Map 
sent courtesy of Mrs. Shirley Husted, Assistant Monroe Co. Historieui, 
who has furnished invaluable information on the Knowles family in 
Monroe Co. and without whose time consuming efforts, interest and co- 
operation, this line could not have been so well traced.) 

Copy of the will of James Knowles follows, dated h July I85O, probated 
June 1858. This will does not mention his son, William. However, the 
petition of Paul Knowles, son, to administer his father's estate does 
mention William "of Medina". 

Knowles children; b. Riga, New York: 

i. William,* b. abt. I806; was living in Medina when his father's 
estate was administered; he was not located in any censuses. 
There was a William Knowles in Rochester City Directory I8U0 and 
iQkk who might possibly have been this William and his name is 
obviously on the l872 land map of Riga. 

ii. Thankful , b. probably abt. I808; m. Warner Brown of Riga; was 
left $500 in her father's will. 

U53. iii. Paul, b. I809 or 18IO. 

iv. Louisa , m. Charles Pratt of Knowlesville , Orleans Co.; was left 
$500 in father's will, however, she was deceased in I85O and 
her dau. under 21 was Mary Jane Pratt of Knowlesville. 

V. Elmina, b. abt. l820; m. Samuel W. Moulthrop of Riga; was left 

Tth Generation 


$600 in her father's will. She and her husband were living with 
the parents in I85O census, Riga. 


In the name of God, Amen. I, James Knowles of Riga in the County of 
Monroe and State of New York being of sound mind memory, and understanding 
do hereby make publish and declare my last will and Testament in manner and 
form following. 

First I order and direct that my Executor hereinafter named, pay all my Just 
debts and funeral charges as soon after my decease as conveniently may be. 
Second I give and devise to my beloved wife, Rachel , the use and enjoyment 
during her natural life, of my home farm in Riga aforesaid containing about 
one hundred acres and on which I now reside together with all the buildings 
thereunto belonging. And I also give and bequeath unto my said wife all the 
household furniture owned by me at the time of my death and in addition there- 
to, two hundred dollars worth of personal property such as she may select at 
any time after my decease, such household furniture and personal property to 
be hers absolutely ajid forever. These provisions in behalf of my said wife 
are in lieu of her dower, and dower right in my estate. Third I give and 
bequeath unto my daughter. Thankful Brown , wife of Warner Brown of Riga 
aforesaid, the sum of five hundred dollars ( $500 ) to be paid to her by my 
Executor at the expiration of one year from my decease. Fourth I give and 
bequeath unto my daughter , Louisa Pratt , wife of Charles Pratt of Knowlesville 
in the County of Orleans and State aforesaid, the sum of five hundred dollars 
($500) to be paid to her by my Executor at the expiration of one year from 
my death. Fifth I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Elmina Moulthrop, 
wife of Samuel W. Moulthrop of Riga afore-said, the sum of Six hundred 
dollars ($600) to be paid to her by my Executor at the expiration of one year 
from my decease. Sixth I give, devise and bequeath all the rest and residue 
of my real and personal estate, effects, things in action and every species 
of property and rights of every description, kind, amount, quality and 
quantity whatsoever including my said home farm after the death of my said 
wife which I may, at the time of iny death own or be possessed of or have any 
right or claim to, either in possession, expectancy, reversion, remainder, or 
otherwise howsoever to my son, Paul Knowles of Riga aforesaid his heirs, 
executors, administrators and assigns forever absolutely and without reserve 
except as in this will contained. Lastly I hereby nominate and appoint my 
said son, Paul Knowles , Executor of this my last will and Testament, and here- 
by expressly revoke all and every former will or wills by me made. In wit- 
ness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the fourth day of July in 
the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty . 

(s) James Knowles (L.S.) 

2k2 7th Generation 

23l) PAUL ^ KNQWLES . JR . ( Paul f James ,* Jeunes ,* Col. John,* John, ^Richard^ ) , son 
37 of Paul (115.) and Thankful (Snow), b. T April 1786, Sandisfield, Mass.; 

d. 22 Dec. 18^5 Avon, Livingston Co., N.Y. ; m. I8II BETSY MCNIGHT, b. 

179^/1795; d. bet. I87O and I88O, dau.of Robert and Elizabeth McNight 

of Mass. Robert McNight was veteran of Rev. War and drew pension from 


Paul Knowles, Jr., second of the five sons born to Paul and Thankful, 
educated in the district schools of Sandisfield, helped his father 
on the fajTin but was more interested in manufacturing than agriculture. 
He became a wool carder and clothier. In I808 he made the journey 
with an ox team, with several other Mass. people, to New York State 
where he settled in Avon on homestead in I815 . Betsy McNight settled 
there in I806. 

The year before removing to Avon, Livingston Co., he worked in a 
factory in what became the town of West Bloomfield. In Avon he later 
began his own business, erecting a humble carding and cloth dressing 
mill in I8IO. It was located where an eirched bridge later stood. 
Eligible water power was located on Conesus Creek. He purchased the 
mill privilege and the land adjoining. For about 25 years he was 
engaged in his business at that location where he added a saw-mill to 
his plajit, bought one hundred and twelve acres of timber in the district 
known as "Sugarberry" and did well in the lumber business. When the 
carding and cloth dressing part of his operation was forced to make way 
for the great woolen mills, he retired to his farm but continued to 
operate the saw mill. 

Although first occupying a log house, the only building on his farm 
property, in I81U he erected a frame house in which some of his 
children were born and in which his son Calvin lived in l895« 

Before the completion of his frame house, two regiments of cavaJ.ry came 
to winter their horses at Avon, it being toward the close of the War of 
1812. Paul Knowles and his family moved into the unfinished house and 
left the log house for the use of the cavalrymen who occupied the 
premises until the following summer. REF: BIOGRAPHICAL REVIEW OF 

1850 U.S. Federal Census, Avon, Livingston Co., N.Y., Betsey Knowles 
was age 56, head of household that contained "S", 25; Betsey "Jr.", 30; 
Paul G., 28; George, 25; and James, 22. i860 census, Avon, Betsey was 
65, Eliza 38, Calvin 3U-lawyer, George 30-farmer and James 28. I870 
census, Avon, Betsey was age 76 with $12,U00 real estate, $3,^20 pers . 
prop.; Ann E. , 53; Calvin k'J; George U5, farmer, and William P. 1^, at 
school. 1880 census, Calvin was head of household, single, lawyer and 
Justice of the Peace; living with him were Ann E. 62, sister, single; 
George 50, brother, single; Caroline Moore, 60, widowed. 

From Thomas Costello, Town Clerk, Avon, 1972: "From an old Minute Book 
at randon; 'Paul Knowles on jury list of 182I; l823 appointed commis- 
sioner of schools; Paul elected overseer of highways, one of 3^ persons.'" 

Tth Generation 


From AVON-HEART OF THE GENESEE, by Marie C. Preston, pub. I958 by Avon Herald- 
News, Inc., Sanders Publications, Avon, N.Y. (courtesy Marie C. Preston, and 
Norma K. Shapley, Registrar, Village of Avon 1972), we learn that in 183I+ 
Paul Knowles built a large hotel on the west side of Black Creek where that 
stream empties into the Genesee River. The hotel could accommodate one hun- 
dred guests and was kept open summer and winter. Entrance was made by a 
driveway from the Fowlerville Rd. When the glory of the Avon Spa began to 
fade, this old hostelry was closed. It was called THE KNOWLES HOTEL. 

P. 27 under LITTLEVILLE in abovementioned book, Paul Knowles purchased 
Timothy Hosmer's property in I807. 

Paul G. Knowles was named executor of the will of his father, Paul Knowles. 
Legatees and next of kin as follows: Betsey Knowles, his widow, of Avon; 
William Knowles, Eliza Knowles, Betsey Knowles, Paul G. Knowles, Calvin 
Knowles, George Knowles and James Knowles all of Avon, and Caroline, wife of 
James O'Moore of Ossian "all of the age of 21 years except George and James." 
(13 Jan. I8I+6) 

Knowles children; b. Avon: 

i. Willi am ,^b. abt . I8l2/l8l3; said to be "of Avon" in I8U6, he was 

not found in any of the censuses. It is possible the William P. 
Knowles living in his mother's household in I87O census, age lU 
"at school", was son of this William as he could not have been 
son of the other brothers. AVON-HEART OF THE GENESEE states 
on p. 28 that a foundry was erected on the south side of the 
Outlet (Littleville ) in I825 by Archibald Green, William Knowles 
rebuilt the foundry on Pond St. along the bluff west of the mill. 
Six years later the business was sold to Lewis Chandler. Possibly 
this William died prior to the I87O census when the ik year old 
William was in Betsey's household. No further record of either 
William. This family all probably buried in the Littleville 
Cemetery, or possibly Avon Cem. 

ii. Ann Eliza , b. abt. I817 ; unmarried; was living in 1880. 

iii. Caroline , b. abt. l8l9; m. James O'Moore; lived Ossian in Allegany 

Co., in I8U6; returned to her parents' homestead after death of 
her husband and was living with her unmarried brothers and sister 
in 1880. 

iv. Betsey , b. abt. I82O, probably married or died after I85O, as no 

longer in her mother's household after that date. 
U5U. v. Calvin , b. 29 Aug. l821. 

vi. Paul G . , b. 1822/23; d. 11 Nov. l857 in Avon; living in his 

mother's household, eige 28, in I85O ; 23 Nov. l857 his widow, 
Sophia F. Knowles, stated his estate not to exceed the value of 
$1,500, administration of which was granted to his brother , Calvin, 
at her request. Apparently married after 185O . No children. 

vii. George , b. abt. I825 , apparently did not marry as in I88O he was 

single , living in his brother Calvin's household with two sisters. 
(Various ages given in censuses but was under 21 Jan. I8 1+6 . ) On 
a map of Littleville in the I872 Atlas of Livingston Co., G. 
Knowles' name appears on the area where the Knowles homestead 


Tth Generation 

was built by his father, Paul, with a house showing at approxi- 
mately the corner of Pond St. George was a farmer. 
U55. viii. James , b . abt. 1828. 

238^1 FREEMM ^ KNOWLES ( Paul,* James ,^ James ,* Col . John ,^ John, ^Richard* ) , son of 
Paul ( 115 . ) and Thankful (Snow); b. 28 Feb. 1788, Sandisfield, Mass.;d. 
26 May (Nov.?) I865, age T8, Orion, Oakland Co., Mich.; m. I6 Aug. I81U 
at Riga, New York, by Justice Brewster, ALTHEA BADGER, b. 179^, d. 6 June 
l883» ae 88 yrs , 8 mos . ; both buried Paint Creek Cem. , Avon Twp., 
Oakland Co., Mich. 

In 1810 Freeman Knowles left his native Mass. to Join his brother, 
James, as an early settler in Riga, New York. March 5th, l8l7, Enos 
Morse sold to Freeman Knowles for $700, Lot 133, 93h acres in Riga. 
Later, land purchases by Freeman are also recorded in Monroe Co. Deeds. 
He was a farmer. In I85O U.S. Census, he was living in Riga with 
family containing his wife, Althea; Jesse 28; James 19, and Juliette I6. 
Real estate of $2,000. 

29 Dec. 1813, Freeman volunteered for k mos. in War of l8l2 at Buffalo, 
N.Y. in Company commanded by Capt. Hull and in a Regiment of N.Y. 
Militia commanded by Col. Mallory . The following March he contracted 
mumps and later the fever and was discharged Mar. I81U. 

On 20 Jan. I85I, he was age 62, resident of Riga, N.Y., applying for 
Bounty Land. Received Warrant #19,995 for 120 acres & Warrant #59,820 
for ho acres in Oakland Co., Mich. By March l855» he had removed with 
his family and was a resident of Oakland Co., Mich. He applied CEA 
#5253 in 1858, ae 69, for pension when a resident of Orion (Oakland Cem. 
Rec'ds VI, p. 73); 25 March I87I, his widow applied for pension and 
at the time said she was ae 75, living in Orion; pension #8020. 9 
pages of his will, dated 23 June 1862, filed Oakland Co. Probate, are 
poor copies but indicate considerable property in Oakland. The 
petition names his surviving heirs, signed by Frank S. Knowles, his 
grandson and son of Freeman's son, James. (Estate was not settled 
until 1881.) Ages of children arrived at from censuses. 

Kjiowles children; b. Riga, N.Y.: 

i. Lorena'- was Lorena Bebee of Oakland in I881. (in I880 census, 
Orion, a Lorena Knowles was age 66, b. N.Y., living with John 
Berrige 66 asid Jenny Berrige 38, his wife. Lorena said to be 
1+56. ii. Erastus , b. abt. I817 . 
i+57. iii. Jesse , b. abt. l822. 
U58. iv. James , b. abt. I83I. 

V. Juliette , b. abt. 183^; m. Tomlinson. In estate papers of 

her father, she was of Lapeer, Mich., in I88I. 

Tth Generation 

239^ WILLIAM^ KNQWLES ( Paul ,^ James James ,*'Col . John,^ John,*Richard^) , son of 

/ Paul(ll5 . ) and Thankful (Snow), b. 19 July 1790, Sandisfield, Mass.; 

d. 28 Nov. 1871, age 8I years, Ridgeway, Orleans, Co., N.Y. in the 
Town of Knowlesville which he founded. Married (1st) MARY BALDWIN 
(issue of 25 Jan. 1816 "The Berkshire Star", Stockbridge, Mass.: 
married at Tyringham on Sunday evening last, Mr. William Knowles to 
Miss Mary Baldwin, both of Sandisfield"); she died 2 April 1861. He 
m. (2nd) MRS. MARY CRIPPEN, b. 1793 and d. after I87O . 

A sketch of William Knowles, furnished for the Orleans Co 'Pioneer Ass'n 
by his adopted son. Rev. I.O.Fillmore, appeared in Arad Thomas' PIONEER 
HISTORY OF ORLEANS CO., pub. I67I (courtesy of Gary Lattin, Orleans Co. 
Historian, Albion, N.Y. 1971). 

From this sketch we learn that in Dec. of l8l3, William Knowles 
collected his effects together, purchased a span of horses and wagon 
and a quantity of iron and steel for loading and set off from Sandis- 
field, Mass.. to go to the Genesee country where three of his brothers 
had already located. On his way, he stopped at Schenectady and bought 
8 bags of oysters to add to his load. He arrived at the house of his 
brother in Riga, N.Y., January 5th, l8li|. 

A year later, in Jan. of I815 , he went to Ridgeway, stopping at the 
house of his old friend Eleazer Slater. He purchased land there (lot 3, 
township 15, range 3) containing 3^1 acres on the Erie Canal which later 
became the Village of Knowlesville , so named in his honor. 

In March of that same year, he began to cut down the trees to build a 
house on his land which was more than a mile from any house, highway or 
path. In due time, a cabin was raised with sides of logs, roof of 
staves, or shakes, fastened to their places by poles bound crosswise, 
with a floor of basswood logs roughly hewed on one side. Mr. John 
Canifee, with his wife and child, moved into the new house before its 
completion, while the floor was only half laid down and a blanket was 
used for a door. They lived in that condition for two weeks and then 
Mr. Knowles hired two men to work for him, one of whom had a wife who 
was their housekeeper. But she became ill the following summer and 

There were no roads, no barns, no pastures and none of the modem 
conveniences for living in the settlement. Mr. Knowles obtained some 
cows which he hired kept two miles from his house. After working hard 
in his clearing all day, he would then go two miles to milk his cows 
and bring the milk home in pails through the woods . 

The men Mr. Knowles hired soon left him and in Nov. I815 he returned 
to Mass., marrying Mary Baldwin and bringing her to their new home in 
Ridgeway. On their way back from Mass., they purchased a set of chairs 
with splint seats. These chairs came to be regarded by neighbors as 
a great luxury and frequent comments were made upon the extravagance 
of the Knowles family in those days of primitive living. 

7th Generation 

In spite of their possession of such fine chairs, the Knowleses suf- 
fered many inconveniences in the early days of their house-keeping. 
Their first "bedstead was made by boring holes in the logs in the side 
of the house and putting in rods fastened to pole bedposts, with side 
pieces of like material. In the cold summer of I816, June frost killed 
the corn but the wheat crop proved good in quality. That first summer 
of 1816, engineers surveying for the Erie Canal came and pitched their 
tent on Mr. Knowles ' farm for a week, finally establishing the line for 
the canal through the center of his farm. The canal was con^jleted to 
Lockport from the eetst in l824. Mr. Knowles built one section of the 
canal east of Holley. 

In 1825, he built the first framed house in Knowlesville , on the south 
side of the canal in which he kept a hotel for severed, years. After- 
wards he built the brick house near the canal on the west side of the 
Main Street in which he kept a temperance hotel for several years 
until he finally closed the house as a tavern. He built the first ware 
house in Knowlesville in I825 . He bought and shipped the first boat 
load of wheat ever shipped from Orleans county. 

Always active in public enterprise for the community benefit in which 
he lived, he helped build the first school house in his district which 
was made of logs. In l830 the brick church was erected, funds for 
which were substantially furnished by William Knowles. 

In 1838, he built his last place of residence in the west part of the 
village, north of the canal. He never had any children but has brought 
up and educated 7 or 8, one of these being the Rev. I.O. Fillmore to 
whom he gave a liberal education, sending him to college and theologi- 
cal schools. 

Additional Reference: Landmarks of Orleans Co., N.Y. edited by Hon. 
Isaac S. Signor of Albion, N.Y., N.Y. Syracuse I89U. 

JESSE ^ KNOWLES ( Paul,*' James James ,^001. John John ,*Ri chard , son of 
Paul (115.) and Thankful (Snow), b. 26 Sept. 179^, Sandisfield, Mass.; 
d. 18 Dec. 1863, Ridgeway, Orleans Co., N.Y. ; m. 3 Feb. l823, Sandis- 
field (VR's) PHEBE (also called Phila) BARKER; m. (2nd) CAROLINE A. 
, b. 1829, Canada. 

Jesse Knowles was executor of his father's estate in I816. It is not 
known exactly when he followed his brothers to western N.Y. State but 
it appears to be some years later. He was married in Sandisfield l823 
and records of the Congregational Church there show "Jesse dismissed 
1836." In 1850 census, Ridgeway, N.Y., Jesse was age 55, with Caroline 
Sarah 23 and William 0., ae 11. Presumably these were children of his 
first wife, deceased. In I86O, he was still in Ridgeway, Orleans Co., 
N.Y., a produce merchant, with Caroline, age 30 and Franklin, ae h. 
1870 census same place, Caroline was head of household, age 40, with 
real estate $3,000 and Franklin, ae 13. 

7th Generation 


From Surrogate of County of Orleans, copy of Petition of Caroline A. 
Knowles of Ridgeway, widow of Jesse, in the settlement of his estate 
•mentions "only child", John F. J. Knowles, 7 years old. No evidence 
of the Sarah and William abovementioned. 

Copy of will of Jesse Knowles follows indicating ownership of property 
in Van Buren Co. , Mich, to which place he apparently went at some 
earlier time than 185O perhaps. His younger brother, Elijah, had 
removed there in l837. 

Knowles children of first wife, Phebe , probably: 

i. ? Sarah ,^ b. abt. I827. 

ii. ? William 0 . , b. l839. 

Knowles child by 2nd wife, Caroline: 

iii. John F. J. (Franklin), b. I856/1857. 


In the name of God, Amen. I, Jesse Knowles, of the town of Ridgeway in the 
County of Orleans and State of New York of the age of sixty-eight years and 
being of sound mind and memory do make publish and declare this my last 
will and testament in manner following, that is to say. First, after my 
J\ist debts are paid, I give and bequeath to my wife, Caroline A. Knowles, 
all my household furniture and one-half of my personal estate, also one-half 
of the avails of all of my real estate in the County of Van Buren in the 
State of Michigan after the same is sold and one-half of the avails of what 
is contracted to be sold but not yet paid for, for all of which I have this 
day executed a Deed to my wife, Caroline Knowles, for the express purpose of 
having her dispose of the same and give title or conveyance for the said 
lands in State of Michigan aforesaid. I also give and bequeath to my said 
wife, one half of use and -avails of all my real estate in the Village of 
Knowlesville in the County of Orleans and State of New York during her 

Second, I give and bequeath to my infant son, John F. J. Knowles, the one- 
half of all my present estate and one-half of the avails of all of my. real 
estate and one-half of the avails of all of my real estate in Van Buren 
County in the State of Michigan when it is sold or paid for what has been 
contracted to be sold. I also fxirther give emd bequeath to my said infant 
son, all of my real estate in the Village of Knowlesville in the County of 
Orleans and State of New York. 

Third, I do hereby nominate and appoint Dyer B. Abel, guardian, for my infant 
son, John F. J. Knowles, until he is twenty-one years of age and lastly, I 
do hereby nominate and appoint my wife, Caroline A. Knowles, sole Executrix 
of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me 


7th Generation 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand 

and seal this 19th day of August 1863. (s) Jesse Knowles (Seal) 

The above instrument consisting of one sheet was at the date thereof signed 
sealed published and declared by the said Jesse Knowles as and for his last 
will and testajuent in presence of us who at his request and in his presence 
and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as testified 

Sand Cole ) both of Knowlesville , Orleans 
U.V. Tilden) Coimty, New York. 


Whereas, I, Jesse Knowles of Ridgeway, Orleans County, New York have made my 
last will and testament in writing bearing date the 19th day of August, l863 
in and by which I have given and bequeathed to my infant son, John F. J. 
Knowles, one-half of all my personal estate and one-half of all of the avails 
of my real estate in the County of Van Buren in the state of Michigan when it 
is sold or paid for what has been contracted to be sold. Also, all my real 
estate in the Village of Knowlesville after the decease of my wife. Now 
therefore I do by this writing which I declare to be a Codicil to my said 
last will and testament and to be taken as part thereof, order and declare 
that my will is as follows. First, that in case my infant son, John F. J. 
Knowles should die without use then and in that case I give and bequeath to 
my sister, Lois Clark, one hundred dollars and to my sister, Abigedl Stevens, 
one hundred dollars. Second, that if my wife, Caroline Knowles, should die 
and leave no child or children, then in that case, I give and bequeath one- 
third of what she would inherit to my son, John F. J. Knowles, should die 
before his mother, of his estate to the American Bible Society. One-third 
to the Foreign Missionary - * and in case my wife and son should both die 
before my son is twenty-one years old and have no children then that pro- 
perty is to be divided between the Societies named - Society and one-third 
to the Home Missionary Society, the whole intent and meaning of this Codicil 
is the disposition of what I have bequeathed to my son in case the contin- 
gency should occur which is mentioned above. 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this lUth day of 
• November l86 3 . 

(s) Jesse Knowles (Seal) 

This above Codicil was at the date thereof signed sealed and published and 
declaired by Jesse Knowles as and for a Codicil to his last will and testa- 
ment in the presence of us who at this request and in his presence and in 
the presence of each other have subscribed our names thereto as witnesses. 

Sand Cole ) both of Knowlesville , Orleans 
U.V. Tilden ) County, New York. 

*Interlineation addition - "and in case, etc.," 

7th Generation 

i ELIJAH KNOWLES (Paul,* James ,* James ,* Col. John,^ John,* Richard^ ) , son of 
Paul ( 115 . ) and Thankful (Snow), b. l8 Sept. l802, San dis field, Mass.; 
d. 5 April 1855, Columbia, Van Buren Co., Michigan; m. ELIZA DEMIUG, 
b. 23 Dec. 1809, Avon, Livingston Co., New York (according to Tilden 
Gen., she was b. 26 Jan. I8IO ) ; d. 8 Feb. I88I, ae 71 yrs . , 1 mo., ik 
das., Breedsville; dau. of Benjamin and Fanny (Tilden) Deming. 

Named as yoxingest son in his father Paul's will of I816. On May 7th 
1816, Harry Hubbard appointed his guardian. Minor under ih when his 
father deceased. His brother, Jesse, named as security in paper. 

In 1830, Elijah was living next door to his brother, Paul, in Avon, 
Livingston Co., N.Y. (2 males 20-30 & 2 females 20-30 in household). 

Elijah removed to the west in l837 where he became a pioneer of 
Michigan. His life was devoted to farming aod lumber manufacturing. 
He was a leading man in his community of Breedsville, Van Biaren Co. 
Elected Justice of the Peace at first township meeting held on first 
Monday of April I8U5 , also overseer of the poor. Served in capacity 
of township supervisor. 

1838, he and John Barrows erected a tannery in that location where 
there was an abundance of hemlock bark. For many years thereafter, the 
traffic in hemlock bark was one of the leading industries of the town- 
ship . 

1839, he was taxed $U.65 f or personal property and 160 acres of land. 

REFS: HISTORY OF COLORADO, Vol. Ill, S.J.Clark Pub. Co., 19l8, pg. 399- 
article about Elijah's son, John. 

The Lewis Pub. Co., Chicago and New York, 1912, pgs . i+66, U67 and 
^68 - Courtesy Richard J. Hathaway, Head, Michigan Unit, Bureau 
Library Services, Dept. of Education, State of Michigan, Lansing, 
Mi ch . 

Knowles children: (From Elijah's Family Bible - records in son 

Charles, Civil War Pension Papers) 

U59. i. Benjamin,* b. 20 Aug. I830, Avon, N.Y. 

ii. Helen , b. 10 June l832, Avon, N.Y.; d. 17 Mar. I8UU. 

iii. James , b. 8 July l837; d. k Nov. l84l. 

^60. iv. William Heniy , b. 1 Nov. l839. South Haven, Mich. 
U61. V. Charles , b. 11 July l842. South Haven, Mich. 
U62. vi. John, b. 13 May I8U6, South Haven, Mich. 

vii. Fannie , b. 20 Nov. 185^, Columbia, Michigan. 


7th Generation 

SAMUEL SNOW ^ KNOWLES (Willard, Willard, Col. Willard, Col. John,' John,* 
Richard*), son of Willard (ll6.) and Sarah Kneeland; b. 28 July 1797, 
Seuidisfield, Mass.; d. at Champion, Jefferson Co., N.Y.; m. CLARIKDA 
GRANGER, b. k May l801, Sandisfield, d. k Oct. l832. Champion. 

Samuel Knowles probably left his native Mass. in 1820, according to the 
Sandisfield, Mass., Congregational Church records (2nd book) he was 
"dismissed" that date, which was apparently the time after his mother's 
death that his brother Russell returned from Champion to bring the rest 
of the family to N.Y. Said to have lived and died in Champion and 
left one son. 

Knowles child; b. Champion, N.Y. : 
^63. i. Hiram,* b. l8 June l823. 

RUSSELL KNEELAND ^ KNOWLES (Willard,^ Willard,* Col. Willard,* Col. John,* 
John,* Richard^ ) , son of Willard (ll6.) and Sarah Kneeland; b, 17 July 
1799, Sandisfield, Mass.; d. 1 July I885, West Carthage, N.Y. ; m. 29 
Nov. 1827 on Thanksgiving Day, WEALTHY AUSTIN HUBBARD, b. 1 April l803, 
N.Y., dau. of Joel and Mercy (Austin) Hubbard. She lived to be almost 
one hundred years old, dying k Jan. 1903. 

Pub. Co., 1905 states that Russell K. Knowles was an early resident 
of Champion. He acquired a good education for the times and became 
master of the trade of carpentry and ho\ise building. On attaining 
his majority he visited Champion and seciired land, going back as far 
as Albajiy to meet his father and family who joined him there. He 
walked from Albany to Champion, driving a yoke of oxen. Settled on a 
farm five miles from Carthage which he tilled for many years. For 
fifteen or more years he lived in the Town of Denmark, Lewis Co., where 
he served as constable smd collector and was active as was also his 
wife in the Congregational Church at Copenhagen. He was a Republican 
in politics and acted in his later years with the Prohibition Party. 

i860 Census of Champion, Jefferson Co., N.Y., found the family there 
with Wealthy's mother, Mercy Hubbard, 85, b. Conn., residing with 

Knowles children; probably b. Champion, N.Y.: 

i. Qliva Volucia ,* b. 2 Sept. l832; d. 17 Oct. l897, Rochester; 

m. Frederick Sprague, b. 26 Aug. l832 in Chajnpion, N.Y.; lived 
in Theresa, N.Y., a^ farmers; later years Mr. Sprague kept a 
grocery store in Ceurthage. 

Sprague children: 

a. Charles H. , went to Michigan 

b. Ellen M. , m, J. P. Harrington, lived in Rochester. 

c. Weal- thy ,d. ae I8 mos . 

d. Grace V. , m. H.N. Bennett of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

e. Wayne Frederick , resided Rochester. 

Tth Generation 


ii . Mercy Celestia , m. Franklin B. Johnson; resided Carthage, N.Y. 

U6h. iii. Samuel , b . abt . l835. 

iv. Sarah Charille , m. Egbert H. McNitt; resided South Champion, N.Y. 

V. Charles Lord , resided West Carthage, a bachelor. 

vi. . John, d. ae 6 mos . 

vii. Wealthy Sedate , unmarried, resided West Carthage. 

WILLARD ATWOOD ^ KNOWLES , ( Wi Hard Wi Hard/ Col. Willard,* Col. John,* 
John,* Richard*) , son of Willard (ll6.) and Sarah Kneeland; b. 5 April 
180T, Sandisfield, Berkshire Co., Mass.; d. Champion, N.Y. ; m. 
DEBORAH N. , b. abt. l8ll, Mass. 

In 1820 he left Sandisfield with his facaily and removed to Champion, 
N.Y., where his younger brother, Russell, had previously situated and 
purchased land. In the l855 census , Willard was living in the Oneida 
Community, Lennox, Madison Co., N.Y.; with him were Deborah N., ae 
Us, b. Mass.; Edman W. , ae I8, b. Jefferson Co., N.Y. ; Egbert, ae 8, 
b. Jefferson Co. All stated to have been residents of the Community 
for two years . 

i860 census of Jefferson Co. , N.Y. found him back in Champion, a farmer 
with his wife plus one Sarah Cook, ae 23; Egbert P., ih; William S., 
farmer, ae 50 (his brother) and Emily L., ae 12, b. N.Y., (dau. of 
William) . 

National Gen. Society quarterly. Vol. 5^, 1966, contained an article 
about the Oneida Community, Lennox, Madison Co., N.Y. This was a 
"Commune" before its time, established by John Humphrey Noyes in 18^+8 
with a small group of religious , industrious people who became very 
controversial and looked upon with disfavor because of their beliefs 
about marriage. Births were controlled by "male continence" and there 
was no such thing as marriage, per se. The men lived together, the 
women lived together, as did the children, and all had tasks to do 
within the structure. They worked hard and built up a large silver- 
plate mfg. business which was continued until the breakup of the group 
in 1880. There were few children born and those born belonged to the 
Commiinity, inasmuch as there was not monogamy. 

Constance Noyes Robertson's book ONEIDA COMMUNITY, An Autobiography, 
I85I-I876, copyright 1970, Syracuse Univ. Press is a most interesting 
history of this group of people who were organized by her grandfather, 
John Humphrey Noyes . 

A recent letter from Mrs. Robertson states that Willard Knowles Joined 
the Community 21 Feb. I8I+8, seceded 21 Aug. I856 ; rejoined Jan. I866 
and finally seceded 30 July I866. His wife Deborah seceded IT April 
1866. This joining and re-joining was not uncommon. 
Knowles children: 

i. Edmund F . ,* b. l837 , Jefferson Co., N.Y. ; d. 3 Sept. I863 (name and 
date of death furnished by Mrs. Robertson, living 1971, Kenwood, 
Oneida, N.Y. 13to. 
U65. ii. Egbert P. > b. I8U7, Champion, Jefferson Co., N.Y. 

252 Tth Generation 

WILLIAM S . ^ KNOWLES ( Wi Hard * Wi Hard/ Col. Willard,*Col. John / John,* 
Richard*), son of Willard (ll6.) and Sarah ( Knee land ) ; b. 2 Sept. I8IO, 
Sandisfield, Mass.; d. sifter I86O, probably at Chaii5)ion, Jefferson Co., 
N.y.; m. 27 Nov. I836, Copenhagen, N.Y., NMCY W. LOUD, b. k June I818, 
Copenhagen; d. 29 June 185U. (The date of 185^ seems questionable as 
she had a dau. b. 29 June l853_, therefore perhaps Netncy died at her 
birth; the dau. d. in I85U.) 

William Knowles removed to Champion in 1820 with hi's family. He 
apparently went to live with ^fais brother, Willard and family, after 
the death of his wife as he wsis found in Willarcte household, i860 
census, with dau. Emily L. , sue 12. 

Knowles children: 

i. Emily ,* b. abt. I8U8, Copenhagen, N.Y. ; m. Rev. J. M. Chrysler. 

ii. May Elizabeth , b. 29 June l853; d. 9 April 185U. 

246) WILLIAM ^ KNOWLES (William,* David,* Col . Willard, *Col . John,*John,* 

Richard^), son of William (llT.) and Rebecca (Smith); b. 30 Sept. 1798, 
probably at Eastham, Mass.; probably died in Boston in 1868; m. (1st) 

BIAL , who d. 3 May l833; m. (2nd) CHARLOTTE SHERMAN, b. in 

Yarmouth, Mass., d. 1 Nov. I878. 

William Knowles lived in West Yarmouth as a child. His father died 
when he was ten years old, his mother re-marrying twice thereafter. 
William was a blacksmith in Yarmouth. He apparently removed to 
Boston, then to Marshfield as the birth of his last two children were 
recorded latter place, with Rebecca's birth in Boston. 

Suffolk Co. Probate records indicate Charlotte's administration #62157 
in 1878; William, #1^8630, in 1868. 

Charlotte died intestate leaving heirs as follows: Lydia M. Lucas of 
Boston, dau.; William Knowles of Natick, son; Rebecca Decker of Boston, 
dau. Petitioner was son-in-law, Winslow Z. Lucas, asking to admin- 
ister the estate. Signed by lydia M. Lucas and William Knowles. 

Yarmouth cemetery records list William Knowles: son of William, to have 
died 21 JvQy l839» having been born k Nov. I838; however, a William 
was very much alive in I878, who was Charlotte's son. On the death 
certificate of the William, son of Charlotte and William, it was 
stated he died, age Uo, 6 Jaji. 1879 > which places his birth date I838. 

Knowles children by 1st wife, Bial; b. Yarmouth , Mass . : 

i. Crowe 11% . 5 May I828. 

ii. Temperance Hedge , b. ik Sept. l832; d. 6 May l833. 
Knowles children by 2nd wife, Charlotte: 

iii. lydia Matthews , b. 30 June l837, Yarmouth; m. Winslow Z. Lucas; 

7th Generation 


resided Boston. 

iv. William , who d. 21 July l839>(West Yarmouth Cem. records). 
V. William , b. k Nov. I838; was living in Natick when his mother's 
estate was administered in 18T8; he d. 6 Jsm. l879 in Natick, 
was a shoe clerk. 

vi. Ichabod, h. 28 June I8U0 ; d. 25 July I8U1 (West Yarmouth cem. 
records ) . 

vii. Rebecca , b. 30 June l84l, Yarmouth; d. Nov. I8U3. 
viii. Rebecca Smith , b. 28 Feb. l8i^6, Boston; m. Decker and was 

living Boston in I878. 
ix. Nathan Nickerson, b. 22 July I8U9, Marshfield, Mass.; d. 13 Feb. 

EZRA ^ KNOWLES (David,* David,* Col. Willard ,* Col. John,^ John,* Richard* ) , 
son of David (II8. ) and 1st wife, Azuba; b. 13 Jan. l807, Eastham, 
Mass.; d. Nov. I869 , Orleans, Mass.; m. I6 Dec. l830 ELIZABETH S. 
ROGERS, b. 1808/1809, d. at Orleans 19 April I878, ae 69. She was 
dau. of Mulford and Sarah Rogers of Orleans. (VR's). 

Barnstable Co. Probate records show Admin, of Estate of Ezra, Orleans, 
in 1869, #55^+7/19/^+56. 

Knowles children; prob. b. Orleans (courtesy Alice Lowe): 

i. Snow Young ,* b. l835; d. before I869 as he was not named as an heir 
in his father's estate administration petition, l869; m. 8 Mar, 
i+66. ii. Ezra, b. I836. 

iii. Mary E. , b. iQhk; m. 26 Mar. I87I, Benjamin F. Rogers. 

ROBERT M. ^ KNOWLES (Samuel,* John,' Col. Willard,* Col . John,^John,* 
Richard*) , son of Samuel (l21.)and Hannah (Pepper); b. 22 May iQOk, 
Eastham; d. 2h April I88O, ae 75, Provincetown , Mass.; m. (1st) 
MARY J. LAVENDER, b. abt . I8II , Nova Scotia, dau. of Robert Lavender; 
she d. 26 Feb. 1860, ae U9 , at Provincetown; he m. (2nd) ELIZABETH 
(SNOW) GARDNER, b. Liverpool, Nova Scotia. 

Provincetown records state he was a carpenter at time of children's 
birth date there. He was an undertaker at time of his death. His 
widow, Elizabeth D. Knowles petitioned to administer his estate 17 May 
1880, naming next of kin to be his widow, a son Charles A. Knowles; 
Flossie M. and Susan E. Whit comb, minor granddaughters. 

Knowles children by 1st wife, Mary; b. Provincetown: 

i. Henry ,*b . l835 ; was age 15 in I85O census, P'town, his father's 
household. Not named as next of kin in I88O. 

ii. Maria, b. l839 (was ae 21 in I86O census, father's household), 
not named as next of kin in I88O. 

iii. Mercy Ann > died ae 3, 29 Feb. iQkk. ( P'town records) 

iv. Mary H. , b. 9 June 181+3; Mary "W", dau., ae 1; d. Sept. iQkk 
(p'town records ) . 


Tth Generation 

V. Susan E. , b . 21 Oct . l8U6 ; was not named as next of kin in I88O ; 

she prob. m. Joseph Whitcomb who was living in the household of 
Robert's widow, Elizabeth, in I880 census. He was age 38, with 
Flossie M. Whitcomb, a^e 8; and Susan E. Whitcomb, ae 3. 

vi. Hurbeck, b. 15 Feb. I85I (Mass. VR's); probably d. y. 

Knowles child by 2nd wife, Elizabeth: 

vii. Charles A. , b. Nov. l863; m. Ella Bliss; he d. 1 Sept. 1936, ae 
72/9/18 at Cambridge, Mass.; bu. Mt. Auburn Cem. (death cert.) 

JOHN ^ KNOWLES (Samuel,^ John, ^ Col. Willard,* Col. John,* John ,* Richard* ) , 
son of Samuel (l21. ) and Hannah (Pepper); b, 5 Dec. l805, Eastham; d. 
5 Oct. 1875, Provincetown , Mass.; m. (1st) 27 Nov. I828 ZERUIAH ATKINS, 
b. 22 April l809i d. 30 Jan. I858; dau. of Ebenezer and Mary (Paine) 

Atkins; he m. (2nd) ASENATH R. , b. abt. l8l2, d. I886 at 

Provincetown . 

He was a merchant in Provincetown. In I87O census, he was a staje 
proprietor, ae 6h with Asenath, ae 58, 

Knowles children: 

U67. i. Samuel ,* b. 26 Feb. I83I, Truro. 

ii. James Needham, b. 11 June l833; d. 10 Mar. 185^, ae 20, in Boston; 
he was a clerk. 

iii. Zilpha Pepper, b. 27 Aiig. l835 ; m. John Bell, 10 Nov. I86I. 

iv. John Willard , b. ik Nov. 1827. 

WILLARD ^ KNOWLES (Samuel f John f Col . Willard,* Col. John,** John,* Richard* ), 
son of Samuel (121. ) and Hannah (Pepper); b. 12 Sept. l807, Eastham, 
Mass.; d. 8 Feb. I88O, Charles town, Mass.; m. 15 Feb. I83I, Amherst, 
Hillsboro Co., New Hampshire, POLLY KIDDER, b. 25 Aug. I806, Nottingham, 
Rockingham (now Hudson), Hillsboro, N.H. (The KIDDER FAM. GEN. by M.H. 
Stafford, p. 90 ) 

1850 census, they were living Char lest own, Mass. Willard Knowles was a 
brush maker. I88O. Boston Directory, Mrs. Willard Knowles was living 
9 Oak St., Charlestown; I88O census, "Polly", Angelia and Francis were 
living that address. I888 Boston Directory, Polly Knowles, widow, was 
living 33 R;issell, Boston, as was "Miss" Angie, school teacher. (Mass. 
VR's additional ref . ) 

Knowles children; b. Charlestown: 

i. Angelia M. f b. 7 Mar. l839 ; was a school teacher in Boston; unm. ; 
d. 30 Nov. 1908, ae 69/8/23, at Everett, Mass. 
U68. ii. Francis W. . b. 18U3. 

7th Generation 255 

/' 25I j SAMUEL^ KNOWLES (Samuel, John,* Col. Willard,* Col. John , ^ John,*Ri chard* ) , 
son of Samuel (l21.) and Hannah (Pepper); b. 11 July I8IO, Eastham, 
Mass.; d. 23 April 1887, ae 76/9/11, Duxbury, Mass.; m. (1st) 29 Mar. 
1836, Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Mass., LUCIA ANN SAMPSON, b. 9 June l8l2. 
Homer, Cortland, N.Y. (SLC records); d. in Duxbiuy l892; she was dau. 

of George and Sarah (Bartlett) Sampson. Samuel m. (2nd) HANNAH 

b. abt. 1813. 

Samuel Knowles was a merchant in Duxbviry. 

Knowles children by 1st wife, Lucia; b. Duxbuiy: 

i. Antoinette Zilpaii ,*b. Jan. l837; d, y. 

ii« Alfred Emery ) 4. • -u ot n tOoq 

.... -r-z — : — TZ — ^- T 1- A twins, b. 27 Dec. 1838. 
111. Antoinette Zilpah , ) * 

iv. Mary Huddlestone , b. 29 July I85O. 

e JOSEPH P. ^ KNOWLES (Samuel,* John,* Col. Willard,* Col. John ,^ John,' 
Richard!) , son of Samuel (l21.) and Hannah (Pepper); b. 19 Aug. l8l5, 
Eastham, Mass.; d. 2 Sept. I885 , ae 70, Provincetown, Mass.; m. (int.) 
25 Mar. l8iil, DELIA (or Dilly) COOK, b. l822, Eastham; d. 9 July I898, 
ae 76, Provincetown; she was dau. of Stephen Cook of Provincetown and 
Delia (Crowell) of Boston. 

He was a merchant and shoemaker in Provincetown. 

Knowles children: (from Provincetown records) 

U69. i. George Qsborne^ ,b. 1842. 

ii. Lovina , b. 30 June 18^5; d. 16 May 18U5 (Obviously in error but 

was entered in P'town records this way.) 

iii. Joseph W. , b. 28 June I8U6. 

iv. Louisa , b. 9 Oct. 18^9. 

V. Hannah , d. lU Aug. l855, ae 1 yr., 3 mos . 

vi. Hannah, d. 30 Aug. 1859- 

vii. Lucy A. , b. 10 Nov. I85I; unmarried; was residing 9 Pearl St., 

P'town when she died, 28 Axig. 1936, ae 84/9; informant was sister 

Mrs. Jxilia Hopkins of Provincetown. 

viii. "Willie" ) , ^ 

\tT^^,,^J\ \ twins b. 19 Aug. I86I (Mass. VR's); Lizzie B. , d. ih 

Aug. 1od3, ae 1 (P'town records) 

X. Julia C. > b. I8b5; was Mrs. Julia Hopkins of P'town in 1936. She 

was unmarried 1909 when her brother George died. 

( 253^ JOSHUA ^ KNOWLES (Joshua,* John,* Col . Willard,* Col. John John ,* Ri chard* ) , 
son of Joshua (122.) and Lydia (Knowles); b. 23 June I816, Eastham, 
Mass.; d. 8 Aug. I869, Topeka, Kansas, age 53; m. 23 Jan. I838 LUCINDA 
DOANE, b. 2 Sept. I815, Eastham; d. Topeka, Kansas (date furnished was 
8 Aug. 1869, same gls her husband's so this could be error.) Lucinda 
was dau. of Thankful (Knowles) and Barnabeis Doane, descendant of John 
Doane who settled at Eastham I6U0. 

Joshua Knowles went to Kansas in l857, returned to Massachusetts a yeeo* 


7th Generation 

later, selling his homestead at Eastham to go back to Topeka. He was a 
farmer, financier, promoter of forward movements and, as a public 
spirited citizen, gained unusual distinction. Was one of the incorpor- 
ators of the Old Topeka Bank and Savings Institution out of which grew 
the Bank of Topeka. Joshua eind his wife were members of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church. 

Knowles children; b. Eastham: 

1+TO. i. Albert William ,* b. l6 Jan. 1839. 
471. ii. Charles Osborne , b. 15 Dec. 18^+2. 

iii. Mercy , b. 8 May, 181+5; d. 23 Nov. I8U7. 

LEWIS LUMBAR^ KNOWLES (Jonathan,* John,* Col. Willard,* Col. John,* John,* 
Richard*), son of Jonathan (l23.) and Rebecca (Lewis); bpt. 21 July 
1816, Chelmsford, Mass. (First Congregationeil Church records , Che 1ms ford 
Centre); d. h Feb. I889, ae 72, Worcester, Mass. (death cert.); m. 3 
Jan. I8U1 by Timothy Cole, Minister at Lowell, Mass., ABIGAIL L. PEIRCE 
b. 16 Aug. 1819, Winchendon, Mass.; d. 16 Mar. 1909 » Worcester, Mass., 
ae 89. She was dau. of Cyrus Peirce , b. 12 Oct. 1791 who m. I81U, 
Martha Beals, b. 1790. ( Peirce Genealogy at Sutro Library — name 
spelled Peirce ) 

Dates from Mass. VR's. Lewis L. Knowles was a shoemaker. Apparently 
they did not have children. The will of Abby. L. Knowles, dated Dec. 
1st, 1903, bequeaths $50 to Varnum P. Curtis of Worcester for purchase 
of a clock; $25 to her brother, Albert P. Peirce of Hartland, Vermont. 
The rest of her estate to James P. Curtis and Abbie F. Curtis of 
Worcester who were also to be executors. 

WILLARD ^ KNOWLES ( Jonathan ,* John ,* Col . Wi Hard ,* Col . John John , * 
Richard*), son of Jonathan (123.) and Rebecca (Lewis); bpt. 21 Sept. 
1818, Chelmsford, Mass. (First Congregational Church records, 
Chelmsford, Centre); m. 15 Nov. lQk3 by Timothy Cole, Minister at 
Lowell, Mass. (marr. cert.) LYDIA SNOW LEWIS of Wellfleet. 

They apparently removed to Brooklyn, N.Y., as the death certificate of 
their son stated he had been born in that place in I8UI+. Lydia died 
2 Nov. 1898 in Boston at which time their three children were living in 
Suffolk Co., Mass. also. There is no record of the death of Willard 
Knowles in Mass. VR's, therefore, he might have died in Brooklyn and 
the family returned to Mass. 

Sxiffolk Co. Probate Index (1897-1909) indicated estate #109750 of 
Lydia S. Knowles. Copy of same states she died intestate, leaving 
only personal, property. Heirs-at-law and next of kin were Emma Green, 
dau., of Boston; John S. Knowles, son, of Cambridge; and Luella 
Hastings, dau. of Boston. Luella Hastings was appointed administratrix, 
signed by Luella Hastings, Emma Green and John Smith Knowles. 

Tth Generation 


Knowles children: 

i. John Smith , b. U Aug. iQkk, Brooklyn, N.Y.; d. k April 1920, ae 
75, at Cambridge, Mass. He was widowed. Not known if he had 

ii. Emma , who m. G reen and lived in Boston. 

iii. Luella , who m. Hastings and lived in Boston. 

NICHOLAS PAINE ^ KNOWLES ( Barnabas ,^ John ,*Col . Willard,*Col. John,* John,* 
Richard*), son of Barnabas Freeman (l2U.) and Lovey (Mayo); b. 23 July 
1819, Eastham, Mass.; d. 3 Feb. 1883; m. (1st) 12 OCt. iQkk (int. 
recorded at Eastham), HARRIET B. NICKERSON of Eastham, b. abt. 1821, 
d. 1862; he m. (2nd) at Eastham, 23 April I87O JULIA MARIA (COLLINS) 
AMADON, b. 13 Feb. 182U, d. 22 Oct. I90U in Boston. She was the dau. 
of Capt. Jesse Collins and Rachel (Knowles) who was the dau. of John^ 
Knowles and his wife, Thajikful (Hall). Julia had six children by her 
1st husband, Eliel Tompson Amadon. 

Knowles child by first wife, Harriet; b. Eastham: 

i. Arthur,* b. 1860 (was age 10 in his father's household I87O 
census ) . 

JONATHAN ^ KNOWLES (Barnabas ^, John,^Col. Willard,*Col. John,* John,* 
Richard*), son of Barnabas Freeman {l2k.) and Lovey (Mayo); b. 1 Aug. 
1821, Wellfleet, Mass.; d. 8 Jan. I858, probably at Wellf leet ; m. 10. 
Feb. I8U7 CAROLINE GILL of Eastham who was b. l825, Wellfleet. 

i860 census shows Caroline living in Wellfleet, ae 35 with children. 

, Knowles children; b. Wellfleet: 

i- Abbie F. ,^ (Abigail) , b. I85I. 
U72. ii. John Atkins , b. 9 May l853. 

iii. Isaiah Gill , b. I855 (weis age 5 in I86O census). 

1^ 25 8j warren dome KNOWLES (Barnabas John,* Col. Willard,*Col. John,* John,* 
\,^_^ Richard*), son of Barnabas Freeman (12U. ) and Lovey (Mayo); b. 9 Dec. 
1825, Eastham; m. 7 Sept. I852, Natick, Mass., JULIA ANN CLEAVELAND, 
b. 11 May l832, dau. of Merrell and Lucy (Franklin) Cleave land. Warren 
believed to have died early as his widow remarried Obed BaJter. In I85O 
census, Natick, Warren was a shoemaker living in a boarding house. 

Knowles child: 

i. Royal Warren ,* b. 1855; d. ae 5 yrs . , 2 days. 

258 Tth Generation 

JOHN S. ^ KMOWLES (Barnabas John/ Col. Wi Hard/ Col . John,"* John/ 
Richard*), son of Barnabas Freeman {l2h.) and Lovey (Mayo); b. ik Sept. 
I83U, Eastham; d. 2 July I892, ae 57, at Lynn, Mass.; m. 16 Feb. I866, 

John S. Knowles and his sister, Martha, were living in the home of 
Abijah Baker in I85O censvis , he ae I6 and Martha, I8, after the death 
of their father in iQkJ , From his death cert, we leaxn he vas a 
carpenter in Lynn. Not known whether he had issue. 

f 260^ HENRY MAYO ^ KNOWLES (Thomas ,^ Seth Col. Wi Hard,* Col. John John , ' 

\ ^ RichM-d*), son of Thomas (l25.) and Alice (Pepper); b. 3 Aug. iSOl, 

Eastham; d. 2? J\ily I829 at sea, age 28; m. BETTY DOANE. A Betty 
Doane Knowles died at Harvard in l882 who was perhaps his widow. 

Knowles child: 

i. Alice P. f b. 20 July I828; d. 2k JvOy l81i6, ae I8 (New Bedford, 
Mass. records). 

THOMAS ^ KNOWLES ( Thomas / Seth / Col . Willard,*Col. John,"* John. *Ri chard* ) , 
son of Thomas (125. ) and Alice (Pepper); b. 31 Dec. l803, Eastham, 
Mass.; d. 29 Aug. 18T7, New Bedford, Mass.; m. Q Aiig. I83O by Rev. 
Mr. Gideon B. Perry, Pastor of the First Baptist Church of New Bedford, 
MARY KEITH EATON, b. U Jan. I809, Middleborough, Mass.; d. 20 Oct. 
1881, New Bedford. 

Mary Keith Eaton was dau. of Solomon and Mary (Keith) Eaton. She was 
direct descendant of Francis Eaton who came over in the MAYFLOWER and 
of Rev. James Keith who was born in I6U3 in Scotland, educated at 
Aberdeen in that country , came to Boston about 1662 and became the 
first ordained minister of the Church of Bridgewater, Mass. in 166U. 
Her parents, Solomon Eaton and Polly Keith were m. at Middleboroiigh, 
Mass. 11 Sept. 1796 by David Gumey. 

Jabez Eaton was the father of Solomon. He m. U Jan. 1759 at Middle- 
borough, Elizabeth Williams of Taunton, Mass. 

Reference is made to p. I50 of this geneal.ogy. Thomas Knowles of the 
7th generation, was probably the first member of his branch of the 
Eastham family to leave their native town which he did esurly in life. 
He might have spent some time in Najitucket before removing to New 
Bedford where he became engaged and successful in the whale fishery 
industry. In the latter city, he established the well known house 
which long bore his name and which proved to be the means of his ac- 
cummulating great wealth through his business perspioacity and indus- 
trious efforts . 

Thomas Knowles was not only a prominent, respected business man but he 
distinguished himself in the community for his clearness of thought 
and independence of expression in matters he considered of importance. 
An energetic and able man, he was at the same time a kind one with 

Tth Generation 259 

sympathetic regard for his fellow citizens and a promoter of their 
moral and intellectual welfare. Maintaining a deep interest in 
national politics, he invested largely in the war bonds of the govern- 
ment until the abolition of slavery. As an advocate of temperance 
reform, he accepted the mayoral candidacy of New Bedford although 
averse to holding public office, but was defeated by a small majority. 

For the last twenty years of his life he was a director of the National 
Bank of Commerce, held in high esteem for his brillia>nt discernment in 
financial matters . 

In regard for his mother's memory, Thomas Knowles attended the Baptist 
Church for many years to which religion she had been converted and in 
which he had been strictly reared. In later years, however, he 
attended the Unitarian Church where he foxind the preaching of Rev. Mr. 
Potter more in accordance with his enlarged, modern views of life over 
the earlier Puritan traditions . 

REFERENCES: As previously listed pg. 151 this geneeLLogy; plus the 
following family records furnished by Thomas Knaur, of Vienna, Austria 
(1971), gr. grandson of Thomas and Mary Knowles: HISTORY OF NEW 
BEDFORD by Leonard B. Ellis, p. 56I; WEEKLY MERCURY (Newspaper) of NEW 
BEDFORD, MASS. of Fri . , Aug. 13, I83O, p. 3; Records of the Third 
Church of Christ in Middleborough, Mass.; marriage certificates of 
Mi ddleb o rough , Mas s . 

Knowles children; b. New Bedford, Mass.: 

^* Maiy E. ,* b. I83I; d. 1 Aug. I836, sue 5 yrs., 2 mos. 
ii. Thomas H. , b. 183^^/1835; d. 10 Aug. I836, ae 1 yr. , 8 mos. 
U73. iii. Thomas Henry , b. 12 Sept. l837. 

iv. Mary Eaton , b. 15 Oct. l839 ; m. Josiaii Nickerson Knowles, her 

cousin, of San Francisco, Calif, at the time of their marriage. 
He was son of Winslow Lewis Knowles. (See JNK for their children.) 
V. Martha , b . l8U2; m. Dr. Charles Dudley Prescott of New Bedford and 
d. 28 Aug. 1890 leaving one son. Dr. Henry Dudley Prescott who m. 
Hester Swift. No children. 
klh. vi. Sydney Williams , b. 5 June iQkk. 
U75. vii. Charles Sumner , b. 3 Feb. I85O. 

262 j JOHN PEPPER ^ KNOWLES (Thomas ,* Seth,* Col. Willard.^Col. John ,* John, * 

^ Richard*), son of Thomas (125.) and Alice (Pepper); b. 13/lh Oct. l805, 

Eastham, Mass.; d. 27 Dec. I896, New Bedford; m. 5 Sept. l830 in 
Eastham, SUSANNA CROSBY, b. 3 Jvme I8IO, Orleans, Mass. She pre- 
deceased her husband, dying in I88O in New Bedford. Both bu. in lot 
together. Rural Cemetery, New Bedford. 

1880 census, John P. Knowles was living I98 County St., New Bedford, 
a« 7^, a "shipping agent"; his housekeeper was his niece ,Mary K. Paine, 
whose daughter, Ellis, ae 10, also resided with them. 

Following information taken from HISTORY OF NEW BEDFORD by Zephoniah W. 
Pease, pub. by Lewis Historical Publishing Co., New York, I918; and 

Tth Generation 

Beers & Co. , Chicago, 1912: 

"Capt. John P. Knowles , at the age of thirteen, in I818, embaxked as 
a cabin boy on the brig "Warren", commanded by his uncle Winslow L. 
Knowles and ovned by Seth Knowles (126.) of Boston, bound for Bolivia, 
South America. On the return voyage the vessel was vrrecked on the 
Skiff Island shoals off Martha's Vineyard, Nov. 25 » I818. While off 
the Bermudas on the voyage he had a marvelous escape from death. 
Falling from aloft in his descent, he barely escaped the rail of the 
vessel and fortunately struck the water without injxiry. The brig 
was under full sail, a breeze springing up, and he was unable to 
swim. His uncle, seizing a line, promptly sprang overboard but 
failed to reach him and was drawn on board. Before the vessel could 
be hove to and a boat lowered she was nearly a queurter of a mile away. 
His coolness and presence of mind enabled him to keep eifloat until he 
saw the men descending into the boat, when, completely exhausted, un- 
able longer to maintain himself on the surface, and without hope of 
rescue, he bade them goodbye, threw up his hands and lying upon his 
back slowly began to sink. He had nearly lost consciousness when the 
boat by rare good fortune happened to pass directly over the spot. A 
sailor saw him, succeeded in reaching him and drew him into the boat. 

He met with a second shipwreck on the coast of Chili, near Valpeiraiso, 
while mate of the ship "American Hero", in I827. He continued to 
follow the sea in the merchant service for sixteen years during which 
for four yeaxs, he commanded the brigs "Algerine" and "Russia" in the 
European and South American trade, to the entire satisfaction of 
their owners. 

On returning from a successful voyage in l835 he visited his brother, 
Thomas, who had established himself in New Bedford some years before 
and John was persuaded to give up his seafaring life and join Thomas 
in business . 

From that time until I8UU, the firm name was Thomas and John P. 
Knowles. In the year last named, their cousin, Joseph Knowles, who 
had been in their employ for several years, was admitted as partner. 
The firm was thereafter known as Thomas Knowles & Co. They engaged 
extensively in whaJLe fishing, being principal owners at one time of 
eleven vessels, all of which were repaired, fitted and sailed for 
many voyages under their memagement. The firm continued in active 
and successful business for half a century. 

Captain Knowles served the city as member of the council in l859-60; 
was one of the original stockholders of the Citizens National Bank 
and was one of its board of directors up to the time of his death. 

Though of delicate health in his youth, and looked upon as marked for' 
an early grave, he survived the dangers and hardships of the sea, his 
partners for so many years and numerous old time friends, and at 
eighty-seven took a lively interest in the events transpiring around 

Tth Generation 


John Pepper Knowles left a large estate consisting of extensive real 
estate holdings, stock certificates and personal property. Final ad- 
ministration of his estate did not take place until 192k. Copy of his 
will follows listing of children: 

. Knowles children; probably b. New Bedford, Mass.: 

i. Daniel M. ,^ b. 1 July I83I; d. 10 Oct. I838, ae T yrs . , 3 mos . 

ii. Mary A. , b. 9 Aug. l832; m. 10 Oct. l855, John P. Jenney who d. 

23 Oct. 1895. 

Jenney children: 

a. Susan , b. July I85T, deceased before 1912. 

b. Frank, b. Oct. I858, deceased before 1912. 

c. Mabel A. , b. 1 May I868; m. her cousin, Edward Otis Knowles, 

son of her brother Daniel. 
Ut6. iii. John Pepper, Jr . , b. 2k Sept. 1835- 
U77. iv. Joseph C, b. 3 Nov. l837. 
klQ, V. Daniel M. , b. 29 June iQkO . 
i+T9. vi. Henry Mayo, b. ik Dec. I8U2. 
U80. vii. Edward C, b. IT Jan. I8U5 . 

viii. Susan C. ,.b. 25 Feb. I8U7; d. 1 Aug. I85I. 
ix. Caroline E. , b. k June I85I; m. Silvanus Bourne. 

Bo\u*ne children: 

a. John K . 

b. Ralph H . 

(Filed Bristol Co, Probate) 

Know all men by these presents that I, John P. Knowles, of New Bedford, in 
the Co\inty of Bristol and State of Massachusetts, being in good health and 
of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make and publish this my last 
will sind testajnent hereby revoking all former wills by me at any time here- 
tofore made . 

First . I give and bequeath to my sister, Mahitable Paine, the income from 
the sxim of One thousajad dollars ($1,000) to be paid her annually during her 
life-time by ray executors. Upon her decease the sum remaining and any in- 
terest accrued thereon I give to n^y niece Mary K. Paine. 

Second . I give and bequeath to my niece Mary K. Paine, the sum of two 
thousand dollars ($2,000) if she sxarvives me. 

Third . I give and bequeath to my sister-in-law Harriet N. Smith, the 
income from the sum of One thousand dollars ($1,000) to be paid her annually 
and so much of the principal as my executors may deem necessary for her 


7th Generation 

support. Upon her death the sum remaining and any interest accrued thereon 
I give to my niece Mary K. Paine in addition to her other legacy. 

Fourth. I give and bequeath to Hannah Stoddard as a token of appreciation 
of her faithful service in my family the sum of one hundred dollars ($100) 
if she survives me. 

Fi f th . I give and bequeath to the First Universalist Society of New 
Bedford, Mass. the siam of one thousand dollEurs ($1,000). 

Sixth. I give and bequeath to those of my children who survive me, after 
the payment of the above mentioned legacies and of my just debts and personal 
expenses all the rest, residue and remainder of my property to be equally 
divided between them, subject to all the provisions hereinafter made, In 
making such division it is my will that the variovjs items and amounts I have 
from time to time advanced to each of my children and which are shown by the 
balances against them in my private books of account or evidenced by their 
promisory notes, shall be considered as and made a part of each ones share 
respectively in said property. 

Seventh . The interest or share that would be properly coming to my daughter, 
Mary under the above sixth section and out of the sale of my real estate, I 
give, devise and bequeath to my son Henry M. Knowles in trust for the fol- 
lowing purposes, to wit; to pay annually the svun of six hxandred dollars 
($600) to my daughter Mary during her lifetime, and such further sum or sums 
as he may deem best. Upon her death, unless in his discretion he shall have 
paid her entire share to my daughter Mary, to hold the balance thereof and 
the income therefrom in trust for her daughter, Mabel, paying the sum of 
three hundred dollars ($300) or more if in his discretion it seems best, to 
said Mabel or for her maintenance and education, per year, until she arrives 
at the age of thirty (30) years, at which time he shall account to and pay 
over the amoiont of said share ajid income, remaining in his hands, to said 
Mabel. In case said Mabel should die before arriving at the age of thirty 
without living issue at the time of her death, he shall distribute said 
amount equally among my then surviving children. Should there be living 
issue at the time when she would have arrived at the a^e of thirty he shall 
pay over said amount to such child or children, equally, 6is may be then 
living. Having full confidence in the ability and discretion of the said 
trustee, my will is that he shaJLl not be accountable for any loss befaJ.ling 
said trxist property, (except in caae of his own wilful default) and I author- 
ize him to invest the said interest or share in such manner as shaJ.1 seem 
best to him, and in case of any loss by reason of such investment to charge 
up such loss against said interest or share; also to name by will or other 
instrvunent in writing his successor in this trust, aoad in the event of his 
failure to do so John P. Knowles, Jr. shall be his successor. 

Eighth. The interest, or share, that would be properly coming to my son 
Daniel M. Knowles under the above sixth section, and out of the sale of iny 
real estate, I give and bequeath to my sons John P. Knowles, Jr. and Henry 
M. Knowles, in trust for the fallowing purpoaes , to wit, to pay annually the 
sum of one thousand dollars ($1000) to my son Daniel M. during his lifetime 
and such further s\;im or siams as they may deem best. Upon his death, unless 
in their discretion they shall have paid his entire share to my son Daniel M., 

Tth Generation 


to hold the balance thereof and the income therefrom in trust for his child- 
ren, until they arrive at the age of twenty one, paying the svm of three 
hundred dollars ($300 ), or more if in their discretion it seems best, to each 
for their maintenance and education, until they arrive at said age, at vhich 
time the said trustees shall account to and pay over to each an equal share 
of the amount remaining in their hands. It is my will that the said trus- 
tees shall not be accovintable for any loss befal.ling said trust property and 
I authorize them, jointly and severally, to invest said interest or share in 
such manner as shall seem best to them, and in case of any loss by reason 
of such investment to charge up such loss against said interest or share, 
also each to name by will or other instrument in writing, his successor in 
this trust, and in the event of failure of either to do so the other may 
choose his successor to fill the vaxiancy. 

Ninth. I will and devise all my lands and real estate, and all vay interest in 
real estate where-so-ever the same may be located, unto my son John P. 
Knowles Jr. , to have and to hold the same unto him, his heirs and assigns 
forever, but in trust, to manage and care for and to sell and dispose of the 
same as speedily as may appear to him desirable, altogether or in parcels, 
for cash or upon such time or times as to him may appear favorable, and to 
execute and deliver instruments of conveyances thereof accordingly, in 
fee for a less estate as the case may be , and to pay over the proceeds 
thereof unto the executors of this my will, to be distributed according to 
the provisions thereof. And it is my will that no purchaser at such sale 
(excepting said John P. Knowles Jr.) shall be accountable for the application 
of the purchase money. 

Tenth . If any of my children die before me and leaves but one child I give 
and bequeath to said only child, if it survives me, one half (l/2) the share 
its parent would have received under the foregoing sixth section if living 
at time of my decease. 

If any of my children so dying leaves two or more children , then they shall 
receive the whole share their parent would have been entitled to under said 
sixth section, if they siirvive me. 

The half share which per adventure may come to Mabel, the child of my said 
daughter Mary, under the provisions of this tenth section of ny will, shall 
be held in trust under the provisions expressed in respect of said Mabel 
in the foregoing seventh section. 

Eleventh . If any of my children die before me and leave a widow without issue 
still living, then I give and bequeath to such widow the sum of ten thousand 
dollars ($10,000) if she svirvives me. 

Twelfth . I hereby constitute and appoint my sons Johij P. Knowles Jr. and 
Henry M. Knowles to be the executors of this my last will and testament, 
without requiring them, or either of them, to give any bond, or file any 
inventory of my property. 

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal and publish 


Tth Generation 

axid declare this to be my last will and testament in the presence of wit- 
nesses named below, this twenty seventh day of July in the year eighteen 
hvmdred and ninety one. 

(s) John P. Knowles (Seeil) 

Signed, sealed published and declared by the said John P. Knowles, as and 
for his last will and testament in presence of us, who in his presence 
and in the presence of each of us, and at his request have hereunto sub- 
scribed our names as witnesses. 

Jos. Arthur B 

George P. Shockley 
William C. Hawes 

JOSEPH ^ KNOWLES (Seth,*Seth ,* Col. Willard,* Col . John ,^ John, *Ri chard* ) , 
son of Seth, Jr. (126.) and Ist wife, SARAH (SALLY) (BRIDGE); b. bef. 
15 Mar. 1812 when he was baptized First Chiirch, Charlestown, Mass.; 

d. 28 Feb. 1876, Savannah, Georgia; m. JANE MARIA , b. abt. I82U/ 

1825, Tennessee. She outlived her husband. 

1850 and i860 census, they were living Ellison Twp., Warren Co., 
Illinois. Joseph was a merchant. They removed to Minneapolis, Minn, 
in 1865; was in mercantile trade until June I867 when they removed to 
Fajrmington, Minn, and engaged in general merchandise until his death. 

1880 census, Farmington, Dakota Co., Minn., Jane M. Knowles was age 
56 (parents b. Va. ) , living with her son, Winslow L. and wife and her 
daughter, Carrie, ae 2U. 

Will of Joseph Knowles filed Dakota Co., Minn. Children listed below 
and widow were beneficiaries. His estate amounted to abt. $12,000. 

Knowles children; b. Illinois: 

kQl. i. Sethjfb. l8U8'. 

i+82. ii. Winslow Lewis , b. I85O. 

iii. Alice Bridge , b. I852, Ellison Twp. 

iv. Caroline ,b . l855, Ellison Twp. 

V. Joseph , b. 1859 (was age 1 in i860 census). 
/ *^ CAPT. 

( ALLEN HINCKLEY J' KNOWLES (Capt. Winslow,* Seth ,* Col. Wi Hard,* Col. John,* 

sv^ ^ John, *Ri chard* ) , son of Capt. Winslow Lewis (l2T. ) and Sally (Hinckleyjj 
b. 12 June l8l4, Eastham, Mass.; d. 5 July l875» Yarmouth, Meiss . ; m. 
■ (1st) (int. recorded 17 Nov. I836) MARY E. ROWE of Orleans; m. (2nd) 
k April I8U9 in Conn., CAROLINE DOANE, b. ik Aug. l823, d. 30 Dec. 
1882 at West Yarmouth. She was dau. of John Doane, well known over 
much of Cape Cod as "Squire Doane." John Doane lived to at least 89 
years of age as his daughter, Caroline Doane Knowles, and her dau., 
Caroline, ae 15, were living together in Orleans in I88O after the 

Tth Generation 


death of her hxisband, Allen. 

The Peabody Musevim, Salem, Mass., is in possession of considerable 
material on Capt. Allen Hinckley Knowles, donated by his descendants. 
This material includes several of the Log Books of varioxis ships' 
voyages under his command. Some of these were: PURITAN, CHARIOT OF 
script shelf list contains a nxamber of accounts of such ships eis: 
the passport of Capt. Allen H. Knowles, London, l855, signed by James 
Bucheuaan for use on a voyage to France. Copies of photographs of the 
Captain and his ship, CHARIOT OF FAME, also from the files of the 
Peabody Museum, courtesy of Mr. Philip Chadwick Foster Smith, Curator 
of Maritime History. 

Permission was granted from the Editor of CAPE COD STANDARD TIMES, Mr. 
Joseph B. Mosier, to reprint the following article written about Allen 
Knowles by E. Milburn Carver as it appeared in that newspaper Tuesday, 
IT May 1966 (Hyannis, Mass.) This follows listing of children. 

One of Capt. Knowles' daughters, Eleajior, who rounded the Horn four 
times with her father, kept a diary of those girlhood days. This is a 
much treasured possession of her children. 

Knowles children by 1st wife, Mary: 

i. Eleanor Pratt /b. 22 April l839, Yarmouth; m. Franklin Thacher. 

ii. Mary Rowe , b. 12 April I8U2 in Boston; d. Oct. 1933. 

Knowles children by 2nd wife, Caroline: 

iii. Sarah Emmaline , b. 11 Dec. I85O, Yarmouth. 
^83. iv. Allen Hinckley , Jr . , b. 3 Jan. 1853, Yarmouth. 

V. Child , d. y. . 

vi. Child, d. y. 

vii. Ceiroline Doane , b. 23 Nov. I86U, Yarmouth; m. Oliver Doane, b. 2 

May 1862. " 

HUGE PASSENGER SHIP., by E. Milbiirn Carver. (Cape Cod Standard-Times , Hyannis , 
Mass., Tuesday, May IT, 1966.) 

"On its north side, the Mid-Cape is traveled by the shore road and this road 
is periodically posted with signs that state it is the Crsmberry Highway. 
A long time eigo, stage coaches thundered along this highway on their way to 
and off the Cape, but in those days the route bore the more euphonic desig- 
nation of "King's Highway." 

Yarmouth and Yarmouth Port are but two of the numeroxis villages which ptinc- 
tuate this stretch of road. Their occupancy is Just about in the geograph- 
ical center of its limits on Cape Cod. Both villages are host to beautiful 
old homes which are older even than the century-old elm trees that stand 


Tth Generation 

in front of them. 

Recently a section of the Yarmouth area along the Cranberry Highway has 
been declared an historic district. Such zoning gives the ancient highvay 
still other nomenclature, in psirt, and one with the real hard core of logic 
behind the name, for the distance between Union Street in Yarmouth and 
Willow Street in the "Port" can be called the "Captain's Mile." Of course, 
the same Cranberry Highway also meanders through the Dennises and Barnstable 
and Brewster and, in its course, passes by the homes of more sea captains 
whose names are almost legion. 

Lived in Yarmouth Port . Allen Knowles was one of the severaJ. shipmasters 
who lived within the Yarmouth Port district of Captains' Mile. He built 
his big three storied house near the Willow Street corner in l86U, after 
purchasing a half-mile deep land tract from Captain Bsmgs Hallet, a neigh- 
bor, for the sum of $5,000. 

He was a splendid captain in every sense of the word, but no attempt will 
be made here to place Captain Knowles in any chronological, sequence of 
importance in relation to other captains , of either the Captains ' Mile 
or the rest of Cape Cod. 

He was a large and tall man of commanding physique and it is said that he 
never raised his voice in the issuance of an order aboard ship. It is im- 
material whether the last statement is true, or not, but it does seem to 
agree well with the other known facts about him. 

Allen was the eldest son of Captain Winslow Knowles of Eastham; he was 
born in that town in l8li+. Captain Winslow bxiilt another home in Brewster 
during the 1820 's and moved his family there, to the house which is now 
(1966) caJ-led the Manse. Allen's younger brother was Captain Josiah Knowles 
and he was a shipmaster of considerable repute. Two other brothers, 
Thomas and Winslow, Jr., were also shipmasters etnd they both died far away 
from home at an early age. One brother preferred the business life, however, 
and was not a seaman. 

In I8U9 , a few weeks prior to the discovery of California gold, Allen 
Knowles, then a captain of the New Line's packet "Robert C. Winthrop", 
married Caroline Doane of Orleems . The bride's father was a counselor at 
law who was well-known over much of Cape Cod £ls "Squire Doane". 

In view of the present day decline of the U.S. Merchant Marine, one might 
do well to inquire just why a socially prominent 19th Century family would 
more than welcome a sea-going son-in-law into its midst. The answer to 
that was social prestige, an ambition attractive to any family throughout 
the course of history. A ships 's officer of the l8Uo's was regeirded as a 
sort of ambassador-at-large to the outside world which was then being 
brought closer to home by a Merchant Marine vibrant in its ascendancy toward 
the greatness it would achieve within the following decade. Yes, ship's 
officers, capable of observing social amenities, were considered most 
favorably ashore. 

Tth Generation 


From 1850 to I85U, the country's largest business interest was maxitime in 
its nature. This included both the construction of ships in yards along 
the East Coast scattered from Maine to Meiryland, and the engagement of 
those saiae ships in a worldwide commerce while still under the Stsurs and 
Stripes . 

Between the time of the discovery of gold in California until the autumn of 
1853, some 600 slips went aroiind Cape Horn and did not return. Some were 
broken up for building material when they reached Saji Francisco, some found 
employment in the Pacific and stayed there, and some were lost at sea. The 
loss of this large fleet was one of the causes for q\iickened activity in 
shipbuilding. Another cause was that of the radical design changes incor- 
porated into shipbuilding and one which produced a lofty sparred vessel 
called a clipper ship. Since the clipper was very feist, shipping merchants 
clamored for its service. 

Several Ships on Way . New clippers, 120 of them, came out in l853 and of 
that number 85 percent were indigenous to New England. The yaxds of Medford, 
East Boston and South Boston resorted to an assembly line of production and 
kept several ships on the ways at any one time. 

Captain Knowles rode the very crest of this popular wa-ve of maritime 
splendor and with it its associated social prominence. His years of faith- 
ful, if not spectacular sailing in the old style ships, elevated him at 
length to command the Chariot of Fame. 

The Chariot of Fame was Boston's leirgest luxixry liner. She was launched 
from the McKay yards in East Boston dioring April of '53. She was queen of 
the Atlantic packets. She was queen by lineage, too, since she replaced 
the ill-fated Staffordshire, which bore that title, but was lost off Cape 
Sable in December l853. 

The construction costs of the Chariot amounted to $76,000 and her dimensions 
were simply enormous. A few of these follow since they illustrate well the 
remarkable capabilities of marine craftsmen 100 and more years ago. 

E ncompassed 3 Decks . Her registered tonnage was 2,050 tons, a figure repre- 
senting a 60 percent over-all increase above the average 1,200-tonner of 
that period. On deck, she was 220 feet long and that measurement did not 
include her bowsprit. At midships, she was U5 feet wide and her depth from 
deck to keelson was just under the 28- foot mark, and it encompassed three 
decks . 

The vessel was built for Enoch Train's White Diamond Line of Boston-to- 
Liverpool packets; his packets berthed at 37-38 India Wharf, Boston, when 
they were on this side of the Atlantic. Captain Knowles held shares in the 
Chariot of Fame as well as Mr. Train and Benjamin Bangs, another prominent 
Boston merchant. 

Everything of proven advantage from all the late ship designs wa^ incorpor- 
ated in the Chariot of Fame, including even a forced type of ventilation to • 
the steerage accommodations located deep within the ship's waist. 


Tth Generation 

She had a full quarter deck that was bisected longitudinally by a "half- 
house" which occupied nearly 30 percent of the entire deck length, 
previously mentioned as 220 feet. This structure was about chest-high from 
the deck itself; it was painted white and pierced with glittering brass 
port holes along its bulkheads and with skylights top-side. Between the 
"half-house" and the equally high bulwarks (boarded-in rail), there was a 
respectably-sized promenade area. 

Lodged Below. First class passengers and the ship's officers were both 
lodged below the quarter deck and access to their cabins was gained by com- 
peuiionways located fore and aft in the deckhouse. "Hie cabins euLigned the 
ship's port and starboard quarter from the vicinity of the main chains to 
the stern — officers occupied the smaller sternmost ones. 

Cabin decor was finished in both white and soft-gray and each cabin con- 
tained an assortment of furnishings. There was a chair, well secured to the 
deck; a clothes locker; a commode; a wal.l-bracketed candle lamp; a rvig; and 
a curtained port hole. 

A short dog-legged passage from the cabin door to the salon isolated the 
occupants while permitting warmth to seep into the room from the stove- 
heated salon. 

The salon, upon which the cabins opened, was the communal assembly area for 
the "carriage-trade" guests of the ship. In it they dined, seuig, played 
games or conducted religious services but not necessarily in that order. 
It was an area of refined elegance glowing with polished mahogany and lus- 
trous wood paneling and with ornate cuspidors strategically positioned for 
the protection of the fine rugs . y Seas Combine . 

Freezing gales and monstrous seas allied their mutually destructive force 
against the Chariot of Fame early in '5^. On Jan. 22, Captain Knowles 
had positioned his vessel in Longitude 23.33 degrees West and at that time 
she was standing to the west from the Irish Channel 11 days earlier. 

The barometer plunged to 28.20 inches — equivalent to hurricane weather — 
while the ship hove to under a close-reefed main topsail and single spenser. 
Both sails were torn out of their bolt ropes at 5 a.m. on Jan. 23 and all 
the other tightly lashed storm- fur led sails were torn loose from their 
lashings and shredded into ribbons of cotton canvas . 

Within minutes after losing this canvas, the main topgallant mast broke and 
cajue down upon the main yard, breaking it in its slings (supports). lying 
badly in the sea for want of sail, the Chaxiot of Fame shipped a tremendous 
sea which did heavy damage. All the after bulwarks were smashed, four 
lifeboats disappeared over the side and all the skylights were disinte- 
grated while the fore part of the passenger cabin was stove in, leaving 
that a flooded ruin. 

New topsails and other spare canvas were bent on by Feb. 7 and a new main 

Tth Generation 


yard was sent aloft. On this date the ship was 200 miles east... or behind., 
the position she had occupied Just before the storm. 

Sails Lost . Boston Bay was reached on Washington's Birthday and there a 
nor 'west gale was encoxantered , laden with 20 inches of snow. Three large 
sails, including the new foretop, were lost in this blizzard as Captain 
Knowles endeavored to hold the ship off the pilot station. With his sailing 
canvas gone, he hauled off before the gale to scud across the bay and luffed 
up to an anchorage off Provincetown. 


Two days later, on Feb. 24, the Chariot of Fame was towed ignominious ly 
back to Boston behind the steam tug R.B.Forbes; she had been 57 days in 
transit from Liverpool. 

Enoch Train seems to have reliquished his control of the White Diamond 
Line shortly before I856 and the majority of his vessels were taken over by 
Warren and Thayer of Boston. The Chariot of Fame was leased to the British 
White Star Line, to be used as an Australiein immi grant ship. Captain 
Knowles left her to take command of the former Tredn packet. Western Star, 
which he had previously commanded in I85O . 

The Chariot of Fame returned Stateside in '58 and reverted to the management 
of her corporate owners — including Captain Knowles — and accordingly made a 
niomber of intercoastal voyages with him in command. She was now primarily 
a bulk carrier with passengers a minor and secondary consideration. On one 
voyage, the ship lifted 3,600 tons of cargo, one of the largest ladings ever 
recorded for a prewar clipper and exceeded only by Great Republic, which was 
a much bigger vessel. 

No Immunity Offered . No immunity, however, was offered to the dowager queen 
of the American packets as decadence swept throxagh the fleet with the 
launching of the l860's. The Chariot of Fame became relegated to the guauo- 
bird fertilizer of the Pacific Islands — trade and Captain Knowles left the 
ship, and the sea. His vessel was subsequently sold abroad and reported 
lost by 1876. 

After the Civil Weu*, most of the U.S. shipping interests lay fallow for 
some years, until about I870. Eventually a few hardy merchants undertook 
far-fl\ing commercial activities again and with a new type of sedling craft 
developed especieilly for long voyages where steamships were impractical to 
employ . 

Captain Knowles left his new home in Yarmouth Port to take employment with 
one of the newer firms known as E. Williams and Company. It was the im- 
mediate successors to Benjamin Bangs of Boston, with whom Captain Knowles 
had been associated for many years. He was assigned to a new ship of 1,U87 
tons and called the Agenor. 

Severed early voyages of the Agenor were made to Europe and then to Chile 
with coal as the principal cargo. Then in I872 California produced a 
bumper wheat crop and the Agenor was dispatched there. It was Captain 
Knowles' privilege to load the Agenor at 5.12 poxinds sterling a ton, the 


7th Generation 

highest rate ever recorded to be paid to a sailing ship, "in grain." 
Shipping Was Important . 

(Note : Presumably the name Agenor vas that of a French business firm with 
whom the Williajms Company was acquainted. The name is also attributed to 
a Trojan prince: "Age of Fable", Thomas Bulfinch). 

Probably any contributions of a romantic historicsLL value by the post-war 
shipping would seem less luminous if they were compared to the lurid and 
seemingly inexha\istible supply of tales concerning the "Wild West" of the 
same period. But the shipping world of the '70's vas important, for 
phoenix-like it arose from the shades of the clipper era to build another 
Merchant Marine, the one of the "Down-Easters . " 

The Williams Company was active in the •70's and dispatched vessels to 
China and India, where their masters accomplished much towards reclaiming 
a measure of lost dignity for U.S. shipping. This was an honor which had 
eroded badly since the tea clippers hailed the China ports, back in the 
1850 • s . 

Leaving the Agenor on the West Coast in the Spring of '7^, Captain Knowles 
returned to Boston to take the Conqueror, the company's newest ship and one 
which it had commissioned that June. The Conqueror was a cargo vessel, a 
ship-rigged freighter some 500 tons lighter than the old Chariot of Fame, 
but almost as long on deck. 

Her maiden voyage wsls one which went out to China, and back; it was a 
nine-month trip including port time and upon its termination, the captain 
retired from active seafaring. He had spent ko years in this sphere of 
employment and the last half of that span had been with one "house", that 
of the Train Company and its numerous successors. 

Fell on S\inday . Independence Day, l875, fell on a Sunday, and following 
the usual custom, the Yarmouth towns people celebrated the holiday 2k hours 
later. On Monday morning, a party of friends from Yarmouth Port made a 
jaunt over to Hyannis for a fishing trip; Captain Knowles wets one of this 
pleasure-bent group. 

During the afternoon, the captain was taken seriously ill, so ill in fact, 
that he lost his power of speech and his alarmed friends broxjght him back 
across the Cape to his home. But he only lingered there for a few hours 
and then embarked upon his final voyage, to "the undiscovered covuatry, from 
whose bourn no traveler returns." 

The captain and his wife are bxiried at the very summit of the hilly Orleans 
Cemetery, in a spot from which a magnificent panorama unfolds. But it ha^ 
to be Winter — with the leaves off the surrounding trees on the lower slopes- 
for an observer to watch the blue or gray moods of the ever-changing 
Atlantic, or turning nor'ard, to see the Cape Cod arm stretching far out to 
sea where it finally ends in the hook like talon of Provincetown . " 

Tth Generation 


26$ j THOMAS ^ KNOWLES (Capt. Winslow/ Seth/Col. Wi Hard* Col . John* John,* 

y Richard*), son of Capt. Wins low Lewis (127.) and Sally (Hinckley); 

b. 22 April l823, Eastham, Mass.; d. 2 April I852, ae 29, on voyage to 
San Francisco, presumably buried in San Francisco but this fact has not 
been confirmed by later family members who have endeavored to find his 
grave. He m. I6 April I8I+6, MEHITABLE HIGGINS, b. 2h July l825, 
Orleans, Mass.; d. 21 Oct. I88I, ae 52, at Orleans. She was dau. of 
Benjamin Higgins and Tamzin (Rogers).. 

In l8i^3 Thomas Knowles removed to Brewster, Mass., with his parents and 
family. One of five sons of Winslow Lewis, four of whom became ship- 
masters. He died at the age of 29, after a trip to Calcutta while his 
vessel was at anchor in the harbor at San Francisco of fever contracted 
on the voyage. At his mother's request, the next brother to reach that 
port was to bring Thomas' body home to Eastham. This proved to be 
Josiah whose ship, the WILD WAVE, bearing the body, was wrecked on 
Oeno, an atoll near Pitcairn Island. Josiah saved the body and buried 
it then returned much later and brought it back to be buried in what 
became the family burial ground in San Frajicisco. 

A letter to Mr. Libby was found in his back-up papers in the Maine 
Historical Society in Portland from Mrs. Grace Attleton Lentz, 26U So. 
Huntington Ave., Jamaica Plain, Mass., dated I8 Jan. 1925. Mrs. Lentz 
was daughter of Thomas' daughter, "Alia". In this letter Mrs. Lentz 
furnished the following information: 

" most of his family he followed the sea although he received 

his education at Andover College my mother. Alia, was their only 

child. She was only four when her father died and my greoidmother was 
left a widow. She became the milliner for all the surrounding towns of 
Orleans, where she lived. My father was a Springfield man and I have 
one sister, Martha L. Coleman, living in Carson City, Nevada, whose 
husband is a Judge of the Supreme Court there. The Knowles homestead 
originally belonged to an old Dr. Seabury in Orleans and as I under- 
stand it, my grandfather and my grandmother's brother, Benjamin Higgins, 
bought the place together. I have the papers here. Then Uncle Ben 
built himself a house next door and Mr. Jonathan Young had some hold on 
part of it. At any rate, I have a warranty deed from T. Benj . Seabury 
to BenJ . Higgins and Thomas Knowles, dated Nov. 25, I8I18. A deed for 
half interest in property from J. Solomon Hurd of Orleans to Jonathan 
Young, dated Nov. 22, I852 and a third deed from Jonathan Young to my 
greindmother, his half interest, dated June 2nd, I870, but it was not 
for some reason recorded vintil Nov. U, l882. The year before my grand- 
mother died, father spent about $4,000 remodelling the house. It 
was then that I think he found Mr. Young's release from his hold on 
property w€is not recorded and had it done. My mother died the February 
following my grandmother's death and my sister was only three years of . 

age and I but eight, nearly nine I finfiilly sold the property ten 

years ago to a Mr. Sprague. . . .My grandfather had a brother, Josiaii 
Knowles, who of all the brothers seemed to be the most successful. He 
settled in California and died in I896. His family or descendants are 
living in Piedmont, a suburb of San Francisco and they are, I 


7th Generation 

xinderstand, extremely wealthy my own little boy of ten is named 

Theodore Knowles Lentz." 

Knowles child: 

i. Ella Jane* (according to records). "Alia" according to her 

daughter's information, b. 7 Aug. l8U8; m. 1-7 April l872, Lewis 
Attleton; she d. Feb. l882 leaving daughters, Grace and Martha. 


266 1 JOSIAH NICKERSON ^ KNOWLES (Capt. Wins low ,^ Seth,* Col. Willard, Col. John? 
) John,' Rich surd , son of Capt. Winslow Lewis (127.) and Sally (Hinckley ) ; 
b. 26 May l830, Eastham, Mass.; d. 10 June I896, Oakland, Calif.; m. 
(1st) 9 April I85U, ELLEN SEARS, b. l835, d. 13 May l859, ae 2U, at 
Brewster, Mass. According to item located Sutro Library in the San 
Francisco Daily Bulletin, Sat. evening, lU April I86O, linder 
"marriages", was this item: "In this city, April 12th, by Rev. D. B. 
Cheney, Capt. Josiah Knowles of Solano County to Miss Mary Ann Gray 
of San Francisco. Boston papers please copy." This is the only evi- 
dence of a probable 2nd marriage of Capt. Josiah Knowles. (There has 
been mention of a "Pitcairn" Knowles who might possibly have been a 
son of this marriage, but this is only supposition.) Josiah m. (3rd) 
6 Dec. 1864, MARY EATON KNOWLES, b. 15 Oct. l839. New Bedford, Mass.; 
d. 21 Oct. 1904, Oakland, Calif. She was his cousin; dau. of Thcsnas 
(261.) and Mary Keith (Eaton) Knowles. 

Josiah Knowles removed to Brewster with his family when a yoxing lad. 
He was the fourth of Winslow Knowles* sons to become a sea captain. 
In 1858, at the age of 27, while on a voyage from San Francisco to 
Valparaiso, he lost his fine clipper the WILD WAVE when she struck ein 
uncharted coral reef. At the time he had been carrying on board the 
body of his brother, Thomas , who had died on a voyage to Saji Francisco. 
Their mother had requested whichever son reached the Saji Francisco port 
to bring the body home to Eastham. 

This ship of 15^7 tons was built by G.H.Perrin at Richmond, Maine and 
was owned by Benjamin Bangs. She was a total loss, but the ten pas- 
sengers and crew of thirty men found refuge on the uninhabited island 
of Oeno nearby. Knowing help wsis needed, Capt. Knowles staxted in an 
open boat for Pitcairn about 120 miles away, taking with him the mate 
and five seamen, $18,000 in gold which belonged to the ship's owners, 
and severed, sea birds which he hoped could be \ised as carrier pigeons 
to take messages back to the desert island where the others were left. 
They reached Pitcairn only to find it deserted. There their boat was 
smashed in the surf, but luckily the ccmpass and chronometer were 
saved. The men cut down trees, and with tools which had been left by 
the "Bounty" descendants, bxiilt a schooner thirty feet long which they 
christened the "John Adams". This effort took about four months, the 
men all the while feeding on native fruit and wild goats. La\inching 
took place on July 23rd, and with hope in their hearts, they set out 
for Tahiti, I5OO miles away. After sailing about 1000 miles through 
the South Seas, they met the Vandalia, an American sloop-of-war which 
went Immediately to the rescue of the stranded passengers who were 

7th Generation 


waiting on the desert isle. It was with great relief that these men 
were found safe and healthy after their long diet of oranges, bananas, 
and cocoanuts. Capt. Knowles sold the JOHN ADAMS for $250 to a 
missioneiry in the Marquesas before leaving for San Francisco and home. 

Capt. Josiah Knowles later became master of the CHARGER, Luther Kurd's 
old command, in which he made several trips to Sam Francisco during 
the Civil War, successfully avoiding the Confederate cruisers. Because 
of his excellant record, he won the honor in 187I of being chosen by J. 
Heniy Sears to command his GLORY OF THE SEAS, another clipper bxiilt by 
the famoiis Donald McKay. She was in the grain trade, sailing between 
San Francisco and Liverpool and was in Capt. Knowles' command until hla 
retirement from the sea in I88O. 

The above information was taken from NAUSET ON CAPE COD, compiled by 
Alice A. Lowe, copyright I968 by the Eastham Historical Society, with 
permission of Mrs. Lowe. 

Many references , stories and books have been published about the famous 
Capt. Josiah Nickerson Knowles. His actual diary, written when ship- 
wrecked, has been published, copyright 1957» Dawson's Bookshop, Los 
Angeles, printed at Erehwon Press, Mexico. (250 copies only). CRUSOES 
OF PITCAIRN ISLAND, edited 1957 by Richard S. Dillon. 

GLORY OF THE SEAS, written by Michael Jay Mjelde, published for the 
Marine Historical Association, Incorporated by Wesleyan University 
Press, Middletown, Conn., copyright 1970, is an excellent account of 
the ship GLORY OF THE SEAS and contains much about Capt. Josiah Knowles 
inasmuch as he was the first skipper of this famoxis ship. 

The Captain, in addition to being a remarkable ship captain, also was 
a sweet, kindly man, devoted to his family. When he retxarned from his 
shipwreck voyage, his much beloved 1st wife, Ellen, had given birth to 
their daughter but she lay very ill and died soon after his return. The 
daughter, Nellie, was cared for by her Aunt and Uncle, Olivia (Sears) 
and Andrew Nickerson. 

The Captain later married his second cousin in New Bedford, Mass., Mary 
Eaton Knowles, who shared many voyages with her husband and for a time 
lived on "Glory" with him and their small children. Tojmny was born on 
this ship on passage from Australia. 

In 1871, Josiah moved his family to Oakland, Calif, and in l879 bought 
a beautiful large home on the N.E. cor. of 15th & Jackson Streets which 
became a landmark of old Oakland. Josiah became prosperoxos as a lands- 
man and acquired fine standing as a shipping merchant after his retire- 
ment from the sea. His business grew and included agenting for the New 
Briinswick whaling merchant William Lewis. He was meuie general super- 
intendent in 1883 of the then new Pacific Steam Whaling Co. and Arctic 
Oil Works which was later the business of his son, Harry, at 30 
California Street, San Francisco. 

7th Generation 

His great grands on, Josiah Nickerson Knowles, Jr., in 19Tli is the 
proud possessor of a beautiful hand-carved Cathedral chair that Josiah 
made for one of his children, as well as a hand carved desk and numer- 
o;is other mimientoes of the Captain's sailing days. 

The following copy of an original letter from "Mary" to Josiah was 
written by his wife to be, Mary Eaton, from New Bedford, Mass., dated 
22 May l86U. This manuscript is in possession of Society of California 
Pioneers and is reprinted below. 

New Bedford 
May 22, iQSk 

My dear Josiah: 

I thought when you went away that I should send at least two letters 
a week to you but each time finds a week elapsed and Sunday the day 
for commencing. 

The day has been beautiful, morning cool and showery, then clearing 
off very pleeisant. Such has been each Sabbath so far of the beautiful 
month of May. Had no public services at our church today as Mr. 

Gard is in Philadelphia attending the Jubilee services of the 

Missionary Union-it being the fiftieth anniversary of the Society. 

In the forenoon attended the Unitarian, heard a most stupid preacher. 
Saw Capt. Bangs Hillen (?) and wife of Yarmouth but not to speak with. 

Had decided to remain at home this SLfternoon but as we got at our door 
coming from Sabbath School met John ajnd his wife on the way to chxirch, 
accepted an invitation and went with them. 

Suppose today finds you very near to San Francisco, shall look every 
day for your arrival. In the steamer of yesterday were several from 
New Bedford, one a young lady who is to meet her gentleman in San 
Francisco and be married. 

The corrpany we expected last week did not arrive. Tuesday morning will 
probably bring them unless detained by sickness. A letter from Sidney 
last evening said he should be at home next Saturday also that Eben 
would probably come with him. We expect at the same time a cousin 
from Bridgewater. Think we may have quite a lively time. Wish you 
could be here to enjoy it. Saturday evening attended our "Musical" 
enjoyed some very good music. 

Martha and myself performed a duet. John's wife is taking lessons in 
music, both vocal and instrumental. She will without doubt be a pro- 
ficient before you get home. Got uay photographs Friday. Will send you 
one in this. They are not quite as faded out as the one you have. Some 
were taken profile. Send this style as they are liked much better at 
home . 

One of our young lawyers, a friend of Thomas is to be married in a 

Tth Generation 


week or two to a New Haven la^y. Thomas has an invitation to act as 

man at the wedding — do not Itnow as yet whether he vill accept or 

not. News is just as scarce as possible — all I hear teilked of is the 
Popham Home Festival — that I have told you of. After all the good news 
from the an^y, which we had a week ago we were very much startled last 
Wednesday by what professed to be a proclamation of the President — 
calling for fo\ir hundred more troops and declaring the Sumner campaign 
ended. But it proved to be false — got up in New York to bring gold up. 

Monday Eve. 

Was quite surprised and very much delighted this morning to hear of your 
safe arrival in San Frsjicisco although I have looked for it every day 
for a week or more, did not really expect to see it before the 25th or 
26th of the month. Am very glad to know you are there all safe. Much 
as I love the water, cannot but dread to know of anyone on it, 
especially in a storm. 

Had a letter from Eleanor tonight. Not much news in it. Said she had 
written you. Her father's ship is expected into Boston very soon. Think 

(?) to take it to Quebec ajid . Mary, Allen and their mother eure 

to go with him to Quebec. Martha sits here writing my diary for me so 
as to save time. Don't you think it a good idea. She has noted down 
your arrival, that it may not be forgotten. I must not forget to tell 
you that sister Lizzie Monsor (?) is in the city. Saw her pass this 
forenoon. Suppose we ought to make a party for her. She would for us, 
had she known we were in the Cape. I know she would be delighted to see 


Wrote last eve until my eyes ached so I could not keep them open so had 
to stop. Intended it should have been sent today. Have had considerable 
trouble with my eyes of late so have to be a little careful of them now 
and it is something I am not used to. Suppose they are worn out by age 
and constant use. Hope not to be obliged to wesir glasses yet awhile. 

Do not know as I ought to send this as the direction was to write when I 
saw your arrival but as this was commenced thought I would send. It 
might get there before you left. Should like to have written oftener 
and more Interesting letters, if I could have done such a thing. It 
seems as if I never had so much to do and see to as for the past six 
weeks. Have not spend many idle moments. Nearly all my writing has been 
done after nine o'clock at night. Am waiting very patiently for the 
law of next month and anticipating with much pleasure when it will be my 
time to receive instead of writing letters. Our cousins from Bridge- 
water arrived this morning. They will stop with us a week or two. 

This afternoon the meeting to for the festival was held here. 

About a dozen present. Very exciting time of course. Cajinot write more 
tonight so with a goodnight must stop. 

Wednesday morn. 

Have only time to add a few words as this must go to the office. Am 
expecting Mr. Richblock very soon, have got to prepare for him. Suppose 

7th Generation 

you will not stop in California more than two months. About that time 
should look for your departure and then anxiously vmtil you get home. 
Excuse this hasty termination and, believe me, as ever yours truly. 

All were they here, would join in much love. 


NOTE: Identification of those mentioned in letter: 

Mary, dau. of Thomas and Mary Keith (Eaton) Knowles 
Sidney, her brother 
Martha, her sister 
Thomas, her brother 

Eleanor, Mary & Allen children of Allen Hinckley Knowles 
John Sc wife, either John Pepper Knowles, Sr. or Jr. 
Eben, his brother Ebenezer 

Knowles child by 1st wife, Ellen: 

i. Nellie S . , b. 22 Jan. I858, Brewster, Mass.; m. Harry F. Gordon, 
Knowles children by Mary: 

w^^r?^ '^?f/"^f^ - \ \ twins, b. 3 Nov. I868, New Bedford, Mass. 
111. Martha (MattieJ M. .J * * ' 

Mattie m. Charles Tobey Bliss and had a dau. Elizabeth, who m. 

Paul St. Sure; Elizabeth eund Paul had daughters, Ellen and 

Beth who m. Ted Birr. Elizabeth d. I969. 

iv. Mary E. , (Maaiie), b. I87O, New Bedford; m. Henry Adams. 

Adams children: 

a. Josiah K. m. Betty; they had two children, Lisa and Joe, Jr.; 

1971 Josiah, Sr. was living in Vermont; Lisa in Nevada. 

b. Mary K. , d. I969. 

c . Henry . 

^' Thomas , b . at sea 17 April l875; d. at sea 8 Jan. I876 of T.B. ; 
a box was fashioned for the small body which weis retxirned to 
New Bedford for burial.. 

vi . Alice ) 

vii. Thomas ) "twins, b. 1 Sept. l877, Oakland, Calif. 

Alice m. John T. Roberts; no issue; she d. 1969; her husband had 
been a widower with two daus . 
viii. Ruth ,b . I88O, Oakland; m. Henry Chase; Ruth d. 1939. Her sister,. 
Alice raised her children and was like a mother to them. 

Chase children: 

a. Jack , m. Ethel . 

b. Harry ,m. Barbara . 

c. Alice , m.'" Tom Rennen; dau. Ruth, b. 1950. 

Tth Generation 


d. Winslow, d. WW II, Battle of the Bulge. 

Information of the families of Josiah's daughters was furnished by Mrs. 
Sarah Knowles Plxomb, living 1971, 3019 Christmas Tree Lane, Bakersfield, 

dated ik May I89I, Oakland, Calif. 
(Filed Alameda County Probate, Ca.) 

I, Josiah N. Knowles of the City of Oakland, Alameda County, State of 
California, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and not acting 
under duress, menace, fraud, or undue influence, do hereby make, publish and 
declare this, as and to be my last will and testament, hereby revoking any 
and all wills by me at any time heretofore made. 

First. I direct the payment of all my just debts and liabilities, in- 
cluding the expenses of my last illness and of my burial. 

Second. I give, devise and bequeath to my daughter Mrs. Nellie S. Gordon, 
in event of my death prior to the death of my wife Mary E. Knowles, such 
portion of my estate as shall be represented by a fraction, having for its 
numerator one (l), and for its denominator the number of my children sur- 
viving me; or if any of my children shall die, prior to my own death, leaving 
child or children surviving at the time of my death, such denominator shall 
be increased by the number of my children that may have died, prior to my 
death, leaving child or children surviving at the time of my own death. 

Third. If my wife Mary E. Knowles shall survive me, I give devise and 
bequeath to her, all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, of every 
kind and nature and wheresoever situate. I expressly make no provision, in 
such event for any of our children Henry J., Mattie M. , Mary E., Thomas, 
Alice or Ruth W. , as I have full confidence in the affection axid good judg- 
ment of their mother to suitably care and provide for them. 

Fourth. If, however, my said wife shall die prior to my own death, all 
the rest, residue and remainder of my estate shall be divided into two (2) 
portions, one representing that part of my estate which may have been de- 
rived from or through my said wife, Mary E. Knowles, and the other embracing 
the balance of my property. 

I desire that the former portion shall be equaJ-ly shared among the 
children of my wife Mary E. Knowles and myself, the latter among all my 
children. To this end I direct my executors hereinafter named to pay over 
to my daughter Mrs. Nellie S. Gordon her portion of my estate (aside from 
any derived from or through my said wife), that is to say such part thereof 
as shall be represented by a fraction having for its numerator one (l) and • 
having its denominator determined in the same manner provided in the second 
subdivision hereof. 

The remainder of my estate shall by my executors hereinafter named be 


7th Generation 

paid over to my son Henry J. Knowles emd to Harry F. Gordon or their survivor, 
nevertheless in trxist for the following uses and purposes, to wit; 

A. In event all my children, or eLLl my children except my dau^ter 
Nellie survive me, to be divided into six (6) equal parts, one each for my 
children Henry J., Mattie M. , Meiry E. , Thomas, Alice and Ruth W. , or 

B^. In event any of said last named children shall die prior to my own 
death leaving no issue surviving at the time of ray death into as meiny equal 
parts as sheLLl represent my last named children me surviving; or 

£. In event any of said last named children die prior to my own death, 
leaving issue surviving at the time of my death, into as many equal parts as 
shall be represented by the surviving children of my said wife and myself, 
and such of our children as may have died prior to my death leaving issue 
surviving at my death. 

One such portion shall by my said Trustees or their survivor be so 
invested, sold and reinvested as to them or their survivor may seem wise 
for the benefit of each of said last named children, and one part for the 
benefit of the child or children of any of said last named children who may 
have died prior to my death, leaving issue siorviving at the time of my death 
such grandchildren to receive share and share alike by right of representa- 
tion the portion that would have fallen to his or her surviving parent. 

The income of each respective portion shall be applied to the support, 
maintenance and education of the respective beneficiary or beneficiaries. 
The principaJ. sum however shall not be paid over to any beneficiary here- 
under until such time as my yoxmgest child shall have attained majority, when 
my said Trustees or their survivor shall pay to such of my children last 
named, as have reached the age of twenty-five (25) years his or her portion; 
axid thereafter as any of said last named children, or of said beneficiaries 
hereunder, arrive at the age of twenty- five (25) years his or her respective 
portion both of principal, emd interest shall be paid him or her. 

If any of the beneficieuries hereunder shall die after the establishment 
of this tr\ist, but prior to reaching said age of twenty five (25) yeaurs, his 
or her portion shall be divided according to the laws of succession of the 
State of California, my daiighter Nellie S. Gordon sharing only in the portion 
of my estate not derived from the estate of my wife Mary E. Knowles. 

Fifth. I nominate and appoint as the executrix of this my will my said 
wife Mary E. Knowles, in case she shall survive me; and I expressly direct 
and request that no bonds shall be required from her for the performance of 
this trust. She shall have the right, without obtaining emy order of Court 
therefor, to sell, invest, and re-invest the whole or any portion of my 
estate . 

In event of her death, prior to my own, I nominate as the executors of 
this, my will, my son Henry J. Knowles and Harry F. Gordon, or the survivor 
of them, and direct that no bonds shall be required from them or either of 
them for the performance of this trust. They or their survivor shall have like 
powers, in case they act, with those I have conferred upon my wife herexinder. 

7th Generation 


In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal at the City of 
Oakland aforesaid this Foxirteenth day of May in the year of our Lord eighteen 
hundred ajid ninety one . 

(Signed) J. N. Knowles (SEAL) 

The foregoing instrument consisting of four sheets, preceding this was 
by Josiah N. Knowles, the testator named therein signed, sealed, published 
as, and declared to be, his last will and testament in our presence and in 
the presence of each of us ; and we in his presence and at his request and in 
the presence of each other, have hereunto set our names as winesses at 
the City of Oakland, this lUth day of May, A.D. I89I. 

(Signed) Henry H. Adams 

Residence Oakland Cal. 

(Signed) W. H. Chickering 

Residence Oakland, Cal. 

I, Josiah N. Knowles hereby make this codicil to the foregoing will. 

Any advances made by me to any of my children during vay life time shall 
be charged against the respective portions to which they would be entitled 
under said will. 

Witness my hand at the City and County of San Francisco, California, this 
11th day of June, I89I. 

(Signed) J. N. Knowles. 

Signed sealed acknowledged as and published to be a codicil to his last will 
by Josiah N. Knowles in our presence and in the presence of eeich of xis , who 
in his presence, at his request and in the presence of each other have here- 
unto set our names as witnesses. 

(Signed) William Thomas 
Residing at Sem Francisco Cal. 

(Signed) W. H. Chickering 
Oakland, Cal. 

267j> JOSEPH M. ^ KNOWLES (James * Seth/col. Willard,*Col. John . ^John^Ri chard* X 
> — ^ son of James Hatch (l28.) and Ruth (Doane); b. 23 Sept. I819, Eastham, 
Mass. in the Knowles homestead which stood where Richard Knowles first 
settled in the early part of the 17th century. He died in May of I876 
in New Bedford, Mass.; m. ik Nov. iQkk JEDIDAH DOAUE, b, 5 Feb. 1821; 
d. in New Bedford, I9OI. She was dau. of Beriah and Elizabeth (Cole) 
Doane of Orleans, Mass. In I88O, the widow of Joseph Knowles was 
living next door to John P. Knowles on County Street in New Bedford. 
Also in her household was their dau., Elizabeth and their son, Joseph 


Tth Generation 

REFERENCES: Refer to pgs . 150 & 151, this genealogy. 

Joseph M. Knowles received his early education in the Eastham schools 
and completed his studies in Phillips Andover Acs^emy. Following his 
graduation, he went to New Bedford and became a clerk for his cousin, 
Thomas Knowles, in the whale fishery indxistry. Five years later, al- 
thoiigh only 22 years old, Joseph was asked to become a member of the 
new firm of Thomas Knowles & Co. The members of the new firm were 
Thomas Knowles, John P. Knowles and Joseph Knowles. 

During the pre-war period, the whaling ind\istry gave to the merchants 
of New Bedford an unusual business opportunity and there were many well 
conducted and successful firms in that business. Conspicuous among 
these was the firm of Thomas Knowles & Co.. by reason of the rare cao- 
bination of talent brought to the conduct of the firm's affairs by the 
several, partners . 

Although Joseph Knowles was active in business and generous with time 
and energy in everything connected with his family, he yet had time 
for many public services. He was a member of the Protecting Society; 
served four years as alderman; was an euivocate of a free public 
library and later a trustee of the New Bedford Free Public Library, 
the first actually free public library in the county. He wets a mem- 
ber of the North Congregational Church and active in all its work — 
both in the Sunday school and in the church. 

The New Bedford MERCURY of 29 May 18t6, wrote of him after his death: 

"Mr. Knowles was a member of the Board of Alderman for two years 
under the mayoralty of Hon. John M. Perry and for the same period 
while Mr. Richmond was mayor, discharging the duties with rare 
good judgment and singuleir fidelity. He was repeatedly urged to 
accept a nomination for mayor but as often declined, though 
willing to give his fiill time and efforts in the service of the 
city. He was devoted to his business and had earned the reputa- 
tion of sterling integrity and probity in his transactions. Un- 
assuming in his manners, he was firm of principle and courageous 
in his convictions, and no man was held in higher respect or more 
fully enjoyed the confidence of his fellow citizens." 

Knowles children; b. New Bedford: 

i. Helen D. ,*b. 21 July 181+7; m. Charles D. Milliken. 

Milliken children: 

a. Grace > b. 6 Feb. 18T3. 

b. Joseph 1< , b. 5 July 18T5 . 

c. Charles Alfred , b. IT Nov. l879. 

In 19T1, Eliot Knowles wrote of this family: Joseph K. Milliken 
was executive officer of Mt. Hope Finishing Co. and a definite 

Tth Generation 


influence in both textile and political eireas. C3iarles (nick- 
named "Alf") was a high powered salesman. Grace wets a doctor. 
Joseph Milliken's children were: Joseph, Jr., Robert, Helen 
and Ruth. 

ii. Elizabeth , b. 10 Sept. I85I; m. William H. Wood and had one dau. , 
Mildred K. Wood. 
U86. iii. Joseph Frank , b. 10 Oct. l853. 
U8T. iv. Arthur, b. 20 May l857. 

268) SETH ^ OOWLES ( James Seth Col. Wi Hard Col. John John,' Richard* ) , 
ZZy son of James Hatch (l28. ) and Ruth (Doane); b. 8 Dec. l821, Eastham, 

Mass.; d. I8 Feb. 1905, Eastham; m. 9 A\ig. I852 ABIGAIL KROGMAN of 
Eastham, b. l822; d. 1902. 

Knowles children; b. Eastham: 

i. Frank Irving ,^b. ^ April I856; d. lU Feb. 1935. Said to be a very- 

delicate gentleman who never married. 

ii. James Gorham , b . 30 Sept. I858; did not marry; became a very 

wealthy man, living at the Copley Hotel in Boston. Wa.s a co- 
owner with Timothy Smith of a large department store In Roxbury, 
then a fasionable part of Boston. He d. 25 Aug. 1923 in Boston. 

iii. Seth Edgar , b. I86I; his admin, in Barnstable Probate records 

1925, #20837. As a young man, went to sea until he fell from a 
mast which affected him all his life in that he was happy but 
foolish. His brother, James, to keep him occupied and happy, 
bought him the materials to make his own boat. For many months 
he worked on building his boat,_ lugging materials back and forth 
until it was finished then he bore a big hole in the bottom to 
piish all the left over shavings in. 

iv. Abbie May , b. l863; d. 1+ June 1926, ae 63/O/I8, unmcurried; taught 

in the Eastham District School for many years. After retiring 
she was much interested in the betterment of Eastham culture and 
was instriimental in building the Town Library and in restoring 
the old grist mill. 

269) JAMES KNOWLES ( James ^ Seth ^ Col . Willard,* Col. John John,* Richard*) , 
■ — ^ son of James Hatch (128.) and Ruth (Doane); b. 25 July I82U, Eastham, 

Mass.; d. 1 Nov. 18T6, Yarmouth Port, Mass.; m. CAROLINE MUNROE, b. 
1828, d. U April 1918, ae 89/5/1, bu. Woodside Cem. , Yarmouth Port. 
She was dau. of John Munroe and Nancy (Phinney). (Mass. VR's) 

Information from James Knowles, grandson of James and Caroline (Munroe) 
Knowles, (l9Tl) to the effect that Caroline was descended from the 
Munroe "clan" of Lexington, Mass., who owned and operated the Munroe 
Tavern, that place which now belongs to the Mass. Historical Ass'n 
and where the British wounded were taken in April 1775 • The Munroes 
must have been in the front row at the skirmish on the Lexington Green 
as four of them were either killed or wounded on the 19th of April. 


7th Generation 

Knowles children; b. Yarmouth Port, Mass.: 

i. Wallace f h . 9 Dec. l853; d. l85T. 

ii. Charles Svift , b. 3 May 1858 (Yarmouth records); 3 Feb. 1859 (Mass 

VR's); m. 25 Sept . 189O , Yarmouth , KATE SEARS , b . 1859 , Yarmouth 
Port, dau. of Charles and Zeviah (Hamlin) Sears. Charles Swift 
Knowles was an attorney in Boston. Tliey had .no children. He 
committed suicide 22 Feb. 1922, ae 63 (Boston Directory); his 
widow committed suicide by drownin|f in the Charles River 
Basin, 11 Aug. 1926, ae 67. But. Mt. Auburn Cem. Res. at time 
of her death was 528 Beacon St., Boston. 

iii. Albert Alden , b. 31 Mar. i860; d. 17 Aug. 1935, ae 75/^/17. His 

will listed in Barnstable Probate index. Married MARY COOKLEY 
(or Coakley) who outlived him. He was a merchant. In I88O 
at age 20, he was a retail grocer living in his mother's house- 
hold. Bu. Woodside Cem., Yarmouth Port. 
U88. iv. James , b. 15 Oct. 186U. 

v. Caroline Miinroe, b. k Aug. I866; d. 30 May 1931. 

vi. Ruth Doane , b. 25 Jan. I869. 

( 270 ?\ JOHN PEPPER ^ KNOWLES II ( James ,* Seth,* Col. Wi Hard,* Col. John,* John/ 

Richard*), son of James Hatch (128.) and Ruth (Doane); b. U Feb. 1830, 
Eastham, Mass.; d. 20 Sept. I89I, New Bedford, Mass.; m. 25 Feb. l864, 
SARAH ADELINE EDSON, b. 27 June l833, Lakeville, Mass.; d. 1921. She 
was dau. of Daniel and Mary (White) Eds on. John Pepper Knowles II and 
his wife, Sarah A., buried in same lot, Rxiral Cem., New Bedford. 

In 1850 census, he wm shown, age 20, a clerk, in home of his brother, 
Joseph M. Knowles in New Bedford. I86O, he was listed ae 30, a 
merchant, with $17,000 pers . prop, and $5,000 real estate, living in 
The Parker House. Also listed in New Bedford censuses of I87O with 
family; was a merchant with $35*000 real estate. In I88O, his mother- 
in-law, Meoy Edson,was residing with them and was ae 75. 

Information from his grandson (1971) » Lawrence Grinnell Knowles, 25 
Barberry Hill, Providence, Rhode Island, to the effect that John P. 
Knowles II was a whaling merchant and the names of his wife and 
children were borne by three of his vessels: THE SARAH, JOHN AND 

Mr. Lawrence Knowles is the proud possessor of a beautiful painting of 
the bark ALICE KNOWLES which is hung over the memtle in his residence. 
He sent copies of articles that appeared in New Bedford newspapers of 
1879* describing the construction and launching of this famous ship. 
One of these items reads: "Bark Alice Knowles, belonging to John P. 
Knowles, Esq., of New Bedford, but formerly of Eastham, was laiinched 
29 Oct. 1879 and the day following sailed on her first wheLLing voyage. 
A reception was held on the boat and after a collation served at 
6 o'clock, some of the sweetest solos and choruses from Pinafore were 
sung. The parts of Capt. Corcoran and Little Buttercup were excel- 
lently s\istained by Master Johnnie and Miss Alice Knowles. During the 
singing. Miss Alice went forward auid christened her namesake in the 

Tth Generation 

iisual manner." Appropriate names, etc., were adapted quite cleverly 
to the original tune and called "B.A.K. Pinafore." 

Knowles children; b. New Bedford: 

1+89. i. John Webster,* b. ik Oct. I865. 

ii . Alice , b."l^70 . 

iii. Winthrop Curtis , b. 1 Mar. 18?^+; removed to Philadelphia and m» 
Ruth Gawthrod Moore from Westgrove, Pa. She m. (2nd) George 
Holt Strawbridge, lived Bala Cynwyd, Pa., and had 3 children by 
her 2nd husband. Date of death of Winthrop Knowles vinknown. 
Probably no issue. 

EDMUND F. ^ KNOWLES (Freeman,* William,* Col. Wi Hard,* Col. John,* John,* 
Richard*), son of Freeman (129.) and Martha (Mayo), b. 25 Oct. l8l9, 
Eastham, Mass., d. I889 (his will listed Barnstable Probate records- 
1889); m. 10 Dec. l853, PAMELA (or Pamelia) G. SMITH of Eastham, b. 
1826; d. 1895. 

Knowles children; b. Eastham: 

U90. i. Nelson Munroe ,*b. 12 Aug. l859. 
U9I. ii. Edmund Lothrop , b. 30 Sept. I865. 

FREEMAN ^ KNOWLES (Freeman,* William,* Col. Willard,*Col . John,* John,* 
Richard^), son of Freeman (129.) and Martha (Mayo); b. 26 Oct. l821, 
Eastham, Mass., d. IT Mar. I909 at Eastham; m. 9 April l848, Eastham 
(int. rec'd there I8 Mar. I8U8), JOANNA F. SMITH, of Eastham, b. there 
1829; d. 1895 at Eastham. She was dau. of Freeman Smith who was living 
with Joanna and Freeman in I87O , age 85. 

Knowles children; b. Eastham: 

U92. i. Walter Osborne /b. 22 Aug. I852. 

ii. Esther Anna , b. 26 Jvine I858; m. 1 Jan. l879» Sylvester Lincoln. 

k93. iii. Freeman Ellsworth , b. 9 May I86I. 

h9h, iv. James Paxton, b. I8 April 18T3. 

An Ester, ae 1, was in census of I85O which indicates an earlier 
child who died. 

JOSIAH M.^ KNOWLES (Freeman,* William,* Col. Willard,*Col. John,^John,* 
Richard*) , son of Freeman (129.) and Martha (Mayo); b. 27 Mar. 1826, 
Eastham; d. there I885 (Will on file Barnstable Co. Index, I885); m. 
(1st) 9 Mar. /Apr. I85O SUSAN SNOW of Eastham, b. abt. I83O; m. (2nd) 
30 July 1853, REBECCA F. KNOWLES of Eastham, b. 5 Nov. l832; dau. of 
William Freeman Knowles, Jr. and Betsy (Doane). Rebecca was Josiah's 
1st cousin; he m. (3rd) 26 Nov. I86U, MARY PORTER KNOWLES, also his 
1st cousin and sister of Rebecca. She was b. 10 May iQkO and d. 12 
Feb. 1909 at Eastham, ae 68/9/2. 

Josiah M. Knowles was a farmer. In I85O census, his mother, Martha, 
ae 69 was living with them in Eastham. He had several children before 


Tth Generation 

those named below all of whom died yoking. 

Knowles children by 2nd wife, Rebecca; b. Eastham: 

1+95. i. Herbert L.f b. 22 JiUy 1855- 

ii. Susan Williajm , b. 11 July l857; d. 2? Jan. 1915; m. 6 May l880. 
Walter Dill. 
496. iii. Edward Everett , b. k May i860. 

WILLIAM P.^ OOWLES (Freeman * William,* Col . Willard,* Col. John,* John,* 
Richard-*), son of Freeman (129.) and Martha (Mayo); b. 21 Nov. l827, 
Eastham; d. 26 Sept. I89U, 65 yrs., 9 mos., at Orleans; m. (1st) 
1 Jan. 1852 at Eastham, BETSY ATWOOD of Eastham, b. abt. l833; m. (2nd) 
9 June 1867, TAMZIN HURD ROGERS who outlived her husband. 

Knowles children by 1st wife, Betsy: 

i- Arvilla A.f b. Nov. l853. 

ii. Charlene D. . b. I856; d. 5 Sept. I87O. 

iii. Martha Freeman , b. 25 July I86O ; d. 17 Sept. I865. 

iv. Betsy Ann , b. 2 Mar. l865; d. 1927; m. I88I Osgood Horton, 

Knowles children by 2nd wife, Tamzin: 
V. Olive C. , b. ik Aug. I87O ; d.y. 

vi . William A. , b. I8 Oct. I868; was ae 1 in I87O census. 

SYLVANUS DOANE ^ KNOWLES (William,* William,* Col . Wi Hard,* Col. John,-* 
John,^Richard^) , son of William Freeman Jr., (130.) and Betsey Augusta 
(Doane) Knowles; b. 13 July I828 at Eastham; d. there 28 Aug. 1911; 
m. (1st) 10 May I856 EMELINE SMITH NICKERSON of Eastham, b. l832; 
m. (2nd) 22 June I867 HARRIET ATWOOD MAYO, b. 2 Sept. I8UO; d. 30 Nov. 

Sylvanus Doane Knowles was the grandfather of Mrs . Horace Peet Lowe 
(Alice Alberta Stone, dau. of Emma Cutler Knowles Stone), without 
whose invaJ-uable gxddance and cooperation this genealogy would not 
have been compiled. Mrs. Lowe spent aJ.1 her childhood school vacations 
on her grandfather's big dairy farm. After her own father's retirement, 
he bought a place about a mile away from the farm, and after her own 
husband's retirement from Merchants National Bank of Boston, the Lowes 
built a small house in Eastham and still live there. 

Mrs. Lowe has been very active in the Eastham Historical Society and 
the preservation of the Eastham area. She is extremely knowledgeable 
in the history of Cape Cod including its inhabitants and their f ami lies 
down through the generations. Anyone interested in the background of • 
this old historic town of Eastham, Mass., and its people, will find 
much pleasure and enlightenment in Mrs. Lowe's book NAUSET ON CAPE 
COD - A HISTORY OF EASTHAM, copyrighted I968 by the Eastham Historical 
Society, printed by Kendall Printing Company of Falmouth, Mass., and 
available at the society. 

7th Generation 


Eastham's famous pastor. Rev. Samuel Treat, son of Gov. Robert Treat of 
Charter Oak fame of Connecticut, preached at the Eastham Church from 
1672 until his death March I8, 1716/I7. After Rev. Treat's death, Col. 
John Knowles boiight his Eastham property for his son, Col. Willaxd 
Knowles , who divided it between his sons Seth and William. These two 
farms remained in the Knowles family over 200 years when the U.S. 
Government set apart this land as peirt of the new National Seashore 
Park. Sylvstnus Doane Knowles built his home in I868, west of the old 
homestead. There he carried on a large dairy farm. He and his cousin, 
Seth, were the first in town to take advantage of the railroad when in 
1872 they began sending their milk cans twice a day to Provincetown. 
He also raised large crops of turnips and asparagiis . His field which 
overlooks the broad expanse of Nauset Marsh, rimmed by sand dunes, with 
the blue sea beyond, has lately become a part of the Cape Cod National. 
Seashore Park also. 

Sylvanus apparently went to sea as a young man, as did the great per- 
centage of the early Cape Cod men. He was listed as a master mariner 
in the 1860 census, before building his farm. 

Knowles children; by 1st wife Emeline, b. Eastham: 

i. Cora M. b. 5 Oct. I858; d. 1920. 

ii. Olive , b. I86U; died young. 

Knowles children; by 2nd wife, Harriet, b. Eastham; 

iii. Emma Cutler , b. 30 May I868; d. 21 Aug. 1953; m. 25 Dec. I89O 

Charles Albert Stone, b. 21 Nov. I85U; d. 25 Nov. 1939. 

Stone children: 

a. Hattie Louise , b. lU Sept. I89I; unm. 

b. Alice Alberta , b. 6 Jan. I89I+; m. ih May 1921, Horace Peet 

Lowe. No children. 

c. Laura Gertrude, b. 2k Jan. l897; d. I8 Sept. I918. 

d. Bertha May, b. 8 May 1899; m. 17 Oct. 1930 Herman Alexander 

Dill who d. li+ Aug. 1953. .- :X....^.._ 'y{jilb^^'-^^ . , <j y ' 

iv. Clara Louise , b..l5 July 1873; d. 7 Aug. 1957; m. Chester Franklin '^^\ 

a. Lawrence Lyman , b. 28 Feb. l895; m. (1st) Marion MacDougall 

in 1923; m. (2nd) Vera Colbrxto, 15 Oct. 1955. No children. 

b. Amiee Gertrude , b. 7 Mar. I898; ;anm. 

c. Sidney Knowles , b. 2U J\ily 1903; d. 26 Oct. I96O; m. 2U A\ig. 

1928, Zelma Cloutier; 2 children. 

d. Mildred Elizabeth , b. 26 April I906; m. George Berks in 1935; 

Horton children: 

Horton, 26 July I892. 

\ children. 


7th Generation 

U9T. V. William Freeman > b. 9 Dec. 18?^+. 

vi. Mercy Lucretia, b, 25 April 18TT; d. 3 Mar. 1970; m. 1902 Harold 
Lavrton . 

Lawton child: 

a. Laura Loraine . b. 23 Nov. 1907; m. 19 Feb. 193^ Albion 
Besse; 3 children. 

WILLIAM W. KNOWLES (William/ William,* Col. Willard,* Col. John* John,* 
Richard*), son of William Freeman, Jr. (l30.) and Betsey Augiista 
(Doane); b. lU Sept. l830, Eastham; d. 12 Mar. 190U, ae 73, at Brewster, 
Mass.; m. 12 Mar. l863 TEMPERANCE P. MATTHEWS, b. l835 ; d. 5 Mar. 1920, 
ae 85, at Brewster. Admin, of his estate listed Barnstable Probate 
Index, Brewster, I90U. 

He had a covintry dry goods store in Brewster. 

Knowles children; b. Brewster: 

ii98. i. William M. b. 2 Mar. I863. 

ii. Hannah Hedge, b. 8 April I865 ; m. 10 Jiine 190^+, Dr. Loiiis Allen 

(277) JONATHAN ^ KNOWLES (Nathaniel ,* Nathaniel,* Enos ,* Col . Samuel'^ Samviel,* 
\^ Richard^), son of Nathaniel (131.) and Phebe (Kinney); b. 17 Dec. 1799* 
Barrington,Nova Scotia; d. 6 Nov. I866, Upper Woods Harbour, Shelburne 
Co. , Nova Scotia, where he removed in I828; m. 1 Jaji. I82U, MARIA 
KIMBALL DOANE, b. 1 Feb . l803; d. 11 June I89O; dau.of Nehemiah Doane. 

Information this branch of the family from Stanley Howard Knowles, 
M.P. for Winnipeg North Centre, Canada; gr. grandson of Jonathan 
and Maria. 

Knowles children; b. Upper Woods Harbour: 

i. Thomas b . 17 Oct. I82U; m. 26 Sept. I8I+8 Susan Crowell; lost at 

sea 23 Jan. I85O. 

ii. Lydia , b. 15 Dec. 1825; m. 12 Feb. I8U9 Capt. ^to. Lyons, son of 

John Lyons . 

iii. Maria Doane , b. 17 Sept. I828; m. 6 Oct. I8I18 Obadiah Smith; moved 

to Provincetown, Mass. & Cottage City, Martha's Vineyard, Mass. 

iv. Isaac Doane , b. 11 Nov. 1829; d. 10 Sept. 1853 Provincetown. 
U99. V. Charles , b. 15 May l832. 

vi. Ana, b. 2 Feb. I83U; d. 17 Dec. l81i3. 

vii. Phoebe . b. 13 Dec. 1835; m. 27 Feb. 1873 Capt. Abram Malone. 
viii. Irene, b. U Sept. 1838; d. 1 Mar. I886. 

ix. Lois, b. 26 Nov. l840; m. 13 Nov. I862 Capt. Thos. Forbes. 
X. Benjamin, b. 29 June 181+2; d. U Oct. 181+2. 
500. xi. Benjamin Doane , b. 2 Aug. 181+3 
xii. Martin, b. and d. I8 Feb. I8I+8. 

Sketch on peige 286a was furnished by Stanley H. Knowles, M.P. 
of Ottawa, Canada. The plots of land represent, in most if 
not all cases, original grants from George III, You will 
note that one of the largest grants was the one made to Rev. 
Samuel Wood from whom the area got its name of Woods Harbour, 
The grant to William Andrews at the heetd of the harbour is the 
one of special interest to the Knowles family, Stanley Knowles 
has seen the actuaJ. document by which this plot of land was 
granted by George III to William Andrews in April 1796. He 
has also seen the legal document which transferred this grant 
of land in I828 from William Andrews to Jonathan Knowles and 
Harvey Doane. Jonathan Knowles wets his great-grandfather and 
Harvey Doane was Jonathan's brother-in-law, his wife having 
been Maria Doane. 

In due course, Jonathan Knowles became the sole owner of the 
property and some time late in the l800's it passed to his 
son, Benjamin, who sold it some time after the death of his 
wife which occurred in 1920. So Jonathan Knowles lived on 
this land as well as his son, Benjamin, and Benjamin's son, 
Stanley Ernest Knowles, was born there. Stanley Howard re- 
members well his own childhood visits to this area, birthplace 
of his father and grandfather. 

It is also interesting to note the nxamber of Nickerson names 
on various plots of land. Although some names are illegible, 
the names of DoncQdson, Forbes, McComiskey and Lyons ceui also 
be deciphered. 


7th Generation 


REV. CHARLES KNOWLES (Nathaniel, Nathaniel /Enos, Col. Samuel * Samuel 
Richardi), son of Nathaniel (131.) and Phehe (Kinney); b. 15 Dec. l807, 
Barrington, Nova Scotia; d. l8 May 18TT» Tusket, Nova Scotia; m. (let) 
23 June l8U0, ANNA KENNEY, b. 10 April l8l3,; d. 13 Aug. l8i+5; dau. 
of John Kenney; he m. (2nd) CAROLINE HATFIELD, b. l825 ; dau. of Capt. 
James Hatfield (b.lT90) aad Elizabeth (Lent). Rev. Charles and 
Caroline bxiried Tusket Cemetery. 

From YARMOUTH, NOVA SCOTIA by Brown-l888, Appendix R., FREE-WILL 

"The Rev. Charles Knowles , a disciple of Rev. Jacob Norton, was or- 
dained at Argyle in February l831. The year previous he had conducted 
religious services at Pubnico, and through his encouragement the people 
there began to build a meeting-house. In February l832, Mr. Knowles or- 
ganized a Free-Baptist Church at Little River, over which he was pastor 
for twenty-five years; and in l833 he went to Kemptville, and there 
also founded a church. A Free-Baptist meeting-house wa^ bviilt at 
Arcadia in l835, and another at Chebogue Point in l8U3; and until his 
death at Tusket in l87T, Mr. Knowles exercised a fatherly supervision 
of the Free-Baptist churches of the county." 

Edwin Crowe 11 wrote of him in HISTORY OF BARRINGTON: "Charles Knowles 
spent several years of his ministry in his native township and organ- 
ized the First Yarmouth Free Baptist Church of which he was the in- 
fluential pastor for many years. Pastor Knowles supplemented his 
scant schooling by carrying with him in his saddle, books for study. 
Also, as a preacher, he arranged his matter with skill auid cumulative 
force, and it may safely be said that no native preacher of his time 
in Western Nova Scotia could compare with him in pulpit oratory, and 
that of the most genuine and spontaneous type." 

Rev. J.T. Gordon, South Ohio, Yarmouth, N.S. in 1971 wrote of him as 

"Rev. Charles Knowles left a great memory in Yeirmouth and Shelburne 
Counties. He orgeuiized many churches from Tusket to Barrington. Also 
took a nvmiber of people to New Brunswick. These people took up a laxge 
tract of land in Carieton Co., that still bares the name of Knowles- 

Information of his children from Edwin Crowell's book as well &s from 
Robert B. Blauveldt of Yarmouth, N.S. (1971 ) who is a descendant of 
Caroline Hatfield Knowles' brother — his grandfather. 

Knowles children, by 1st wife, Anna: 

501. i. John Kenney /b. lQk2. 

Knowles Children, by 2nd wife, Caroline: 
ii. Annie , b. 18^7; m. Capt. John R. Blauveldt (age 30 in I87I census, 


Tth Generation 

Yarmouth; he a sea captain). Annie d. 19^3. No issue. 

iii. Thomas ,b . l852; \inm. ; d. 18T9; bu. Tusket Cem. 

iv. Charles , b. l855; unm. ; d. I876; bu. Tusket Cem. 
V. Elizabeth ) b. I860 ; m. Dr. Albert J. Fuller of Avonsport, King's 

Co., N.S. Had dau. Annie who m. Rev. Frank Dickenson; Caroline 
who d. 1933, uxm; CheLrles Knowles i>ircite B&en , M.D., who m. Ethel 
McKean; John; Albert who m. Edith Pitman; and Carlyle who d. uim. 

LEONARD ^ KNOWLES (Nathaniel Nathaniel f Enos,*Col«. Samuel,-* Samuel/ 
Richard 1), son of Nathaniel (l31.) and Phebe (Kinney, b. l8l2/13, 
Barrington, N.S. ; d. 2 Feb. l893, ae 8O; bviried Brass Hill Cemetery, 
Barrington, N.S. (from Mrs. Logan); m. SUSAN SMITH, dau. of Aram Smith. 

He was the last Knowles to own Knowles Point in Barrington. He had no 
children and on his death it passed to Sylvanus Nickerson. Knowles 
Point was ferry landing. Leonard was the Cape Sable Island ferryman. 

280?]eN0S^ KNOWLES, JR . (Enos ,* Nathaniel ,*Enos,^Col. Samuel,* Samuel,* Richard* ), 
V — ^ son of Enos (l32. ) and Sarah (Crowell), b. 1797, June I8, Barrington, 
Nova Scotia; d. 26 April l829, Barrington Records; m. RHODA PINKHAM, 
. dau. of Richard Pinkham. 

Knowles children: (from Charles Libby's papers and Barrington 

records obtained by F.F. Tupper. ) 

i . Res anna * b . 182O . 

502. ii. Richard , b. l822. ^ '-yvA.*^ <^w**«eC - -^.^ \\icJ^JL 'tTh/.s-'^ 

iii. Rhoda Ann , b. I82I+. ^ t^w-.^^i^ 

iv. Matilda , b. I826. 
V. Augustus ,b . 1828. 

ISAAC ^ KJJOWLES (Enos ,* Nathaniel f Enos ,* Col. Samuel,* Samuel,* Richard*) , 
son of Enos (132. ) and Sarah ( Crowell), b. 1799 Mar. 17th, Barrington, 
N.S.; d. 15 May I836, Barrington Records; m. 22 Feb. l827, Barrington 
Records, by Rev. Thomas Crowell, SARAH CROWELL, b. 22 Mar. l802, 
Barrington; d. 21 Feb. l873, Barrington; dau. of Rev. Gliomas Crowell 
and Elizabeth. 

Knowles children; b. Barrington: 

i. J ane ,* b . l827; m. John Osborn, son of John Osborn 

ii. Thomas , b. abt. I830. 

503. iii. Benjamin , ) 

50U. iv. Joseph , ) Tvins, b. Mar. 15, 1835 . 

Info, part from Mr. Libby's p€5)ers, through F. F. Tupper, and from 
Scotia I60U-I87O, by Edwin Crowell, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia; Barrington 
records of Mayflower Society. 

Tth Generation 289 

282\ JOHN ^ KNOWLES (Enos Nathaniel,* Enos * Col. Samuel * Samuel,* Richard* ) , 
s«^-^ son of Enos (l32.) and Sarah (Crowell); b. 20 Oct. l802, Harrington, 

Nova Scotia; m. 2? Nov. l828 by Rev. Thomas Crowell, LYDIA ANN DOAHE, 

b. 23 Oct. 1809, dau. of Prince Doane. 

(AdditioneU. info, from Doane Genealogy.) 

Knowles children; b. Barrington Passage, N.S-. : 

i. Enos * b . l829; died in the goldfields of California in l850's; 


ii. Maria Rogers , b, 2k Nov. 1831; m. I8 Mar. I852, Capt. Benjamin 

Doane, b. T Sept. l823, Barrington, N.S., son of Nehemiah and 
Nancy (Kenney) Doane. They went to New York. Maria d. 23 July 
I86U in Brooklyn, N.Y. Benjamin d.' IT Jiily 19l6, Bayonne, New 

iii. Caroline Doane , b. 20 Oct. l833; m. Prince Crowell, son Of James 


iv. Lydia , b. 2 Mar. l835 ; m. Frye. 

V. Sarah C. , b. 2k May I8UO; m. 23 Feb. I858, Prince Rupert Doane, 
b. 2k Feb. iQSk. He d. August 19 IT. They had a son, Bertram 
Doane, b. 2k Oct. I88O , Barrington, who m. 2k Nov. I90U in 
Mass., Nina Blanche Smith, b. 6 Dec. I88O, Clark's Harbour, 
Shelburne Co., N.S. Two daus . ; one of whom, Marion Evangeline 
(Doane) Robertson, b. 30 Oct. 1910, Somerville, Mass. furnished 
information on this line of her grandmother, Sarah C. (Knowles) 
Doane . 

vi . Sophia , m. Edwin Goudey, son of Andrew Goudey. 

505. vii. John Angus , b. Sept. I8I+8. 

506. viii. George Barlow , b. abt. I85O. 

283"^ SAMUEL ^ KNOWLES ( John ,* Nathaniel ,* Enos ,*Col . Samuel,* Samuel,* Richard* ) , 
son of John (l33. ) and Hannah (Hopkins); b. abt. I809, Barrington, 
Nova Scotia; m. MARIA HARRINGTON, b. abt. l8l3, dau. of Harris 

Knowles children: 

i. Fanny f b . I836; m. Daniel Allen, Yarmouth, N.S. 

li. Agnes, b. ik June I8U5; d. 5 . Dec. 190T, Halifax, N.S.; bu. Brass 
Hill Cem. 

2Qk] WILLIAM *' KNOWLES (John,* Nathaniel,' Enos ,*Col. Samuel,* Samuel ,* Richard' ) , 
son of John (133. ) and Hannah (Hopkins); b. abt. I8II, Barrington, Nova 
Scotia; m. (1st) BETHANIE WOOD, dau. of David Wood; m. (2nd) SUSAN 
CROWELL, b. abt. I8IT, dau. of Ansel Crowell. Conflicting records as 
to whether his wife's name was Hannah , or Mercy Kenney. 

Knowles children by 2nd wife, Susan; b. Barrington: 

i. Jane ,*m. Benjamin Hichens. 

ii. Mary , m. Richard Fuller. 


7th Generation 

iii. Willicun, unm. 

iv. Martha , m. Samuel Nickerson, son of Stillman Nickerson. 
V. Ann, m. Fred Smith, son of Isaac Smith. 

507. vi. James Henry , b. 31 July 186^4. 
vii. Thomas , unmarried. 

2Qy^ MTHMIEL ^ KNOWLES (Asa or Jesse,* Nathaniel, ^Enos,* Col. Samuel,' Samuel,* 
, / Richard*), son of Asa (or Jesse) (13U. ) and Betsey (Shields or Sholds), 

b. 1805, Barrington, Nova Scotia; m. SUSAN NICKERSON, dau. of Levi 

Nickerson, Shag Harbor. 

Nothing further is definitely known about this family. However, cor- 
respondence from two brothers in 1971» William Albert Knowles and 
Hanley Balfoxar Knowles, Hueston St., Yarmouth, N.S., indicate that 
they might be descended from this Nathaniel Knowles as follows: 

Their father was a Nathaniel Knowles who m. at Shag Harbour, Shelburne 

Co., N.S., Stella Tabetha O'Connell, b. Marblehead, Mass. in I867. 
Stella d. Yarmouth, N.S. 3 May 1956. Nathaniel d. Shag Harbour in 
■ 1912. I 

A death cert, for Nathaniel was obtained from Halifajc records as 
follows: Nathaniel Knowles, d. ik Oct. 1912, -ae 67 (therefore b. I8U5 
and could very well have been son of Nathaniel and Susan (Nickerson). 
The Nathaniel who d. 1912 at Lower Shag Harbour, weis a fisherman , 
stated to have been born at Bear Point; bu. Bear Point Cem. which is 
an area of wilderness and there is no evidence of a stone there. The 
informant on death cert, was either "G" Knowles or "T" Knowles. 
Nathaniel was stated to be married at time of his death. 

William Albert Knowles, possible son of Nathaniel who d. 1912 above, 
wrote that his father, Nathaniel, was a sea cook, ship cod seeker out 
of Shelburne, N.S. Nathaniel was trapped inside the hull for 90 hours 
when the ship overturned. He was rescued by American Fishing vessel 
through a hole made in the hull in response to Nathaniel's tapping 
while in the overturned ship. j 

It seems almost certain that the present Knowles family in Yarmouth 
would be descended somewhere in the lines from Nathaniel (5)» therefore 
are listed as follows: 

Knowles children of Nathaniel and Stella Tabetha (O'Connell): 

Hanley Balfo\u: ,*b. 5 Aug. 1907, Shag Harbour, Shelburne Co., N.S.; 
m. Ifyrtle Nickerson, b. Clam Point , Shelburne Co., N.S. ; children: 
Elizabeth , b. 2 Jan. 1932 and Albert , b. 17 Feb. 1929 at Yarmouth 

Charlotte Maybe lie m. E.R. Samways , resides Ingonish, Cape Breton, 

Elsie m. O'Connell, resides Hebron, RRl, Yarmouth Co\inty. 

William Albert , b. 26 April 1910, Shag Harbour; m. 15 Aug. 1936, 
Muriel Odess a , b. 28 June 1915, Yarmouth; children: William 


Tth Generation 

iii. Wi Hi amy unm. 

iv. Martha , m. Samuel Nickerson, son of Stillman Nickerson. 
V. Ann , m. Fred Smith, son of Iseiac Smith. 

507. vi. James Henry , b. 31 July lQ6k. 

vii. Thomas , \inmarried. 

283. NATHANIEL ^ KNOWLES (Asa or Jesse Nathaniel,* Enos Col. Samuel,"* Samuel,* 
Richard son of Asa (or Jesse) (13U.) and Betsey (Shields or Sholds), 
b. 1805, Barrington, Nova Scotia; m. SUSAN NICKERSON, dau. of Levi 
Nickerson, Shag Harbor. 

Nothing further is definitely known about this family. However, cor- 
respondence from two brothers in 1971, William Albert Knowles and 
Hanley Bsilfour Knowles, Hueston St., Yarmouth, N.S. , indicate that 
they might be descended from this Nathaniel Knowles as follows: 

Their father was a Nathaniel Knowles who m. at Shag Harbour, Shelb\irne 
Co., N.S., Stella Tabetha O'Connell, b. Marblehead, Mass. in I867. 
Stella d. Yarmouth, N.S. 3 May 1956. Nathaniel d. Shag Harbour in 
1912. A death cert, for Nathaniel was obtained from Halifax records as 
follows: Nathaniel Knowles, d. lU Oct. 1912, ae 67, therefore b. I8I+5 
and could very well have been son of Nathaniel and Susan (Nickerson). 
The Nathaniel who d. 1912 at Lower Shag Harbour, was a fisherman, 
stated to have been born at Bear Point; bu. Bear Point Cem. which is 
an area of wilderness and there is no evidence of a stone there. The 
informajit on death cert, was either "G" Knowles or "T" Knowles, 
Nathaniel was stated to be married at time of his death, 

William Albert Knowles, possible son of Nathaniel who d. 1912 above, 
wrote that his father, Nathaniel, was a sea cook, ship cod seeker out 
of Shelburne, N.S. Nathaniel was trapped inside the hull for 90 hours 
when the ship overturned. He was rescued by American Fishing vessel 
through a hole made in the hull in response to Nathaniel's tapping 
while in the overturned ship. 

It seems almost certain that the present Knowles family in Ysirmouth 
would be descended somewhere in the lines from Nathaniel (5), therefore, 
are listed as follows: 

Knowles children of Nathaniel fiuid Stella Tabetha (O'Connell): 

a. Hanley Balfour , b. 5 Aug. 1907, Shag Harboiar, Shelbxirne Co., N.S.,who 

writes he was m. to Myrtle Nickerson 23 Dec. 19^7 who was b. Clam 
Point, N.S. and that his children are: Elizabeth , b. 2 J&a. 1932 and 
Albert b. 17 Feb. 1929, Yarmouth, N.S. 

Info, rec'd from Barbara J. Knowles, div. wife of John Lewis Knowles, 
that her ex-husband weis son of Hanley & Kathleen (Rhyno) Knowles. 
John b. Dec. 1936, said to have brothers Arthur and Albert and sister, 
"Betty" Clark. Latter two abovementioned by the father, Hanley. 
Ch. of John Lewis and Barbara Jane (RAFUSE): Brian Wayne , b. Halifax, 
29 Nov. 1958 and I^ynn Darlene b. Halifax, 17 Jan. 19^. 

b. Charlotte Maybe He m. E.R. Samways , resides Ingonish, Cape Breton, 


c. Elsie m. O'Connell, resides Hebron, RRl, Yarmouth County. 

d. William Albert , b. 26 April 1910, Shag Harbo\ir; m. 15 Aug. 1936, 

Muriel Odessa , b. 28 June 1915, Yarmouth; children: William 



Tth Generation 


Bruce , b. 21 May 1937; Muriel Lois , b. 3 Aug. 19^0; Karlene Joyce « 
b. 29 Sept. 19^2; Lance Patrick , b. 29 Jan. 19^8; Larry Douglas , 
b. k Mar. 19^9. 
9 sisters deceased. 

ELKMAH * KNQWLES (Jonathan,* Freeman / Seth * Col . Samuel,^ Samuel,* Richard* X 
son of Jonathan (l35.) and Meh it able (Snow), b. 22 Dec. I8OO, Hampden, • 
Maine (Town records); d. l875, Hampden Probate Records (His will dated 
31 July 1872 follows. ); m. 8 April I82U by his father, Jonathan, who 
was J. P., Hampden, MATILDA BROWN of Hampden who d.-bet. I87O and JiOy 
1872. She was ae 66 in I870 census, Hampden, Not mentioned in her 
husband's will. 

The name of Elkanah Knowles is seen frequently in Hampden Town records. 
Mark of sheep. May l827: "A crop on the left ear and a hole in the 
same and a notch in the upper side of the right ear." He was qualified 
as a town. officer 17 April I83O. 

His sons all named in his will but no daughter was mentioned. In his 
son Samuel's will, dated July 1900, Samuel left $100 each to his 
nephews: Austin Q. Leonard and Eddie Leonard and $100 to a niece 
Minnie Bailey, therefore it is assumed Elkanah and Matilda had at least 
one daughter who died before l875 . 

• Knowles children, b. Hampden: 

i. Daughter* who married Leonard; perhaps another daughter. 

508. ii. Samuel B. , b. abt.l829, Hampden. 

509. iii. Elkannah. Jr. , b. I83I/I832, Hampden. 

510. iv. George W, ^ b. abt. l835 , Hampden. 

511. V. Charles A. P. ,b. abt. l837, Hampden. 

WILL OF ELKANAH KNOWLES, dated 31 July I872. Executor: Charles A. P. Knowles, 

I, ELKANAH KNOWLES, of Hampden in the County of Penobscot and State of Maine, 
do make, publish and declare this my last will and testament. 

1st, I give and bequeath to my son, GEORGE W. KNOWLES, the s\m of Five 
hundred dollars . 

2nd, I give and bequeath to my two sons, SAMUEL B. KNOWLES and ELKANAH 
KNOWLES, JR., the svim of one hundred dollars each. The above bequests sire 
to be paid out of money which I may have on hand at the time of my decease, 
and in no ca^e to be satisfied from my real estate, or from my personal 
estate other theui cash on hand, my intention in making the above bequests 
is to give the money which I may have on hand at the time of my decease to 
my three sons abovenamed, in sums eis therein stated, if in the aggregate it 
shall reach the sum of Seven Hiindred dollars, or in that proportion if it 
shall exceed the sum of seven hundred dollars, the remainder is to be dis- 
posed of under the residuary clause of this my last will and testament. 


Tth Generation 

3rd, I give, bequeath and devise to my said son, George W. Knowles, a 
certain tract of land situate in said Hampden and known as the Wing lot, 
containing twenty six acres and fully described in deed of Abba K, Wing 
and Elbridge G. Wing to me and Samuel B. Knowles and recorded in Penobscot 
Registry, Vol. 239, page 501 of deeds. 

kthy I give, bequeath and devise to my son, Ghaxles A. P. Knowles, all the 
rest and residue of my estate, real , personal , and mixed, wherever found 
and however situated and I do hereby appoint my said son, Charles A. P. 
Knowles, sole executor of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking 
all former wills by me made. 

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this 31st day of July l872. 

287/ REUBEN^ KMQWLES ( Jonathan ,* Freeman Seth,* Col. Samuel,* Samuel, ^Richard*) , 
son of Jonathan (135.) and Mehitable (Snow), b. 20 Sept. l802, Haaipden, 
Maine; d. after I87O ; m. (int.) 12 Nov. I825, married Dec. I826 by 
his father, Jonathan, who was J. P. at Hampden, Me. to REBECCA KNOWLES, 
b. 12 Feb. I80U, Hampden, Maine; d. after I87O; dau. of Abiather and 
Hannah (Sparrow) Knowles, his cousin. 

1850 Census, La Grange, Maine: R. 47> farmer; R. U5 ; Rosina 23; 
A. 21 (m); J. 17 (m); C.15 (f); John 11; R. Jr. 7; Ch. 3 (m). 

i860 Census, La Grange, Maine: #lU8 Reuben 57; Rebecca 55; John S. 21; 
Reuben, Jr. 17; Charles H. 13 (said to be son of Rosina , b. 2 Mar. I8U7, 
La Grange records. #1^9, house next door, or same house: Abiather 30; 
Keziah 26; "Rolenza" 7 (m) — probably Lorenzo; Herbert 5; Emaline 2. 
#139 Jonathan 27, cooper; Anne M, 22; Florence 8; Marion 1; #l43 Mariah 
ae 1 in home of John McCornan. 

1870 Census, East Bradford, Penobscot Co., Me.: John S. 31, farmer; 
Bertha 23; Fred M. 2; Reuben 68; Rebecca 66. 

Therefore, they were living La Grange , Maine apparently after their 
marriage as son Abiather said he had been born in La Grange. Apparently 
removed to East Bradford before I87O when he wets living with son, John 
S. Son Jonathan had died during Civil War. 

Knowles children; 

i. Rosina,' b. 1827; had son Charles H., b. 2 Mar. I8U7; she was given 
the sum of $50 dollars by her brother Abiather in his will, dated 
Februajry 1903 and was called Rosina Bruce. 

512. ii. Abiather J. , b. 15 Mar. I83I La Grange. 

513. iii. Jonathan, b. l833 La Grange. 
5lh. iv. John S. b. l840. La Grange, Me. 


Witnessed by Edmund H. Fogg. 

Tth Generation 


V. Reuben, Jr. , b. I8U3, La Grange; d. I6 April I86U, ae 21 in Bradford, 
vi. Charles H. , b. l8U7(?); I8TO censxis , La Grange (P.O. East 
Bradford, Charles H. 23, farm laborer; Mary F.,21. 

/ 288 /\ JOHN ^ KNOWLES (Jonathan,* Freeman Seth Col. Samuel,* Samuel, 'Richard *) , 
son of Jonathan (135.) and Mehitable (Snow), b. abt. I809, Hampden, 
Maine; m. (1st), 3 July 183^+, Hampden Records, MARY PORTER, b. l8l5; 
m. (2nd), 8 June I858, Hampden, by William Miller, Clergyman, MRS. 
MARYANN HEWES NEWCOMB, of Newburgh, Me., b. 29 Sept. l822; d. 19 April 
1892 . 

1850 Census he was living next door to Jonathan & Mehitable. He was a 
f8J:Tner. I88O Census he was living Old Kennebec Road, Hampden. 

Knowles children by 1st wife, Mary Porter: (ages taken from 


515. i. Henry L. ,^ b. I838. 

516. ii. Benjamin P. , b. I8U0. 

iii. John Wesley , b. I8U2. 

iv. Levi,b . 184U. 

V. Caroline , b. I8U6. 
vi. Daniel , b. 185^+. 

Knowles children by 2nd wife, Mary Ann: 

5IT. vii. George Leslie, b. I86O. 

viii. Flora E. , b. l862; m. I8 Dec. I886 Richard Ashton Steele. 

MaryAnn was the widow of Elisha Newcomb who d. 20 Oct. I85I; she was dau. 
of David and Mary (Sawyer) Hewes. 

/ ^89^ THOMAS J J KNOWLES (Jonathan,* Freeman ,* Seth,* Col. Samuel,* Samuel,* 
— Richard*), son of Jonathan (135- ) and Mehitable (Snow), b. 13 Aug. 

1815, Hampden, Maine; d. 1^ January I889, Hampden, Me.; m. 20 Jiine I8U3 
by Nathan Thompson, Minister, Hampden, Maine, MIRIAM W. HARDING, b. 
1820, Hampden; d. 10 Sept. l895, ae 75 yrs . , 8 mos., 10 days, cancer of 
stomach; dau. of Harvey H. Harding, b. Medway, Mass., and Susan (Wilson) 
Harding, b. Castine, Me. 


Said to have ten children, five sons and five daughters. Mr. Knowles 
was a fajTner and held office of Postmaster at Neally's Corner. He wsis 
a 1st Lt. in 22nd Maine Volunteers during Civil War; one of the promin- 
ent men of his town. 

Filed application for pension I878 alleging disease of lungs resulting 
from exposure to a severe storm at Arlington Heights, Va. in Oct. l862. 
Claim rejected because he had chronic bronchitis before enlistment. 
He only served six weeks and had bronchitis all the while. Pension 
denied. Honorably discharged for disability. 

29^ 7th Generation 

Children, names and ages, from Censuses, Hampden, Penobscot Co., Maine 
1850, i860, 1880 ajid would be approximate: (all bom Hampden prob.) 

Knowles children: 

518. i.. Granville A*, b. iQhk, 
ii. Arthur W. , b. l8ii6. 
lii. Ada, b. iQkQ. 

iv. Mary Ellen , b. I85O. 
V. Clara M. . b. 1852. 

vi. Siisan E. , b. 185^; m. 21 Sept. l8T3, Augustus C. Wing. 

519. vii. Ernest A. , b. I858. 

viii. Thomas Everett , b. i860; living in I889. 
ix. Minnie A. , b . I863. (Miriam); m. 2 July l882 Henry L. Kingsbury at 

WILL OF THOMAS J. KNOWLES, dated 30 May I888. Son, Granville A. Knovles 
appointed executor February I889. 

TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERl'J be it known that I, Thomas J. Knowles, of Haaipden 
in the County of Penobscot and State of Maine, of lawful age, of sound and 
perfect mind emd memory, do make publish and declare this my last will and 
testament, and herein dispose of all my worldly estate to vit.i 

Firsts I order and direct my executor herein named to pay all vay Just debts 
and funeral charges as soon as may be after my decease. 

Second, I give and bequeath to my four daughters ADA M. SOMES, MARY E. BAKER, 
SUSAN E. WING and MINNIE A. KINGSBURY the sum of fifty dollars each. 

Third, I give and devise to my beloved wife, for and during the term of her 
natural life, one undivided half of the homestead farm upon which I now live, 
situate in Hampden containing about fifty acres. 

Fourthly, I give and devise to my eldest son, GRANVILLE A. KNOWLES the other 
undivided half of my homestead farm above mentioned; also at the decease of 
my wife, Mariam W . the xmdivided halt held by her. 

Fifthly, that my daughter >IINNIE A KINGSBURY shall have a home at my above 
homestead farm as long as she shaJLl remain single. 

Sixthly, I give and devise to my sons THOMAS EVERETT and ERNEST A. KNOWLES 
the farm called the Willy place containing about fifty acres. At the first 
one decease, if no issue survives, the other to have said place. 

Seventh, I do hereby appoint my son, GRANVILLE A. KNOWLES sole executor of 
this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made. 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hajid and seal this 30th day of May, 

7th Generation 


A.D. 1888. 


Witnessed by Charles Davis, Bangor, Me. 

Frank A. Floyd, Brewer, Me. 
Albra H. Harding, Bangor, Me. 

290) PR . FREEMAN ^ KNOWLES (Capt. Amasa,*Freeman,* Seth,*Col. Samuel,* Samuel,' 

Richard^), son of Capt. Amasa (l36.) and Mercy (Simpson); b. I807, 

Hampden, Maine; d. 3 Mar. I88O, Keokxik, Lee Co., Iowa of cerebraJ. 
meningitis; m. (1st) 29 Oct. I829 at Hampden, Me., by Daniel Emery, 
J. P., EMILY DAY SMITH of Hampden, b. abt. l809; d. ae 58 between I86O 

and I8TO; m. (2nd) ELIZABETH E. , b. 1818. Freeman Knowles 

buried Lot 25, Block 5, Oakland Cemetery, Keokiik, la. 

He was a sea captain until he migrated with his family about I8I+O to 
Macomb, 111., later to Keokuk, Iowa, where his brother, Alfred, had 
already removed. After his seafaring life, he studied medicine in his 
native state, completing his technical education in St. Louis, Mo. 
Medical College, and thereafter devoted his life to the practice of 
medicine. Settled down in Keokuk where he accumulated considerable 
property which was distributed to al.1 those named below in his will, 
dated I6 Jan. 18? 8, following. 

In 1850, he made a trip across the plains with his son, Hiram, to 
CfiLlifornia during the Gold Rush where they mined at Cold Springs for a 
short time. 

In 1870 census, Keokuk, Freeman and Elizabeth were living in household 
of his daughter, Lucretia, her husband, J.R. Effinger, ae 3^^, a 
minister, and their son, J.R. Effinger, ae 1. Freeman had $5^,500 real 
estate and $5,000 pers . prop. Next door was dau. Eliza Pittman, her 
husband a retail grocer, and several children. 

Some additional information this family obtained from the records of 
Charlotte Alspaugh, possession of the NEHG Library, Boston. 

Knowles children by 1st wife, Emily; all b. Hampden, Me., except 

last dau., Mary Ellen: 

Eliza H. ,^ b. I83O; m. Granville Warren Pittman (I82O-I903); Eliza 
d. 1889. 

Pittman children: (possibly others) 

a. Lucia (DAR #81931 ) 

b . Lavira 

Lucretia, b. l832; m. J.R. Effinger, a minister; they later lived 
Bloomington, 111. According to census, they had at least one 
son, J.R. Effinger, b. 1869. Lucretia m. (2nd) 29 Nov. 1904, 
Major Robert J. Maxey, according to Charlotte Alspaugh 's records. 
Hiram , b. I8 Jan. I83U in his grandparents' (Amasa &' Mercy Knowles) 

i . 

ii . 

520. iii. 


Tth Generation 

home in Hampden, Me., while Freeman on a voyage to Island of 

Martinique . 
iv. Arietta , b. l835 i d. I85I at Hampden. 
V. Emma, b. 1838; d. l859; she was a musician. 

vi. Mary Ellen , b. I8U5, Iowa; m. in 1866, George Frederick Bartlett; 

resided Keokuk. 

vii. Kitty , b. I866; mentioned in Freeman's will as "foster daughter"; 

resided Keokuk. 


Know All Men by These Presents that 

I, Freeman Knowles, M.D. , of the City of Keokuk, Coxinty of Lee in the State 
of Iowa, being of lawful age emd of sound mind and memory do make and publish 
this as my last will and testeiment. 

1st I give ajnd bequeath to my beloved wife, Elizabeth , our homestead with 
all its surroundings including lots, stables & other improvements. I 
also give her my stone house now occupied by Hill & Day situated cm the 
corner of the alley and rear end of Lot Six (6) Block 29 in the City 
of Keokuk and also four hundred dollars ($U00.00) as a first lien \jpon 
the rent or income of my store house now occupied by Wilkinson Bartlett 
& Co., on the corner of Fourth & Main Sts . & west side of Lot 6 & 
B 29 Keokuk. 

The whole of the above property to be for her use and benefit during 
her natural life, said property to be kept well insured. The corner 
building not less than $3,000.00 the cost of said insurance to be 
paid out of the general rent & no part of which is to be deducted 
from the four hundred dollars to be paid to my wife. 

The Hill & Day property is to be kept insured not less than ($2,000.00) 
two thousand dollars and in case of a loss or accident on either build- 
ing, the money is to be used to rebuild or repair said buildings. I 
. further give and bequeath our horse & carriage and all the furniture of 
our house, also, pictiares, etc., to her as her own property to 
be disposed of at her death in the manner she shall deem right. 

2nd I give to my son, Hiram Knowles , my stone building situated on the 
westerly side of Lot Six, Block 29, twenty nine, with the ground on 
which it stands subject to the lien described in the first pairt of this 
will also in case he shall wish to return to Keokuk and make it his 
permanent home I give him, after my wife's decease, our homestead 
situated on the corner of Uth & Morgan Streets & Lots seven eight Block 
and in case he does not wish to come eifter my wife's death, the house 
and lots shall be sold and the proceeds equally divided among my legal 

3rdly I give my daughter, Mary E. Bartlett , the stone house situated on Lot 
6, Block 29, in Keokuk adjoining the corner storeroom and now occupied 

Tth Generation 


by M. W. Westcott as a Book Store with the gro\md on which it stands 
and also that abutting in the rear running back ninety-five (95) feet 
from Main Street during her natural life, said property to be kept well 
insured and if loss by fire, the money to be used to rebuild the build- 
ing and at her death to belong to her children. 

i+thly I give my Storehouse No. 3, from the corner of fourth street and now 

occupied by Husskamp as a Shoe Store, to my daughter, Eliza H. Pittman , 
with the ground on which it stands extending back ninety-five (95) feet 
from Main Street during her natural life said proi>erty to be kept in- 
sured in some good company for a sum no less than two thousand ($2,000) 
dollars and in case of fire or accident the insurance money to be used 
to rebuild said building and the said Eliza H. Pittman shall have no 
power to mortgage or put any lien upon said property that shaJJ. in any 
manner prevent her from having the monthly or quarterly rent and said 
rent shall in nowise be collectible except by herself or her written 
order and at her death shall have power by will to give said property 
to all or any of her children she may deem best. 

5thly I give my daughter, Lucretia Ef finger , by store room No. h from the 

corner of Fourth Street and now occupied by Alois Weber as a hardware 
store, running back seventy five feet (75) & twenty feet in the rear 
said lot being ninety-five (95) deep all of which I give to her diuring 
her natural life and at her death to go to her heirs at-law. 

6thly The open space of land with the water closets which is boiinded in the 
rear by all the buildings described in this will shall be held by the 
parties as Tennants in Common and no one of the owners shall have power 
to prevent the free use of said open lot for any lawful purpose con- 
nected with the buildings abutting thereon. 

7thly I give & bequeath my Decker Piano to our foster daughter, Kitty Knowles, 
said piano to remain in the house during the life of my wife 
. vinless she shall give her liberty to remove it. 

•H a 

Xi CD 

^ CO M also give to said Kitty at my wife's decease the storeroom 

^ g situated on the rear of Lot 6, Block 29 and the lot on which it 

cQ B « CO s'tan<is with all the rights thereunto belonging during her natiiral 

o iS H li^^ case she has heirs of her own body then said property 

. u B go^s to them otherwise said property shall belong to Lucia & 
oj ^ "p< t2 LaTora Pittman , the two yoiingest daughters of Eliza H. Pittman 

S V I c3 named in this will. 

3 ofl 3 0) The above disposition is after mattire thought the best I am able 
fl H So > (il to do with my estate but before any disposition of said property 

o -H -^^ made all my honest debts are to be paid, the property is to be 

pJvh ^ mJ3 kept together and the rents except the provision made for my wife, 

> fti -H after expenses are paid to be strictly applied to the liquidation 

^ . of my debts and five hundred dollars appropriated for a family 

oj a oi ^ monument to be placed on the family burying lot in accordance 

^ H ^ with a plan attached to this will then the before described 

M "> 6 o disposition of the Property shall take place and not before. 


Tth Generation 

The Mortgage I hold on lots four {k) five (5) and six (6) in Block (lO) 
Ten in this City, if not paid shall be foreclosed and if a title is 
obtained, said property may be occupied as a residence for Eli?a H. 
Pittman and at her demise shall belong to such of her legal heirs as 
she may designate by her will. 

All other property not mentioned in this will shall be sold & applied 
to the payment of debts & if no debts then to belong to my heirs at 

Keokiik, January l6, I878 

(s) Freeman Knowles 

Duly witnessed by W. H. Curey & M. R. King. 

"JUDGE" ALFRED ^ KNOWLES (Capt. Amasa,*Freeman Seth,*Col. Samuel,* 
Samuel,* Richard*-) , son of Amasa (136.) and Mercy (Simpson), b. I809, 
Hampden, Maine; d. 9 July I886, Galesburg, 111. He m. (1st) 10 April 
1833 (Eden-Wellington, Me. Records ) ARLETTA WHITNEY of Monroe, Me., 
dau. of Josiah Whitney. She d. 18U5 Oquawka, 111. He m. (2nd) 3 Jan. 
I8U6 at Monmouth, 111., CATHERINE SMALLEY, dau. of Spencer Herrick. 
and Fannie (Scripture) Smalley, bom 3 July l823 Syracuse, N.Y., d. 2h 
Nov. 1893. 

Information this family from Charlotte Alspaugh Records of Amasa 
Knowles Family in Librajry of NEHG Society. 

Called Judge, Alfred Knowles and family apparently preceded his 
brother Freeman to Keokiik, Iowa. After the death of his first wife, 
he removed to Oq_uawka, Henderson Co., 111., where he was found in the 
1850 census, that place, with second wife, sons Henry, Edwin, Howard 
and Charlotte Smalley, ae 22, sister-in-law. He was one of the incor- 
porators of Lombard Univ., second co-educational institution in the 
country, which all of his children attended. (See Daily Republican- 
Register, Galesburg, 111. 9 July I886.) In I88O census, Galesburg, 
Knox Co., 111. he-was living on East Feiris Street, age TO, "a banker", 
with wife Kate, dau. Nellie, ae 19, and Charlotte Smalley, age 52, 

Knowles children by 1st wife. Arietta Whitney: 

521. i. Henry C . ,* b. l833, Hampden, Maine. 

522. ii. Edwin, b. 20 Aug. l835, Bangor, Maine. 

Knowles children by 2nd wife, Catherine Smalley: 

iii. Mary Ellen , b. l8U3; d. I8U6. 

523. iv. Howard, b. Mar. 184T, Oquawka, 111. 

V. Mary , b. I85O, Oquawka, 111.; m. I8T8 Jacob Stoker Alspaugh, 
b. 1850. Her DAR #10l6lT. They had a daughter , Charlotte 
Alspaugh who was born in Dayton, Ohio; her DAR #10l6l8. 
52U. vi. Frank P. , b. 7 Feb. I85U, Oquawka, 111. 

viii. Nellie,"^* 13 Oct. I86O, Galesburg, 111.; attended Lombard Univ., 

7th Generation 


m. 2nd Nov. I88I, George Henry Chapman, jeweler (Armstrong 
Jewelry Co.). Both prominent in clubs and social life of 
Galesbxirg and active life long workers in Universalist Church. 
In 1926, after 52 years, Mr. Chapman retired from Geo. H. 
Chapman Jewelry Co. He died in Feb. 19^9. 

Chapman children: 

a. Harry Knowles , b. l88i+; d. 191^+. 

b. Katherine, b. 1885 ; d. 1899- 

c. Janet , b. h Feb. I89I, attended Lombard Univ. , member Pi Beta 

Phi fraternity; dieticifin Lombard Hall; served with Red 
Cross WWI; m. Dec. 1923, Edwin J. Gumm, Mgr. Gumm Farms 
(pioneer family farms). Two children: Dorothy Jean Gumm, 
b. 15 Nov. 1926 and John William Gxamm, b. 27 Nov. 1927- 

292JAMASA^ KNQWLES, JR. (Capt. Amas a,* Freeman,* Seth ,* Col. Samuel,* Samuel,* 

^ Richard*), son of Capt. Amasa (l36. ) and Mercy (Simpson), b. 29 Nov. 

I82U, Hampden, Me.; m. MINERVA PITMAN. 

Left Maine I8U7-I8U6 to join the other members of his family who had 
gone before him. 

Said to have lived in West Point, Iowa, where he predeceased his wife 
at rather a young age . 

1850 U.S. Census, he was in Placerville, Eldorado Co., California. He 
apparently accompanied his brother. Freeman, and Freeman's son, Hiram, 
on their trip during the CaJ.ifornia gold rush, then returned to Iowa. 

29 3y SETH'' KNOWLES, JR. (Seth* Capt. Nathaniel,* Seth,* Col. Samuel,* Samuel,* 
Richard*), son of Seth (l37.) and Patia (Crosby); b. I817, Orleans, 
Mass.; d. 13 April I86O, Orleans; m. LOUISA A. KURD, b. July I818, 
Orleans; d. 1 June I889 at Plymouth, Mass., age 70 yrs . , 11 mos . She 
was dau. of Luther and Olive Hurd. 

Seth Knowles , Jr., died before his father, therefore, was not mentioned 
in the latter 's will of 186I. Information courtesy Alice Lowe (Orleans 
records) and from Mass. VR's. In 1850 Census, Orleans, Seth and 
Louisa had one dau., Mary, ae 7. Later descendants of their son, 

Samuel Francis, contacted 1972-- 

In his will, dated 15 Mar. i860, witnessed by Joseph Silver, Zoeth 
Smith and Samuel L. Hurd, he left everything to his wife, Louisa, 
also najTied as executrix. 

His widow removed to Boston after the death of her husband and later 
to Plymouth, Mass. (See recollections written by their son, Samuel 
Francis, appearing under this number 525-, 6th generation.) 

Knowles children: 

i. Mary ,* b . I8U3, Orleans; probably m. Clark Bartlett; resided 


Tth Generation 

Manomet, formerly called "Ponds"; at least one son, George, 
ii. Son - unidentified. 

525. iii. Samuel Francis , b. 11 May 1S55, Orleans. 

JOSIAH SPARROW KNOWLES (Nathaniel Capt . Nathaniel,* Seth ,* Col. Samuel,' 
Samuel,* Richard* ) , son of Nathaniel (138.) and 1st wife, Sarah 
(Sparrow); b. 27 J^ine I815, Orleans, Mass.; d. I6 Nov. I881, Alameda 
Co., Calif.; m. MARY , b. I828. 

Sometime between I865 and 188O , Josiah and his family removed to Calif. 
They were located in the I88O cens\As , Eden Township, Alameda Co., 
Calif., where he was listed as a tinsmith. He had been a tinplate 
maJcer in Orleans, Mass. 

The estate of Josiah S. Knowles, #30^+, Reg.- 1, p. 326, dated 5 Dec. 
1881, filed Alameda Co., Calif, probate records indicate his widow, 
Mary, was executrix of his estate of $T,28U.65, plus partnership 
interest in tin and hardware trading firm of Knowles and Bainbridge. 
The will had been executed in Topeka, Kansas and witnessed by C. 0. 
Knowles and A. W. Knowles. Children were named as listed below. 
Residence at time of death was San Leandro, Alameda Co., Calif. Estate 
settlement subscribed to by Prince Doane, "friend of long standing." 

Knowles children; b. Orleans, Mass.: 

i. John ,* b. 8 April l85T; d.y. 

526. ii. John Ruth , b. 28 April I859. 

527. iii. Josiah Sparrow, Jr. , b. 21 Jan. I862. 
iv. Mary A . , b. 22 Nov. l863; was age 17 in I88I. 

NATHANIEL KNOWLES ( Nathaniel Capt . Nathaniel,* Seth ,*Col . Samuel,* 
Samuel ,*Richard*) , son of Nathaniel (138.) and 2nd wife, Zerviah 
(Higgins) (Sparrow), b. 17 Dec. l822, Orleans, Mass.; d. 8 June I888, 
Boston, Mass. (both dates taken from headstone. Forest Hills Cem., 
Boston, Mass.); m. 19 April I8I+8, TAMZEN LINNELL, b. l827; d. lU June 
1909 of pneumonia, Boston, Mass.; bu. Forest Hills Cemetery. 

Research this family courtesy Marie Knowles, including photographs of 
all headstones . 

Knowles children: 

i. Charles Franklin , *b. 8 Aug. 18^)2; d. 29 Feb. l879 , ae 27 yrs . , 
6 mos . , bu. Forest Hills Cera. "Charlie". 

ii. Sarah Helen , b. 29 April 1959; m. Albert Ivans Croll; she d. 
13 May 19^+0. 

Croll Children: 

a. Grace , who m. Thaddeus De Friez. 

b. Helen Pauline , who m. Robert C. Stevens. 


7th Generation 


iii. Maria ("Minnie") Josephine, d. 2k Oct. I869, ae 6 mos . , 2h das.; 
bu. Forest Hills Gem. 

Hand written will of Nathaniel Knowles in Suffolk Co. Probate, #80307, 
dated 27 June l887; named as heirs, wife Tamzen, and dau. Sarah H.M. 
Crowell. "If my estate amounts to $80,000 or more, I request my wife 
and daughter to pay over to my sister Seviah, $200 yearly as long as 
she lives." 

1850 census in 3rd ward Boston, he and Tamzen living in boarding house. 

1870 census living 5^ Dwight Street (Boston Dir.). 

1880 living 36 Newb\iry St., Ward 11, Boston, with Tamzen and dau. 

"Sadie" Helen, ae 21. He in clothing store. 
1888 Dir., res. Newbury St.; bus. KNOWLES & LELAND, Clothiers at lOU 


Will of Tamzen dated 13 Oct. 1903, #1^5822 in Suffolk Co. Probate, left 
as heirs her dau. Sarah H. Croll and her two children, Grace and 
Pauline. Pew in Emmanuel Church on Newbury St., Boston, mentioned. 
Estate contained one house at 36 Newbury St., taxes for $21,000 and a 
parcel of land in Worcester, corner Houghton and Grafton Sts., taxed 
at $12,933. 

$40,000 mtge put on property for improvement in 1927. Mtge still being 
paid on in 19^5 j delaying final distribution of estate which came under 
dispute after Sarah's death In 19^0. Petition brought against Grace 
Croll De Friez "only living child of Sarah" and Robert Croll Stevens, a 
minor, b. 3 Jaxi. 192U, of Ithica, N.Y., the only issue of Helen Pauline 
Croll Stevens who predeceased her mother Sarah Knowles Croll, who d. 
13 May 19^+0. 

296^ THOMAS JACKSON ^ KNOWLES (Nathaniel,* Capt . Nathaniel,*'Seth,*Col. Samuel,* 

. ^ Samuel, * Richard! ) , son of Nathaniel (138.) and 2nd wife, ZerviaJa 

(Higgins) (Sparrow); b. 1 Aug. l830, Orleans, Mass.; d. k April I90U, 
Hawthorn, Mass., ae 78/8/3 at Danvers Asylum. 

Death cert, states his mother was Sophia Higgins. He m. (1st) JOANNA 
? (HIGGINS); m. (2nd) CAROLINE STEVENS PROCTER, b. 27 May 18^+0, d. 1910, 
Gloucester, Mass., dau. of Addison and Ann Jane (Elwell) Procter. 

He was a trader, age 20, in his father's household I85O census, Orleans. 
i860 census, Wellfleet, with wife, Joanna, ae 30 and two children. 
Then a seaman. I870 census, the children were in the home of Nathaniel 
and Mary S. Higgins. Nathaniel was a blacksmith; Washington was ae 19, 
a tailor's apprentice, and Augusta, ae 17, a tailoress. Possibly the 
Higgins were parents of Thomas' wife, Joanna, who had died. I88O 
census, Thomas J. was ae ^9, living 5 Mansfield St., Gloucester, Mass., 
with a wife Caroline S., ae UO, and two daughters. 

Knowles children, by 1st wife, Joaxina: 
i. Washington,* b . I85I (age from census), Orleajis or Wellfleet. 


Tth Generation 


Augusta , b. 1853 (age from census), Orleans or Wellfleet. 

Knowles children by 2nd wife, Caroline: 

iii. Annie Elvell , b. 2 Mar. 1863, Gloucester, Mass. (this child 

recorded SLC etrchives ;was not in I88O census , so perhaps 
was married by that time or away from home. 

iv. Edith , b. I87O (age from census), Gloucester, Mass. 

V. Alice H. , b. 18?^ (age from census), Gloucester, Mass. 

29 Tj MORTON LESTER ^ KNOWLES (Abiather Jr., Dr. Abiather Seth, Col. Samuel,* 

Samuel,* Richard^ ) , son of Abiather, Jr. (lUl.) and Elizabeth (Sparrow) 

b. 18 Dec. 1819, Frankfort, Maine; d. 29 Sept. I892, Winterport, Maine 
ae T2/9/10; m. APHIA HUMPHREY (Affie on stone); b. 13 March l82T, 
Frankfort, Maine; d. 2k Feb. I908. . 

Above dates sent by Meirie Knowles, Hyde Park, Mass., as appeeuring on 
stone in Oak Hill Cemetery at Winterport, Me., which says on one side; 


Co D 26 Reg. Maine Vol;inteers 
Dec. 18, 1819 - Sept. 29, l892 

His wife Affie - March 13, l82T 
Feb. 21+ , 1908 

Other side of same stone abovementioned: 

Albert W. , son of Morton L. and Affie Knowles 
Sept. 23, 1857 - Aug. lU, 1859 

Clara, their daughter 

March 1, I85I - Oct. 30, 19 10 

Knowles children: 

528. i. 

ii . 


George Washington , b. IT July I8U6, Hampden, Me. 
Clara, b. 1 March I85I; d. 30 Oct. I9IO. 
Albert W. , b. 23 Sept. I85T; d. ih Aug. l859. 

Tth Generation 


MDREW J. KNOWLES (Abiather * Jr. , Dr. Abiather * Seth,*Col. Samuel,* 
Samuel,* Richard* ) , son of Abiather, Jr., (lUl. ) and Elizabeth (Sparrow), 
b. 15 Sept. 1831, Frankfort, Maine; d. I6 July lQ6k, Campbell Hospital, 
Washington, D.C.; m. 8 Aug. I852, Hampden, Me., by A. Moore, minister, 
FLORA DENNIS SPARROW, b. 21 Jan. l832 , Frankfort, Maine; d. 9 Dec. 
1916, Winterport, Maine, dau. of Jonathan & Keziah (Freeman) Sparrow of 
Frsuikfort, Maine. 

Both buried Twining Cemetery, Winterport, Maine, where stones of 
parents are also. Information from Mrs. Grace Clements, Bangor, Maine. 

Enrolled k Jan. I86U at Winterport, Maine in "M" 1st Regiment, Maine 
Heavy Artillery for 3 years as Private. Attained Corporal. Informa- 
tion received on widow's Pension Cert. #5^997- Andrew died from gun 
shot woxinds received in Civil War action June I8, iQGk in Virginia. 

Mentioned in his father's will of l872 as "deceased". Abiather left 
$100 to Mary E. Knowles, dau. of Andrew J. 

Knowles child: 

i. Mary E . , b . 8 Nov. 1858; m. Burbank,^as per copy of her letter 

notifying Commissioner of Pensions of her mother's death. 

299^ LORENZO D.*' KNOWLES (Jaiaes,^Dr. Abiather,* Seth,* Col. Samuel,"* Samuel,^ 
^ Richard*), son of James (1U2.) and Achsah (Knowles); b. I818, Hampden, 

Me.; d. 6 April 1902, ae 87, at Hampden; m. (1st) (int. recorded 

Hampden) 3 Mar. l8i+8, BETSEY M. PALMER of Levant, Me.; m. (2nd) 9 Sept. 

1875 by Browning, Minister, (Hampden records), ELSIE HARTFORD, b. I815 

(was ae 65 in I88O census ) . 

Hampden records state he was a widower who died of old age; a laborer; 
didn't know his paj-ents ' names but his mother was born Hampden and his 
father was "an American." 

Letter in Charles ' Libby ' s back-up papers from Cora Shellenberger 
referred to "Children of Johnathan and Mehitable often mentioned were 
John, Tom and Osena — a grandson, Lorenzo (Renn) who cut off the tail 
of his grandfather's riding horse and when reproved for so doing, said, 
"Grandsire, he looks all the better for having his tail cut off." The 
Jonathan and Mehitable Knowles mentioned were parents of Achsah, 
Lorenzo's mother. 

Knowles children by 1st wife, Betsey; b. Hampden, as located 

in censuses: 

i. Osena,* b. I8U8; m. k Sept. I868 (Hampden records), Samuel V. 


ii. James E. , (or H.), b. I8I+9. 

iii. Charles B. , b. I852. 

iv. Freuik , b. iQ^h (was ae 26, a sailor, in his father's hovisehold 


7th Generation 

V. Arthur, b. 1855- 

vi. Charles, b. I856 (was ae 2U, a sailor, in his father's hoxisehold 

vii. Alphonso P. (or Alonzo), b. I85T (was ae 23, a sailor, in his 
father's household I88O census). In I8TO census, "Alonzo" 
Knowles, ae 13, was in the household of E. F. Chemdler, ae 31, 
and Julia A. Chandler, ae 31 (also was Betsy Doane, ae TO) in 
Newbxirgh, Me. Hampden records show the marrieige at Hampden 
Corner by William True Jewell, Minister, on k Feb. I886, of 
Alphonso P. Knowles and Bertha E. Twombley. He was "of Monroe, 
Me." when married. No further information. 

viii. Thomas , b. l859 (was ae 21, a laborer, in his father's household 

ix. Sarah , b. I862 (was ae I8, dau. , in father's household I88O). 

?0Q\ REUBEN T.^ KNOWLES (James,* Dr. Abiather ,* Seth,*Col. Samuel ,* Samuel , ' 

RichardM, son of James (lU2.) and Achsah (Knowles), b. 23 Jan. l832, 
Hampden, Me.; d. 2k Jvme 18T9, Hampden, Me., ae UT; m. 2l+ Mar.l855, 
CLARA ATWOOD SPARROW of Frankfort, Me.; b. k July l83T, Winterport, Me 
d. 5 June I886, Hampden, Maine. 

Information from Hampden town records ajid from Grace Clements, R.F.D, 
#2, Bangor, grandaughter of Reuben and Clara. 

Knowles children; b. Hampden, Maine: 

529. i. Howard C . ,* b . ik Jan. I856. 

ii. John M. , b. h April I858; d. Hampden of cancer of liver, 1 Aug. 

I91I+, ae 56/3/27; was single, a farmer. 

iii. Harriet E. , b. 12 June i860; d. k July I87O, ae 10. 

iv. Arabella A. , b. 23 Feb. l863; d. 1 Feb. 1931, ae 67; m. 25 April 
1903, Will Tibbitts ; she brought up Grace Knowles, dau. of her 
brother, Harold Tracy, who died. Arabella wsis married to Will 
Tibbitts in Hampden. James W. Tibbitts died 26 April 1931. 

530. V. Charles Albert , b. 2 Feb. I866. 

vi . Maurice S. , b. 19 May I868; d. at Hampden, ae 19 yrs., 9 mos . , 

26 Feb. 1888. 

vii. Edgar S . , b. 29 July 187O; d. at Hampden of T.B. , ae 35/2/3, 

2 Oct. 1905. 

viii. Clarence Reuben , b. 21 Dec. l872; d. at Winterport, Me., ih Oct. 

531. ix. Harold Tracy , b. Oct. I876. 
.532. X. Roscoe H. , b. 1878. 

In 1880 census , Clara was living with her children on Old Kennebec 
Road, Hampden, Maine, after death of her husbajid. His widow wets 
appointed administrator of his estate Au^. l879. 

r ^Oh\ LEAI^DER ^ KNOWLES (Abraham,^ Freemaxi / Samuel * Nathaniel .'^ Samuel,* Richard'), 
v_-^ son of Abraham (lUU. ) and Prudence (Hillman), b. I815, Addison Maine; 

d. after I885 ; m. 21 April l835 , Addison, Me., MARY ANN PLUMMER, b. 

1817, Addison, Me.; d. 20 Dec. 1893, ae T6, dau of Jeremiah and Frances 

(Fellows) Plummer. 

He vas a shipbuilder and was the only Knowles living in Addison in 
1850 Census. Was not in I86O Census. 

Knowles children; b. Addison: (info, from Addison records.) 

533. i. Augustus A. ,.^b. l83T. 

Tth Generation 305 

SAMUEL W. ^ KNOWLES ( Abner Jr . t Abner Seth ,* Capt . Samuel ,* Samuel ,* 
Richard 1), son of Abner Jr., (1^+3.) and Hester (Robinson), b. 2? July 
I83U, Thomaston, Maine; d. 13 Sept. 1908, ae 7^, Oakland, Alameda Co., 
Calif. Bur. Mt. View Cemetery; m. 22 Dec. 18T2 MARGARET J. DENNING, 
b. I8UU; (she outlived her husband); dau. of William and Margaret 
Denning . 
No children. 

Samuel was enrolled 10 Sept. I862, Co. B. , 22nd Reg., Maine Infantry; 
mustered out 1^+ Aug. I863. Again enrolled Co. G. , 2nd Me. Cavalry, 
11 Dec. 1863; mustered out 6 Dec. I865 - rank of Captain. 

Resident of Bangor, Me., until 18T2. After Civil War, went to S€in 
Francisco, Calif. , where he practised law. 

Pension application papers on file Washington for him and later for his 
widow; contain following information: 
"Married 'by mutual consent', as Priest refused to marry them and 
Margaret was Catholic. 22 Feb. I898, they were sanctioned by the 
Catholic Church and married St. Maiy's, S.F. Lived in S.F. until 
1900 then moved to Oakland at 586I Fremont St., where he later 
died of general paresis." 

PERCEVAL KNOWLES (Abner Jr Abner Seth ,* Capt . Samuel,* Samuel,* 
Richard*) , son of Abner Jr. (l43.) and Hester (Robinson), b. h Mar. 
I8H0, Dexter, Maine; d. 11 Feb. 191^, Webster City, Iowa; m. 28 Sept. 


He resided Bangor, Me., and Webster City, Iowa. No children. Was 
Lieutenant of Sixth Me. Infantry, Civil War; woxmded at Rappahajinock 
Station I86U. 

ABRAHAM ^ KNOWLES (Abraham,^ Freeman,^ Samuel,* Nathaniel,^ Samuel,* Richard*), 
son of Abraham (lUU.) and Prudence (Hillman), b. abt. iQlk , Addison, 
Maine; d. between Dec. iQkl when will was made and Jan, l8i+2 when est. 
admin, was ordered; m. (1st) 31 Dec. l835, Addison, Maine, CAROLINE R. 
WASS, b. 12 Oct. 1816; d. 17 Mar. 18U0 ; dau. of Henry and Susan (Brown) 
Wass; m. (2nd) int. I8 Sept. I8U1, Addison, Me., SARAH GRIFFIN. 


In the name of God, Amen. I AbraJiam Knowles of Addison in the county of 
Washington and State of Maine being and weak of body, but of sound and dis- 
posing mind, memory and understanding, considering the certainty of death and 
the uncertainty of the time thereof, to the end that I may be better prepared 
to leave this world, when it shall please God to call me hence, have now 
determined to direct what disposition shall be made of my property after my 
decease; and after maturily considering the circumstances of all those among 
whom is my heij^s 'at law, or the objects of my gratitude or affection, in iny 
judgement ray estate should be distributed, I do make, publish and declare 
this to be my last will and testament; hereby revoking and making null and 


7th Generation 

ii. Zelotis , b. iBSB; no record of marriage or children. In Machias, 

Me. UNION, 22 Oct. l866: "In Jacksonville, Fla. , Capt. Zelotis 
Knowles of Addison." (death of) 

iii. Melona , M. , b. l8U3. 

iv. Philander N. , b. I8U5/6; m. Carrie , b. I856; d. 2 June I88I, 

ae 26 yrs., 10 mos . , at Addison, Me. She was gr. dau. of Mr. & 
Mrs. Warren Leighton of Millbridge, Me. Philander d.lT April 
1930, Helena, Montana. (Records from Addison, Me., town files.) 
V. Frances E. , b. l8U7/^8; m. (1st) Joseph Otis Nash , son of Oliver 

and Deborah (Smith); m. (2nd) Sanborn; Frances d. ae 8I , 

3 April 1929, Medford, Mass. 

vi. Mary L. , b. I85O. 

vii. Josephine B. , b . l853; m. (int.) 8 Dec. 187^, Harrington, Me., 

Joseph A. Coffin, Jr. of Machias,Me.; son of Joseph A. axid Ann 

53^.viii. William H. , b. I856/7. 

(30^1 ADDISON D.^ KNOWLES (Samuel Jr.t Samuel,*^ Samuel,* Nathaniel,* Samuel,' 

Richard*), son of Samuel, Jr. (1U6.) and Deborah (Billings), b. 7 Feb. 
1827, Sedgwick, Maine; m. 7 Nov. I862, Blue Hills, Me., DELAINA FRENCH 
who died 15 Jan, I865, Blue Hills, Me. 

1850 Census, Hancock Co., Me., Sedgwick: Addison listed in house of 
"Carlton" next door to Nathaniel Knowles and Polly, his uncle and aunt. 
He was age 2U, a farmer. I86O Census, Blue Hill, he was ae 33, a 
mariner, in house alone with Deborah "Carlton", ae 57 » his mother who 
had remarried. 

Blue Hill statistics from Town Clerk, Blue Hill. 

Knowles children: 

535. i. Frank .'b. I8 April 1863. 

(Sedgwick records list him as "Anderson" D.) 

/3Q6^ JAMES H^?^aioWLES (Thomas Capt . James ,* Cornelius Lt . Richard,* Samuel,^ 
K^-^ Richardl), son of Thomas (153.) and Dorcas (Prentice), b. I827, Milton, 

Queens Co., N.S. ; d. 25 May I85O, ae 23 when his father administered 

his estate which was substantial. 

He wets a trader. 

Buried Milton at burial ground 2 miles from Liverpool. 

(301) THOMAS ^ KNOWLES (ibomas Capt . James ,* Cornelius ,* Lt . Richard,* Samuel,* 
V-^ Richardl), son of Thomas (153.) and Dorcas (Prentice), b. abt. I828, 
Queens Co. , Nova Scotia. 

Lived on and ran his father's faxm in Milton, Queens Co., according 
to his father's will. 

Tth Generation 


Information from Verta Tupper via Col. Kirkpatrick 1971 vas that Thomas 
never married. Said to have lived on West Main Street, Milton, in the 
grey house opposite Nita Ford's. House gone now (1971) • 

Thomas was a smallish man and had a strange voice caused by acciden- 
tally biarning his throat with some kind of liquid. 

308/) RICHARD PRINTICE ^KNOWLES (Thomas Capt . James f Cornelius ,* Lt . Richard,^ 

. ^ Samuel * Richard^ ) , son of Thomas (153.) and Dorcas (Printice); b. l829, 

Milton, Queens Co., Nova Scotia; d. l6 June 190U, ae 75, Liverpool, 
N.S.; m. (1st) l859, JANE R. TUPPER, b. 21 Aug. I838; d. 23 Jan. 1928, 
ae 89, in Massachusetts; buried Milton, N.S. She was dau. of Hon. 
Freeman* and Jane (Roberts ) Tupper . 

* (Freeman^, Nathan^, Nathan^, Medad^, Capt. Thomas^, Thomas-'-) 

InfoiTEation from Long's Annals; Massachusetts Vital Records; particular 
appreciation to Col. Robert F. Kirkpatrick of Port Medway, Nova Scotia, 
who has contributed so much of his time and efforts to obtain materieil 
on this family. 

In 1971, Col. Kirkpatrick went to see Mrs. Verta Tupper who stated that 
Richard Knowles lived on School Street, Milton, and his house was torn 
down in I87O. It was replaced with a contemporary one. Mrs. Tupper 
said there were two daughters, Jane and Ellie. Ellie married and moved 
away. Jane was a "go-er" like her Uncle Tom Knowles and Ellie was a 
quiet one . She thought there were two sons. A Cmdr. Robert C. Knowles 
USN (stationed at Quonset Naval Station, R.I.) in 1956 paid her a visit 
looking for Knowles information. He was a grandson of Richard Printice 
Knowles. (Through Naval personnel records, this Robert Knowles was 
located as mentioned belowj 

Verta Tupper was a Freeman before marriage but as a girl lived near the 
Knowles brothers. "Stern old Mr. Richard Knowles used to keep Max's 
baseball when it went over the fence." She said that the Knowleses 
left Milton around I9OO-I918 by death or removal on the part of the 
children. Believed Jane was brought back to Milton after she died and 
was buried in the old Tupper lot. Richaj:-d died at Liverpool. 

Later information received from Mrs. Dorothy Knowles, wife of Capt. 
Robert . Chandler Knowles (1972), residing 17OO E. Lakeview Avenue, 
Pensacola, Fla. 32501. Richard Knowles stated to have been in the 
lumber mill business. 

NOTE: According to Mr. Libby's back-up papers, Jane Tupper Knowles was 
86 in I92U and was aunt of Francis Freeman Tupper who collected Nova 
Scotia material for Libby's early history of the family in that area.* 

Col. Kirkpatrick sent data from F.S.L. Ford notes (see Thomas, the 
father, #153.) to the effect that James Knowles, M.D. , was named as a 
son of Richard. He m. a lady from Philadelphia and resided in 
Gloucester, Mass. No issue. Eleanor m. Rev. Howard Morton, no issue. 
Jane m. Archibald W. Blanchard of Deep River, Conn. , one of whose 


7th Generation 

children was Harold T. Blanchard. Additional cemetery inscriptions 
fvirnished by Col. Kirkpatrick from F.S.L. Ford notes: 

Inscription on Knowles monument in Milton Cemetery: "In loving memory 
of Richard P. Knowles; died l6 June 1904, aged 75 years." Plus these 
children believed to have been children of Richard and Jane: "CLARRISA 
T., died Dec. ito, l863, aged 13 mos."; "CAROLINE T., died Sept. 11th, 
1870, aged 13 mos."; "FREEMAN T. , died April 9th, I87I, aged 3 years"; 
"ANNE E., died May 27th, I878; aged 2 years." 

Knowles children; b. Milton, Queens Co., Nova Scotia: 

i. Jane M. f m. Archibald W. Blanchsurd of Deep River Conn.; at least 

one son, Harold T. Blanchard, probably more. 
. ii. Eleanor , m. Rev. Howard Morton; no issue, 
iii. James , M.D. , m. and resided Gloucester; perhaps was the James H. 

Knowles who d. in Gloucester 192U.(Mass. VR's) 

536. iv. Allan Tupper , b. abt. I867. 

537. V. Robert Keneborough Black , b. 15 Aug. l877. 

309^ JOHN SETH ^ KNOWLES ( James ,^ Hon . John,*Lt. James ,*Capt. James Samuel,* 

^ — y Richard^), son of James (155.) and Elizabeth (Duygert), b. 15 Aug. 1822, 
Chittenango, Madison Co., N.Y.; d. 2^ Oct. I863, Greenbvish, Sheboygen 
Co., Wise; m. 11 Nov. l846 (When both said to be of Cazenovia, N.Y.,by 
Rev. Wm. Clarke-- from Madison Democrat), CATHERINE MONK, b. 8 Aug. l82T, 
New York State; d. I8 Aug. I885, Greenbush, Wise. (This date from Bible 
of Casper Knowles) Her tombstone reads: d. 28 Aug. I886, aged 59 yrs. & 
20 das., (whose parents were from Holland). 

John Seth Knowles went to Greenbush, Wise, in l8i+9. In l862, he en- 
listed in Co. B, 27th Regiment of Wisconsin Voliinteers — War of the 
Rebellion — and served in the Army imtil in October 1863 when he was 
taken sick and given leave of absence. He returned to his home in 
Greenbush where he died of illness contracted in the service. 

His widow's Civil War Pension Cert. (#UU8o6) papers state he was a 
private and a blacksmith in his regiment. 

Knowles children (from family records): 

538. i. Casper Monk * b . 6 Dec. lQ>k'J at Madison Co., New York. 

539. ii. Frank Henry , b. 2h April I85O, Greenbush, Wise. 

iii. Elizabeth ("Libby" ) , b. I6 Nov. l853; m. Henry Daggett, Bear 
Creek, Wise; she d. 5 Sept. I917. 

Daggett children: 

a. Kitty, m. Elmer Anderson; ch.: Donald & Maurice. 

b. George , m. Minnie Polsin; ch: Chester Casper. Wa^ a photo- 

grapher; lived Calif. 

c. Casper , m. Clara Jipson; no ch. ; he a photographer; he married 

(2nd) a widow "Queenie". 

Tth Generation 


iv. Lucy , b. 12 Dec. I86I, Greenbush, Wise; m. William Steward; she d. 
22 Jiine 1933. 

Stewart children: 

a. Frank, m. "Kit"; ch.: Frank, Margaret, Donald; lived Antigo, 

Wise . 

b. John , m. Florence Swanson of Sugar Bush, Wise; ch.: Leroy, 

Lucy, Martha, Ella. 

c. Martha, m. James Besaw; ch.: June, lived Calif. 

Information this branch of the family from following living descendants in 

Virgil G. Recob, Rt. #2, Box 693, Geneva Lake, Wise, 531^2 (son of Halla 
Knowles ) 

Mrs. Ruth Limberg, Rt . #2, Box 2liiB, Elkhart, Wise. 53020 (dau. of Casper 
Monk K. ) 

Frank A. Knowles, R.R. #1, Glenbeulah, Wise. 53023 (son of John Seth K.II) 
Mary Selina Knowles Zemke and son Carroll Zemke, Rt. #1, Glenbeulah, Wise. 

53023; (dau. of Casper Monk Knowles) 
Laura Jaschob, 111 Paine St., Kiel, Wise. 130U2, (dau. of George Casper 

Knowles ) 

Mrs. Roy Oberreich, Plymouth, Wise. R #2, 53073 (dau. of Mary K. Zemke) 
John B. Knowles, 127 Otis St., Glenbeulah, Wise. 53023 (son of Geo. C. 
Knowles ) 

Guy Otto Knowles, Rt. #1, Glenbeulah, Wise. 53023 (son of Geo. C. Knowles) 
Mrs. Edna Kuehl, R #1, Glenbeulah, Wise. 53023 (dau. of John Seth K.II) 

JAMES HENRY ^KUOWLES ( James,* Hon. John,*Lt. James ,*Capt. James Samuel,* 
Richard!), son of James (l55.) and Elizabeth (Duygert), b. 1 Nov. I826, 
Sullivan, New York; d. 1902, bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Chittenango, 
Madison Co., New York; m. (1st) OLIVE E. YORKE, b. I826; d. l867; m. 
(2nd) MARY A DEAN. 

Information from various newspapers items , census , excerpts from 
HISTORY OF CHENANGO & MADISON GO'S by James H. Smith, I88O sent by 
Mrs. Clara Houek of .Chittenango , N.Y. (l97l), as well as census 
reports . 

James Henry Knowles settled with his parents north part of Sullivan in 
1807. Was resident of Lot 19, P.O. Chittenango, fajrmer with 85 acres; 
four children: Addie, Estelle, Nellie and Florence. 

i860 Census, Aug. lUth, Town of Sullivan: James H. , ae 33, farmer; 
Olive E. , aje 35; Maj^r E. , ae 3; Lucy E., ae 1. 

Knowles children by 1st wife, Olive: 

i . Mary E. f b . l857 ■ (was ae 3 in I86O census ) . 

ii. Mina , b. l859 (not in i860 census but a Mina, dau. of James H. 
and Olive died 13 Sept. I861, ae 2 yrs . , 6 mos . ) Oakwood Cem. 


Tth Generation 

Records. From I865 census list of those who died in the year 
ending June 1, l86$ , Mina Knowles was listed as 2 6/12 yr., d. 
13 Nov. 

iii. Lucy E. , b. abt . 186O (was ae 1 in i860 census) 
Knowles children; perhaps all by 2nd wife, Mary: 

iv. Estelle , who could have been one of the above. 
V. Addie 

vi . Nellie M . There was notice of her marriage to Colximbus E. 

Edgerton of Jacksonville , Mich . ; moved to 2lU Park St., Detroit, 
Mich. No dates; married by Baptist minister. Rev. S. S. Bidwell, 
at residence of J.H. Murdick in N.Y. 

vii. Florence , b. 26 Aug. l872; Madison Co. Times obituary notice 31 

Jan. 1919, stated she was wife of Willard Bender, dau. of James 
H. and Mary A. Knowles. MsLrried 28 years and left son Warren I., 
daus . Mrs. Albert Richmond and Miss Meirion A. Bender and three 
sisters, Addie, Estella lOiowles and Mrs. Nellie Edgerton of 
Houghton, Michigan. 

Madison Co. Times, 27 June 1902 was a notice that James Knowles who had 
been living with his son-in-law, W. A. Bender, shot himself last 
Saturday; that he had had a train accident two years previously and had 
not been well since; his wife had been dead several years. He was ae 
75 and left three daughters surviving. 

Madison Co. Times, 10 Nov. l882, wats notice of a "disastrous fire" at 
h o'clock one Thursday afternoon in which the home of Henry Knowles, 
on a hill of the village, burned down. He had gone to the city for 
the day and his daughter who kept house for him was visiting neighbors. 
The hired man was working in the barn. $700 insiireince. Mr. Knowles 
expected to rebuild during the winter. 

311. Van BUREN ^ KNOWLES (James,* Hon. John,*Lt. James ,*Capt. James Samuel 
^ — y Richardi), son of James (155.) and Elizabeth (Dygert); b. 29 Aug.l836, 

Chittenango, Madison Co., N.Y. ; d. 17/19 Jan. I916, Greenbush, 

Sheboygan Co., Wise; m. 21 June I86O , ADELIA A. BARTHOLF, b. 17 Aug. 

1835/6, Batavia, N.Y.; d. 26/27 April 19l8, Greenbush. She was dau. 

of James and Didamia (Thompson) Bartholf. 

Information from family records accumulated by Vernie Bella Knowles 
Freyberg, dau. of Van Buren Knowles, and loaned through courtesy of her 
grandson, Noel Freyberg of Mankato, Minn. Some data extracted from 
article printed in SHEBOYGAN PRESS-TELEGRAM, 29 Dec. 1923, entitled 
"Knowles Family Among the Early Greenbush Pioneers." 

Van Buren Knowles left his native home in Chittenango, N.Y. in I855, 
following his elder brother, John Seth Knowles, who had preceded him 
to Greenbush, Wisconsin in 18^48 or 18U9. 

The Sheboygan County Historical Review said of Van Buren Knowles: Mr. 
Knowles has told the writer that he would like to see the principles 

7th Generation 


of Christ applied to business, 

At one time he was deputy warden at the State Prison at Waupun where he 
made a record for humane treatment of criminals never excelled in the 
history of the institution. Van Buren was a man who thought and re- 
flected, and who always considered the rights of others. He had faith 
in humanity because he loved humanity. He saw possibilities in what 
the average person would call a hardened criminal. While acting as 
deputy warden he could not bring himself to use harsh terms to disci- 
pline refractory inmates. Some very difficult cases were put in his 
hemds always with the result that he gained the end sought without being 
in the least harsh. He was earnest, honest, seeker after truth and 
whether you agreed or disagreed with him you had to acknowledge his 
sincerity and fairness. 

Adelia Bartholf came with her parents to Walworth Co., Wise, in l8i+2. 
Her father had been a merchant in New York State. She attended 
Rochester Academy and in I85I went to Plymouth, Wise, where she taught 
school until her marriage to Van Buren Knowles . Her parents went to 
Greenbush in l857 where they purchased the farm later owned by Mr. and 
Mrs. Fred Limberg, two and one-half miles west of the village. Adelia 
and Van Buren were married in her parents' home and resided there for 
a year before moving to Waupun, later to Fond du Lac where they lived 
for eight years. 

In 187^ they returned to the old Bartholf farm until 1909 when it was 
sold to their son, Robert, and with their daughter, Jeannette, moved 
to the village. 

The Bartholf family were originally natives of Holland where their 
records were found in the Dutch Reformed Church of Slins , Classic of 
Middleberg. The first ancestor to come to America was Gillaume Bartholf, 
catechiser, Voorleser, schoolmaster, who became the first regularly in- 
stsilled Dutch pastor in New Jersey from 169^ to 172^4. 

Knowles children: 

5^0. i. James Henry ^ b . 11 Dec. I86I, Greenbush, Wise. 

ii. Jessie Mary , b. 5 May l863; d. 1 Dec. I885, ae 22 years, 7 mos . ; 
m. April I883, William D. Korte. No children. 
5^1. iii. George Elmer , b. 11 Jan. I865, Greenbush, Wise. 

iv. Jeannette, b. 23 Dec. 1866, Fond du Lac, Wise; unmarried; after 
caring for her parents in their late years , she lived ajnd worked 
in Chilton, Wise. 

V. Vernie Bella, b. 18 Feb. I869, Fond du Lac, Wise; m. 30 Nov. I892, 
Otto Bismarck Freyberg, b. I869, son of Charley August Freyberg 
(b. 1829 in Prussia) and Gabrielle Augusta Rohn (b. I8U0 in 
Bohemia). They lived in Greenbush. Vernie Bella d. 1955; Otto d, 
17 Feb. 1929. 

Freyberg children: 

a. Carl William , b. 12 Mar. I89U, Greenbush; m. I8 Feb. 1915, 


7th Generation 

Ruth Eloise Cram (b. l893, d. I965). Two Freyberg ch: 
Robert William, b . 1? Feb . I9I8 
Dale Wayne , b. 20 Dec. 1928; m. Jane Ann Owens. 

b. Joey Van Buren , b. 26 Jan. I896; m. 2 July 1920, Hilda Helena 

Fedje (b. l895, d. 1971). Two Freyberg ch: 

Duane Vernon , b. 16 Sept. 1925; m. Marjorie Root; 5 ch. 
Noel Prescott , b. 2h Mar. 1927; m. Inger Hansen, b. 1930. 
h sons. 

These f ajni lies reside Mankato, Minn. 

c. Warren Sidney , b. 8 July 1901; m. ik Feb. 1925 Garnet Royer. 

Three Freyberg ch: 
Jane Virginia , b. 10 July 1925. 
James Wsirren , b. ih Nov. 1927. 
Mary Jane 

vi. John, b. 15 Dec. I87I; d. 28 July I872, Greenbush. 
5U2. vii. Albert Ira , b. 30 Aug. l873. Fond du Lac. 
5^3.viii. Robert Edward, b. 6 Nov. l875, Greenbush. 
5hh. ix. Harold Frank, b. 28 Mar. l877, Greenbush. 

X. Alice Aruby J^wins, b. 1 April I878, Greenbush; d. 5 Sept. 18T8. 
xi. Ida Isabelle ) * ^ ' y ^ f > 

312 .j GEORGE PERRY KNOWLES ( James Hon . John ,^ Lt . James ,* Capt . James Samuel ■ 

y Richard son of James (155.) and Elizabeth (Dygert), b. 17 Sept. I8U0 , 

Village of Sullivan, Chittenango, Madison Co., N.Y.; d. Nov. I918, 
Portland, Oregon, bu. Fond du Lac, Wise; m. '(1st) ^4 June l873 at 
St. Paul's Cathedral, Fond du Lac, by William Dafter, P.E. Rector, 
ESTHER ALICE FRENCH, b. 20 Nov. I8U9 , Cornwall, Ontario, Canada j dau. 
of Edwin Corydon and Margaret (MacArthur) French. (According to 
Kimball Genealogy, Esther d. 20 Mar. l872. Fond du Lac and was m. h 
June 1870 ; a child was born and died 20 Mar. l872; these dates are 
incorrect as copy of marriage registration from Fond du Lac Registry of 
Deeds gives date of h June l873. Also confirmed the above church 
records in letter (l97l) from the Very Rev. John E. Gulick, Cathedral 
Church of St. Paul, Fond du Lac, Wise.) George Perry Knowles m. (2nd) 
ik Dec. 1876, St. Paul's Cathedral, his deceased wife's sister, 
KATHERINE MARGARET FRENCH, b. 30 Dec. I85I, Ogdensburg, N.Y.; d. 31 
Mar. 1937, ae 82, Berkeley, Calif; bu. Fond du Lac. 

George Perry Knowles left his home in New York State to locate in the 
west in 1863. In 1917, from Portland, Oregon, he wrote a 13 page 
statement concerning his family background, most of which appears in 
this genealogy under his father's name. There was little information 
contained about himself and his adult life, therefore, not much known 
other than that he became an attorney. 

In the 1870 census, he was a 30 year old lawyer living in a hotel in 
Fond du Lac. I88O census, same place, he was living #3 Sophia St. with 
his wife and child. 1897-98, City of Superior, Wise, Directory was 
listing: "Knowles & Wilson, Lawyers, 8 Berkshire Bldg. (George P. 
Knowles & Carl M. Wilson)" with residence at 1606 Ogden Ave., where his 
son, Edwin C. F. Knowles, student, also resided. 

7th Generation 


In his later years, George Perry apparently moved to Portlajid, Oregon, 
with his son, Edwin. He predeceased his wife who died later at the 
home of the son, Edwin, who by 1937 had removed to Berkeley, Calif. 

There weis a child by his 1st wife, Esther, who was born and died the 
same day, the 20th of March, perhaps in l87^ or l875. 

Knowles child by 2nd wife Katherine: 

5U5. i. Edwin Corydon French , b. 10 Sept. I879, Fond du Ldc, Wise. 

JOSHUA CULVER ^KNOWLES (John Jr.f Hon. John,*'Lt. James ,*C apt . James,* 
Samuel,* Richard^) , son of John (I56.) and Abigail Loomis (Hatch), 
b. 182U Sullivan-Chittenango, Madison Co., New York; d. I855, 
Chittenango, New York; m. 22 Feb. I853, Lenox Township, New York — she 
of Lenox, he of Sullivan, CORNELIA M. BORTLE, b. 27 Nov. l829; d. I898, 
ae 68, Oneida, New York. 

In 1855 Census, Town of Sullivan, Madison Co., they were living in 
household of Joshua's father and mother. Joshua was a jeweller. 
Children were Edward, b. 185^ /5 and Ellen same date. Ellen not men- 
tioned in i860 Census when ''Eddie" was 5 and Cornelia ae 31 who were 
listed in house of John and Abigail Knowles in the Village of 
Chittenajigo at Wesley's Hotel. Joshua had died. 

Madison Co. Times, I898 notice: 

"Mrs. Cornelia M. Knowles died at the home of John S. Hay in Oneida, 
early Wednesday morning from an attack of the grip and pneiamonia. She 
was sixty-eight years of age November 27th la^t, and the oldest of a 
family of eleven children, the youngest of whom is fifty. Mrs. 
Knowles is the first to die. The deceased was the widow of the late 
Joshua Knowles and was formerly for a number of years, a resident of 
this locality. The funeral will be held from her late residence in 
Oneida, No. 2 Elm Street, Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock." 

Knowles childi*en: 

5i46. i. Edward S . ,^ b . I85U/I855) 

ii. Ellen " " ) ^i^s ; Ellen died young. 

JOHN PENOYER ^ KNOWLES (John Jr.^Hon. John ,*Lt . James ,*Capt . James,' 
Samue 1,* Richard , son of John (156.) and Abigail Loomis (Hatch), 
b. 1828 (According to family records), Sullivan-Chittenango , Madison 
County, New York; d. 25 Feb. i860, Whitewater Township, Beaver Village, 
Winona County, Minnesota; m. SARAH HOLMES, b. l833. New York. 

He preceded his brothers to Beaver, Minn. , where he built a log house 
in the summer of l855. 

He was in I857 TIO8 RIO Census of Whitewater Twsp, Fam. U6, ae 31 with 


Tth Generation 

wife, Sajrah, ae 22; brother, George ae 22, and son, Charles, ae 1, b. 
Minn. Territory. Son said to have died in N.Y. 


Knowles child: 

i. Charles b . 1856, Minnesota Territory; d. in N.Y. 

313) HENRY BUSH KNOWLES (John Jr.* Hon. John, 'it. James ,*Capt. James,* 

, y Samuel, ^Richard* ) , son of John (156.) and Abigail Loomis (Hatch); 

b. 27 Dec. 1831, Chittenango, Madison Co., N.Y.; d. > Mar. 1922, Beaver, 
Winona Co., Minnesota; m. 16 Sept. I852 at Fayetteville , N.Y., BETSEY 
ANN HUNTLEY, b. T June l832, Fayetteville , Chenango Co., N.Y. ; d. Sept. 
1923, Beaver. She was dau. of Erastus and SavaJLlah (Green) Huntley and 
one of eight children. Her parents were born in Conn., but spent their 
latter years on a farm in New York State. Henry Bush Knowles was a 
wheelwright by trade. 

Information this branch from vetrious descendants but more particularly 
from Miss Grace Miller (l9Tl) of Plainview, Minnesota, gr. grand- 
daughter of Henry Bush Knowles. Miss Miller heis given much of her time 
and interest in obtaining considerable data including the many photo- 
graphs of various family members. Much appreciation is extended to 
her for her generosity and cooperation. 

References mentioned below fiarnished courtesy Mrs. Patricia Harpole, 
Minnesota Historical Society, 69O Cedar Street, St. Paul, Minn, and 
Mr. Frank E. Vyzralek, Archivist, State Historical Society of North 

Henry Bush Knowles wrote a statement about his family December 27, 191? » 
from Beaver, Minn, from which is extracted the following: "On the 29th 
day of September 1855, I with ray family moved from Chittenango to the 
Whitewater Valley, Winona County, Minn., where my brother, John, had 
located near to what is now Beaver, where he had built a log house in 
the summer of l855. We arrived and landed at Minneiska, Oct. 2nd, and 
the next day with an ox team continued our journey to our destination. 
We moved in with my brother where we remained until the spring of I856 
when we moved into our house which I built on a claim which I had taken 
neeir by. My house was the first frame house built in the Whitewater 
Valley. I remained on my farm until November l879 when I moved to 
Tower City, N.D. where 1 engaged in the hotel business until November 
1883 when I returned to Beaver, Minn., where I have resided ever since. 
We are still keeping house. September 16, 1917» was the 6iith anniversary 
of our marriage and this 27th day of December is my 86th birthday." 

A lover of bees, Henry Knowles kept an excellent apiary. Politically 
a Republican; member of Masonic Order; Violet Camp;Royal Neighbors of 
Beaver . 

Knowles children: 

i. Mary Francis ,*b. 2 Oct. l853, Chittenango, Madison Co., N.Y.; 

d. 3 April 1937, Beach North Dakota; m. Albert A. Miller b. 11 
Oct. I8U5, Barrington Center, 111., and d. 9 Nov. 1922, Beach, j 

Miller children: 

a. Maurice (father of Grace Miller) 

b. Harry 

c. Grace 

d. Earl 



7th Generation 

e. C arrive » died in infancy. 

f. Marshall 

g. Jennie June, 1973 - living rest home in Winona. 

h. Irene (adopted) Lives Fountain City, across river from Winona. 

Grace Miller states that she does most to keep family together. 

5i+7. ii. John Henry, b. 9 Mar. l855, Chittenango, Madison Co., N.Y. 
iii. George Howard ,b. I856, Minnesota; d. 27 May l862. 

5^8. iv. Frederick Herman, b. 22 Nov. l857. Beaver, Winona, Minn. This 

info, from family records, however, the death cert, of Frederick 
Herbert Knowles , stated he had been born 11_ Nov. l857. 
V. Cora Francis , b. 27 Aug. l859 in Beaver. HISTORY OF WINONA CO. 
states she was the first birth in Beaver, I6 Feb. I856, which 
must be in error according to family records as well as age given 
in censuses. She m. R. W. Lea. 
Lea children: 

a. Herbert W. 

5U9. vi. George Himtley , b. 19 Oct. I858; d. 29 Oct. I863 according to 
HISTORY OF NORTH DAKOTA; b. 186I according to censuses, 
vii. Daniel S. , b. lU Feb. l86^; d. I8 Feb. I865 . 

316 .J GEORGE GRANT ^ KUOWLES (John Jr.^ Hon. John Lt . James ,*Capt. James,* 

Samuel, '2 Richard^) , son of John (156.) and Abigail Loomis (Hatch), 

b. 19 Nov. 183^+, Chittenango, Madison Co., New York; d. 16 Aug. I906 , 
Beaver, Minnesota, while carrying pails of water to put out a fire. 
(Heart attack.); m. (1st), 19 Nov. l857, Beaver, Minnesota, ELLEN T. 
DRAKE, b. 1 Dec. l832, Redfield, Oswego Co., N.Y.; d. 23 April l863.She 
drowned when she fell from an excursion boat on the Mississippi ; dau. 
of Reuben and Sophronia (Ranney) Drake, (info. Salt Lake City records.); 
m. (2nd) 2 April I86U, Beaver, Minnesota, LUCY PAGE BUSWELL, b. l8i+5 
Lynn, Mass.; d. I8 Jan. 19l8, Winona, Minn.; dau. of Michael and Mary 
(Cheever) Buswell. - 

With his brothers, was early pioneer of Beaver, Minnesota. Grace 
Miller states he was distinguised looking and had a large store in 
Beaver as well as a beautiful home. She heis the black walnut circular 
staircase with old square nails that was his. 

His granddaughter, Manila Bay Knowles Peterson, sent a newspaper 
picture and article of a 502 pound black bear "shot at the pioneer 
community of Beaver by the late George Knowles, Oct. I8, I868. Knowles 
thought he saw a calf in the brush but an angry black beajr appeared 
instead. The bear was stuffed and mounted and was presented to the 
Winona Normal School. The beair was lost when the college burned down.' 
Photo and other information about Beaver will appear in a brochure to 
be published by the Winona County Historical Society." 

b. Bessie 

c . Daisy 

d. Fred 

e. Beulah m. Frank Sheehan; son, John Sheehan, M.D., in Calif. 

f. Bush 

Tth Generation 


Knowles child, by 1st vife, Ellen T,: 

i. Jenny/ b. 31 Oct. l859 , Whitewater, Twsp., Minn.; m. 6 May l880, 
William Henry Green, b. 29 Sept. l85T, Mauston, Wise; has 
numerous grand children living in the area (Minnesota). 

From Middletown Upper Houses, by Chas . Collard Adams, M.A. - 
The Grafton Press, N.Y. MCMVIII: 

Children of Jennie Knowles & Vftn. Henry Green: 

a. Ellen May , b. 28 Mar. l88l; d. 2k May I889 . 

b. Herbert Knowles , b. 16 Jvme I883. 

c. Chester William , b. 6 Nov. 188?; d. 22 May I889. 

d. Jeanette , b. 22 Oct. I89I. 

e. George Hurther , b. 11 Apr. l893. 

f. Fred Jay , b. 21 Aug. I896. 

Knowles child, by 2nd wife, Lucy: 
550. ii. George Buswell Taf t , b. 13 March 18t8 at Beaver. 


8th Generation 

317^ THOMAS E . BENTON ^ KNOWLES ( Thomas / Henry ,* Henry * Deac . Thomas ,* Deac . 

I, y Edward,* John,* Richard^) , son of Thomas (159-) and Judith B. (Thomas); 

b. lU April 1839, Town of Eden, Bar Harbor, Me.; d. l8 April 1923, 
buried Town Hill Cemetery, Mount Desert, Maine,; m. LETITIA G. MOORE, 
b. 11 Nov. 1852; d. l6 June 1929. (23 May I86I+ marriage intention 
between Thomas B. Knowles of Eden and Miss Florie B. Leletnd of Trenton- 
attested that date by O.P.Thomas but no further record of marriage ever 
taking place . ) 

1880 census, this family was living in Eden. Also residing with them 
was Thomas Knowles, age 76, the father. 

i. Abbie F. ,^ b. 5 Dec. I87I. 

ii. Emily B., b. 22 Sept. l873. 

iii. Thomas H. , b. 26 July l875 ; was age U in I88O census, prob. d.y. 

iv. Mary E. , b. 2 Jan. I878. 

NOTE: See photographs taken Town Hill Cemetery, this branch of the family, 
between pages l83-l8i|. 

31 8y ANDREW ULMER ^ KNOWLES (Thomas ,^ Henry Henry Deac . Thomas ,* Deac . 
s — ^ Edward,^ John, 'Richard* ) , son of Thomas (159.) and Judith B. (Thomas), 
b. 17 Jan. l8ii2 (on gravestone), Bar Hsurbor, Maine; d. 17 Nov. I869, 
lost at sea; m. 20 Feb. l86U,(both of Eden), LAVINIA ROBINSON b. 
5 Mar. l8iil; d. 28 May 1907 . 

Statistics from Beur Harbor Town Clerk and from Town Hill Cemetery 
visitation. On left side of Andrew and Lavinia's stone: Judith A. 
Scott, Nov. i+, 1863 - Aug. 13, 1902. (Daxighter?) Back side of same 
stone: Lester U. , 21 Sept. I867 - June 21, 1912; Ulmer Aug. 26, l89i+- 
Feb. 26, 1900. 

319') OSBORN BILLINGS ' KNOWLES ( Thomas,' Henry ,* Henry Deac. Thomas Deac . 
— ^ Edward ,* J ohn Ri chard * ) , son of Thomas (159.) and Judith B. (Thomas), 
b. 21 Oct. l8Ui+, Bar Harbor, Maine; d. 6 March 1917, age 72/l+/9 (on 
gravestone); m. 15 Nov. I869, JANET B. SALTER ,b. 10 Feb. I8U3 , Portland. 
(Her grandson, Jerome Henry, Jr., says she was from Nova Scotia near 
Windsor and Traco); d. 30 May 189^+, age 5Q(5l)/3/20 

Knowles children; recorded Bar. Harbor: 

Knowles children b. Baj- Harbor; from Town Clerk records: 

i. Judith H . , b. 4 Nov. I86J+. 
551. ii. Lester Ulmer, b; 21 Sept. I867. 
iii. Nellie R. , b. 23 Sept. I869. 

Knowles children; b. Bso* Harbor: 

552. i. Jerome Henry ,^b. 22 Aug. I870. 

ii. Fred Osborne , b. 1 April l872; d. 13 Mar. I87I+. 

iii. Charlie D. , b. 15 May l87^; d. 25 Aug. 187U. 

8th Generation 


iv. Lelia Jenet , b. 27 Feb. I876; she was mother of Lena Muriel Tripp 
of Northeast Harbor, Me. (l9Tl) from whom family info, received. 
V. Osborn S. , b. I88O ; d. 1901, age 21. 

Stones in Town Hill Cemetery: "Children of Osborn B. and Janet - 
Freddie 0., died 13 Mar. I87I, ae 1 year, 11 mos . ; Charlie D., died 
25 Aug. 1871, ae 3 mos., 13 days. Osborn S., son of Osborn B. emd 
Janet B. , died 1^+ Feb. 1901, ae 20 years, 5 mos., 11 days. 

320^ JOSHUA S . * KNOWLES (Obed,^ George ,* Benjamin,' Deac . Edward ,* Deac . Edward,* 

s y JohnfRichard^) , son of Obed (16I.) and Louisa (Webber), b. 25 Feb. 

1833 (according to Hampden Town Records; date of 25 Feb. I83U given at 
time of his death); d. at Staten Island, N.Y., I6 Oct. 1913 of chronic 
valvular heart disease; m. 28 Feb, I858, Hampden, Me. HELEN P. 
KILLGORE of Hampden, b. April I8U0, d. 9 May I889, age U9 yrs . , I8 
das., buried next to Killgore lot in Locust Grove Cem. , Hampden, Me. - 
Lot 1+2, Sec. 1. 

1850 census, Hampden, Me., he was age 17 in his father's household. 

i860 census, that place, he was a farmer, age 27, head of household 
that contained Helen P., ae 20; Ephraim S., ae 32, seaman (his 
brother); Sarah E., ae 1^+ (his sister); Orlando, ae 10, (his brother); 
Herbert G. ae 10/12 (son); Louisa, ae 53 (his mother as his father 
had died); Elsie, ae 59 (his aunt and sister of Obed). 

1880 census, 7th W«,rd, Wright's Court, Bangor, Me., Joshua was U7, 
a teamster, with wife and two sons, Herbert G. , ae 20 and Willie J., 
ae 17. 

Mrs. Louis Irving Knowles , widow, I98 Norfolk, Bangor, Me., 04U01, wrote 
in 1971 that her husband's father was Herbert Knowles whose father had 
been Joshua Knowles, sea captain, who had died at Snug Harbor, N.Y. 

Correspondence with James R. Ross: Admin. Ass't, The Sailors' Snug 
Harbor (Founded I801) Staten Island, N.Y., revealed that Joshua was 
admitted to the home 12 March I906 and that he died there I6 Oct. 
1913, age 79 years, 7 mos. and 21 days old; buried in their cemetery, 
plot 10, row 11, grave U3. His personal effects were sent to Herbert 
G. Knowles, 205 Centre Street, Bangor, Me., who was only close rela- 
tive named. 

Mr. Ross advised that according to their records, Joshua Knowles was 
in the grocery business in Bangor from I86I to I906, that he never 
served as a ship's captain but made his first trip to sea on the 
schooner MARY BLOCK of Bangor in 18U8. Altogether he served on 
various vessels a total of 13 years, mostly in the coastwise aiad West 
Indies trades. Two of the known vessels he was on during this time 
were the WASHINGTON and the ARLINGTON, both owned by the firm,Sturgis 
and Clearmaxi. His last voyage was as a seaman on the schooner EMA M. 
FOX from Bangor to New York and return in 186I. 
Knowles children; b. Hampden, Me.: 

553. i. Herbert G. ,^ b. l859. 
55U. ii. William J. , b. l863. 

322 8th Generation 

ORLANDO S.^KMOWLES (Obed / George .^Benjamin Deac . Edward ,* Deac . Edward* 
John,8Richard^ ) , son of Obed (l6l. ) and Louisa (Webber), b. I85O , 

Hampden, Me.; m. NETTIE S. ; both bxiried Lot 58I, Sec. 5, 

Locust Grove Gem., Hampden. 

1880 census, Tth Ward, ih Maple Street, Bangor, Orlando was ae 30 with 
Nettie S., ae 33 and Sarah H. , ae 5. 

Knowles child: (perhaps others) 

i. Sarah H. ,^ b. l8T5. 

BENJAMIN ^ KNOWLES (Nathan , ''Freeman Benjamin,* Deac . Edward,* Deac .Edward f 
John ,2 Richard^) , son of Nathan (I6U.) and Betsy C. (Mayo); b. 2k Sept. 
1832, Eastham; m. 3/h Dec. l855 , BETSY CURTIS HIGGINS, b. I838, dau. 
of Warren Higgins of Eastham. 

i860 census they were living in household of Warren Higgins. Benjamin 
Knowles was a mariner. 

Knowles child; b. Eastham: 

i. Clara Marie ^ b . T June I86O ; a Claxa M. Knowles listed under 
Cambridge, Mass., marriages (Mass. VR's) in l882. A Betsy C. 
Knowles d. in Cambridge in l879. Possibly this family who moved 
to Cambridge. A Benjamin Knowles d. in Boston 1907. His brother, 
Nathan, known to have lived in Cambridge. 

NATHAN S. ^ KNOWLES (Nathan,'' Freeman Benjamin ,^ Deac . Edward,* Deac . 
Edwar d, -3 John ,2 Richard*- ) , son of Nathan (16U. ) and Betsy C.(Mayo); b. 
h Jan. 1835, Eastham; m. I8 Nov. I862, Eastham, LAURETTA P. DILL. 

They probably removed to Cambridge between I866 and 18T2. In I88O 
census, Nathan and family were living 11 Farwell Place, Cambridge. 
1888 Boston City Directory, Nathan S.was a piano maker with his 
business address at 86 W. Springfield. 

Knowles children: (possibly others) 

i. Mary W. ,^ b. 28 Jan. I866 , Eastham; m. in Cambridge I887. 

ii. William Driver , b. 18T2, Cambridge. 

THOMAS S . ^ KNOWLES (Nathan , ''Freeman Benjamin Deac . Edward,*'Deac . 
Edward,3 John,fc Richard*) , son of Nathan (I6I+.) and Betsy C. (Mayo); 
b. 11 Dec. I8U1, Eastham; d. of pneumonia, Brockton, Mass., in I882, 
ae 40/5/20, at which time he was married and a shoemaker (death cert.). 
He m. (1st) 2k Nov. I866, at Eastham, MARIETTA MAYO, who d. I878; 

probably m. (2nd) EMMA B. , h. iQ^ky who m. (2nd) as his second 

wife, George Oliver Mayo, b. 21 Oct. I852, son of Oliver Mayo (b. 2 
July l8l7-d. 2 April I878) and Rebecca (Knowles) who was dau. of Joshua 
and Lydia Knowles. Eastham records stated Emma Knowles was "of 
Campello" at time of her marriage to Geo. Mayo, 28 May I89I. Campello 
was a part of Brockton. 

8th Generation 


Information co\artesy Mrs. Alice Lowe and Irving P. Knowles , Jr., of 
Abington, Mass. (19T2), grandson of George Leonaxd Knowles, son of 
Thomas S . 

In 1880 census, Thomas was living with wife, Emma, and his three sons 
on Clifton Ave., Brockton. 

Knowles children by 1st wife. Marietta, b. Eastham: 

i. Wilmer H. ,^b. 2k July 1869; d. abt. 19^8, Brockton, Mass.; he was 

a shoe worker. 

ii. Frank C . , b . I87I; d. 29 Dec. 1938, ae 66/U/22, bu. Hope Gem., 

Worcester, Meiss. He lived at Odd Fellows Home in Worcester at 
time of death and was a retired shoemaker; xinmarried. 

555. iii. George Leonsird , b. l8T3. 

(32^ RICHARD ^ KNOWLES (Nathan,^ Freeman,* Benjamin,' Deac . Edward,* Deac . Edward f 
John,* Richard^ ), son of Nathan S. (16U.) and Betsy C. (Mayo); b. ik 
May I8I+U, Eastham; d. I88O in Brockton; m. SARAH WINNIE CORNISH, b. lQQ\ 
d. 19IT, in Brockton. She was probably sister of her husband's brother 
Winsor's wife, Lucy E. Cornish. 

Richard Knowles was a seamem out of. Orleans originally, according to 
his grandson, Harold Mills Knowles. In I88O census, Richard and family 
were living Summer Street, Brockton, Mass.; also in household was Elmer 
C. Cornish (brother), ae 28. 

Knowles children: 

556. i. Horatio Ernest ,^b. 1866, b. Halifax (family records. No. Bridge- 

water, according to Mass. VR's. 

ii. Charles Wilson , b. I8TO, N. Bridgewater; d. 29 May l882 of 

diptheria, ae 11/10/23, in Brockton. 

iii. Winnifred, R. , b. I877, Brockton. 

r32^WINS0R S.^ KNOWLES ( Nathan / Freeman ,* Ben j amin f Deac . Edward ,* Deac . Edward*, 
— John ,2 Richard* )., son of Nathan S. {l6k.) and Betsy C. (Mayo); b. 2k Oct. 
l8i+5, Eastham, Mass.; d. 15 Jan. 19 16, ae TO/2/22, Avon, Mass.; m. 15 
Nov. 1869 LUCY E. CORNISH, b. 18UT, Brockton, Mass., d. 3 April I905, 
Brockton, ae 57/10/19, dau. of Ellis Cornish, b. Plymouth and Sally 
(Holmes) Cornish, b. Halifajc, Mass. 

He was a shoe finisher in Brockton in l87^; at his death, he was a re- 
tired foreman in a shoe factory; I88O census , was living Svumner St., 
Brockton. He and his wife are buried in Melrose Cem. , No. Peaxl St., 
Brockton. At her death, she was living at U5 Jackson St., Brockton. 

Knowles children: 

557. i. Arthur H. b. I87I, West Bridgewater, Mass. 

ii. Harry Joseph ,b. 3 April I87U, Brockton; d. 3 Nov. 1902, ae 28/7/0; 
Death Cert, states he died of accidental, injviries on elevated 
railroad, son of Winsor; lived Mansfield; d. in Boston; was 


8th Generation 

electrician and married; bu. Boston. 

iii. Eva , who m. ^Bendell; she was informemt on her father's 

death cert, as Mrs. Eva Bendell, daiighter. 

327^ ZOETH RICH * KKOWLES (Franklin / Freeman, *Benj ami n ,* Deac. Edward,*Deac. 

y Edwaird,^ John * Richard*) , son of Franklin (1-65.) and Caroline (Brown); 

b. l8i+3. Bos ton. Mass . ; d. in Somerville, Mass., 1919; ni. lU Jiine l866, 
Boston, MARY ELIZA CLOUES, b. lU Feb. l8i+7, Boston,; d. 1913, Newton, 
Mass.; dau. of Jacob and Fmmeline (Reed) Cloues. (Mass. VR's). 

Mary Eliza Knowles was listed in WHO'S WHO IN NEW ENGLAND, p. 569, as 
having been prominent in public school education; actively identified 
with W.R.C. since I88I+; served as Dept. Chaplain, 1886-8; Jr. and Sr. 
Vice Pres. and was elected Dept. Pres., Dept. of Mass. I89O; served 
as Dept. Counsellor 189I and Nat'l Chaplain 1892-3; delivered many 
patriotic and Memorial Day addresses. Res: 52 Putnam St., Somerville, 
Mass . 

1880 Boston City Directory, Zoeth Knowles was a cabinet maker with 
residence at 77 Pearl St., Boston; I888 Directory his bus. address 
was i+1 Commercial, res. U Sheafe in Charlestown. They apparently 
had no children. 

328^ WINFIELD SCOTT * KNOWLES (Thomas ,^ Freeman,* Benjamin,* Deac . Edward,*Deac. 

— ^ Edward,^ John,* Richard^) , son of Thomas S. (167.) and Catherine P. 

(ingraham); b. l862, Boston, Mass.; d. of pneumonia 19 Dec. 1935, ae 
73 years, 6 mos . , (death cert.), at which time he was a resident of 
87 Alban St., Boston; m. 11 June l893, Quincy, Mass., JENNIh M. 
PLUMLEY (both said to be "of Quincy"), b. I867, Bloomingdale , N.Y. 
She d. 23 Aug. 19^^, ae 76/11/21, when residing 279 Marlboro St., 
Boston. Dr. William T. Knowles, son, of 279 Marlboro St., was in- 
formant on her death cert, which stated she was buried Forest Hills 
and was dau. of William D. and Phoebe (Griffin) Plum .ley . 

At the time of their marriage (ceremony performed by J. Herbert Yeoman), 
Winfield Scott Knowles was ae 31, a bookkeeper; Jennie was ae 26. 

Alice Lowe located large monument in Eastham Cemetery with his peirents , 
brother and sister inscribed on the front. On the back: Winfield S. 
1862-1935 and (wife) Jennie M. l867-19^^. In back of lot were small 
headstones: William T. Knowles, Jan. 30, I896 - Dec, 12, I956 and C. 
Winfield Knowles 1899 - 1965. 

1888 Boston City Directory, he was listed in "provisions" at 99 Eustis 
St., with residence Atlantic St.; I898 he was selling agent for Globe 
Rubber Works ; 1900 he was a manufacturer . 

Knowles children; b. Boston: 

i. William T. , ♦b. 30 Jan. I896; d. 12 Dec. L956; said to have been 
an osteopath; apparently unm. , living with his mother 19^+^ at 
time of her death. 

8th Generation 


558. ii. Clarence Winfield , b. T April l899 at 38 Templeton St., Boston. 

iii. Florence Adelaide ) . ^ -^2 Aug. I9OO at 38 Templeton St. 

iv. Franklin Plumley ) g^^^^^ (^p,^) 

Florence A. married in Boston 1923. 

Franklin Plumley d. in Boston, 21 July 1930 of T.B. , ae 29/11/0; 

he had married Gladys M. Chri(s)tie euid was a salesman for Globe 
Rubber Co., at the time of his death. 

329) WILLIAM ' KNOWLES (Elisha,^ Thomas Thomas ' Deac . Edward,* Deac . Edward,* 
John,* Richard* ) , son of Elisha Mirick (168.) and 1st wife, Eliza, b. 
23 July 1832, Auburn, Mass.; d. 15 Jan. 1903, age TO/5/23, Worcester, 
Mass. (VR's); m. SARAH SMITH BA^JCROFT, b. abt. I8U0, Mass.; d. 2k Feb. 
1911, Worcester, Mass.; dau. of Martin A. and Lydia A. (Smith) 
Bancroft; age at death, 70/11/2, buried in Auburn. 

1880 census, Worcester, Mass., he was age , living 12 Portland St., 
with wife Sarah S. , age Uo, George B. , 7» Frank E., 5, and Arthur W. , 
ae 1. According to Mass. VR's, William was listed as contractor at 
time of birth of son, Frank; listed as laborer at Arthur's birth. On 
death record he was a sewer contractor. William's will filed Worcester 
Probate 1903, #31231; will 5 pages and 6 pages to ktth and final 
account. Sarah's will filed 28 Feb. 1911, case i+8l95, allowed Mar.lU 
1911 in which she bequeathed all her estate, real and personal, to 
her three sons, naming son Frank E. , as executor. Her will dated 
23 Nov. 1906, Worcester. Personal estate amounted to $7,71^.09, mostly 
ip bank savings accounts and real estate valued at $9,975.00 including 
house at #12 Portland St., and other property in Worcester. 

Knowles children; b. Worcester: (recorded) 

559. i. George Bancroft ,^b . I6 Sept. l872. 

560. ii. Frank E. , b. 12 May l875. 

561. iii. Arthur Whiting , b. 12 Jan. 1879- 

' 330^ ELISHA SPRAGUE^ OOWLES (Elisha,* Thomas ,* Thomas Deac . Edward,* Deac . 
Edward John Richard^ ) , son of Elisha Mirick (168.) and 2nd wife, 
Eunice (Huntington) ;. b . 20 April I838, Auburn , Mass . ; d. 2 Oct. 191^, 
Worcester, Mass. Adm. of his estate filed Worcester Co., Probate I91U, 
#568Ul. Married MARY E. HAWES, b. 18UO , Wrentham, Mass., dau. of Aaron 
Hawes. She died 22 Feb. 1923, ae 83/0/13, at which time she was re- 
siding ,k2 Shattuck St., Worcester. Bu. Hope Cem. , Worcester. 

In 1880 census, Elisha Knowles was ae U2, living 30 May St., Worcester, 
with wife and children as listed below. Statistics from Ma^s. VR's 
which indicated that in I865 Elisha was postmaster, in l873 was a con- 
tractor and in l879 vas working in a stable. His son, Burt LeRoy Knowles, 
administered his estate on which papers his widow and married children 
were named. 

Knowles children: 

i. Florence Hawes,^b. 20 Aug. I862, Auburn; m. I886 Rice and 

326 8th Generation 

lived in Worcester. 

ii. Alice Carpenter , b. 19 May I865, Auburn; m. l89^ Child and 

lived in Wallingford, Conn. 

iii. Mary L. , b. 2 Jan. l8T3, Worcester; m. I89T _Wellington, and 

lived in Worcester. 
562. iv. Burt LeRoy . b. 11 Oct. 1879, Worcester. 

GRAJWILLE AUGUSTUS ^ KNOWLES (Benjamin/ Thomas / Thomas Deac . Edward,* 
Deac . Edward,'' John,* Richard* ) , son of Benjamin Clark (169.) and Joanna 
(Springer); b. 9 Mar. I8U1, Auburn, Mass. (possibly b. Boston); d. 25 
Feb. 1910, W. Springfield, Mass.; bu. Paucatauck Cem. (now called 
Tatham Cem., W. Springfield). Married 5 Dec. 18T2 by Rev. J.B. Relyea, 
Westport, Conn., EMMA WARREN, b. 30 Sept. l839, Long Island, N.Y.; d.l6 
Feb. 1902 of T.B. at W. Springfield, ae 62/5/0. (Mass. VR's; Cem. 
records and C.W. pension declaration.) 

According to pension declaration #13^5118, signed 25 Mar. 1907, 
Granville Knowles was a widower living at 15 Worcester St., W. Spring- 
field, Mass. He had no children; was a train baggage master NYC, B & 
A Div. Description: height 5 ' 8*4" , weight 200 lbs., grey eyes, brown 
hair. He enlisted 21 Oct. I86I as Private in Co. A., 25th Regt., Mass. 
Vols, at Worcester, Mass. (P.O. was Auburn). He was a mariner at time 
of enlistment; discharged 13 July I865 at Charlotte, N.C. Since dis- 
charge, lived at Auburn, Worcester, West Point, N.Y. and W. Springfield, 

EDWARD F. ^ KNOWLES ( Ben j amin Thomas ITiomas ,* Deac . Edward ,* Deac . Edward* 
John,* Richard^ ) , son of Benjamin Clark (169.) and Joanna (Springer); 
b. Aug. I8U3, Worcester, Mass., according to his death cert.; he d. 
8 Feb. 1938, ae 95/5/12; m. ELIZA A. FRANCIS who d. 10 Oct. I887 of 
consumption, Salem, Mass. She was said to have been an adopted dau. 
of Anthony and Rebecca (Brown) Francis on the death cert, of Edward 
Knowles for which their dau. Mabel F. Knowles was informant. However, 
on the later death cert, of their son, Clarence, in 19 I6, which was 
signed by the latter 's wife, the name of Antoinette J, Clifford, b. 
Newburyport, Mass., was named as having been the mother of Clarence 
and wife of Edward F.. Knowles. 

This might have been her name before adoption, as in I88O census, 
Edward F. Knowles was ae 37, living at #3 Turner St., Salem, Mass. in 
Essex Co,, with wife, Eliza F. , ae 26; Clarence H. , ae 7; Mabel F., 
ae U; Nettie L. , ae 3 and Alice E., ae 1. 

He was an employee of the B & M Railroad. He was buried in Greenlawn 
Cem. , Salem. 

Knowles children; (from Mass. VR's): 

i. Clarence Herbert ,^b. 20 Jan. l873, Lynn, Mass.; m. I899 in Brocton; 

d. Ik June 1916, ae ^3/^/2^4 of pellagra, bu. Greenlawn Cem., Salemu 
Death cert, informant was his wife who stated he was a machinist 
and they resided at 530 Maple St., Danvers , Mass. Not known if 

8th Generation 


they had children. 

ii. Mabel F. , b. 1875, Salem, Mass. 

iii. Nettie L. , b. l877, Salem. 

iv. Alice Edna, b. l879, Salem. 

© BENJAMIN S . OOWLES (Benjamin,^ Thomas ,* Thomas ,* Deac. Edward,* Deac. 
Edward,^ John,* Richard* ) , son of Benjamin Clark (l69.) and Joanna 
(Springer); b. 7 July 1849, Auburn Mass. (from headstone); d. 11 Dec. 
1918, ae 69/5/*+, at Hamden (W. Springfield), Mass. Buried Paucatauck 
Cem. (now called Tathajn Cem. , W. Springfield). 

According to Mass. VR's, he was a locomotive engineer for the Boston 
and Albany Railroad. He married 2nd, I8 Sept. 1912, AMY (POMEROY) 
JENNISON at which time both were stated to have been widowed. Not 
known whether he had issue or who his first wife wa^ . 

@ ELIJAH EDWIN * KNOWLES (Eli j ah j'' Maj . Henry ,* Eli Jah Deac . Edward,* Deac . 
Edward,^ John Richard^ ) , son of Elijah (l70.) and Abigail (Freeman), 
b. 5 Sept. 1829, Orleans; d. 29 Jan. l899, ae 69, Brewster, Mass.; m. 
MARY FRANCES WINSLOW, b. 13 Feb. l832, Brewster, Mass.; d. I6 Sept. 
I92U, Brewster, ae 92; dau. of Nathaniel and Eliza Jane (Clark )Win8low. 

His family moved to Brewster when he was very young. He commanded 
the barque "Lillie", ships "White Swallow", "Nonantiam" and "Landseer". 
After retiarning from the sea in l882, he took an interest in town 
affairs, was director in the Cape Cod National Bank, trustee of the 
cemetery and prominent in affairs of the church. (REF: BREWSTER SHIP 
MASTERS" by J. Henry Sears, I906.) In I88O Census, he was ae 50, a 
shipmaster and Mary F. was ae U8. 

(335) SOLOMON FREEMAN ^ KNOWLES (Eli jah,^ MaJ . Henry ,^ Elijah ,*Deac. Edward,* Deac, 
Edward, ^ John ,2 Richard' ) , son of Elijah (l70.) and Abigail (Freeman), 
b. 12 Oct. 1831, Brewster, Mass.; d. 1905, Rockford, 111.; M. MARY 
BOWLES of Cambridgeshire, England. Info, from his granddaughter, Mrs. 
Dorothy Knowles Maxwell (1972 ), residing 211 Paris Ave., Rockford, 
111. 61107. 


Knowles children; b. Rockford, 111.: 

i. Henry Freeman ,^b. 1 Jan. l859 or I86O. 

ii. Clara , who m. John Douglas; had a dau., Laura, who lives in 


iii. Addie , m. Mathews. 

Mary , 


m. Fred Groat. 
Emna, buried Roshill, Chicago. 

CAPT . HENRY * MJOWLES ( Eli J ah / Ma.j . Henry ,* Eli j ah Deac . Edward,* Deac . 
Edward,^ John,* Richard^) , son of Elijah (17O.) and Abigail (Freeman), 
b. 20 July 183^+, Brewster, Mass.; d. 27 Jan. l893, Rockford, Winnebago 
Co., Illinois; m. in Mass., 7 Mar. I86I LIZZIE DOANE COLLINS, b. 30 Jan. 
I8I+2, West Dennis, Mass.; d. I905, Rockford, Illinois; dau. of Capt. 
Seth and Anna (Knowles) Collins. 

it-^-'^ly Henry was brought up and educated in Brewster, Mass., from a long line 
of seafaring men. His wife, Lizzie, was daughter of a prominent 
business man of the Merchants' Service; for some yeaxs was master of a 
merchant vessel. Lizzie had two brothers, Jonathan and Ansel, both of 
whom were large commission merchants of Philadelphia and prominent 
business men. 

Henry Knowles went to sea when he was fourteen yeeurs old as a cabin 
boy with a family friend. Captain Crosby, thereafter becoming connected 
as a sailor in the cotton trade between America and Europe. Hia sea- 
faring career progressed rapidly. Captain Crosby died on a voyage be- 
tween New Orleans and Liverpool and young Henry Knowles , only nineteen 
years of age, took charge of the ship. For some time he assumed com- 
mand of that vessel and later was Master of the ALBATROSS, the 
Knowles left the sea and went to Illinois. 

A highly respected Captain, in great favor of his men, had many warm 
friends among the leading captains of Boston, including Benjamin Bangs 
and Elijah Williams. In I869, with a load of guano aboard, his vessel 
sprang a leak and gusmo filled the pumps, preventing their operation 
and the ship sank but all on board were saved and Capt. Knowles was the 
last to leave the ship. 

After retiring from the sea, Henry and Lizzie lived at the corner of 
North and Winnebago Streets in Rockford, Illinois. He formed a partner- 
ship with Ansel Collins with whom he conducted a grocery business, later 
becoming a wholesale dealer in butter, cheese and eggs until his fail- 
ing health caused him to retire from the business world in about. I889. 

On the Island of Malta he became a member of the Masonic Order. He was 
a Republican and member of the Second Congregational Church. 

Mrs. Maxwell states: "There is a HENRY FREEMAN SCHOOL in Rockford. He 
was a teacher and was my father's uncle and his home still stands on E. . 
State St., in Rockford. The old Knowles home was on Park Ave. and has 
been raeed." 

Knowles children: 

' i. Grace Pacific / b. 9 Feb. I863 on her father's sailing ship on 
the Pacific Ocean; m. 3 Jan. I889 at Rockford, 111., Alfred E. 
Holt; she died ik Oct. 1938. 

Holt children: 

a. Gertrude Miriam, b. I8 Dec. I889 .Rockford, 111.; m. I8 June 

1931 Emery Sherwood, res. Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Children (surname Sherwood): 

Catherine Eliz., b. 2k May 1923, Evans ton, 111. and 
Gordon Holt, b. Aug. 1929, Eveinston, 111. 

b. Henry Knowles ,b. 3 Dec. I89I; d. 3 Jan. 1971; m. Amy Aldrin 

1915, Spokane, Wash.; removed to San Jose, CaLLif . , I5IO Hicka 
Ave., 95105. 

Children (surneune Holt): 

Henry Knowles, Jr., b. I916; Robert and Elizabeth, twins, b. 
1918; Virginia who d.y. 

c. Mildred , b. 25 Oct. l895, unmarried. 

d. Arthur Edwin, b. 3 Sept. I89T; d. 1963; m. 30 Jiily 1932, Sara 

Taphause Peoples at Detroit, Mich. Lived in Des Moines, 
Iowa; had one dau. Marcia Ellen, b. 2k Oct. 1933. 
56U. ii. Herbert Ernest , b. 25 June I868, West Dennis, Mass. 

iii. John Collins , b. 12 J-une I87O; d. 12 Mar. I8TI. 

iv. Abbie Frances , b. 12 Jan. 18?^+, Rockford, 111.; d. 23 April 1931, 

Denver, Colo.; m. George Clifford Mathews, 11 Oct. I906. 

Mathews children: 

a. Gretchen Elizabeth , b. 12 May I908; m. I8 Aug. 19 32, George 
Louis Otness; residences Denver, St. Louis, Portland. 
Children (surname) Otness: 

Elizabeth Ann, b. 20 Feb. 1936; Harold Mathews, b. 20 Aug. 
1938; Margaret Jean, b. 7 April 19^2; David George, b. 1 Oct. 

V. Effie May , b. 30 April I878; d. 17 Aug. I878. 

565. vi. Rqyal Edgar , b. 25 July l879, Rockford, 111. 

566. vii. Edwin Wins low, b. 28 Aug. 188O, Rockford, Illinois. 

ALFRED H.^ KHOWLES (Joseph, Maj. Henry Eli J ah , Deac. Edward, Deac. 

Edward,* John,«Richard*), son of Joseph Mayo (172.) and Adeline 

(Wright), b. lQk2, Orleans, Mass.; m. 7 Nov. I866 SARAH C. MAYO. 
Sarah Cobb Mayo Knowles d. Arlington 1920. 

1880 Soundex Census, they were living Upham Street, Melrose, Middlesex 
Co., Mass.: Alfred H. 37; Sarah C, 3^+; Lilla W. , 10; Alice M. 8. 
Therefore, children from census. 

Knowles children: 

i. Lilla W. ,^b. abt. 1870. 

ii. Alice M. , b. abt. l872. (b. Lawrence I87I? ) 

8th Generation 


338. AMBROSE DYER * KNOWLES ( Jos i ah / Joshua * Joshua f Joshua ,* Col . John ,* John ,* 
Richardi), son of Josiah (17^+.) and Mercy (Atwood); b. 11 Sept. l805, 
Provincetovm, Mass.; d. lU April 18TT, ae 71 years, 7 mos . , 3 days, of 
general dropsy (death cert.); m. 12 Dec. l827 by Rev. Leonard Bennett, 
Provincetovm, REBECCA GHEN (GEM), b. l808, P'town; d. 11 Dec. I89O, 
ae 82, of old a^e in Provincetown . Statistics from actual copies of 
birth, death, marriage certificates from Provincetown, Mass. 

Provincetown records of an early date state Ambrose Knowles wa£ a 
mariner. In later years he was a carpenter. 

Josiah Francis Knowles, son of Ambrose and Rebecca, was the grandfather 
of Virginia Andrews Knowles Hufbauer, compiler of this genealogy. 
Josiah spoke of having been born on the tip end of Cape Cod. To his 
descendants, it is not clear exactly which house on the Long Point was 
meant. This strip of land was condemned about l857 as it was believed 
the sand strip would be washed away. All the houses thereon were put 
on barges and taken to Provincetown proper. A Key Map of Long Point 
appears in THE PROVINCETOWN BOOK and the various struct\ires are indi- 
cated on this map with names of owners and occupants. It is probable 
that Josiah was born in the home of his mother's father, John Ghen, 
whose "double" house is shown on the map and indicated number 30. John 
Ghen's store is indicated as no. 31. 

John Atwood, Sr., and Jr., families were also inhabitants of this area. 
They were father and brother respectively of Ambrose's mother, Mercy 
Atwood. Additionally, in connection with this psirticular branch of the 
Knowles family, Heman Smith lived and operated a store in the vicinity. 
Ambrose's daughter, Mercie Knowles, married Heman Smith. 

Therefore, the roots of this family were obvioxisly in this historic 
sand strip of land Jutting out from Provincetown, Mass. 

Ambrose and Rebecca were very poor and for a time went to live in Maine 
but met with many hardships and heartaches with the loss of several 
children. They ret\irned to Provincetown Tip where their younger child- 
ren were bom before condemnation of the strip and all inhabiting 
families were obliged to remove to Provincetown proper, 

Mrs. Nina Brayton Wiggin, age 80 in 1973, gr. dau. of Mercie Knowles , 
who m. Heman Sniith, has graciously relinquished her precious old 
daguerrotype over 100 yrs. old of Mercie and Winnie Knowles taken when 
they were young women. (Copy made 1973 included this gen.) 

Knowles children; b. Provincetown: 

i. Ruth Genn ^ b . 13 Sept. I828; d. I8 Sept. l830. 

ii. Josiah Francis , b. 17 Aug. 1830 ; d. U Sept. I83I. 

iii. Ruth Genn, b. 15 June l832; m. George W. Healey. 

33^ 8th Generation 

Healey children; b. P'town: 

a. Willis C . ^ "b. aht . I856; worked in firm of Gurney Bros., 

Jewellers, Brockton, Mass. 

b. Rebecca Dyer , (called "Becky"), b. 28 Dec. l859 in Boston; 

never mstrried; in later years was housekeeper for her "Uncle 
Si" Knowles in Hartford, Conn., after the death of his wife, 
Kate. Uncle Si being Josiah Francis Knowles, son of Ambrose 
and Rebecca. Cousin Becky lived well over TO years and was 
much beloved by Virginia, gr . daughter of Josiah Francis. 

c. Lizzie ♦ 

d. Arthur , m. and had son, Gordon Healey. 
iv. Rebecca Dyer , b. 15 May 183^+; d. 13 May I8U1. 

V. Mercie , b. 29 Oct. I836; m. 30 Dec. I86O Capt. Heman S. Smith. 
Smith children: 

a. Augustus - no issue. 

b. Albert G. , had son Raymond who had son Philip and dau. , Betty; 

Philip lost in WW II, was navigator and went down in the 
Pacific near Philippine Islands. Albert also employed as 
watchmaker and engraver in his uncle's firm, Gurney Bros., 
Jewellers, until he was well into his eighties. 

c. Winnie Warren, m. Robert Brayton; had dau, Nina abovementioned 

who m. Paul Wiggin who died I969. Nina at age 80, lives in 
Florida in the winter and summers are spent in Maine where 
she carries on as Pres. of the New England Music Camp Ass'n 
at Lake Messalonskee , Oakland, Maine OU963, which had been 
the original occupation and interest shared with her husband. 
Nina states that her grandmother, Mercie Knowles Smith, died 
before Winnie was married. Heman Smith remarried. Winnie 
died when her dau. Nina was four years old euid Nina lived 
with Heman Smith and his 2nd wife. 

vi. Winifred S. , b . Sept. 1839 (See Note below.) 

vii. Rebecca Dyer , b. 25 Oct. l8U2; d. 2 April l859 of consximption . 

567. viii. Josiah Francis , b. 23 Mar. I8J45. 

568. ix. Joshua Freeman , b. 8 Oct. l8i+8. 

X. Daughter, b. 5 Dec. I85I. (See Note below.) 
NOTE: It is believed that the last dau. born was probably Mary, as "Uncle 
Bert" (Albert Smith) referred to "Aunt Mary Gurney" who was mother of Melvin 
Giirney. Old family pictures indicate a Winnie Knowles Gurney , there fore both 
probably married Gurney s , the latter dying young and leaving no children. One 
of these girls m. Warren Studley Gurney, b. l839 , Hanover, Mass.; d. I896. 


First paragraph below only from New Eng. Hist. & Gen. Reg. I88O, Vol. 3^, 
p. 199-200. 

THOMAS GINN, the father of Samuel, Thomas , James , & Josiah Ginn was located 
in Caroline County, Maryland on the east bank of the Choptauk River on a 
plantation called "Cape Ann." It was midway between Denton and Greensborough . 
James, a brother of the elder Thomas, was located on the west side of the 
Choptauk River about one mile above Greensborough between the old town road 
and the river. He died about 1T8T and had a son, John, the father of Thomas 
father of Nathan, father of Nathan. THOMAS m. Cecilia Stewart abt. 1TUo/5 
and died IT69 Denton, Md. 

8th Generation 


It is believed that the Cape Cod Genns began with Samuel, son of Thomas of 

SAMUEL GENN m. SABRA GROSS. He was probably from Orangetown, Va. , and 
probably the son of Thomas above who lived early in Orangetown (now Orange), 
Va., then went to Marylsind {Caroline Co.). JOHN GENN, b. 1778 (son of 
Samuel who married in Truro, Mass. U Oct. 1775 Sabra Gross — see TRURO 
RECORDS). Therefore: REBECCA GENN (4), JOHN (3), SAMUEL (2), THOMAS (l) 


SABRA GROSS who married SAMUEL GENN was daughter of JONAH GROSS. She was 
born l6 May 1752 in Tr\iro. She married Samuel in Truro U Oct. 1775. JONAH 
GROSS was born Triiro lU Dec. 1728; m. DORCAS DYER 21 Dec. 17^9 Triiro. Jonah 
was son of MICAH & HANNAH (FREEMAN) GROSS who were m. 20 Aug. 1725. DORCAS 
DYER wsLS born 5 April 1729 in Truro and was the dau. of Ebenezer and Sarah 

339^ HENRY ^KNOWLES ( Jos i ah ,^ Joshua,^ Joshua,* Joshua ,*Col. John,* John f Richard* i 
son of Josiah (17^.) and Mercy (Atwood), b. 15 Feb. l8l6, Provincetown ; 
d. l6 Nov. 1852, ae 36 of typhoid (Provincetown records); m, 10 Dec. 
I8U0 Truro (records), ELSA PAINE PIKE, b. 30 Nov. l821, Truro; dau. of 
John and Sally Pike of Truro. She remarried, ae 3^, 10 Jan. I855 
James L. Ditson (P'town records). (She was 28 in I85O Census.) 

He was a mariner. 

In 1850 Census, also in his household was a Mercy K. , ae 17, and Asa 
Francis, mariner, age 21, his step brother. 

Knowles children: 

i- Pris cilia A .f b. l8U3; died 1+ Aug. I853, ae 10. 
ii. Elsie , b. 3 May 1846. 

3UO) CAPT. JOSHUA^ KNOWLES V ( Joshua , ^Joshua Joshua ? Joshua ,* Col . John , ' 

John,* Richard'-) , son of Joshua (l75.) and Mary (Polly) Atkins (Knowles); 
b. 1815, Truro, Mass.; d. 21 Mar. I89I, ae 76 yrs . , 11 mos . , 13. days, 
Provincetown records. (Date of death also given as 30 Mar. I89I.); m. 
1 Dec. I8I+2 at Truro, MRS. THANKFUL PAINE HOPKINS, b. I815 i d. I6 Aug. 
1885, ae 70, Truro. 

At time of his death, Joshua Knowles was a "retired storekeeper"; was 
a trader in Truro records previoiis to that. However, his earlier life 
was spent on the sea. From the book TRURO-CAPE COD by Shebnah Rich, 
published by D. Lothrop & Co., 32 Franklin Street, Boston, copyrighted 
1887, pg. 503, the following: 


8th Generation 

"Barnabas Paine, Town Clerk, very properly spread upon the records an 
accoiint of the deplorable loss of life and property and such psirticulars 
of the storm he was able to gather from various sovirces. My first in- 
tention was to copy this valuable record but fortunately have since been 
furnished an accurate accoimt of the personal experience of Joshua Knowles 
of Truro, Master of the GARNET which I am glad to hand down through the 
pages of this history." 

The above co\irtesy of Mrs. Alice Lowe of Eastham, Mass., was an in- 
troduction to the account written by Joshua Knowles of his experience 
in the tragic, historical October gale of iQkl in which he lost the 
ship but saved his crew. This account which follows listing of 
Joshua's children, appeared in Mr. Rich's book and was sent courtesy 
of Hugh S. Clark of the Historical Society &. Botanic Trails, Yarmouth 
Port, Mass. The same account also printed in CAPE COD - ITS PEOPLE 
AND THEIR HISTORY by Henry C. Kittredge, published by Houghton Mifflin 
Co., Boston, 1968 on pages 209-211, and reprinted herein with their 

Knowles children; b. Truro: 

569. i. Abbott Lawrence f b . iQkk. 

570. ii. Cyrus Blake , b. I8 Aug. l8i+5. 

iii. Son , who d. 2 days old, 29 Aug. 18^+8. 

iv. Helena Lewis , b. 31 Mar. I85I; d. 2 April I88U, ae 33; m. 12 Feb. 

1871, Frank Rose. 

571. V. Walter Irving , b. 31 Mar. I853. 

vi. Otis Milton , b. 15 April l855; d. 20 July l85_, ae 1, of cholera. 

572. vii. Otis Milton , b. 27 June 1856. 

573. viii. Joshua Willis , b. 9 Mar. (Nov.?) i860. 


We left Provincetown Saturday, second; at sxinset were off Head of Pamet, 
one league east. Soon after spoke the Vesper of Dennis, direct from Georges, 
bound home; reported good fishing. For Georges we shaped our course, set- 
ting all sail. Wind light from the northeast, but soon began to breeze. At 
ten, took in light sails. At twelve, took in mainsail, the wind now blowing 
a gale. At four Sunday morning took in the jib, had thirty-four fathoms of 
water. Judged myself on the southwest part of Georges. At six, double- 
reefed the foresail, which soon after parted the leachrope and tore to the 
luff. We crossbarred the sail and put on a preventer leachrope quick as 
possible, and set it close-reefed. The gale increased every moment. At ten, 
a heavy sea took the boat and davits. By sounding found we were fast drift- 
ing across South Channel, and knew the shoals were under our lee. Determined 
to carry sail as long as it would stand, to clear the shoals, if possible. To 
the close-reefed foresail, set a balanced-reefed mainsail and reefed Jib, and, 
blowing as it was, she carried it off in good shape; and had oxir sails stood, 
I have little doubt we should have carried out clear. 

8th Generation 


The foresail again gave out, was repaired and set; as soon as up, it blew 
to rihbons . Mainsail soon shared the same fate. We had only the jib left. 
It was now about eight o'clock Sunday evening. We could do no more. Sounded 
in fifteen fathoms of water and knew we were rapidly drifting into shoal 
water. The next throw of the lead was six fathoms. As the sea was breaking 
over fore and aft, advised all to go below but brother Zack. We concluded to 
swing her off before the wind, and if by any possibility we were nearing land, 
should have a better chance. Put up the helm. Just as she began to fall off, 
a tremendous sea or a breaker completely buried the vessel, leaving her on her 
broadside, or beam ends. Brother Zack was washed overboard, but caught the 
mainsheet and hauled himself on board. The foremast was broken about fifteen 
feet above deck, the strain on the spring-stay hauled the mainmast out of the 
step, and tore up the deck, swept away the galley, bulwarks, and everything^ 
clean, and shifted the ballast into the wing. I thought at once of a sharp 
hatchet that was always kept under my berth, which was soon found. A lanyeurd 
was fastened to the hatchet and a rope to brother Zack, who went to the lee- 
ward, ajid when she rolled out of water, he watched his chance and cut away 
the rigging. I did the same forward, cut the jibstay and other ropes, so we 
got clear of spars, sails and rigging, sheet anchor and chains. The men got 
into the hold through the lazaret, and threw ballast to the windward, so that 
she pajrtially righted. We were now a helpless wreck. I had noticed that im- 
mediately after the great breaker the sea was more regular. With a few of the 
waist-boards left, and spare old canvas, we battened the hole in the deck, 
and with the remaining anchor out for a drag, we made a pretty good drift 
considering the cirumstances , though mostly under water. It was now nearly 
daylight, and the gale unabated. As soon as fairly day, I saw by the color 
of the water that we were off soundings, and had a fair drift. During the 
afternoon the wind moderated considerably. Tuesday morning, the fifth, wind 
was more moderate. Saw a schooner under reefs standing by the wind to the 
northwest; made every effort to attract their attention, but as we lay so low 
on the water she did not notice us, and soon passed out of sight. 

We put a stay on the stump of the foremast, set the staysail for a fore- 
sail, and the gaff-topsail for a jib, so we could steer. At ten a.m. , weather 
was fine. We opened the hatches, foiond some potatoes floating in the hold- 
fortunately the teakettle was in the cabin when the galley went overboard. 
The boys built a fire on the ballast and boiled potatoes, the first mouthful 
of food since Sunday morning, the third. Just before sunset discovered a 
sail approaching from the east. Our flag on a long pole served as a signaJ. 
and we used every effort to get in her track lest we should not be discovered. 
We were soon satisfied she was steering for us, and that there was great 
interest in our behalf, as the yards and rigging were full of men on the 

As soon as within hailing distance, the Captain inquired what assistance 
he could give. I had before determined to abandon my vessel, and so replied. 
A quarter boat was soon alongside; the crew and luggage were mostly taken in • 
the first boat; during her absence, with the same hatchet that had done such 
good work, I let in the blue water and stepped on the boat, leaving the 
Garnet which had been my home for several years, to find the bottom. Never 
was rescue more fortijnate. I fo\ind myself and crew of ten men on board the 
New York and Liverpool packet ship, Roscius, the first merchant ship of her 


8th Generation 

day, commanded by John Collins, a Trvxro boy, and formerly my nearest neigh- 
bor, and a connection by marriage. One of the officers was Joshua Caleb 
Paine, a Triiro young man, nephew of Captain Collins. I need not say we 
received every attention and were regarded by the passengers, of whom there 
were four himdred in steerage and cabin, with much interest. We were two 
hundred miles from the highlands of Neversink, which we sighted the next 
day, landing at New York on the seventh, receiving the most generous offers 
and kindest attention, and in good time all arrived safeiy at our homes. 

ZACCHEUS * KNOWLES ( Joshua, ^Joshua, ^Joshua,* Joshua,* Col. John,* John,* 
Richard*), son of Joshua (1T5-) and Mary (Polly) Atkins (Knowles); 
b. 23 Sept. I8l6, Truro, Mass.; d. 21 July l88l, Boston, Mass., ae 
65 yrs . , 10 mos . ; bu. Mt. Auburn Cem. , Lot #2681, Central Ave., Boston; 
m. (1st) 12 April I838 by Rev. Thomas Gill, BETSEY CAMELIA GROSS (also 
called Camilla Betsey), b. 1? Nov. 1818, Truro,; d. 2k Nov. I8I+O, dau. 
of Betsy and Hincks Gross. He m. (2nd) 5 Dec. l843 by H.H, Smith, 
MELISSA SMALL who d. 13 Jan. l893 according to Boston City Directory. 
Her death cert, states she died at ae 68 yrs., 11 mos., of pneumonia 
at her residence, 53 Elm St., Boston, and that she was dau, of John 
K. Small, b. Truro, and Hulda Harding, b. Truro. Buried same lot as 
her husband and their daughter. Melissa's will of l893, filed Suffolk 
Co. Probate, #92077. 

Zaccheus Knowles was a mariner and was in the Cape Cod wreck, gale of 
l84l, on his brother's (Joshua) vessel GARNET. In I850 census, Truro, 
Zaccheus was listed with Melissa and a Phebe Knowles, ae 84, as well 
as their daughter . 

Knowles child; b. Truro: 

i. Clara Walton ,^b. 20 Mar. I8U6; d. 13 Nov. 1857, ae 11 yrs., 7 mos.; 
on tombstone: "dau. of Z. and M. Knowles". 

JOHN ATKINS ' KNOWLES ( Joshua, 'Joshua,' Joshua, *Joshua,*Col. John,* John,* 
Richardl), son of Joshua (175.) and Mary (Polly) Atkins (Knowles); 
b. 20 Jan. 1828, Truro, Mass.; d. 2 July l853, ae 25, of consumption 
at Truro; m. 6 April l8i+7 at Truro, MARY N. HUGHES, dau. of John and 
Hannah Hughes. She was born 10 Sept. I830, Tr\iro; she m. (2nd) 1 Dec. 
I86U in Truro, Philander Crocker. 

John Atkins Knowles was a mariner as were his brothers; also a 

Knowles children; b. Trixro: 

i. James H\ighes,^ b. 26 Sept. I8U7; d. ih Dec. 1924 in Boston. 

ii. Josephine Kinp , b. k Oct. I8U9. 

8th Generation 339 

JEREMIAH *KNOWLES (Nathaniel/ Joshua, *Joshua,*Joshua,*Col. John,*John,* 
Richard*), son of Nathaniel (I76.) and Sally (Sniith), b. 8 Sept. l822, 
Triiro, Mass.; d. IT Avig. I90U, Boston; m. (1st) 26 Nov. iQkk, Triu-o 
records JEMIMA DYER, b. 2k Dec. I826, Truro; d. bef. I860, dau of 
Joseph S. and Jemima; m. (2nd) SOPHRONIA E., d. l895 , Chelsea (Mass. 

He was a mariner at time of his first marriage , in Truro records . Later 
fish market ovner in E. Boston with sons. i860 census, Truro, he was 
ae 35, seaman, with wife, Sophronia, son Richard, ik and Jeremiah, 6. 
1888 Boston Directory, Jeremiah & Sons (R.H. & J.A.'), fish market at 
121 & 123 F.H. Mkt., h. 71 Saratoga. 

His will #12861+3, filed Suffolk Co., gave last address as 71 Saratoga 
St., E. Boston. Heirs named: Jeremiah A. Knowles , son of East Boston; 
Nathaniel E. Knowles, grandson of East Boston; Beulah A. Knowles (dec'd^ 
gr. dau. Hand written will filed Oct. 31, I90U mentions a grandson 
Edward H . Knowles, written by him March 13, l895. Had a summer cottage 
at Hamilton. 

Knowles children; b. Truro: 

^Ik. i. Richard H. Paine ,^b. 22 Aug. I8U5. 
575. ii. Jeremiah Alpheus , b. 16 Oct. l853. 

EPHRAIM THOMAS ^ KNOWLES (Nathaniel,'' Joshua,* Joshua,' Joshua,*Col. John,* 
John ,« Richard^) , son of Nathaniel (176.) and Sally (Smith), b. 27 June 
1826, Truro, Mass.; d. 1903, Wellfleet (Mass. VR's) ; m. pub. 8 Dec. 
l8i+9, Truro, Mass., JOANNA HOPKINS, b. l827; d. before I88O; dau. of 
Edward and Joanna Hopkins of Wellfleet . 

He was a mariner. In I85O census, they were living in the house of 
Edward Hopkins; he was ae 2U, Joanna, ae 23. I88O Boston Directory, 
Ephraim T. Knowles, clerk, boarding at 71 Saratoga, in brother 
Jeremiah's household "widowed"; works in market. 

Knowles children: 

i. Augusta A.T b. 18^2; m. 25 Nov. l873 Oliver Linnell, b. I8U9. 
ii- Ellen A. , b . I856; died ae 3 in I859. 

NATHANIEL * KNOWLES (Nathaniel, "^Joshua,* Joshua,* Joshua,* Col. John,*John,* 
Richardl), son of Nathaniel (176.) and Sally (Smith), b. 25 Nov. I83I+, 
Truro; m. 13 Feb. l859, Truro records, MARION P. TAYLOR of Wellfleet. 

He was a mariner. 

i860 Census (Wellfleet): N.N. , 26, mariner; Marion 22, Clara A., h, 
Abbie 6/12 (these two must have been switched according to next census). 
1870 Census: Nathaniel, 37; Marion 33; Abbie S., 13; Carrie A., 10; 
Hattie C, 9; Freddie W. , 3. 

8th Generation 

Knowles children: 

i. Clara,* b. 2h Dec. l859 (Truro records). 

ii. Abbie S. , b.? l857 ? 

iii. Carrie A . , b. i860 abt. 

iv. Hattie C. , b. I86I abt. 

5T6. v. Frederick W. , b. 25 Jan. 186?, Wellfleet. 

^3Ub)i JOHN * OQWLES ( John / Joshua J* Joshua f Joshua Col . John,* John,* Richard* ) , 
son of John (ITT. ) and Anna (Smith), b. 22 Sept. I82U, Truro; m. pub. 
Truro, 15 Oct. I8U8, ELIZABETH S. HOPKINS, d. ae 22, 28 Oct. l853 at 
childbirth; dau. of Hugh and Sarah Hopkins. 

He was a mariner. 

Knowles child: (recorded Truro) 

i. Elizabeth Smith Hopkins , ^b. 28 Oct. l853; died ae 7, 10 Aug. I86I. 

FREDERICK ALVIN ^ KNOWLES ( Frederick ,^ Jesse ,*Joshua,* Joshua,* Col . John,* 
John, 2 Richard^) , son of Frederick (1T8. ) axid Jerusha (Collins); b. 
T Mar. l83i+, Truro; d. 2k Feb. i860, ae 25; m. 23 Sept. l855, REBECCA 
J. MAYO, b. 1837; d. 9 July I871, ae 3^+, dau. of Nehemiah of Truro 
and Eunice of Wellfleet. 

He was a shoemaker. 

Knowles Children ; (Truro records): 

i. Ellena Ester ,^b. 2 Jan. I856; m. at ae 21 on 28 Aug. I876 (P'town 

records — no najue of husband). 

ii. Reuben S. , b. 11 May l857; d. 11 Dec. l857, ae 7 mos., of con- 


iii. Fredena Ellen , b. 26 Sept. I858. "Frederica E. Knowles of 

Somerville, Mass., ae 23, b. Truro; dau. of Rebecca & Frederick; 
m. 31 Oct. 1881 at Somerville, Byron E. Higgins, b. 7 Oct. l853", 
(Higgins GeneaJ-Ogy Supplement.) 

In i860 census, there was a Reuben, ae 5, in their household un- 
accounted for in Truro records . 

3hQ) SOLOMON SNOW COLLINS * KNOWLES (Frederick,' Jesse Joshua,* Joshua,* Col, 
" — John,' John,* Richard* ) , son of Frederick (178.) and Jerusha (Collins )b,l6 
July 1838, Truro, Mass.; d. I5/I6 July 1903 Boston VR's and Directory. 
His will filed Suffolk Co., #12U6l2; m. 17 May l863, Truro Records, 
SARAH H. CHIPMAN, b. New Hampshire; d. 191^, Quincy, Mass. (Records). 

1880 Soundex, living I89 Dorchester St., Boston with Sarah ri. , ae 39, 
b. N.H.; Addie D. , 16; Mary S. , 11; Sarah H. , 3/12. I888 Boston 
Directory: Solomon S. Knowles, provisions, h. 22 Gates. 

8th Generation 


Knowles children: 

i. Adelaide ^b . l6 April l86i+, Trxiro records. 

ii. Mary Snow, b. 5 Oct. 1868, Triiro (not mentioned in will, 1903). 

iii. Sarah H. , b . I88O Boston (not mentioned in will, 1903). 

Admin, of his will, Mrs. Sarah H. Knowles , address was 29 Sagamore St., 
Dorchester, Mass.; his heirs were the widow and Adelaide B. Harvey , 
dau., both of Boston. He weis a provision dealer. 

3^9 .}CAPT. DANIEL A. ^ KN'OWLES (Daniel Atkins Jesse ,*Joshua;joshua,*Col. John* 
John,* Richard *■) , son of Daniel Atkins (l82.) and Eliza F. (Dyer), b. 1 
Oct. 1838, Truro, Mass.; d. 31 Mar. I868, ae 29 at sea, going or re- 
turning from Virginia in oyster business; m. I8 April I858, SUSAN 
HOPKINS, b. 1838; d. 23 Dec. 1930, ae 92/1/22; res. was Castle Road, 
Truro, dau. of William axid Rachel S. (Rogers) Hopkins. 

His father was lost 3 Oct. I8U1 at ae 29 and young Daniel was age 3, 
His mother remarried Isaac S. Lewis I8U6. 

HENRY H. ^ KNOWLES ( Ezekiel ,^ Theophilus ,* Simeon,* Joshua,* Col . John,* John,* 
[y Richard*), son of Ezekiel (183. ) and Betsy (Gill), b. lk January l8l7, 
Eastham, Mass.; m. lU July I838, TEMPERANCE S. HOPKINS, b. l820; d. 
1902, Boston. 

He was a "Captain" at time of his marrieige. I85O Censoa , was "engineer" 
i860 Census, was "merchant". 

Knowles child; b. Marblehead, Mass.: 

i. Clara Maria ,^b." 3 Sept. 181+2 (Meth. Church Records); m. 11 July 

1862 Timothy Crosby. 

Knowles children; b. Eastham, Mass.: 

ii. Henry C.^ b. 26 Oct. l853. 

iii. Ada Herbert, b. 6 March I86O; d. 8 July I86O. 

3^1) LUCIUS JAMES * KNOWLES (Simeon,'' Simeon Simeon Joshua,* Col . John ,^ John,* 
■ — ^ Richard*), son of Simeon, III (18U.) and Lucetta (Newton); b. 2 July 
1819, Hardwick, Mass.; d. 25 Feb. l884, Washington, D.C.; m. (1st) 
ELIZA ANN ADAMS of Shrewsbury, Mass., who died in l873; m. (2nd) 

Knowles children; b. Truro: 


i. Eliza Daniel ,^ b. 9 Oct. I86I; d. 1 Sept. I863. 

ii. William Atkins . b. 3 Sept. 186U. 

iii. Daniel S., b. 21 July 1868. 

Lucius James Knowles developed an interest in mechanical construction 
and invention at an early age sis his father maintained a small shop in 


8th Generation 

Hardwick, Mass., where he was a carriage maker as well as a farmer. 
After attending the lower schools, Lucius spent 3 years at the Acaden^y 
in Leicester. At the age of 17, he went to work in the country store 
of his mother's brother, in Shrewsbury. In l838, this uncle took him 
into the business aiid it became John C. Newton & Co. 

However, Lucius' interests were not in store keeping and his time was 
spent in constructing models of machines rather than in attendance on 
customers. In l8Ul, he withdrew from his partnership and went to 
Worcester, Mass., where he began a daguerrotype business. Although the 
first of its kind in the city, Lucius was still not interested in 
anything but mechanics and continued to dabble in that field, even- 
tually formulating such an improvement in spooling thread equipment 
that he set up his own such business, purchasing a mill in Worcester. 

He spent two years thereafter experimenting with cotton spinning, at- 
tempting to equal the quality of English thread of that period. Un- 
fortunately, lacking in capital, he was forced to abandon this ajnbltion 
and in l8U6 went into partnership with Harrison H. Sibley to operate 
the Old Draper Mill in Spencer, Mslss., for the manufacture of cotton 

In 18^9, they seciired a small mill at Warren, Mass., on the Quinebaug 
River, and there transferred their cotton business, extending it in 
1853 to include a woolenmill which they built just below the first 
one . 

Lucius continued his experiments in mechanical eqxiipment, receiving two 
patents for loom improvements in 1856 and another for the method of 
operating valves of pumping engines in l859. 

In i860, the partnership was dissolved and the business divided so that 
Lucius could devote more time to invention eind machinery manufacture. 
1862, he erected a building near his cotton factory where he commenced 
to manufacture a boiler- feed water regulator, steam piomps and experi- 
mental looms. From the last effort, the Knowles Steam Pump Co. and the 
L.J.Knowles & Brother Loom Works began. The pump company grew to be 
one of the largest in the business and in l879 was sold to the Blake 
Mfg. Co. , of Boston. 

The loom firm was moved to Worcester in I866 where it expanded rapidly 
to a leading position in the trade, was consolidated in I89T with the 
Crompton Works and became the Crompton & Knowles Loom Works. 

Although others were making similar progress in this advanced field of 
steam pump refinement, Lucius Knowles was outstanding in his adoption 
of the steam actuated valve for which design he received patents, 
albeit the invention was credited to H. R. Worthington. His brilliant 
and imaginative mind wets responsible for many improvements which tended 
to increase the rapidity and economy of power in those early days of 
manufacturing. The open shed principle of operation was one of his 
outstanding inventions . 


8th Generation 


Lucius and his brother, Francis, built similar mansions at 838 sind 8U2 
Main St., Worcester in I8TI. The former later became Graham's Funeral 
Parlor and the latter was sold in I908 to Matthew P. Whittall who in 
turn sold it to T.H. Murphy, mortician, in 1920 and it too became a 
funeral home until 1937 when it was razed and the site used for a gas 

Lucius Knowles was active in civic affairs as well. He represented 
Warren, New Braintree and West Brookfield in the Mas"s . House of Repre- 
sentatives and the third Worcester District in the Senate. In I871 
he became trustee of the Worcester Free Institute of Technology 
(W.P.I.) and in 18T3 was a member of the Common Coxmcil of Worcester. 

When Lucius died suddenly on a business trip in 188U, the firm was 
carried on by his surviving brother, Fraxicis Bangs Knowles. 

REFS. Scribner's Dictionary of Americeui Biography, Volume X; Biographi- 
cal Sketches of The Pioneer Settlers of New England and Their Descen- 
dajits in Worcester, Mass. (Chas. Bouley) 

3?^ FRANCIS BANGS ^ KNOWLES (Simeon, ^Simeon,* Simeon, 'joshua,*Col. John,* John* 
• — / Richard^), son of Simeon, III (18U.) and Lucetta (Newton); b. 29 Nov. 
1823, Hardwick, Msiss.; d. 15 May I89O, Washington, D.C. on his way 
home from Florida to Mass.; m. (1st) 23 Dec. I8U5 at Gloversville , N.Y., 
ANN ELIZA POOLE of Gloversville, who d. 2k Feb. I865 ; m. (2nd) 23 April 
1867 at Worcester, Mass., HESTER ANN GREENE, b. 27 July l839 in Rhode 
Isleuid; d. 17 March I916, Worcester, Mass. She was dau. of John 
Reynolds Greene, a merchant of that city, and his wife, Fanny 

Francis Bangs Knowles was, in his later years, partner of his brother 
in the firm of Crompton & Knowles, manufacturers of weaving machinery, 
continuing the business after the death of his brother, Lucius in l884. 

He was co-founder of Winter Psirk, Fla. in I88O-9O and of Rollins 
College in 1885. His daughter, Frances Knowles Warren, built and 
presented to Rollins College, a chapel in gratitude and reverence to 
her father. It was dedicated Msirch 29, 1932 eis the "Knowles Memorial 
Chapel." (This information sent to Alice Lowe of Eastham, Mass., by 
Mr. Allen Mark Knowles of Winter Park who is a descendant of Capt. 
Silas Knowles . ) 

Knowles children by 1st wife, Ann Eliza: 

i. Eliza Evaline /b. 5 Jan. 1848, Gloversville, N.Y. ; d. 13 Feb. 

1898; m. 2 Sept. 1873, Charles Henry Hutchins. They resided in 
Worcester and Shrewsbtiry J4ass . , and had two children: Arthur 
Knowles Hutchins who did not marry and Helen Mabel Hutchins who 
m. (1st) Albert Stratton, and (2nd), Harry B. Lindsay of 
Worcester . 

579. ii. Francis Poole, b. 1 Feb. l853, Gloversville, N.Y. 

8th Generation 

Knowles children by 2nd wife, Hester: 

iii. Mabel Reynolds , b. 18T0, Worcester; m. 15 June l893. Homer Gage, 

surgeon and industrialist, b. l8 Oct. I86I in Worcester. He 
was son of Thomas Hovey and Ann Maria (Lane) Gage. Homer Gage 
retired from surgical practice in 1923 and becajiie Director and 
President of Crompton & Knowles Loom Works. They had one son. 
Homer Gage, Jr. 

iv. Frances Wightman , b. 5 June 18T2, Worcester; m. 23 April 1900, 

George Eddy Warren, coal operator, b. 20 Oct-. I868, Brattleboro, 
Vt., son of George and Laura (Eddy) Warren. He graduated from 
Brown Univ. in I889 . They had no children. 
V. Lucius James , b. 6 April 18T9 » Worcester. 

Photograph of Francis Bangs Knowles as well as the following informa- 
tion, is reprinted throiigh courtesy of James T. White & Co., N.Y. 
copyright 19^+1., pgs . 258 and 259. 

"Francis Bangs Knowles, manufacturer and philanthropist, was educated 
in the public schools of Hardwick eind at the Leicester (Ma^s .) academy 
and, after teaching school for a few years, he entered business life 
as a traveling salesman for a large manuf actiiring concern. In 18^45, 
he engaged in the manufacture of gloves and later of men's clothing 
at Gloversville, N.Y., and during the early part of the Civil war 
received a number of government contracts for army gloves. In l862, he 
next becajne associated with his brother, Lucius J. Knowles, as a 
member of the firm of L.J. Knowles & Bro. , in the manufacture of looms 
at Warren, Mass. In I866, the plant was moved to Worcester, Mass., 
where the brothers continued to manufacture looms, steam apparatus 
and other patented inventions of Lucius J. Knowles, Francis B. Knowles 
having charge of the finances and business management of the firm, 
whose success was due in large part to his sagacity and initiative. 
In the early l880's, Francis B. Knowles effected an agreement with an 
English firm to build and sell the Knowles loom in England and on the 
continent of Europe. In I88U, a new loom for weaving worsteds was 
introduced which soon became standard among all manufacturers . The 
business grew steadily to large proportions and after the death of 
Lucius J. Knowles, in I88U, was incorporated (Jan. 1, I885 ) by 
Francis B. Knowles as the Knowles Loom Works, of which he was presi- 
dent until his death, at which time the company had a factory contain- 
ing nearly five acres of floor space and 1000 employees . Knowles 
also had valuable interests in Florida, being president of the Orlando 
& Winter Park Railway Co. and of a development company. He was a 
director of the Central National Bank of Worcester. In his business 
operations he amassed a large fortune from which he made generous 
gifts to educational, charitable and religious enterprises. He was 
one of the principal benefactors of Rollins College, Florida, of which 
he was a founder and a trustee \intil his death. He made large 
donations to the Y.M.C.A. and to charitable institutions at Worcester, 
including homes for aged men and women. In addition, he was one of 





8th Generation 


the principals in the establishment of the Plymouth and Piedmont 
Congregational churches of Worcester. In politics, he was a Republican. 
He owned a stable of fine riding and driving horses and was much in- 
terested in the breeding of fine cattle at his farm in Millbury, Mass. 
Knowles was a man of deeply religious nature whose motto was 'the 
world shall be better for my having lived in it.' " 

^33^. FAIRPORT W. ^ KNOWLES (Reuben/ James f Elisha,^ Lt . Johntcol. John,* John,* 
—-^ Richard^), son of Reuben (l86.) and Mary (Brooks); b. abt. I817, 
Belpre, Ohio; m. 8 Nov. I838 SARAH S. DEARBORN. 

Family records indicate he had two sons, only one identified. The son, 
Adolphus , stated in I88O census that he was born in Missouri which 
perhaps was in error. 

Knowles children: 

581. i. Adolphus H. / b. h June iSUU. 

11. Son , unknown. 

' 33 ^RICHARD HUBBARD* KNOWLES (Jesse J James ,* Elisha,* Lt . John,*Col. John,* 
John,* Richard*) son of Jesse (I8T.) and Asenath (Hubbard), b. I8 Oct. 
1799, Cape May, New Jersey; d. after I88O, probably Wayne Co., 111.; 
m. 23 July l832 HARRIET ARNOLD, b. abt. I8II, Ohio; d. bet. 186Q and 
1870, Wayne Co., Illinois. 

According to his own census statements, he was born in New Jersey. His 
father spent some time at Cape May where 3 children were born, before 
settling in Athens Co., Ohio after living Connecticut. 

Obviously, Richard did not leave Ohio until after I85O as children 
were born there. 

i860 Census, Wayne Co., 111., in Fairfield: Richard H. 60 , farmer, 
b. N.J.; Harriet U9 , b . Ohio; Asenath 27, Elizabeth 25, Leander 22, 
Harvey 21, A. Caroline 19, 'Augusta lU, cripple; Clarence 5- 

1870 Census, Big Mound Twp. , P.O.Fairfield, Wayne Co., 111.: Richard 
was 70 years old with $5,200 real estate, $1,570 pers . prop., b. N.J., 
farmer, with Leander, 33, b. Ohio; farm hand; Elizabeth, 3^, b. Ohio; 
Caroline, 30, b. Ohio; Augusta, 2U, b. Ohio; Clarence, 21, b. Ohio; 
Gertrude., 30, b. 111. (not known who Gertrude was). 

In 1870 Census, Big Mound Twp., Clarence, 15, was also in household- 
of Caleb Jones, 28, b. 111., and Caroline Jones, 29, b. Ohio with two 
Jones children: Harriet, 2, b. Ill; Arnold 1/12. This would be the 
dau. of Richard and Harriet Arnold also named as Caroline K. , in her 
father's household. 

1880 111., Soundex, Big Mound Twp., Richard wa^ 80, b. N.J.; Augusta 
33, dau., b. Ohio; Elizabeth Russell, dau. UU, b. Ohio; Richard Hall 

12, gr. son, b. 111.; James Hall, gr. son 10, b. 111. 

3^6 8th Generation 

Knowles children; (from censuses): 

i. Elizabeth b. I836, Ohio; m. Russell. She was apparently a widow 
in her father's household in 188O. 
582, ii. Leajoder, b.1838, Ohio. 

iii. A. Caroline, b. 18J+O, Ohio; m. Caleb Jones, b. abt . 1839, 111.; 

children (Jones): Harriet b. I868, 111., and Arnold b. 18TO, 

iv. Harvey , b. abt. l839 (in I86O census only). 
V. Augusta , b. abt. I8U6; was cripple. 

vi. Clarence , b. abt. 18^+9, Ohio; was ae 21 father's household, I87O 

census. Big Mound; not located I880. 

vii. Daughter , who married Hall and had Hall children: Richard , 

b. 1868 and James b. 18TO . 

^3^^.)lEANDER ^ KNOWLES ( Jesse , ^ James ,* Elisha,* John, *Col . John John,* Richard* ), 
son of Jesse (I87. ) and Asenath (Hubbard), b. 10 July I8OI. 

He traveled with his brother. Smith, on the Ohio and Mississippi. He 
died of a sudden attack of cholera after working to get the boat off 
a sand bar in the Ohio River. 

Mrs. Ruth Knowles said he died before Aug. l83^, as in December of 
that year, his riverboat, THE ECLIPSE, was sold to settle his estate. 
It had been left at Greenupsburg, Ky. His wife, Frances M. (maiden 
name unknown and no record of marriage in Wash. /Athens Co.'s) was 
admin, of his estate. Settlement papers dated Aug. l83^, had 1/5 
interest in the boat ($620 his amt. from sale). 

OS WILLIS^ KI^OWLES ( Jesse James Elisha,* Lt . John,* Col. John,* John,' 
ichardi), son of Jesse (18T.) and Asenath (Hubbard), b. 13 Dec. I805/ 
1806. Not known whether he was born when the family was living in 
Cape May, N.J., or as he later stated in various censuses , his birth- 
place was Conn.; d. 17 Feb. I87I, age 65 yrs . , 2 mos . , k das.; Lower 
Belpre, Ohio; m. 23 Nov. I83U in Belpre, Wash. Co., JAI^E MILLER, 
b. 25 Dec. 1809 ; d. 25 Apr. 1879, age 69 yrs . , k mos. 

Amos and Jane are buried Row 3, Newbury Cem. , about middle of row; 
first grave in that row is that of "Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Miller, 
who d. Feb. 5, I829 in the ^6th year of her age". (Jane's parents?) 

Amos Knowles was the first Knowles to buy land in Washington Co., al- 
though Reuben held a tract at Newbury, in the original drawing of 
parcels it "was not occupied until later", after I789. (Local records 
give 1808. ) 

Information received from Mrs . Charles R. Knowles, Dalton, Ohio (1972); 
Athens Co. marriage records , courtesy of Mrs. Carl Main, Western Reserve 
Hist. Society, Cleveland, plus later data from Miss Elizabeth Saint 
Knowles, great granddaughter of Amos and dau. of Horace James. She 
lives in Santa Barbara, Calif. Some info, from DAR application of 
her sister, Ruth Knowles Hoyt. 

8th Generation 

Knowles children; (h. Wash. Co., Ohio): 

i. Ursula M. b. l835 ; m. l8 Feb. I85T, Athens Co., Jacob M. Paulk, 
by Wm. W. Cherington. 
583. ii. Sidney W. , b. I836 (according to C.W. papers, he was age 25 in 

1861 at time of enlistment.) 
58U. iii. Horace James , b. 3 April I838, Little Hocking, Wash. Co., Ohio . 

In i860 census, Hockingport, Athens Co., Ohio, Amos W. , 53, boat 
builder, b. Conn.; Jane,U9, b. Virginia; James H., 22, boat pilot; 
Jacob M. , 23, clerk; Mary E. , 2, b. Iowa. (it appears from this census 
there was no Ursula who might have died as her husband was apparently 
living with the parents of Ursula and there was a girl Mary E. , age 2, 
b. Iowa. Think the census taker left off the Paulk. name. It was 
known Ursual married Jacob M. Paulk. ) 

SMITH SHALER ^ MOWLES ( Jesse ,^ James ,* Elisha,* Lt . John,*Col. John,* John,* 
Richard^), son of Jesse (18T.) and Asenath (Hubbard); b. 5/6 Dec. 
1808; d. 2h Aug. 1867, Zuma Township, Rock Island Co., 111.; m. 12 
Oct. I8U3 at Belpre, Ohio, MARY HMD CROOKS, b. 31 May l822, Penna. ; 
d. 26 July 1901, Los Gat OS , Calif. She was dau. of John Crooks. 

It has not been ascertained just where Smith Shaler Knowles was born. 
His parents removed from Conn, to Cape May, New Jersey where it is 
known their first three children were. born. Apparently they were not 
living in Ohio until l3ll when the first property was purchased and 
the records do not indicate they arrived at Belpre before that date. 
It is possible the family made a return trip to Conn, before settling 
in Ohio as Smith's brother, Amos, stated in later censuses that he 
had been born in Conn. Therefore, possibly. Smith was born in Conn. 

Information this branch of the family has come from several descen- 
dants, namely, Frank Wesley Knowles , Jr. (l9Tl)^ living 1301 Hobart 
St., Menlo Park, Calif., gr. son of Smith; Fanny Knowles Heacock 
(1971) living Texas, gr. dau. of Smith, and dau. of lanthus Shaler; 
Charles Leverett Knowles, also gr. son of Smith and son of lanthus 
Shaler; Mrs. Grace Knowles Clifton (1972), age 89, of Golden Colorado, 
dau. of Smith's son, Leverett. 

At age 83, Charles Leverett Knowles, wrote of his boyhood memories of 
farm life in Western Illinois. Part of these recollections are writ- 
ten here as they pertain to his grandfather. Smith Shaler, further 
extractions appear next generation under Charles' father, lanthus 
Shaler Knowles, son of Smith. Charles wrote: "No one seems to know 
what year Smith S. Knowles came to Port Byron area, but we do know 
that he left Ohio as a young man and came to Port Byron where he worked 
as a builder and carpenter. He worked at this trade until I8U9 when 
he bought, direct from the government, 59 acres of land. I have the 
original land grant written on parchment and signed by Zachary Taylor, 
then President. Then on Dec. 5, I8U9 , he bougnt 20 acres from 
Theophilus Steele. On Oct. 1^^ , I85I+, he bought land from Charles 
Schafer. On March 13, 186I, he bought hi acres from Jonn C. Campbell. 

8th Generation 

Nov. IT, l86U, UT acres were purchased from Wesley Chism. Evidently, 
the old gent was doing all right as all these purchases were made in 
cash and each dollar at that time was an honest hard working citizen 
and no relation to the physically and mentally retarded dolleir we 
have around today. It is probably wrong to call grandfather an old 
gent as he was a rather young man. He also made good grades in 
biology as he raised eight rough tough kids. After he passed on, the 
management of the old farm reverted to my father whq proceeded to 
demonstrate his own biological ability." 

Mrs. Grace Knowles Clifton wrote of her grandfather: "Smith Shaler 
Knowles was a boat carpenter (cabinet maker), traveled on the Ohio 
and Mississippi as petty officer (sat at Captain's table). He married 
Mary Rand Crooks. The Crooks and Knowles families were friends. One 
of Mary Crooks' younger half sisters, Cynthia Crooks, being named for 
Smith Knowles' older sister, Cynthia Knowles. 

Mary Crooks lived as a young woman with her Uncle, Ben Crooks, at 
Belpre, Ohio, and spent much time in their home. (Mother recalls her 
telling that she and her father, John Crooks, rode on horseback from 
Coryden, Pa., to Belpre, Ohio when she was sixteen (only time she ever 

After their marriage, they came to St. Louis. Smith Knowles ran on the 
river between St. Louis and New Orleans, and they did not keep house. 
They remained in St. Louis for a year, coming up the river by boat 
in October iQhk to Stephenson (Rock Island), Illinois. They brought 
with them furniture purchased in St. Louis. Smith chose 20 acres of 
timber in Hampton Township on the bluff which had a cabin (later the 
Streuss place) and they lived there one winter. Then, the next spring, 
18U5, they moved to the Wake farm, in what was later known as Zuma 
Township, and he built a cabin there and bro\aght from the other place, 
the other cabin for a stable. He next took up government land, 16O 
acres, on thebluff back of Port Byron (the present Behrndt place). 

The man he had last worked for on the river had been unable to pay him 
$1,200 and sent him word asking him to come back to work, assuring 
him he would pay him.. He did so, the summer of hQ or h9 or 50 while 
they were still on the Wake place (Cynthia and Shaler being born). 

Grandmother did the only farming done that year. While in New Orleans, 
Smith had a siinstroke in August and was not able to get home xmtil 
Oct., being ill until spring. He was to feel the effects of this for 
the rest of his life, for he never was able to do hard work on the 

After his death, grandmother went east on a visit in l871.(His sister, 
Esther Pilcher, had visited them in l863; Richard moved to Fairfield, 
111. Leverett , the dandy, and Cynthia's son, James Guthrie, had also 
visited them.) Grandmother moved to Moline , 111., in I872 and to Los 
Gatos , Calif., in May I883, making her home there for the rest of her 
life. Her son, Frank, as doctor, having decided to locate there. 
Cynthia and Ella accompanied her. Fred followed later." 

8th Generation 


Mairy, Smith's widow, moved to Moline in l8T2 and to Los Gatos , Calif., 
in May l883, making her home with son. Dr. Frank Knowles . Cynthia 
suid Ella went at the same time and Fred, later. 

Knowles children: 

i. Cynthia A. f b. I8U5 ; was blind and did not marry. She was age 2^+ 
in 1870 census with the family in Zuma Township, Rock Island Co., 

585. ii. lanthus Shaler , b. 21 Dec. I8U7, Port Byron, Whiteside Co., 111. 
iii. Leverett S. , died young. 

586. iv. Leverett A. , b. 2k Jan. I85U, Zuma Township. 

V. Mary J . , b. abt. I856; m. Ralph Entrikin who was Inspector of 
Buildings in Moline, 111. 

Entrikin children: 

a. Knowles 

b . Fanny 

c . Jessie 

587. vi. Frank Wesley , b. 2 Mar. I858, Zuma Township. 

vii . Fred ,b . abt. I86O, Zuma; never married; went to Calif, with 
brother, Frank, and sister Ella who lived Los Gatos, Calif, 
viii. Fannie , b. abt. I863, Zuma; m. Ed (Ralph?) Cumpson, lived Buffalo, 
I^.Y. He was an importer of oriental teas. 

Cumpson children: 

a. Helen 

b. Harry , who was a musician. 

ix. Ella ,b . abt. I866, Zuma ; m. Ed Yocco, widower with two children; 

George sind Mary. Not certain whether these children were Ella's 

or her husband's. Frank Wesley, Jr., states Mrs. Mary Yocco 
Rugh, dau. of Ella, living Los Gatos , Calif . , in 1971. Fanny 

Heacock said that the girl "married a jockey." 

3^8.) SYLVESTER BEMONT ^ KNOWLES ( Jesse , ''james ,^ Elisha,* Lt . John,*Col. John,' 
John,* Richard*), son of Jesse (187.) and As enath (Hubbard) , b. 22 Feb. 
1818, Newbury, Ohio; d. 23 Mar. l883, age 65 yrs . , 1 mo. of paralysis. 
Buried Newbury Cem. ; m. 30 Sept. l8i+9 , Belpre, Wash. Co., AMANDA ALLARD, 
dau. of Reuben Allard and Mary (Polly) Allen. 

Though Sylvester was only 22 years old at the time of his father's 
death, he was named sole executor of his estate, receiving all property, 
both real and personal. The farm was at least forty acres, even today 
good land. As executor, he gave bond of $1,600 with El^enezer Batchelder 
and Wm. F. Pilcher standing his security. He was to care for his 
mother and his sister, Esther. This he did by continuing to farm this 
rich land, which had been the homestead of his grandparents, James and 
Martha, then of his father, Jesse, near Coolville. 


8th Generation 

Knowles children; all born on home farm: 

588. i. Edgar Wells ^ b . 31 Aug. I85O . 

589. ii. Charles Wallace , b. bef. 23 Apr. l853. 

iii. Flora , b. 22 July I856; m. 12 Dec. 18T8 Edwin Bent Guthrie, son of 

Edwin Guthrie and Charlotte Bent, whose first wife, Amelia 
Knowles , was the daughter of Reuben Knowles . Edwin Bent Guthrie 
was born 11 June l855 and d. 26 Aug. 1930. They resided at 
Newbury when their children were born, later moved to Marietta, 
and finally to Akron where they lived xiritil their deaths. Both 
buried in Newbury Cem. in the row of Devols ajid Guthries. Flora 
d. 7 June 19^2. 

Guthrie children: 

a. Herbert K. , b. 10 May l882 , Newbury, Ohio; d. 12 May 1909, 

buried Newbury Cem. 

b. Lizzie (Elizabeth) , b. 30 July I88U, Belpre ; m. George 

Ehrman eund lived in Akron; d. and buried Akron. 
Possibly a 3rd child, Maybel S. , b. 17 July l897 or possibly 
Maybel was her brother, Charles Wallce Knowles' child as the 
mother died in I9OO and presumably left a baby, Maybel, who was 
brought up by Flora. 

iv. Jesse H. , b. abt. I859 (was age 1 ,l860 census, father's household; 

age 10 , 1870 . ) 

359) CHRISTOPHER J_AM£S * KNOWLES ( James ,^ James Elisha,* Lt . John,*'Col. John,^ 
John,* Richard* ) , son of James, K.,(l88.) and Harriet Hubbard (Stone), 
b. 2 May l8l5, Olive, Meigs Co., Ohio; d. 3 Nov. I896, Athens, Co., 
Ohio, (When notice of death sent to family — verified in Co. records); 
m. 10 Sept. I87U, by G. H. Caldwell, J. P., CHARLOTTE MAE (SWAN) BIRAM. 

The gr. grandaughter of Charlotte told Ruth Knowles that Charlotte was 
a Swan descendant. She. had a dau. Ida by her first husband who had a 
half brother "Frank" Knowles. 

In i860 census, Olive, Meigs Co., Christopher James Knowles was age hh, 
a laborer, in his mother's household. I880 census, Olive, he was age 
65 with "Caroline"," age U6, b. Ohio and J.F., age 5. 

Knowles child: 

590. i. James Franklin% . 10 July 1875 » Lebanon Twp., Meigs Co., Ohio. 

Meigs Co. Probate Coiort - Insanity - Oct. 15, I888: Christopher J. 
Knowles, age 73, was sent to Athens State Hosp. He was a farmer, 
married, residence was Lebanon Twp. (changed from Olive), limited edu- 
cation, violent euid incoherent. 

Nov. 3 1896, notice of death sent to family. Postcard enclosed in the 
records, dated Nov. 5» l896,"We are not able to bring father's remains 
home and will have to let him be buried there. Yours ,Rs ., Frank Knowles." 

8th Generation 351 

360.) ALONZO F.^ O0WL£S ( James / James ,^ Elisha/ Lt . John,*Col. John,'john,* 
Richard^), son of James K. (l88. ) and Harriet Hubbard (Stone), b. 15 
Jan. 1819, Olive, Meigs Co., Ohio; m. MATILDA M. , b. abt. I82I. 

i860 census, Olive: Alonzo, age UO, boat builder; Matilda, age 32; 
Adelaide 10, Frances 6, Martha h. Ruth Knowles states that he went 
to Missouri. In his brother, Ezra's "notice to heirs 15 June I886," 
he was of Missouri. In the Reedsville cemetery, there is a marker, 
"James A. d: 16 da, son of A.F. and M.M. Knowles." 

Knowles children: 

i. J ame s , ^ d . y . 

ii. Adelaide, b..abt.l850 (from censes), Meigs Co., Ohio. 

iii . Frances , b. abt. 185^ 

iv. Martha, b. abt. I856 

It ti n 

tl II M 

36l \sRAEL GRAHAM ^ KNOWLES ( James ,^Jajnes ,^Elisha,^Lt . John,*Col. John,*John,* 
Richard^), son of James K, (188.) and Harriet Hubbard (Stone); b. 23 
Sept. 1828, Olive, Meigs Co., Ohio; d. 1^+ Nov. 1903, San Jose, Santa 
Clara Co., Calif., .age T6 ; m. (1st) lU Nov. 1856 , MARY A.SANDERSON, b. 
26 March l832, Washington Co., N.Y.; m. (2nd), about I898, MRS. W. H. 
McKILLIP (Mary J. ) . 

1880 census, Township' #1, San Mateo, Israel and family were living. All 
children said to have been born Calif. He was "I. G. Knowles 'dairy'" in 
San Francisco Directory abt. I886. 

Following taken from obituary notice in SAN JOSE DAILY MERCURY, I6 Nov. 


"Israel G. Knowles was born Marietta, 23 Sept. I828 ... cremated Cypress 
Lawn Cem....came to Northern Calif., during the gold rush and worked 
for three years in the mines .. .ret ' d to Ohio l853 when he beceune en- 
gaged to Mary Sanderson, 1st cousin of Sibyl Sanderson, the famous 
singer. In I856, she joined Israel in the west and they were married 
the day she arrived, ih Nov. I856. Israel died on the Ujth sainiversary 
of this marriage. He engaged in dairy business near Ocean View Uo years 
before removing to San Jose. Abt. five years ago, he married Mrs. W.H. 
McKillip, his former wife having died some yeeirs before. Residence was 
at 1+99 N. 3rd St., San Jose. He left 5 sons, Frank, living on the old 
home ranch at Ocean View, Dudley R., Harvey C, Bert and Walter G., 
all of San Jose, and Mrs. H.D.Gill of Vallejo." 

Knowles children: 

591. i. Frank Sanderson ,* b . May I859 (from his death cert, filed S.F.) 

592. ii. Walter G. , b. abt. l862. 

iii. Eva, b. abt.l865 (Evadne) Not named in will of I.G. 1903. 

593. iv. Albert Bestow , b. 186T, Daly City, Calif. 

V. Hattie , b. abt. I8TO; Harriet m. H.D. Gill. 
59I+. vi. Harvey Curtis , b. 20 Aug. 18T2, CoLma Calif, (according to his 
death cert. - Calif.) 


8th Generation 

595. vii. Dudley Richard, b. 29 Dec. 18T3. 

One of the daughters married H.D. Gill and lived in Vallejo. 

The following items were taken from HISTORY OF SM MATEO COUNTY, B.F. ALLEY, 
Publisher, l883, San Francisco, Ca.: 

"I.G.Knowles — This old pioneer was born in Meigs Co., Ohio, September 23, l828, 
and was reared in his native county on a farm, receiving his education in the 
common schools. He left home in I8U9 with a company of nine persons, for 
California, by the Isthmus route, being compelled to remain three months at 
Panama because no passage to San Francisco could be obtained. Four of his 
party were attacked with Panama fever and two died on the passage. Another 
died on their arrival at San Francisco, and the fourth at the mines. Mr. 
Knowles landed in San Francisco July 26, I85O , and started for the mines, 
paying eight dollars for his passage on a sailing vessel to Sacramento. At 
Sacramento, he boarded a small steamer and was conveyed to Marysville, thence 
up the Feather River to the Oregon Gulch diggings, where he remained during 
the fall and winter of I85O. Early in the spring of I85I, he located at Rich 
Bar on the Feather River, making the trip over snow which in places reached 
a depth of fifty feet, and paying the "moderate" sum of fifty cents per 
pound for bar-ley with which to feed his mules. He left Rich Bar in June and 
went to Long Bar, on the Yuba. During September following, he returned to 
Sacramento County, where he engaged to work for a dairyman for two months, 
at the expiration of which time he purchased the business and managed it 
until the spring of 1853. At various times he has sold milk in Sacramento 
at one dollar per quart. When he disposed of his dairy, he moved to San 
Francisco and settled on the Miguel Noo Ranch, where he remained \zntil 
November, when he located on his present farm in township One, of this 
county, where he lived ever since. Thirty years have elapsed since this 
pioneer established himself in this county, during which time he identified 
himself with all that pertains to growth, prosperity and best interests. He 
married Mary Sanderson, a native of Washington Co., N.Y., November ih^ 1856. 
Mrs. Knowles was born March 26, l832. She accompanied her parents to Ohio 
in I8U5 , where she received a liberal education. She cajne to this state in 
1856. Their children are Frank, Walter, Evadne , Albert, Hattie , Harvey and 
Dudley . " 

KNOWLES ' TROUT AND CARP PONDS -"in addition to his dairy business, Mr. I.G. 
Knowles has in latter years given his attention to breeding game fish. 
His first essay in this department wa^ in 1878. He prepared a pond, and 
on the kth of April of that year, stocked it with fourteen carp; in the 
following year, he added sixteen more of the same species of fish, and since 
that time he ha^ increased the number of his ponds, which are now teeming 
with over thirty thousand carp. His trout ponds rank among the finest in 
the state, affording sportsmen from the city, who appreciate so rare a 
privilege, an apportunity for indulging in the exhilarating and remunerative 
pleasure of angling for trout." 

Will of Israel G. Knowles dated 1903 on file Santa Clara Co., Calif., he left 
everything to his sons, named Frank, Walter, Albert, Harvey, Dudley and 
daughter, Harriet Gill to share and share alike in property obtained before 
second marriage. He stated that ne had intentionally omitted making any 

8th Generation 


provision for his present wife, Mary Knowles , under that instrument, indi- 
cating that she had already been provided for in another maimer. 

In May I90U, Mary J. Knowles, widow, petitioned the court to have the home- 
stead set apart for her use. Said homestead having been declared and re- 
corded JMovember 1902 and being located on the corner of Third and Empire 
Streets in San Jose, Santa Clara Co., Calif. Petition was granted on the 
basis of coimnunity property distribution. 

WARRICK J. MAETIN ^ KNOWLES ( James ,'' James ,* Eli sha,* Lt . John,* Col. John,* 
John* Richard^ ) , son of James K. (188. ) and Harriet Hubbard (Stone); 
b. 25 Feb. 1835, Reedsville, Meigs Co., Ohio; d. 31 Mar. 1910, Reeds- 
ville; m. I6 June I869 at Reedsville by Major Reed, J. P., MARY ANDERSON, 
b. 8 May I8U3, Belleville, W. Va., and d. 8 Feb. 192?, Reedsville. 

■ i860 census, Olive, Meigs Co., Ohio, Warrick was ae 25, a laborer, in 
his mother's household. I870 , he was a farmer, ae 35, same place, head 
of household in which were Mary, 25, b. W. Va.; Ezra H. , 53 (his brother)| 
Harriet H., 78 (his mother) and Mary A., 56 (his sister). 

Warrick Knowles enrolled at Gallipolis, Ohio, 19 Sept. I862, as Corporal 
in Co. B, 116th Reg't, Ohio Vol. Infantry; honorably discharged 1^+ June 
1865. Applied for pension (Cert. #399,84?) in I9IO , ae 75, stating he 
still lived in the farmhouse in which he was born, that he was a farmer; 
light comp., blue eyes. Mary received widow's pension after his death. 
Cert. #702035. 

Knowles children; b. Reedsville, Ohio: 

i. Effie May ,^b. ih March l873; m. 28 Sept. I9OI by F.L. Lowe, U.D.M., 
Henry Warren, b. k Aug. I862, Meigs Co., son of Henry Warren 
(twice Sheriff) and Eleanor R. Weldon of Meigs Co. 
Effie Knowles Warren left her grandfather James* homestead and at 
least 200 acres of bottom land along the Ohio River to her tenant 
farmers for taking care of her — no known relatives. 

ii. Frederick F. , b. 17 Feb. I878; d.l937. 

The article that follows about this family was sent by Mrs. Charles R. 
Knowles of Dalton, Ohio (l973) and is reprinted courtesy of G. Kenner 
Bush, Publisher of THE ATHENS MESSENGER. Photograph of the homestead, 
pictiired in the article, not available. 

From The Athens Messenger, Athens, Ohio, April 28, 1950: 

HOME IN PERFECT CONDITION . Built 12 Decades Ago. (Story and picture 
by C.H. Harris). 

Nearly 120 years have passed since this unusually attractive home 
of early times was built near Reedsville by James Knowles, a pioneer 
Meigs County farmer. 

The structure is in almost perfect condition having been thus 


8th Generation 

maintained for years by its late owner, Mrs. Effie Knowles Warren, who 
was the widow of Henry Warren, once the operator of a livery business 
at Guysville, Athens County. The property is now owned by the heirs 
of Mrs . Warren . 

James K. Knowles moved his family into the home in I838 after abein- 
doning the log cabin which stood nearby, the first home of his 12 
children. James Knowles was among the 11 voters in Olive Township at 
the election of I819 when he was chosen a township trustee. he was 
also one of the founders of the Christian Church at Reedsville. 

The farm of 112 (orig. 200A. ) including some fine river bottom lajid, 
then passed to his son, Warrick, the deed showing it was bought by his 
father in I816. 

James Knowles was born in 1TT6. Warrick Knowles lived for years in 
the small frame home adjoining the large nome pictvired here and it was 
in this smaller residence that Mrs. Effie Knowles Warren was born. 
Warrick Knowles was a captain in Civil War. His mother was born at 
F'armers Castle, a pioneer stockade near Belpre. The Knowles family 
■came to Ohio from Connecticut. 

llie rear section of the old rlnowles home has been added in the last 
half century. The front part of the house with the balconies was built 
before I838 and all of the rooms have wide pine board ceilings. Gener- 
ous fireplaces were provided. Once there was a landing on the place 
for river boats and the members of the Knowles family took produce to 
the southern markets from their farm. For 17 years Ben Buckley has been 
a tenant farmer on the place which is well equipped and modernized. 

Both residences are kept in good condition and attract much atten- 
tion from passersby on Route 12U. The place is about a mile west of 
Reedsville, and is one of the oldest and most imposing in Olive Town- 

Mrs. Warren had no near relatives since the death of her brother, 
Fred Knowles, 13 years ago. Her husband was Henry Warren, a farmer, 
and his father was Henry Warren, twice sheriff of Meigs County. The 
first Warren came to Meigs Coiinty from Maine in I816. Henry Warren, Sr. 
was also a captain in the Civil War. He died in Guysville, Athens 
County, where his son was in the livery business. 

363^ REUBEN C . ^ KKOWLES ( Amos ,^ James Elisha,^ Lt . John,*Col. John,* John,* 
^ Richardi), son of Amos .(189.) and Mary (Polly) (Porter); b. I816 on 
the farm homestead, Belpre, Washington Co., Ohio; d. 19OO; m. 6 Oct. 
1839 at Belpre by David White, J.P. , CORINDA PUTNAM ALLEN, b. l822, 
d. 1912. 

Info, from Mrs. Ruth (Charles R. ) Knovles ; her visit to Newbury Cem. 
where the family lies in a single row; the wills of Reuben C. and 
Corinda; U.S. Federal Census; and bequests of his brother Stephen in his 
will dated Jan. I908 to "the children of ray brother, Reuben C...", as ■ 
follows: "To Manth Jones, nee Knowles, $1,200" (who in 1917 when 

8th Generation 


est. was settled, rec'd share $108.0i+ and was residing 8l2-3rd St., 
Marietta; name was Samantha) ; "to Cinthia Tuttle,nee Knowles , $300" 
(rec'd $72.79 in 1917 and was residing Parkersburg, W. Va. ; "to Frank 
Knowles $1,100". 

From land records, Reuben C. , must also have been a farmer. At death 
he willed 1/3 real and personal property to wife, C. P. Knowles, 
residue to son, Frank. 

Knowles children; b. near Newbury: 

i. Lovina P. ^(or Lovira), b. 7 June l8U0 as her gravestone shows 

"Dau. of B.C. CP. Knowles, d. lb Sept. I856 , aged 16 years, 
3 mos . , 9 ds . " . 

ii. Taunt , b. 20 July l8U2; her gravestone is like a sculptured log: 

"TAUNT KNOWLES, born July 20, l8U2; died Jan. 29, l882." (185O 
census, there was a "Jonathan", age 7, in Reuben's household — ?) 

iii. Samantha , b. I8U5; d. 1929; she was Mrs. Samantha Jones in her 

father's will, 21 Nov. 1901, same in probate of her mother's 
will, 13 June 1912. She received all of her mother's property 
at the latter 's death. ("Adelia", age 6, in Reuben's household, 
1850 census . ) 

iv. Cynthia, P. , m. Tuttle; although she was living in 1917 when her 

Uncle Stephen's will was probated, she was notified as "next of 
kin" 12 Nov. I9OI when her father's will probated but was not 
among "next of kin"- 17 June 1912 when her mother's will was 
probated. She was "Cynthia P., age l,"in her father's house- 
hold, 1850 census, therefore born lQk9 abt . 
596. V. Frank , b. I855. 

36k) STEPHEN W. * KNOWLilS (Amos James^Elisha,* Lt . John,*Col. John,* John,* 

Richardi)son of Ainos(l89.) and Polly (Porter, b. 13 Sept. l822, Wash- 
ington Co. Ohio; d. 23 Sept. 1911, age 89, Cloverdale, Sonoma Co., 
Calif. (State file #26091 ); m. CYNTHIA M. CLOUGH b. ih Feb. 1824, 
Wash. Co., Ohio; predeceased her husband. 

Cynthia Clough was sister of Seymour Clough who with his wife are 
buried next to Aaron Clough, b. 9 Mar. 1765; d. 16 Sept. l823 and 
his wife, Sarah, b. 26 June I78I, d. 30 Dec. iSUU (Cynthias' parents?). 
Cynthia Clough taught school in a little Newbury log school that had 
a box stove. 

In 1850 census, Washington Co., Ohio - Dist. 157, Belpre Township, 
Stephen W. , was age 26, a "hewer of wood", was in household of Asenath 
Knowles, widow, and her sons. Following taken from HISTORY OF 
MENDOCINO COUNTY, Alley Bowen & Co. , Pbrs . , I88O.: 

STEPHEN W. M^OWLES received his education in Washington Co., Ohio, 

where he resided until 1855 when he left his parents behind aj:ad came 
via Nicaragua to California, arriving at San Francisco after a trip 
of twenty one days from New York, and landed June 20th of that year. 
After spending a few months in the mines, he engaged in daiiying about 


8th Cierieration 

seven miles from Son Francisco, in San Mateo County. Here he remained 
about one and one half years, then moved to Sonoma County and engaged 
in the same business near Petaluma until l859 ; thence to Mendocino Co., 
ten miles northwest of Cloverdale, where he lived thirteen years, 
engaged in dairying and stock raising. He named his place the 
"Hermitage", and was the postmaster several years. In 1872, he settled 
on his present place, consisting of four hundred and twenty acres of 
land, in Anderson Valley, Mendocino County, where he has since resided, 
farming, keeping hotel and stage station. He was married December 5, 
l86l, to Miss Cynthia M. Clough a native of Washington Co., Ohio, who 
was born February 1I4, l&2k. Her parents born Conn, 

f 365 j ADDISON M. KMOWLES (Amos ,^ James Elisha,' Lt . John,*Col. John,*John,* 
V y Richard^), son of Amos (189.) and Mary (Polly) (Porter), b. 17 April 

1825 (from family bible: I826, R.C.K. on the farm homestead, Newbury 

Settlement; d. 1 March 1913; m. 30 Oct. l855, by Tomson Barron, Wash. 

Co., Ohio, DIAMTHA DEMING , b. 21 Oct. l832, Briggs, Wash. Co.; d. 

1906; dau. of James Harvey and Diantha (Cole) Deming. Both buried 

"Gravel Bank" Cemetery. 

Addison was a farmer, evidently on land owned by his wife. She is the 
only woman of 7th or 8th generation listed as property owner. Their 
granddaughters tell us that Addison was also a school teacher and, in 
later life, a store merchant. 

3l8E) 8*tr Oene i»a-b4en 

1870 U.S. Census, Belpre Twp. Wash. Co., Ohio: Addison h3 , farmer; 
Diantha 37; Estella 13; Phillip L. , 11; Mary S. , 9; Frank W. , 7; 
Annie L. , 5 . 

His brother, Stephen W. Knowles , bequeathed money to "the children of 
my brother, A.M. Knowles" in will dated 2h Jan. I908, as follows: 
Mary Cole , nee Knowles, $1,200. (1917 when est . administered, she 

received $108. OU and was living Belpre, Ohio.) 
Linnie McTaggart . nee Knowles, $300. (1917 was of Belpre, Ohio; 

she received $27.01.) 
Philip Leveret Knowles , $700 (1908 was of Colma, H.D. ; in I9IT 

he received IS3 .03 and was of Belpre, Ohio.) 
Frank W. Knowles . $900 (1917 he was of Belpre, Ohio and rec'd $8l.0U.) 
Knowles children: (from Mrs, Charles R, Knowles, residence, 
Briggs, Ohio) 

1. Istalina ,* ("Aunt Lu's spelling") (probably the "Estella" in 

census ) , called by family "Linnie", b. 15 Aug. I856; d. 9 Deo. 
1938. Named as "next of kin" to her brother, Philip L.. in June 
1937 as Linnie E. McTaggart of Vincent, Ohio. Her husband was 
a farmer, Alexander McTaggart; she had a son, Howard, who lived 
at Vincent and died there about 1970. 

ii. Philip Leverett , b. 25 Jan. l859 ; d. 27 May 1937. Had a land 

grant in N.D. in l893; came home in 1922; had cattle on his farm 
in Barlow Twp. of Wash. Co. , where he died, a 'baohelor. 

iii. Mary Lovira, b. 10 Nov. 186I; m. 20 June l882 , Arthur W. Cole, son 

of William P. and Louisa (Shields) Cole. He was b. 30 Aug. l859; 

d. 31 Dec. 191(3. Mary L. d. 5 June 19l*5. 

Cole children: (all b. Briggs, Ohio (Wash. Co.) 

a. May E. , b. 1 June I886 ; d. 23 July 1959; m. Elby Boice, a lock 

tender on Ohio River. 

b. Leland Wiley ,b. I8 Jan. I89U; d. 11 July 1971 (Florida); 

m. Nell. No issue. 

c. Norman Gates . b. 5 June I898; m. Mildred Ruble, b. 19 May 1900. 
Both living Inverness, Fla. (1973) One son, James G. 

d. Lloyd Leverett . b. 13 May 1901; d. 23 March 1959. 
597. iv. Frank Warren , b. ? Oct . I862. 

V. Annie Lucinda , b. 22 Nov. I86U; d. 30 Sept. I886 ; m. Cassius M. 
Greenlees . 

NOTE: Buried at Gravel Bank Cemetery (about 6 mi. down stream from Marietta, 
Ohio): Addison M. & Diantha (Deming) Knowles; Philip Leverett Knowles; Arthur 
& Mary Lovira (Knowles) Cole; Annie Lucinda(Knowles ) Greenlees (wife of 
ius M. Greenlees). 

366 . \harF0RD B . * KNOWLES (perhaps initial was "P" as his mother's maiden name 
was Porter) , (Amos ,* James ,* Elisha,* Lt. John,* Col. John ,* John Richard*) , 
son of Amos (I89.) and Mary (Polly ) (Porter) ; b. l831 or l832 , Belpre, 
Ohio; d. I887, Calais, Washington Co., Maine; m. (1st) CAZEMBA BRYANT, 
b. Pembroke, Me., d. bet. I87I* and 188O, Calais Me.; m. (2nd) FRANCES 
A. ROGERS, b. abt. i860, Calais, Me. 

Harford Knowles was called an "M.D." in Calais Town records. In I88O 
census, that place, he was H.B. Knowles, ae U8, b. Ohio, with Fanny, 
ae 20; Addison, ae 19; "Hartford", ae 5; Ann Rogers, ae 55 , "mother-in- 
law;" Jedro Rogers, 17 and Ada K. Rogers, 7. The latter two probably 
sister and brother of his wife, Fanny, or Frances. 
Possibly, he had a wife before Cazemba as so many years difference 

8th Generation 


between ages of the sons, Addison and Harford. 

The estate of Harford Knowles filed Calais, Me., probate in 188T but 
no heirs neuned. Harford C. Knowles, aged 15 years, was under gueurdian- 
ship in 1890. 

From Town records, CaJ.ais , Me., birth information of Stephen, Evelyn • 
and Harford Chase. Mother of Harford said to be Cazemba Bryant and of 
Stephen J. and Evelyn V., Frances A. Rogers, although Evelyn's birth 
date fvirnished as l895, this must be in error as the father, Harford, 
died by 188?. 

The will of his brother Stephen W. , made 2k Jan. 1908, bequests were 
made to the children of his brother, Harford, as follows: 

Frank P. Knowles, $600 (19IT at time of admin., he was of 71 Middle St., 
East Weymouth, Mass., and received $5^.02 in final settlement. No 
further record of this Frank P. Knowles. A Frank P. Knowles died 
in Scmerville, Mass., in 1922.) 

Addison Knowles, $600 (1917 vas of Middletown, Wash., Co., Me. when his 
uncle's estate was admin, and he finally received $5^.02. In 1908, 
he was of Alexander, Me., Washington Co.) 

Tliere was no mention of the other children known to have been bom to 
Harford, Sr. 

Knowles children; by 1st wife, Cazemba: (who was definitely mother 

of Harford Chase Knowles, if not of the elder 
son. ) 

i . Frank P . ^ 

ii. Addison, b. abt. 186I; of Middletown, Wash, Co., Me., in 1917. 
598. iii. Harford Chase , b. 17 Aug. 187^, Calais, Me. 

Knowles children; by 2nd wife, Frances: 

iv. Stephen J. , b. 6 Dec. I88O , Calais, Me. 

^- Evelyn V. , b. 20 Nov. probably I885 (not l895 ) , Calais, Me. 

HORACE CURTIS ^ KNOWLES ( Samuel,' James / Elisha,* Lt. John,* Col. John ,^ 
John,2Richardi) , son of Samuel (190.) and Clarissa (Curtis); b. I816 , 
Hockingport, Ohio; d. 25 Dec. 1902, Portland, Ohio; m. 12 July 1838, 

According to the DAR lineage papers of his granddaughter, Mrs. Jessie 
Arvilla Knowles Kinnie (#115822) who was born in Portland, Ohio, 
Horace Curtis Knowles was born in 1818 which is incorrect as his 
sister, Lucy, was born in I818, and ages given for Horace in later 
censuses indicate correct birth date was I816. Dates on gravestone, 
Hockingport, I816-I902. 

i860 census, Horace C. was U5, Sheriff of County, with Mary E. , 37, 
b. Conn; Charles G., age 19, clerk; and Samuel E. , ae h. I87O census. 


8th Generation 

Troy Township, Athens Co., Horace was ae 55, working in mill; Mary E. , 
51; Samuel E. , ae lU; and Elizabeth Sargent, ae 73, b. N.H. l880 
census, Horace C, was a carpenter (father said to have been born N.J.); 
Mary E. , ae 61 and Elizabeth P. Sargent was 82 — she apparently was 
mother of Mary, his wife. 

Knowles children; b. Little Hocking Athens Co., Ohio: 

599. i. Charles Gilman ,^ b. 2h July 181+0. 
ii. Samuel E. , b . I856. 

SAMUEL STAKE ^ KNOWLES (Samuel,^ James ,*Elisha,^Lt . John,* Col. John,* John,* 

Ki chard ^), son of Samuel (l90 . ) and Clarissa (Curtis); b. 25 Aug. l825, 
Athens, Ohio; d. 20 Aug. l895, ae Tl, of heart trouble in Marietta, 
Ohio; m. 23 June I852 by S.C. Ford at Hockingport, Ohio, HENRIETTA A. 
DEVOL, b. 19 May I828, Hockingport; d. 13 Mar. 1903, Marietta. 

Samuel Starr Knowles' maternal grandmother and the maternal grandmother 
of his wife, Henrietta Devol, were sisters. Eunice axid Abigail Starr 
respectively mai-ried Eleazer Curtis and Benajah Hoyt . Henrietta Devol's 
older sister married Winchester Dana (thus the name of Samuel's daughter) 
the owner of one of the most elegant f arms-practically a plantation-up 
on the Muskinghum Valley at Beverly. 

Information, this family, froia records of Mrs. Charles R. Knowles; 
widow's Civil War Pension Cert. #U59101; HISTORY & BIOG. CYCLOPAEDIA 
OF THE STATE OF OHIO, Vol. Vl-Western Biog. Pub. Co., Cincinnati, I89T; 
BIOG. ENCY. OF OHIO of the 19th CENTURY, I876 , Galaxy Pub. Co.- 

Cincinnati and Phila. 

Samuel Knowles was lawyer. Judge and Mayor of Marietta. Although family 
records claim he was not in the regular army during War of the Rebellion 
but was a member of the Ohio National Guards, serving from midsummer 
until Sept. of lQ6h wnile at the same time Mayor of Marietta, copy of 
his widow's pension papers state he served as Capt. in Civil War, Co. A, 
lU8th Ohio Vols, and- was disabled by malaria at Bermuda Hundred, Va. 
He was described as having been 5 '11" in height, with fair complexion 
and blue eyes . 

Samuel's mother died when he was two years old. He lived with his 
father and stepmother until age of 12 at which time he moved with his 
father to a farm where he helped with the work until age of 17. He 
then started out on his own with but one suit of home-made jeans ajid 
a cotton shirt for Sunday, and a cheap suit of Linsey for every day. 
With these his entire worldly goods, he legally bound himself out to 
a Mr. Harper for h years who was to teach him the carpenter and joiner 
trades, furnish his board and clothes and provide for 3 months schooling 
a year. 

Samuel worked as a journeyman and earned enough money to finance his 
education at Ohio University where he completed his course in 3 years. 
Read law with Hon. Lot L. Smith at Athens and was admitted to the Bar 



8th Generation 


Sept. 1851. Next month vas elected, prosecuting attorney which office 
he held for h years. Continued practice in Athens Co., until l862 
when he removed to Marietta and opened his office there. 

Elected Mayor of Marietta in April I86U which office he held for two 
terms. Oct. I866 , elected to Ohio Senate from counties of Washington, 
Morgan and Noble for two years. While in the Ohio Senate, he pushed 
through a bill that had previously been introduced by Walter Curtis, 
to establish the first Children's Home. The first one in the country 
was set up in Marietta, Ohio. Oct. 18T5 j he was elected judge of 
Court of Common Pleas of 3rd subdivision of Tth Judicial Dist. of 
Ohio (counties of Wash., Meigs, Athens & Gallia). On retiring from the 
bench, he resumed active practice in Marietta. Politically, he was 
a Whig until organization of the Republican, then a staunch Republican. 
Religiously, he was a Congregationalist . 

Knowles children; b. Athens, Ohio: 

i. Clara Dana ,^b. 2? Aug. l853; d. 25 Feb. 1928. 

ii. Winchester Dana , ("Winnie"), b. 6 Oct. I86O; d. 19 Nov. 1928; 

m. (1st) 20 Sept. l883, Cyrus F. Pontius - divorced; m. (2nd) 
25 May 190^4-, Douglas Putnam, Jr., descendant of Gen'l Putnam 
of the Onio Company. His mother was Mary Ann Hildreth. Douglas, 
Jr. was b. 21 Aug. 1839 at Harmar, tne military fort across the 
river (Muskingum) from Marietta, now a part of the city. He 
d. 11 Aug. 1918 at Ashland, Ky. Winnie returned to Marietta 
where she spent the rest of her life. 

369) WILLIAM WADSWORTH * KI>[OWL£S (William,'' James ,*£lisha,^ Lt. John,'*Col. John,^ 

^ John ,2 Richard^) , son of William and Sarah (Woodward), b. 31 Mar. l823; 

d. 1^ Jan. 1893 in Texas; referred to in the family as "Wadsworth", 
m. (1st) 1855 NANNI^; MARTIN ANDERSON, dau. of William and Mahala 
(Blakely) Anderson; m. (2nd) 186? , ADELINE OSBURN. 

He left home at the age of I6, going to New Orleans via the Mississippi 
River. Returned home but soon left again, this time going to Texas 
where he remained. During the Civil War, he operated a sawmill there, 
thus becoming exempt from serving in the Confederate Army against his 
four brothers. He married three times. A penned addendum to Mrs. Laura 
Preston's records seems to indicate that the first wife "died in less 
than a year", yet first listed child is named William Martin . According 
to this record, eight children were born of three ma-rriages — four by 
one wife, four by another. It is possible he was married before 
marrying Nannie. 

Knowles children: (probably children of Nannie Martin Anderson 

Knowles ) 

. i . William Majrtin ' 

ii . John Hendrix 

iii. Sarah Mahala ; called "May"; she once visited the Ohio relatives, 

supplying only information known to date. (Note use of Nannie's 
mother's name, MaJiala. ) 


8th Generation 

iv. Ida Sue 

V. Leah 

vi. Belle 

vii . Maude 
viii. Mollie 

3T0j RICHMOND OLIVER ^ KNOWLES (Williajn/ James ,* Elisha,* Lt . John,* Col. John* 
■ — ^ John, ^ Richard'*-) , son of William (191.) and Sarah (Woodward); b. 23 
April 1825, Athens Co., Ohio; d. 8 Oct. 1910, DeLand, Valusia Co., 
Florida; m. 23 Dec. I8U8, Marietta, Ohio by David, White, J. P., FRANCES 
JANE CHICK, b. abt . 1833, d. 25 Dec. I88T, DeLand, Florida. She was 
the dau, of John Chick and Jane (Stone) of Lynn, Mass. by the letter's 
first marriage. Jane (Stone )Chick m. 2nd Amos Knowles who weis 
Richmond's uncle. 

Frances Jane was said to be age 5^ at time of her death which supposedly 
took place in Ohio. Both she and Richmond buried in older DeLand 
cemetery which (in I963) was on west side of town. In same plot is 
grave of their daughter, Frances (Fannie). 

Various information received on Richmond Oliver Knowles contains some 
conflicting data and dates. These sources are U.S. Federal Censuses, 
Civil War Pension papers, family records and research done by Mrs. 
Ruth (Charles R. ) Knowles (1973) whose husband is son of Alfred L. 
Knowles, grandson of Richard Oliver. 

Ruth Knowles writes as follows: 

"On Oct. 6th, I8U9, R. 0. Knowles sold a plot of land in Athens Twp. 
(Range lU, Town 9) to J.B. Colburn. Found no record when he secured 
the land. Dec. 19th, I85T, he purchased Lot k2 in Coolville from 
Henry L. Cole; May 21st, I860 , Lot hi purchased from Wm. Elliott. 
The family long ago pointed out to us the house that was gr. grand- 
father Knowles' on the main street in Coolville, next to and west 
of the Property on which Troy Twp. School stands. 

From Town Records were garnered these bits: (Hill, Agnes C, HISTORY 
OF COOLVILLE, I818-I968, Ohio University Archives). July 9, l8T2, 
R.O. Knowles on Committee to fix public well on Lot 30; Feb. 23 18T3, 
Council moves to build calaboos. R. Knowles axid Mimeu Fronn to 

A note on 'A\int Lu's' records says: 'Dick moved to Florida in I883,' 
however, HISTORY OF COOLVILLE states an auction held 17 Sept. 1887 
lists aiaong purchases made, R.O. Knowles a sad iron and holder.... 
20 cents; and Paid R.O. Knowles, services ... .$1.00 . It is possible 
that R.O. and his wife might nave come back to Ohio by train for a 
visit, for the record of the auction leaves no doubt that he, at 
least, was in town. Yet, his wife died just 3 months later. 

By occupation, Richmond Oliver was a blacksmith. His shop was down 
the hill, between the village proper eind the Hocking River. In 1950, 

8th Generation 


this same shop was shown to our sons by the owner, Ed Carlton, age 
about 80, whose father had purchased it from R.O. Knowles. (Our eldest 
son, now a petroleum engineer, told us Just this winter, that that 
visit, with the demonstration of einvil and bellows, etc., was what first 
aroused his curiosity about mechanics and engineering. The visit was 
climaxed with the gift of an antique black-iron frying pan, square 
and divided into sections.) 

In the Athens County Atlas for l875, appeared his ^d:"*R.O. Knowles, 
Blacksmith, Manufacturer of carriages, buggies, wagons; repairing done 
to order . ' " 

i860 census, Athens Co., Ohio, shows two unidentified children in the 
household of Richmond Knowles: "Wilson, ae 9, and Eva, ae 8", as well 
as those known to have been his children. 

1870 census, Athens Co., Richmond, was ae 45 with Frances 38; Ella F., 
ae IT ; John R., ae 15; Mabel, ae 12; Lee R., ae 9 and Frances L., ae 2. 

Mrs. W. Herbert Knowles, whose late husband, was son of Jajnes Louis 
Knowles, son of Richmond, stated that in I88O the family went to Florida 
where they settled in Orange City briefly then DeLand where Richmond died. 
In 1880 census, Coolville, Richmond was age ^ with Frances J., ae U9, b. 
Ohio; Mabel 22; Frances 12; James L,,ae 10; Ada L., ae 6; and Zoe R., 
ae 3. Copy of the pension papers (Cert. No. 282U50) also contains in- 
accurate information of the children. On Richmond's statement therein, 
written in his own handwriting and difficult to decipher, he named his 
living children in May of I898 who were John, Ella, Adah St Zoe - omitting 
his youngest son, James Louis, but giving birth dates of the others which 
do not necessarily coincide with other family records. 

20 Aug. 1862, Richmond Oliver Knowles enrolled as Private in ll6th Ohio 
Vol. Inf.; served as 1st & 2nd Sargeant and 1st & 2nd Lt., ajid was 
Captain at time of discharge ik June I865. He was described as 5 '10", 
light comp., blue eyes, black hair. He was taken prisoner at Winchester, 
sent to Danville and escaped from prison, Virginia, according to state- 
ment of War Department dated 12 Jan. I883. 


Who was captured at Winchester, June 15th: 1863, was confined in various 
Rebel prisons before he finally found himself at Columbia, South Carolina. 
After confinement of twenty days there, he and others began to lay plans 
for escape. How they did it and how they fared afterwards is told by the 
Captain in a letter from him to Captain A. B. Frame, under date of Deland, 
Florida, September 10th, l882. We let the Captain tell the story himself: 

"I escaped from Columbia Rebel Prison October 26th, I86U. After 
being there about twenty days, we began to watch for a chance to escape. 
We finally approached a guard whom we found willing to aid us in case 
some greenbacks were forthcoming. We soon arranged with him to let three 
or four of us pass his post the next time he came on duty which was 26th 


8th Generation 

of October. We had prepared for it by cooking every thing we could find 
and making maps of the route we would take. 

The night arriving, we went to the spot our man was to occupy, about 
nine o'clock in the evening. There were three other Ohio officers be- 
sides myself, and two Wisconsin officers in our crowd, all of whom had 
bribed the same guard. We found our man after some difficulty. I walked 
up to the guard, and he let me pass. One of the other officers had the 
greenbacks. I called to the other officers to come on, when a guard 
close by fired his gun. I jumped pretty high at this and ran as fast 
as I could; the other officers started with me. The guards fired six or 
seven shots at us, and of course alarmed every body. We ran as hard as 
we could, falling several times over stumps and into holes. Two officers 
were ahead of me, they thinking I was a Johnny, raji for dear life. After 
eighteen months of captivity, you may well imagine that we ran well. We 
soon got into a swamp, with mud and water up to our knees. Getting out 
of this after awhile, we took our planned route, as near as we could 
guess. After about an hour, we came near a house, where we were seen by 
some persons who started after us with some dogs. We took the back 
track for about two hundred yards, when we climbed a fence and took 
across a field, the dogs keeping on our old track ajid passing where we 
crossed the fence. We heard their barking all night. Striking a piece 
of woods, we lay by all the rest of the night and next day. When night 
came again, we started on our journey, keeping our eyes on the North 
Star. Some time in the night we struck a road, and concluded to follow 
it, although it was not our direct course. When morning came we took 
to the woods, and lay by all day, taking turns in keeping watch. This 
we did every day and night. I think it was our third night and about 
three o'clock in the morning, that I gave out, and lay down by the road- 
side, saying I could go no f\irther. I was sick and weak, and had been 
so for some days past. We were out of provisions, hxingry and exhausted, 
and something had to be done, so we dragged ouxselves into the edge of 
a woods, and watched for a colored man to pass. D\iring the day we 
hailed one who, after seeing our condition and learning who we were, 
left us to return at dark in company with his wife, with a good supply 
of victuals. They put us on the right road and gave us directions for 
several days travel, telling us, at the same time, that whenever we 
got out of provisions, to let the "cullud people know it." After this 
if we missed our way or got out of provisions we applied to the Negroes, 
who never failed to help us or to be true to us. We had many narrow 
escapes from capt\ire, often meeting parties on the roads, but fortunately 
were never molested. After traveling together nearly across North 
Carolina, our party separated, I going in a squad by myself. The next 
night I went to a house and telling the man who I was , he gave me half 
a loaf of corn bread and started me on the right way over the mountains. 
That night I waded a wide, cold river. I was two nights crossing the 
mountains into Tennessee. I called at a house about two o'clock in the 
morning of the second day, and asked an old lady the way. She told me, 
but had to tell me too, what a pity it was to send so many souls to 
Hell in this war. She was firmly of the conviction that there was where 
all engaged in it were going. After getting into East Tennessee, I 
travelled in the day time, and after twenty-one days, or rather nights. 

8th Generation 


I reached Knoxville, and was within the Union lines once more, thank 
GodI I tell you I was never happier in my life I I went to a paymaster 
there, who paid me two months' pay, and in a few days I was at home sweet 
home in Coolville." 

Knowlas children; b. Coolville, Ohio: 
i. Ella F . ^ proh . b. 3 April l853 (pension papers state April 3, l853 
or 8) ; said to have been oldest child and "over l8" at time of 
her marriage 25 Aug. 18?^ in Athens Co., Ohio, to W. Lewis Van 
Horn by R. W. Malcom. They moved to Fargo, N. D. 
Van Horn children: 
a. Flossie 

b . Lillian 

c. Roberta who m. Butler, having two sons and residing in 

New Hampshire. 

600. ii. John Randolph , b. h May (according to Richmond's statement); b. 3 

May 1855 from Ruth Knowles' family records, 
iii. Mabel , b. 185T (death cert, gave her age as 2U years); unm. ; 

commonly called "May", was a milliner; she d. 2h Aug. I88I of 

consumption, buried Coolville. 
' Lee R. , b. Mar. I86I (death cert, and tombstone); d. 12 Aug. l873- 

suicide by poison; bu. Coolville Cemetery. 
V. Frances L. , b. 1868 (according to census); living in I88O. 

601. vi . James Louis , b. 8 Aug. I87O . 

vii. Adie B. (Adah L. according to info, of pension papers); b. lU Nov. 
1873 (Athens Co. record); unm., lived with sister Zoe , in Santa 
Cruz, Calif, in 19^1+ . 
viii. Zoe R. , b. 2h Mar. l877j according to pension papers and I88O 

census; birth not listed Athens Co.; she m. Boyer and was 

living Santa Cruz, Calif, in 19^^. 

WILLIAM ADDISON^ KNOWLES (Joshua,^ Joshua ,*Elisha,* Lt . John,*Col. John,* 
John ,2 Richard^ ) , son of Joshua (l92.) and probably 1st wife, Ella 
Frances (Burnett), although possibly son of 2nd wife, Sarah Elizabeth 

(See his father, 192 on pg. 203 this genealogy for references and 
further information.] 

Mrs. Leatha Davenport wrote in her letter that Wm. Addison Knowles, Jr., 
son of this William Addison Knowles, died in approximately 1956. She 
stated there were two sisters. Miss Elizabeth Hiles' Knowles and Lena 
Knowles. Lena died in N.Y. but was brought back to Rome, Ga. for 
burial about I9I+U or 19^5. Elizabeth died abt. 1967. All are buried 
in Myrtle Hill Cemetery in Rome. Elizabeth did not hear, but she read 
lips well. The bulk of her estate went to her favorite charities and 
to the church . 

William Addison Knowles Jr. , was blind due to a diabetic condition. 
Elizabeth came to Rome from Atlanta to take care of her brother after 
his blindness. There are only two cousins left, one being Thompson 
Hiles and his sister, Betty Hiles, both living in Rome. 

William Addison Knowles, Sr., was Editor of the TRIBUNE newspaper, Rome, 
Ga. , in I89U. Copy of the will of his wife, MAY H. KNOWLES, dated 27 


8th Generation 

April 1897, indicates she predeceased him vhen their three children 
were minors. A Gordon Hiles was one of the witnesses of her will. May 
Knowles was probably a Hiles, although the names of her children in her 
will are somewhat different than the names furnished by Mrs. Davenport. 
May died before 6 Dec. I89T in Floyd Co., Ga. , when her husband was 
appointed executor of her estate and guardiein of the children named 
below . 

Knowles children, b. Floyd Co., Ga.: (all minors in I89T) 

i . William Addison, Jr . * 

ii . Lena Hamilton. 

iii. Minnie Elizabeth. 

NOTE: Letter from Harry Johnson, Jr., Ordinary and Probate Judge of 
Floyd Co., Ga. , states Mae Knowles d. in Dec. I89T and that there are 
also estates on file of Lena Knowles Hester , W. A. Knowles, Jr., and 
Elizabeth Knowles. The latter are extensive and only copy of May's 
will was obtained. It appears that William, Jr., and Elizabeth did 
not marry . 

372 .] HEZEKIAH ' KNOWLES , JR . (Hezekiahi ,*Walker,*Richard,* Lt . John,* Col. John,* 
s!ZI^^^ J ohn,*- Richard^) , son of Hezekiah (193.) and Anna (Smith); b. 23 A\ig. 

1808, Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn.; d. I886, age 77, at Rome Township, 
Lenawee Co., Michigan; m. (1st) 12 Nov. l833 ELIZA VREELAND, b. 7 
Sept. 1812, Fayette, N.Y.,; d. 20 Dec. I8U0 at the homestead, Rome, 
Mich. She was the dau. of Michael and Elizabeth Vreeland of Fayette, 
Seneca Co., N.Y. Hezekiah m. (2nd) 10 Oct. l81+i+, MARGARET SHUMAKER, 
b. 30 May I817 at Mindon, Montgomery Co., N.Y. and died 20 Jan. I8U9 , 
Rome, Mich. She was dau. of Abraham and Maria Shumaker. He m. (3rd) 
16 Sept. 1852, MRS. ELIZABETH (SOOP) GARDNER of Wayne Co., Mich., 
b. 3 Sept. 1816, Albany, N.Y.; d. 5 Nov. l87^ , at the homestead in 
Rome. She was the dau. of Abram and Maria Soop of Wayne, Mich., and 
had come to the latter state with her parents in l832. 

Refs: U.S. Federal Census; article about his son, Albert, in PORTRAIT 
& BIOGRAPHICAL ALBUM OF LENAWEE CO., MICH., Chapman Bros., I888, Chicago 
HIST. & BIOG. RECORD OF LENAWEE CO., MICH., Vol. I, W. Stearns & Co., 
Printers, Adrian, Mich. l879. 

Hezekiah Knowles, Jr., was said to be one of the oldest pioneers of 
Lenawee Co., having come with his parents in l837. It is stated that 
in 1836, he purchased from a Mr. Stafford the farm of 110 acres which 
was to continue in the family as the homestead. He opened a general 
store at Warsaw in Adrian Township in l837, tut sold out to work the 

Knowles children; by 1st wife, Eliza: 

i. Elizabeth Anna ,^b. 6 Oct. l835 at Varick, N.Y.; m. Dr. Perkins of 
Hudson, Lenawee Co., Mich. 

8th Generation 369 

ii. Oliver W. , b, ik June I838; d. 22 Aug. l839 , age 1. 
Knowles children; by 2nd wife, Margaret: 

iii. Lorissa A. , b. 25 July I8U6 at the homestead in Rome; in I888 was 

living in Adrian. 

iv. Mary A. , b. I6 Dec. I8U8, Rome; died Sept. I85I. 

Knowles children; by 3rd wife, Elizabeth: 

602. V. Albert Wells , b. ih Oct. l853 at the homestead, Rome, Mich. 

373^ EZRA B. ^ KNOWLES ( Simon ,^ Walker Richard,* Lt . John,* Col. John,* John,* 

Richard^) , son of Simon (l9^.) and Susanna (Brainerd); b. 28 May l8l3, 
probably at Haddam, Conn., before his parents removed to Delaware 
Co., N.Y. It was probably he who m. 28 Nov. l833, ALMA BALDWIN (Chas. 
Hale VR's , Conn. ) 

According to Brainerd Genealogy, Ezra B. ICnowles had a daughter, Jane 
M. , who m. a Mr. l\ittle; they lived in Delancy, N.Y. Records of 
Arthur Knowles state he had two children by first marriage then moved 
to Pennsylvania after his 2nd marriage. 

Knowles children; by 1st wife Alma: 

i. Josephine M . or Mary Josephine ,^ said to have been brovight up by 
her grandparents, Simon and Susanna Knowles; m. Hiram Butler 
and d. in Jamestown, N.Y. 

Butler children: 

a. Josephine 

b. Susan , who m. Anthony Ellis. 

ii. Jane M. , who m. Mr. Tuttle and lived in Delancey. 

WILLIAM S.^ KNOWLES ( Simon, Walker ,^Ri chard , ^ Lt . John,* Col. John John ,* 
Richard^), son of Simon (19^.) and Susanna (Brainerd); b. 6 May or 
June 1822, Delajicey, Delaware Co., N.Y. Arthur Knowles' records that 
he m. ESTER BROUGHTON of Delaware Co., N.Y.; was a tailor by trade, 
had four children, one of whom was Charles Knowles who had a hardware 
store in Passaic, New Jersey. 

313) REVILLO W.* KNOWLES ( Simon ,^ Walker Richard ,^ Lt . John,* Col. John,-* John,* 
— ^ Richardl), son of Simon (l9^.) and Susanna (Brainerd); b. 28 April 

1826, prob. Meredith, Delaware Co., N.Y.; d. lU Feb. I883 , age 56 yrs . , 
9 mos., 16 days; m. DORA GIVEN, b. k June l83T; d. 1? April I899. 

His father removed from Haddam, Conn., to Meredith and then Delancey, 
N.Y. Revillo lived in Meredith Hollow, Delaware Co., N.Y. (now 
Meridale ) . 


8th Generation 

Knowles children: 

i. Clarissa /b. 6 Nov. l862; d. 1931; m. Dr. Clin. 

ii. Abraham Lincoln ) . • -u ot tv tO^-o 
: twins, b. 21 Dec. lo63. 

lii. Jefferson Davis ) 

iv. Emmet , b. 13 June l867 ; d. in Utica, N.Y. 

V. Nancy , b. 27 Dec. l872; m. J. D. Brevzie, lived California, 

vi. William, b. 2h Feb. I876; d. 10 April I898. 

Records of Arthur T. Knowles state that Abraham Lincoln Knowles 
"wandered off"; was in Meredith abt. 1913. His twin brother, Jefferson, 
went to Florida in I883 or iQQk then to Cuba where he died of fever. 
The youngest son, William, unmarried, hung himself in Sidney, Delaware 
Co. , N. Y. at age 22. 

AREA ^ KNOWLES ( Lenard ,^ Walker Richard Lt . John,* Col. John,* John,* 
Richardi), son of Lenard D. (l95.) and Beulah (Merriam); b. l823 
Watkins or Cazenovia, N.Y.; m. NANCY . 

Arba Knowles was a blacksmith, ae 27, in I85O census. Pitcher , Chenango 
Co., N.Y. with Nancy, ae 2^+ , b. N.Y. and two sons. Not in i860 or later 
censuses. Arthur T. Knowles records state he later lived in Amawalk, 

Knowles children; b. Pitcher, N.Y.: 

i. Melville ,^b . I8U6; became a lawyer, lived New York City for 20 
years prior to 1907 then went to Tangerine, Florida. 

ii. Eugene , b. l8U8. 

( 3Tj\ WILBUR F.* KNOWLES ( Lenard ,^Walker,*Ri chard , ^ Lt. John,*Col. John,* John,* 

V ^ Richardl), son of Lenard D. (195- ) and Beulah (Merriam); b. 31 Aug. 

1831, Pitcher, Chenango Co., N.Y.; m. JULIA , b. I83I. I85O 

census. Pitcher, he was ae I8, a blacksmith, living in his father's 
household with Julia^ ae 28. They had no issue. 

( 378J WILLIAM A. * KNOWLES (William,^ Walker ,^ Richard,^ Lt. John,*Col. John,^John* 
^ — ^ Richardl), son of William (I96.) and Sarah (Sally) (Hall); b. 16 July 

1828, Mi.ddletown, Conn.; d. 2 Dec. 19l6, Middletown; bur. Indian Hill 

Cem. "Co. F. 2Uth Reg't Conn. Vols., I86I-I865; b. I828, d. I916"; 

Civil War Flag.; m. 19 Oct. 1865 , Middletown, by Rev. John Pegg, Jr., 

ELIZA JOHNSON HUBBARD, b. l827 , d. 1915, Middletown. 

Information from Charles Hale Cemetery Records emd from his Civil War 
Pension Cert . #781-683; also Arthur T. Knowles family records. 

They lived on Cross Street, Middletown. Knowles Street, named for him, 
was on his property. 

William Knowles enrolled 30 Aug. I862 as Private; dischaj-ged at Middle- 
town 30 Sept. 1863. Description on pension declaration when he was 

8th Generation 


83 years old in May 1912, living Middletown: 5'T", dark ccanpl. ,grey 
eyes, dark hair, occupation mechajiic. No living children in 1915. 

(379> ERASTUS HARVEY ^ OOWLES (Willard ,^ Walker ,^ Richard,^ Lt . John,*Col. John,* 
John,*Richar(?) , son of Willard (197- ) and Asenath Minerva (Dickinson, 
b. lU Oct. 1835, Haddam, Conn.; d. I6 June l893. Hale Cem. Rec'ds, ae 
58 years, Bridgeport, Conn. BU. GAR Lot, Bridgeport; m. 27 Nov. 1863 
MARY MARIE BRA I NERD , b. 11 Feb. l839, Haddam, Conn.; d. 21 Dec. 1900; 
dau. of Daniel and Zeruiah (Williams) (Pardee) Brainerd. 

Info, from Arthur T. Knowles , Brainerd Gen., and Hale's Cem. Rec'ds. 

He enlisted as private in the First Conn. Heavy Artillery during the 
late Rebellion and was promoted to first Sergeant. He served during 
the whole of the War of the Rebellion. Was a mechanic living in 
Middletown, Conn. 

Knowles children; b. Haddam, Conn.: 

603. i. Sedgwick Grant b. 21 Sept. I866. 
60i+. ii. Sumner Stewart , b. I6 April I868. 

iii. Pauline Minerva , b. 12 Feb. I87O; (ATK says born ih Feb.); 

d. 8 May 1919 Hartford, Conn., at home of brother, Sedgwick; bu 
Haddam New Cem. She used name of Maud and d. of cancer; m. 
28 June I89U in Bridgeport, Oliver Stephen Bailey, Jr., b. 17 
April 1875 Haddam, Conn.; d. 3 May 1930 New London, Conn., son of 
Oliver Stephen and Emma (Dickinson) Bailey, Sr. They lived at 
Niantic; were divorced. He was killed by a caron highway near 
Saybrook . 

Bailey children: 

a. Mildred Augusta Emma , b. 26 May l895 Bridgeport. 

b. Lionel Dickinson, b. 3 Aug. I898, Bridgeport. 

c. Reginald Stephen Brainerd , b. 8 Oct. I899, Patterson, N.J.; 

d. 10 Dec. 1900. 

d. Melville Knowles , b. 19 Mar. 1902, Middletown, Conn. 

iv. Sheridan Wisboll , b. 25 July l872; d. \inmarried, 22 July I90U 

at Fort Wright, New London, Conn. Bu. New Cemetery, Haddam. 
Lived in Middletown, Conn.; was in U.S. Army. 

380: HUBERT WILLARD * KNOWLES ( Wil lard ,^ Walker Richard Lt . John,*Col. John,^ 
' — ^ John ,2Ri char d^ ) , son of Willard (l97.) and Asenath Minerva (Dickinson) , 

b. 15 May l8U2 , Haddam, Conn.; d. 29 April I906, Higganxam. (Hale Cem. 

Rec'ds) Bur. New Ponsett Cem. Haddam; m. 12 Oct. I88O ("he from Ponsett; 

she from Killingworth ) , MARY DORINDA HARRIS, b. ih Feb. 18U8; d. 22 

April 1906, Higganum. Bur. New Ponsett. She was daughter of Henry 

and Mary (Gillam) Harris. 

Knowles children: (from ATK) 
605. i. Harris Elmer ,^b. 25 Oct. I88I . 


8th Generation 

ii. Anna Belle , b. 28 Oct. l886; m. 7 July 1909 at Middletown, Joseph 
Claire Beebe, b. 22 Feb. l883, Meriden, Conn.; d. 25 Mar. 1951 
New Britain, Conn., son of Henry Dwight and Fannie Treat (Mulford) 
Beebe. He died of a heart attack while playing the orga'nat Easter 
Service; both Anna and Joseph graduates of Weleyan Univ. 

Beebe children: 

a. Richard Knowles , b. 30 Aug. 1910, Auburn, N.Y. 

b. Robert Mulford , b. 22 Jan. 1912, Auburn, N'.Y. 

c. Willieim Hfljnmond , b. 2k May 1915, Auburn, N.Y. 

d. John Hilliard, b. 26 Mar. 1917, New Britain, Conn. 
Anna living 1972 Old Lyme, Conn., in Beebe Homestead. 

38r^ ALPHEUS WELLS * KUOWLES (Wells Richard,* Richard ,* Lt . John,* Col. John, 

John,' Richard^) son of Wells (198.) and Esther (Gladwin), b. 30 Nov. 
I8l2, Haddam, Conn. Bapt . 6 June l8l9; d. 29 June l873, ae 60, Essex, 
Boro. of Centerbrook, Conn. Cem. Inscriptions; m. l83^ Southington, 
Conn. AMORETTE PARDEE, b. abt l8l2, Southington, Conn. Baptized as 
adult 7 June l829 at Southington; d. ik Mar. 1871, ae 59; dau. of 
Lemuel Pardee and his 3rd wife, Eunice (Beach). Pardee Genealogy- 

He was a manufacturer. I85O census, they were living Westbrook, Middle- 
sex Co.; also in I860 ; I870 census in Ivoryton, Town of Essex. 

His homestead willed to their daughters, Cornelia and Minerva and 
Robert Gladwin, Cornelia's son; Mae Norton Morris (dau. of Selden 
Wells Knowles) lived in other half, Centerbrook, Conn. 

Knowles children: 

i. Oscar Fit zgerald ,^b . 1 May 1835, Haddam (from his CW papers). 

ii. Cornelia , b. 27 Feb. l837 Westbrook, Conn.; d. I916; m. 7 May 

I87U Eckford H. Gladwin (1838-1917) of Deep River, Conn., son 
of Joseph and Sally (Doajie) Gladwinjthey lived Centerbrook in 
next house east of Alpheus Wells Knowles homestead. Eckford 
Gladwin was a blacksmith. 

Gladwin children: 

a. Robert Henry b. k Aug. l875 ; d. 15 Nov. I963 Essex; lived 

Centerbrook; worked Colt's Firearms, Htfd. 

b. Celia Ann Gladwin , b. 6 Feb. l877; d. 2 Aug. l877. 

c. Harry Russell, b. 6 April l879. 

iii. Ellen , b. 29 April l839; d. U Mar. l862; m. 19 April I86I Capt . 

Joseph Stannard, sea captain; they lived Westbrook, Conn. 

Stannard children: 

a. Joseph E. ,Jr. , b. 19 Feb. l862; m. Carrie Grinnell, had seven 
children; was a muscian, kept family on a houseboat off Bell 

8th Generation 


Dock to save taxes, 
iv. Eds on Alpheus ,b. 12 May l8Ul; d. 27 July l859 of lockjaw, ae 18, 

Westbrook Cem. Records. 
V. Amorette , b. 25 Jan. I8U5 ; d. ih April I8U6. (lO Apr. I8I+6, ae ih 

mos . , cem. reds. Westbrook). 

vi. Selden Sheriden ,b. 31 June 181+7; d. 28 Sept. I8I18, 

vii. Minerva Ann , b. I8 Sept. I8U9; d. I9II according to Hales Essex 

Cem. Reds; she m. 26 Oct. I87I Richard Stannard of Westbrook. 
No children. 

382.) HEZEKIAH*KNOWLES (Wells Ri chard ,* Richard ,* Lt . John,* Col. John John ,* 
- — ^ Richard"-) son of Wells (198.) and Esther (Gladvin), b. 1 April 1820 

Haddam, Conn.; d. 19 April I883, ae 63; m. 20 Oct. iQkk by Rev. Wm. S. 

Simmons, SOPHIE B. (or H. ) WHEELER of East Haddam. 

According to Hale cemetery records he weis buried E. Haddam Cem. Arthur 
Knowles' records state he died in Brooklyn, N.Y., and bur. Greenvood 
Cem., Brooklyn. Marriage info, from Barber records. Hezekiah waa "of 
Westbrook"at time of marriage. 

ICnowles child: 
607. i. Hezekiah Elmer b. 1 April I85I (?). 

382a. SELDEN WELLS ^ KNOWLES (Wells Richard Richard ,* Lt . John,* Col. John,* 
John , "Richard* ) , son of Wells (198.) and Esther (Gladwin), b. h Mar. 
1822, Haddam, Conn.; d. k Mar. I896, New Haven, Conn. Bur. Beaver 
Meadow Cem., Haddam; m. 18 Dec. l855 MARIE E. B. TURNER, b. 27 Jan. 
1825, Middlefield, Conn.; d. 5 May 1905, New Haven, Conn. Bur. East 
Lawn Cem., East Haven, Conn. 

Lived Fair Haven, now part of New Haven. Played violin, which his 
grandaughter ,Mae Norton Morris, had. 

Knowles child: 

i. Marie *( "Mary ")," b. 2 June I858, New Haven, Conn; d. ik April 
1901, bur. East Haven, Conn.- East Lawn Cem.; she was talented 
musician, piano; m. I886 Frank Peru Norton of New Haven (l855- 
1885). One child, Mae Franklin Norton , b. 6 Oct. 188I;, Fair 
Haven, Conn.; m. 27 Dec. 1911, Clifford Rice Morris of Bloomfield, 
N.J. Three Morris children.. Mae Franklin Norton Morris lives 
in Alpheus Wells Knowles' homestead, Centerbrook, Conn. 

383. ) ORLANDO LEVCT^ETT * KNOWLES (Leverett ,^ Richard,* Richard, ' Lt . John,* Col. 

. John,^ John,* Richard* ) , son of Leverett (l99.) and Elizabeth , b. 

18 Feb. 1813, Middletown, Conn.; d. I8 May l877 of sunstroke. Guilford 
Cemetery Records. Bvir. Alderbrook Cemetery; m. 27 Oct. I8U1 EMILY 
PIERSON, b. 26 Feb. l8l9; d. 20 Feb. 1903, bur. same as husband;' dau. 
of John and Polly (Davis) Pierson. (Pierson family who was first 
President of Yale) 

He was brought up in home of Stevens Philander, Haddam. 

8th Generation 

Info, from Arthur T. Knowles and Cyrus P. Knowles , gr. gr. grandson, 
living 1971, La Jolla, Calif.; also from Mrs . Dorothy McGimpsey, gr. 
granddaughter, living Cleveland Heights, Ohio; Hale Cem. Records. 

They lived in Guilford, Conn. Orlando was never a well man, he had 
asthma; died on the street. 

Knowles children: 

608. i. Philander Stevens ,b. 20 Dec. I8U2, Clinton, Conn. 

609. ii. Andrew Davis , b. 3 Dec. I8UU, Guilford, Conn. 

610. iii. William Leverett , b. 7 Dec. I8I+6. 

iv. Emily Eliza , b. 17 Sept. I85O; d. 1926; she was the Western Union 

operator at Guilford for many years at $9.00 a week pay, 8 a.m. 

to 8 p.m. and often overtime with no extra pay; was in a small 

office off the Ladies* Waiting Room. 
V. Josephine Elizabeth , b. 2h Feb. I855; d. k June I886 unm. 
vi. Ella Jennie , b. 1 Aug. l857; d. 19^5 unm.; lived in homestead, 

learned telegraphy and substituted; was a natural for comedy 

relief in the old melodramas which were put on every winter; 

went by "Jennie" and took part of Aunt Juoy in THE WOVEN WEB in 


611. vii. Frank Pierson . b. 23 Feb. l859 , Guilford. 

viii. Hattie Amelia, ) ^^.^3^ ^ ^ ^q^^^ 

ix. Katie Celia, ) 

Katie d. 26 Aug. l862 Guilford. 
Hattie m. Morgan Fowler. 

Fowler children: 

^' Harold M. , b. 9 Sept. I888. 

b. Pearl , b. 5 Aug. l892; m. ^Long, living 1972 in Cleveland. 

c. Grace M. , b. 30 Sept. I9OO . 

38U.) CHARLES LEWIS ^ KNOWLES (Alanson ,^ Richard Richard ,* Lt . John,* Col. John,* 

. John ,^ Richard^ ) , son of Alanson (200.) and 1st wife, Sophie (Miller); 

b. 1819, Westfield, Mass.; d. Feb. I878, ae 60 , in New York, suicide 
by drowning; m. 21 June I8U9 (Geauga Co., Ohio records), CHARLOTTE 
BRUCE, b. 1832, Ohio. 

Residence at the time of his death was Chardon, Ohio, and occupation 
weis agent; death Regs. #1, p. 70, Geauga Co., records. I85O census, 
July 6th, Chardon Twsp . ,Geaiaga Co., Ohio: Charles 31, pedlar; Charlotte 
H. or N., ae 19, b. Ohio, living in hotel. I86O census, Chardon; 
Charles L. ae U5, seilesman and agent; Charlotte H. ,ae 33, b. Ohio; 
Sophia D. , ae 10 and Libby, ae 6. 

Arthur Knowles' records say his wife's maiden name was Charlotte H. 
Bincer, dau. of David emd Lydia (Forester) Bincer of Chardon, Ohio 
and that Charlotte was b. 29 July l832 and d. 12 April I89I. 

Knowles children; b. Chardon, Ohio: 
i. Son who died m infemcy. 

8th Generation 


ii. Sophia Eloise. b. 31 July I85I. 

iii. Lillian , b. 26 Dec. l853; m. Francis Vandervout Morrell, Jr., son 

of Francis V. Morrell and Jane (Simmons). Ihey lived in 
Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Morrell children: 

a. Alice Eloise m. Berton J. Clark, resided Chicago. 

b. Marjorie Elizabeth ; unm. 

c. Dorothy , d.y. 

383 J CALVIN ^ KNOVTLES ( Alanson ,'Richard ,* Richard*Lt . John,* Col. John,* John,* 
Richard^) son of Alanson (200.) and 1st wife, Sophie (Miller); b. 26 
Jan. 1826, Westfield, Mass.; d. 27 Feb. 1915, Cleveland, Ohio; m. 16 
Nov. 18U8, Geauga Co., Ohio SOPHIA C. FRENCH, b. 8 Mar. I828, Woodstock, 
Vermont; d. 17 Jan. 1910; dau. of Joseph W. and Polly (Mary) (Converse) 
French of Stafford, Conn. 

1850 census, July 6th, Chardon Twsp, Geauga Co., Ohio: Calvin, ae 2k , 
a harness dealer with Sophia C, ae 22. 186O census, same place, he 
was ae 3^, a master harness maker with Sophia C, 30; Henry, ae 6, 
b. Ohio; James S. , ae h and Polly French, b. Vt . I880 census, they 
were living 515 Euclid Ave., Cleveland with Sheriden, ae 2U; Anna M. , 
ae 18 and Martha, ae 8. 

Knowles children, b. Chardon, Ohio: (from Arthvir Knowles records) 

612. i. Henry French .^b. 25 July l853. 

ii. James Sheriden , b. 8 Dec. l855; m. 11 June l899, RAY J. SHORT; 

no children. 

iii. Anna French , b. 26 June l862; m. Thomas C. Gross, b. 22 April I867. 
Gross children: 

a. Leonard , b. 21 Feb. I89I; m. 30 June 1920, Harriet Mildred 

Brown . 

b. Alfred Edward , b. 22 Oct. I89U; m. k May 1920, Helen Case. 

iv. Martha Sophie , b.- I870 ; d. I88O. 

386.) WARREN BENTON' KNOWLES ( Alanson Richard ,* Richard Lt . John,* Col. John,'' 
John,2Richard*) , son of Alanson (200.) and 1st wife, Sophie (Miller); 
b. 1835, Chardon, Geauga Co., Ohio; m. I859/I86O, SUSAN MILLER. 

Information this family vague and dates in Arthur Knowles' records not 
clear. I860 census, Chardon, Warren was ae 25, a harness maker ;"Ellen" 
was 2ky a dressmaker; in household of Sally Hubells , ae 63, and Lucy 
Adams, ae 63. Stated he had been married within the year. I88O census, 
Hambden Twsp., Chardon, Ohio , was a Charles Knowles, ae 6, in household 
with Sarah Adams, 3U, Lucy Adams, ae 13, all b. Ohio. 

Knowles children; b. Chardon, Ohio: (from Arthur Knowles records) 
i. Sustin E. Benton ,* b. 12 July 18 ; d. 30 Sept.l908;m. Norman Collins. 


8th Generation 

ii. Ellen Maria m . 9 Sept. I885, Dr. E.J. Walton; she d. 1912. 

iii. Addison W. , married ADELINE ; they were called "Addie He" 

and "Addle She"; said to have been born about 18TO and d. I892; 
their son, Harvey Benton, said to have been b. 18T2; therefore, 
correct dates unknovn. Harvey, son of Addison, d. 1912; there 
were , apparently , twins born whom they named Addison and Adeline 
who d. 1892 in Chardon. 

iv. ? Charles , b. I872. 

387: MILTON D.^ KNOWLES (wTosiah ,^ Richard,^ Richard Lt . John,* Col. John,* John,* 
^ Richard^), son of Josiah Scovil (201.) and Rachel (Humaston); b. I828, 

Southwick, Mass.; d. li+ June I89I, ae 63 years, 9 mos . , Westfield, Mass. 

(VR's); m. 12 Aug. l8i+9 , WEALTHY H. STILES, b. 12 April I828 , Bethlehem, 

Orange Co., N.Y. ; d. 9 Nov. I89I of pneumonia, Westfield. She was dau. 

of Isaac and Sarah (Potter) Stiles. (Stiles Genealogy). 

1850 census, they were living in Westfield with Dora H. , ae 6/12;Milton 
was a shipmaker. I880 census also living Westfield on Bush Street. 
Milton's death cert, stated he was a shipmaker. 

Knowles children; b. Westfield, Meiss: (Mass. VR's) 

i. Dora H . ,^ b . I85O ; not in later censuses so prob. d.y, 
613. ii. Milton D . , Jr., b. 3 July I85U. 
61U. iii. Rollin H., b. 27 May I856. 

iv. James Sheridan , b. 28 Oct. 1859; not in his father's household 
1880 census, Westfield; Salt Lake City records said he was of 
Bellville, Hendricks Co., Indiana but no record of Knowles family 
Hendricks Co. 

388. WoS HUBBARD* KNOWLES ( Rue 1 '! Ruel t Ri chard ,* Lt . John ,* Col . John John ,* 
Richard^), son of Ruel (202.) and Achsah (Hubbard) Knowles, b. I829 , 
Haddam, Conn.; d. 16 Sept. 1902, ae 73, Middletown, Conn. Cemetery 
Records; m. 28 Nov. I8U9 by Rev. David D. Field, REBECCA BROOKS ELY, 
b. 1831, Middletown; d. 31 Oct. I909 , ae 78, Middletown, Conn., dau. of 
Ira and Charlotte (Brooks) Ely. Both buried Pine Grove Cemetery, 
Middletown . 

Some info, from Ely Genealogy. He of South Farms, Middletown, Conn. 
Info, also frcOT Hale Cem. Records - Pine Grove. 

1870 census, Middletown, Conn., Enos H. was foreman of Edge Tool Mfty 
with Rebecca B. 36; Abby A. 17; Emma C. 15; Eliza A. 9; Albert L. 6; 
Charlotte Ely 8I. I88O census, Middletown: Enos H. , 50; Rebecca U8; 
Emma Bagley, dau. 25; Eliza 20; Victor 7; Ethel May Bagley, gr. dau. 

Knowles children: (from Ely Genealogy) 

i. Abbie Arabel ,^b. l853; m. l877 Richard Beattie. 

ii. Emma Carlyn , b. l855; m. I878; Abbot Jackson Bagley; dau. Ethel 
May Bagley b. l879. 

8th Generation 


iii. Eliza Ann Smith , born i860. 

iv. Albert (probably he in cem. records: Albert Lewis Knowles , died 

7 April l86U, ae 6 mos . , Middletown, Conn.) 
V. Albert i (probably he in cem. records: Allie Lewis, died 30 June 

I87U, ae 10 yrs . 6 mos., Middletown) 
vi. Victor Le Roy , b. l873; living in 188O. 

389/, REV. WILLIAM CLARK ^ KNOWLES ( John / John ,^ William,* Lt . John,* Col. John,* 

V y John Richard* ) , son of John H. (205.) and Tamzon Maritta (Clark, b. 23 

March I8U0 , Haddam, Conn.; d. 28 April 1933, ae 93, New Ponsett Cem. 

(Hale Cem. Records); m. 3 Jan. I866 , Guilford, Conn., SUSANNAH COX, 

b. 28 Dec. 1835, Elham, Kent, Eng.; d. 9 Feb. 189^+, ae 58, Killingworth , 

Conn. Bur. New Ponsett Cem.; dau. of George and Mary A. (Goodburn) of 


Ralph D. Read, Exec. Secty. , Diocese of Conn., Hartford, wrote:"Upon 

his ordination as Deacon in l875 , he was placed in carge of both 
Emmanuel Church, Killingworth and St. James Church, Ponsett. He ceased 
having charge of the Killingworth Peirish in 1909 but continued at 
Ponsett until June 17, 1928 when he was made Pastor Emeritus." 

Mrs. Earl H. Jagoe of Weare, N.H. , furnished info, sent to her by 
Esther Knowles Neff of Higganum, Conn. Both descendants of Father 
Knowles . She wrote that he died in Ivoryton at the home of his daughter, 
Zeruiah Dickinson. 

Much appreciation to Mrs. Walter B. Dundon, Jr. (1971) Clerk of the 
Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Killingworth, Conn. O6UI7, being restored. 
Mrs. Dundon spent much time going through all the old church records 
to send information on Father Knowles and his family, as well as history 
of his career. Reference is made to FORTY YEARS A COUNTRY PREACHER by 
George B. Gilbert, Harper & Brothers, 1939, Chapter VIII - "Church in 
the Wilderness." 

Rev. William Clark Knowles wrote BY GONE DAYS IN PONSETT-HADDAM from 
which much additional information was obtained about the Haddam branch. 
Father Knowles was very interested in the genealogy of the Knowles 
family and in V^2\ corresponded with Charles Thornton Libby in the 
early compilation of the Haddam emcestral family branch. 

Father Knowles studied for the ministry under the Rev. Dr. Deshon of 
Meriden and was ordained Deacon in St. Andrews Church in that city 
1875. He was ordained priest in I886 in Emmanuel Church, Killingworth. 

He apparently purchased a house in Haddam about l895;( later sold it to 
his son-in-law, Edwin W. Dickinson) which was originally owned by Asa 
Walkley, a house-carpenter by trade, killed by lightening while sitting 
by the side window of the east front room. The exact date of the 
latter' s death cannot be ascertained but it occurred not far from I8OI. 
The widow remained there a few years after the death of her husband 
when the property was purchased by Simeon Hubbard who sold it to his 
nephew Epaphroditus Hubbard about l839 , the latter remaining there until 

8th Generation 

his death in l895 when William C. Knowles purchased the property. 

Father Knowles was a much beloved and dedicated country preacher. His 
theology was the simple kind and he gave of himself to the sick and 
troubled, a remarkable man remembered by all who knew him for his 
real spirit in the work of helping others. His picture, with flowing 
robes and beard has been reframed and is hanging in the sacristy of the 
refinished church in Killingworth where he preached. 

Arthur T. Knowles, of the Conn, branch, who has been one of the 
greatest contributors of information for this genealogy and who h&s 
given unsparingly of his time and energy, was a close friend of Rev. 
William Clark Knowles. Most of the early records of this branch were 
given to Arthur many years ago by Rev. Knowles who was the first to 
compile the Conn, family genealogy. Arthur Knowles has been a 
dedicated worker and collaborator has much prid<:- in his heritage and 
real interest in the history of our country. lie wrote the following 
about his family: 

"It is not known where or how Rev. William Clark Knowles obtained 
his information and covers only the Connecticut branch. He wrote 
that, traditionally, Richard (l) came from Lincolnshire, Eng. There 
is no proof of that but he may have heard it when a boy around I85O 
from grand children of Lieut. John Knowles who came to Connecticut 
about 17^0. It is still unknown, however, where our Richard came 

William Knowles was born in the house his grand father, John, 
built in 1796 that still stands in a section of Haddam called Ponset, 
named for the Cockaponsit Indians. He went to school there but found 
work at the International Silver Company in Meriden. He came home 
weekends, walking the I8 miles each way. He became interested in the 
Episcopal Church, read and studied, ajid started a Sunday School in 
his own home. His father was a Congregationalist and his mother was 
an Episcopalian. He decided to be a Clergyman. 

There was no Church in Ponset so he built one, largely with his 
own hands. St. James Church was dedicated in l873. He was then a 
lay reader but was ordained in l875. When he left his Meriden job, 
he was given a silver communion service which is said to be still in 
use at the Ponset Church. 

For 36 years he also had a parish at Killingworth and lived there » 
where four of his five children were born. After his wife died he 
returned to Ponset amd lived in the homestead with his only son John. 
He worked hard all his life, ministered to the sick and the well, 
made coffins for the dead who were too poor, dug graves, chiseled 
names and dates on grave stones. He knew everybody and was greatly 
loved by all. When he was Qk he walked 8 miles to attend the 100th 
birthday party of an old friend. He wrote a little book in 191^ 
"Bygone Days in Ponsett-Haddam" which is in many genealogical, libraries. 

He was a Mayflower descendant of Stephen Hopkins on his father's 

8th Generation 


side and of John Alden on his mother's side. His daughters were members 
of the Mayflower Society. He passed away at the age of 93 having 
served his Church 72 years. 

first contact with him was about 1920, walking from Higganum 
out to Ponset and it was he who first interested me in our family 
history. ATK Dec. 1972" 

Knowles children: 

i. Zeruiah Lovina,^ b. Ponsett , l8 Mar. 1869 ; bapt. 11 July I869 ; 

d. 6 April I9U0, Ivoryton , Conn.; m. lb Nov. I89I Edwin William 
Dickinson, b. 17 Aug. I868. They lived Ivoryton; he went to 

Dickinson children: 

a. Albert Knowles ,b . 25 Sept. l892; bapt. 20 Nov. I892. 

b. Elsie Ruth , b. 30 Dec. I89U. 

c. John William , b. I6 Oct. I896 ; bapt. 26 Nov. I896. 
Philip Edwin , b. 3 April I899. 

e. Edwin Gordon , b. 29 May 1904; d. 1 July 1913 (drowned) 

Ivoryton, Conn. 

ii. Judith Elizabeth , b. 22 May I87U, Killingworth ; d. Feb. 19^] ae 
66, Guilford, Conn. ; m. (1st) 26 Nov. 1896 Russell Bailey, D. 
20 July 1876, divorced; she m. (2nd) 26 April 1925, Clifford D. 
Lane of No. Guilford. No children 

ili. John Cox , b. 22 April 1875, Killingworth; bapt. 8 Aug. l875. 

iv. Ruth Susanna , b. ji April l877, Killingworth, Conn.; d. 2k July 

1966, Stratford, Conn.; m. 30 June I898, Harry Rockwell Blatchley, 
b. 31 Oct. 1876, son of Henry Wilcox and Lura Jeannette (Tibbals) 
Blatchley. He d. before I966 ; both buried Little City Cemetery. 

Blatchley children: 

a. Henry Knowles , b. 26 July l899 . 

b. Clinton Williams , b. 2 Aug. 1900. 

c. Ruth Susanna, b. 13 Nov. 1901; m. Earl H. Jagoe ; res: We are, 


d. Lura Jenneft , b. 29 Mar. 1903; d. 29 July 1903; bapt. 24 July 

1903 "in extreme sickness." 

e. Charles Creighton , b. 23 July I90U. 

f. Leon Goodburn , b. 27 June I906. 

g. Floyd Rockwell , b. 25 Mar. 1909 . 

h. Mar.lorie Elizabeth , b. ih Mar. 1913. 

i. John Douglas , b . 5 April 1920. 

V. Mary Tamson ("Milly") b. 17 Nov. I878, Killingworth; bapt. 10 Aug. 
1879 "at parsonage because child too sick to be carried to 
church"; m. 19 Nov. l899 Charles Whittlesey Phelps; b. 2h May 
1879; d. 22 Jan. 1925. Mary divorced or was separated from her 


8th Generation 

Phelps children: 

a. Charles Knovles , b. 26 Mar. 1901. 

b. William Clark , b. IT July 190U; he was his grandfather's 

"Billy Boy". On his way to school with another boy, he wanted 
to save time by skating on the Higganum River. The ice was 
thin. He was found with his arms aroiind the other lad, 
11 Jan. 1917. Buried Ponset New Yard, near his grandfather. 
Rev. William Clark Knowles . 

390. , PETER CLINE^ OOWLES ( Seth ,^ Seth ,^ Seth Seth ,* Col . John ,^ John Richard*' ) , 

y y son of Seth, Jr. (206. ) and Hannah (Reynolds); b. abt . iBll, New York 

State; d. probably before l862 when Edwin Aldridge was guardian of his 

son, Peter; m. (1st) CATHARINE who d.Mar. 17,l853, ae 38, St. 

Johnsville, Montgomery Co., N.Y.; m. (2nd) 8 Feb. l855, ELIZABETH 
WAGNER, witnessed by Miriam Knowles and William Van Allen. 

1850 Census, St. Johnsville, Peter was ae 39, a mason, b. N.Y. with 
children, ages as given below. Further info, this family from Mont- 
gomery Co., Dept. of Hist. & Archives, Fonda, N.Y. , courtesy Mrs. 
Violet D. Fallone - records of St. Johns Dutch Reform Church, St. 
Johnsville. Peter's marriage to Eliz. Wagner " at house of Mr. Wagner, 
St. Johnsville". "Cline" Knowles "commenced" 1 Nov. I8U0 , according 
to church records. These same records contained data of his father, 
Seth. Montgomery Co. Surrogate Court records contain no Knowles names 
from 1787 index to 1905. 

Knowles children; prob. b. St. Johnsville, N.Y. : 

i. Mariana ^( in census), Mirium (in church records), b. abt. l837; 

ra. 25 Nov. 1856 at her father's house, S.J., ALLEN T. DYSLIN. 
Witnesses were Ann C. Dyslin, E. Hemstreet and wife. 

ii. Arthur C . , b. abt. I8U0. 

iii. Jacob T. , b. abt. ISUS. 

iv. Peter K. , b. July I8I45, St. Johnsville; in I862, Edwin R. 

Aldridge, as his guardian, gave permission for him to volunteer 
in Civil War. Peter then was ae I8. He enlisted at Lenox, N.Y. 
on 11 Aug. 1862 for 3 years ;was a mason by occupation; 5 '6" in 
height, dark compl, black hair, dark eyes; served Co. L, 1st 
Reg't, N.Y. Mtd. Rifles; discharged at Richmond, Va. June I865. 
No further record. 

(Also in chvirch records, date of IT May l829, marriage of Ann Katherine 
"Nowls" to Eber E.M.Shants in Oppenheim. Possibly this was a sister 
of Peter Cline Knowles inasmuch as the father, Seth, and family were 
living in Oppenheim, Montgomery Co. at that time; Peter's younger 
brother was named Eber. ) 

NOTE: It is barely possible that the Arthur C. above, son of Peter 
Cline, might have been the Charles Knowles tentatively placed as a 
possible brother of Peter (see children of the father, Seth, Jr., 
pg. 21U) Letter in 1973 from F. Lester Knowles, grandson of Eber A. 

8th Generation 


Knowles who was Peter Cline's brother, states, "I faintly recall hearing 
my parents speak of a Charles Knowles when I was very small but not as 
being my father's uncle." 

391) REYNOLDS * KNOWLES ( Seth / Seth * Seth Seth * Col . John John * Richard* ) , 

son of Seth, Jr. (206.) and Hannah (Reynolds); b. abt. I819 , Renssalaer 
Co., N.Y. (according to his own statement in pension papers); d. 17 
Sept. 1882, Farmington, Ontario Co., N.Y. ; m. h July l839 by J.V. Mapes, 
Minister, Farmington, N.Y., CAROLINE TERRY, b. abt. I82I+; d. 15 Oct.l90T 
(widow's pension cert. #27^8^9). 

There is little question that this Reynolds Knowles was son of Seth, Jr. 
and Hannah. He bore his mother's maiden name, dates fit in, and he 
lived in the area where his father had been brought up and later died. 
He had similar physical characteristics as his brothers, black eyes 
and brown hair, otherwise unusual in the Knowles families closely 

In 1850 U.S. Census, he was age 3^, a farmer, b. N.Y. with Caroline, 
ae 26, Sophia C, ae 8, Henry ae 5 and Mary J. ae 3, all b. N.Y. 

Liber 66, p. 2h'j> of Deeds, Ontario Co. (coxirtesy Clyde Maffin, 
Historian) is recorded that Seymour Cole of Farmington sold to Reynolds 
Knowles of same place, land in Farmington in l839 — the year he was 
married. There was no further record of sale of this property by 
Reynolds; no will in Surrogate file. 

Reynolds Knowles enlisted 19 Sept. l862 and served as private in 26th 
Indpt. Battery, N.Y. Light Arty, at Rochester, N.Y. Discharged for 
disability 11 Mar. 1863 with severe and numerous health problems from 
which he suffered greatly until his death, according to lengthy state- 
ment in pension papers signed by Henry Knowles, his son, living at the 
time in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Reynolds said to have been a 
merchant at time of enlistment, stated he was U3 years old. May I863, 
at time of discharge; 6 ft. in height. Copy of his marriage certifi- 
cate included in pension papers. 

Knowles children; (also stated in papers), prob . b. Farmington, N.Y. 

i. Sophia C. ,^ b. abt. I8U2. 

ii. Henry, b . I8U5 ; was living Hamilton, Ont . , Canada in I887. 

iii. Mary J . , b. 18^+7. 

392) EBER A.* KNOWLES ( Seth ,^ Seth ,* Seth ,* Seth ,* Col . John John RichardM , son 
HP^ of Seth, Jr. (206. ) and Hannah (Reynolds); b. 13 July 183U, St. Johns- 

ville, Montgomery Co., N.Y. ; d. 6 Oct. 1920, I43 Foster St., Palmyra, 
Wayne Co., N.Y.; m. 28 Feb. l855, by Rev. Mr. Becker, Genoa, Cayuga 
Co., N.Y., LYDIA AMANDA BASTEDO , b. U Nov. l837 , Somerset Co., N. J. ; 
d. 25 Feb. 1915, Palmyra, N.Y.; dau. of John and Elizabeth (Terhune) 
Bastedo . 

Lydia Bastedo came to Cayuga Co. , N.Y. with her parents when 16 years 
old. Her ancestors were residents of New Jersey. 

382 8th Generation 

1870 census, June 1st, Eber living Hopewell, said to be a lawyer; 
living with him and family was his mother, Hannah Knowles , ae T6 , 
b. Conn. 

Further info, from his C.W. Pension Papers, Cert. #615092. He enlisted 
at Canandaigua, N.Y. , 1 Jan. I86U in the 50th N.Y. Regm't of Engineers, 
Co. L. and served lintil end of war. Mustered out with his company 13 
June 1865, Fort Barry, Va. Description: 5'8^", dark comp. , black hair, 
black eyes, mechanic. After the war he lived Hopewell, N.Y. I865-I8TI; 
next two years Farmington, N.Y. ; since then Palmyra, N.Y. Had two 
operations for cancer, the last about June 1920. He was a farmer. 

Photographs of Eber and son, Fred W. , and other family info, courtesy 
F. Lester Knowles, grandson of Eber, living 1973, 6 Colonial Parkway, 
Apt. 6, Pittsford, N.Y. 1U53U. 

Knowles children: 

616. i. Lewis A.^, b. 6 Mar. I856, probably Hopewell, N.Y. 

617. ii. Fred W. , b. 1 Nov. I858, Hopewell, Ontario Co., N.Y. 
i i i . Emma T . , b. 26 Oct. I86I ; m. Aldri ch Latting. 

Latting children: 

a. Mable 

b. Blanch 

c . June ' 
iv. Albert Eber , b. 27 Feb. 1863, Hopewell, N.Y.; married and had dau. 

Eva, who m. ^Clark. 

V. Clara C. , b. 28 Dec. I866; unm. 

vi . Bernard D. , b. 22 June I87O , Hopewell; married, no issue. 

vii. Lydia Augusta, b. 30 Jan. l877. Palmyra, N.Y.; m. Thomas Trull. 

Trull children: 

a. Faith 

b. Bernard (deceased) 
viii. Grace Marie , b. 8 Nov. l879 , Palmyra; m. Newkirk. 

/MARTIN ^ KNOWLES ( Ansel ,''Seth Seth ,^ Seth ,* Col . John John ,^ Richard*' ) , 
son of Ansel (207. ) and Elizabeth (Bostwick); b. I82I, Onondaga, N.Y.; 
m. LOUISA J. b. abt. I820 . 

Said to have served Civil War but no papers available as not known 
where he enlisted. In I85O U.S. Federal census. Union Township, Branch 
Co., Mich., he was age 29 with Louisa J., ae 31, b. N.Y. and Mortimer 
D. , ae 3 b. N.Y., indicating the family left N.Y. between I8U6 and 

i860 census, the family was in same location but the children were 
"Sadebert", ae 13 and Mary Ides, ae 10, b. Mich. I870 same place 
with "Ladelbert", ae 23, working on farm, b. N.Y. and Carrie, ae 25, 

8th Generation 


b. N.Y., wife of latter. Inasmuch Mortimer D. was in I88O census 
with his own fajnily, name incorrectly written by census taker in i860 
eind 1870 censuses. 

Chronicles of Union City, a book about Union City's very early history, 
pub. 1893 and authored by Dwight E. Youngs, shows that Martin Knowles 
was Union Twp. Highway Commissioner for I856. (Courtesy Mrs. Edwin F. 
Glesmann, Secty. Union City Hist. Society.) 

Knowles children, as far as is known: 

618. i. Mortimer D .^b. I8U7 , probably Onondaga, N.Y. 

ii. Mary Ides , b. 185O/I85I, Union Twp., Branch Co., Mich. 

STEPHEN^ KNOWLES ( Ansel / Seth ,^ Seth ,^ Seth ,^ Col . John,' John,* Richard^) , 
son of Ansel (207. ) and Elizabeth (Bostwick), b. Feb. 1829 , Onondaga, 
New York; d. 17 May l899, Winthrop , Buchanan Co., Iowa. Buried 
Fremont Township Cem. , N.E. of Winthrop; m. (1st) I8U7 , MAEGARET J. 
DICKSON (or Dickinson), b. abt. l827 , New York; d. I861/1862, Geneva, 
Wisconsin; m. (2nd) I865 , MES. MARY E. LAGRANGE of Albany, N.Y. ; d. 
I87U; m. (3rd) l879 SARAH LITTLE, b. I8U6 , Canada; d. 2 Sept. l883, 
ae 37 years, 8 mos., Fremont, Iowa; m. (Uth) 1^+ Oct. I885 ,at Genoa 
Junction, Wisconsin, by Charles H. Fraser, Clergyman, ELIZA KIMBALL, 
b. abt. 1856, (was ae h3 in 1899); d. 28 Dec. 1935- She remarried 
16 May 1900, F. Ebersole at Winthrop ;he died I6 Feb. 1915 . Arlee 
G. W. Blank was her guardian at time of her death. 

A Member of Co.C 
22 Wis. Inf. 
Died 17 May l899 , aged 
70 yrs. 2 mos. 23 das. 

In back of large stone is smaller one which says Lieut. Stephen 
Knowles, Co. C. Also a metal GAR marker with dates I86I-I865 . 

To the south another stone: SARAH, wife of S. Knowles, died 
2 Sept. 1883, age 37 yrs., 8 mos. 

Copy of Muster and descriptive Roll, obtained courtesy State 
Historical Society of Wisconsin states that Stephen Knowles enlisted 
at Linn, Wise. , that he served three years in Civil War, had blue 
eyes, saxidy hair and sandy complexion and that he was 5 ft. 7^5" 
tall. He was a farmer at the time. His last wife obtained widow's 

Knowles children by (1st) wife, Margaret: 

619. i. Ansel Edward ,^b. I8U8, Onondaga Co., N.Y. 

620. ii. Samuel D. , b. I85O/I85I, Onondaga Co., N.Y. 

iii. Albert, b. abt. I858; died age k. 

iv. Child w ho died in infancy. 


8th Generation 

Knowles child by (2nd) wife, Mary: 

621, V. Harry , b. I866. 

Knowles child by (3rd) wife, Sarah; b. Winthrop, Iowa: 

vi. Iva Mabel , b. 31 Dec. I88I; married 1902 Reno Kingsley, b. I88O 
Lake Villa, 111.; Iva died 1950. 

Kingsley children: 

a. Lila G. ,b . 30 Jan. I90U, Morgan Park, 111.; m. 1923 Joseph 

T. LeClaire, b. I886 Lowell, Mass., d. 19U0. 

LeCiaire children: 

(1) Lila Mae Bell , b. U June 192k, Chicago, 111, m. I9U5 ^M. C. 

Loomis , b. 1922 Chicago Hghts , 111. 

CTiildren: Sharron Patricia, b. 12 May 19^7; William 

Frederick, b. ih Mar. 19^9; Janice Rebecca, b. 
23 Mar. 1951, d. 21 Dec. I963. 

(2) Lorraine Jeannette , b. 27 Dec. 1926, Dolton, 111., m. 19U3 

John T. Cohoon, b. 1920, Cclville, Wash. 

Children: Diana Lynn, b. 19^^+; Gloria Jean, b. 19^8; d.'hO; 
Deborah Colleen, b. 1953; Darla Rae , b. 1956; 
David Brian, b. 1958; Jeriy Kevin, b. 1959; 
Keith Alien, b. I965 . 

(3) Joseph John , b. 12 Aug. 1928, Dolton, 111., m. 1950 Theresa 

Marie Benson, b. 1932, Blue Island, 111. 

Children: Joseph John, Jr., b. 16 Feb. 1951; Katherine 

Marie, b. 2 Oct. 1952; Phillip Michael, b. 3 Jan. 


b. Doris June ,b. 1905, Blue Island, 111.; m. 1922 Albert 

Galigher . 

Galigher chil'iren: 

( 1 ) David John 

( 2 ) Mary 

c. Alice Fa^ , b. I908, Blue Island, 111.; d. 1939; m. 1928/29 

Aubrey Green, b. I9OO Tampa, Fla, 

Green child: 
(1) Aubrey, Jr . , b. 1930 Chicago, 111. 

Iva M. Knowles Kingsley maxried 2nd 18 Nov. I916 John Close, Jr., 
born 26 Mar. I86O Odell, 111., d. 29 Aug. 1937; no children. 

8th Generation 


STEPHEN KNOWLES was living in Clay Twp., Onondaga Co., N.Y. in I85O where he 
was said to have been an early settler of that town. In I85O census he was 
found with his wife, Margaret, and two children and was a "'boatman". His 
parents and other children had migrated from Onondaga City to Geneva, Wiscon- 
sin in I8U2. Stephen and his family followed some time before I86O as he 
was found in the I860 censiis in Wisconsin. 

Stephen visited California in l853 ajid after various other changes in lo- 
cation, enlisted in Co. C. 22nd Wisconsin Infantry and served throughout the 
War of the Rebellion, attaining rank of Lieuten't. By his own statement on 
pension application, he participated in battles near Atlanta, Georgia. In 
August I86I4 when the rebel General Hood made his last attack upon the Union 
Army, before evacuation of Atlanta, Stephen's regiment was hastily throwing 
up breastworks of heavy logs and trees and Stephen strained himself quite 

He fought under Sherman through those famous campaigns; took part in the 
battles of Thompson's Station, Resaca, Dallas Woods. When Atlanta was cap- 
tured, the regiment marched to the sea. 

At Thompson's Station he was taken prisoner and detained in custody of the 
rebels for six weeks, after which time he -was again brought back into the 
Union ranks by exchange. Being sent forward as a forager and scout, Stephen 
was again captured on the 2Uth of February I865 near Hajaging Rock, N.C., 
by General Wade Hampton's Company. They despoiled him of his clothing, watch 
and $225 in money. His boots were even taken from his feet by order of the 
merciless rebel general. Thereafter put into camp, clothed only in rags, he 
slept without blankets. 

Walking 95 miles on frozen ground with but rags on his feet, Stephen was put 
on cars and taken to Carlsburg, N.C. prison where he remained until the close 
of the war. Food given the prisoners was composed of corn and corn cobs 
ground up together. 

In 1865 Stephen went to Fremont, Buchanan Co., Iowa, purchased his farm in 
1868 and built the house that year. He and his wife later had a store in 
Winthrop Iowa; he was postmaster in I889. A Republican. His last wife a 
member of the Baptist Church. 

Married four times, Stephen was called a "ladies man". Mrs. Lila LeClaire 
has letter he wrote to Eliza Kimball just before their marriage. 

Stephen Knowles died of heart disease after having been helpless for nine 
months previous. Funeral services were held at the Congregational Church, 
conducted by Rev. Zabriskie. A member of the G.A.R. Post in Winthrop, it 
was his request to be buried by his comrades and that they sing at the grave 
"Wrap the Flag Around Me , Boys . " 

REFERENCES: Copy of original pension certificate, Civil War, No. 2l8,600 
obtained from National Archives, Washington, D.C. 
Obituary notice May 20th, l899 issue of the BUCHANAN C. REVIEW 
(now the WINTHROP NEWS). 

( continued) 

386 8th Generation 

REFERENCES : Courtesy of Mrs. Gladys Smith of Winthrop who went to the 
( continued) cemetery and copied down inscriptions. 

Family records and assistance of various members: 
Louis E. Knowles , Jr.; Mrs. Lila LeClaire; Dean Cochran; 
Mrs. Diane H. Middleton aad book written by her THE STORY OF 
WINTHROP, IOWA 1857-1957, by Diane Gail Dey. 

MSEL ^ KNOWLES ( Ansel / Seth ,*Seth * Seth ,* Col . John,"* John,* Richard* ) ,s on 
of Ansel (207- ) and Elizabeth (Bostwick); b. l835-l8U0 , Onondaga, N.Y.; 
d. 8 Jan. I898, Benton Harbor, Berrien Co., Mich, of Bright's Disease. 
(No will recorded Berrien Co.); m. (1st) abt . l857 at Tully, N.Y. MAY 
A. GIBBS who d. abt. 1860 , Union City, Branch Co., Mich.; m. (2nd), 
Union City, Mich. abt. I862, MIRIUM VAIL who d. abt. l863. Union City, 
Mich.; m. (3rd) 5 Oct. l86i| by Rev. Streeter, Union City, Mich., 
EMMELINE M. FISK, b. l832, d. 8 May 1905. 

There are some date discrepancies in his Civil War pension application 
papers as well as in his widow's pension application papers. In I86O 
U.S. Census, Union City, Mich., Ansel said to be ae 31, master carpen- 
ter, b. N.Y. with Mary A., ae 35, b. N.Y. A Mary Ann Knowles died 
Branch Co. (their records) ih Feb. I86U. 

Other information from government papers in which he stated he was 27 
years old at time of discharge in I862 (b. l835); stated he was 51 
years old at time of pension app. in I89I (b. iSUol^^^^^as living Benton 
Harbor, Mich, in I89I. No children mentioned but four wives were named 
as above. Stated he was a carpenter; description was 6 ft., light comp., 
blue eyes, sandy hair. 

Ansel Knowles enrolled 1 Sept. I86I, Churches Battery D. , Mich. Lt. 
Artillery and served more than 90 days; honorably discheirged at Detroit, 
Mich. 13 Aug. 1862. 

Chronicles of Union City state that Ansel K. Knowles was elected as a 
trustee at the first village election in Union City, held Jan. 25, I866. 
The village was officially incorporated in I866. 

ALBERT * KNOWLES ( Ansel Seth ,* Seth ,* Seth ,*Col . John ,* John ,* Richard^) , son 
of Ansel (207. ) and Elizabeth (Bostwick), b. 2k May 1836, Onondaga, N.Y4 
d. 6 March I898. Bur. Cem. near Masonville, Iowa as was his wife; 
m. 17 Feb. I862 Racine, Wisconsin, CLIMENA PHILINDA BARTHOLOMEW, b. 
1 May 1839, Orleans Co., N.Y.; d. 20 Nov. 1909, Delaware Co., Iowa; dau, 
of Christopher and Fidelia Bartholomew. 

Removed with his parents to Geneva, Wise, in lQh2. In l859 , Albert 
Knowles went to Missouri, remaining there about h years. In I86I, be- 
came a member of the Home Guard which afterwards merged into the 22nd 
Missouri Cavalry; entered Co. A, 22nd Missouri, which regiment con- 
solidated and became Co.K-7th Regm't Missouri Vol. Cav. He attained 
rank of Lt.; was thrown from his horse, receiving injuries which neces- 
sitated discharge after two years of service in War of Rebellion; be- 
longed to Masonic Lodge, G.A.R. , Presbyterian Church. Went to Byron 

8th Generation 


Township, Buchanan, Iowa after war which at the time was wild and 
offered no living facilities. He and his wife lived in the school 
house for 7 weeks, sleeping on benches before they were able to acquire 
their farm house. 

Albert Knowles farmed until retiring to Winthrop, Iowa where he owned 
a meat market business. He held several offices such as Justice Of 
The Peace, Assessor, Clerk, etc. Obituary notice stated that few 
men in community were better known or more widely respected, esteemed 
and loved than Mr . Knowles . 

Information from his granddaughter, Mrs. Nita Knowles Howard; 
Refs. also: Buchanan Co. Records, Independence, Iowa. 

Knowles children: 

i. Ella ^ b . 10 May l86U; m. _Roller , lived in Colorado. 

ii. Kate , b. Sept. I867 ; m. Blanchard, lived in Manchester, 


iii. Albert Cutler , b. 29 Oct. I8TI, Winthrop, Iowa. 

SETH ^ KNOWLES (Remick ,7 Seth Seth ,* Seth ,* Col . John John ,* Richard *) ,son 
of Remick (208. ) and Susannah (Farwell), b. I83O, Clarendon, N.Y.; 
d. bet. 1858 and I86O , Orleans Co., N.Y.; m. MARION TANNER (Polly), 
(Farwell Genealogy). 

1850 census. Clarendon, Orleans Co., this Seth was age 20 in the house- 
hold of his parents. He was not in I86O census but "Polly" Knowles, 
age 28 was in household of Arnold W. Murray, 58, and Polly, a^ 68, 
with Knowles children as listed below. 

Farwell Genealogy states that a daughter of this Seth married Samuel 
Tanner, son of his sister Polly who married Mortimer Tanner. 

Seth's wife, Marion Tanner, apparently called Polly — to have been in 
the i860 census with Knowles children. It could not have been Seth's 
sister Polly at that time because she was "Polly Tanner" in the father 
Remick 's estate settlement petition in 1855- Farwell Genealogy states 
this Seth married Marion Tanner. 

1870 Census , Mrs . Polly Knowles , ae 38 was living in Town of Mxirray 
in household of people named Curd. 

Knowles children: 

i. Rebecca , ♦ b . 1855 (ae 5 in i860 census); m. Samuel Tanner her 

first cousin and son of Polly Knowles, ajid Mortimer Tanner. 

ii. Martin , b. I858 (ae 2 in I860 census); not in 1870 census. 


8th Gen